WHAT?? UPDATED 5 JAN.: “Labour suspends Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk over allegations of inappropriate texts sent to teenage girl”

above: 02 Jan. 2016

And Danzuk states at the end of his interview that regarding the Labour investigation into him he thinks Labour executive will “quietly conclude that there’s no case to answer”.  If they conclude that they should all resign!

ITV 5 Jan. 2016 =      https://vid.me/e/s5gw?stats=1&tools=1

“Labour suspends Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk over allegations of inappropriate texts sent to teenage girl” 

13:16, 31 December 2015 

The party moved after newspaper claims he was dumped after girlfriend found string of messages exchanged with teenager 

MP Simon Danczuk MP Simon Danczuk

Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk has been suspended from the Labour Party following allegations he sent sexually explicit messages to a 17-year-old girl, the party has announced.
He is being investigated by the party’s ruling body after claims he bombarded the teenager Sophena Houlihan with lewd texts after she contacted him about a job.
Mr Danczuk said the reports in The Sun were “not entirely accurate” but added they referred “to an extremely low point in my life”.
A Labour Party spokesman said: “The General Secretary of the Labour Party has today suspended Simon Danczuk’s membership of the party, pending an investigation into allegations published in the media today.
“A full investigation will now take place under the authority of the National Executive Committee, which will be responsible for determining any further action.”
We’ll have updates and reaction here …

Corbyn statement on Danczuk

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, speaking on a visit to see flood damage in York, said:

“Simon has had his membership of the party suspended. He will now be investigated by the national executive.
“The decision was made this morning. The reasons are his conduct, which will now be investigated.
“I don’t want to say any more than that because I don’t want to prejudice the independent investigation. It is today’s incident, nothing else.”

Jeremy Corbyn and Simon Danczuk


Conservative response

Coun Ashley Dearnley, leader of the Conservatives in Rochdale, said:

“I am sad that once again Rochdale is being dragged through the media for all the wrong reasons.
“I hope that Simon takes the time to reflect on his actions and gets back to acting in the best interests of the people of Rochdale.”

Rochdale councillor Ashley Dearnley


Full story on suspension

We’ve just published the full story on today’s suspension from the Labour Party of Simon Danczuk.
Read it here.

MP Simon Danczuk, whose membership of the Labour Party has been suspended


MP was criticised for pub night out during Rochdale floods

Mr Danczuk was criticised earlier this week after he was pictured enjoying himself in the pub during the devastating floods in his constituency. Large parts of the town, including the centre, were left under several feet of water after torrential rain hit the north west.
His then girlfriend, Labour councillor Claire Hamilton, posted a picture of the couple in a pub on Boxing Day, with the message: “Cosy #BoxingDay out with Simon Danczuk #happydays”.


The following day she tweeted: “Dumped Danczuk. He had it coming.” Mr Danczuk, who split from wife Karen Daczuk earlier this year, later apologised for ‘misjudging his immediate response’ to the floods and added he had ‘redoubled my efforts to make sure our town gets the help it needs to get back on its feet’.


Danczuk ‘dumped’ by girlfriend after reports she found texts

The Rochdale MP was publicly ‘dumped’ by his girlfriend earlier this week after reports she found ‘steamy’ texts between him and a 17-year-old.
It was alleged in The Sun newspaper that Mr Danczuk, 49, had exchanged a series of sexual messages with the girl in July this year.
Greater Manchester Police received a call from a member of the public on December 29 alleging that the communications were inappropriate.
But officers have now ‘looked into’ the accusations and deemed that no offences were committed by the MP.
A GMP spokesman said: “On 29 December 2015, Greater Manchester Police received a report from a member of the public that a man from the Rochdale area had been communicating inappropriately with a teenage girl.
“This matter was looked into and it has been determined that no offences have been committed.”

Powell on ‘regrettable’ situation

Manchester Central MP Lucy Powell found out about Danczuk’s suspension via the media.
She says it was “very regrettable and difficult”, adding “I’m sure the investigation will get to the heart of it.”

Lucy Powell MP


Danczuk: ‘My behaviour was inappropriate’

Simon Danczuk has been suspended by the Labour Party following allegations that he sent sexually explicit messages to a teenage girl.
The allegations made the front page of today’s Sun newspaper.
As Labour confirmed his suspension from the party, the Rochdale MP posted a series of tweets on Thursday lunchtime:

“Today’s Sun story, while not entirely accurate, refers to an extremely low point in my life…My behaviour was inappropriate and I apologise unreservedly to everyone I’ve let down…I was stupid and there’s no fool like an old fool…I’m more saddened that this episode could overshadow the important work we’re doing to help Rochdale and that’s where my focus lies.”

Younger women are my Achilles heel, admits shamed MP Simon Danczuk as it emerges 17-year-old ‘sex text victim’ is a dominatrix who once sold toenail clippings for £10 a time 

  • Simon Danczuk has confessed that ‘younger women are my Achilles heel’
  • He blamed his sex texts to girl, 17, on being ‘drunk, horny and on my own’
  • The Labour MP, 49, admitted telling the teenager he wanted to spank her
  • Anti-paedophile crusading Rochdale MP admitted he ‘had a drink problem’
  • For more on the Labour scandal visit www.dailymail.co.uk/labour

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3382392/Younger-women-Achilles-heel-admits-shamed-MP-Danczuk-reveals-drinking-three-bottles-wine-night-sent-sex-texts-17-year-old-girl.html#ixzz3wOIEc5pQ

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2 Responses to WHAT?? UPDATED 5 JAN.: “Labour suspends Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk over allegations of inappropriate texts sent to teenage girl”

  1. Am I right in concluding that since the female is over 16-years-old and fully consenting then Mr Danczuk has not a committed a crime under British law?


  2. butlincat says:

    Of course its not illegal – but is it acceptable for a serving MP to send lewd phone texts as has been sent to females of 17? Isnt a more responsible attitude expected from those running the country?


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