UPDATE 4 March 2016:

“To persons copied into this who will not know of all events:

I am Carol Woods Ms and I have been impersonated by murdering parasites and fraudsters who want to be me: they are almost all unemployable parasites who claim to be “me” to defraud DWP, banks, insurance companies and more.

The events in Caton are only a repeat of events at former addresses which is why the number who claim to be me increases. If I moved tomorrow the Gestapo would replace the latest fraudsters with more.

Currently I rent a tiny council bungalow at 28 Fell View caton LA2 9RP, I rent it under duress as police claim one of their officers bought MY house after I was FINED £400.000.00 for harassing the whole of Lancashire and, refused to pay so the Gestapo were able to seize WRECK and loot MY house in Lancaster. (Their versions of all events are full of contradictions and inconsistencies and show we deal with lunatics.)
 However, one officer ANDREW HALLIDAY claims he bought my house in May 2008 and that I agreed to pay rent to stay in the house; then forgot to pay rent as I had forgotten I had sold it and thus he evicted me for rent arrears.  (The “mental illness” I seem to have depends of my forgetting a great deal.) That “eviction” is a formal COURT (sic) document issued to me. The MoJ confirmed in 2011 that there was no such case ever against me or anyone harassing a whole county and being fined £400.000.00. They laughed when I asked again in Nov 2015 as apparently that as FACT is recorded again but, let us suppose that is FACT (I can be given no dates of any such court hearing, no such court, no name of any judge presiding, no witnesses and obviously, no paperwork) why then was my house wrecked knocking £70,000.00 off its value in a couple of hours? Were my assets worth more than £400.000.00 when added together so they thought they knock the residue off the value of my house to make it an even number? Apparently I have made up that FACT of wrecking my house and it is indicative I am mentally ill, BUT my neighbours who took photos and identified the perpetrators of that date 27 Oct 08 are apparently not classed as mentally ill. My photos show I am not either. Thus Halliday bought it May 2008 and it was seized Oct 08 so he must have been the owner and the one charged with harassment for HIS assets (my house and bank accounts) AFTER May 08. Surely if he owned it from May 08, he’d had have something to say about it being wrecked and looted for a “debt” of mine?                  

As well as Halliday buying it in May 08 (without his name appearing on my title deeds), another officer TRACEY KENNEDY bought it with her partner ANNA JUDITH PERELES in April 2009. BUT, Pereles sold her house in Lancaster (29 Blades St), Kennedy had nothing to add as she had been living in hiding with Pereles for at least 2 years to avoid debts from REAL courts and debt agencies and had no assets, and selling Blades St had not enough to buy my house even at a knock down price. Where did she, long term parasite, manage to raise extra money to buy it, pay all the solicitors involved (she can’t quite decide which solicitor conducted the transaction so presumably paid all those I have details of) and then have the massive damage rectified, a whole central heating system installed, a new kitchen made from my period 1940’s kitchen and so on. All that aside this is NOW.              

 On 7 Nov 2015 PC ANDREW MASSINGHAM arrested me at 28 Fell View for harassment. (Their favourite charge.) Who had I been harassing? No one.

These are the FACTS:

 On 2 Oct 2015 after 30 Sept 2015 Massingham with 2 plain clothes Gestapo did visit to park on and near Fell View to aid and abet an old thief and fraudster from 26 Fell View ANGES JACKSON who they claim is Carol Woods (me) but as her identical twin, thus the arrest of me was to hide me in another name and to do that, the Gestapo had a false address on their PNC which made me wonder how they arrived at 28 Fell View when their PNC had an address over 60 miles away. They did not take my DNA. They actually had a male in the police station and he was to be me as Mr Carol Woods. Their “plans” for me were expected to see a “result” so that none of that was found out. Events from then to recent show false dated formal documents and PROOF I was to “disappear” as usual. (They do this as routine.) They are desperate to invent a Mr Carol Woods. In that Jackson, about 70, a long term parasite and general bully has borrowed yobs and thugs who go out as Mr Carol Woods driving her about as if she is their mother Ms Carol Woods (me). That makes those thugs my sons. That was to defraud the DWP and have those thugs order goods on line as if linked to me with deliveries to Jackson’s associates who all gained FREE goods as no one paid for them e.g. MD02 HGO, Y313 YEC car drivers. In that I heard and saw, and took photos of Jackson with postman taking recorded delivery letters for me. Bank statements and invoices went to Jackson in 26 while addressed to me in 28 in MY name. There is more to that BUT all those organised crimes are not actually crimes, apparently.
The “harassment” said to have been committed by me was in my writing to KNOWN thieves and fraudsters who have stalked me, taken Jackson out in their cars so she can be seen to be me, (she doesn’t drive, I do and as my car is red the Gestapo have bought red cars for unemployed lowlife to driver her about to be “me” “seen in a red car” thus proof she is me).  BUT Jackson is not the only “me” round Fell View, Williams in 30 are, and have insurance in the name of Mr and Mrs Carol Woods, have hired cars and gone away all as if they are Mr and Mrs Carol Woods. Mrs JUNE WILLIAMS was given false ID in my name to gain “work” and she like others has appeared in courts as if she is me. BUT none of that suggests “crime” apparently. Neither Jackson nor Williams had a letter from me.              

 Those who did have are bullying lowlife who drive about with blue badges (at least 3 of them) and drive off Fell View when I do and they park free as if they have a “disabled” passenger (me) and that photographed and proven is more said not to be “crime”. (That is to “prove” apparently that I am disabled and thus “lost” MY house as I was “too disabled” to live in it!) There is more but cutting to the chase, as the Gestapo had too much vested interest in maintaining their sources of thieves, liars, fraudsters and more, ignored my reports. Thus it was up to me to issue a warning to those used in order to privately prosecute and show they had had their warnings. In REAL events, as per the law, the Gestapo issue the warnings but it was left to me as usual. Thus some had it in writing from me that I knew their frauds using MY name, their harassment of me and that I had alerted the DWP and banks again which I knew were being used (Santander confirmed 5 accounts run in my name, 2 in HSBC and 2 in Lloyds). BUT those letters didn’t cause any “distress” until the Gestapo found I was making more advances and needed to silence me AGAIN. In fact, the lowlife didn’t inform the Gestapo at all when they had my letters, the Gestapo only knew I had handed round my letters AFTER they illegally saw me typing them up to send via email some 2 or more weeks later. They see illegally all I type; I have no printer and thus have to hand write data which is why they were unaware of my letters for some time. Then suddenly they rush round to those they see I have written to and they all decide that they are “distressed” and I am “harassing”. (The Gestapo would not trouble themselves in asking me about my claims in those letters. That is how they aid and abet.)
 But harassment is following a course of conduct and how can one letter be a course of conduct? It can’t be so they invent events. I apparently followed someone to a “local airport” but they cannot say who was legitimately going to an airport (no one was, the parasites do nothing except watch tv, stalk and harass me) and prove the person had real business at an airport and they can’t even tell me what date it was. I apparently followed someone to Kendal about 25 miles away, but they cannot say who was in Kendal, what date and time and prove I followed them. They had others join in with “claims” to show I was mentally ill, 3 letters had been said to have been sent by me to Customer care Dept Lancashire NHS which were said to be “bizarre” and of muddled thoughts and the usual gobbledegook of psycho babble. Those letters were confirmed as being non-existent. Another letter I was said to have sent to a person which person forwarded it on to NHS as PROOF I was mentally ill was also found not to have existed. Naturally I have the allegations in writing by “professionals” and in writing the confirmation that they do not exist. I cannot be provided with the names, ranks and badge numbers of 2 plain clothes Gestapo outside me in 28 Fell View on 30 Sept 2015 with Jackson in and out of 26 pretending she was 2 people, “identical twin”. They drove off when they saw me take my photo: camera shy. I have not had it confirmed that it was Massingham on 2 Oct 2015 sent in squad car to Caton to aid and a bet Jackson EXACTLY the same way again. My photo shows the Squad car and licence plate so we can see who booked it out. I could tell more and will do, but not here:                                     

Prior to sending this I sent a fax to Lancaster police; they had sent me the custody records from 7 Nov 2015 adding that it had been in response to my fax of  2/3/16. I had sent my first fax 16 Feb 2016 and remained ignored as did the solicitor asking also that same day. The record does not show the LES MARSHALL “mental health police” who claims he spoke to me anywhere between one and two hours which LIBEL/PERJURY he used as did others as PROOF I was “mentally ill”. I have not analysed the whole record. I have sent my response fax: I pointed out that my request of Feb was ignored, it does not record that I was deprived of a solicitor so had asked that I report Massingham for Misconduct 3 times because then under Directives 2012/2013 a solicitor HAS to be called. They ignored that as well. I saw no solicitor and despite being asked to be interviewed was not. I asked for the custody records of 23 Oct 08 when their officer Tracey Kennedy posed as me in Liverpool mags which led to events at MY house 27 Oct 08: she had to have been arrested as me prior to that hearing. I asked for the records from 27 Nov 09 when she did EXACTLY the same again but in Newcastle Mags. I asked for the rank and badge number of ANDREW HALLIDAY and reminded them I was not given Kennedy’s details despite Massingham stating he had given them to me. They did identify the KAREN HELME who thought I was mentally ill in being deluded about jobs I had said I had when she asked me. Apparently my saying what jobs I had had since blowing the whistle was proof I was mentally ill as I apparently only thought I had had those jobs. When proof of the jobs was seen (I keep everything, always have done) they changed the delusion and Helme’s 1 A4 page “disappeared”. The next delusion was about high profile people knowing of my case and when I showed my letters from HRH Prince Charles, Baroness Young of Old Scone and MPs;’ they changed the delusion again! Now they try to manufacture evidence I follow someone to Kendal.
 I drive away from FELL VIEW and see they have had a “removal van” parked hiding (I have so many photos of such which are dates I apparently move in or out of 28), further along towards Lancaster AGAIN they have someone waiting parked by the side of the road who, seeing my car (they told what car I have) pulls out ahead of me and they drive north on M6 to Kendal. I have not been to Kendal for months but had been driving there quite regularly. They are total strangers; that will be PROOF I harass by following someone to Kendal! The IPCC has again passed on information to Professional Standards and sent me the email address for them. In 2013 the IPCC passed on more data then and HQ sent me an email asking why I had not reported events to them until that time! I replied asking if my files from Jan 2002 we re scotch mist. They did not reply.
 My first reports were to Paul Stephenson then Chief Constable in regard to the corporate manslaughter of SHEILA BRIDGE linked to my whistleblowing. I had no idea how enmeshed lancs police were with the county and involved in that murder. It took me until late 2004 to find out and prove it despite them writing to me May 2005 and denying the FACT.”



02 March 2016 – received:


Dear Sirs this email is from my records: this is what I type today:

Jan 23 2011 I found a file in the High Court London with my name and “signature” all over it; it was nothing to do with me or anything I knew of. I had gone because officer TRACEY KENNEDY and her partner ANNA JUDITH PERELES had been posing as me in courts from 23 Oct 2008 at least. They thieves in MY house. The staff in the court were good and told me not to worry: nothing could be done as it was all bogus. After that I went to Criminal Cases Review Commission and told of the illegal incarceration of me in Styal prison in Nov 2010 (arrested as a likely terrorist after a REAL High Court Judge Justice MacKay had instructed me to go to MY house, forcibly remove anyone in it, sue them and prosecute them which I tried to do doing all properly hoping the police would help. They cut the locks on my cases saying they thought I carried bombs as a door to door salesman of gelignite presumably) They had stolen items of ID and gave them to Kennedy and Pereles to use as PROOF one was me. That is the help I got: hidden in Styal under 5 different names (which STILL happens) I worked out a great deal which found me looking a file of supposedly me in Jan 2011. From there I went to CCRC to ask about the illegal imprisonment of me and saw JOHN WAGSTAFF who said I should be pleased I wasn’t still locked up; he found it amusing.

I continued with CCRC and had reason to think they wrote to me Special or recorded delivery in 2013 which mail was handed to ANOTHER who posed as me. (All in other related documents.) It was after going to CCRC that I found the hotel as per below. Please see what I encountered there, how did that gorilla know who I was and where I was heading? I tried P Shiner again in Feb 2012 when I had my car: another gorilla did exactly the same; how do they know who I am and where I am going?

In Jan 2015 I tried Helena Kennedy in Dougherty St London and regular readers will know what happened there as well. The trial will have to be media it seems. I name Pereles as posing as me when it could have been officer Tracey Kennedy as she dyes her hair and Pereles is short and grey and not dyed. Mine is not dyed; it is natural. I have no phone and mail is routinely stolen. I can find Internet access periodically. England 21st C!!

 CCRC P Shiner’s office MIKE TODD and Cherry Trees connection(3)

Message: 07/12/11 at 2:43 PM

Birmingham Connection in the case if theft of Cherry Trees Mike Todd’s murder.

In late January 2011 after finding that ANNA JUDITH PERELES (Lancaster) had impersonated me in yet another court, that being the High Court on 11 Jan 2011 I went to Birmingham to seek help fro m Philip Shiner, lawyer for public interest cases. (Staff in the High Court said the case file was bogus and I should ignore anything related. JANICE BOURNEN (Lewes) went on to continue that fraud on 6 May 2011 and again on 10 June 2011). Bourne replaced Pereles as I was known to be living in Lewes at the time.

I reported the fraud and forgery to Holborn Police before leaving London . They told me not to attend Charing Cross Police station (nearest to the High Court) CSO BLAIR dealt with the matter, no it would not be referred to CID. Other officers entered the arena and acted out events in Mike Todd’s murder in mockery and gross Misconduct in Public Office and plain thuggery such as laughing about the wind chill factor of that day in January while I was in London . (I hadn’t actually mentioned Mike Todd that day.)

My visit was not a surprise it was why CSO was picked; “they” use the same names wherever possible to muddy the waters of investigation. (They being Mason thugs.)

In Birmingham I found as everywhere else I visit, there was only room available in the whole city for that night. It was a room for disabled. I had no choice but to accept it. The clerk added to the invoice that I was accepting it as being the only room available and not because I was disabled.

On being given that receipt a male darted in with a lame excuse for attention: he was to say he had given me a lift and was dropping me off for the disabled room.

I have no idea who he was but that is a favourite trick IT IS HARASSMENT.

I found PHILIP SHINER’s office without fuss and was met at the door by his associate who said that Mr Shiner did not handle cases such as mine and would not allow me even access to the building but kept me in the street. How did he know what my case was? How did he know who I was? How did he know I was on my way? I had no choice but to leave. Mail calls emails are all intercepted, gatekeepers such as Andy in MP Norman Baker’s office and the grotesquely obese woman in MP David Morris’s office cases in point and show how the thugs run affairs.

I had the address of the Criminal Cases Review Commission and found that easily. I had no appointment but JOHN WAGSTAFF agreed to see me. He trivialised everything and refused to take my formal request for enquiry into PERELES’ “cases” in criminal matters where she impersonated me. He said as I was not in prison then there was no harm done.

WAGSTAFF Freemason as was associate in Philip Shiner’s office.

I left empty handed again returning to Lancaster but printed off the CCRC forms and posted them by Special Delivery. They slipped through the net. IAN YOUNG for Lancashire police and Lancashire County council wrote the reply. Phone calls had been made and no records existed therefore “no problem”. Really? But I lost my house because of whatever took place on 23 October 2008 in Liverpool and there’s “no problem”! I rang and said they could make some more phone calls and find out who the Judge was in the trial I was sent to prison after being found guilty of something, which court, which dates who the witnesses were etc. Wagstaff never contacted me again. Phone calls were ignored. I was always put on hold and then put on voice mail. The whole place is corrupt. So if anyone can tell Philip Shiner I would be grateful. I have no idea how anyone will make contact but somebody can ask questions loudly. Carol Woods owner of Cherry Trees Lancaster not disabled and never have been.


Dear Sirs North Yorks police,

In Dec 2015 I had a reason to speak to one of your offices who did listen and tried to be helpful. I did have a letter from a D GRUNDY relied which letter was not posted for me, please read on.

The matter was an illegal detention of me when no 2 “doctors” assessed me but there was a pretence they had and they had deemed I was deluded and thus mentally ill. (It was confirmed on 24 Feb 2016 that I was right and no 2 doctors had seen me – that is not what I want you to help with). I was illegally detained in CYGNET Harrogate and amid the usual libel written about me (e.g. I apparently walked in at 3 30 am on 8/11/15 and said, “I am dangerous, I need locking up”) I found a significant 2 page document had been manufactured to further discredit what I said. It was confirmed on 22 Feb 2016 that I was right about that document being manufactured as well. It is not a police matter for those bullying liars to be challenged but I feel this might be: your officer took advice and was told to tell me that the libel written by a MELANIE FORREST and a LES MARSHALL reams of it, persons I had never met, heard of, seen or spoken to was not intended for others to see so I had a civil case.

BUT my letter to Sgt Grundy said that the libel states that they INTEND for it to be presented to a tribunal and a mangers’ appeal hearing which of course would seal my fate they seeing that libel. I suggest that Sec 5 Perjury Act 1911is applicable: Sec 5 and the documents have to be false yet NOT sworn as in a court under oath but simply written for and entered into a formal matter with a view to discrediting a person. Forrest still relies on that libel, I have asked for Sec 14 data protection rights 1998 Act 4th Principle but surely she needs to learn as a “professional” she cannot get away with such with the INTENTION of harming me. Why all that is seen I will not go into except to say it is linked to ruining me as a witness and a whistleblower which you will know is standard practice. The letter I wrote for sgt Grundy was handed to staff in The Orchard Lancaster where I had been moved in a rush in Dec. CQC looking into my case had contacted Cygnet who wanted rid of me: it was being seen the detention was illegal. Cygnet “discharged” me but to DURHAM which record I saw my chance so I did not end up in Durham. I have no links to that area at all and never have had. The idea was to then say I as me Carol Woods Ms was discharged but, where would I as a body/person be? I was to be moved to Lancaster as Mrs Carole Woods, an invented person. That is still attempted; the pretence I am not me.

Please advise; I am Carol Woods Ms of 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP, sorry I have no phone and limited Internet connection.”


 27 Feb. ’16 = Carol Woods WhistleBlower on FREEDOMTALK RADIO  27  Feb. 2016 – the stealing of Carol’s house, people using Carol’s name / identity for criminal activity, + more:


Received 23 Feb. 2016, from Carol Woods, after her release from “Orchard” mental facility =

“Dear HMIC,

Can I ask if you can confirm if RICHARD SPEDDING of Lancashire police is a member of HMIC? That is what I have heard and seems to be a great conflict of interest if true. Richard Spedding is corrupt: he is involved in my case of police harassment of YEARS because I blew the whistle. he claimed in 2010 that he had found nothing untoward in the seizing, wrecking and looting of my private dwelling house in Oct and Nov 08 yet he apparently “investigated” without even an incident number.

Obviously not one single officer ever spoke to me except to threaten me and then family members. Currently Lancashire police claim that TRACEY KENNEDY in MY HOUSE used as me to appear in courts as me which thus gives ME a criminal record, is all absolutely fine. Kennedy claims in a sworn signed witness statement to be Lancaster police. And Andrew Halliday also claimed to be police and claims he bought my house in May 08 yet his name is not on my title deeds. The latest appalling injustice was yet another arrest of me on manufactured “evidence” that I harass others who are organised to collectively harass me, run bank accounts in my name, pretend they drive me about as if I am “disabled” and thus are collecting monies in that FRAUD and more. The police denied me a solicitor on arrest, gross breaches of PACE as usual, Code of Practice EU Directive 2012/2013 all breached and I end up locked up for 3 months in a mental hospital; held again under a false name, moved on 20 Dec 2015 with INTENT to hide me elsewhere, and then “discharged” when a psychiatrist not part of the corruption recorded there was nothing wrong with me, that all I said was FACT (he had seen some documents I was lucky enough to have with me after CQC instructed those illegally detaining me to allow me access to go home (escorted) at least for some clothes when I actually gathered what was more important – documents.

On 22 Feb 2016 it was said that the psychiatrist had been paid to say what I wanted him to say! On that day Lancaster police Sgt PHILIP SPENCER had from Friday previously threatened to arrest me again as soon as I walked out of the hospital. I cannot be given my custody records of 7/9 Nov 2015 as I have never been given any custody records from any arrest and quite honestly, I have lost count now of how many, at least 14. Mostly they have been for “fail to attend” which there is no such thing. Fail to attend what? It is never said. BUT that when they claim I am not me but MRS CAROLE WOODS changing my name Ms Carol Woods to make me the opposite of what I am. That began Nov 08 when I was arrested for burgling my own house. Apparently I had forgotten I had sold it to Halliday. But in my bag (detained for 14 hours, kept literally in the dark, not spoken to, nothing to eat or drink as usual then released amid other events which are in the document I copy you into after this) was a large USB. handing it back to me it was listed as lighter, I pointed out it was a USB. Since then they started to add letters to MY name and make me a smoker and have persons who smoke to pose as me. Each time I make an advance I am “kidnapped” and literally “disappear”. 2010 after a High Court victory in regard to MY HOUSE I “disappeared” not knowing where I was and cut off from all communication. My family reported me as a missing person to be told that the police involved had never heard of me. I survived that. I was not expected to survive this with the dangerous drugs forced on me after attempts in 2011 by murderer SUBRAMANIAN to inject me failed. (She had murdered a lady Xmas 2008 by lethal injection. Struck off she was used in 2011 against me.)

Spencer was contacted by a solicitor I went to in desperation just before release; he asked for my custody records and the CCTV film footage of what went on in Lancaster police station on 7/8/ Nov 2015 can be obtained as well. Spencer said he would not arrest me but I have nothing in writing and fear that the “fail to attend” will start again. The solicitor in question is on leave this week.

I was en-route for London with a statement and photographic evidence of serious organised police corruption which I promise has never been seen the like of previously. It included GMP thugs who know something about the murder of MIKE TODD 2008. If Spedding is part of HMIC then I feel the press should get my photos and statement. He will want a cover up.

 I am Carol Woods Ms MY house is Cherry Trees Sunnyside Lane Lancaster LA1 5ED. I have never pretended to be someone I am not. PC MASSINGHAM did on 7 Nov 2015 tell me he had given me the rank and badge number of KENNEDY which was a lie. I wait to testify: the Old Bailey will be the only place capable of this case. Thanks for attention to this. I have no phone at all and have not had since 2011.”


date: 23 February 2016 at 15:51

subject: Impersonations of Judges and police

​I am Carol Woods Ms. This document, sent in 2 parts to avoid too much bulk for 1 email, records the impersonations in my case which I apparently have made up. However, dates, venues and witnesses, cogent evidence suggests otherwise. I was totally unaware that such FRAUDS existed and the first example was so blatant I assumed that the INTENTION by those named summed them up as so unintelligent that they would never have continued. I was wrong; they had every intention of carrying through that INTENTION which, in the grand scheme of things was not major. I try to record as each event happened. All this is from memory; the files are safe. The latest travesty in illegally detaining me in a mental hospital was to persuade me I “forgot” things and thus was mentally ill. “You sold your house, luvvie”, and “Your house was repossessed, luvvie”. The bullying ignoramuses told me I had seen “doctors” who prescribed long lists of drugs for me but I had “forgotten”, “psychiatrists” had called to see me but I had “forgotten” and so on. In that the Gestapo organising the corrupt fully expected me to be incarcerated, drugged up where I would leave as a gibbering wreck, confused and over weight to a great extent thus “disabled”. They had overestimated themselves again.                     

 The very first was 2003/4 when a then good friend of mine TINA PAZZANO aka MARIA HASWELL (her formal married name) was in the process of claiming against Lancashire County Council (Social Services). Tina had been a good supporter of mine and witnessed a great deal: she had produced witness statements and sworn them under oath in cases of mine. I have those statements. As such, she was victimised by LCC and driven to long term sick leave and eventually forced to resign. I supported her in all that; she had a meeting with her solicitor as her case progressed to the date near the hearing which meeting I attended with her. The solicitor had received the statements from LCC in response to Tina’s claim. They were from IAN FISHER Head of Legal Services and BEVERLEY CULLEN his side-kick. What I had not known at that time was that FISHER and his entourage were also the legal reps for Lancashire police. That FACT was not exposed until Jan. 2005, denied in writing May 2005 BUT my cogent evidence shows what liars they were in denying that FACT. The statements of Fisher and Cullen with Tina’s solicitor being read I saw the signatures were not Fisher’s and Cullen’s: I had enough paperwork from those two to know what their signatures looked like. Those 2 thought they were too important to bother with Tina’s case and had others signing their statements with the intention of having those persons appear in court as Fisher and Cullen. They had not expected me to be Tina’s witness; they had underestimated our friendship and support of each other. I declared that fraud in the false signatures and clear intention; LCC learned I intended to testify and immediately settled out of court. It was a measly amount but Tina was not coping with the stress so it was the best outcome for her. In 2009 she had moved to Scotland, we maintained our friendship but late 2009 she changed; I found out she had been “approached” and offered a deal to pay off one of her mortgages (Tina was vulnerable as she was financially strapped) if she continued our friendship BUT pretending she was MY social worker and not my friend. LCC recruiting her as they decided that if they could claim some “disability” on my part then they could say they stole, wrecked and looted MY house in Oct and Nov 08 by claiming I was “too disabled” to live in it. They still try to claim that and have tried to manufacture, by use of total strangers posing as me to claim DWP in fraud (some persons can be named who have taken part in such fraud), that I am “disabled”. They swap between physical disability and mental illness. Tina was a poor actress, she acting totally out of character so I ceased communication after noticing that and too many “coincidences” amid other events all leading to manufacture the same “conclusion”.                          

In Nov 2003 I started private prosecutions in Manchester Magistrates Court because Lancashire police ignored all my reports of fraud and perjury in a claim I had then against LCC 2406569/01. That claim had never been entered into the public records so was not legally “heard” at cost to the electorate. Use of public monies for private purposes. That case was eventually to be ONE reason Mike Todd GMP Chief Constable was murdered. The magistrates issuing summonses were prevented when a man literally burst into the court shouting “She’s not qualified, she’s not qualified”. It seems one has to be qualified to be a victim of crime and pursue justice. He identified himself to the bench as JEFF WILLS, legal advisor in the court. He had heard of my case and recognised the name of one I was to prosecute. The bench members were unsure what to do but he persuaded them to leave it to him to make enquiries about after which he would, with me, set another day for another hearing. There was nothing else to do: they took that course of action. He contacted me, set a date for Dec 2003, almost Xmas and I attended. The case was not listed; no one knew anything about it. I knew that was not good; I’d learned enough by then. Jeff Wills insisted on dealing with me by himself and led me to a court room on floor 3, all in darkness as near Xmas it was not busy. There was no usher, he himself put on lights and had 2 people enter as “magistrates”. Only I was there, my witness had not been able to stay that day so we 4 made up the “court”. As a former probation officer I knew enough about court routines to see there was no routine. It seemed odd that the 2 “magistrates” knew what they would decide before I even presented my case. They were just a pair of chums of Wills, they were not magistrates. Naturally they would not issue summonses the joke, at my expense, being that, as only his chums, they couldn’t. I complained to his manager JACKIE TODD and to the Justices Chief Executive and got nowhere. That file is intact and kept safe: it was ANOTHER reason Mike Todd was murdered. I then reported the matters to GMP and Divisional Commander Justine Curran referred the case to MARK BELL Inspector who assigned DS ANDREW RIGBY Bootle St Station. All that was also what Mike Todd saw with the subsequent events involving GMP thugs and another reason he was murdered. Out of scope of this I concentrate only on impersonations. I do not include cases not “entered” and illegally closed courts etc.                              

 Feb. 2004 and I had called into Lancaster County Court on a matter of FRAUD with one witness IAN POCHETTA. BERNADETTE GREGSON was manager in absence of STEPHEN SAINSBURY usual manager. Before I knew what was happening, making my enquiry (on a case involving LCC again) I was told I was in court, how? An empty court was used, a court, not a chambers with a visiting solicitor used to pose as a judge. My witness was traumatised; he knew enough about courts to know it was all wrong. I had learned enough by then to know it was a deception. The bullying liar told me I had to sign a document which was MY admission to owing money. Why would I do that? I wouldn’t. She screamed I’d go to prison as I was refusing to sign. I pointed out that I was unable to sign a false statement on a false document and was unable to collude with court corruption. She was to charge me with contempt of court. I told her I’d charge her with contempt of court and she flounced off. The party was over. BUT days later I received ANOTHER false court document which was dated 16 Feb 2004 with the “judge” apparently reading from a document dated 17th Feb 2004. That is one crucial document in this because of the content which was also what Mike Todd saw and how his thugs started to threaten me using that false document as if it was a real document. The “judge” named and checking, there was no judge with that name at all. There was a male judge of the name but not a female judge. That reported to Falconer then Minister of Justice as I had no idea of his corruption and links in all this, he assigned a female barrister of that same name to be a female judge BUT that was not done until 10 days AFTER the junk was issued to me. That file is safe. The barrister he promoted to judge was to deal with child care cases: he got it wrong; I had not been in Lancaster County Court for any matter related to the other matters I had on-going with LCC and my former post as child care social worker.                       
June 2005 and I had an A/DI NICK WOOD London Met. Police arranging to speak to me about the allocated crime number and case I had against LORD JUSTICE PETER GIBSON of the High Court who had ignored perjury and false court documents on a case I presented where he presided Jan 2004. I told him I would report him to the police and did. Charing Cross station on AGAR ST being the nearest was where I made my report and had my statement taken. MARK BRIGHAM was one involved and a ROGER SMITH both good guys. Nick Wood was appointed by JOSEPH MUTCH. Wood’s attitude changed after his emails to me were seen and he was trying to lure to a Manchester police station where I declined to meet him. He was in Lancaster eventually and I was so apprehensive of his emails I engaged a solicitor to meet me there. She was sent away when she arrived being told there was no senior officer from the Met, with me meeting him. CHRISTINE HULL left but I asked if she had arrived minutes later: I insisted she be called back and was. I was not given a visitor badge or signed in. She made sure Wood was not arresting me and left. He was found a room telling me he had been about to interview me in a cell but felt it was not appropriate. Apparently the police had sent her away not knowing he was in the police station. I asked how they could arrange a cell or a room for him if they did not know he was there. He assumed I was an idiot. He introduced a colleague of his a female senior officer when she was clearly anything but; he tried to take documents from me but I refused to give them: he was a bully and a liar. I left. His car was parked in their secure garage; how if they did not know he was there? Wood was scruffy, I made enquiries, he had been on leave and his Met companion was not who he said. He was spending the week travelling round the Lake District area. I reported that to the IPCC; he was reduced in rank. Helping one to pose as a police officer is a criminal offence why was he not charged and prosecuted with  Misconduct in a Public Office. Had Ms Hull not seen me and him in the police station anything could have happened to me especially as Wood was to claim he was not in Lancaster at all; obviously back-up by the Lancaster Gestapo. The implications for health and safety in no one to know I was there are obvious; I reported that breach to the Fire Service. The implications for terrorism are obvious. It seems people can park cars in their garage and wander about at will in the station without being challenged or any record that they are present. The crime number allocated CRIS/6200836104.     

In 2005 into 2006 the local council tried to manufacture a case against me for council tax evasion thus they planned to say I was in debt therefore they were to bankrupt me. I owned no money; they tried to claim I lived with others (a daughter and her son) yet claimed as a single occupier. In that I was self employed covering the relevant period so they tried to claim I failed to declare earnings. A Revenues officer started to call, JIM UNDERWOOD who, as I had nothing to hide I would invite in but no matter what he saw as relevant evidence, I was still to take it to the Town Hall so it could be scrutinised again. I applied to a Tribunal to appeal against their decision. That set for Oct 2006 JIM UNDERWOOD called again until I wrote and told him to stop calling; he was harassing me and I was not going to be available on his whims. The Tribunal date appeared and the council was represented by JIM UNDERWOOD. I had to tell the bench that the JIM UNDERWOOD in the tribunal was NOT the JIM UNDERWOOD forcing himself on me at my house. I had never seen Underwood previously. He was forced to name his impostor, the tribunal found in my favour as a land-mark ruling. They commented on the appalling behaviour of the council, sat open mouthed at the manufactured document Underwood relied on and tried to talk his way out of when I explained why it was manufactured; that file is kept safe and it also shows something else which proves the Gestapo had their plan to make me “disappear” from 05 onwards.                      

In April 2006 I had had an appeal stayed in the Employment Appeal Tribunal because of serious witness intimidation which remained totally ignored when reported. I had to protect my witnesses. I found out via a Simon Watkin of the Home Office who had found my blogs on the Internet and contacted me to see if he could help, that he had found a web entry regarding my EAT case; I apparently had appeared for my case and “lost”. I found out in much later that a psycho cop JANET WOODALL had posed as me. She had been a false friend, suggested I keep files at her house for safety and used them to pose as me. That was also in front of MIKE TODD GMP. Woodall was nothing like me but she could vaguely be described to sound as if she was my daughter because the daughter in question had long brown hair as Woodall has. Woodall flattered herself greatly; she was far too old and looked it to be a daughter of mine. I did get back my files and they are kept safe: Woodall was to contact to “recruit” and bribe Tina Pazzano. Woodall I had trusted as a friend from late 2005. The use of her to be said to be me but she being “mistaken” for a daughter of mine was because in 2008, IAN YOUNG of LCC and police legal rep PLANNED to claim that I was my own daughter and May 08 found that in writing, “She is her daughter”; I had become my own daughter.                       

 During the time from 2003 I had also noticed males outside my house and over YEARS of their thuggery as they increased in number they claimed to be “bailiffs” but were not. In all that time the number of “court” documents issued to me to make me believe something untrue increased: they are all kept safe. Mike Todd saw at least 7 of those.                            
On 6 May 2006 I was in Leeds Holbeck police station with my sister about a matter of corrupt solicitors BLACKS of Leeds stealing almost £2k from me AND their seeing PROOF of FRAUD, EXTORTION and DEMAND MONEY WITH MENACES yet failing to declare that. The officer supposedly booked to take a statement was then not available and we had to wait over an hour just time from an inarticulate police harridan drive from Bamber Bridge station to pose as Claudine Binns Leeds police. That harridan did nothing but threaten me with “Something happening to a close relative” (if I did not cease my case). She wanted to know about the illegal land seizure and that did genuinely puzzle those in earshot, what had that to do with my complaint about Blacks? I had not mentioned anything about other matters. I checked with staffing some days later after driving to Harrogate for a day out and ringing from a call box. Claudine Binns was a pc and off duty at the time. West Yorks police then changed the name of the police station involved and each subsequent letter tried to change one detail to make the end result nothing like the truth of events. That file is safe.                    

  June 2007 and the threat to a “close relative” took place to show me how powerful the Gestapo was. They manufactured a case against my brother which was seen to have perjured statements including one from Sgt Critchley British Transport police and false documents. The solicitor supposedly sent for hearing no. 1 acted oddly, again my experience as probation officer told me he didn’t seem to know what to do. Cutting a long story short I found out in Nov 08 that he in June 07 posing as a DAVID MAINWARING solicitor had not been. I met the real Mr Wainwaring: he was nothing like the impostor. There was no “mistake”; he in court on my brother’s case claimed who he was and from which firm. The CPS in court that day (Lancaster Magistrates) had worked the courts for years, he would have known of that impersonation. My brother went on to have a barrister who, when I checked her out was not who she said either. It was a complete and utter farce from start to finish.                               

Nov. 2005 and a MARTIN HUDDLESTON court clerk Manchester County Court posed as District Judge  Harrison.                   
Nov 2007 and I was in Liverpool tribunals on a criminal injuries case. I was told I could not have a witness or anyone taking notes. The case was not listed, the persons who arrived told me they had all travelled from Scotland together, how? That meant the bench of 3 travelled with the “other side” which seemed less than impartial. A daughter with me opened her note book and the chairman nearly had hysterics saying no witnesses and no notes. I said it was my right Article 6 human Rights Act 1998. They asked to leave the room while they discussed whether I could have a witness and one who would take notes. The chairman had his name plaque as did the “medical expert” and “independent member”. Called back in, my daughter could take notes but could not offer testimony. I noticed the name plate of the “chairman” seemed to have been changed. The stress distracts, my daughter took notes and ROBIN KWILL JONES RCS ignored everything, the other person was ERICA NORTON who I found had been Chief Constable of a force Leicester or a similar sounding named area. The chairman HARRY NARAYAN but he’d been MOHAMMED ASIF earlier. I “lost” my case in the most amazing farce lasting only minutes. I was handed a pre-prepared document ready signed by NARAYAN. I told them they had not heard the last of me but was still unsure what exactly had taken place it was such a rush and muddle. Also I was off work ill with a very bad cough and cold which slowed down my thinking and made me less able to challenge those corrupt 3. I reported Kwill-Jones to the RCS to remain ignored. I found that Asif was clerk for Cobden House Chambers in Manchester where Mr Narayan was a barrister. Mr Narayan had ceased undertaking CICA cases some time previously and concentrated on immigration.                   

   From Aug 2008 I had had various seedy old men all trying to make me think I had a court hearing as they were to be a trustee in bankruptcy appointed by the Secretary of State – apparently. They were always different as the one appointed in question was actually dead but, according to CHERYL KAYE WREA GREEN LAND REGISTRY, dead trustees could be appointed and have others act as them!                         

8  Nov 2008 and I had been arrested with a daughter and 2 of her very decent friends; we had been arrested for burgling my house. That is a separate document but is one reason why the Gestapo changed my name from Ms Carol Woods to Mrs Carole Woods so that she (non-existent) MIGHT have been burgling MY house as it was not hers, of course I could hardly burgle my own house. The MOTIVE was to try and find out from those with me where I stored files; they did not know. The Gestapo knew they were not in my house as they had been in ILLEGALLY often usually via a GARY FOXCROFT who rented EDEN BRECK Cottage at right angles to my house. They also had, just before releasing me after 14 hours of not even speaking to me, a PAMELA KERR solicitor’s clerk attend to give me false court documents which I pointed out was a criminal activity. I quote the law, she tried to take them from me but only took 2; I kept hold of 2. Later a bullying thug Sgt PINDER rang me ostensibly about my report of false court documents and tried to manufacture HIS side of the conversation as if we talked of something else. He did in that, inform me without realising, KERR had not been KERR at all but a DS DENT from Morpeth police. I visited the solicitor in question twice to be told she had no knowledge of any matters related to me at all. That was ONE reason the Gestapo wanted TRACEY KENNEDY in NEWCASTLE Magistrates court as me trying to establish a NEWCASTLE connection via manufacturing more nonsense.                               

9 Oct 2009 and in Newcastle Magistrates Court for a private prosecutions to continue and a D SIMMONS posed as a lawyer he who was filmed at MY house raiding it on 5 Sept. 2008. That reported to police after the Law Society confirmed there was no lawyer of that name at all, PC’s Kemp and Henry did on instruction bully me out of the police station. The Law Society confirmed it is a criminal offence to impersonate a solicitor.             

This is part 2 of the Impersonations document which shows enough for any jury and thus I wait to testify. I am Carol Woods Ms. I have no phone and rely on public computer for Internet as police spoil anything I try to do privately.                            
Nov 2008 and I received a call via my sister from Lancashire Evening Post reporter wanting to talk to me about the case and by then, as my house had been stolen and wrecked but just prior to it being looted, there was some “interest”. I was staying at my sister’s and travelled to their offices on the outskirts of Preston to be met by STEPHANIE HALL. She interviewed me in the offices and made a tape and video of the interview but she only wanted to talk about the whistle-blowing issues as the harridan in Holbeck police station had wanted to do when the issues for discussion had not included my whistle-blowing. Other staff in the L.E.P. offices led me to think it was all proper when I was suspicious on leaving: Hall told me to just refer to her as “SH” and acted like she was a secret agent on a life or death mission; Woodall acted like that sometimes which was totally OTT and less convincing not more. “SH” than rang me on a phone I had at the time and asked me for certain documents, adding bits of personal information that seemed unlikely. My suspicions raised she had claimed she was crime reporter in a court at a time and would thus expect me to meet her after with the documents she listed. I checked the court at the given time: they had no crime reporter as there was no case worthy of any such attention. I contacted the L.E.P. offices to receive an email from S. HALL saying that she had no idea what was taking place and that she had never met me. She had been impersonated. I did not contact the “SH” again and she did not try to contact me.                               

27 Nov 2009 and Kennedy again poses as me in Newcastle Magistrates Court on a case of harassment of her which meant I was harassing myself.                        

Dec. 2009 and my landlord of that time had claimed to be a teacher in the local college and 2 of his lodgers he claimed where Polish nationals working self employed as builders in Carlisle. The landlord Bruce Pilling went on to act as if he was MY social worker visiting me in his house! The 2 Polish males were actually provided by Kemple View a former employer of mine and they arriving each night to pretend they had just returned from work, were pretending that the house with lodgers was a secure hospital and they were the night staff thus, I was apparently in hospital. The game given away when I found their pay slips delivered in the post and knew that for builders they were never even slightly grubby, claimed to speak no English so, how could they work s self-employed? I made enquiries about Pilling and he had never been employed as a teacher at any level anywhere and checked GSCC who confirmed he was not a social worker either.                          

Dec. 2009 and a friend of over 35 years GAIL CAPSTICK of Lancaster had to pretend, when I called on her, that she was a social worker and had only recently known me and via her role as social worker. The last thing she could ever be is a social worker. I checked which GSCC and she had not ever been registered which I guessed was FACT. She acted against me, as Tina had, not for real gain but to prevent being prosecuted for false accounting as she had failed to declare a certain amount of income while self –employed. I never spoke to her again.                       

Mid Oct 2010 and I staying with my sister briefly, I had travelled to my home area to sort of DWP matters and call to the Town Hall to ask about events involving MY HOUSE. By then Justice MacKay High Court London had on 24 May 2010 instructed me to return to my house, forcibly remove anyone in it, sue them and prosecute them. All on my own. I was to get no help and in Morecambe Town Hall I spoke to a staff member who was dressed in his Sunday best with no ID. He pretended we were in a court chambers hearing and even gave me a form to complete. That was to be translated as a formal court document: I knew more about their lunatic actions by then and left. I saw that male again in Lancaster Town Hall in March 2014 his usual work wear and with ID; he realised I noted him and recognised him; he hurried away.                           11 Jan. 2011 TRACEY KENNEDY and ANNA JUDITH PERELES did attend the High Court London as if one was me. They had an inept “probation officer” ROGER FRANKLAND pose as their solicitor. The INTENTION was to make me believe something untrue so they could conduct telephone court hearings. I went to the High Court 23 Jan 2011 and found the court file with MY name and signature all over papers on a case I knew nothing about. See below as to how the Gestapo kept that going later that year.                              

15/16 April 2011 and I arrested again for “Fail to attend” driven from Brighton to Preston in a closed court, literally closed as well after 5pm, 3 supposed magistrates presided, they were not magistrates, the whole building was actually closed, the supporting offices of the court had long been closed. Sandwiched between the magistrates and crown courts of Preston is a large Freemason’s Lodge.           

6 May 2011 and 10 June 2011 my then landlady JANICE BOURNEN of 7 North Way Lewes posed as me taking on the Kennedy/Pereles case and she parking her car at Lewes train station and travelling by train to London. She would try to wear clothes that sounded, if described, to be something I might wear. She with short thin grey hair was told to dye it yellow to look more like mine for CCTV purposes. On 24 May 2011 she sent a fax in my name. (On 24 Oct 2015 a staff member of Ryman’s in Lancaster  sent a fax as if I had sent it, I caught her out as I went in unexpectedly. On 24 Jan 2011 someone phoned the DWP using my name. The 24th is used often, any month, any year)                                

1 Aug 2011 and I was impersonated in a court telephone hearing: I had circulated the descriptions of those likely to be posing as me so they could not attend thus had a telephone hearing. It was why the events on 3/8/11 too place: 1/8/11 was the end of whatever happened in Jan 2011 and then May and June. Whatever it was to be said to have caused me a breakdown. In 2011 the MoJ had confirmed there was nothing outstanding in my name. That again confirmed July 2015 the Gestapo still use whatever that was as if relevant for now.                        

3 Aug 2011 and arrested again for “failing to look after myself” on perjury offered by a Katherine Pearson “social worker” and, she apparently didn’t like my emails. I had never heard of, seen, met or spoken to her and clearly she had no emails of mine. The fraud behind that episode is not for this BUT this is, bogus “ambulance drivers” drove me for 7 hours and dumped me in a mental hospital in Chorley Lancashire. There a supposed “psychiatrist” GILLIAN HARRISON bullied me into trying to take 2 documents from me which I did not hand over. She threatened to “section” me if I did not hand them over, how were they detaining me if they had no “Section”? I asked for a sight of the emails in question; she showed me one, it was from my drafts folder, not sent, awaiting the address to send it to and for editing. How did that bullying inarticulate scruffy harridan have it? The Gestapo. I was moved quickly out of Chorley to Lancaster when a REAL psychiatrist started his locum post. They had taken advantage of the fact that Chorley was without a consultant in that time. Ms Harrison was nothing like the impostor when I found that fraud out. In that she who posed as Harrison also tried to persuade me to engage a man she claimed was a certain solicitor when I saw he was as rough as she was and unlikely to be anything at all. I was right; I later met the solicitor she claimed had been in Chorley; he had not been there at all. In Lancaster a struck off murderer Subramanian entered the hospital and tried to force me to agree to have injections. I refused. They then applied for a Sec 2 order to make it all legal which they did not get and I walked out. Nothing was done when I formally complained to Heather Tierney Moore Chief Executive.        28 June 2012 and a Margaret Middleton of 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe posed as me as if I was my own dead mother for DWP monies claiming she needed extra monies for carers. Sept. 2012 and she took part in a telephone interview to continue on in that. She was linked to both the fraudsters NICHOL and McTEAR.

Summer 2012 and I found that a virtual KENNETH NICHOL aka Malcolm aka Alan did try to obtain household contents insurance on MY address claiming he was my partner. Nichol and McTEAR carried on with linked frauds using my name. Nichol was one to try to murder me by trying at least 3 times to cause a gas explosion at the caravan I rented then.                            
23 Oct 2012 and an ALAN McTEAR another virtual stranger did with a pub landlord posing as a solicitor he from ROBERT GILLOW pub I only know as “Mark” claim McTEAR was my partner and he needed extra monies as he apparently lived with me and “cared” for me. I think his partner EVELYN posed as me in that matter of a DWP tribunal in FRAUD, FORGERY and PERJURY. McTear also tried earlier to get life insurance on me. McTEAR was another to try 3 times to murder me by trying to force entry to my caravan in the early hours of 3 mornings: I barricaded my doors every night he did not get in; he acted with another thief and ruffian a STUART WILLIAM ROGERS aka “Steve” aka “Dave”.                          21/10/14 and a supposed Dr Linda Ashworth (psychiatrist) at my address with sleazy from council (2) and one from NHS who claims to work for them at age 76, JO ATKINSON. The deception, fraud, harassment continued to be picked up again Nov 2015 continuing to 15 Feb 2016 when it was confirmed that Ashworth had not called at all and the scruffy old troll posing as her was just that: a scruffy old troll being aided and abetted to make me think something untrue BUT then continuing on to make others believe something untrue. The INTENTION was also to make others believe something untrue.                             

From 24/3/14 to present a JUNE WILLIAMS of 30 Fell View Caton has posed as me with her repulsive old fool of a husband pretending he is married to me. She goes out alone and he stands at the border of their garden which is the border of mine; he thinks if he can stand near my garden at the front of the bungalows then it is PROOF he is really in my garden and thus I am his wife leaving her “free” to be me. In my rear garden, that repulsive old bully actually stands in my garden and has been found cutting MY rose bushes pretending he is in his garden with his bushes. They have had deliveries in the names Mr and Mrs Carol Woods and hired at least 2 cars in those names, had a weekend away and continue to pretend for example in this way. On 16 Feb 2016 I was to have my gas appliances serviced by prior appointment, the boiler and so forth. EMCOR undertake all work for the council as the bungalows are council owned. (Williams are life- long parasites) and I waited with a companion at the appointed time. EMCOR arrived but drove right on, Williams were out. We waited almost an hour with my companion ringing EMCOR depot about the missed appointment. We were told the engineer had his phone switched off so she could not contact him. We gave up after an hour. Driving into Lancaster via back roads, exactly as I guessed, he was parked up in a country lane lay-by doing nothing. I knew he was to claim he called but I was out in that pretending I was those in 30 who were indeed “out”. I complained to EMCOR as did my companion, another appointment was made for 17 Feb 2016. Williams were indoors, EMCOR engineer called with a manager. The lies started: the engineer of 16th was not the one of the 17th and he of the 16th claimed he called but I was out. He claimed he went to another job. They said they could not contact him because the area does not have phone signals. My companion pointed out she had used her mobile twice with responses. He had not gone to another job; we saw him parked him almost an hour later and it was the same van: he was nowhere near any council properties at all.                           

 In April 2014 I found that JUNE WILLIAMS had been given ID in MY name and wore ID for HMYOI Lancaster Farms where she had been found a post as a “volunteer” in the education dept. trying to be me with my teaching qualification and having actually worked in HMYOI years earlier. I took a fine photo of her quite by chance she with the ID on. She “resigned” 18 May 2014 knowing found out. She resigned as if she was me “I am not able to do the paperwork”. BUT that was a Sunday and there was no one in the education dept. on a Sunday, the Gestapo arranged it all. That is part of the delusions of me in the claims that I am deluded and only say I have had the jobs I say I have had. Her car at the time was a dark grey Peugeot PK62 NXJ. Like Bournen, Williams has thin, short grey hair which she dyes yellow to try and look like mine for CCVT. JUNE WILLIAMS does most of the driving and in Feb. 2016 they had their 6th car provided for them, a silver saloon PJ65 WLL to be a mixture of a car used in fraud from March 2012 to June 2013 a silver VW POLO PJ60 BYR used by a total stranger who also claimed links to me until found out, and of course my car X165 YUB. This is what I call a shake of the kaleidoscope where the council and police act together, take details from “history” mix them all up and see what new “facts” they can invent. WILLIAMS is only one to pose as me in Caton. The collective harassment and fraud is organised and all gain.                        

There are others: in 2012 for example a daughter found that I had disappeared from our family tree. My mother’s death records “disappeared” in 2011. The Mrs Olive Greenbank former tenant of 28 Fell View was resurrected in April 2015 for voting purposes as I “disappeared” again from the electoral register. Who supplied Williams in 30 Fell View with references as if she was me for HMYOI? How did she get CRB clearance as me if I have such an awful criminal record? On 19 Oct 2013 Joanne Hall of 14 Julian House Henshaw St Oldham a niece of mine she with a long criminal record and related drug abuse from the age of about 15 was sent to Rochdale DWP to claim to be me leaving my area and going to live in Oldham. She had to go to Rochdale because she was well known in Oldham. GMP had a new flat for Hall to move to: Julian house flat had been her address for about 10 years. Obviously if she was claiming to be me moving to the area then she had to get a new address. I do not know her new address. She used 19 Oct 2013 because on 19 Nov 2008 my house was LOOTED of its entire contents and the INTENTION was to pretend she was me having to move because of that. Hall is another who is nothing like me. Obviously she is too young for one thing. Hall spent 2 days in Styal prison attending a drug clinic and dentist as if she was me in Nov 2010. Joanne did a deal with GMP to avoid being prosecuted for theft of electricity as her partner STEVE DEVAL had altered her electricity meter to run backwards apparently. In March 2015 a SHIRLEY CROFT of 4 Penhale Gardens Heysham LA3 2QA was sent to stand and be seen in Lancaster and then to take the bus back to Heysham and pretend she had been me in MY dentist as I had had a dental appointment. Rycroft is another the police visited socially when I rented flat 3 Penhale Gardens for that short time July 2013 to March 2014. Rycroft was replaced by Williams when I left the flat for Caton. There is more.

  23 Oct 2008 and TRACEY KENNEDY posed as me in Liverpool Magistrates Court on a case I am unsure about but which the Gestapo now claim is a case on MY record as harassment of neighbours!

Received: 22nd. February 2016

“Dr B told me he had done a deal with the police and they would not arrest me after all. BUT I pointed out that I do not do “deals” and was quite happy to see what “evidence” they had against me. The police want to “draw a line under “events (of serious harassment of me ) if I draw a line under events of harassment of me they will draw a line under events of claiming I harass others. The police have not sent me the custody record of 7 Nov 2016 nor have they sent the copy my solicitor asked for. Dr B told me he had at last a diagnosis of “delusion” and when I pointed out that his last “diagnosis” was on 13 Jan 2016 that I had a brain tumour; he cannot explain how his dangerous drugs (he denies they are dangerous) help with a brain tumour. I told him I would not take them after weaning myself off. He threatened with another arrest and Sectioning. I pointed out that they would have to do it all again to get right what they have had so horribly wrong this time AGAIN.

The police of course did not like my solicitor asking for custody records nor did they like my  formal report of 2 council staff DW and a new staff member H (both with ID) with NHS JA (no ID) and the old woman they claimed was Dr LA harassing me on 21 Oct 2014 at 28 Fell View with the consequential documents produced supposedly from Ashworth when on 15 Feb 2016 it was admitted that ASHWORTH “psychiatrist” had never called to 28 Fell View. This does not make me feel safe. This climb down is what happened to PAULINE CAMPBELL campaigner for women’s situations in prisons to be improved after her daughter committed suicide on her first night when she was imprisoned. The day after the climb down on her 8th arrest, Pauline was found dead. She had emailed me after she had her case squashed (IR was the CPS think of my naming him in the MIKE TODD matter) and was jubilant: she was not depressed.

How did Dr KB respond when I quoted from Dr K’s report? Dr K has 19 years experience, B has 1 year or thereabouts? B said Dr K was PAID to record what he recorded about me. I told him I was shocked at his gross unprofessionalism. I am now on my way to 28 Fell View and use this Internet shop in Lancaster.

Carol Woods Ms. “






CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council


Kellie Cottam (Forced Adoption Exposed) with Carol Woods …Video july 2014

Manchester Employment Tribunals and Lancashire County Council

Carol Woods exposing corruption within the establishment, here CPS, to protect the corrupt linked to Freemasons in Lancashire

Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) and Lancashire County Council (LCC)

Royal Mail Corruption with Lancashire police and the County Council

Lord Falconer, the Lord Chancellor, resignation, court corruption




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