SHAME ON EBAY: stop selling the body parts of cats and dogs eaten/murdered in China! SIGN THE PETITION


EBAY: stop selling the body parts of cats and dogs eaten/murdered in China!

150,000 GOAL

EBay is hosting the sales of the body parts of countless murdered animals, including cats and dogs. Chinese sellers like “ming209209” , “chinabigboy2014” and many more are selling thousands of skulls of the DOGS AND CATS murdered in China. EBay is thus promoting more killing and suffering for the animals of China! Every DAY more than 19,000 dead animals and body parts are sold on Ebay’s taxidermy sites.  This is encourging animal cruelty and wildlife depletion. Please sign this petition and demand that Ebay stops selling animal’s body parts.



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Please check EBAY’s TAXIDERMY sites, see the murdered wildlife, more than 19,000 of them every DAY. EBAY pretends to have rules, they are not enforced, EBAY has no scrupules, JUST THE MONEY! EBAY must be STOPPED before it will be too LATE!

Update #42 days ago
eBay has announced that they are banning the sale of human skulls. This should extend to animal skulls! We have a unique opportunity to increase the pressure and show precedent for this decision. Please share the petition with your Facebook friends!

Full Update

Update #31 months ago
EBAY allows Chinese sellers like “yes26888” , “dongzhow1996814”, “yuanstore20130411”, and more to sell body parts of thousands of CATS and DOGS killed/eaten in China. 20,000 animals/body parts, turtles, birds are listed on TAXIDERMY sites EVERY DAY! EBAY is responsible for the murder of millions of animals for money! This must be stopped, before damage to wildlife becomes irreversible. Please contact EBAY, write letters, e-mails, ask to STOP selling murdered animals!

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Update #23 months ago
Is EBAY desperately in need of money? Why is EBAY allowing the skeletons of thousands of cats and dogs killed/eaten in China to be sold on its TAXIDERMY sites? EBAY is promoting the killings of our friends CATS and DOGS for profit. More than 20,000 (yes, 20,000) animals/body parts, birds, turtles are for sale on EBAY every DAY. Rare birds like puffins, cassowary, thousands of turtles, African trophies are murdered to be sold on EBAY. EBAY is promoting the destruction of our wildlife!

Full Update

Update #13 months ago
Chinese sellers found their gold mine: Kill the dogs and cats of China and sell their body parts on EBAY. Young cats and dogs are murdered; Chinese sellers are careful to mention that only healthy cats and dogs with perfect teeth are killed. One seller “wopkwoo0123” is even painting the cats skulls in various colors. EBAY is part of these crimes, EBAY encourages the murder of animals for money!

Full Update

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