Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse announces first investigations


The Chair of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has today announced the first phase of investigations into the extent to which institutions have failed to protect children from sexual abuse. Hon. Lowell Goddard DNZM announced the Inquiry’s first 12 investigations which will begin immediately and provided a statement on the work of the Inquiry to date.

In her statement the Chair said:

“I am pleased to launch the Public Hearings Project by announcing the start of the Inquiry’s investigative work. Twelve investigations are proposed for this first phase. They will all begin with immediate effect and most, if not all, will culminate in public hearings. They represent the first phase of the inquiry’s investigations and are by no means the total of the work we intend to conduct; further investigations will be announced as the Inquiry progresses.

“By adopting both an institution-specific and a thematic approach, we will ensure that the Inquiry reaches its conclusions on as broad an evidence base as possible. We will not be limited to considering the particular institution that is the focus of the investigation, but will address the range of institutional responsibility for child protection.

“There is no doubt that the task we have set ourselves in the first phase is ambitious. To run 12 investigations in parallel represents an organisational challenge that is unprecedented in a public inquiry in the UK. We are determined to succeed and expect full cooperation of all institutions and individuals who can assist us in our work.”

The 12 investigations are:

  1. Children in the Care of Lambeth Council
  2. Children in the Care of Nottinghamshire Councils
  3. Cambridge House, Knowl View and Rochdale Council
  4. Child Sexual Abuse in the Anglican Church
  5. Child Sexual Abuse in the Roman Catholic Church
  6. The Sexual Abuse of Children in Custodial Institutions
  7. Child Sexual Abuse in Residential Schools
  8. The Internet and Child Sexual Abuse
  9. Child Exploitation by Organised Networks
  10. The Protection of Children Outside the United Kingdom
  11. Accountability and Reparations for Victims and Survivors
  12. Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse Linked to Westminster

The Inquiry website has been updated with documents providing more detail of the scope and focus of each of the 12 investigations. Procedural timetables for each investigation will be published early in the New Year.

Commenting on the procedure for the investigations, the Chair said:

“It is impossible to put a timescale on the completion of all of this work, but it is reasonable to assume that while some of the investigations may be completed within 18 months, others may take several years to conclude. In some cases, overlapping criminal proceedings may cause substantial delay to the progress of individual investigations. Nonetheless, in my Opening Statement I committed to completing the work of the Inquiry within five years and my current assessment is that that timeframe, whilst ambitious, is achievable.”

The Victims and Survivors Consultative Panel to the Inquiry said:

“Too many victims and survivors of child sexual abuse have suffered in silence. These investigations will give public voice to that suffering and bring greater understanding of why so many horrific crimes went unreported and undetected for so long. They will enable the Inquiry to make proposals for reforms that will better protect children in the future and improve the support and reparation available to victims and survivors.

“We welcome the progress of the Truth Project element of the Inquiry, enabling victims and survivors through their personal accounts to contribute to the Inquiry’s work. We encourage anyone who is a victim or survivor of child sexual abuse and who wants to share their experience to contact the inquiry.”

The investigations fall into two categories; institution-specific and thematic. Taken together they will cut across the five workstreams of the Inquiry:

  • Allegations of abuse by people of prominence in public life – led by the Chair, Hon. Lowell Goddard DNZM
  • Education and religion – led by Panel member, Prof. Malcolm Evans OBE
  • Criminal Justice and law enforcement – led by Panel member, Drusilla Sharpling CBE
  • Local authorities and voluntary organisations – led by Panel member, Prof. Alexis Jay OBE
  • National and private service organisations – led by Panel member, Ivor Frank

Update Statement November 2015
Business Update Statement
Update Statement November 2015 – FAQs



Campaigners have welcomed a “powerful” announcement that Nottinghamshire councils will be investigated over historic child sexual abuse claims at care homes.

By DanRobinson  |  Posted: November 27, 2015

Mickey Summers has campaigned for justice
Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council will be scrutinised over alleged “failings to protect children in [their] care or supervision”.
Justice Lowell Goddard, chairwoman of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, said in a speech yesterday the alleged victims would have the chance to make their voices heard in an investigation of “unprecedented” scale.
A number of allegations of historic abuse in children’s homes, previously operated by councils and other organisations, have been made, dating back to the 1950s.


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