Paedophile Lord Janner Dies Aged 87


Child abuser Lord Greville Janner of Braunstone has died only 9 months after requesting in writing that he continue to sit in the House of Lords. He had spent the last 25 years avoiding justice for the crimes he committed against young boys and has died just four months before a ‘trial of the facts’ which was set to conclusively demonstrate that Greville Janner was a sick child abusing bastard.

Sources familiar with the ‘trial of the facts’ had told The Needle that about 100 witnesses were due to give evidence against Janner and that the evidence was overwhelming.

Questions will now be asked about whether Leicestershire police and the CPS conspired to protect Janner by failing to prosecute him earlier and whether the delay as a consequence of the DPP Alison Saunders original decision not to prosecute Janner earlier this year allowed Janner to escape justice one last time.

Greville Janner was scum. Those that protected him are scum, and those who are friends of his and wish to eulogise his passing are also scum.

Only Janner’s victims deserve sympathy.

Once again, the Establishment can breath a sigh of relief, knowing as they do so that the sick perverted crimes documented by the conclusive prosecution case against one of their own, will remain out of the press.

Lord Janner, the former Labour peer ruled unfit to stand trial over child sexual abuse allegations, has died.

He had been suffering from dementia and died peacefully at his home on Saturday aged 87, his family said.

The peer had been accused of 22 counts of sex offences against boys – allegations his family denied.

A “trial of the facts” set for April will no longer take place. A lawyer representing alleged victims said they had been denied justice.

Liz Dux, who represents six alleged victims, said: “This is devastating news for my clients. They have waited so long to see this case come before the courts, to be denied justice at the final hurdle is deeply frustrating.”

The Goddard inquiry, which is examining child sexual abuse claims, may now examine the allegations, the BBC’s Tom Symonds said.

It had set aside the case while it was being dealt with in the courts

BBC News

source: https://theneedleblog.wordpress.com/2015/12/19/paedophile-lord-janner-dies-aged-87/

Greville Janner is not dead


Paedophilic c-nt Greville Janner is not dead.

You have our f-cking word on that.

The old bastard got wind that his time was up and legged it to his Jewish homeland.

He’s gone the same way as that other boy-raping scumbag, Leon Brittan.

We predicted this chain of events in September 2014 in the following post:

” We have it on very good authority that Mossad rent-boys, MI5, are working overtime to execute a permanent CSA cover-up.

They are so desperate to prevent the truth about Britain’s VIP paedophile ring being exposed, they’re trying every trick in the book to stop a planned inquiry going ahead.

They deliberately chose tarnished wrinklies, Elizabeth Butler-Sloss and Fiona Woolf, knowing damn well that child-abuse campaigners would never accept their appointments as head of any inquiry, due to their links to Michael Havers and Leon Brittan.

naughty-leon-brittan3top-tory-filth1Fink and Janner

That is exactly what our traitorous, paedophilic-loving spies wanted.

The ensuing controversy buys them what they need most of all- extra time to plan their get-out clause.

One idea being touted by the Israeli-loving filth is to stage the deaths of one or more of the prominent politicians accused of raping young boys.

The deaths would be attributed to a ‘heart condition’ or similar, and the public wouldn’t bat an eyelid due to the age of the accused.

The apparent  ‘stress’ they’ve been under would also be quoted as a contributing factor.

janner-and-cameronjanner-and-gellerpaedo blair

This is exactly what happened in the case of Lord McAlpine who is allegedly not dead at all but hiding out in a secret location bricking himself that he might one day be discovered.

Another pretend death is allegedly that of Westminster Councillor, Simon Milton, who was best friends with Shirley ‘I’ve legged it to Israel’ Porter.


Some claim Simon didn’t die at all but is living a reclusive life in Tel-Aviv.

It’s a little known fact that many ‘British’ politicians are in fact Israeli and hold dual nationality.

It would be quite easy say for the likes of Leon Brittan or Greville Janner to slip away in the dead of night and catch the first flight back to their homeland.

israeli-passportel-alTwo pieces of paedophilic shit

The very next morning the headlines would be filled with the news of their ‘death’ and the inquiry could go ahead with it’s most prominent suspects out of the way.

No-one would be any the wiser.

Well we have a warning for you duplicitous, scheming, f*****g scum.

Try every single pathetic ‘tactic’ known to man.

It will make not the slightest bit of difference.”


And, as predicted, both Brittan and Janner have indeed faked their own deaths.

With the full complicity of the child-raping British and Israeli governments.

But make no mistake about it.

We intend to make sure they swing for their crimes against children, if it’s the very last thing we do.

So help us God.


Do have nightmares, Janner.

Don’t sleep tight.

We’re coming to get you old man.

It’s only a matter of time.



source:  https://www.thecolemanexperience.wordpress.com/2015/12/19/greville-janner-is-not-dead/


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