GEORGE GRETTON 14 March 2016 – £30,000,000 FRAUD, S.R.A., Letter to Cameron + MORE


From: George Gretton <>

Date: 13 March 2016 at 15:09

I have my own list of 23 Police Force Employees, including Mrs Sue Robertson, Millionairess, who trades as PCC Ms Sue Mountstevens of Avon and Somerset, who have Perverted the Course of just in my three main cases, where the largest is a £30,000,000 money laundering case, where the last £4.6 million went to The Worshipful Company of Brewers .. per the 2015 “Financial Statements”….

Please see the attached letter, delivered to all of the Cabinet, and to a section, so far, on the Shadow Illusion same, as here: note that the real date was in 2016 ….. NOT 2015

“Rare Exception”.. when I am accusing so many “Regulators”, and The Met, of huge CORRUPTION?????

Is that a “commonplace” event????12

I HAVE “followed up” .. and I have established that the National Crime Agency is TOTALLY UNACCOUNTABLE TO THOSE WHO SUBMIT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY REPORTS….. SEE BELOW, PAC letter ..

David Cameron Letter

I have 12 supporting documents for the letter…

040 – 2012-08-07 – Executive Committee Letter

050 – 2012-08-09 – Next Trustee Letter

105 – 2012-08-12 – Simpleton Simon emails

110 – 2012-09-12 – Pink Handbags at Dawn – Chantrey Vellacott – No Dialogue

120 – 2012-09-20 – ICAEW Shirty and Threatening Letter – Between [tbc] and [tbc] V02

130 – 2014-07-04 – Whitewash Operational Compliance Report from the Charity Commission

140 – 2014-07-11 – J’Accuse extended

145 – 2014-07-15 – Charity Comission Operational Ccompliance Report Dissected

150 – 2015-02-01 – Letter to Phil O’Halloran re Chantrey Vellacott Investigation V14

155 – 2015-02-06 – Les Smith Letter to Mr G Gretton BA FCA 06 Feb 2015

170 – 2015-07-23 – Multi-Target Trident V02

PAC letter:

180 - 2015-07-29 - Champagne Time from The Committee of Public Accounts


14 March 2016

Solicitors Regulation Authority “Arse Covering Corruption” regarding Adam Roy Finch


George R Gretton BA (Oxon), Excluded July 2015 from The ICAEW

Booted and Suited Champion of Justice and Fairness; Nemesis of Charlatans

Information System Theorist and Practitioner

Theorist in The Elements of Cognition

Theorist in Mathematics

A Codd Subrelational Analyst

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