Please see below, under the video links, the latest update from whistleblower and ex-Social Worker Level 3 and Child Protection Officer Ms. Carol Woods, received 1 July 2016, and before.

The protection of criminals and the coverup regarding the infinite number of serious crimes committed against this ex-government employee, or the numerous crimes she’s officially reported is staggering.  To date, no government official, police representative, MP, legal type [including so-called “eminent QCs” or solicitors] or media reporter or connected will go anywhere near the shocking crimes being committed against Ms. CAROL WOODS, those crimes including: 

the theft of her home [as happened also to Patrick Cullinane, Len Lawrence, Joseph Henry [multiple houses stolen], Tom Crawford, Peter Hofschroer, his mother “Grandma B” Barbara Hofschroer, and so many more],

at least 4 separate enforced incarcerations in mental hospital units for no earthly reason other than to shut her up – one excuse used  for such incarcerations being that Ms. Woods was mentally “deluded” in her findings of utter corruption within a Lancs. council – her latest incarceration between November 2015 and Febuary 2016. Carol was also forced to take psychotropic drugs against her will during these hospital stays, and was threatened with re-arrest before her leaving the “Cygnet” unit, Lancs. in Febuary 2016.

fake IDs used [for example: for expensive commercial criminal frauds], 

chronic gangstalking by government connected sources,

home burglaries,

the inflicting of tracking devices upon her motor vehicle, and also numerous attempted thefts of that vehicle, and the attempted destruction of her motor vehicle, 

and many more completely and seriously criminal activities committed against this lone female – all totally ignored by whichever agency one takes them to – from the police, to the DWP, to MPs.   DISGRACEFUL!   and that’s apart from the serious crime she’s reported…

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2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016

3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016


SriLankerC SriLankerC 24 April 2016

6] Carol Woods Social Worker Unlawfully Incarcerated In Psychiatric Gulag   – 16 April 2016 by  GeorgeGreekTrucker 



“Dear Butlincat please add this,
 it has been confirmed by PROFESSIONALS that I have no delusions< it has been confirmed by news persons making enquires that deliveries are made to MY HOUSE in MY NAME and I mean MY HOUSE not the bungalow I rent in LA2 9RP. It has been confirmed by TESCO and ASDA, SAINSBURY ON LINE, COMET that they have had orders apparently from me. It has been confirmed in writing that Santander have 5 accounts apparently being run in MY name with the police saying they will not investigate. It has been confirmed by Lloyds that there are 2 accounts in MY name and by Barclays that there is at least one, HSBC have found 2 in my name. As for delusions let us look at the latest attempt to foist a false friend on me with my being told I MUST make contact as he was to be MR CAROL WOODS. He wanted me to leave MY car at his house hundreds of miles from me to claim it was there so it was his MR CAROL WOODS. The old fool DAVID FABB was delusional and I was lured there told he was an EXPERT, in what I wondered, he could hardly use a computer and I had to show him how to save to a USB, I was told after meeting him for the first time, that I should move in with him. Do you know what, I couldn’t care less who says I am delusional, that is their problem, judging me by their standards, they wishing for a life beyond what they have, the traps laid and what was in it for the trappers. DAVID FABB the false friend and expert was to have his bankruptcy linked to ME to make the FRAUD on me seem to be FACT. He is a Freemason with connections. I find that the entrapment using the pub in ASHTON IN MAKERFIELD had its basis in the address WARRINGTON RD where the same sort of lure was tried in Jan 2008 with WARRINGTON town being the trap. That failed but 2 named in that are in my Attorney General file with permission granted to prosecute 09. have to end here, the Internet café is closing.”

SLUR CAMPAIGN CAROL WOODS next plan rewrite 3 8 2011

“Dear those copied this, I have found an Internet cafe open so add this, I am sorry but the punctuation marks are not the same as ours and thus the punctuation is hit and miss.

Reading BUTLINCATs email to me I have to say he is ONE person I trust. This then the most recent delusions {sorry no inverted commas}, let us extrapolate that, in Nov 2015 I was illegally detained as I was deluded about jobs I said I had had, MY jobs being found to be FACT {all this comes from the deranged, deluded, inept, unintelligent and worse in Lancashire police and county} yet apparently that demanded I be locked up. The supposed crimes in that being then found to be PERJURY such as I followed someone to a local airport when we do not have one and no, there was no CCTV and no one had photos of me following, nor could anyone produce anything to suggest they actually needed to be at an airport. BUT I could prove I had business needing a plane, that there is no local airport {that is the Gestapo inventing FACT to suggest I live somewhere near to an airport} and that I had photos of one stalker BLEASDALE following me as he has done often. That delusion seen to be not correct and the airport PERJURY being seen to be that we have a repeat of that. The delusion was changed in Nov 2015 when I showed proof of all my jobs, then I was locked up because I was deluded about high profile people interested in my case. But I showed letters from HRH Prince Charles, MP’s and such like, NO DELUSION. BUT the perjury of those involved still stands so, how do they get out of that. {Sorry no question marks}.

Recruit such as unqualified sulking because I did not walk into the traps they set.

The delusions have changed NIOW I am deluded about stalking and red cars. Well they would say that, wouldn’t they.

Who is the mouth piece, one JEAN JAMES in CANADA. How does she fit into this?

The old fool she was to introduce me to in the trap then was to bring a result for her and him, she thinks he’s a gentleman, he opens doors for ladies that is it the sum total, he is no gentleman. That failing and I was told that a top London barrister was to act for me for free as if I am stupid. How does someone in Canada know of a top London barrister who wants to act for me FREE without so much as saying hello to me. Oddly enough I was never given the name. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

In that because that also failed as did the FRAUD with the court junk issued to me as RECORDS with MY watermark on some papers, we have reverted to the delusions. Now it is not jobs, or high profile people, or airports etc it is the resident lunatic of LCC IAN YOUNG telling Jean James what to say. The red cars let us examine that, one hired IN MY NAME by murdering lowlife WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View Sept 2015 and then one bought for them in Nov 2015 RED in the expectation I was to be seen off but wasn’t. They have to have RED because my car is red and because the murdering lowlife have ID as if they are MR and MRS CAROL WOODS unless Jean James has proof they have not.

The lunatic she tried to foist me off with, her FRIEND DAVID FABB is deluded, he thinks he’s got land deals in FYLDE area Lancashire, he thinks he’s an expert with a company yet checking Companies House I see he has no assets, no staff, no records of business etc so I think he’s deluded.

The barrister was a set up, it was all a farce, a trap like the deluded troll sent to me said to be NHS whistle blower when she couldn’t answer one single question. Her letter to me {pushed through my door, how did she have my address} was complete drivel dictated by the deranged IAN YOUNG of LCC. Her 2nd note pushed through was EXACTLY what had been done in 2010 with another false friend with a CANADA link {that false friend out of scope of this}. Surely any person not having a response to a 1st letter would understand that I did not want contact with an idiot. I ignored the 2nd nonsense so she calls in person, how deluded is that to think I might want to see her. There was a great deal of fuss about A Peacher which I tried to warn him of, she was insistent I tell her where he lived and said she had driven to the far north of Scotland looking for his address. Who pays her petrol, she had a very large car.

That trap for WARRINGTON RD and the lunatics think they will be telling me that she was not a whistleblower, No luvvie, she was your mental health worker.

To go back to the history, false friend JANET WOODALL did in 09 visit all I had introduced her to and told them she had not been my friend but was my mental health social worker. Woodall told them all that the little gifts she had given me had not been gifts but I had stolen them. {Even the ones she put through my letterbox as well presumably.} BUT Woodall was unemployed when sent to befriend me end 05. I felt sorry for her so introduced her to my friends and family and we went out as friends. Woodall stole a great deal from me but eventually she qualified as a social worker then by 08 was a qualified mental health social worker yet she claims to have been my social worker from 05. We seem to have a liar. She did pose as me in the Employment Appeal Tribunal 19 April 2006 because perjury was to be exposed and they had to have someone like her who was clearly going to lose MY case.

In 09 one friend WOODALL recruited was CANADIAN TINA PAZZANO. Tina and I had been good friends for years and I introduced her to WOODALL< Tina did not like Woodall at first. In late 09 when I found WOODALL out, Tina started to act oddly and say things that did not add up. She had been recruited and like JEAN JAMES will, bleat that they are hurt etc when really they are annoyed they,ve been found out.

Tina had to try and take over from Woodall but Tina was in Scotland, she PRETENDED otherwise. I did not speak to her again. How did they recruit Tina. In our phone calls she told me over months how financially strapped she was falling for Time Share traps and in serious debt. That heard she was approached with the offer of paying off one of her mortgages if she betrayed me just how Jean James tries now with a SLUR CAMPAIGN.

Tina was stupid, she was never going to get one of her mortgages paid off but she thought she was. Woodall got a great deal including a new car.

That is how persons are recruited, calls are hacked and achilles heels are found. What has Jean James been saying.

She was upset not long ago telling me that she had had items stolen which were of great sentimental value, that heard, that is what she was offered, betray me using at first the lunatic DAVID FABB and his land deals {NO luvvie, it was not FYLDE and your whistleblowing, it was someone else’s land deals in Fylde} and then the trap with a top barrister. Someone thinks I am stupid.

And the next plan is for 3 of July or 3 Aug to be 2011 again when we had a perjurer in court in Brighton saying my emails to Scotland Yard reporting serious fraud was proof I was mentally ill. I will send some of my emails from 2011 and we can see. That being chased up by me as it was 3 Nov 2015 bringing the liar and perjurer PC MASSINGHAM to my door which they think they will do again. Then he claimed they had sought me for 2 days but could not find me, liar with the GPS on MY car and the fact that I was indoors all day of 5 11 15 and much of 6th so now we have 3 July 2016 and a claim they sought me for 2 days prior to 5 JULY meshing my case with Peter H high profile case and they think I will disappear in his case which is heard in North Yorks somewhere I believe. {They were aware that I was to go and visit PH via ILLEGAL ACCESSING OF MY EMAILS} But the Gestapo had arranged so much for me when they ILLEGALLY saw me book my flight and my car parking so it is no use them saying that they do not know where I am because they,ve arranged much harassment as usual with their masonic overseas thugs. That is the next plan, 3 Aug 2011 to be rewritten as 3 July 2016 or 3 Aug 2016 and the lunatics will have someone pose as me in a court I have no doubt.”



Received : Carol Woods: 21 June 2016 at 14:14:

To Steve Finnegan Chief Constable Lancashire police.

Given the harassment of me and the FRAUDS related to which you claim to know nothing of, what I propose to do is to send details every so often so you DO know. This is all organised by your thugs supposedly “police” using lowlife to do their dirty work. I will copy this to interested parties so they can see as well. I do not detail all now, just the salient features to give enough for any jury to see. I do not take as many photos because I have more than enough for any jury. I do however, record on camera as is my civic duty the wasted police time, the thuggery, the manufacturing of “proof” of nonsense, the use of others who are preyed upon by predatory police as being available because they are either unemployed, mentally ill, elderly, in fact, all vulnerable people. I am sorry the ludicrous traps set for me were not sprung but really, that is because my IQ does manage to reach beyond single figures. This is typical of your organised FRAUDS and worse: On 20/6/16 the lunacy intended to “see me off” failed. In that the thieves, liars and fraudsters in 30 Fell View WILLIAMS who claim to be me as Mr and Mrs Carol Woods were to pretend AGAIN that they had just moved into 30 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP. (For those copied into this the lunacy knows no bounds.) They in 30 have lived there almost 2 decades but every so often pretend to just move in so that they can escape from the serious crimes they have committed. I ignored their antics: by 10 35pm it was obvious that YOUR organised plans to “see me off” had truly failed so the thug who drives KS53 VLF was sent to 24 Fell View the house which is empty but used as a doss house for various fraudsters. For those copied this, this thug has posed as Mr Carol Woods and claims not only actually be me as Mr but claims also to be my son. He only appeared in March 2015 after the DWP started to understand what I reported of the serious organised crime round Fell View. 24 Fell View has been empty since May 2014 in the FRAUD as planned which did not go to plan so is still unoccupied.

Meanwhile the usual yobs had collected at 45 Fell View DALTON which yobs all use the Internet and that self made slum as if they are me with YOUR Gestapo giving them MY passwords to allow that to happen. What do they do? They order goods on-line and access Facebook and such like;all unemployed lowlife who all manage to run cars and drive about behind me to pretend they are linked to me. Thus by 10 50pm the loft noises begin. For those copied this the Loft Noises are the ILLEGAL devices in my loft set ready for my moving in so that BT could link up lowlife and make it seem as if their use of SKY TV, (30 Fell View), phones and the Internet are all linked to me in 28 Fell View. I can hear the connections being made and can tell whether phone or computer.The usual offenders are in 22, 24, 26, 30, 41, 43, 45 BUT the rest are used for connected FRAUDS such as those in 29 LENNON and 31 Fell View. For those copied this 29 and 31 are used as they have large yards where large vehicles can park out of sight of me in 28 yet pretend they are dealing with me in 28. The “loft noise” (full document of dates and times is always on the record) always means that someone will have goods delivered the next day. The routine is that lowlife alert YOUR staff when I am seen to leave 28 and go to my car parked (X165 YUB) and then phone calls are made to those who are parked in hiding to pretend. I found that BULL BECK picnic site near-by is also used so the vehicles can then be behind me driving into Lancaster to look as if they drove away from 28 with me thus made a delivery to me.

Today then, a silver car parked outside 43, driver pretends they have been in 28 with me. I take a photo to show where they were and it was not with me. One car used in FRAUD and STALKING of me arrives and parks out of sight behind 31 except I see him and get a photo. That thug was used previously trying to link me with thieves, liars, fraudsters and more MILLS in 20 Fell View and 7 Leslie Ave (all bought new cars to hide their earlier frauds found out – is it not a good thing that we have my photos, Mr Finnegan or else people would find it hard to believe); your Gestapo in wasted police time are trying to rewrite photos they have seen me scan to send out by email.

As I set off I see the usual sending their texts and do a U turn to watch and find at least 2 vans pull from hiding, one supposed to be your thug ANDREW HALLIDAY at MY house May 08 buying it (yes, my house) by merely standing outside.(!) 2 other smaller vans have been “delivering”. But this, GAP clothing company and an on-line order delivered. Why GAP all of a sudden? Because I was in Manchester on 13/6/16 in the trap set then which failed so badly for you and yours and looked in the GAP shop leaving quickly seeing they sold poor quality goods compared to what they sold about 15 years ago. I would not buy anything of that quality and will send this to GAP to be aware of FRAUD on-line and give details of yobs in 45 Fell View and 24. They may need my photos. (I have asked a number of times for phone records of all named to be obtained but YOUR staff would find that too much like hard work I guess as they have not obtained records. What they have done is to call at at least of the houses used 24, 20, 45 even at 2 am to socialise with the fraudsters and as I have photos of some of that I will testify.

When I went to Kendal from 2012 – 2014 I would set off about 12 30 and your staff assumed that was where I headed today as I left at that time. Thus they had a taxi racing to join the M6 north and presumably drive me to Kendal. BUT I wasn’t going, and WHO PAID HIS TAXI FARE when he had no one in his taxi? I will send to you photos of all taxi driver thugs who have pretended for YEARS to drive me about.

I did not park in my usual place I parked outside a house 22 Moorlands Rd because that was where your staff had arranged a parking space to then have a delivery made near by to claim I from 22 Moorlands Rd  Motive? To cover for the thieves and fraudsters in 22 Fell View HUNTER who went to all that trouble over weekend in a “plan” to claim I moved into 22 to live with them AGAIN but which plan failed so they will miss their DWP free monies in FRAUD. The house no. 28 on that road has been used for EXACTLY the same plan in the past: it is so boring but believe me, you will be bored reading about it as I feel it it is my civic duty to keep you informed. Think yourself lucky that you only get the edited highlights. I found G4S thug racing to Caton yet again, presumably he will be dropping me off to live with lowlife yet again; in Lancaster I found that a signed bank card had been left on the floor by the security guard of the car park which leads to the public toilets which I was to see as I left and presumably use! I left it where he placed it. That has been done so many times and really, does it not speak volumes about the thieves in your employ? They’d see a signed card and use it without turning a hair.

In the Town Hall where I made an enquiry the staff said she would ring me; on what, I asked. They still have a mobile number for me which I never gave and which in 2012 I suggested they remove as it was nothing to do with me and never had been. She did not say what the number was: they will not tell me which seems odd if they think it is my number. I also copy this to the IPCC because you and gross dereliction of duty ignore what YOU were instructed BY THEM to do and HMIC. Who do you think you are? I realise that all this will be read not just by those I send to but by those in your employ so they will have to scrap their lunatic notions about what they THINK this harassment has “proved” and make up some more events. If they spent time in dealing with the CORPORATE MANSLAUGHTERS of at least 4 I have referred for investigation instead of wasting it hounding me then they might be worth what they are paid in salaries.

Yours etc Carol Woods Ms.


15 June 2016:  Carol Woods update15/06:


Daisy Mae Morrison managed to find me via your web site, we had been really good friends from 2001 but by 2010 things being as they were and since, all contact was lost. All her letters to me via a daughter did not arrive at my daughter’s because DMM is black and she of course knows I am me and not someone the Gestapo invent. They wrote her NEW car off in Jan  2006 when it was parked outside MY house, that was the last straw, I had to have my then Appeal ‘stayed’ to protect my witnesses and myself, the events of that night in particular were awful. They did not leave after ramming DMM’s car, (they did same to my car now in 2012 but failed to wreck it) and DMM lost a lot of money as the insurance wouldn’t pay out because the police refused to give her a crime number. I know who did that GEOFFREY CUNNINGHAM perjurer and bogus court bailiff who was ONE they needed to protect in my Appeal which is why they had to stop me going to court.  Over a year later LCC tried to claim that DMM never reported her car matter when she could name the Gestapo involved PC FINCH, one who likes to keep arresting me. The witness intimidation reported to the court was ignored: I have never had that Appeal heard.

Re: Stores used in FRAUD << Reference ID: 2430995 >>

>> Original Message …
 >> From:
 >> To:
 >> Subject: Stores used in FRAUD
 >> Sent: 12/06/2016 15:55
 >> Dear TESCO, I send this after watching events linked to me in FRAUD. In 2011 I had reason to take by hand letters to LEWES store as a JANICE BOURNEN and her sister DOREEN I found were shopping as if they were me and my sister. Bournen was a fraudster and thief: I rented a room in her house 7 NORTH WAY LEWES and found out a great deal as to what she was doing in my name. It is part of a complex story which I won’t go into (serious org. crime and ID theft as well) but the point is that TESCO continued to be used. Every so often I have to go to every single bank and building society to give them an up date as to who uses stores as if they are me. They place orders by use of Inter net and phones claiming to be me Stores and banks have all confirmed that as FACT but despite referring 5 accounts run as if linked to me SANTANDER bank (2 in HSBC and 2 in LLoyds at least), COMET store and Sainsburys, the police do noting because of related events. I would like to add that currently persons found out fraudsters round FELL VIEW CATON use the on line services as if linked to me when they are not linked to me. This will be sent wider when agencies are in work on Monday. Carol Woods Ms. Thanks for your attention to this. 12/6/16

From: Data Analysis <>
 to: “” <>
Dear Tesco, thanks for this. I rented a room in 7 North Way Lewes when that fraud was taking place in 2011  but now this is serious DWP fraud as persons CLAIM I am their “relative” and live in their houses such as 20 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP when they are total strangers. I will CC this to DWP who have very recently informed me that they will be investigating yet they in 20 Fell View (only 1 example) happily continue as if their harassment of me with INTENT is normal!

Regards Carol Woods cc also to police who will do nothing.

 On Monday, 13 June 2016, 9:40, “” <> wrote:

Dear Carol
Thank you for your email. I’m so sorry that you’ve been a victim of fraud by someone living at the same address as you.
Unfortunately we are unable to assist you directly with this however, we will be more than happy to deal with any officials that contact us.
I hope the matter gets resolved for you once and for all shortly.
Kind regards,
Alicia O
Tesco Customer Service
Tesco Customer Engagement Centre
Tesco Stores Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with registered number 519500.
Registered office: Tesco House, Shire Park, Kestrel Way, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1GA

Reasons why Lancs W’blower “lost” home

These are SOME of the reasons I Ms Carol Woods “lost MY House where officer ANDREW HALLIDAY and officer TRACEY KENNEDY both claim to have bought it at different times. BUT also DAVID CARTER Cumbria Properties of Church St Lancaster apparently bought it in May 2005 as did GAIL CAPSTICK of 57 Ingleborough Rd Lancaster. As my title deeds with me show none of those names and just me as owner long after all supposed dates, we can be sure my house was not sold to those people at all. On 27 Oct 2008 my house was seized and wrecked and then looted on 19 Nov 08 by a DAWN MORRIS in charge who was representing a dead trustee which dead trustee was appointed by Alistair Darling then Secretary of State apparently. Cheryl Kaye Wrea Green Land Registry told me dead trustees could be appointed and have persons pose as them in their obvious absence; that explained the 4 versions I saw of the dead person. (A Darling’s dept told me in writing that they had no record of my name anywhere at all; the Insolvency Service ditto. The deranged YOUNG told people to tell me that Mr Darling would say that and the Insolvency Service as they wouldn’t know all that went on in their departments and presumably had no records to check.)
These are SOME “versions” given out as to why I ”lost” MY house.

LCC bankrupted me but LCC having no corporate personality cannot bankrupt anyone.  Obviously I have all the documents showing that is the FACT behind this. Deputy District Matharu was involved without having legal jurisdiction and being ignorant of the law with court seals moving about and days changing from 24th to 29th and back. LCC was represented by a “barrister” HOFFMAN. LAURA SALES from LCC legal dept. was heavily involved. She has no knowledge of any law.

I bankrupted myself. Why would I do that? I didn’t owe any money.

I abandoned my house. By being out when thugs called on 27 Oct 2008.

I had died thus a trustee was appointed to sell my house but the same dead trustee apparently appointed by Alistair Darling as with the “bankruptcy”.

I sold it to police officer ANDREW HALLIDAY, and paid rent to stay in it but forgot I had sold it and forgot to pay the rent so he evicted me for rent arrears.

The mortgagee repossessed my house without there having ever been a mortgage. My title deeds clearly show NO LENDER involved. And that was IN MY NAME AFTER KENNEDY and PERELES claim they bought it.

LCC seized it as I was found guilty of harassing the whole council of Lancashire and was fined “400.000.00” (according to Ian Young) Unfortunately the MoJ can find no court cases where that fine was imposed and have no record of any such court case. It had to have been PRIOR to 27 Oct 2015 and obviously EXTRA to what documents I have. Oddly I can find nothing which shows arrest of me for harassing the whole county council, I can be given no names, ranks and badge numbers of police involved, I can be given no paperwork, no custody records, no court used, no police station used and no Judge’s name. I can be given no names of any witnesses. No tapes of any interviews in any police station, I can find no summons records for me to appear on such a charge. On 28 8 12 PCSO PAUL SHEPHERD and PCSO ANGELA HALL called to see me at caravan 1A @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe LA3 3EJ saying the police had never heard of me. Thus I must have lost my house in advance and the case against me MUST have been AFTER 28/8/12. “£400,000.00” was the sum of my assets that day 27 Oct 2008 which all disappeared.

I bought it via proceeds of crime which as I bought it in 1998 and no crime until AFTER 28/8/12 as per 2 PCSO’s and then a letter from CS RICHARD BAYLY of 18/4/13 we have to wonder if they were just clairvoyant in Oct 2008. According to medical sleazy NOW, a Dr SUSAN BRADBURY of CYGNET HARROGATE she tells me I have just forgotten for example being in prison for burglary and violent harassment offences. She tells me (Nov 2015) that I have “forgotten” all events at my house and they did happen legally: I just forgot. She tells me I forgot a psychiatrist called to see me twice in October 2014 at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP which I rent under duress and she has a document to prove it which document somehow I am not allowed to see. I actually have photos to show that the named doctor “Dr LINDA ASHWORTH” was not at 28 Fell View on any supposed date given. I cannot be given her description even by her colleague, a sleazy social worker JASON from Lancaster. The dates in question show a 76 year old without ID who claims she still works for the NHS, Jo Atkinson and with her an even older old woman no ID who was deaf and said not a word so the NHS rely on employing those well into their 70’s and older, deaf and almost dumb with their hip replacements and so forth.  In fact automated versions of the dead trustee as above.

The crimes I was said to have committed are here: presumably all at once: I appear to have been busy harassing the whole county, the whole of the council, and appearing in massive court cases as well as the ones with the paper trail of LCC bankrupting me via a dead trustee and these below:

I robbed a bank, I lured children to kidnap them, I was a terrorist as a door to door salesman of dynamite and sent message via a phone I do not have to others in LEWES East Sussex Nov 2011 to tell them to place rockets in parking meters and set them off to endanger life. I went to Lewes in Jan. 2012; no one knew what I was talking about. I dealt in drugs, I was a junkie, I shop lifted and shop lifted to order for others, I went about burgling houses, I stole my own ID so I am not really me anyway so never owned my house. I took photos of children BUT not until 2015 so another clairvoyant exercise, BUT all that had to be AFTER April 2013 because of CS BAYLY’s letter to me.

Then I was “too disabled” to live in my house so despite having all these “major” problems in any permutation I still committed all those crimes in any permutation BUT all only AFTER 18/4/13.

I was crippled with arthritis, I have diabetes, I am blind, I have Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, (oddly all sleazy NHS record I have never had any medication when illegally detained.) I broke my foot and ankle in the 1990’s so lost my house in 2008 because of that. I have serious heart problems but again no medic in any illegal detention has found anything. I have “back problems”. I have a problem with “statins” whatever they are without ever actually having any; I have kidney failure which also has never been picked up while I have been illegally detained. I have cancer of anything and everything. Then we move on to “delusions”. I am deluded. I only think I have had the jobs I say I have had; that apparently warrants illegal detention of me. (Subramanian 2011 and KAREN HELME Nov 2015.) My work records obtained they decide there is no delusion there. BUT I am deluded in saying that I have had support from “important” people also 2011 and 2015 “diagnoses”. But I show letters of support to me from Baroness Young of Old Scone and HRH Prince Charles so the “delusion” changed. I am deluded in saying my house was not mortgaged. My title deeds showing no lender involved the “delusion” changes. I am deluded in saying I sold it and agreed to pay rent but forgot so was evicted. But as there is no sale of my house on my deeds then that latest delusion will have to “rethought”. I then was said to be “ill” with CAPGRAS syndrome imaging familiar persons or events are replaced by others. I have never claimed that. They dropped that quickly. Now I am mentally ill thinking I hear thieves, fraudsters and liars sign for mail as if they are me in TREASONABLE acts with sleazy Royal Mail staff. My evidence is clear and the letter from Royal Mail stating they cannot investigate as “staff refuse to co-operate” suggests there are DARK FORCES at work. I am mentally ill as I was married but “forgot” and lost my house in 2015 after “forgetting”. Registrar cannot find any such marriage AFTER my divorce of years ago. That delusion has to be rewritten as something else. The corrupt Dr MOTON claimed under questioning on 4 12 15 that he actually did not have a diagnoses but would keep looking until he found one; he a documented proven liar. How did he know about my mail going to others? I had said nothing at all. Meanwhile he could force me to take a dangerous drug that is supposed to numb me and make me “forget”. I type up everything all I have to do is read it if I fear forgetting.

JANETTE CARR aiding that stunt on 3 12 15 to spoil my appeal of 4th she to be Pamela KERR aka DS DENT MORPETH POLICE of Nov 2008 with bullying thugs SGT PINDER of Lancaster police AND to be JANET WOODALL psycho cop and “social worker” of 07 – 09 and false friend from 05, The one with CARR was a BECKY WILLIAMS to be; Williams from 30 Fell View thieves, liars who pose as Mr and Mrs Carol Woods, Stuart William Rogers of caravan 1 and then caravan 5 @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ aka “Steve” and “Dave” who claimed DWP monies as if he was my brother and “carer” in 2012 to mid 2013 in DWP FRAUD. He a total stranger. STEVE WILLIAMS total stranger with another who claimed to be my daughter as if I was someone else  this yob about late 20’s also from 2 addresses which were caravan 3A @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd AND Albert Rd Morecambe. Williams to be Judge David Williams from 2007 and my file from then to Mike Todd GMP for which he was murdered. The “Becky” of that person who could have been anyone at all as she had no ID either and looked too gormless to even be a Lancashire social worker was to be BECKY SHAW Chief Executive of Lewes 2011 ref. The longish sandy hair was to be GILLIAN HARRISON impostor of Aug 2011. Harrison said to be a psychiatrist but on leave and impersonated by an inarticulate police yob. CARR also claimed that one of my daughters was collusive in her support of me and the “delusions” which were? How would that liar know; I had never set eyes on her before 3 12 15 and told her nothing.  Why was she a liar? She had the troll B WILLIAMS with her as bogus her delusional support and she asked staff to obtain from me my son’s details when I refused to give them. That liar had been to my son’s and my daughter’s HOURS earlier in the plan and hours BEFORE the non-independent paranoid bully and liar NEHOUL acted his part.

On 7 Dec 2015 a staff member the usual “false friend” sent to take personal information from me as I’d been out with her a few times reminded me of another reason I apparently lost my house and this sums up the psychopaths and deranged, bullying parasites more than anything else. In late 2013 CS RICHARD BAYLY Lancaster police and his old bullying trolls on Penhale Gardens Heysham LA3 2QA they with the murdered Mrs Porter’s looted assets including her car YK02 VPF and her bank account in the Halifax, she bullied to death literally flat 3 Penhale Gardens with sleazy NHS covering up that murder signing a death certificate but no court appointed to oversee her “estate” those involved all linked to the sleazy I name above, and this. Bayly routinely sent a firm to drive about near the flats and pretend they dropped off incontinence aids. They dropped off nothing at all yet would park outside me in the flat I rented as temporary measure. Apparently one can lose one’s home if they are incontinent. This shows the level of perversion I deal with. Since I have been in Harrogate from 8 11 15 and on my first trip out with a staff member, a Masonic recruit, to show me where the town centre was and I going to Boots, he was to buy what are referred to “feminine hygiene” items and suggested I add that purchase in with mine to show on my points card. I declined. The “false friend” who volunteers to go out with me now was to volunteer again on 7 12 15 but call into my room where I have been for over a week and say she could smell urine on the carpet and would need to clean it. The cleaners of course smell nothing yet are in everyday. She told me the male using this room prior to me was so ill he would urinate anywhere. That was to suggest he had only just gone as well as this is 7 12 15 to be 7 11 15. Thus this was another “reason” I lost my house and was reminded by the corrupt on 7/12/15 after I had sent out my email.  I add that to my document.

Harassment to defraud: Lancs

This document I send from this email address: it is mine and always has been. I am Carol Woods ms under duress at 28 Fell View (aka Hell View) Caton LA2 9RP.
Mail theft is rife so if anyone has tried to write to me it has not arrived. Lancashire police have tried to claim that it is a MR CAROL WOODS who uses this email address OR that I share it. That is because they need to invent a Mr Carol Woods to explain some most important documents. The recent false friend introduced to me was with the INTENTION of him claiming to be me as Mr Carol Woods. That failed as I have more experience of would-be-fraudsters now. The added INTENTION is to claim I am “disabled” to explain why I am unemployed parasites and thieves, bullying trolls and fraudsters who all claim to be me and in that claim they are “disabled”. Apparently it is why I “lost” MY HOUSE, I will send out again my document of all the “reasons” I “lost” MY house in Oct 08. Apparently I was “too disabled” to live in it as well as about 20 other “reasons”. This shows how the police and council try to PROVE I am “disabled” AND that I am not “me”. In that they try to make me one of the persons bullied to death in their Shipman policy, found out and exposed so they make me one of those persons trying to resurrect the dead! (Be honest, I couldn’t make this up.) My other usual one used is

Most of you have seen the photo of AGNES JACKSON a “me” she from 26 Fell View Caton (where I rent 28 under duress) where the council send a mini bus to collect her all the way from Lancaster as she is me “too disabled” to take a normal bus. Jackson does not drive so she’s me without a car or licence apparently. She is not disabled at all. The INTENTION with the police thuggery from Nov 2015 to end Feb 2016 incl was to try to make sure I was in need of being driven about. I sent out the photos of Jackson and the mini bus where they knew she was not me yet pretended to collect her as me from outside 26 and 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP. Driving then back to Caton from the south of Lancaster they sent the mini bus to hide in a side street and then race out to get behind me to pretend he drove me. I pulled in and took the photo; he was hours after normal working time: I ask again – how much does all this cost? That was 6/6/16 and photo 2 is ONE example of the same harassment outside me in 28 where every so often they arrive and PRETEND to collect me or sometimes pretend to drop me off. They have never collected and dropped off in one day which makes me wonder. 6/12/14 (see how long this has been done) they follow me as I drive into Lancaster to park in my usual place: they wait and pretend, when I am then seen walking into town, that they have dropped me off. 10/6/16 a day of madness after police set one trap after another to trap me so they could claim I committed a criminal offence and needed to be “arrested” to “disappear” AGAIN. I walk to my car parked in a slightly different area to usual and this one, after normal work time, races round and takes this side street; he was up to no good, the only thing he could do taking that street was to end up in this street he leaves: I waited to see what he was up to. Right opposite the Bunker and suddenly swarming with police, 5, they to confirm they saw the bus, they had arranged to see me walk past only minutes earlier (an old trick) and thus I was on the mini bus. Except I wasn’t, I was taking photos. This “behind my back” lunacy takes place in one way or another almost every day to make me someone I am not or to claim there are 2 of me.

I then find again this van hiding in a lay by; CLARKE and PARTNERS of PRESTON who have hounded me from March 2014 when they tried to claim I lived in 23 Fell View with the ruffian thief, stalker and harasser there, (he a total stranger.) Now he just hides near -by and does not call to 23 as the house is not even adapted for a wheel chair. The INTENTION is to claim I need services of a wheelchair repair man to INVENT as fact that I use a wheelchair. How much has all that cost from Preston? I have many more photos of such frauds, harassment and stalking.10june4 2 13june16

Police org harassment/stalking Lancs – part 1/2

This is copied to Jeremy Vine BBC after I heard his interview of a stalked victim: she got flowers sent to her and he got a prison sentence: the thugs who stalk me organised by Lancashire police arrive to try to force entry in the night (at least 4 times) to murder me: they tamper with MY gas supply with the intention causing a gas explosion to murder me (and my daughter and her young son), they attend DWP tribunals and claim money for “caring” for me as their “partner, they send malicious communications. And so on and apparently all that is my fault and as JV’s victim had support, what did I ever have? Corrupt NHS claiming I am mentally ill, hallucinate, am deluded, mentally ill and so forth all with the INTENTION of turning me via drugs into an overweight zombie. It hasn’t happened. See photos linked to this as apparently I only THINK photos exist! I am Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP. Split into 2 parts as photos are added.                              

This record is of what took place on 13/6/16 leading to 14/6/16  after all the police efforts to have me charged with setting up a burglary by phone using NHS and drivel I was to accept as genuine as the entrapment. The excessive loft noises of the night of 12/6/16 details sent out just before 9am on 13th and this is what I took photos of: the black VW parked outside me in 28 when the driver claimed to be calling on a friend elsewhere yet not parking at her “friend’s” which “friend” she  was more than vague about, I suggested had been using 24 Fell View instead of the fraudster driving KS53 VLF ONE who poses as MR CAROL WOODS taking out AGNES JACKSON from 26 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP when she poses as his mother thus is me Ms Carol Woods. KS53 VLF had not been to 24 Fell View and I was right, the VW driver was there with this “plan”. The black VW was to be KENNETH JACKSON taking his mother out AS ME TO MANCHESTER where I was to go, which was known, and why the burglary lunacy was “arranged”. GMP thugs were to see to that side of things from there where I was to have left Fell View and not returned with Jackson in 26 claiming to have been me but driven to Manchester and obviously returning because she never left.                      

In Manchester about 4pm I saw an old woman who I had noticed (probably hallucinating if we listen to sleazy NHS which photo suggests she was real) seemingly following me earlier and who I had thus seen at least 3 times. She was following me and doing what others have done, going into shops where I have been seen to go in to pretend to be me. Diane Lennon did that 9/8/12 when she was me, she the thief and fraudster from 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe LA3 3EJ as she was me during that time. Shirley Rycroft from flat 4 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA did that after I left 298 to rent flat 3 and when she decided she was ONE version of me with at least 5 others in flats also being “me”. (Penhale Gardens was wanted for me for many reasons, especially flat 3 but one reason was to make me “forget” Parsonage Gardens of Manchester near the Employment Tribunals building and scene of EXTORTION, FRAUD, PERJURY, DEMAND MONEY WITH MENACES, WITNESS INTIMIDATION and claims 24065696/01 and 2402412/04). After I left the flat to move to 28 Fell View (to be confused with 298 and the LENNON in 29 Fell View making the total “confusion” yet not the same person, Lennon as at 298 Oxcliffe Rd fraud), JUNE WILLIAMS was to be me as was Agnes Jackson. The usual harassment is in my being out and returning where Jackson either opens and slams her door and pretends she is me just returning or Williams does; whichever one is to be “me”, sometimes it is Jarvis in 41 or Lennon in 29 and so on.               

Williams likes to stand then at her window and use her phone to pretend she is me making calls on my return and on 13/6/16 I returned midnight after visiting a friend en-route and Williams was to be “me” with the loft noises heard clearly from midnight to 12 35 at least. BUT I had been Jackson in Manchester. The troll in the black VW was to pretend she was to collect Jackson from 26 Fell View instead of the professional unemployed son, Kenneth Jackson driving her about in Y313 YEC a black VW. He does not have the VW now having been bought at least 2 other cars since then. The old woman to be seen in Manchester as Jackson, she following me was thus to prove that Jackson is me and I was not there can be seen in the photo: see she wears the RED jacket that is apparently proof Jackson is me. The woman on 13/6/16 was about 10 years younger than Jackson, was not pigeon toed and walked normally; she did not waddle. See why the whole ensemble was selected and GMP thugs MUST have taken part so this will go as a formal complaint aiding and abetting offenders. The ensemble was chosen to be Jackson as me in my dentist AFTER Rycroft had been caught pretending that she had been me in my dentist. The old troll in my dentist when the Gestapo decided I was Jackson and not Rycroft was far too big all over to be Jackson and too young but see her ensemble. The Gestapo sent her after I entered to wait for my appointment: this woman was not a patient of the practice and talked gibberish to the receptionists thinking MI6 had finally found her something to do. The INTENTION was to claim she was SEEN on CCTV entering the dentist and obviously boring the receptionist so not emerging for a little time while I would not be seen entering. Thus MY record would match the time she was there and as she was to “answer the description of” Jackson then it was proof that Jackson was me, Rycroft having been made redundant.  Thus the same ensemble was needed for while I was in Manchester and on a Jackson type troll which was to be proof Jackson was me after all. I sent a fax to the police recording their INTENT in fraud and worse and that as I sent the fax then I was likely to be in Manchester. Notice in the photo that the old woman has no shopping AND NO LARGE FILE collected which was my reason to going; to collect the file. I had collected it at this time of the photo realising that I was not imagining what I felt BUT see what she does have; a TESCO carrier bag and only on 12th had I finally reported AGAIN to TESCO that thieves and fraudsters from Fell View ordered goods as if I ordered them. The INTENTION was to have this troll seen on CCTV with TESCO bag thus proof it was me and that I clearly shopped using Tesco thus they in 20 Fell View who had their on-line delivery on Friday 10/6/16, MILLS and BLEASDALE who pretend that I live there as her aunt did in fact have me in 20 Fell View but looking similar to Jackson with the deciding proof of the Tesco carrier bag. (Williams in 30 Fell View is still using her phone and the loft noises can be heard, 12 46.)                      

 As the plan in the “burglary” did not materialise, as the Jackson INTENTION to defraud failed what then? I called to see a friend and returned using a road that one would take to/from Southport so the Gestapo thought they would use that FACT and create an event from Jan. 2010. To do that they had a troll a Williams type stand about on the main road from Lancaster to Caton outside TOWNEND HOUSE B & B where I stayed for one night in Jan 2010 AFTER I had been to Southport which is a major issue in my case (out of scope of this) and that was me apparently in Jan 2010 with WILLIAMS “me” in my car driving back to 30 Fell View (she is still using her phone 12 51) and Jackson written from the script because of my fax and the photo with this. It was almost midnight: had I arrived to stay the night at that time? No; I had arrived obviously hours earlier and, I had called to the near-by petrol station to make a small purchase and to take the numbers of notes I had with me given my experiences then of Gestapo ringing hoteliers/B & B owners when they saw I stayed, and instructing them to pretend I had not paid when I had. The INTENTION in all that was to try to rewrite events at MY house and claim I stayed places without paying, sneaking in and so forth and the bullying thugs thought they could mesh that with events at MY house 2008. The petrol station was closed at that time of night on 13/6/16 so the shaking of the kaleidoscope had left a few pieces missing.  (The troll landlady in that B & B did claim that I had not paid but of course they had not known that I was by then making it a habit of keeping a record of notes I had. That FACT caught out a few more such like bulling trolls.) KS53 VLF had been sent back for the night to spend it in 24 Fell View. This happens every time there is a “plan” to “see me off”; he “disappears” but is sent back when the plan fails.

The next “plan” is underway. A note pushed through my letter box (which is odd if Williams is me, or if Jackson is, or Lennon, or Jarvis or if the troll stood on the main road about 4 miles away outside TOWNEND HOUSE B & B is) from the NHS would –be-fraudster sending me the original entrapment drivel when she knew I was out then as well so pushed that through my letterbox. This is standard and has been done from other found out liars, recruited quislings, harassers and deluded timewasters. A first letter/item is always to set a trap, when that fails, as soon as it is seen to fail a 2nd missive arrives. It is what others have done in exactly the same way,  the bogus “LGO” of 2012 as ref in my previous email, JANET WOODALL another example, false friend, psycho cop from 05 – 09 found out, pushed a note through the letterbox in question then, protesting “innocence” and hoping I was desperate enough to accept the nonsense. I will now have to put a note on my door every time I go out for this NHS deluded and tell her not to leave her drivel; that she is harassing now that I have 2 items and she follows a course of conduct. She says in her note “I know you’ve told me not to leave a note but ………………” I’ve told her nothing; I ignored the entrapment drivel. She of course is to a) establish I rang and left a message and b) be the liars and sleazy NHS MELANIE FORREST and JO ATKINSON who thought I’d want to “be friends” with them. Atkinson never had any ID and was 76 years old: she did not work for NHS but pretended to. Forrest wrote reams about me when I had never heard of her, spoken to, met her or had even ever seen her. It speaks volumes as well when this latest harasser claims falsely that she “knows I told” (her) when she knows I told her nothing (but to establish more as if I contacted her) so, if I told her then what does that say about her still carrying on leaving me her drivel? It is also to be the 2 letters I was obliged to write to the liar NHS SANGSTER telling him NOT to call and NOT to contact me again as once is not enough; plain, simple English is beyond their comprehension. The loft noises can still be heard quite clearly, 1 10am now 14/6/16.

Part 2 Police org stalking/harassment Lancs

Part 2 one page of photos resent. Please ask if I only send one part to anyone in error. Carol Woods Ms.

 At 7 10am on14/6/16 I switch this on and immediately the loft noises start which are not the same as when someone uses a phone linking to my loft: it is from 30 Fell View. This is my prediction using the harassment of ME by the deluded from the NHS. 7 Nov 2015 and liar, dullard and perjurer PC ANDREW MASSINGHAM arrests me for leaving notes on car windscreens which were “distressing” and proof of harassment from me to the car drivers. BUT harassment is following a course of conduct, where is the course of conduct in leaving ONE note on a car windscreen? (I didn’t leave notes on car windscreens as they tried to claim.) I merely told the DWP fraudsters who all claimed they drove me about and so forth that I was giving them the warning to cease and desist from claiming to be linked to me in any way at all. I told them I would report to DWP, HMRC etc and did so sending out the copies of what persons I had warned. The Gestapo of course ignore the facts of that and the content of the notes I posted. They ignored the FACT that a malicious old troll Atkinson had parked in her car and pretended to be indoors with me as I was “mentally ill”. They ignored the FACT that Atkinson found and told to ‘go away’ actually called again NOT hiding in her car and she with 2 Housing Managers and a dreary, scruffy old woman about 80 who they all presented as being a psychiatrist – Dr Linda Ashworth wanting to talk to me about “concerns” from bullying thieves, liars, fraudsters, harassers, stalkers etc that I harassed them. Obviously the Chief Executive HEATHER TIERNEY-MOORE does not respond to my serious complaints about that IMPERSONATION OF MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL AGAIN. Instead she had ANOTHER liar ROBERT SANGSTER write to me and he to say he had tried ringing me but had not managed to speak to me. I told him NOT to call on me at all; I told him I had no phone so he couldn’t be ringing me and asked what number he rang and where he got the number from. He offered no number and no explanation as to where he got a number from and called anyway, not once but TWICE. On the 2nd occasion he hid in his car off Fell View while a pair of “professionals” pretended to remove “someone” from 29 Fell View – “me” apparently except, I was watching and taking photos of all that.                                                                        
This latest deluded troll leaving her junk to harass me tries to rewrite ALL that and this: Massingham claimed, aside from my also following someone to a local airport which was proof I was mentally ill (he apparently is perfectly sane and normal dreaming that up), that I harassed an 83 year old woman. Who? I had asked. I don’t know any. Then he dropped that “charge” as they couldn’t actually name anyone BUT it was to be one of the murdered elderly victims such as Sheila Bridge (my whistle-blowing), Mrs Margaret Porter flat 3 Penhale Gardens, the male in that flat prior to her, and Mrs Greenbank in 28 Fell View prior to me, the “missing” Mrs Margaret Peck from 33 Fell View and so on thus reversing in usual Masonic inversion which they think is clever that instead of them murdering to order, I “harassed”. That then “dropped” they claimed I harassed neighbours by phone but also that I was mentally ill as I had no phone, so, how to harass by phone?                    

 Have Gestapo harass me reading my emails and see when my contacts want me to ring them as I use call boxes so they’re visible obviously: then set up via sleazy NHS and her drivel the INTENTION to claim I arranged a burglary via phone knowing a property was going to be empty and over what days, (I told you I couldn’t make this up) and claim they “saw me” using a call box and that is PROOF. They would not trouble themselves to get phone records; that would be too much like “work”. I did not ring my contacts but tried AFTER the “empty property” was occupied as per the drivel in the entrapment. One call was cut off immediately so I spoke to no one and my 2nd call rang a few times then was “echoing”, but not cut off so where I used his name, said it was me, and hung up. I sent that contact an email saying that: he replied saying his phone had only rung once. No it rang at least 4 times, after the first ring it had been diverted and the “echo” was the Gestapo hoping I’d leave a message they could tape. Now we have this, their “plan” for Manchester having failed which they arranged after illegal accessing of my emails and this note from the same deluded NHS nuisance which is all the above in the kaleidoscope and shaken. BUT, what about the “harassment by phone” and the “harassment of an 83 year old”? This is where the NHS troll tries to be clever and suggesting I rang to tell her not to contact me. BUT I do not have her number as she gave me the number of an empty house of her “aunt” thinking I’d be gullible and stupid enough to walk into that trap. And I guarantee the number will be said to be of a property housing an 83 year old. Now they will claim I have told this troll NOT to contact me AGAIN and thus am not harassing her as she harasses me but that I harass whoever they invent as being on the phone number in her drivel to me. An 01772 number so Preston area.                          
I sent a fax reporting the obvious fraud in aiding and abetting Jackson as seen in the photos: in Ryman’s Manchester, I writing my letter to fax their phone rang: the assistant thought it was “odd”. I didn’t. That is illegal monitoring of me; they were checking to see if I was in Ryman’s which they would guess from illegal monitoring of CCTV cameras which same film footage was to be used to claim that someone of Jackson’s description was seen in Manchester thus PROOF she was me. The film footage from Lancaster police station which HAS to exist from 7 Nov 2015 to show one perjurer LES MARSHALL was in the police station when Tierney-Moore claims in writing he was not as he did not work for NHS when his perjury obviously has his name all over it, seems not to be “available”. Well, they would say that, wouldn’t they? Thus the 15th approaches which is as good as the 5th any month. The 7th Nov 2015 led on from 5th Nov when the Gestapo claimed they sought me for 2 days but could not find me which a jury will either laugh or cry at hearing when they see the illegal monitoring of me. Thus the 5/15/25 now of any month will do as will the 7/17/27 to be Nov 2015 again and now this troll will claim I rang again and that will be the harassment BY me not OF me.                            

The leaving of a very small note has been done a number of times notably in Sept 2010 by a former friend bribed with the offer a passport for her son “on the run” from Dubai and stuck in Singapore if she managed to steal a certain document from me which she did not manage to do. Her trap had been to leave me a note and for me to respond which I didn’t. The 2nd note was on a tiny piece of paper, and I was to respond to that so she could scream I harassed her, and instead of the success in the theft of the document, the Gestapo would claim I “result” in the manufacturing of “harassment”. I ignored that rant of hers as well. I never heard whether her son was provided with the passport to help him avoid the Dubai authorities. I can only guess that the intention in leaving very small notes is to hope they become easily lost. No one in their right mind would think such tiny scraps of paper are “normal” for notes. And if this NHS troll knew she was coming to leave a note surely she’d have had it prepared on proper paper: how did she know I’d be out? Why come all this way from Preston? She didn’t; it’s a local troll.   
3 13june16.jpgaGoing out and parking in a free one hour timed space in Lancaster, the usual had taken place: that was AT LEAST 4 cars and 2 vans waiting round Fell View in hiding to then drive off like a stream of lemmings after my car when I drove off (this is done EVERY SINGLE TIME I GO OUT). K MILLS in 20 Fell View had been sitting in one of her large vehicles for about an hour waiting to then drive off when I did as she apparently drove me about as apparently I live in 20 Fell View again with those total strangers and thieves at best. It was also evident that I had just been moved into 37 again by OEO6 car used for some months now AND, any time I mention the sleazy J ATKINSON of “NHS” hiding in her blue VW, someone in any blue car pretends to move me into somewhere and today I also apparently moved into 49 Fell View fraudsters found out and named in my DWP fraud doc along with Mills et al. I move in somewhere anytime I have a day out and as I went to Manchester yesterday then apparently stayed in a B & B which would have been closed for hours when I drove by so moved from there. I expected a delivery to someone so was not surprised to find the van arriving after I left Fell View; they were all surprised when I did a U turn and went back to re-enter 28 and then leave again to see if they all wanted to repeat their parts: they did not. Bleasdale in 2 Hall Drive off Fell View had had PL02 THK also drive me there to move in yet again. PL02 is a blue car so PROOF they drive me about as well. I was not in Lancaster long, found the usual sleazy NHS or “Carewatch” troll hiding in their usual place to then walk behind me after I have parked up to pretend they have driven me but I took a different route and watched her looking out for “someone”. Williams from 30 had set off in the grey Peugeot PJ65 WLL as me as well. At 3 52 I found a local ruffian had been hiding behind a car parked where I had to pass to reach mine and he was to sneak up behind so on-lookers could claim they saw me with him: I could smell him; he was not with me. At my car he lingered, the usual red taxi arrived and lingered, a dark grey TOYOTA YARIS was parked as close to me as possible blocking a bus stop so sent to be MY car “mixed with” Williams’ to be 1 car not 2. My Toyota is RED. And who was to confirm all that was seen and thus MY car was not parked, Williams’s car was (hers BOUGHT IN MY NAME as she is also “me” is a Peugeot; it is not a Yaris) that I was using a taxi, that I had been seen with a ruffian so likely someone else and not me? The Gestapo: they cruised by at 3 58 and by then I had all the photos I needed. More wasted police time and harassment, stalking etc and that MR VINE is stalking. 7 years? As your victim? No, 13 YEARS hour by hour, minute by minute 24 hours a day and PAID for at public expense. Photos attached.


To: Steve Finnegan, Chief Constable Lancashire police
from Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP;
You claiming you knew nothing of events of YEARS are a liar. Please note if anyone has written to me or tried to contact me from HMIC, press etc, I have not received it. Most of MY mail goes to the recruited thief and fraudsters in 30 Fell View, JUNE and KINGSLEY WILLIAMS who the police gave ID to, to make them Mr and Mrs Carol Woods. She also makes and receives calls as if she is me. The police have ignored my requests to obtain her phone records. Williams’ associate in 26 Fell View, Agnes Jackson also has a “history” of making gains in posing as me. The police set it all up, fund it and Finnegan claims he does not know! What about year- end accounts, travel expenses and so on?
For those sent this (not many today as it is Sunday and no one will be at their desks) I hand delivered to Finnegan and Professional Standards, driving to HUTTON from Caton east of Lancaster in March 2016 MY formal matters in regard to RICHARD SPEDDING liar from 2010 who HMIC and the IPCC instructed Finnegan and his “professional standards” to investigate. That remains ignored. Finnegan had had other documents from me from YEARS earlier and yet claims he did not know of events.
I have made many Freedom of Information requests in regard to police helicopter use which helicopters are on many photos where they hover over where I am usually with MY car seen X165 YUB a pillar box red and they “confirm” they saw whatever they want to manufacture all as in my document almost ready for HMIC complete with photos of MY evidence. My car however is NOT seen – apparently, other cars are which apparently proves something such as someone else’s and thus they are me. EXAMPLE FRIDAY 10 June 2016 and a day AGAIN of entrapment which failed as they using massive police time and vehicles tried to show I rang persons and arranged burglaries but I had not walked into their trap. The “trap” was set when they saw ILLEGALLY 2 emails of contacts of mine asking me to ring them. The Police via sleazy NHS and letter pushed through my letter box which drivel was clearly written by police legal rep IAN YOUNG* was to set a scene where had I made a call to one of my contacts, they would claim I was acting on information in the NHS drivel and thus set a burglary in motion. (I told you I couldn’t make this up.)  I have not been able to ring my contacts so they cannot claim they “saw me in a call box which resulted in a burglary somewhere”. (This is the calibre of their charges against me Nov 7th and charged with “following someone to a local airport” which we don’t have anyway. Such nonsense does not stop arrests and imprisonments). The helicopter use of Friday was as I returned to 28 Fell View in MY car with the helicopter to claim they saw a RED car it was dark red a FIAT photo taken PE05 UCS so not even X165 and outside 24 Fell View. Why was that “staged”? Because I have found out that a male has been living in the “empty house” and he posing as ME was installed with equipment which accessed any computer use of mine in 28 and he using that data stolen was posing as MR CAROL WOODS. That is via ILLEGAL devices fitted in my loft which I hear in use which document of times of hearing is always under compilation. The car used by one who calls to 24 to collect the data stolen is a dark red estate car KS53 VLF. The usual driver is similar to the one I SAW at the window when the house was supposedly empty. Thus the helicopter is to claim they saw a dark red car as I entered 28 thus somehow the dark red FIAT not my pillar box red Toyota was proof whoever hides in 24 Fell View was me or linked to me. The helicopter use in harassment of me and worse I require costs of:
2008, 09, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015: I accept 2016 figures will not be available.
* IAN YOUNG County Hall Preston writes the same type of drivel he has for years trying to disguise himself as girls, women, CPS, and so on. In 2012 a trap was set when he posed as a Local Government Ombudsman trying to lure me into a trap which failed. He posed as one who had resigned the post over a year earlier.
I also require under the FOI ACT petrol costs of 2012 – 2016 especially. I require costs paid out of PUBLIC FUNDS to such as Clarke and partners also of PRESTON who drive to Caton, hide in a lay by and pretend they call on me with wheelchair needing “attention” as if I am disabled. I require costs paid to all local taxi firms who are sent to Caton to then stalk me as I drive in my car and they pretend they drive me as a passenger collecting me from any house where YOUR lowlife claim I live. I require all costs paid to such as bogus NHS, council sleazy and such like on many photos of mine who rush to use a car park pay and display waiting for me to walk past on my usual route when I have parked up my car in Lancaster on any day. They pay as I walk past as PROOF they have just driven me. All that MUST be available under the FOI Act 2002 as monies have to be accounted for. If you are unsure of dates, times etc, persons, vehicles, whatever….. please ask me; my photos are excellent and digital so there is no mistake.
I wait for the investigation result into PC ANDREW Massingham and his perjury of Nov 2015 passed to you in April 2016.
CQC and others report to me that my emails to them are not being delivered so we have interception of communications AGAIN.
Yours etc Carol Woods Ms. I use this email address today, it is MINE and always has been as has


Received: 10 June 16:

Law Comm Report: Ref Article 8 HRA

Law Commissions Report Attn OLIVIA BIRD I have been told that comments are requested: all I see is the Article 8 HRA reference which leapt out at me. Where were Article 8 “rights” for me when thugs were seizing, wrecking and looting MY house? (27/10/08). Where was the Article applied in my whistle-blowing when I tried to fight for families facing illegal evictions etc, where were the rights of the murdered pensioner SHEILA BRIDGE and her family? Where were the rights of those I have found out about since, murdered in SHIPMAN policy in Lancashire including Mrs Margaret Porter with their assets looted? Where are my rights NOW victimised as I won’t keep silent,harassed, gang-stalked, gaslighted of YEARS, 14 wrongful arrests and false imprisonments using mental hospitals 5 times to try to silence me and make sure I “disappear” under false names? Where are my rights NOW hounded anywhere I go in this police led matter of CHILD ABUSE, ILLEGAL LAND SEIZURE, CORPORATE MANSLAUGHTER, see my other blogs http://www.lawsocietysanctionscorruption/                http://www.Lord Falconer’s Resignation/  and others will come up. NHS rotten right through in my now VAST experience linked to police and council corruption and I am not the only victim; believe me. Currently small children are used AGAIN to try to provoke me where I am to take photos so their unfit parents (all subject of DWP investigation now after using MY name in FRAUD, bank fraud etc so I have to be “punished” for reporting them) can scream I take photos of children which is a serious criminal offence apparently in Lancashire. (I have been arrested and locked up for much more serious offences such as “following someone to a local airport”, no CCTV, no proof, no named person, no date and we do not have a local airport) and the Gestapo take all their ideas from MY photo albums LOOTED from MY house 19/11/08 and my photos of me with friends when we were all about 8 – 10 years. And MY children from being babies, I have 4 children which I only see 1 of as the 3 girls are too scared of reprisals from the Gestapo if they support me in any way. The GESTAPO try to rewrite MY photos to the extent sleazy NHS have been recruited to tell me “No luvvie, they weren’t your children, they were someone else’s” I could go on but won’t bore you: I am Carol Woods Ms and “live” under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP: my mail is and has been stolen 100% for YEARS BUT I was “allowed” the DWP letter telling me the fraud I have reported FOR YEARS using my name by professional layabouts is to be investigated. I was allowed an email from the Insolvency Service wondering why my name has suddenly appeared on their web site as being bankrupt: I am not able to have a phone or use ones, cut off and isolate me which is standard MO. I do get some emails from others and that is how I was sent a detail from your Report with your email address. Please ask me anything you wish; I may be allowed an email.PS There is no such person as MR CAROL WOODS whatever the police try to invent and I have never been CAROLE, WOOD, and am not Mrs. My files incidentally are intact. Kind Regards.

Received: 10 June 16:  Witness Intimidation for reporting DWP FRAUD


My original whistle-blowing is the problem for the police, council, NHS corruption and their use of lowlife to have them do their dirty work for them. Gross Breaches of RIPA legislation are found out and proven. The wasted police time is more than scandalous. From Ms Carol Woods 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP using this email address today.

At 2 15pm a taxi raced to CATON LA2 9RP after DWP thief and fraudster AGNES JACKSON had stood in her doorway of 26 Fell View wearing what she, as the deluded she is, thinks is proof she is me as has been done from Sept. 2014 on photos. Jackson rang for the taxi at 1 52 when she heard me locking my doors ready to go out: I heard her so delayed setting off. I heard the loft noises which, as you all now know, indicates someone makes a call as if they are me. Those illegal devices in MY loft ready installed for my moving in 24/3/14 and BT heavily involved which we all know are corrupt. I park in a lay by to type this so that my data typed now cannot be accessed by those in 30, 43, 45, 41, 24 at least who “hide”, pretend they are out and via ILLEGAL means (reported – ignored) access my data and use then to pretend they are me. The alternative is so the Gestapo can see what I type and immediately set about “repeats” to revise the events. That is part of the harassment. This stems from my DWP FRAUD doc; and emails as intercepted with the INTENTION of using an NHS lunatic to leave me a letter in entrapment as if I was to pass on details so a house in PRESTON area could be burgled had all gone wrong for the organisers. This is what took place AFTER my email re the INTENTION to claim I was part of a “burglary”. I return to my car parked south side Lancaster and find a male sneaking behind me; he had been hiding in a GP surgery garden area MEADOWSIDE LANCASTER to then be seen where I was thus he was me as MR CAROL WOODS. How? DWP fraudster PATRICIA JACKSON reported, she of 8 DeVITRE ST LANCASTER sent to be “me” in Lancaster Sainsbury’s told what to wear as proof she was me. PINK boots were highly significant (anyone can ask why) and in the usual Masonic inversion where they try to make me into MR CAROL WOODS they had a male to stalk he with PINK boots and carrying a Sainsbury bag in the absence of my being in the store. I crossed over: he was not with me at all. Passing a rough piece of ground almost at my car which land is on BOWERHAM RD LANCASTER, another male hid: he was to sneak out behind me as by then I was near my car so would have had to have crossed even if I had not been aware of the male behind me in his pink boots. The 2nd one I heard because of the grasses rustling; he was a THOMAS/TERENCE GATENBY/GATEBY type and was to “be seen with” me to cover for yet another thief and fraudster in my DWP doc. I was not with him, and drove off to find the Gestapo had sent ANOTHER named DAVID JACKSON of 28 Regent St Lancaster , another stalker, forger and pest of YEARS he in his car to arrive as I drove off in mine and PRETEND he collected me. His car X339 FEN a blue Toyota NOT red as mine is.

Back at Fell View Caton where I rent 28 under duress, 3 hours later the usual lowlife waited on the edge of Caton which has been done countless times; a yob who dosses in 24 Fell View as identified he pretends to be Mr Carol Woods, he drove behind me as proof I was him just returning; L20 ELY the professional parasites from 12 Fell View who also apparently drive me about, total strangers called ELY waited to also drive me back presumably to 12 Fell View, AND LENNON from 29 Fell View where I also apparently live she in the dark blue Ford AF07 XLL. That is how I am in all those houses at the same time as well as others. 30 for example where WILLIAMS thieves and much worse 30 Fell View sat in PJ65 WLL earlier today to set off when I did as that meant they were me.

The loft noises did not start until approx. 11 10pm last night, after I had retired for the night. I was made to feel anxious about events so go out early this morning: I waited being sure there would be a delivery in FRAUD as if I had ordered goods. I was right RINGTONS arrived at 29 LENNON’s to deliver goods, RINGTON’s know about the fraud and theft and have been used to harass me and pretend such as 16/10/15 as filmed. I took a photo today; he was going to 29 not to me in 28.The emails to RINGTON’s remain ignored despite photos being sent. Others joined in, all named in my DWP doc and all with their warning letters from me Oct 2015 which they feel they can ignore as they apparently are above the law. MILLS in 20 major fraudsters and thieves often walk to ONE of their 3 cars when I go to mine as that is PROOF apparently I leave from 20 not 28 and thus do live there as well. Today she sent 2 young boys to try to provoke me and hope I took a photo so she could then scream I took photos of children. I have no idea who they belong to nor am I interested. JARVIS in 41 is often used in that as are they in 49: use their children to try to provoke me, Jarvis again only 3 days ago: I ignore them. Parking up I see we have another PRESTON connection of which I have photos: this male drives a van, CLARKE and PARTNER arrived at 23 Fell View in the months I believed that the boy in the wheelchair really did live there when this van was to make me believe that and PRETEND I was the one in the wheelchair. Is seems to be a repair business for electric wheelchairs and such like. Thus they like RINGTONs get some free publicity. The pretend they call to repair an electric wheelchair when not one single property is adapted in Fell View and adjoining off-shoots. This is to be me “disabled” and needing to live with bullying lowlife in at least 50 council houses all with the council aiding and abetting: PUBLIC INTEREST USE PUBLIC MONIES FOR PRIVATE PURPOSES.

In Lancaster, after leaving the lay by where the driver of CLARKE and PARTNERS drove up to level at my window and glare at me to menace which I ignored, I realised that all the times I have found him in that lay by mid way between Caton and Lancaster that he has been pretending that he called ON ME IN CATON! In Lancaster, I ignored much but noted that a horrendous troll who thinks she is me, she works in a charity shop and was declined as a volunteer tutor when I was lecturer so she bears a grudge and pretends she is me now with a blue and white shirt she thinks is proof she is me. She is a slightly younger version of WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View who also thinks she is me. The charity shop troll seems not to be “working” much now but today she was to walk “with me” and LIMP! She is me “disabled. Thus we have the “invisible” fraudster in my DWP doc from caravan 3 @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ told to “limp” when he sees me as that is proof he is me as MR CAROL WOODS “disabled”. We have JEAN STEWART with her hair dyed orange and told to limp when she sees me when she was supposed to be me, she in my DWP doc from SYBSEY ST Lancaster a supposedly intelligent person, former teacher. Thus all those who claim to be me have to limp and that is proof they are me disabled! (I told you I couldn’t make this up.) BUT see also 24 Fell View and 3 CURWEN who limp as they are me as well, “disabled”. This is harassment and lunacy all with the intention of provoking me to “committing a crime” such as taking a photo. this was an email to RINGTONs which was ignored: I did try at least another twice, ignored.

12/02/15 at 1:35 PM

Dear Sirs i told you of FRAUD and deliveries to Caton LA2 9RP and harassment of me by one van at least. I received no reply I sent photos to show and wonder wo paid for the deliveries. Carol Woods Ms who has never ordered from you at all

2nd part G4S in W’blower’s case

Dear Sirs I use this email address from time to time; it is mine, there is only me, Carol Woods it is not shared, it is not MR CAROL WOODS it is mine and always has been from 2002. I use my mostly but as this has been used by yobs and general fraudsters I use it to show they are given access ILLEGALLY by Lancs Police using yobs etc to do their dirty work for them.

On 4 May 2016 they thought they’d try something else with a trap planned involving my car which trap failed as it was the usual transparency. I have photos of Gestapo aiding and abetting in that episode as well. G4S thug called to 30 and knocked them up: he wanted to read their meter; it was assumed I had left as the emails intercepted and READ by Gestapo told that I would leave early for my trip. I had no intention of leaving early wanting to see what they would do behind my back and found out as filmed yet more including FRAUD and THEFT in deliveries. See Oct 2014 when G4S called to 22 to “read the meter” and months earlier on Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA trying then same FRAUD.  The thug was to pretend he had dropped me off at 30 as if I was their “daughter” and gaining entrance in bogus “meter” reading. They have the same utility suppliers I have; last time I checked with then they told me they NEVER employed G4S. I have those photos.

On 10th May 2016 at 10 15 am G4S thug in small white van pretended he had dropped me off at an address where I visited an associate. Obviously I took photos.

On 17 May 2016 I had been to Lancaster University to work in the library and left about 8 40pm having been harassed by a car from 38 Fell View LA2 9RP from 5 15pm (not counting those used earlier with intent to defraud such as MAZ 7675) and seeing the now usual G4S thug racing to University what for? The times above show how they pretended to find me living in the library and moved by G4S or Gestapo or sleazy “professionals” all on photos for other documents. In the library I had used my email address which I rarely use just keeping it open but using it every so often. I had recorded to CLIVE GRUNSHAW POLICE “elected” COMMISSIONER that I used it to show yet again it was mine. The police recruit yobs and thugs to use it knowing that I rarely use it and they thus establish that it belongs to MR CAROL WOODS. The person that they so desperately wish to invent I referred to in my email: a West African male caught red handed by me using that email address in James St Internet cafe Brighton; the police give out my email addresses and passwords and monitor my Inbox and Sent, occasionally they forget to delete from either box so I see how it is being used when I have no access. I looked round and saw a black male, he was not a student; he watched and waited, what for? For me to leave as he was me as Mr Carol Woods; how do I know?  It is exam time and all real students are loaded up with lap tops, books, papers; he had not so much as a biro and why was he gawping at me? He was to walk out behind me and that is who the G4S thug raced to collect and pretend he had been found living in the library: how could he send emails without a laptop? He couldn’t. I did not take photos: I couldn’t be bothered. Only on 16th the ruffian waiting to be me “seen” but by police, not G4S, was to be Clarke from 23 Fell View type who was to be the DWP fraudster Rogers from 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe used from 2012. The time prior to that it was a yob with a green baseball cap, green and a baseball cap being significant, next time it’ll be an Asian male. They are all types used in harassment and stalking and with intent to manufacture “proof” of anything the police want. 

10 june 16

Received 9 June 16: Part 1 of 2 HOW G4S harasses

This has to go to media@ G4S as I can find no other email address. I send in 2 parts as photos added as attachment increase the bulk. I am Carol Woods Ms whistle-blower still “punished” for constantly finding out more and more linked to my case see

This is how G4S thugs are used and note the same dates – 5th is always used by any agency. That is from 5 Feb 2004 when DS ANDREW RIGBY from GMP came to see me about serious matters in the Manchester Employment Tribunals, FRAUD PERJURY, EXTORTION DEMAND MONEY WITH MENACES and much more. Rigby was bribed in May 2004 and was a reason Mike Todd was murdered when he finally got my file and a letter from me. Thus on the 5th of everything since the police try to manufacture a “crime” I commit to be 5/2/04 again. G4S is to replace the GPS illegal tracking device placed on MY car X165 YUB on 23/1/12 and confirmed as being unable to be removed on 5/5/16 again. It is called muddying waters of investigation “No luvvie, you mean G4S as you committed crime, not GPS” (I can just hear sleazy NHS say that to me as they said in 2011 “But luvvie, you sold your house” (House stolen wrecked and looted 27 Oct 2008 as on 27 May 08 Rigby was offered his bribe.)

Blue G4S cars were used in 2012 and 2013 but have not been used as much since. This one KS53 TTU drives on to Penhale Gardens; it is an out of the way place and clearly marked – no entry and no through road. He sits and waits; someone finally asks him what he wants: he is “lost”. So “lost” he decided to sit and wait without alighting to ask. His satnav could not have guided there. It was Feb highly significant to be Feb. 04. The large blue vans have been used to block my pathway when I walk, this one did an amazing U turn so he could park across this section just to intimidate. 30/4/15 this one hides his car and walks up and down with his phone and pretends: the 30th is a date to be rewritten from June 2010 especially. 17/4/15 this clown is parked near to where my car was and was to be 17/2/04 and 17/10 08. OV14 ZMY identifies him.

This one sits outside 27/10/14 to be 27/10 08 MY house; they always drive off when I go out with my camera. FT63 PXJ. 26/6/15 also to be my house Oct 08; this one follows me to Lancaster University, he alights, stands about and pretends some more. LT13 ZWS I take his photo so he clears off. A favourite using police, social services and so on all on camera, is to claim I am “homeless” and have been found living in the Uni. Library open 24 hours a day. It was not open 24 hours in 2008. Without my photos, no one would believe events they have acted out. Another favourite place for whoever is to be used: removal vans are often used and they do the same; park illegally, wait for my car to drive into view in the traffic (always a bottleneck) and they pull out ahead of me and drive to Caton to pretend they drive me. They always drive round Caton and back to Lancaster without stopping anywhere. 5/5/15 (5th again) I let him get ahead of me and then I pull off and go to Sainsbury’s; he is left in the traffic. So, they send another later and he parks and pretends until I go out with my camera. FT63 PKX. 3/11/15 and we all know what was planned for that time. This thug had hidden and then followed me: I had to wait to pull in and get the photo. Many hide behind houses 29 and 31 Fell View which I cannot see from 28; I have found them parked hiding for up to 2 hours a time waiting for me to drive off. They leave about 4pm usually if I have not gone out by then.

On  7 April 2016 amid much else when sleazy ROBERT SANGSTER NHS had tried to trap me into having him and troll in 28 which failed; they acted it all out anyway as the plan they had which they assumed I’d not know of. One who may have been Sangster, after being told in writing in no uncertain terms that he would not call on me parked in hiding along Roman Cresent off Fell View and sat in his small silver car. Meanwhile a pair of rough-looking trolls with him parked their RED car outside 11 Fell View took notes pretending they were indoors with “someone”, not seeing me parked noting and taking photos; they then went to 29 Fell View and pretended it was 28 and pretended that a person was “removed” from 29 which was really 28 “me” with the lowlife in 29 LENNON being later rewritten to be lowlife WILLIAMS in 30 who try to pretend I am their daughter! I could only follow one car as they left and chose the red, got my photos, but then saw G4S thug had been hiding and was driving right through Caton so I followed him a distance to see if he went to 28 Fell View. He did not, he took the back roads to Lancaster University to claim he had found me as someone else living in the library there. I got his photo.10june2.jpg2 10june3.jpga10june4

Photo of FRAUD in progress Lancs

10june5Dear Sirs, I send 2 photos as 1 attachment to show a “reprisal” in harassment. On Monday I sent photos of persons who claim to be me. In my photos I included an old thief and fraudster AGNES JACKSON of 26 Fell View Caton LA2 9Rp who went out as me AGAIN she in red as that is proof she is me – apparently. I rent 28 Fell View under duress. On the photo she waits for an LCC bus to arrive to take her out as apparently she is me “disabled” they know she is not me. I sent that out as part of my DWP fraud doc and a document outlining all those who claim to be me. On my return from the University where I had scanned my documents and photos they sent this clown from a side street, hours after usual works time to try to force his way into traffic to be behind me to follow me and PRETEND he drove me as PROOF I was this troll in the photo. I pulled in and took the photo as he passed: naturally there were at least 2 police vehicles to confirm they saw the bus going from the direction of the UNI and TO MORECAMBE not CATON to pretend I lived in Morecambe as someone else with grey hair. This is harassment and my punishment for sending out my photo so I send it again and from this my other email address. I am Carol Woods Ms.

Re: In Reply – STG1 – RE: Insolvency corruption aided by court. -09062016JCF

Dear Sirs

Thanks for this, please pass on to whoever you can. I have received a very odd document with attachments that I have not opened. Someone wants to travel to Lancashire to see me on Saturday; it seems odd to me. In Nov 2015 it was formally recorded that I “lost” MY house and assets because I was fined for harassing the whole of Lancashire (all by myself) and refused to pay so my assets were seized, now how is that related to FRAUD of 2006? I have asked the MoJ in writing since then, called in twice and they thought I was mentally ill BUT there it is in black and white. The MoJ thought it was a joke, I did not. That was my 14th wrongful arrest and false imprisonment AND the attempt to hide me away IN DIFFERENT names in 5 different mental hospitals. The INTENTION was to claim I was ill and needed doping up which was to make me FORGET events. The MoJ say the charge of harassment for harassing the whole county is nonsense: IT IS IT DOES NOT STOP THE GESTAPO and SLEAZY NHS DOING WHAT THEY WANT. Among all that I received emails with attachments; the emails were apparently from the TREASURY SOLICITOR via a Hotmail account (if you doubt me, ask to see as I printed all that off). I went to the TS office where I was told that they had no access to Hotmail and the person named had never worked there. However, that went on to form the basis of a HIGH COURT case where I was impersonated by those IN MY HOUSE one claiming to be a police officer. Hearings 11/1/11, 6/5/11. 10/6/11 and a telephone hearing 1/8/11. On 3/8/11 I was kidnapped and bundled into a van which was a case leading to another 3 weeks of “disappearing” but despite all the threats etc I did not hand over what they wanted. All that is nothing to do with you BUT you see how it all led to the FRAUD of 2006 wanting MY files. I know about the High Court as I went and saw the file. NOTHING was done. I went to the MET POLICE who did nothing but did find time to act out the murder of MIKE TODD GMP as the cretins they clearly are talking about wind chill factors and such like. I left in disgust. You see, I am wary of persons. Do ask if you want to see my “bankruptcy file” I promise you, you will never have seen anything like it. They couldn’t even spell bankruptcy on a “court document”! I do my homework incidentally, after all I had no where to live so I just travelled about seeing the solicitors as named who gave me in writing the FACT that they had never heard of me, had no knowledge of my case, had never been in Lancaster County Court and so on, yet there I have it on “court” documents, they as named as being in court. 

 I am amazed I was allowed your email. I have one from CQC in regard to the last illegal detention of me (arrested for following someone to a local airport – un named, no dates, no CCTV and we do not have a local airport so, there you have it Lancashire lunatics.) CQC offer apologies. they did not receive my earlier emails. I even had a DWP letter today saying they will investigate all the frauds going on in my name: they only have 5 years to catch up on. Thanks again, do ask if you wish to interview me Carol Woods. I am not the only person they have done this to.


On Thursday, 9 June 2016, 15:15, Intelligence Services <> wrote:

Dear Madam

Thank you for your recent correspondence.

In our reply see attached document.


Intelligence Services Team

Insolvency Service_BLK_SML_AW

—–Original Message—–
From: Data Analysis []
Sent: 03 June 2016 15:16
To: Intelligence Live

Subject: Insolvency corruption aided by court.

Dear Sirs

this is my 2nd attempt again as my first email disappeared – intercepted. To consider: I am Carol Woods Ms and “live” under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP: today I went to Lancaster County Court about my FRAUD case in a bogus bankrupty which you all know about yet do nothing; so, many thanks for that. Why did the court not refer the matter to police instead of telling me to?

The record printed off for me had to have been added after my dozens printed off show nothing in my name and the most recent of only 3 weeks ago shows that I have never had a county court judgement, bankruptcy or anything else against me, so, where did this libel come from? This to Judicial Complaints as the judge had a duty not to leave it all with me but to pass to FRAUD OFFICE.

Returning to court to make an appointment to see my file caught the bullying harassers (police organised) unawares so, no 2 doxies were there as JUNE WILLIAMS and me as they had been earlier. (Photos to be sent out when I have them scanned.) Williams we all know about and the bullying to death of tenant of 28 Fell View so I could have it in March 2014: you all know about that as well and do nothing.

This is where the FRAUD of recent complicates matters: the false friend bought off with cash incentives (as they all end up being) introduced me to another false friend, a bankrupt in CLEOBRIDGE of complex matters which seems to be FRAUD as well. In that he was to be linked to me and claim MY case was linked to him but why? He is an old man like JUNE WILLIAMS’ husband which husband has hounded me and pestered which is all documented and they given ID IN MY NAME so they are Mr and Mrs Carol Woods. So, who am I? This is where they invented me as someone else and hoped to hide me away in a mental hospital where I was to be so dopped up I didn’t know who I was.

The false friend in CLEOBRIDGE was to be seen with me, which he was a few times when I visited on 2 occasions but that was to make us into Mr and Mrs WILLIAMS. Not only because of the FRAUD using MY name, ID THEFT, running bank accounts and so forth, SKY TV etc, cars bought and hired for them IN MY NAME such as PK62 NXJ also which you all know and ignore. the latest being PJ65 WLL a grey Peugeot (mine is a red Toyota Yaris X165 YUB) and the false friend in Cleobridge suggested I leave MY car at his house and used a cheap other which was part of the entrapment to make him either into Mr Carol Woods or be seen to be linked to me. I declined that offer and have refused to contact him since seeing the masonic links and entrapment. And what do I find as another nail in the coffin of Mrs O GREENBANK as to why I was to end up next to WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View? I find the police use her to be me because she has a Manchester link which they tried to invent for me in 2006, my document sent out shows how she pretended to be my sister to aid and abet serious DWP fraudsters MILLS in 20 Fell View and BLEASDALE 2 Hall Drive Caton (My DWP FRAUD doc ready almost to send out) as they claimed they were my relatives (total strangers), she in 30 has clearly had a “drink problem” and has a “smoker’s’” cough. I also find it likely that she was bankrupted legally. And that is why she is desperate to be seen as me with police aiding and abetting. AND why they wanted me to be “seen with” an old man as if we were Williams. That is why they use MY name as I am not bankrupt. OR IAN THOMSON thief and fraudster of generations “ran away” when he had been found stalking me round Lancaster to pretend he had met with me; (I cannot find a Blackpool office email address or else they would get this.) Then there was the dead trustee: seeing the court file will be interesting.

I am copying this to persons who have peripheral links to my case of police corruption and hope that reporting serious organised crime again does not have me arrested as being mentally ill reporting serious organised crime.  (I was arrested and said to be mentally ill in 2011 daring to send an email to Scotland Yard! And that is in writing as well.) If persons copied this do not wish to receive my emails please inform me: I would hate to be arrested again for sending an email to someone else I never sent one to. (That arrest and I asked to see the offending email, or plural, one would do. But no, not one could be shown to mainly as it/they had never been sent. ENGLAND UK and DCameron thinks the Nigerians are corrupt: wait until they see my file on the charity they question loudly Stepping Stones Nigeria and no, Williams won’t have that nor will any false friend or any one who thinks he is Mr Carol Woods. To the INSOLVENCY SERVICE, I wish to make an appointment to visit your LONDON HQ so you can see cogent evidence of what goes on for YEARS using bogus “court documents” and “dead people” as trustees. STEPHEN SAINSBURY manager of Lancaster County Court and his sidekick BERNADETTE GREGSON both “disappeared” just when Thomson “ran away”. MY AG file is intact and no Mr Carol Woods has that either. Please inform by email as my mail is routinely stolen and much goes to Williams when she is to be “me” but as other documetns show, my mail goes to others who are me in rotation. Apparently, I am mentally ill as I hallucinate and only think I hear thieves and fraudsters signing for recorded and special delivery in my name.  Who said I hallucinated? The police legal rep IAN YOUNG posing as a “psychiatrist” who turned out not to be a psychiatrist either. Yours etc Carol Woods noting not one single response from anyone at all. If anything has been posted to me it has been intercepted or handed to others.

 Police harass; invent crime; cover DWP FRAUD Lancs

Dear Sirs,

Today I Ms Carol Woods of 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP was actually allowed a letter, DWP FRAUD acknowledging receipt of my fraud report doc. The letter had not even been withheld from me. The reprisals are thus: (anyone who did not get my DWP doc please ask and I will resend it.)

The DWP confirm they cannot tell me of any outcome; fine, BUT when MY name used such as 23/11/12 to claim I, with a local lowlife and much worse ALAN McTEAR aka others who claims he was in a DWP TRIBUNAL WITH ME as my partner using MY then address, I expect to be asked to make a full statement and have it sworn under oath. The DWP may also need my photographic evidence and details of cars used. Such as for example LK07 AUA a cobalt blue Mini used in Harrow 2010 where I was apparently not there but said to be living in hiding in my brothers’ house in Morecambe. I in harrow then was apparently someone else, Mrs Carole Woods invented by police Jan 2010. That went on to become other blue Minis 2 of which I record here: sleazy “social worker” found hiding under my kitchen window when I had moved from 298 Oxcliffe Rd to flat 3 Penhale Gardens, she I found 2/8/13 pretending she was indoors with me. PX07 FNC (good photos) and then at 14 Fell View McGUIRE as we know using RX02 TLU blue Mini claiming to drive me about. I add here that the professionally unemployed thieves and worse, harassers and stalkers  in 12 Fell VIEW ELY who have much disposable income in FRAUD now have produced a CARAVAN to tow; how do they afford that AND their personalised large NISSAN L20 ELY? The caravan is to be the one used at 20 Fell View for 2 years in FRAUD as per my doc and the attempt to do same at 49 Fell View. (Jarvis from 41 told me that the Lord Jesus would help her get out of this so he may need to be interviewed. She had waited at my gate to tell me that- it is not a joke.)

She in 32 Fell View MARY LAMB fraudster rushed to WILLIAMS in 30 (they who claim also to be me as Mr and Mrs Carol Woods) on Tuesday saying “They know” much panic; how did they all know when I did not? The car used there in FRAUD is PF08 WDJ and from my moving into 28 Fell View it did not move until 10/9/14 when I wrote to the council and said it had better not be anything to do with me again. (As other cars had been so used in frauds linked to me PJ60 BYR for example.) Today a blue FORD drove to JARVIS in 41, Fell View AY53 ZSN to be all the “53” used in fraud such as BK53 EWE, ML53 WDJ and so on used at different addresses round Fell View.

On Bank Holiday Sunday by chance I found CUMBRIA police escorting FE02 VDK fraudsters and thieves to Caton from the EAST. They were pretending I was just moving to 20 Fell View again as it was apparently 2009 NOT 2016. They are shaking the kaleidoscope. (I use the phone shop and Internet cafe in Lancaster to send this and a woman is in buying a cheap phone: please see use of phones and what the TRAP is today.) I went east and on my return I found the Gestapo hiding to sneak along behind me and claim they escorted me: I pulled in he had to pass, I took his photo and he then had to leave the road for the first exit which led back to Cumbria.

 I did not go out yesterday: on Tuesday a respected associate sent me an email saying he wished to contact me by using his landline as we had the previous week. I tried to ring him and another who I respect: I had nothing but police harassment they hiding and waiting to claim they saw me using a phone. So what? So they can claim something and arrest me. They also have male lowlife always where they see me so that they can claim they are linked to me. Approx 2pm today after 2 police vehicles harassed and as many staged events in harassment in FELL VIEW were noted not least a SELF DRIVE HIRE van as AGAIN I have apparently just moved out of 23 Fell View, they sent a male with “red” trainers and in “black” to be “seen” where I am (I have the police on photos which I will scan and send out asap) why did they have him? To be the “RED BOOTS fraud of those who claim to be me in my DWP doc as significant feature of related bank fraud and the yob JACKSON who with she in 26 Fell View AGNES JACKSON no relation went to DWP to claim as Mrs Carol Woods (me) with yob as my Mr Carol Woods. The police helped him to run away from 36 FELL VIEW Caton LA2 9RP when they saw how good my photos were. I offer all those to DWP. Leaving out more this is how the police act with NHS and this is the trap today.

8/9 Nov 2008 I was arrested for burgling my own house (!!) and one of my daughters with me the police then decided that I had someone else as a daughter, a known thief JOANNE HALL of OLDHAM (amazingly where the DWP letter is sent from). Obviously I could not burgle my own house; the police wanted to find out from my daughter and 2 others with us where I kept my documents; they did not know. Hall has been used many times and is named in my DWP FRAUD DOC. The interception of emails the police see I am asked to make a call; they monitor all my movements: I arrive back at 28 Hell View on Tuesday to find drivel hand done by an NHS troll assuming I was gullible and stupid.

 Leaving out the drivel, she wants to see me face to face (that is after an arrest of burgling her relative). But I haven’t heard of the lunatic, know her or her family or anything about her, why would she think she is going to do that? She tells me she is so sorry for hearing of my case and would like me to ring in the first instance. No, not her, an aunt (this is the HALL connection as Hall is a niece of mine and the MILLS lowlife in 20 Fell View claiming for 2 years that I was their aunt and rented a caravan at the front of their council house as in my DWP doc.)  BUT I have to leave a message as the house is empty right now; and will be for some days. And then gives me the number etc. which suggests to be she is deranged. Thus I am seen with lowlife sent to be seen near me (police), I am seen making a call and I have apparently told BURGLARS that this house is empty! It is in the PRESTON area, an area I have never heard of and cannot recall without the drivel with me (now kept safe for a jury) and the police try to make me from the MRS CAROLE WOODS they invented in Jan 2010 leaving such murdering lowlife as JUNE WILLIAMS to be me as MRS CAROL WOODS she in 30 Fell View. I won’t be ringing my associate from any call box nor will I be buying the phone that someone with a big mouth goes through the process of so doing now in the shop part of this place. (Market St Lancaster.) She is possibly using one of the SANTANDER bank accounts in my name.

The DWP will surely want my evidence of that? That was 18/4/13 when PCSO PAUL SHEPHERD was sent to tell me that he the PCSO was not going to conduct an investigation into bank fraud. Santander had referred the matter to them and ONE letter slipped past the watchers to me. So, if she in 30 Fell View is me then she will have my letter will she not?

There is much more but this is supposed to be me making a phone call to NHS links (to account for their found out sleaze) and giving someone details of an empty house to burgle!! I told you I couldn’t make this up.

The use of taxis today was obvious: who rings for the taxis? They have to be pre-booked. How are they paid for? I have them on photos: I am not in the taxis. Thus to DWP please ask if you need my photos, car details documented, etc. More later after I have my photos ready to scan. PS I went to Skelmersdale office as per my record because I hoped to see ALAN KELLY a good guy. I am never allowed to see those.

archive continues here:

CAROL WOODS UPDATE 3 JUNE: + 31 May: Public monies used for private purposes, Lancashire + “E-ON ELECTRICITY” IMPLICATED IN MASSIVE + SERIOUS CRIME 31 MAY 2016 + archive


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