Evicted hoarder May Appleton offered chance to return to home in Lostock Gralam by Weaver Vale Housing Trust


BREAKING: Evicted hoarder, 87-year-old May Appleton, will be allowed to move back into her house

Rachel Howarth, Reporter / 4 hours ago / News

Published 4 hours ago / News

HOARDER May Appleton has been told she will be allowed to move back home only three days after being evicted.

The 87-year-old, and her three sons, met with officials from Weaver Vale Housing Trust on Saturday.

They were told they can return to the house on Langford Road, in Lostock Gralam, once it is safe.

“We have offered Mrs Appleton an opportunity to return as soon as practically possible,” said trust chief executive Steve Jennings in a statement.

“That is subject to the house being made safe and for some items to be placed in storage in line with previous requests made to the family.”

May, who has lived in the house for 61 years, left on Wednesday after bailiffs smashed down the front and back doors.

Sons Brian, Mark and Paul were told to leave at the same time.

They have been locked in a three-year battle with the trust, which acts as their landlord, over possessions the trust claims are a fire hazard.

“We are pleased the family and Weaver Vale Housing Trust have started this dialogue,” added Mr Jennings.

“We now hope to work together to resolve the difficulties at the house.”

He said the family is considering an offer of alternative local accommodation in the meantime.


mail 22mar16

24 March 2016

‘I just want my house back!’ Superhoarder, 87, tells of her heartbreak after eviction from her home of 62 years and says she doesn’t know where she will be living next week” 



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