CAROL WOODS UPDATE 3 JUNE: + 31 May: Public monies used for private purposes, Lancashire + “E-ON ELECTRICITY” IMPLICATED IN MASSIVE + SERIOUS CRIME 31 MAY 2016 + archive

CAROL WOODSPlease see the latest update from 3 June, below, from Ms. Carol Woods – ex-Child Protection Officer + Level 3 Social Worker, and whistleblower – directly below this paragraph are the important videos with Carol, which detail part of her testimony of what she discovered whilst employed by a certain town council. Other recent reports follow below, or here, from the 26 May 16: ] which continue to detail the chronic hostile gangstalking experienced constantly by Ms. Woods – particularly relavent because, apart from the deliberate distress and harassment they are intended to cause, these locals doing the gangstalking are presumably controlled by government officials in the area and are not doing anything for nothing – they are paid from taxpayers funds accumulated by our government, or given equivalent favour in goods or whatever, to commit illegal acts of stalking, en masse and in groups or gangs at times, upon her, and, more than likely other perfectly decent law abiding citizens elsewhere. The outrageous attention and other serious crimes committed against her are being enacted because of her detailing and exposing the serious crime she came upon whilst employed by the council she was previously employed by, before her leaving that council. What followed her leaving this council, leading right up to today, include lengthy periods of time falsely incarcerated in mental units, and other unspeakable acts enacted against her, eg. her home being stolen from her and sold by fraudulent means,or her present abode burgled as detailed in the archive. These events are as bad as not one government employee or official doing anything about any of the crimes committed by the council employees, with others, as reported to government personnel, including MPs and police. Government officials and QCs and other legal representatives have been informed by numerous conscientious supporters over and over on numerous occasions, but these public servants do precisely nothing, as don’t scores of media who have been kept updated on the numerous serious crimes being committed. It is time these appalling crimes stopped and all responsible brought to justice, whether the crimes be current or otherwise. Please share this information in an effort to get justice where its deserved – after all, it could be one of us next whose life is made hell by these morons, if it hasn’t been made hell already by them. Thank you.

From Ms. Carol Woods – 03 June 2016 =

 “I am Carol Woods Ms – there is no MR Carol Woods.

 This document can be sent out to show how LANCASHIRE POLICE try to organise events to suit themselves; the links to corruption in NHS are apparent.

First I record how they hack all my phone calls and act on the information gained; they have done that for over 10 years. I use call boxes only after March into April 2011 I found they were deleting messages left for me on a mobile phone I had then. The motive is always to cut me off; 2011 and my then MP NORMAN BAKER was trying to contact me as were 2 journalists; it was some time before I found that they had tried but they thought I was not interested in talking to them; picking up later led to other events to serve me grave detriments.

All that aside this is for now with the same gross breaches of RIPA legislation still evidenced to show how “they” function.

Dec 2014 and I went to London after an email I had received from HELENA KENNEDY lawyer which email had been sent in response to one I had sent hearing she was a good lawyer and not corrupt. I do not include here attempts I made over years prior to that. As with any email I receive from someone who will assist, the contents disappear as soon as I try to open the email but the fact I had had one led me to drive to London to call in person.
 Dougherty St was easily found; oddly a clerk had said he would see me immediately when I expected an appointment at best. 2 reception staff were on duty. The clerk was acting on instruction and as usual had been told what to say; he had been instructed to try to incorporate details from documents of mine which had been drawn up over years as if the events of years earlier had not happened to me but only the latest versions had.

That is typical Dark Forces at work. I was told in 2010 by one from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London, “You are up against the Dark Forces”. Who they are is anybody’s guess. While the clerk spoke to me acting out events with clerks from 2005 especially, as if he had a script and insulting my intelligence, the 2 reception staff were in and out going about their business. Obviously they would hear. I had not much to say; it was pointless; he had centre stage and his script. He was adamant that H Kennedy could not take my case because, he said, she was not working any longer. But, if I wanted to copy her PA into my emails, he was sure she would want to read them. His “logic” and “reasoning” were what rendered me almost speechless.
 If Ms Kennedy was not working why would she have a PA? If Ms Kennedy was nothing to do with me why would her PA be paid to sit and read my emails? It was such an old fraud and he thought he was being so clever. He really expected me to believe that and go away and copy the PA into emails. Then of course I would be charged with harassment; he would claim he told me NOT to send emails. The 2 reception staff would produce witness statements claiming they heard him tell me NOT to send emails and they would be witnesses to “harassment” by me. The reception staff would know nothing at all about any such charge of me; their signatures would be photocopied onto drivel compiled by IAN YOUNG legal rep for Lancashire police and Lancashire County Council who would claim the statements were their own. I didn’t copy the PA into any emails.

 Recently I approached a solicitor who had been helpful in Feb 2016; I wanted to ask about a matter concerning harassment of me by corrupt NHS trying to rewrite history of their more recent FRAUD and worse. Why did he not contact me? Because as usual, as I was leaving the office after speaking to his receptionist, the phone rang, she answers the phone; she is instructed not to pass on my details. That is what she complies with. (I found 3 such receptionists in 2012 when I tried 3 other firms). On 1/4/16 I visit another firm: they seemed to be au fait with NHS corruption and had one staff member who would undertake the task I required dealing with that; I was leaving when her phone rang; it was late, 5pm and she was there by chance not because the office was usually open at that time. She was told not to pass on my details for the solicitor in question to contact me. How did “they” know where I was and what my intention was? They had hacked my call, they had illegally read my emails of the previous days and they monitor me closely usually via the CCTV cameras of which Lancaster is flooded. The illegal device on my car shows that I am in Lancaster and where I am parked. The result of that was that no fewer than 2 squad cars, one small police van and one large police van all bent on manufacturing “proof” of nonsense, stalked and harassed: and that is why my collection of photos and document typed up to explain what goes on in each scene, is hefty. The tax payer has a right to SEE what they fund. Before too much longer, the solicitors themselves will discover what their receptionists or clerks do behind their backs.”

Use public monies for private purposes Lancs.  31 May 2016

From: Carol Woods

To: various MPs, media, government departments:

“Dear Sirs, in 2011 I was arrested for sending an email to Scotland Yard, apparently it is a serious crime in Lancashire and they were so concerned I tried to report serious organised crime that they arrested me and hid me away in a mental hospital which we all know about now, and the FACTS, not the FICTION they invented. Obviously they couldn’t produce me in a court as a court just might say reporting organised serious crime is actually not a crime so they took the mental health route which they do as routine. Today for example, corrupt NHS was sent to hide in 30 Fell View as I rent 28. The fraudster MR from 30 went to stand about in the front garden of 32 to pretend that was his thus 32 was really 30 thus 28 was really 30. (Be honest, I couldn’t make this up.) That meant that the NHS troll was with me in 28 not in 30 hiding. This has been done often; my photos are excellent.

I used this email address from 2007 but from 2002 I used mainly for work and keep it open by using some times. BUT the GESTAPO want a MR CAROL WOODS, the old troll in 30 Fell View about 75 is one version of Mr Carol Woods he is Mr KINGSLEY WILLIAMS serious fraudster with his wife JUNE who is also Mrs Carol Woods – apparently. In 45 Fell View is a group of yobs who collect almost every single night and use the INTERNET as if it is I using it across the road. Fell View is narrow and 45 is actually close to me in 28 given the layout of the “estate”. The yobs order goods which I have reported time and time again, I have asked police to obtain phone records of Williams in 30 as she uses her phone as if she is me and I am to think it really is me as she stands in their rear yard and screeches to make me hear; I hear thus it is my use! BUT Jackson in 26 does the same as she is also me, from time to time such as Saturday last. Thugs she has associations with ALL claim to be Mr Carol Woods when she poses as me. I could go on, I sent from my other email address earlier, an email in 3 parts naming many who claim to be me. the related DWP doc will be sent asap. In July 2011 I found by chance a male accessing MY emails in an Internet café in Brighton (James St), I lived in Lewes at the time and had used the café, leaving, then returning as I’d forgotten something. I reported that as that had happened in Harrow library in 2010, July. Then end of 2011 I with a witness found ANOTHER accessing that email address in a library. Thus the police invent a MR CAROL WOODS and to cover for that FRAUD they have unemployed thugs and yobs outside me in 28 Fell View at all times, day and night, pretending they are linked to me as Mr Carol Woods. Obviously I have scores of photos of the cars used which identifies the thugs and such as sleazy NHS today and the CAREWATCH trolls paid to drive to Caton to walk a bout and PRETEND they seen in Caton have been calling on me as apparently I am “disabled” Today I appear to have diabetes which must be so serious as I “lost” MY HOUSE in Oct 2008 because apparently I was “too disabled” to live in it. But, you’ve all had the document outlining all the reasons I “lost” MY house and that is only one: I am also blind, apparently and when I am not they invent seedy old men who are the “disabled”. This to NHS who may want to see my excellent photos identifying the trolls, thieves and who all know EXACTLY what they take part in. I am Carol Woods Ms and will add that today, within the framework of the usual lunacy, I have again just moved to 28 Fell View. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS ALSO TO COVER FOR THOSE I HAVE FOUND TO HAVE BEEN BULLIED TO DEATH IN THE SHIPMAN POLICY OF LANCASHIRE, I WAIT TO TESTIFY. 33 FELL VIEW IS A HOUSE IN QUESTION AS WELL, WHERE DID THAT OLD LADY GO? SHE “DISAPPEARED”. The police and council have tried to make me into her to cover for her “disappearance”. I have been left with the related BANKS and ACCOUNTS held in FRAUD to deal with myself. Carol Woods Ms.”



2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016

3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016



From: Carol Woods,  31 May 2016

To: various MPs, media, government departments,

E-ON and FRAUD in Lancs w’blower case  31 May 2016:


CAROL WOODS“This document outlines SOME of the harassment, fraud and thuggery of E-ON power suppliers within my case. Carol Woods Ms whistleblower from 2001 currently renting 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP UNDER DURESS. Please feel free to reproduce data.    If my emails are not wanted then please tell me. 
On 28/5/16 at approx 9 am a large E-On van parked outside me in 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP the driver not alighting. He seemed to then “hide” in the cab; no, this is not a “convenient place to rest” (why would he be ‘resting’ Bank Holiday weekend Saturday at 9 am anyway?) it is a narrow street parked up with residents’ vehicles and off the beaten track. There are no E-ON users because it is a council site and mostly SEE are the providers. I moved to rent 28 Fell View on 24/3/14 under duress and since then have not seen one single E-ON anything in the area. But what I have seen is the G4S thugs in their cars such as 9/5/16 calling to 30 Fell View and pretending to read their meter but in FACT pretending to drop off me. (The Gestapo do such any 9th of any month of any year.) But for example, they had done the same using 22 Fell View and, just by parking and walking up and down. On 9/5/16 amid plans to steal my car using the local lowlife to set the scene to make it 5 Oct 2015 again (but as I ignored it all, they made it nothing except what it was – INTENDED FRAUD and harassment), the G4S calling to 30 as part of setting that scene (“But luvvie, you stole the car it belongs to JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View who uses an alias to make herself you, Ms Carol Woods. You were dropped off there this morning and stole her car” planned to be said to me by sleazy NHS, the same types of sleazy caught sneaking into rear of tiny bungalow 30 Fell View on 27/5/16 to conspire and collude and pretend Williams in 30, but, entering via the rear, made them another couple, Mr and Mrs Carol Woods, me in fact!). On 27/5/16 the lunatics had their sleazy “professionals” (pair of female trolls whereas when I called in on 26th it had been the usual sleazy solicitor and his moll) in Lancaster County Court to parade about and pretend I had been in court and that it was 27 Oct 2008. Was I in court 27 Oct 2008? No. (I have told all that I could not make this up.) Thus as this is really Oct 2008 and not May 2016, they pretend I have just moved to Fell View. But surely I “moved” in being dropped off by G4S on 9 May? Surely it was days earlier than 27th May with the plumber pretending he had just fixed my cooker after apparently I had just moved in again and the removal van being PAID to sit on Bull Beck picnic site, a mile out of Caton to pretend he had moved me as well? Then we have ATLAS REMOVALS of 14 Oct 2014, then 15 Oct 2014, then morning of 27th then afternoon of 27th and various dates from then all on photos taken from my bungalow, no 28 Fell View which suggests I was already here on 27 May 2016.
E-On thugs at MY house:
E-On provided my electricity (I have all my old bills kept safe) but in 2008 when the Gestapo and their lunatic in charge IAN YOUNG of Lancashire Legal dept wanted to generate a debt for me (I never owed any money so they just tried to manufacture a debt) they with the corrupt in Royal Mail (99% in my vast experience and well able to prove – my file from then of Postwatch and the bribery of their staff seems to be provable) stole my bills to ensure I did not pay thus ran up a debt. But I found 1 person in Lancaster Sorting Office, Fenton St. who did give me a huge pile of mail including recorded delivery items that he found stashed and withheld from me. In that there were old bills and letters asking me to contact my suppliers. (All that is kept safe.) I made contact and was advised to contact regularly as something was amiss with my account. British Gas supplied my gas and they were not corrupt then but have since proved to be as corrupt as the rest. I have much on camera, enough for any jury. E-On started to send males, scruffy, roughnecks, who I can hardly refer to as being “men” and they would always read my meters, claim my readings were very high and so my bills would be. Those liars saw I had little on electricity and no central heating, and EVERY time when I checked my readings I was told they had entered the digits in the wrong order. Every time? Yes, Obviously my historical use was seen to be the true picture of usage. (One might ask at this point that if any one of those who claim to be me, such as thieves in 30 Fell View WILLIAMS, Jackson in 26 and others, see document naming those who claim to be me, are me then why have I got my bills from MY house in My name? Why are they not in their name and why is their name not on my title deeds? A jury will hear the answers.) On one occasion a thug called but he had the E-On van, he wanted to read my meters so I let him enter; then I had a visitor unexpectedly, he ran off as fast as he could, no, he didn’t want to continue reading the meters. I rang E-ON, they had sent no one and gave me a financial offer for my ‘trouble’. E-On told me that they used agency staff who were often unreliable and confirmed they would alert the agency as to thugs at MY house using E-On vehicles in deception, harassment and INTENT to DEFRAUD. Not all of E -On REAL staff are corrupt. That was at my house. In Nov 2008 “Michael” from E-On (full details for a jury) confirmed that the mortgagee had repossessed my house and thus he sent me a final bill. I told him that I had never had a mortgage.
In 2012, from March to July 2013 I rented caravan 1A @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ and over months, finding out the thieving, fraud, and much worse E-On entered the fray. But the site did not have supply from E-On why were they on site? They were pretending and harassing. In fact any Masonic thug in a red jacket can pose as E-On and does in my experience. G4S apparently dropped me off at 298 at least 4 times which times are on photos. From July 2013 I rented flat 3 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA and G4S continued to drop me off there as well. E-On entered the fray and pretended for example to read a meter which was not for any of the flats at all; he was there to pretend. G4S started to arrive and claim my supplier sent them to read my meters, they assuming if they gained entry that would be PROOF they had dropped me off. I always checked with my supplier, they never used G4S for anything; (hardly surprising after the revelations of recent in the young offenders’ institute.) I had not let them in partly because they often called only days after the metres had been read properly.                       
I attach with this my document “Electricity FRAUD” in my case and note that typing this at 10 41 am on 28/5/16 I heard those in 30 accessing my power again (see document showing how my bungalow 28 was ready wired to not only 26 but also to 30 INTENDING to claim that I was not in 28 but that they in 30 were me when it suited the FRAUD and that she in 26 was me when they needed a different scenario). I switched off my mains again and they then had to test to see where the power had gone. In 30 such as yesterday, I return about 6pm after being out, I unload my car and she in 30, clearly seen through the window, jumped up from her chair and rushed to their rear door shouting to Mr Williams in their rear yard that she is home now. The deluded pretends she is me having just parked my car and entering 28. That is apparently PROOF that not only is she as a thief, liar, fraudster and much worse “me” but I am married to that horrendous old husband of hers in 30. That is part of the scenes with harassment of me by E-On such as 28/5/16 when they, parked outside, pretend something. My document outlining G4S thuggery with its photos has not yet been sent out.                  
Moving to Fell View, E-On took a back seat which is where British Gas was used to fill the gap. EMCOR harassed to pretend I had just moved in again but to at least another 7 houses in Caton, EMCOR are the contractors to deal with gas heating systems for ALL council properties yet sometimes they would pretend at the few that have been bought under the right to buy scheme. In this, the motive with E-On outside is this: the lunatics pretend that 28 and 30 Fell View, tiny bungalows are one property and that entering 30 by the rear door is entering ANOTHER property and not the rear of 30 Fell View. (Done by sleazy NHS on 28th and because I have caught on camera deliveries to WOODS in 28 being intercepted by thieves in 30 who screamed that I should show them the proof! NHS cover for all thieves and worse round Fell View, in fact in my vast experience they cover for many in FRAUD and all those who know of the Shipman Policy of Lancashire with the NHS taking leading roles we can see why.  Anyone can ask me for names and addresses of victims.)                  
In 2013 to March 2014 when I rented flat 3, SHIRLEY and DEREK RYCROFT lived above me, they in flat 4. Like the deluded Williams in 30 Fell View, RYCROFT claimed to be me and living above me pretended that they were in the upper floor of MY HOUSE and could sell it and that is what the fraudsters in 30 were recruited to do; carry on from where murdering thieves and looters of the dead left off. Flat 3 prior to me, 2 victims, one tenant after the other of Shipman policy bullied to death by horrendous old parasites RYCROFT and others in flats 2, 5, 6, 8 at least. The pretence now is that 2 bungalows are actually the ground floor of MY house and the upper floor thus the power THEFT by those in 30 are, they claim only “upstairs” in MY house using MY one source! The lunatics have taken over the asylum. I told you I couldn’t make this up. Ask yourselves, why would I want to even know murdering thieves and parasites like RYCROFT, WILLIAMS, JACKSON and the rest let alone have them IN MY HOUSE? On Bank Holiday Monday, 30/5/16 I had been out from early and thus returned to 28 Fell View much earlier than I normally. I found PJ65 WLL moved; it was to suggest that they in 30 were out when I was sure they were not. Going to garden they told the thief in 26, their associate to go out and “garden” and be seen as she was to be me “seen gardening”, KS53 VLF was sent to 24 and the fraudster PAUL HICKS in  43 was sent back to 43 amid much else in lunacy. I apparently was not in 28 and gardening. I knew that they in 30 hid but had on my power until 5 32pm when I switched it off at the mains: I heard them banging about in 30 wondering where the power had gone: they had been watching TV with no sound to pretend they were me in 28 or, I was them in 30. At 5 47pm they had to show themselves and I stood watching while YET AGAIN the deranged try to sneak out of the rear of 30 and then re-enter and PRETEND they have been out and have just returned. This is linked to the fraudster I was introduced to recently; he miles away BUT with INTENT to DEFRAUD me which is in another document.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
This data was sent out on 11/4/16 and on 14/4/16 an electrician called to 26 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP ostensibly to “read the meter”. After waiting 15 minutes for him to read her 2 meters, expecting him to call to me in 28, after hearing noises late at night on 13th and bangs from 26 while he was there, I have to think he is not simply reading meters. Any reasonable minded person would wonder what he was doing. I will add that in Aug 2014 when I caught Agnes Jackson in 26 Fell View red handed with her son calling to 26, using my power, then there were bangs and noises from 26 for days always starting about midnight, after I had retired for the night, then quiet to about 4 30am when it would start again. See also Nov 2014 and the breaker added. The electrician left 26 after 20 minutes: he did not attempt to read my meters: I left open my front door and my CD’s are playing: I am obviously “in”.

I am Carol Woods Ms and am currently under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP.This document shows where the Gestapo took their ideas from in electricity theft and why they still use local lowlife to travel round in taxis and stalk me with the lowlife supposedly JOANNE HALL when they are nothing like her and Hall is busy with her life in OLDHAM miles away. Hall is my sister’s youngest daughter and is about 41 now; she has never had a job so I agree that she would fit in well with those used to be her but her mother, my sister, would have something to say about that. My sister has 3 daughters, 2 of whom were serial thieves and worse being class A drug users from an early age; Joanne was 1 of those 2. Those 2 were why lowlife round FELL VIEW were used and pretended I was their aunt: K MILLS in 20 Fell View and her sister K MILLS in 7 Leslie Ave off Fell View (she helped to run away recently as a found out thief and fraudster) both unemployed, unattractive, overweight malicious trolls did, in pretending JUNE WILLIAMS another thief and worse 30 Fell View, was their mother they all pretended that she was me, that I was June Williams’s sister thus aunt to the MILLS thieves. Both Mills thieves had pretended I lived with them and claimed in benefits as such and, for example, used electricity connected to a squalid caravan dumped on the front of council house 20 Fell View to pretend I rented it and watched TV from that windowless, health and safety issue. The mail in relation to “me” went to Mills in 20 with the postman knowing that no one lived in the health hazard “caravan” and treason, fraud, deception, forgery and more was aided and abetted by the Royal Mail. The point of that was the use of a TV and of power from 20 to charge up the TV in the caravan which no one watched.                        
Moving into 28 Fell View March 2014 where I found the former tenant, a lone elderly lady had been bullied to death to make it vacant for me by such as MILLS in 20 and WILLIAMS in 30 with others, I found that my mains lights had been connected to AGNES JACKSON in 26 Fell View another deluded thief, fraudster and more who also claimed to be me. All that is out of scope of this but has its documents and proof. The power surge to link me in 28 to her in 26 happened when I tried to use my lights after moving in March 2014. My lights were blown out which is usual for any power surge linking one supply to another. I have had no lights since as the Gestapo and council try to claim there is no bungalow of 28 and that it is a part of 26 when it suits or part of 30 when it suits. Meanwhile they try to show I rent a squalid caravan with thieves and worse in 20 Fell View. At the time I had not known that my sockets along the party wall between 26 and 28 were also linked to 26 and that I paid for her use. After some weeks I decided to switch off my mains supply altogether and plunged 26 into darkness with their TV and everything going “of”. Her unemployed thug son, late 40’s was there using his phone as if he was me committing their usual shopping frauds and they rushed about knowing they were found out. In Nov 2014 the council sent a firm to install breakers as the council had accessed MY bungalow in MY absences and installed equipment via MY loft to allow 30 and 26 to use my power. That was endangering life.                                
I had no lights and used a lamp via my sockets but had my power supply to my sockets off 23 hours out of 24 most days. (I have little that uses electricity.) I then discover that Williams in 30 have SKY TV in their sitting room installed in Aug 2014 as if they are me, they have SKY in their bedroom so how the tiny bungalow can accommodate 2 TV’s is beyond me. They pay by direct debit as if they are me. All that is in other documents and only referenced here to show the events. Sometimes I would get up at 4 am and switch on my sockets power to charge my laptop battery and the Gestapo monitoring my power use would alert the Williams to leave on their washing machine for example so that when I switched on my power, their washing machine would wash at that time using my power. Williams have a socket link along the party wall and she would watch TV about 16 hours every day which has had to cease as she now has to pay her own bills. All that aside, how does that make me my sister’s youngest daughter and why?                           
In 2012 my sister and I would chat, she on her land line, me in a call box once a week and the hackers always used any detail to then arrange harassment of me and in their lunacy, act out with harassers events trying to manufacture evidence of a crime.                     
In March 2012 I had moved to rent caravan 1A @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe which caravan apparently did not exist on formal records. I had never had a meter and card before so did not know what to expect as to charges of power use but was surprised to find that I adding £15 on my first night had used up the £15 by the next morning; how? I hadn’t even then got a kettle and only 1 light on at once. The heating and cooking were gas. I added another £10 and amid much thuggery, lunacy, serious organised crime as found out, I found that my caravan was linked to the site security lights and I paid for that use. In that no fewer than 4 electric meters were blown out by the power surges linking my caravan to the site security lights. The fire service refused to call as Masonic thugs told not to so do as they are told. MY house and all utilities wrecked deliberately after an illegal raid of 5 Sept 2008 by state thugs, (no search warrant in force at all) the fire service refused to call then as well so I paid for my utilities to be repaired at my cost. In the caravan, after I contacted Fire HQ a pair of clowns did call and fitted me another fire alarm saying the one fixed was out of date. Despite letters and personal calls as the meter problems went on, they ignored me.                       
What gave the Gestapo that idea of linking me to the site security lights? In a call to my sister, just as I moved to 298 we talked of an aunt of ours GLADYS BELL now late 80’s. Gladys was married to NORMAN and he was chief electrician for Morecambe Corporation (now part of Lancaster City Council); he was also a freemason as many of my father’s side of the family were. My father was not. Gladys and Norman did in the 1950’s and 1960’s run a decent sized hotel on the promenade in Morecambe with an aunt MAY living and running her hotel only 2 doors down. May was married to senior mason BILL. Bill died over 40 years ago and aunty May died about 15 years ago. May and Gladys were sisters but not the only 2 from one family, there were other sisters as well and of course the brother, my father. My sister and I talked of those times when it was known that Norman Bell had linked up their hotel power supply to a street lamp on Heysham Rd Morecambe with just their private living quarters on a quarterly bill. We surmised that he had probably done the same for May and Bill only 2 doors down. In that chat my sister told me that Joanne Hall had had her boyfriend STEVE DEVAL of Oldham tamper with Joanne’s supply unit so she paid less than she should have done for what she used. That being heard Joanne was approached with a deal with STILL goes on and which FRAUD is planned to take place AGAIN: she was told she would not be prosecuted for theft of electricity if she claimed to be me (aside from the age difference she is at least 8” taller than I am) on 19 Oct 2012 in Rochdale DWP moving to Oldham; in that she was told to leave her flat where she had lived for over 10 years and be re-housed to start a new tenancy to make it seem as if she was in fact me moving. She did all that; my sister had no idea why Joanne had changed her flat. I did not tell her. Rochdale was used because she was too well known in Oldham obviously. And I had been to Rochdale twice shopping when I visited my sister so that apparently was good enough “proof” that their DWP office could be seen to be “useful in fraud”.                              
In Dec 2012 such as ROGERS and GATEBY pair of thieves who used 298 for DWP frauds did try to lure me to ask them to link up my caravan to the site mains to by -pass the meters: they thought I was as stupid as they were. I reported that as endangering all in caravans as ROGERS, unemployed layabout with no qualifications had been given by the landlady, Mrs Margaret Middleton aged mid 80’s the key to access the storage for the main junction boxes and he was gaily adding power to his caravan to show me, “Look, I can do this to yours as well”. I was without electricity all Xmas and New Year 2012 into 2013 as the site handy man was not in work; I had needed another new meter mid Jan on his return.  That continued in exactly the same way with KENNETH NICHOL in caravan 2 a repulsive, unemployed stalker, harasser, thief and worse being provided with equipment to access the underneath of my caravan where the mains supply entered. 4 times I caught him leaving in the early hours of mornings crawling out from under my caravan. His noises had awoken me. He was attempting to cause an electrical problem which would murder me. He did not only try the electrics but my gas supply as well.                
The council moved me to flat 3 Penhale Gardens Heysham LA3 2QA with the Gestapo pretending that I still rented at 298 as well. Oddly my photos of 298 stop on 1/7/13 the day I left yet seem to be many from flat 3 which would be odd if I didn’t really live there. I added in writing to the council partly as a joke that I hoped I was not paying for any security lighting. July 2013 was sunny and bright but I had noticed in the bright sun-light a security light in the corner of the block of flats housing me, flats 1 -4, 2 on the ground floor, 2 on the 1st floor. I found it was on 24 hours a day and walked round the site to see if it was alone in that; it was. The council finally came to look and I was not surprised when the decent staff member traced a newly installed wiring from the light via my flat bedroom to a newly fixed socket; I was paying for that as well until he dismantled it.
Moving then to 28 Fell View I found a street light outside me on 24 hours a day, after almost 2 weeks I reported it as wasting public monies and it was switched off until normal lighting hours. Thus moving to 28 Fell View I was linked to a street lamp, 26 and 30 Fell View with 20 thrown in for good measure in June 2014. At 10 am on 10/4/16 and again at 11 am I heard Williams in 30 checking the party wall sockets to see if I had on my power supply to my sockets: I didn’t have; I hadn’t had all day. The reprisal for knowing about freemason thieves was to reverse that and try to make it me. In that if the Gestapo could add to my utility bills they decided that would “teach me a lesson”. These are more tales of Dark Forces I was warned about in 2010 as my being “up against”. They certainly want me in the light and to pay for it.”

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