“This follows, once again, following Media Wales having refused recent RCJ news about, “what really goes on in our Welsh law courts”

Malicious ‘Machine Gun’/MAPPA Prosecution to have me Shot is in Court after 5 Years Blocked!

Wales’s main civil court based in its capital, Cardiff, is about to hear the South Wales Police again lying, cheating and deceiving a British law court and one of its subjects of The Principality purely to have its own police force and judiciary autonomous to Westminster, Whitehall and the Royal Courts of Justice. If they get away with it they will be free to run riot even more than one of its, not so far away, dependant territories always answerable to our HM Justice Ministry and Secretary of State.

4th Action and their usual example of the bullying South Wales Police rebuttal tactics, over the past 24 years, to obtain failure to disclose their very own (custody) records

1686537 Particulars of Claim – 4th action – 7CF07345

  1. Claim 7CF07345 – request foir further information

16 02 03 Request for Further Information 7CF case

7th Action and the South Wales Police withdrawing the claimant’s right to continue holding his shot gun licence

1686545 Claim Form – 7th action – 0CF03921

6th action claim particulars

1686539 Particulars of Claim – 6th action – 1CF03361

  1. 8th/9th/10th & 11th civil damages Claims against the South Wales Police to be published later…….

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