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05 April 2016

FAO: Andy Bliss Chief Constable

Hertfordshire Constabulary

Postcode: AL8 6BR.

Dear Andy Bliss,

Lee James  Smith (Father) Donna Newman (Mother) 91 Shinley Lane, London Colney, St Albans, Herts, AL2 1LN

I man, Patrick Cullinane, lawful advisor make wish by order that you, Andy Bliss, apply your Oath of Attestation to this case, as your Officers have violated their oaths and have stolen James Phillip Smith from the safety of his own parents and home Yesterday 3rd April 2016, on the hearsay of Social Services, without any evidence or due process. – Lee Smith and Donna Newman, who are very caring English parents, found their son James, who is only 12-years of age, wandering the streets having been assaulted and evicted by the monsters that the Social Services had UNLAWFULLY placed him in ‘care’ with.

Katrina Curtis 2658 and Lee Osbourne 1519 are taking their orders from Social Services who are only Civil Servants working for the Government:

The Oath of the Police:

All UK Police Officers swear this “Attestation”

Also what does “discharge all the duties thereof faithfully according to law mean?  Legal does NOT fit into this?  Magna Carta 1215 is the Constitutional Law of the Land and due process is via Trial by Jury.
The most useful part for us is “upholding fundamental human rights and according equal respect to all people; and that I will, to the best of my power, cause the peace to be kept and preserved and prevent all offences against people and property”

Katrina Curtis 2658, when challenged by Lee and Donna about abducting James, after they had found him and taken him to a safe place, said, “we are following Social Service procedures and rules”  –  This is clear that your Police Constables were acting as PLC Police Officers and have broken the law and violated their oaths to uphold the Constitutional Common Law of the Land, which Due Process is via Trial by jury before any property can be taken, from Lee Smith and Donna Freeman. – Katrina Curtis is fully aware that this never happened.

We the People make wish by order that Lee Smith and Donna freeman have their PROPERTY returned to them immediately, as their FOUR following offspring were STOLEN without a Trial by THEIR Peers and without any disclosure of the PLC Legal case against them.  Andy Bliss, you will fully UNDERSTAND that it is Satanic and EVIL to STEAL the following Property / Progeny without Due Process of the Law of the Land: –

James Phillip Alexandra Smith (15/02/2004)

Keileigh Jayne Smith (03/10/2006)

Emily Clarice Norah Smith (02/01/2008)

Sascha Georgina Mae Smith (23/03/2010)

101 first call to St Albans Police Station, Patrick Cullinane spoke to, Jemma Wardell, Ref: 416 –  3 April 2016

101 second call to St Albans Police Station, Patrick Cullinane spoke to, Oliver, Ref: 750 – 03 April 2016 –  Sergeant supposed to email me with details and contacts but never did.

101 third call to St Albans Police Station, Patrick Cullinane spoke to, Richard, Ref: 7406 – 04 April 2016

On 03 April 2016, Police Officer Katrina Curtis 2658 turned up at the HOME of Lee, Donna and their son James Smith, when I, Patrick Cullinane, had clearly told Jemma Wardell NOT to send any police there, as James was safe and in the home he wanted to be in with his loving and caring parents who found him homeless, ASSAULTED, injured and wandering the Streets.  –  Katrina Curtis played a SNEAKY psychological TRICK on Lee, Donna and their son James Smith by constantly repeating the favourable report that she was going to write up for them.  James Smith was all marked from the ASSAULTS, but had no interest whatsoever about arresting the known perpetrators.  Katrina Curtis was solely focused on ABDUCTING James Smith for the Gangsters at the PLC Social Services who have ABUSED and TERRORISED this lovely English Family without EVIDENCE and without the LAW: –   Police Officer Lee Osbourne 1519 joined Katrina Curtis and spoke to her in her car for 12 minutes before both of them entered the home of James Smith and his parents and SNATCHED him by deception without the LAW.

Lee Osbourne 1519 is the same Police Officer that was looking for James Smith on Friday night, 1st April 2016, and took him back to the SAME ‘Care Home’ that he had ran away from because of ABUSE.

James Smith’s parents, Lee Smith and Donna Newman were told nothing about this, as the evidence shows that there is a massive CONSPIRACY against this beautiful English White Family to cause them Harm, Loss and Injury by depriving them of their guaranteed rights in Common Law.  This is exactly what the Zionist PLC Corporations done to the English Farmers, which you can see here: –

YouTube: By All Modern Cons on 4 April 2016

The Coup of 72 – THE GENOCIDE OF BRITAIN – Farmers March to London 23 March 2016

Farmers from across the UK gathered in London to protest the latest attack executed on them by Government and Big Business. This latest attack on the British farmer and the industry itself is another nail in the coffin for the people of these islands. Already under severe assault from the never-ending INVASION perpetrated on us from Brussels & WESTMONSTER this attack has to be seen for what it is. THE GENOCIDE OF BRITAIN.

When I rang 999 – and spoke to, Mike, Ref: 724024  / 03 April 2016 he threatened me for reporting serious crime and when I required to speak to a Police Officer he flatly refused, as Mike is perverting the course of justice and is a danger to members of the public reporting CRIME.  – Mike will NOT give his surname or a crime number to members of the public.

As I speak for thousands of victims, it concerns us greatly that, We the People, cannot get to speak to a Police Constable on any emergency numbers now and we are being threatened and abused for reporting Zionist PLC Organised Crime; where the Law of the Land has been HIJACKED to cleanse the English and Irish from the UK without the LAW, which is High Treason: –

Legal advice is NOT lawful advice: It is all a PLC Zionist SCAM to deceive, ROB and cleanse the English from their own country with TERRORISM:

No act or statute can be given the force of law without consent and they cannot and never will be able to provide the material evidence of this consent, as it was never given.  – Therefore; NO contract!

There is NO protection from the Judges or the Police, as they are the CONSPIRING PLC corporation problem, as they are NOT conducting themselves under their oaths of office as Public Servants, but as PLC agents for the Corrupt infiltrated PLC Government Organisations: =  Organised PLC Crime without the LAW, as clearly illustrated here: –

COMMON LAW  ← has been replaced with →  MARITIME LAW   =   the People cannot win

TRIAL BY JURY  ← has been replaced with →  SUMMARY JUDGEMENT  =  the People cannot win

LAWFUL ADVICE  ← has been replaced with →  LEGAL ADVICE  =   the People cannot win

BBC One – Panorama: on 29 February 2016

Cops, Criminals, Corruption: The Inside Story

“We were a law onto ourselves. If evidence was not forthcoming, we would give it a helping hand to get a conviction. Customs didn’t trust them, MI5, MI6 – Nobody trusted them. Serious organised crime with police badges”

The Spectator: by Neil Darbyshire on 7 March 2015   –   278 Comments

The shocking truth about police corruption in Britain

It’s a growing problem. But they’re hunting whistleblowers instead

UK Police travelling to Israel to be trained by the Israeli Army

“Your Police are being trained by the Israeli Army to defeat and control their enemy, and when your police come back, you become their enemy” — Eran Efrati — Israeli Army Whistleblower warns the American public in March 2014

Now you know why ‘OUR’ Police in the UK treat blatant FRAUD by Government Organisations against We the People as a CIVIL matter: –

The police have told Patrick Cullinane on VIDEO that the robbery of his residential premises, property and possessions, without a TRIAL, is a civil matter: –

Andy Bliss, can you remember swearing an oath to uphold the following Common Law of the Land?

 Magna Carta (1215) {Article 38} reads:  “In future no official shall put anyone to trial merely on his own testimony, without reliable witnesses produced for this purpose.”

{Article 39} reads:  “No freeman shall be arrested or imprisoned or deprived of his freehold or outlawed or banished or in any way ruined, nor will we take or order action against him, except by the lawful judgment of his equals (Trial by Jury) and according to the law of the land.”

{Article 40} reads: “To no one will we sell, to no one will we deny or delay Right or Justice.”

{Article 45} reads: “We will appoint as justices, constables, sheriffs, or bailiffs only such as know the law of the realm and mean to observe it well.

{Article 61}  Reads:  “Since, moreover, we have conceded all the above things (from reverence) for God, for the reform of our kingdom and the better quieting of the discord that has sprung up between us and our barons, and since we wish these things to flourish unimpaired and unshaken for ever, we constitute and concede to them the following guarantee:- …”

The above Common Law of the Land was ignored by the Police to enable the theft of Lee Smith and Donna Newman’s  FOUR English offspring: –

Fraud Act 2006

1 Fraud

(1) A person is guilty of fraud if he is in breach of any of the sections listed in

subsection (2) (which provide for different ways of committing the offence).

(2) The sections are—

(a) section 2 (fraud by false representation),

(b) section 3 (fraud by failing to disclose information), and

(c) section 4 (fraud by abuse of position).

(3) A person who is guilty of fraud is liable—

(a) on summary conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12

months or to a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum (or to both);

(b) on conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding

10 years or to a fine (or to both).

According to the old laws of England, which are still in force, many current British politicians qualify for hanging and their laws are null and void


The Complete Text of Capt. K. R. McKilliam, M.A.

The British Nation is bedevilled today by alien organisations that have established themselves within our Christian Nation and aim to take us over, to destroy our Christian culture and force us to follow their preconceived designs. Unfortunately they have infiltrated themselves into our educational and religious systems and have educated many adepts among our people who unknowingly carry out their will. Many of them have been advanced to high places.

Andy Bliss, as the Chief Constable, we require your assistance to get this appalling case before a Jury of Lee Smith and Donna Newman’s Peers in the Crown Court as soon as possible before this exceptional English family are MURDERED by a denial of justice, PLC Zionist TERRORISM and stress.

In the public interest and interest of justice, it is imperative that you, Andy Bliss, honour your oath to uphold the Law of the Land, as Lee Smith, Donna Freeman and their son James Smith are torn apart by PLC LAWBREAKING Gangsters and are literally dying for the want of a FULL DISCLOSURE and a Fair Trial by their Peers.  We look forward to a positive response from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours truthfully,
Patrick Cullinane, Common Law Lawyer and Victim of Jew Process in the UK’s COMMERCIAL Kangaroo Courts.

The correspondence below is from Lee Smith and Donna Newman, which is self-explanatory and warrants immediate exposure before this lovely English family are MURDERED having broken no law: –

—–Original Message—– From: Lee Smith [] Sent: 04 April 2016 09:11 To: Subject: record of events 03.04.2016

Hello Patrick,

This is a record of events concerning James and also the photographic evidence of the marks left on James’s body.

Donna was contacted today 03.04.2016 by the brother Martin Wright, at around 2pm this afternoon, who called to say that he had seen and spoken to James in Sandridge, where James and his Grandmother both live.

Martin asked James what he was doing in the village on his own, James told Martin that he had been thrown out of the house where he was housed with his foster family, Namely Alan G McDonald and Nicola J McDonald of St Leonards Crescent, Sandridge, St Albans. James stated to Martin that he had also been restrained against his will, had also been grabbed forcibly around his neck.

Martin, who was actually on his way out with friends called us first and we advised him to call the Police and report it immediately, which he did.

We also called the Police to report this matter as parents concerned for James’s safety, and was given a crime ref number of 41703/04/2016. Being extremely worried for his safety, Donna and I, decided that it would be best if we ourselves went looking for him, as if he saw the Police looking for him, he may have run away blindly, putting him in even more danger.

We left at about 2 – 2.15pm to go and find James, we probably arrived in Sandridge at around 2.30pm, we drove around the village looking for him, it is not a very big village, with only about 10 streets maximum stemming from one central main road, we thought it wise to go to his Grandmothers address, which is only two streets from where he lives, and found James sitting on the doorstep, with his head in his hands balling his eyes out, when Donna called out his name, James ran to us with open arms.

He said to us, please don’t make me go back there, they are hurting me. We drove away from his Grandmother’s house and went to St Albans Police station, which is now only a sub-station, housed within St Albans District Council offices, in the town centre, which was closed. Donna then called you Patrick to ask for the best advice to follow, and you advised us to take him home with us and keep him safe, and to advise the Police that you had found him, and were keeping him safe from harm.

Upon getting home, we had put James’s mobile phone on charge, as the battery was flat, after 10 mins of charging, James had received a message from a PC Grigg, asking if James was ok, and to call him or send him a text letting him know if he was safe, James called two or three times with each call going straight to answerphone. James also replied with a text message saying that he had tried to call and for the Office to call him back . 15 or 20 mins later he had a call from PC Grigg asking if he was ok, and asking if he was safe, James told the office that he was safe and well and with his parents, and told him our address.

The Police officer said that he should stay there and someone else would come and talk to him, about what had happened, this was around 3pm.

At around 5.00pm A single female police officer arrived to speak to us and James, we let James explain in his own words what he had experienced today, he recounted his story to the officer, who asked James questions like had he done anything to provoke that mornings events, he said that he had not, but he was upset because Nicola McDonald was throwing his personal possessions in the rubbish bin, such as some of the mementoes that he had kept from his last year at primary school, and also gifts that his sisters and that we had given him as presents. The McDonalds had also stated that they were going out, James still clearly upset from losing his personal possessions, stated that he didn’t want to go. He was told to leave the house and never come back, and was he stated that he was forcibly ejected from the property in his bare feet, and had a cheese sandwich thrown at him by Nicola McDonald, with he threw back at her. He managed to get back inside and was told that the whole family was going out, James still protested that he did not want to go.

He managed to get his shoes on and his coat and was then dragged by his wrists to the car, by Alan G McDonald, James was telling Alan repeatedly that he was hurting James, who James said completely ignored him and carried on pulling him to the car, upon opening the car door, James was forcibly pushed into the car, with Alan McDonald gripping James with his hand from behind, where his 15 year old daughter Amber McDonald, got James into a strangle hold with one arm around his neck whilst Alan grasped James’s ankles to force him into the car, banging his knees together quite violently causing considerable bruising to his knees, which we have photographed as evidence. Once inside the car he was still being forcibly restrained by Amber McDonald to stop him from leaving the vehicle. The car then proceeded to drive off, and stopped at the junction to main high street, James managed to escape from the daughters grasp and exit the vehicle, running away in the opposite direction. The vehicle was then turned around and followed James down the road, they slowed down and called over to James asking if he wanted his Mobile phone, James replied that he didn’t care, Nicola McDonald then gave James his mobile phone and they drove away, leaving a 12 year old boy on his own without a care for his safety whilst they went and did their own thing, James stated that he wasn’t sure of the time, but believes that it was maybe around 11.30am that morning.

Being that Martin noticed James at around 1.45pm may 2pm that afternoon, and us finding him at around 2.30pm, where was James at this time, and what on earth were the so called carers doing in the meantime, we asked a similar question to the police officer, who replied that the McDonalds had reported him missing, but it would be interesting to know what time they had bothered to report him missing ? as it seemed they appear to be too preoccupied with their own lives and have very little regard or concerns towards the child that was entrusted to their care.

After explaining his ordeal to the officer, she then asked what James wanted to do, he replied that he wanted to remain where he knew he was safe, which was with his parents.

The police officer said that she had to call her sergeant to seek advice as what was the best course of action to take regarding the allegations that James had made, and also to try and contact Social Services to see what they course of action for the police to take. The police officer asked to speak to Donna privately outside, she asked why the children were in foster care, to which Donna explained briefly the reasons for the care, and also explained that we had won the first court case against and IRO, and was then pressurised into taking the case into the family court system by our legal team at that time, where we were wrongly advised by the legal team and lost the children’s case, she also explained about being wrongly advised about staging an appeal, where we were told that we could not appeal for at least one year, the officer the reinforced the fact that everybody has 28 days in which to appeal.

Donna then returned to the house and we all awaited the police officers return. This must have been around 6pm, at around 7pm she called back and said that she had spoken to her sergeant who said that they didn’t think it was safe to return James back into the McDonalds care and were awaiting instruction from Social Services as to whether James would remain in our care or would be put into another  temporary foster placement.

At around 8pm, she (Katrina Curtis 2658) called back with another police officer, to say that they had heard back from Social Services, and they didn’t want James to remain in our care, to which Donna asked if they had given a reason as to why not, and the officer said that she wasn’t given a reason as to why, but only that he couldn’t remain in our care, this information left James visibly upset, we then explained to James that that he would probably not be allowed to remain with us, after saying our goodbyes to James, he left with the two police officers.  Donna did ask the police officers if they were able to tell us if he would still be in St Albans, whist mindful that we would not be told the exact address, we thought this to be a reasonable question, only to be told that she could not divulge any information to James’s whereabouts.

I am attaching the photographs of the bruises left on James body,

Many thanks and kind regards

Lee Smith and Donna Newman”


NB:  All text in the above post confirms to the meaning of the word “alleged” as defined by UK and International Laws and Statutes.

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