PAIN has the ability to change the way a person….especially when one’s GP nearly murders one…at Talbot Medical Centre, Bournemouth

 too true…tell me about it…or…shall I tell you about it???
How about one’s life being saved after being hit by a car doing 69mph in ’82 whilst crossing a dual carriageway – 3 months on a life support, 13 major ops, 7 months in hospital, 2 years rehab learning how to walk again, then, 30 years later one’s GP blows it all away and doesn’t do his job for 3 years and nearly murders one by dishing out a dangerous drug every prescription, every fortnight for nearly 3 years without monitoring anything he’s prescribing one, without a bye or leave? Then, the patient’s heart begins failing after 3 years of being prescribed this dangerous drug, and one collapses 5 times over a 6 week period because ones heart has stopped beating, collapsing dead…but, somehow, the patient comes around whatever time later, minutes probably – freezing cold, on the floor, and goes straight to the surgery when it opens a few hours later, the following morning, after each collapse – but each GP he sees – after telling each one what happened – says: “you’re fine, go home!” without giving any tests or anything [apart from 1 solitary occasion when a routine blood pressure test was given on my left arm before I was told to “go home”] or even looking at any drugs being prescribed? [are these real doctors, one might rightly ask? well, they’re getting paid as such, for sure! so I guess they must be]…
…then, after the final collapse, after 6 weeks of the very same collapsing – a particularly bright student GP on a training placement – luckily for me – takes my emergency appointment, and sees something wrong – I’m pale, and dozy, and exhausted – and she’s noticing one is looking particularly ill [as I always did after collapsing hours previously before ???] and after the tale is told yet again, she sends one to hospital there and then, to have an emergency op for a pacemaker implant 3 days later, thus saving my life – the collapsing being the direct result of nearly 3 years taking of the prescribed drug without the proper supervision of the GP – blatant medical negligence by the prescribing GP I regularly saw “Dr. M—– H—–“, along with the other GPs also whom I saw who did absolutely nothing when I saw each of them during the 6 weeks I was collapsing.
And one gets many more serious and some life-threatening ailments also as a result of the negligence – S.A.D.S., and a “long QT syndrome”, with Diabetes thrown in, and probably more too that I don’t even know about, or haven’t been told – but, worst of all – the shortening of one’s very life due to having to have the pacemaker and all that goes with that…including dieing in one’s sleep any night, any time. Such is the nature of “S.A.D.S.” combined with a “long QT syndrome”. There is no “good side” to this. It is a death sentence, irrevocably and irrepairably. Grin and bear it? Oh, ok. Look on the bright side. What bright side?
And then, just to top it all off – everyone one turns to for some kind of recompense regarding mainly the appalling negligence of a dubious GP – walks away and does precisely nothing?  Are they serious? well, I’m very sorry but that’s not how it works where I’m coming from – after all, it can’t get much worse can it? when the person – one’s GP – who’s supposed to treat properly the citizens he’s paid so highly to oversee, even taking a “Hippocratic oath” in the process – is so negligent he does the opposite of keeping one alive and in the best of health by nearly killing one on at least 5 occasions too, no less, by not doing his job properly ONCE in nearly 3 years? Isn’t something very seriously wrong here!

And, taking things a tiny stage further – suppose, just suppose: are there more who have been in a similar circumstance to myself, in any shape or form – who didn’t make it through? Shipman got away with it for decades!! 
– how many other patients, if any – have fallen, and not lived to tell their tale? Are there any more? If so, how many??

Something is seriously wrong…and no prizes for guessing WHERE!!…

Do I sound bitter?…well, I’m not. But I do very much resent  the fact that someone one trusts – one’s GP – let’s a patient down so badly that he nearly kills them, by failing to do his job properly over a massive 3 year period, and leaves the patient with a life sentence after practising his gross negligence. And then every agency gone to covers up for this GP bozo – especially “Dorset Advocacy” – a particularly dark and dishonest agency who lead one up the garden path while purporting to “advocate” for victims – they most certainly do not do that at all and I’m still waiting to hear from them from weeks ago when they promised me theyed be looking into the matter of my GP’s negligence – what a crock that was! Count “NHS UK” and the other similar dubious timewasters in with that lot – they’re nothing more than gatekeepers there to protect dodgy GP’s interests too!!

I’ll stop here.

below – docs got from the hospital in 2007/8

hosp PACEMAKER OCT 2007493.jpg2

GP Harold Shipman – [the serial murdering GP]

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Harold Shipman
Harold Shipman mug shot.jpg

Shipman c. 2000
Born Harold Frederick Shipman
(1946-01-14)14 January 1946Nottingham, England
Died 13 January 2004(2004-01-13) (aged 57)
HM Prison Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England
Cause of death Suicide by hanging
Other names “Dr Death”,
“The Angel Of Death”[1]
Occupation General practitioner
Criminal penalty Life imprisonment (Whole life order) plus 4 years for forgery
Victims 250+
Span of killings
Country England, United Kingdom
Date apprehended
7 September 1998

Harold Frederick Shipman[2] (14 January 1946 – 13 January 2004) was a British GP and the most prolific serial killer in recorded history. On 31 January 2000, a jury found Shipman guilty of 15 murders, but an inquiry after his conviction confirmed he was responsible for at least 218. He was sentenced to life imprisonment and the judge recommended that he never be released.
The Shipman Inquiry, chaired by Dame Janet Smith, began on 1 September 2000. Lasting almost two years, it was an investigation into all deaths certified by Shipman. About 80% of his victims were women. His youngest victim was a 41-year-old man.[3] Much of Britain’s legal structure concerning health care and medicine was reviewed and modified as a result of Shipman’s crimes. He is the only British doctor to have been found guilty of murdering his patients, although various other doctors have been acquitted of similar crimes in the country.[4]
Shipman died on 13 January 2004, the day before his 58th birthday, after hanging himself in his cell at Wakefield Prison.

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