LADY DI DEATH [+ others] STAGED? “Chris Spivey on Raconteurs News Radio” + UPDATE: “The Night Of The Living Dead” 10/03/16

UPDATE 3 March 2016:

The Night Of The Living Dead

Christopher Spivey

An in depth report on the death of Diana: Princess of Wales


LADY DIANA DEATH A STAGED HOAX?? along with many others?

Chris Spivey says in his radio interview here:

“Chris Spivey on Raconteurs News Radio”

that many high profile murders are hoaxes, from Lady Di’s to Jamie Bulger’s [who’s killers Thompson + Venables, CS says, are actually girls, photographed as boys for the alleged hoax]

CS says that many people publicised around the headlining murders are often the same people, eg, the 2 in the pic below, 2002 [murdered] Holly Wells father Kevin [on the right] next to Michael Stone [alleged 1996 murderer of Lin + Megan Russell [+ dog Lucy]] – the pics being photoshopped, along with more pics in many more headline cases that have shocked the nation.
A remarkable interview!!

 photo both_zps27f4fk02.jpg

Icke + others claimed that Ian Huntley [already convicted of a sex crime years earlier] did not commit the Soham schoolgirls murders of Jessica Chapman + Holly Wells
but an American airman did it who lived on a nearby US base, and who had allegedly murdered before out east.

“Chris Spivey on Raconteurs News Radio

 photo di_zpsqsy5uncn.png

listen to the show here:

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