CAROL WOODS 12 July : MIKE TODD R.I.P., GMP + OFFICIAL COMPLAINT + Police harass Lancs. w’blower to hide house theft + more

Please see below, under the video links, the latest update from whistleblower and ex-Social Worker Level 3 and Child Protection Officer Ms. Carol Woods, received 12 July 2016, and before. [All is “alleged” – that word conforming to the meaning as set out under UK + US Laws].

The protection of criminals and the coverup regarding the infinite number of serious crimes committed against this ex-government employee, or the numerous crimes she’s officially reported, is staggering.  To date, no government official, police representative, MP, legal type [including so-called “eminent QCs” or solicitors] or media reporter or connected will go anywhere near the shocking crimes being committed against or reported by Ms. CAROL WOODS, those crimes including: 

the theft of her home [as happened also to Patrick Cullinane, Len Lawrence, Joseph Henry [multiple houses stolen], Tom Crawford, Peter Hofschroer, his mother “Grandma B” Barbara Hofschroer, and so many more],

at least 4 separate enforced incarcerations in mental hospital units for no earthly good reason – one excuse used  for such incarcerations being that Ms. Woods was mentally “deluded” in her findings of utter corruption within a Lancs. council – her latest incarceration being between November 2015 and Febuary 2016. Carol was also forced to take psychotropic drugs against her will during these hospital stays, and was threatened with re-arrest before her leaving the “Cygnet” unit, Lancs. in Febuary 2016.

fake IDs used [for example: for expensive commercial criminal frauds], 

chronic gangstalking by government connected sources,

home burglaries,

the inflicting of tracking devices upon her motor vehicle, and also numerous attempted thefts of that vehicle, and the attempted destruction of her motor vehicle, 

enforced “bankruptcy”,

Many more seriously criminal activities exist, committed against this lone female – numerous government departments have been told over and over regarding the situation – from the heads of police forces, to the Ministry of Justice, the SS and DWP, to MPs, and QC’s, and many more – noone seems to take a blind bit of notice!  DISGRACEFUL!   and that’s apart from the serious crime this ex-Lancs. council employee has reported so many times…

[NB: Everything posted on this site conforms to the meaning of the word “alleged” as defined under UK and US Laws and Statutes].



2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016

3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016


SriLankerC SriLankerC 24 April 2016

6] Carol Woods Social Worker Unlawfully Incarcerated In Psychiatric Gulag   – 16 April 2016 by  GeorgeGreekTrucker carolwoods

Received 12 July:   Complaint from Carol Woods

Dear Sirs see how long I have been trying to deal with SERIOUS ORGANISED FRAUD. Now it is all out in the open and I was right all along and for that YOU could have done something which would have meant that Mike Todd GMP was not murdered. He found this FRAUD and EXTORTION and Thomson “took early retirement” after stalking me round Lancaster and parking at MY house gate in 2008 pretending to have met with me. Public Interest as the MO of Lancashire was to do this as routine to anyone they felt needed to taught a “lesson”. The SFO prosecuted ROBERT ORME who had misappropriated about £52k which he did not use for himself but to shore up his failing business; and what do these thugs get? Nothing at all except early retirement. Lancaster County Court wrote to me Aug 08 and said in black and white that they had never heard of IAN THOMSON so one wonders, one wonders. The files are intact and the recent attempt to make June 2016 be 2006 was so ludicrous it was more than pathetic. The papers are junk, according to one “expert” not even as good as toilet paper. That was what Justice MacKay saw 24 May 2010 in the High Court London, just 1`of the drivel issued to me to make me think something untrue and he was livid. That resulted in yet another kidnapping of me which now the court records have been handed to me which show what I maintained all along cannot be dealt with as the matter of FRAUD EXTORTION KIDNAPPING DEMAND MONEY WITH MENACES WITNESS INTIMIDATION and more are “out of time”. Well they would say that, wouldn’t they? Yours etc Carol Woods Ms.

On Saturday, 11 November 2006, 11:28, carol woods [REDACTED]  wrote

Dear Sirs

It is over one month since I complained about the FRAUD FORGERY EXTORTION DEMANDING OF MONEY WITH MENACES involving Ian Thomson of  Blackpool

and I have heard nothing.
There was a concerted effort to have me apply for an annulment Order
in mid Oct. But that would be silly and why should I involve myself in costs to allow the thieves and generally corrupt to cover their tracks?

I am aware that in any annulment that all papers are destroyed as if it had never happened.

That is not in my interests.

I want what evidence there is to be available for examination.

Further, is one was not married one would not apply for a divorce. It would be a waste of time and money. The analogy is plain.

Ian Thomson will have done this before to others less able than myself to understand the due processes and the law etc.

Misocnduct in Public Office, Judge Simon Lawler QC “Such conduct strikes at the very roots of our democracy. We must have faith in our public servants”.

Then we have the intent and foresight into the criminal law generally. Ian Thomson certainly has that.

Why is he not suspended pending an investigation?

This is not going to go away. He is unfit for his post. I alerted you months earlier than making my formal complaint.

I look forward to a response in my favour before too much longer.

Thank you for your time, Yours faithfully, Carol Woods wrote:

Complaint from:
carol Woods

Sunnyside Lane
Post Code:



Name of bankrupt/company:

Court Ref:
None court involv ed Lancaster County

Complaint sent to:

I have continually been ignored in this my serious complaint about Ian Thomson of Blackpool.
Ian Thomson colludes with the corrupt in stating that I am bankrupt when I am not.
I have NEVER signed any court papers.
I have NOT EVER petitioned to bankrupt myself. I have NEVER paid monies to do such an action.
I can be sent no documents from the court in question that I have signed. I have been denied a Form N244 and when I got a copy motnhs later from another court, lancaster simply ignored it.
It cannot go in front of a judge, someone would see that there has been no true bankruptcy. I was not supposed to know the law or questino the corruption.
Ian Thomson has been sent copies of the evidence that my signature must have been forged and why. Ian Thomson I can show was given the contents fo a letter to another which ahd been opened when she received it and he used the contents to harm me.
He informed the London gazette to publish the fact that I was bankrupt.
Ian Thomson had the dates altered as it becasme known that I knew the law on publications. I can show that my name was not added on July 5th as is recorded. It was added after 21 July as I was printing off all the July 5th entries daily. It can be seen that the registration numbers do not run consecutively, my name has been altered much later than the 5th July entries. I have all the copies printed off showing that my name was not added until after 21 July 06 after the interception of the letter to my friend.
Ian Thomson has declined to accept my evience in that he has ignored me, ignored faxes, emails and letters. I have visisted his office to be treated badly but complained about that.
Ian Thomson has been sent statute law copies of such as Forgery and Counterfeiting under the 1981 Act. I have sent him Misconduct in Public Office common law case law. I have sent him various items and he ignores it all.
I have copied much to the Secretariat who only seeemd to contact him when i emailed an open letter which had been copied widely about his corruptio0n. i invoiced him for wasting my time.
Ian Thomson wrote to me whne he thought he was writing to someone else. I had written asking what he would do if he saw evidence of criminality in any case in front of him
but I had written in another name (made up) as I felt he would ignore me of he knew it was me asking him that question.
He replied to that letter (in name of C Ryder) saying that he had a Code of conduct and quoted from it. He said that he would report matters to the proper authorities and listed agencies he could use to counteract fraud etc.
When I wrote saying that C Ryder was me he simply discrimianted against me in nto offering me any servcie to deal with what was evidenced as serious crime: Fraud Extortion Demading Money with Menaces. Now forgery. I HAVE SIGNED NOTHING EVER IN ANY COURT.
He admitted that he had written to me on the strength of a phone call. Eventually he sent me what I asked for, all docuemnts in my name. There is nothing signed by me.
The persons he said bankrupted me, Lancashire County Council cannot, they have no corporate personality, they cannot bankrupt anyone.
This is Fruad and I want Ian Thomspn dealt with as conspiring with the fraudsters. C W

Is this your first complaint:

Details of previous complaint:
Response by E-mail?:
Remote Host:  REDACTED
User Agent:  REDACTED

Lancs w’blower finding things out – 12 July 16

Dear Sirs, this is a list of significant names; this is why there are attempts to silence me one way or another; one link is MIKE TODD former Chief Constable GMP, see if you can guess who the other person is:

Please note I often use for my emails, this email address I have had from 2002. IT has never been shared. I have never allowed anyone to use it.  THOMAS HAMILTON, THOMAS MAIR, SUSAN MAIRS, JO COX (JOanne), JO HALL (JOanne), CHRISTOPHER COX, JAMIE HEATON.

Yours etc Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP


11 July 2016 Police harass w’blower Lancs. hide house theft

Dear Sirs:
I earlier sent out from, a 3 part doc showing more MoJ corruption and now use this email address, it is still ME. It is not my identical twin. It is not MR Carol Woods. This is one example of how harassment works. This happens OFTEN. I have scanned the photo taken earlier today to show what goes on; there were other photos but this was ONE I chose as representative. I have apparently just moved to CATON again. Regular readers will know I move at least 3 times every week and have just moved from somewhere unspecified. The claims for DWP monies must be made to make these frauds seem to be fact: that will have a trail.

The photo is of a plumber’s van which van had been parked up for sometime doing nothing. How do I know? That is for a jury.

He is parked out of sight of me in 28 Fell View and Williams in 30 Fell View who are apparently “me” hid in 30 Fell View with their car PJ65 WLL moved to look as if they were out. They were not out: the car is registered to ME as if she in 30 is me. Thus for her to be me having been in 30 Fell View for almost 2 decades the police decided to claim I have just moved to CATON thus she in 30 was me there in 28 all the time from 24/3/14. Thus they invent me as me again and that means apparently that JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 has not been posing as me but is a “me” thus Caton is being populated with many Carol Woods.

The plumber’s van is significant because I moved to 28 on 24/3/14 and later in the day I was setting off to ring a plumber to connect my cooker. One appeared at my door before I set off, he told me he was “Just passing” and would fix my cooker. How could be just passing miles from anywhere? How did he know I had moved? How did he know where I had moved to? How did he know my cooker was in situ ready for fixing? He didn’t know – he had been told by the Gestapo illegally monitoring me. (The rest of the police harassment of 24/3/14 aiding more serious fraudsters is part of my moving but not for this document.

Thus, every time I “move” a plumber is found to be parked hiding in Caton to PRETEND has just fixed my cooker. The odd thing is that I never saw the van of the plumber who did call in “just passing” on 24/3/14.

Often the masonic firm S R BROWN are sent and they have stalked to harass me for over 3 years, they to pretend they are my plumbers BUT the council houses have their own “fixer” firm EMCOR and they found out to be what they are now do not take part as much as they did.

Thus PRIVATE FIRMS and I have to be seen moving into a privately owned house. The use of QUERNMORE RD today was because of data I have sent out which included MAIL THEFT and more using 28 then 34 Quernmore Rd, 32 in and between and 30 if I guess right. I have no proof yet about 30 being used. 28, 32, 34 are all used in FRAUD trying to make them FELL VIEW as if I SOLD MY HOUSE and moved to CATON where I would not want a house given to me. I would never live in Caton by choice. The thought of buying a property among the lowlife thieves and fraudsters beggars belief. This is the sleazy NHS from 2011 and telling me “You sold your house luvvie” (but forgot and now presumably bought one in Caton – apparently it is a mental illness to forget selling ones house. BUT they then decided only days later to claim that, “But luvvie, your house was repossessed” when I never had a mortgage. Today with the van found and photographed as attached, I also saw the usual other idiots acting out farces, Williams I knew of, LAMB in 32, those in 15 and 17 Fell view taking part, and the usual “trustee” having been “appointed” to “call” rushing  back and forth from 34 as that is now apparently where I “live” Quernmore Rd 1/4 mile from Fell View. The rest is not worth more comment.

S R BROWN are used because when I bought MY HOUSE that firm did all the work I wanted doing. After the RAID on MY house of 5 9 08 which the MoJ confirm there was no legal jurisdiction and no “warrants” for the Gestapo thugs to raid and search MY house and wrecking the utilities as they left because they did not find what they wanted, I contacted S R BROWN to come and help me with the gas. The Fire Service refused to come at all; I was left with that to deal with myself. I had to pay of course. S R BROWN would not come: I could not understand why not: I had no idea like the Fire Service he was a masonic bully boy and was told not to come out. Now he is used and I am to be “brainwashed” into thinking as he is at a house just sold or bought then he works for me. He does not and never will again.

This firm I have not seen used previously. The photo is dark as it was raining and very over cast. The van says THE TALL PLUMBER so we can give him some free publicity. S R BROWN can have his free publicity as well. Yours etc Carol Woods Ms.00001.jpg2


11 July – Lancs police rewrite 2005: BLOOD SPORT ignored

Dear Sirs, Please let me know if you do not want my emails.
We have another Masonic inversion “plan” in action for me, whistle-blower Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP. Regular readers will find this unsurprising as a tale to relate which shows what lunatics are running the asylum of “life” in Lancashire. Please feel free to copy this or any part to others. I will add here that on Friday I did not go out and found the usual thugs and yobs arriving at 45 Fell View to use the Internet as if one is me, the shaved headed yobs all ran off at the same time;  2 30pm. I did not go out on Friday and have no Internet use unless I go to a Wifi cafe or public computer. All that use of 45 Fell View with 43 Fell View is another document.  The use of shaved headed yobs have been to account for the 2 documents linked to the murder of Mike Todd and in that, the police use shaved headed yobs to pretend they are linked to me AND WERE IN 2004 making some of them about 8 years old at the time. When those 2 documents are seen, it will all become clear. Be under no illusions, the Lancashire “forces”, dark, light or otherwise extend to the whole of Lancashire which includes the whole of the Manchester areas so I give ONE example of “reversion” or inversion used by them in their parallel universe of corruption and worse. 2006 and Lancashire police told the Investigatory Powers Tribunal, then starting a full inquiry into my case, that I did not exist, that the police had never heard of me in Lancaster and that I was my sister living in Shaw, near Oldham. The IPT assumed I used MY name as an alias and stopped the inquiry. (It was started again in 2008 which was when the lunatics pretended that by parking outside MY house they could claim to have met with me such as the old doxy DAWN MORRIS more about her to follow) but they felt a certain way to make sure the facts were never disclosed, they thought they would “bankrupt” me to take from me “legally” all my files. It did not happen as they planned and thought it would. The reason now why so many lunatics park near me and hide by lying across the front seats of the cars to make the cars seem empty thus the driver likely to be with me, is to continue the wild hopes that I am signing a compromise agreement. I AM NOT. The question I asked the IPT when I found what they had been told by Lancashire police was, if the police had never heard of me, how did they know I had a sister and where she lived? That basic question had not occurred to anyone to ask. It took me almost 2 years to find out what the IPT had been told. Mike Todd GMP was murdered at the same time I found out, March 2008. At the time he passed HIS file on MY case to CPS IAN RUSHTON for prosecutions. MY FILE which started that was passed to Mike Todd in Nov 07 by Judge David Williams after hearing me present my case for Industrial Injury in July 2007. The use of 28 Fell View for me after bullying to death the tenant so I could have 28, was the “convenient FACT” of an old couple, WILLIAMS being in next door in 30 Fell View and ready to be “used”.                      

The “sister” from Shaw was also why the fraudster, thief and much worse in 30 Fell View JUNE WILLIAMS was a nail in the coffin of the tenant of 28 Fell View when it was decided that Williams could be me as my sister as she was from the Manchester area and was really bankrupt. Thus she was to be me (and given ID by the police as “proof”) and I was to be her sister. That being found out quickly by me, they continue in their lunacy as a lunatic keeps doing the same old things expecting a different result every time. Sirs, we deal with lunatics. BUT in that I was also said to be AGNES JACKSON of 26 Fell View and part of the lunacy in what is called “brainwashing” was on 10/7/16 when a local duffer was sent to harass by standing outside my garden as I worked in it and shouting time after time that ‘things should be shared’, ‘taken in turn’ thus I think I am to believe my ID can be shared, and so on. That had been after a day of sleazy NHS harassing which is recorded elsewhere; the sleazy we know constantly try to make me “mentally ill” so they can tell me nonsense and hope I believe it. They are currently attempting to rewrite Aug 2011, July 2005 and the DAVID WILLIAMS case of 07; in that of 2011, I was told, “But luvvie, you sold your house” and “But luvvie, the mortgagee repossessed your house” and this latest time (Nov 2015) as they thought they had a better plan to arrest me for “following someone to a local airport” and such lunacy and tell me “But luvvie, you harassed the whole of Lancashire and were fined £500.000.00 which you refused to pay so your assets were seized”. Apparently, the “bankruptcy”, theft, wrecking and looting of my house never happened.                                      

How could my sister be me? She has no qualifications and has never had a driving licence. AND 2 documents that also found their way in to the Mike Todd murder needed to be “revised” as for a MR CAROL WOODS hence the lunatic invention of such a person who now numbers at least 873,201 all ages, all races, all religions. This is ONE of them to illustrate a point: my sister’s ex-husband NORMAN COPPINGER, ex from 08. He a known alcoholic which is why she got rid of him, had spoiled papers of mine in a council tax matter which tribunal found in my favour from 2006 with a land mark ruling for me. But according to the police, I never lived in my house so how could there be a whole file of council tax matters with MY address in Lancaster? My file stored with my sister for safety, he having access did carefully tear off the typed address section of many letters to me from the council which was so stupid I need say no more. He was a driver; that was all he could do, how to make him me as at least he was a driver? He lost every job he had because he was always over the limit when arriving for work. How could he be me as qualified social worker (child protection) and teacher? The lunatics gave him a job driving school children knowing of his “problem”. That apparently was proof he was me. Williams in 30 as a “me” has had a drink problem and still has “health issues” related to such that was another shake of the kaleidoscope, seen to be “convenient”. Coppinger was paid £8.000.00 for his “trouble”. He was to be me in 2011 in the NHS sleaze and perjury then when the divorce was finalised. I was to be “him” having a “breakdown” after a divorce! All that is to be dealt with; the sleazy NHS think they will be doing something else for the same dates from 2011 linked to 05 and 07 now in 2016. (At 1 16pm on 11/7/16 I took a photo to show that the car used by Williams in 30 Fell View registered to ME, PJ65 WLL was not parked. She often goes out as me in that car or the police have shaved headed yobs drive it about, apparently I am “sharing” it, while Williams hide in 30 and use their phones but claiming as they were out then the phone use had to be me in 28. I could hear they were indoors; the car not parked and they were out as WOODS but “in” as Williams which is more of the “taking it in turn” and “sharing” lunacy.)                                            

How can 2011, 05 and 07 all be “done again”? Coppinger driving was all reported as endangering children’s lives yet ignored, the lunatics decided to REVERSE that and claim it was MY driving that was a cause for concern so, as well as being arrested for “following someone to a local airport” and other acts of lunacy, they claimed they were concerned about my driving because of my delusions! Unfortunately for them, REAL medics could not find any delusions. In that of course enter WILLIAMS 30 Fell View again, the car bought for her as if she was me PJ65 WLL when they assumed the NHS sleazy would “do the trick” and leave me befuddled and too confused to drive, was registered to ME as if she was me in the expectation that I would not be driving again after the last bout of NHS corruption, sleaze and attempts to murder me. That though is a classic “inversion” – reverse what I report and make it so that the report is about me. How then to utilise that thuggery now after all the attempts from May 2016 have failed with their use of MORE sleazy NHS and traps as set?                                

The “dark forces” have reverted to Vol 1 of my book again and the event end July 2005. (2005 not 2015.) This is what they hope to reverse NOW. A day of gardening for me at MY house, a lovely sunny day and my then friend of 35 years plus, GAIL CAPSTICK arrived for a coffee and chat. Gail went on to do a deal with the Gestapo in 09, offering them MY house title deeds stored for safety at her house to avoid prosecution for false accounting which deal was done. BUT I have my title deeds which is another link in this. I had swept my garden driveway leaving the sweepings as Gail arrived; she started to walk home just as darkness fell: MY house is in a very quiet and very dark area of Lancaster, in a cul de sac leading only to allotments. THIS IS WHY WE HAVE A NEW “IDEA” FOR USE OF SHAVED HEADED YOBS and the lunacy in pretending one was IN MY HOUSE WITH ME at a relevant time from 04. The number of yobs increases as each time I move the Gestapo find others who apparently were in my house with me in 04 and while the lunacy is that they are all the same yob, the FACTS suggest that in 04 most used were about the age of 9. End July 05, It was good to stand and listen to the quiet; it grew too dark to do much else. I had swept my garden rubbish up to my garage (can’t be done round Fell View as there are no garages and my sister never had one anyway) which was set back from the house and in total darkness; one street lamp lit parts of SUNNYSIDE LANE where MY house is. A cycle path ran alongside my neighbours’ house, there were 2 sets of semi’s, mine the 3rd, next but one to the end and Eden Breck cottage at right angles to the end house where the cycle path ended to enter the lane fully. I heard voices along the cycle path, not loud but obviously 2 males (this is partly why now I had 2 female trolls standing to shout at the rear of my garden in Fell View on 10/7/16, reverse the males, reverse front of my house and shout more loudly) and expected to hear the garden gate of the cottage open for the tenant to have returned. I heard a gate: it was not the cottage gate; it was my neighbours’ gate, I heard what was said and without repeating that whole episode here, what I saw and heard in progress was BLOOD SPORT in action. My neighbours had pedigree cats which they left in their well secured front garden at a certain time of the evening before being taken indoors again. The area must have been reconnoitred. At the time, many pet owners were reporting cat disappearances in the whole area south Lancaster. The 2 thugs, one with his shaved head and his partner, had 3 dogs between them: a Rottweiler, a terrier and a large dog like a lurcher. My neighbours’ cats didn’t stand a chance; the mayhem ended in MY garden with the thugs also and the Rottweiler bearing down on me finally seen stood by my garage. I did get back indoors by sheer chance and rang the police after putting on all the lights I could to let the thugs see what I was doing. The police did not arrive. My neighbours then came round still unsure as to events, I told them, they called the RSCPA who arrived. Searching my garden they found what they needed to prosecute, the thugs had thrown one small cat’s body into my bushes. I waited for over 2 hours for the police but retired almost midnight. When they did bother to call to my neighbours they told them that they had called soon after the phone call made to speak to me but I had gone to bed. My neighbours knew they were liars.

The RSPCA interviewed me (statement made and kept for anyone to see should they wish to do so) and said they had never had such a good witness. The autopsy on the cat’s body they found confirmed EXACTLY with what events I had described. Then the police told them NOT to prosecute. They could not understand it, nor could we BUT later, it was obvious even at that time the Gestapo were PLANNING to claim I was not me in MY house (I had been deprived of my right to vote in May 05 having been deleted from council records and the council had sent 2 unsolicited letters of junk to me at my sister’s house which made no sense EXCEPT when we found out what they told the IPT and how they planned it all). My neighbours found the thugs through their own good efforts but the police refused to prosecute. Obviously, they planning to say I was not me in MY house then I could hardly be witness to such an event and testify in court. My neighbours then started to be intimidated by the thugs who were told to stand about by the cycle path and see if they could be recognised by me for example. Of course I could recognise them. The Gestapo sent them to harass and intimidate me when I went to Sainsbury’s, telling us that they were dangerous and not to provoke them! (Is this sounding familiar as to what the lunatics keep repeating in different guises after shaking their kaleidoscope?)                         

 The issue with my being said to be my sister was in the statement she wrote after being in Manchester Employment Tribunals with me, claim 2406569/01 when I was told I had won my case and for a remedy hearing date to be fixed. (All that is kept safe.) The lunatics decided to reverse the M.E.T. document to record I had lost my case (ref Mike Todd’s murder) and which is why the junk I have is on plain paper, written by IAN YOUNG of Lancashire legal dept, has no court crest, no court seal and is undated and unsigned. Thus they all thought if they could make me my sister then I had written her statement to confirm I had been told I had won my case. And that is the NEXT plan.                                  

The Williams in 30 Fell View, Jackson in 26 have been given tapes of dogs barking to play so I hear and think I have a dog. The police have had dog dirt dumped just where I park my car as they have had much dumped as “proof” that I or my passenger for example smokes with empty cigarette packets being placed (I don’t smoke so they invent me as one the opposite of me), half smoked cigarettes (not casually thrown, I have seen them being carefully placed). That is also a detail from my book Vol 1 when I challenged a pair of males who arrived at MY local play area at the rear of MY house, not like the one at Fell View at the front of 28, which pair let their dogs foul the area then went to drive off after reloading the dogs into their van, I stood so they could not drive off and they eventually, after a great deal of threats and so forth to me, did clean up the mess their dogs had left. That is partly what is being “rewritten” thus, that was 2002, so they have shaken the kaleidoscope and think I can be “brainwashed” into thinking I was the one with the dogs challenged by males (I have never had a van of any colour or make) and thus the others with the BLOOD SPORT (that makes 4 Mr C Woods aside from the all the others) is PROOF I have dogs and NOW with the dog dirt placed on the pavement where I park my car. The lunacy falls down somewhat as no one has the garage, the pedigree cats, the farm cottage at right angles, no one has the academic posts I and all my neighbours had, and as we all worked we couldn’t afford the 2 or 3 cars they each have round Fell View.
 It is also in part to mesh with 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe LA3 3EJ where the Gestapo had a thug in house I had to pass if I walked along that long road, set his 3 guard dogs on me each time I walked past. I had to cease walking and go out in my car every time. All that was reported as almost causing a car pile-up with the dogs trying to get to me on the opposite side of the road where I had had to go to get away from them. Now of course that will be my fault and MR CAROL WOODS will be in that house as well. Then we have the dog owners who were all “me” at Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA and their looting of the dead so imperative I am proven to have a dog, 1 at least.                                    

How did the Gestapo get my Vol 1 copy? They stole it when sent to a publisher electronically. They stole Vol 2 via DIANA GARNER then of 2 Leaper’s View near Carnforth Lancashire and PATRICIA JACKSON of 8 DeVitre St Lancaster who as friends were believed by me when they asked to store my USB’s for safety with them. They “sold” them and Garner had a house move to DOREST while Jackson (no relation to Jackson in 26 Fell View) had a bank account to use as if she was me.  I was told in 2013 that I would be arrested if I asked PAT JACKSON for the return of my USB’s!

Part 1 of 3 MoJ corruption cover GMP  11July 16

From Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP after MY house stolen wrecked and looted on 27 Oct 08 and 19 Nov 08. This sent in parts given the length. Noting I have received not one single response thus far in regard to this amazing corruption AGAIN.

This document is to be the next in the series exposing yet MORE court corruption with what I suggest includes BRIBERY and PAYOLA of such as Christopher Cox HMCS Manchester Access Rights Unit after I paid my £10 to obtain ALL data which MUST exist in my name from courts I named, gave dates of, cases, named persons involved and as much information as possible. Already sent out is data showing what junk I was handed, the FACT that it is NOT court electronically held data but was junk handed to COX after emails re my Section 7 Subject Access Request were ILLEGALLY read by Lancashire police who alerted their gangsters in the County who then sent to Cox what he should pass to me which I was to believe was the Sec. 7 data collected from courts of YEARS. In that junk there was not one single case management record and not even the email from Lancaster County Court of recent informing me that they had passed to COX my request for all data held in Lancaster County Court. This document outlines MORE of what is missing mainly because my cases have never been legally heard DESPITE MY HAVING PAID COURT FEES of which there are no records except what I have on my files. In that there are no records that Lancashire County Council, applying to bankrupt me on a “Statutory Demand” cobbled together by an idiot which does not conform to any real proceedings at all, not even Alice in Wonderland and her Red Queen court and such like junk, paid COURT FEES. LCC paid no courts fees for any “case” they initiated.

Missing is also a document that apparently is an INJUNCTION ORDER related to me NOT to go to MY house. Missing is also ANOTHER INJUNCTION ORDER which was apparently issued to one along Fell View (unnamed) and which is an injunction ordering me NOT to write to her. That lunacy supposes that a total stranger thought I might write to her as a total stranger so went to court PAYING COURT FEES to obtain an injunction IN CASE I DECIDED TO WRITE TO HER. I was arrested for writing while she had an injunction against me not to but I don’t actually know who got the injunction and a solicitor making enquiries found there was no injunction. However, I do have it on police FORMAL document that the person did have an injunction so it must be true. On 19.10.15 SUZANNE JARVIS 41 Fell View went to pose as me in Lancaster County Court which fraud I spoiled by going out to be miles away but the data will be in my name yet seems not to be “available”.

On 8/7/16 I was allowed 2 items of mail: a Duke’s Playhouse mail shot addressed to me Mrs C Woods 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP and another letter sent to me dated 2/7/16. For those sent this, that ALWAYS means that the sleazy in the post office have held my letter of 2/7/16 to deliver to me when OTHER mail was to be delivered to me which I was not to have with the postman confirming he delivered something to me which he did: a letter 6 days old sent 1st class. That was why I was “allowed” that. Why was I allowed my Duke’s mail shot when they are routinely stolen from me and delivered to the murdering thief and more, JUNE Williams in 30 Fell View who police have supplied with MY name as Mrs Carol Woods so she can be “me”? Williams has been delivered of my Duke’s mail since I moved to 28 Fell View  on 24/3/14; queries to the Duke’s staff always show mail shots are sent regularly and that 100% “disappears”. Why then was I “allowed” the latest which was a “plan” to backfire as the mail shot was an up-dated version of one sent to me 3 weeks ago which I did not get? Surely if I received this I would have received that? No because then Williams was part of the overall plan to maintain as FACT that she is me. We have a “new plan”.

Jarvis and Williams are not the only “me” from Fell View as many know and as has been proved. Jackson in 26 is also a “me”. Outside me, parked the night prior to my going to Manchester on 13th June for my data, was a roughneck in a black VW PE64 HMG, she left her car outside me in 28 and went way down the road to stay with someone else when she could have parked much nearer to where she was staying. She had never been used previously but was one of a “type” used, rough, coarse, unemployed, prepared to do anything for a few £s. Her “job”, being unemployed so available, was to pretend that parked outside me was PROOF she was driving me to Manchester as Agnes Jackson from 26. Jackson does not drive. Williams drives and has had 5 cars (FIVE) cars bought for her all IN MY NAME one being PE64 OUG, the latest PJ65 WLL (a pattern emerges does it not?). The black VW was used because of the “coincidence” of PE64 and this; the black VW BOUGHT BY YOU, THE TAX-PAYER for fraudsters, HUNTER in 22 Fell View, KW54 XDO who did from April 2014 pretend Mrs Hunter was my carer and drove me about and had the car BOUGHT for her (unemployed) to pretend she did drive me about. Hunter claimed I was his mother living with them in 22 Fell View then a “new plan” emerged when I was said to be her mother. The car, KW54 XDO was bought for her after I reported the use of YD54 VYR being used in FRAUD and involving me when they are total strangers to me. AT THE SAME TIME a troll in 37 Fell View, name unknown also pretended that I was her mother and lived with her being cared for and driven about by her AS WELL. Her car coincidentally was PN54 XJD and is still used in FRAUD despite the police aiding her to “disappear” literally overnight to avoid prosecution for DWP fraud and more. As most know, June 13th 2016, outside the courts where I was to collect my data (collect it as if sent I would not have received it) an AGNES JACKSON supposed lookalike was to linger dressed EXACTLY as Jackson type trolls are dressed when she is “me” when for example I go to my dentist. Thus one seen to look like Jackson while I am at my dentist is apparently PROOF she is me. I have all that on film. I reported that FRAUD to GMP after my visit, stalking and harassment of me with INTENT. Someone had gone to the trouble of finding an old, grey haired woman, dumpy, short and bought her EXACTLY what a Jackson lookalike has to wear. GMP passed that to Lancashire to deal with (this is no joke, only they think it’s clever and amusing). The motive was to claim a Jackson type was seen near the courts on CCTV so was clearly me collecting my data: obviously I would not be seen. The troll with the black VW was supposed to be “covering” for HUNTER driving about someone unable to drive themselves. If anyone can produce my car park ticket of 13 June 2016 then it may suggest they are me. Obviously as I have it, one can only wonder how if I am not me.

The link to Williams in 30 Fell View is that she is bankrupt and hails from the Manchester area where I do not. BUT given the GMP thugs involved it was seen to be prudent to a) make me one who is truly bankrupt and b)one from Manchester and JUNE WILLIAMS fitting the bill just for that criteria, the elderly lone person in 28 was bullied to death to get 28 available for me to move into; I was not to find out about Williams and Jackson both being me with the rest of the unemployed parasites and fraudsters all making their ludicrous claims making me into at least 25 people all at the same time. The DWP have turned not a hair.

On 9/7/16 I expected some act of lunacy because of 9 Sept 2008 events at MY house after which 9th of any month any year sees events to “rewrite” that. (There are no court records that would give the police legal jurisdiction to be at MY house on 9/9/08 or any date at all in fact.) Afternoon a troll was to push through something the letterbox of 30 after waving it about as mail delivered wrongly. She did not live along Fell View and I had never seen her anywhere previously but the INTENTION was to act out events from when I first moved to Fell View 24/3/14 and PRETEND I have just moved to 28 – again. The INTENTION was to pretend that my collecting the junk from Manchester Civil Justice Centre, 13th floor Access Rights Unit was a BANKRUPTCY for which I had attended. The INTENTION with the sleazy NHS among that was for me to be told, “But luvvie, you were just made bankrupt” as they were to tell me in 2011, “But luvvie, you sold your house” AND, “But luvvie, the mortgagee repossessed your house”. (I was mentally ill apparently having forgotten.) Just prior to moving into 28 I called to decorate daily and on one occasion was certain that a troll called to 32 Fell View for mail delivered for me. I found that troll lived in 28 Quernmore Rd about ¼ mile from Fell View and she, with the fraudster in 32 MARY LAMB was pretending to be me and my dead mother with LAMB claiming a car, a black Mitsubishi Colt PF08 WDJ was for ME to drive her about as if she was MY disabled mother. My mother has been dead over 20 years. Lamb drove herself about but had bought the car in FRAUD using DWP monies. The use of 28 Quernmore Rd was to be 28 Fell View and I was not to know. Yet again the postal service knew what was taking place and aided by delivering to 32 Fell View. That is what has been acted out again using WILLIAMS in 30 who has a daughter, almost 60 and not the “blonde” who called to aid and abet on 9/7/16.                                                                         

34 Fell View started to be used again in March 2016 after the seedy old man who lived there was moved as yet another Mr Carol Woods and replaced by a couple who then pretended that I moved in with them being driven about them, more total strangers. (No one needs to work round Fell View they all have free money in fraudulent claims to being carers and drivers of invisible people.)I found in that, that 34 Quernmore Rd had been drawn in to be used with a car bought for the NEW pair then placed in 34 Quernmore Rd, the car was a red Micra R128 HBM which car has been driven round to Fell View and parked at 34 to muddy waters as to which car and drivers live where. The red Micra was to be R205 XRJ parked outside MY house by officer TRACEY KENNEDY when it was seen I had my red Toyota X165 YUB. Kennedy was posing as ME in MY house (see earlier document to court service re missing data after Kennedy posed as me 23/10/08 and 27/11/09 in CRIMINAL COURTS and data yet to be added). R205 was a red Toyota Starlet; Kennedy could not drive; it was a stage prop meant to be seen as my small red Toyota Yaris as PROOF I was in MY house. The car on good photos with Kennedy (for which taking of I was arrested and imprisoned and appeared in court of which there are apparently no records) then sent out via email to show she was not me and the car was not mine, the car was given to a seedy old man who I found had been driving round behind me on many occasions pretending as he drove where I was that he was Mr Carol Woods. He was recently used to do the same but I found out and got a good photo. Thus we have ANOTHER car FRAUD in place with a bogus daughter and false address and police arranging for mail to be generated and sent out which is done often and to aid and abet those who bullied to death a lone elderly lady, are thieves, fraudsters and general harassers, liars and parasites.                                                                                                                                      
The unemployed driver of the red Micra, R128 HBM is told when to drive away from 34 Quernmore Rd as I arrive back in Caton in the pretence somehow that HER car becomes mine. Apparently there is only 1 red car on the planet and it is mine so anyone in a red car is automatically me. The GPS on my car ILLEGALLY fitted by a garage in Oldham in Jan. 2012 when I bought my car shows the police where I am at all times. REAL police would need to show LEGAL requirements had been met which they can’t because they haven’t thus I refer to them as Gestapo. The Gestapo did what they wanted without legal requirement. See RAID on MY house below.

Why was I allowed the Duke’s mail shot on 8/7/16 as Mrs C Woods after all that? Because MY data in MY name shows not one court case which led to any of the arrests of me and imprisonments of me because the Gestapo on EVERY SINGLE ONE (at least 14, I have lost count now) made me someone who did not exist. One favourite was a Mrs Carole Woods so that was why I was allowed the mail shot as Mrs C Woods, the lunatics try to make it PROOF that the Mrs C Woods in 28 Fell View is Mrs Carole Woods who they have arrested and imprisoned over 14 times. BUT while all the earlier mail shots have had 28 Fell View on the envelope the sleazy in the post office cross out 28 and add a large 30 in a circle to show the postman where to deliver it to. They know it is Williams in 30 Fell View; Williams have been in 30 Fell View for almost 2 decades.
 Why is GMP in my case? It is nothing to do with my having any links to the Greater Manchester area. In Feb 2004 DS ANDREW RIGBY called to me at MY house as sent in the investigation into corruption in Manchester Employment Tribunals but eventually, 27/5/04 his emails to me had been read and acted on: he had been offered a bribe to then start to threaten me which threats I have IN WRITING and which amazingly, the threats to arrest me on “secret warrants” show no warrants at all from any court whatsoever. Thus the lunatics in charge now want to try to suggest I am 2 people, myself of course allowed an old mail item which new mail item would have been stolen and the INTENTION to claim that I am also known as Mrs Carole Woods. The lunacy has not considered that I could not collect any data of that invented person as she will have no passport to match the date mine was issued to me which passport I had to show as ID, and my driving licence which was issued to me AT MY HOUSE, STOEN, WRECKED AND LOOTED OCT 08 AND NOV 08. Thus the junk given to me is mine, it shows LCC “bankrupted” me NOT JUNE WILLIAMS who was a bar maid, had a drink problem and smoked a great deal which is why she looks and sounds like she does now; even with her short, grey, thin hair dyed yellow to look like mine for CCTV, she would not be mistaken for me. Jackson is pigeon toed and waddles; she is a heavy smoker; her son is an unemployed thug, late 40’s onto the 5th car BOUGHT for him at tax-payer’s expense. The cars are bought in any event where the police think they will “see me off” to sweep out the footprints as it were in the trail of fraud and more. How did they think they would “see me off” setting the PROOF Jackson was me “seen near the court service offices” on 13/6/16?

At that time I had had a deluded troll push a letter through my letter box telling me she was an NHS whistle-blower etc which I could see had been written by an idiot on instruction from an idiot who I knew was IAN YOUNG LCC and legal rep for Lancashire police. The trap was set: without going into full details as a jury will see and hear those, I was to make a phone call to an empty house in Preston and leave a message with police harassment (use of at least 3 cars stalking me) where they knew I used call boxes to ring persons I am friendly with. I use call boxes; emails read showed that 2 people expected me to call. The Gestapo were to claim they saw me using a call box and thus I rang the Preston number and was setting up a burglary. Burglary is relevant in this after I was arrested for burgling my own house which now they want to claim was Mrs Carole Woods because of course, I as me cannot burgle my own house BUT if I was someone else then I could. BUT I never reported anyone burgling my house in Nov 08 which is the date in question. Thus Mrs Carole Woods was invented and she apparently has not only PRESTON links because the liars and perjurers in my M.E.T, claims all came from Preston and they were all apparently me with my being the perjurer but as many persons not me, the only one not lying under oath (that was why I was told, “You are getting people struck off, you are getting people sent to prison” as if I’d asked them to commit perjury. I, as a litigant in person was not expected to know the Perjury Act 1911. Or be able to offer case law but did and could). One document, which I drew up on Sunday, March 23rd 2003 claim 2406569/01 reported the perjury and made suggestions as to how to cut down the time the case was taking. That document, added into the case file 2406569/01 was NOT included in the junk offered to me as “full and final records” by Cox. In a court hearing of Jan 2010, I asked the accusers via CPS GRIFFITH if I had their “full and final statements” to be told they would be revising them after seeing mine! Where is the data of that hearing/case? All details were provided to Cox to aid his search.

Part 2 MoJ corruption AGAIN

details were provided to Cox to aid his search.

Thus it was to be said that Jackson was driven to Manchester and she was me, so, where was I to be? I was to be arrested for planning a burglary in Preston after being “seen making a call”. I did not ring my associates until the days had passed in which I was told the house in question would be empty. (I said I couldn’t make this up, the drivel pushed through my letter box is safe.) But I didn’t make any calls so what then? Meanwhile COINCIDENTALLY JO COX was murdered.                                                                                                                                                         

The deluded “NHS” pushed another note through my door, she was in fact supposed to be “brainwashing me” a) Janet Woodall psycho cop false friend of late 05 until found out in 09 who did a great deal of damage to my case going to the extent of posing as me in an APPEAL of which amazingly C COX has issued NO records of; mine being intact. Woodall told all those I had introduced her to when she realised I had found her out that she had not been my friend but my mental health social worker. She had been unemployed when sent to befriend me and did not qualify until 08 so her maths is wrong, b) the roughneck troll who was sent with her list of what to scream to me on 5/11/14 she literally with a list which she had to keep referring to making sure she had screamed all she was to scream and threaten and then to tell me she was NHS. C) The lunatics in NHS who want to claim “No luvvie, you are not you, you only think you are” and start a mental health trail again while the earlier ones have failed to bring about any result. I ignored the 2nd note and the deluded actually turned up at the door. I could see she was a liar BUT she tried to lure me to a pub at an address miles away where I was to “disappear” as in plans of years earlier and rewriting recent events. Thus the arrest for “following someone to a local airport” of Nov 2015 was to be my following someone to the pub miles away, it was to be linked to the old fraudster DAVID FABB set up to defraud me and be a false friend of early May he in the Midlands which fraud I found out quickly, he hoping to be seen as MR CAROL WOODS as Mr Williams in 30 Fell View is also Mr Carol Woods, I was to be told, “No luvvie, she was a whistle-blower, it wasn’t you” AND the “NHS whistle-blower” to claim she was a version of WOODALL and not my friend but my mental health social worker.  The pub address was to be from a pair of corrupt, bullying liars of 2007 into 2008 who tried to lure me to the Warrington area in an entrapment then which failed and so on. How did the deluded “NHS whistle-blower” have my address? Fraud is always complex; the usual mantra is that what I write is “confusing” which apparently means that agencies can ignore it.

That though is why now I am allowed MY Duke’s mail shots, Mrs C Woods as I have been on their mailing list for 30 years or more.  I was married for the first decade or so I was on their mailing list. Jackson incidentally like Jarvis and Williams could never have worked for LCC running my case 2406569/01 as they have no qualifications. (Jarvis was found unskilled work in Lancaster University sports complex as if she was me to account for my references to Lancaster University in my documents, unskilled as she will be incapable of doing anything much: the staff knew she was not me; note that Williams was found “volunteer” work as me but as she has no qualifications could only “work” in a voluntary role. Jackson was found “work” at a Caton pub tending their window box as that was proof she was me as a qualified teacher of Horticulture to “A” level standard. The window box was pathetic and discarded. In 2012 I was none of those people because I was not in Fell View; I was in caravan 1A @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ and there DAVID MIDDLETON was “me” as Mr Carol Woods. In May 2012 he was found work by BIBBY’s of Ingleton as a driver, they Freemasons and knowing he was David Middleton as that is all he could do, he went to stay in London for a few days around 24/5/2012 and PRETEND he was me from 24/5/2010 thus on 27/5/2012 he returned to 298 Oxcliffe Rd and pretended to “regain” his property. There have been many Mr Carol Woods and all found jobs usually as drivers as that is all they can do. I would not be surprised to find that the male using the 3 vehicles who dosses in 24 Fell View from time to time is Mr Carol Woods with a “driving job” linking that somehow to my qualified teacher of Rural Science/Horticulture status. Others before him have been found driving jobs, even though known drunks, with school children to try and make it seem as if they are me with my teaching and social work qualifications: (child protection which was my whistle-blowing leading to claim 2406569/01/) one example being NORMAN COPPINGER my sister’s ex-husband, he of Shaw near Oldham as far as I know. The DAVID FABB liar and would-be-fraudster of the Midlands of MAY 2016 was to be David Middleton of 298 Oxcliffe Rd. May 2012 AGAIN.

The documents handed to me did not include those from claim 2402412/04 where IAN MICHAEL FISHER Head of LCC legal Services and Lancashire Police legal rep offered a perjured witness statement and actually was found NOT to be I M Fisher at all! That FACT found out only recently has been reported. The claim 2402412/04 was another not registered in public records and thus never legally heard. All M.E.T. documents have no court seal, no headed paper, are unsigned or just with photocopied signatures and are undated. And Mr C COX in MoJ saw that on the junk LCC provided him with yet did nothing.

At almost 7pm on 8/7/16 after a day of lunacy using the unemployed locals round Caton (99% do not work) when Mrs Williams had gone out in PJ65 WLL to be me with Jackson leaving by her front door amid crashing gate and slamming doors to make it known she was out when she was not; another pair of supposed Williams lookalikes had been found and sent to Fell View. Jackson leaves 26 then sneaks into 26 via the rear and Williams does that: she from 30 goes out in PJ65 WLL as me leaving Mr Williams indoors sitting watching TV with no sound pretending he is also out but in. He pretends he is his doppelganger and indoors with Mrs Williams as the Mrs Carol Woods she pretends to be is out in PJ65 WLL. I did not go out: rarely for me, I did not go anywhere on Friday 8/7/16 and this is the lunacy: Williams in 30 both have an identical twin apparently and they each have an identical twin who married each other’s identical twins thus there are 2 couples identical to each other so one is Mr K and Mrs J Williams and one EXACTLY the same is Mr and Mrs C Woods and they ALL live in the tiny one-bedroomed bungalow 30 Fell View yet Mr and Mrs C Woods are not on the electoral register and never have been; one wonders what they do for money as there will be no payments made by those invisible persons even if they ever managed to bother working to pay towards a pension. Police will confirm they have PROOF there are 2 sets of identical twins in 30 as they have gone to a great deal of expense using helicopters to suggest I am wrong and there are 2 sets of twins in 30 Fell View. Those helicopters are on photos, times and dates to be provided for any interested party.

Meanwhile in 26 EXACTLY the same takes place with police confirming that Jackson has an identical twin and they know as they sat outside 26 Fell View on 30/9/15 and again on 2/10/15 to watch and see her leave by the front and then leave again in a different jacket as proof she too, is an identical twin. Obviously I watched her sneak in at the rear, change her jacket and walk out again as I watched to see and took photos so we know what deranged, corrupt, unintelligent upholders of the law we deal with. The police have also used helicopters to aid and abet Jackson be seen to be me.

Thus the Duke’s mail to me with my Ms C Woods out of date letter will be PROOF I too am an identical twin. The pair used at 7pm have been used a few times as other pairs of deluded old fools are used, they are picked by police who spend massive amounts of time trawling car records to find just the one they want at any given time like the roughneck in BLACK VW PE64 HMG was so “convenient” as per above, the pair supposedly to be a pair of “Williams” or “Woods” with a dog “seen” do not live in Caton so, who pays their travel? They have been provided with a Fiat car, RED PE05 UCS and told to park outside me as close as possible to my car even if thus causing an obstruction and walk about to be the “missing couple”. On 8th they had been provided with a dog as my having a dog is crucial in this when I do not have one at all. In that they use an old woman who does not drive and lives off Fell View in an adjoining street, Copy Lane. She has to wear a red hooded jacket when told, whatever the weather and have the hood up to cover her grey hair and flabby face. She has a dog: she is to walk to no. 2 Fell View and as that is open yard area for car parking, she walks in, walks round and out and PRETENDS she is leaving 2 Fell View in RED with a dog and that is PROOF she could be me. No. 2 Fell View is used as they are WOODRUFF, call themselves WOODIE and thus are used to be me when necessary. They do not have a dog hence the use of the old troll from the near-by Copy Lane. Looters of the dead in this all have dogs, all were provided with ID as if they were me, the dead are elderly lone persons bullied to death with their assets looted such as the former tenant of 28 Fell View and the flat I rented prior to moving to Caton, flat 3 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA miles away where the NHS sleazy and police still drive out to and pretend they see my car thus PROOF I still live there. I have been to LA3 2QA area once since I left on 24/3/14 and that was not recent.

Another who claims to be me, sent to pretend I am MR CAROL WOODS, is an unknown older yob who uses an empty house, 24 Fell View to doss and use the Internet as if it is I using it as Mr Carol Woods. He has claimed to be son of Agnes Jackson when she went to claim extra DWP monies as if she was me making him my son. He is too old to be my son.  He first arrived to stay in 24 Fell View from time to time in March 2015 when many were found out to be claiming in FRAUD to be linked to me. He was to be the “me” NOT disabled as all those who I apparently lived with and was driven about by, claimed I was a relative of sorts and was disabled. The yob uses 24 often when I am out, he arrives at 24 and pretends that he is me IN but at 24 not 28. He was bought a RED car KS53 VLF because of a significant car YK02 VPF, example, 7/7/16 amid much police harassment using OSU after helicopters and all as usual in my case, KS53 was to drive to Fell View and then race off as I returned which he just failed to do: I arriving back at 28 was to have been him in 24. I was not to see his car and know he “doubled” as me while I was out. He has the use of at least 3 vehicles. Another who looks very similar to him (here we are with identical twins again) also stays in 24 and pretends not to be there in order to use the Internet as me and use at least one mobile phone and Facebook. I have no Internet in 28, no phone and have never used Facebook. After all the rest on 8/7/16, the driver of KS53 VLF was sent to 24 in an ANDREW HALLIDAY van, a white Comma van which officer Halliday used to pretend he had bought my house by just parking outside in May 08. Halliday I found out months later was not police at all yet posed as one with their help especially by PC JIM EDMUNDS of Lancaster station, but his REAL employers spoke to me, informed me they would testify against him and confirmed he had claimed to have bought MY house. They told me they were puzzled as how to how he could have afforded it. His name is not on my title deeds. His van is an issue hence the one provided for yob using 24 Fell View and which is not only to be Halliday’s van BG06, looking the same, his plate MD51 HNR is to be MD02 HGO a VW Bora used by a thug who posed as MY son pretending Jackson in 26 was his mother and a found out, filmed fraudster, stalker and harasser. As he “disappeared” Jan 2015, the replacement with KS53 VLF was found. That driver of KS53 VLF and Jackson pretend not to know each other when he has driven her out at least 3 times as her “son” when she is needed to be me. His use is that he has some auburn hair left: my son never had auburn hair, one daughter had auburn hair. Jackson was dark and has been grey I guess for many years. Williams was fairish then told to have her thin, short grey hair dyed yellow to try and look like mine on CCTV cameras as proof where she is means she is me after all.                                      
MD51 HNR was also to be DK51 HVL car of roughneck, unemployed PAID to sit outside me in 28 and drive off when I did and pretend she drove me about as well as ALL the rest. She would sit parked for up to 2 or 3 hours waiting for me to go out then drive off if I did not. The council provided her with a blue badge for disabled parking to pretend in that. I have some good photos. She also pretended she walked a dog for me. Mail addressed to me has been delivered to 24 and 33 Fell View to validate the frauds. This “2 addresses” is to be the fraud found out from 298 Oxcliffe Rd of 2012 into 2013 and reported where persons claimed to live at 298 slightly altering their names to claim DWP twice, when they truly lived elsewhere. 298 Oxcliffe RD was organised crime; reported, it was ignored.

Thus now we have it recorded AGAIN that lowlife is used especially if they have a dog, thieves, murderers, fraudsters, deluded, deranged all to be me so that such as C COX in the MoJ is not found out to be what he is, I can record what else is missing from the court held records. Looking at M.E.T. claim 2406569/01 there is not one single court record, there is not one single case management document, there is not one single email copy which must exist, there is not one single copy letter written to me or the respondents, LCC. There is nothing to show any records of my requests for a review of the decision given in my favour then changed, nor any record of the 2 extra days held without me “How do we get out of this?” There is no record of Lord Irving of Lariq helping me after the travesty of 22/11/02, there is no record of my formal complaint made which was totally ignored but the documents were submitted, there is no record of Roger Heathcote Tribunals Chief Executive trying to assist in what he saw as the fraud on-going. There is no record of the case having to be transferred to another tribunal area given the affiliations known to be in Manchester as part of Lancashire. The case was not transferred incidentally but the records should show that data.

On the junk provided to me was one item from the related Employment Appeal Tribunal claim which decision document was issued when the Judge apparently giving the decision was not even in England. It was an old decision document downloaded from the Internet with the claimant and respondent then deleted with my name and LCC details added. MY copy has 3 different dates as IAN YOUNG forgot to delete the original dates and original court seal. In that there is no record of the Judge writing to MET to ask about the fraud, that document was not produced until AFTER the junk provided by YOUNG as the decision document. Where is the letter written to M.E.T. by the EAT Judge? Where is all the rest from that EAT matter? Emails, faxes, case management data and so on?

Claims 2 and 3 in M.E.T.24017171/03 and 2402412/04, where are case management records at very least? Why add to the junk the ONE perjured statement of a bogus bailiff found out in the case 2402412/04? The documents instructing that my case be transferred to another area are missing.

Claim 2402412/04 also went to the EAT, where are all the case management records? Emails, faxes, communications and the document from the then Chief Executive, Ms J Spinks instructing my appeal to be held in the STAYED position given the serious witness intimidation, reported yet ignored? As far as I am concerned it is still STAYED. Having psycho cop JANET WOODALL pose as me on 19/45/06 to have MY appeal apparently “heard” has no data. She used my name so all data was in my name thus I was entitled to it. Is there a pretence it did not happen?

Part 3 final Part MoJ corruption

This is Part 3 of my doc. re MoJ corruption as found out again. I have one more doc to draw up in regard to more of this. This cc to HMIC given the reference to police corruption ERICA NORTON and what part she played in this.

Claim 2406569/01 went from the EAT to the High Court in London. I paid court fees, where is all the data from that? That farce ended with Lord Justice Peter Gibson reading from papers nothing to do with my case and then my having an allocated crime number for the SERIOUS matters including Gibson’s Contempt of Court contrary to the 1981 Act Sec 12, tending to interfere with the course of justice regardless of the intent to do so. Case Law I added: R v Llewellyn Jones 1967, B v Benbridge 1783, R v Marshall 1855 Lord Campbell “…. no doubt a judge who maliciously obstructs the course of justice is guilty of a misdemeanour” (This was also what I applied in Sheffield and other private prosecutions which case law I apparently made up). Gibson and others: case law I referred to Director General of Fair Trading v Pioneer Concrete 1994, “It is not an option to see false court documents and do nothing; to do nothing is contempt of court”. I expect that is why records have “disappeared” from ALL my cases.

In 2002 I applied for a Judicial Review in regard to my whistle-blowing and paid fees for that: not one single word was issued to me from those records. (I had a success with that case which is why MET staff were to lie to me to make me cancel that JR which I did. Where is the data?)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

In 2005 I paid court fees for Judicial Reviews (plural) which led to 4 court dates/hearings yet one single word was offered to me.

Lancaster County Court and my Data Protection case of 2002 into 2003 and the found out serious corruption in having someone pose as me, the court tapes being added to at a later date and leading to perjury and the altering of a court transcript. Not one word issued from records. I paid court fees.

That led to Appeal in Preston Court, another case not registered, staff knowing nothing about it for which I paid court fees. Not a word from that, another farce in a closed/kangaroo court.

My private prosecutions of 2003 in Manchester Magistrates: not a word, my private prosecutions in Sheffield, linked to the falsification of court tapes, perjury and altering of the court transcript of 2004, not a word. Where was at least the COURT letter sent out to the court service and police requesting the tapes in question?

My attempts to continue in City of London Magistrates, there should at least have been a copy on court records of the letter JOCELYN GRIFFITHS sent to me saying I have made up all statute law including Perjury Act 1911, The Criminal Procedures and Investigation Act 1996, Misconduct in Public Office, and others. I guess that was not available from records as the bribed liar Griffiths wrote to me on bogus “court” stationery. I say “bribed” as those sort are the “anybody’s for a few quid” brigade.

The attempts I made in Lancaster Magistrates Court which were all transferred to other courts for what reason was never declared. Not one word from any of those occasions despite emails being more in use and thus “electronically stored data”.

Given the tribunals junk from 2406569/01 Manchester Employment Tribunals I wonder why the tribunal documents electronically stored in regard to my council tax matter of 2006 were not issued to me. I won that case as a land mark ruling with the chairman recording how badly behaved LCC had been throughout with their manufactured junk and impostors harassing me to gain entry to me in MY house.

I wonder why my tribunal documents for incapacity benefits of 2007 which was another case I won, were not offered to me. In that, I with a witness walked in expecting to have to state my case being well prepared when the chairman said, “We’ve seen the documents, you don’t have to say anything, you’ve won and we’re back-dating your claims”. He added, “If you sit there, I am going to write out the decision document and you can take it with you”. He apologised for not being able to type the document. He a Preston lawyer knew if he sent it to me it would be stolen in the post with the deranged of Lancashire IAN YOUNG writing one himself and reversing all facts to make his fiction and submitting that to me as he had done for ALL employment tribunals, the EAT and anything he could get his hands on. I expect that was why those records have to be said not to exist.

There was no data in relation to my tribunal for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Claim where MOHAMMED ASIF posed as HARRY NARAYAN aided by ERICA NORTON former Chief Constable of Lincs. Police and ROBIN KWILL-JONES of the RCS with Richard Gachagan, Glasgow police, and Rodney Huggins all lying to me after taking instruction from Lancashire. I expect the “court service” does not want such corruption to be exposed. But as I have my files, it is certain to be. Forgery of Asif of Narayan’s signature and, like Ian Young, an old decision document used with MY name added after the original was removed.

There was no data in relation to my claim of Sept 06 where BRIAN DOYLE Regional Chairman of Manchester Employment Tribunals impersonated PETER BALL of Liverpool Tribunals with one of the 2 clerks aiding and abetting that knowing DOYLE was not who he claimed to be. Doyle changing the decision of the majority decision forged Peter Ball’s signature. NICHOLAS WARREN a Tribunal Judge told me my complaint, made after I had been to Liverpool and found out what had been taking place, was “vexatious”, well he would, wouldn’t he? There was nothing from Warren and any enquiries he made: I assume he made some.

THERE IS NO COURT INSTRUCTION FOR LANCASHIRE POLICE TO INSTALL A GPS SYSTEM ON MY CAR, INSTALL ILLEGAL LISTENING DEVICES WHERE I “LIVE”, AND THERE IS NO WARRANT TO SEARCH MY HOUSE ON 5/9/08 OR RAID IT ON 17 OCT 2008, 27 OCT 2008 19 NOV 08. This will suffice for this document sent out in parts; there is more missing data to be recorded which document will follow when drawn up. I am Carol Woods Ms and intend to sue the court service naming individuals who bring it into disrepute.

Continues: 8 July update: THE CAROL WOODS COVERUP: Courts Service/Police/G4S corruption + ID THEFT used in corruption, Lancashire 07/07/16 + ARCHIVE


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