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1st April 2016

FAO: Jim Dowd MP

House of Commons

London, SW1A 0AA

Tel: 020 7219 4617

020 8291 5607

 Re: Your Constituent, Gerrit Mulder of  London SEE

 I, Patrick Cullinane, a living man, make wish by order that you, Jim Dowd MP, honour your oath of office and protect your constituent, Geritt Mulder from these PLC LEGAL TERRORISTS before they murder him.

There is NO protection from the Judges or the Police, as they are the CONSPIRING PLC corporation problem, as they are NOT conducting themselves under their oaths of office as Public Servants, but as PLC agents for the Corrupt infiltrated PLC Government Organisations: =  Organised PLC Crime without the LAW, as clearly illustrated here: –

COMMON LAW  ← has been replaced with →  MARITIME LAW   =   the People cannot win

TRIAL BY JURY  ← has been replaced with →  SUMMARY JUDGEMENT  =  the People cannot win

LAWFUL ADVICE  ← has been replaced with →  LEGAL ADVICE  =   the People cannot win

“ENTRAPMENT in English law

“1. Every court has an inherent power and duty to prevent abuse of its process. This is a fundamental principle of the rule of law. By recourse to this principle courts ensure that executive agents of the state do not misuse the coercive, law enforcement functions of the courts and thereby oppress citizens of the state. Entrapment, with which these two appeals are concerned, is an instance where such misuse may occur. It is simply not acceptable that the state through its agents should lure its citizens into committing acts forbidden by the law and then seek to prosecute them for doing so. That would be entrapment. That would be a misuse of state power, and an abuse of the process of the courts. The unattractive consequences, frightening and sinister in extreme cases, which state conduct of this nature could have are obvious. The role of the courts is to stand between the state and its citizens and make sure this does not happen.”

Norien Zia who is TERRORISING Gerrit Mulder who 85-years-old and has wrote to the court to change an order where Gerrit Mulder was awarded £1000 costs for Norien Zia’s harassment:

“3.  Defendant to pay Claimant’s costs summarily assessed at £1000 by 9 November 2015

Dated 26 October 2015”

Norien Zia advises Gerrit Mulder in order to be able to ROB him: “We suggest you seek legal advice”  – Legal advice is what has corrupted the UK’s justice system, Organised LEGAL Crime, as it is NOT lawful advice re due process via a Trial by our Peers for EVERY case Civil, Criminal and Fiscal.

We require you, Jim Dowd, to raise this PLC LEGAL TERRORISM on the floor of the House of Commons on behalf of your constituent before he is MURDERED, as he has got guaranteed rights under Article 39 of Magna Carta 1215 = the Great Charter to a Trial by HIS Peers.

Why does this LEGAL CRIMINAL Norien Zia not know this?

It is ‘LEGAL’ CRIMINALS like Norien Zia that has Hijacked the Constitutional Law of the Land in the UK with her PLC Legal Advice, which is High Treason.  The UK is a Common Law jurisdiction where ALL cases are to be heard by a Jury of OUR Peers.

Norien Zia has subjected your constituent, Gerrit Mulder to an unlawful, Diplock Court in the UK via her PLC LEGAL CRIMINALITY: –

B B C NEWS: By Chris Page BBC News NI3 on July 2013 – From the section Northern Ireland

Call for all Diplock decisions to be dropped

Mr Livingstone said there were other convictions from the past which were not fair.

“Diplock (non-jury) courts are inherently unsafe,” he said.

“One man cannot sit up there and decide on your life.

“Diplock courts should be scrubbed now and all Diplock decisions should be expunged.”

He also said he had “nothing but the greatest sympathy” for friends and family of Samuel Llewellyn.

The non-jury system is named after Lord Diplock, a former senior judge and Law Lord.    =   (Who should have been HUNG for High Treason)


Should Norien Zia and her equals be allowed to benefit from the proceeds of her PLC LEGAL CRIME and perverting the course of justice in the UK?

As the HIJACK of the Constitutional Common Law of the Land, Article 39 = A Trial by OUR Peers is a very serious matter we require a positive response to this legitimate correspondence at your earliest convenience, as Gerrit Mulder’s Member of Parliament.

God is working through the people to restore the rule of law in the WORLD.  God bless all.  Amen.

Yours truthfully,
Patrick Cullinane, Common Law Lawyer and Victim of Jew Process in the UK’s COMMERCIAL Kangaroo Courts.

From: GMulder996@aol.com [mailto:GMulder996@aol.com] Sent: 15 March 2016 15:20 To: patrick.cullinane@tiscali.co.uk Cc: gmulder996@aol.com Subject: Lewisham Council

Dear Patrick,

Read the pathetic reply from Lewis Homes housing  officer dated 10th March 2016  As dumb as you can find them

Does not understand anything about the law and my rights.

Talk to you later as they are persecuting and torturing me an old man.

Gerrit Mulder.

From: GMulder996@aol.com [mailto:GMulder996@aol.com] Sent: 24 November 2015 12:38 To: patrick.cullinane@tiscali.co.uk; dowdj@parliament.uk Cc: gmulder996@aol.com Subject: Fwd: Your letter dated 16 November 2015 Ref NZ/LHI 749/46 Gerrit Mulder

 Now I read that you are the solicitors for Lewisham Homes Ltd  the management company for Lewisham

Council  Two separate entities  So all your court proceedings should be in the name of Lewisham Homes and not Lewisham Council

 Suggest you start again afresh in the court but than in the name of Lewisham Council

 G Mulder


From: NZia@glazerdelmar.com To: GMulder996@aol.com Sent: 20/11/2015 13:37:10 GMT Standard Time Subj: RE: Your letter dated 16 November 2015 Ref NZ/LHI 749/46 Gerrit Mulder

Dear Sir

  1. Thank you for your email today timed at 12:42pm.
  2. You were advised on 16 November 2015 in writing that the works would take approximately 4 days.
  3. You are at liberty to send copies of our correspondences, court pleadings and witness evidence to your MP and Mr Patrick Cullinane.
  4. You were previously advised that Glazer Delmar would not be communicating with Mr Patrick Cullinane due to the nature of the dialogue contained in his emails. Mr Patrick Cullinane is not on the court recording as acting for you.
  5. We have attached copies of all the sealed orders in connection with the proceedings issued under claim number B01BR143 (our client application for an injunction order against you) and B70CR113 (your application for an injunction order against Lewisham).
  6. The Order dated 26 October 2015 contains an error and we have written to the court to request that it is amended under the slip rule. Please find attached our letter to the court dated 11 November 2015.
  7. We are not aware of any outstanding appeals nor have we received any notification from the court or from you that you regarding an appeal.
  8. We are instructed by Lewisham Homes who are an Arms Length Management Organisation engaged by Lewisham Council to manage its properties. As a managing agent Lewisham Homes is responsible for managing some of the council’s housing stock. The London Borough of Lewisham’s legal team are not instructed to deal with this matter as we are instructed by Lewisham Homes and are representing them in these proceedings.
  9. Our client’s denies that it is violating your human rights. Access to your homes is an obligation under the terms of your tenancy. The court has granted our client an Injunction Order which compels you to provide access of being given reasonable notice (48 hours notice). If you do not obey the Injunction Order granted on 5 August 2015 then you will be guilty of contempt of court and you may be sent to prison.
  10. Our client would like to avoid further legal proceedings and hopes you will provide access on Monday 23 November 2015 in order for the installation works to commence. If you fail to provide access then our client will have no alterative but to reluctantly  submit an application for contempt of court and/or commence possession proceedings.  We trust that this will not be necessary and you will engage with our client and provide access.
  11. Please can you confirm by 4:00pm today whether you will be providing our client with access on Monday 23 November 2015. If you do not provide access, our client will suffer a financial loss by instructing its contractors to attend your home on Monday 23 November 2015.
  12. If you would like to discuss this matter further please contact Norien Zia on 0208 613 5128.
  13. We suggest you seek legal advice.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully

3 Attachments

Preview attachment Orders(B01BR143&B70CR113).pdf


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Preview attachment 045.BromleyCC.pdf


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Preview attachment Reply Lewis Homes dated 10th March0001.pdf

Reply Lewis Homes dated 10th March0001.pdf

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