JMJordan Maxwell Research Society — After 26 Years, It’s Finally Here

Hi, this is Jordan Maxwell.  I’m contacting you because you either contacted me via the Jordan Maxwell Show or another Jordan Maxwell website.  Just a note to say that as many of you know I’ve been victimized over the past 26 years by ruthless opportunists who only wanted to make money off of me.  For my latest battle, please see the link at the very bottom of this message.  Having said that, the reason I’m writing you is to make you aware that I am no longer allowing my work to be viewed by the general public.  Therefore, I’ve decided to share my life’s work with only those who care about my work and want to hear me.  That’s why I’ve created the Jordan Maxwell Research Society in which I will share all of my work privately with those who wish to join.

Please join me HERE:

While most research societies/newsletters ask for hundreds of dollars a year for membership, I’m asking only for a one-time donation of $30 USD for a 12-month membership, which gives you access to ALL of my many years of research via my Jordan Maxwell Research Society website.  I will be continually posting content to my research website, and your membership gives you immediate access to all of my work.

NOTE:  Joining the Jordan Maxwell Research Society simply means joining other people who get access to my NEW research website, and means nothing more than that.  With your membership, you’ll enjoy unlimited, immediate access to photographs, articles, and documents I consider extraordinary, along with unique commentary and perspective.  You’ll also get my guidance and suggestions for further research.  I will be continually adding new material.

Please join me HERE:

This is a BRAND-NEW PROJECT from Jordan Maxwell.  It’s been in the making for 26 years, and it’s finally here — so welcome to the world of Jordan Maxwell.  JOIN NOW, SIGN UP, and GET IN on the ground floor.

The Jordan Maxwell Research Society exists and continues solely on donations.  Thank you for your donation and appreciation of my years of massive research, unique effort, and extremely difficult work, at great personal cost, in spite of hurtful, relentless ( ad hominem ) attacks on my name and work by enemies of truth and open-minded inquiry.

JOIN Jordan’s private research society HERE:

Email List SIGN-UP:  (CLICK Here):

Jordan’s latest battle — CLICK HERE:


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