NO CENSORSHIP!! “End Goddard Child Abuse Inquiry Discrimination Against Survivors” PETITION

Petitioning Counsel: Ben Emerson Justice Goddard

End Goddard Child Abuse Inquiry Discrimination Against Survivors

Whiteflowers Campaign Group United Kingdom

“Dear Justice Goddard

Following the exclusion of survivor and whistleblower, Nigel O’Mara from core participation in the Independent Institutional Child Sex Abuse Inquiry, we the undersigned survivors, lawyers, child protection professionals, whistleblowers and associated professionals are deeply concerned that the inquiry is failing with its pledge to keep “survivors at the heart of the inquiry”. Indeed it is currently putting up barriers to equal participation for disclosed survivors. If this Inquiry does fail to bring survivors with it then this will utterly undermine both survivor and public confidence in the Inquiry.

Survivors welcomed your statement that the Inquiry required “a commitment to hear all sides with an open mind … and under conditions which provide a fair opportunity for all of those affected by the Inquiry to … put their points across.”

The Inquiry should give Survivors’ legal representatives guaranteed access to funding to represent their clients fully, prior to applications. Critically, the Inquiry should also give equal ‘institutional’ representation rights to committed and knowledgeable Survivor groups.

Those institutions (e.g. the Home Office), which were at the heart of failing the children, will have core participant status across all or most modules and investigations. They will be able to draw upon evidence from one module to another to the benefit of those institutions as opposed to Survivors who will be shut out of such evidence.

As matters stand, no independent Survivor representative group has the ability, funding or means to compete, in any way, with the access to evidence and influence that these establishment institutions (who failed children) will have. This fails to recognise the fact that survivor groups such as Survivors of Organised & Institutional Abuse (SOIA) are sometimes the only organisations that survivors are prepared to trust.

Not affording Survivor representative groups core participant status across all modules is not reasonably or objectively justified, leaving Survivors at the margins of this Inquiry as disempowered observers.

As a matter of fairness, at least one independent Survivor representative group with overarching knowledge of child abuse, such as SOIA must be granted core participant status in all the Inquiry’s modules and investigations.

Granting such an application would help build confidence amongst Survivors by transparently putting the interests of Survivors on equal footing to those established institutions that have failed them.

The Inquiry must also put much greater effort into making all survivors aware of the Inquiry. This requires immediate and widespread publicity, utilising survivor networks, television, radio and social media. Otherwise this once in a “generation” opportunity will fail not only survivors today but also future generations of children.


Phil Frampton, Whiteflowers Co-ordinator

Bernard Courts, Forde Park Survivor

Jane and Andy Kershaw, Survivor of Forde Park

Colette Sherratt, Forde Park Survivors

Anthony Collins, Forde Park Survivors

Bernie Coutts, Forde Park Survivors

Nigel O’Mara, East Midland Survivors

Pauline Clare, former Chief Constable, Lancashire Constabulary

Jim Gamble, former Head of CEOPs

Michael Mansfield QC

Antonia Benfield QC

Dr Liz Davies, Emeritus Reader in Child Protection, London Metropolitan University

Julie Selwyn CBE, Professor of Child and Family Social Work, University of Bristol

Professor Marianne Hester OBE, University of Bristol

Bill Bowring, Professor of Law, Birkbeck College University of London

Ann Davis, Emeritus Professor Social Work & Mental Health, University of Birmingham

Bridget Penhale, Reader University of East Anglia

Stuart Syvret, former Minister for Health & Social Service, Jersey

Ruth Stark MBE President, International Federation of Social Workers

Guy Shennan, Chair, & Dr Ruth Allen, Chief Executive Officer, on behalf of British Association of Social Workers.

John Mann MP

Stephen Durham, Family & Matrimonial Solicitor, Law Society Accredited Children Law Solicitor

Dr Paul Redgrave, Director of Public Health, Barnsley 2004-09

Roger Kline, Director NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard ,Research fellow, Middlesex University

Dr Emma Williamson, Acting Head, Centre for Gender & Violence Research, University of Bristol

Robin Jamieson. Clinical Psychologist and Whistleblower.

Dr Dianne Campbell Lefevre, MB ChB FRCP FRCPsych

Gerald Bennet, Consultant Clinical Psychologist (retired)

Dr Paul Redgrave, Director of Public Health, Barnsley 2004-09

Heather Bacon, Consultant Clinical Psychologist in Child Protection (retired)

Sandra Buck, former paediatrician, Chair of RAINS

Charlotte Proudman, Barrister, Mansfield Chambers

Thalia Maragh, Barrister, Mansfield Chambers

Jonathan Butterworth, Barrister, Mansfield Chambers

Cyrilia Davies Knight, Barrister, Mansfield Chambers

Allison Monroe. Barrister, Mansfield Chambers

John Nicholson, Barrister, Kenworthy Chambers & former Deputy Leader, Manchester City Council

Janet Cragg, Barrister, Kenworthy Chambers

Amanda Flattery, Family Barrister , Kenworthy’s Chambers

Sue Scrote, Senior ICU Staff Nurse and Survivor

Brian Douieb, Survivor and former Leaving Care Social Work Manager’

Richard Murphy, Whiteflowers

Andrea Enisuoh, Whiteflowers

Geri Burnikell,Co-ordinator, SupportLine

Dr Dianne LeFevre, Retired Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist

Andrew MacDonald, Council Member, British Association of Social Workers

Jacki Rothwell, Independent Reviewing Officer

Josie Bemrose, Social Worker, Nottingham City Council

Debbie Tattersall, Social Worker

Anthony Pritchard-Retired Social Worker/Counsellor

Sue Richardson, UKCP registered Attachment-based Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist.

Heather Rawling, Senior Education Officer, Leicestershire County Council (retired)

Chris Walker, Educational Psychologist, PSI-UK

Sue Hampson, Director, Safe to Say Training & Consultancy

Irene Edgar Director Safe to Say Training & Consultancy

Dr Rachel Chapple, Founder of Real Stories Gallery Foundation

Carole Mallard, Retired Metropolitan Police Sergeant Involved In Child Protection

Gail Frampton, Senior Lecturer (Early Years & Children & Young People) UCO MA Fellow HEA

Teresa MacKay, East of England representative TUCJCC

Peter Murphy, GMB Branch Secretary, London Borough of Greenwich

Viktoria Lowe, Retired Social Worker & Lecturer, Salford University

Annette Rimmer, University Lecturer and Broadcaster

Richard Woodley, Safeguarding & Child Protection Trainer, Farnborough College

Sylvia Schroer, Therapist and Adoptive Parent

Mandy Coghill Psychotherapist

Susan Harrison, Consultant, Safeguarding Children & Adults

Manisha Mahendra, Patel, Social Worker

Jane Giddings, Psychotherapist

Lee Ash, Addiction Therapist Trevi House, Plymouth

Gwen McLeod, Survivor and Associate Trainer, Safe to Say

Mrs Philippa Dryland, Therapist (MBACP accred) Supervisor and Trustee of Trauma and Abuse Group

Annamarie Cope. Founder of C.O.P.E

Priscilla Scanio, Trustee, The Erasmus Foundation

Yasmin Rehman, Board Member, ‘End Violence Against Women Coalition’

Becky Fuse, Sexual Health Account Manager, Blue Step Health

Felicity Dowling, Teacher

Rosie Canning, Care Leaver Campaigner & Doctoral Researcher University of Southampton

Kath Harvey, Retired Primary School Teacher

Jo Heath, CASSA

Michael Wearing, Chief Executive Officer, That’s Bellion Film Production Ltd & Former Metropolitan Police Officer.

Dawn Vear, Company Secretary, UKCreditUnions

Andrew MacKay, Counsellor

Catharine Douglas, Counsellor

Ben Eastop, Arts Manager, Estates Development)

Jo Webb, Director, Webbenables ltd”

This petition will be delivered to:
Counsel: Ben Emerson
Justice Goddard

Petition update 22 April 2016

More survivovrs and barristers with examples of survivors that have been blocked by Justice Goddard from having Core Participant status to put them on an equal legal footing to the institutions…



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