May Appleton, 87, Eviction – whats going on?


above: May Appleton, 87

Gina Bebbington is a reporter from the “Northwich Guardian” who ran the story re: this shameful eviction, by “Weaver Vale Housing Trust” – this paper also telling us that May Appleton, 87, would be returning home after being evicted from her home of 61 years, when she hasn’t – see the 38 Degrees 1 April update, + more:

Regarding the petition, we’re waiting to hear from it’s creator on “38 Degrees”. The petition is here: – please sign it.

Just what is going on in this case??? One minute May is returning to her home, its reported, the next minute shes still in a “Travelodge” cheapo b+b type residence “temporarily”. The intimidation used at the actual eviction is outrageous – somebody should pay for that thuggery.

From the 38 Degrees petition

“Give May Appleton back her home of 61 years!” 1 April 2016

“May has NOT returned home yet, despite what has been reported in the media. She is quite distressed and still at the Travelodge. Negotiations are ongoing. Weaver Vale Housing Trust spoke to May and then told the press it was all sorted. Even if she is…”

Hoarder, 87, facing eviction from her home barricades herself inside

from KaFaDoKyA NEWS – 4 March 2016


“Workmen board up May Appleton’s home following eviction”  

from Current Affairs – 23 March 2016


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2 Responses to May Appleton, 87, Eviction – whats going on?

  1. Anonymous says:

    just read story and it says she’ll return when house is clean


  2. butlincat says:

    and where did you get that from? link please.
    And your name?


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