Please see below, under the video links, the latest update from whistleblower and ex-Social Worker Level 3 and Child Protection Officer Ms. Carol Woods, received 15 July 2016, and before. [All is “alleged” – that word conforming to the meaning as set out under UK + US Laws].

The protection of criminals and the coverup regarding the infinite number of serious crimes committed against this ex-government employee, or the numerous crimes she’s officially reported, is staggering.  To date, no government official, police representative, MP, legal type [including so-called “eminent QCs” or solicitors] or media reporter or connected will go anywhere near the shocking crimes being committed against or reported by Ms. CAROL WOODS, those crimes including: 

the theft of her home [as happened also to Patrick Cullinane, Len Lawrence, Joseph Henry [multiple houses stolen], Tom Crawford, Peter Hofschroer, his mother “Grandma B” Barbara Hofschroer, and so many more],

at least 4 separate enforced incarcerations in mental hospital units for no earthly good reason – one excuse used  for such incarcerations being that Ms. Woods was mentally “deluded” in her findings of utter corruption within a Lancs. council – her latest incarceration being between November 2015 and Febuary 2016. Carol was also forced to take psychotropic drugs against her will during these hospital stays, and was threatened with re-arrest before her leaving the “Cygnet” unit, Lancs. in Febuary 2016.

fake IDs used [for example: for expensive commercial criminal frauds], 

chronic gangstalking by government connected sources,

home burglaries,

the inflicting of tracking devices upon her motor vehicle, and also numerous attempted thefts of that vehicle, and the attempted destruction of her motor vehicle, 

enforced “bankruptcy”,

Many more seriously criminal activities exist, committed against this lone female – numerous government departments have been told over and over regarding the situation – from the heads of police forces, to the Ministry of Justice, the SS and DWP, to MPs, and QC’s, and many more – noone seems to take a blind bit of notice!  DISGRACEFUL!   and that’s apart from the serious crime this ex-Lancs. council employee has reported so many times…

[NB: Everything posted on this site conforms to the meaning of the word “alleged” as defined under UK and US Laws and Statutes].



2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016

3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016


SriLankerC SriLankerC 24 April 2016

6] Carol Woods Social Worker Unlawfully Incarcerated In Psychiatric Gulag   – 16 April 2016 by  GeorgeGreekTrucker carolwoods

15 July 2016 ID THEFT of Carol Woods

To all copied into this: once again the stalkers are told to wear stripes if they want to PROVE they are me. The lunacy is to suggest that only one striped garment is on the planet thus anyone seen in one especially if stood outside me in 28 Fell View next to my car; it is to be PROOF they are me. I have scanned these few photos to show the link to stripes: I was known for my hand knitted, own designs of garments from years ago: in MY house looted were items I had knitted for my children from when they were small, the Gestapo used those as their “idea” of making people into me. Obviously I didn’t keep all the items I knitted and designed: just a few that were favourites. I have a good idea; any jury can ask anyone who claims to be me to knit something up for an hour or so using only their imagination.


15 July 2016 = Complaint from carol Woods

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: carol woods
Date: 12 July 2016 at 21:00
Subject: Fw: Complaint from carol Woods
To: “” <>
Cc: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” , “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>

Dear Sirs see how long I have been trying to deal with SERIOUS ORGANISED FRAUD. Now it is all out in the open and I was right all along and for that YOU could have done something which would have meant that Mike Todd GMP was not murdered. He found this FRAUD and EXTORTION and Thomson “took early retirement” after stalking me round Lancaster and parking at MY house gate in 2008 pretending to have met with me. Public Interest as the MO of Lancashire was to do this as routine to anyone they felt needed to taught a “lesson”. The SFO prosecuted ROBERT ORME who had misappropriated about £52k which he did not use for himself but to shore up his failing business; and what do these thugs get? Nothing at all except early retirement. Lancaster County Court wrote to me Aug 08 and said in black and white that they had never heard of IAN THOMSON so one wonders, one wonders. The files are intact and the recent attempt to make June 2016 be 2006 was so ludicrous it was more than pathetic. The papers are junk, according to one “expert” not even as good as toilet paper. That was what Justice MacKay saw 24 May 2010 in the High Court London, just 1`of the drivel issued to me to make me think something untrue and he was livid. That resulted in yet another kidnapping of me which now the court records have been handed to me which show what I maintained all along cannot be dealt with as the matter of FRAUD EXTORTION KIDNAPPING DEMAND MONEY WITH MENACES WITNESS INTIMIDATION and more are “out of time”. Well they would say that, wouldn’t they? Yours etc Carol Woods Ms.

 On Saturday, 11 November 2006, 11:28, carol woods <> wrote:

Dear Sirs

It is over one month since I complained about the FRAUD FORGERY EXTORTION DEMANDING OF MONEY WITH MENACES involving Ian Thomson of  Blackpool

and I have heard nothing.
There was a concerted effort to have me apply for an annulment Order
in mid Oct. But that would be silly and why should I involve myself in costs to allow the thieves and generally corrupt to cover their tracks?

I am aware that in any annulment that all papers are destroyed as if it had never happened.

That is not in my interests.

I want what evidence there is to be available for examination.

Further, is one was not married one would not apply for a divorce. It would be a waste of time and money. The analogy is plain.

Ian Thomson will have done this before to others less able than myself to understand the due processes and the law etc.

Misocnduct in Public Office, Judge Simon Lawler QC “Such conduct strikes at the very roots of our democracy. We must have faith in our public servants”.

Then we have the intent and foresight into the criminal law generally. Ian Thomson certainly has that.

Why is he not suspended pending an investigation?

This is not going to go away. He is unfit for his post. I alerted you months earlier than making my formal complaint.

I look forward to a response in my favour before too much longer.

Thank you for your time, Yours faithfully, Carol Woods wrote:

Complaint from:
carol Woods

Sunnyside Lane
Post Code:



Name of bankrupt/company:

Court Ref:
None court involv ed Lancaster County

Complaint sent to:

I have continually been ignored in this my serious complaint about Ian Thomson of Blackpool.
Ian Thomson colludes with the corrupt in stating that I am bankrupt when I am not.
I have NEVER signed any court papers.
I have NOT EVER petitioned to bankrupt myself. I have NEVER paid monies to do such an action.
I can be sent no documents from the court in question that I have signed. I have been denied a Form N244 and when I got a copy motnhs later from another court, lancaster simply ignored it.
It cannot go in front of a judge, someone would see that there has been no true bankruptcy. I was not supposed to know the law or questino the corruption.
Ian Thomson has been sent copies of the evidence that my signature must have been forged and why. Ian Thomson I can show was given the contents fo a letter to another which ahd been opened when she received it and he used the contents to harm me.
He informed the London gazette to publish the fact that I was bankrupt.
Ian Thomson had the dates altered as it becasme known that I knew the law on publications. I can show that my name was not added on July 5th as is recorded. It was added after 21 July as I was printing off all the July 5th entries daily. It can be seen that the registration numbers do not run consecutively, my name has been altered much later than the 5th July entries. I have all the copies printed off showing that my name was not added until after 21 July 06 after the interception of the letter to my friend.
Ian Thomson has declined to accept my evience in that he has ignored me, ignored faxes, emails and letters. I have visisted his office to be treated badly but complained about that.
Ian Thomson has been sent statute law copies of such as Forgery and Counterfeiting under the 1981 Act. I have sent him Misconduct in Public Office common law case law. I have sent him various items and he ignores it all.
I have copied much to the Secretariat who only seeemd to contact him when i emailed an open letter which had been copied widely about his corruptio0n. i invoiced him for wasting my time.
Ian Thomson wrote to me whne he thought he was writing to someone else. I had written asking what he would do if he saw evidence of criminality in any case in front of him
but I had written in another name (made up) as I felt he would ignore me of he knew it was me asking him that question.
He replied to that letter (in name of C Ryder) saying that he had a Code of conduct and quoted from it. He said that he would report matters to the proper authorities and listed agencies he could use to counteract fraud etc.
When I wrote saying that C Ryder was me he simply discrimianted against me in nto offering me any servcie to deal with what was evidenced as serious crime: Fraud Extortion Demading Money with Menaces. Now forgery. I HAVE SIGNED NOTHING EVER IN ANY COURT.
He admitted that he had written to me on the strength of a phone call. Eventually he sent me what I asked for, all docuemnts in my name. There is nothing signed by me.
The persons he said bankrupted me, Lancashire County Council cannot, they have no corporate personality, they cannot bankrupt anyone.
This is Fruad and I want Ian Thomspn dealt with as conspiring with the fraudsters. C W

Is this your first complaint:

Details of previous complaint:
Response by E-mail?:
Remote Host:
Remote IP:
User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0)


CAROL WOODS 12 July : MIKE TODD R.I.P., GMP + OFFICIAL COMPLAINT + Police harass Lancs. w’blower to hide house theft + more 12 July 2016

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NB: Everything posted on this site conforms to the meaning of the word “alleged” as defined under UK and US Laws and Statutes.



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