Please see below, under the video links, the latest update from whistleblower and ex-Social Worker Level 3 and Child Protection Officer Ms. Carol Woods, received 19 July 2016, and before.

While the more recent updates are attempts to explain the more current ID frauds and similar relating to Ms. Woods at her present abode, it must be fully understood that all this persecution is a result of Ms. Woods whistleblowing regarding the council she was employed by for many years, as a senior Level 3 Social Worker, and Child Protection Officer. Much information relating to what Ms. Woods found, and attempted to expose whilst employed by this council is to be found in the videos and radio broadcasts – totalling 6 separate items – that can be found directly following these paragraphs, entitled “IMPORTANT VIDEOS”. The details exposed within these videos and radio broadcasts form the crux of Ms. Woods testimony to what she discovered and witnessed as a Lancs. council employee.

The protection of criminals and the coverup regarding the infinite number of serious crimes committed against this ex-government employee, and the numerous crimes she’s officially reported, is staggering.  To date, no government official, police representative, MP, legal type [including so-called “eminent QCs” or solicitors] or media reporter or connected will go anywhere near the shocking crimes being committed against or reported by Ms. CAROL WOODS, those crimes including: 

the irregularities as described within the videos and radio broadcasts below with Ms. Woods, pertaining to the Lancs. council[s] she was employed by,

the theft of her home [as happened also to Patrick Cullinane, Len Lawrence, Joseph Henry [multiple houses stolen], Tom Crawford, Peter Hofschroer, his mother “Grandma B” Barbara Hofschroer, and so many more],

at least 4 separate enforced incarcerations in mental hospital units for no earthly good reason – one excuse used  for such incarcerations being that Ms. Woods was mentally “deluded” in her findings of utter corruption within a Lancs. council – her latest incarceration being between November 2015 and Febuary 2016. Carol was also forced to take psychotropic drugs against her will during these hospital stays, and was threatened with re-arrest before her leaving the “Cygnet” unit, Lancs. in Febuary 2016.

fake IDs used [for example: for expensive commercial criminal frauds], 

chronic gangstalking by government connected sources,

home burglaries,

the inflicting of tracking devices upon her motor vehicle, and also numerous attempted thefts of that vehicle, and the attempted destruction of her motor vehicle, 

enforced “bankruptcy”,

Many more seriously criminal activities exist, committed against this lone female – numerous government departments have been told over and over regarding the situation – from the heads of police forces, to the Ministry of Justice, the SS and DWP, to MPs, and QC’s, and many more – noone seems to take a blind bit of notice!  DISGRACEFUL!   and that’s apart from the serious crime this ex-Lancs. council employee has discovered and reported so many times to those very same government employees…

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2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016

3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016


Funds embezzled in police led fraud Lancs – 19 July 16

To all sent this, the photos attached are 2 yellow Minis which figure thus in this Lancashire police led organised crime and worse. May 2014 and I had recently moved to 28 Fell View Caton (under duress) and find as usual that everybody else is a “me”. Persons in 24 Fell View CURWEN posed as me to claim extra DWP monies as if they as me had had a Road Traffic accident. In that lunacy 2 squad vehicles were used along with a yellow MINI seen here. The Mini was supposed to be the ambulance. Be honest, I couldn’t make this up. I filmed all that, 24 has been empty since and this yellow Mini occasionally is used to drive about to stalk and harass and pretend it is linked to me. It is usually seen at Lancaster police station. In June I was in Italy escaping the thuggery and lunacy on going in various plans to “see me off” but as ever, the Masonic links seen to be active and this yellow Mini is left outside my hotel. Apparently I am there disabled and being driven about. After a few days I asked to whom to it belonged: hotel staff did not know and were annoyed as it was blocking their coach loading bay. The wing mirrors had the union flag as decoration. I recorded that via email to Lancashire police finding an Internet café and the Mini disappeared. This then is why yellow Minis are used.

The taxis, only 3 from dozens of photos of stalkers to harass and pretend they drive me about as apparently I am not me with my car but someone “disabled”. They drive to Caton (or wherever I happen to “live”) which is miles from Lancaster and about £12 a round trip, hide then drive off behind me as if I can’t see through my rear view mirror. I usually pull in and get the photos as they then have to drive past. My photos suggest that I am not in the taxis. Please feel free to reproduce any of my photos and data. In 2012 Mrs Margaret Middleton was “me” as I did not then live in Caton, she was my landlady. I have good photos of Mrs Middleton taking taxis as if she was me; I heard the driver ask if she was me for her to say she was: on one day of excellent photos, the taxi and Mrs Middleton had been hiding in a lane near to where I rented and they had to set off when I drove of as that was proof she was me using a taxi. Mrs Middleton claimed DWP monies in fraud which apparently was absolutely fine by those I reported to. take heart, those who have friends wrongly accused of DWP fraud but being “dealt with”, there is no such law of FRAUD, I have made it up apparently. Carol Woods Ms.1C2C

Photos SKY corruption; Lancs Police org – July 19

This is the SKY TV fraud and how 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP was wired up to 30 Fell View and 26 ready for my moving in (after the previous tenant was bullied to death to get her out so I could have it) which caused massive power surge, endangering my life and why I have had no lights since March 2014. Jackson in 26 was to be “me” and Williams in 30 was to be “me” with others round Fell View as regular readers know. I am Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP. My car X165 YUB.

This is what happened when I moved in to 28 Fell View on 24/3/14. With my vast experience of what the police arrange I expected some events but Williams would put on their TV so loud it might have been in my sitting room which is party wall to their sitting room. I then found the wiring FRAUD and as TV use has been an on-going issue I invited the licence people to come and see if I had a TV. Jackson has 2 sons, one late 40’s and 1 older, they do not live with her but they had installed a huge TV via MY loft into theirs which they had on without sound to make it seem as if viewed without a licence. I told them I had invited the licence people and thug no.1 the older son came to 26 and ran off with the TV that had been hidden. Naturally I took photos, encountered some verbal abuse and threats but continued undeterred; he has not been to Fell View since. Covering for their thieves and fraudster the police claimed the photo shows a TV being delivered to me when the series of photos show it being removed: obviously they have not seen the whole series. BUT that led to many ‘behind my back’ frauds including the lowlife in 45 Fell View and purchases of large TV sets as if linked to me. I have no TV – end of story.             

BUT Williams in 30 Fell View found out at the same time to have ID as if Mr and Mrs Carol Woods and cars, 5 to date all as if they were mine. MY car was an inconvenient fact and Jackson’s younger son attempted to steal it as others have before him and as others have since. The INTENTION of the wrongful arrest and false imprisonment and illegal detention of Nov 2015 to feb 2016 was to hope I was so befuddled with all that, that I was unable to drive thus the car then bought for WILLIAMS, the 5th PJ65 WLL was to be the proof she was me. None of the events as planned for Nov 2015 to Feb 2016 had the desired result. BUT Williams needs to be covered for.                                  

On 18/8/14 SKY arrived at 5 30pm to install SKY TV in 30, but they already had SKY. Yes, the tiny bungalow has 2 now, one in the sitting room adjoining mine and one in their bedroom and apparently one couple WILLIAMS live in the bedroom and watch SKY while their identical twins live in the sitting room and watch SKY as WOODS, their identical twins are Mr and Mrs Carol Woods – apparently. The references seen on the scanning to “page 25 data” is a document I have produced outlining police corruption from 2012 with photos and I had offered it to HMIC and  Policing Minister, they do not respond so it can go to the press. Only days later, SKY installed at 26, Jackson or pretended to as she already had SKY TV but she is me as well, apparently; she too has an identical twin and that twin is also Carol Woods. But by Oct 2014 ELY in 12 Fell View also had their new SKY installed as they are also me and my family and I live in 12 Fell View with professional parasites and general roughnecks. Many know of the items gained by all fraudsters round Fell View who claim to be linked to me and how I apparently live in at least 20 houses all at once.                  

Williams pretended to have TV problems in Feb 2015 which were farcical but that went on for at least 4 weeks; in that I learned that a socket was added to 30 which was linked to MY power via my sockets which is what they switched on when I had on my power for my sockets: I have no lights but I have socket power when I switch my mains on. I was paying for her 16 hours a day viewing. Jackson was thwarted early because she was linked to my lights which I have not had now from late March 2014, 2 days after moving in to 28. My bungalow has the awful net curtains which I was obliged to add because the lowlife were given keys to access my bungalow when I was out, sit about and PRETEND they were me in 28. I stopped that and so they just peered through the window to see what was about and pretend they knew what was going on in my bungalow as they were me. ALL that has been done wherever I have “lived” since MY house was seized wrecked and looted in 2008.  In 2012 I reported that as taking place when I rented caravan 1A @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ where the Gestapo still try to claim I rent in another name in DWP fraud in the usual Masonic inversion after I found out the collective DWP frauds at 298. Thus they had to become MY frauds. I scattered talcum powder over my floor when I was sure thugs entered in my absence, and found large footprints. I was right. The Gestapo told me that they did that at Xmas for their children so they were telling me that Father Christmas had been to see me. I have done that in the flat I rented after the caravan and in 28 Fell View. Father Christmas seems to like me but never leaves me anything.                       

On Friday 15/7/16 after SKY continually harass, I was sure I saw one hiding as I left for Lancaster and found he drove behind me obviously having waited for my car. They all do this: bogus delivery drivers, removal vans any at all, they hide, drive behind me and pretend it is proof they have called on me and we leave together. It may have been coincidence but I took the photo just in case. On Sunday amid a day of police harassment and stalking to claim they saw me go to an address where I do not live where I apparently have SKY, which address I guess is to cover for looter of the dead in flat 4 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA, RYCROFT who was “me” prior to Williams in 30 Fell View being a “me”. The RYCROFT data and photos has gone out early today. Amid all that I return to Lancaster area to reach Caton and find SKY and a taxi hiding behind flats which I have to pass to reach the Caton Rd. The use of taxis is to be sent out as those thugs pretend daily that they drive me about as someone else. WHY PAYS FOR THOSE TAXIS ALL THE WAY FROM LANCASTER TO CATON AND AROUND WITH NO PASSENGER? You do, the tax-payer EMBEZZLEMENT of public funds for private purposes. But I see them, I can smell these people, the taxi was just ahead of the SKY van and they were to pretend they had fixed me up in the Morecambe or Heysham area as apparently I live there as well as Caton. The police using at least 2 squad cars to stalk me to claim they saw my car in such and such a place was PROOF it was heading to somewhere it was not but they are all potential liars and perjurers as we know from experience. And all that is to cover for murderous trolls, thieves, and fraudsters WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View especially. This is the SKY link in ID THEFT and FRAUD and shows Masonic links. Carol Woods 19/7/16. Please feel free to pass around and quote me.3a4a5a

Organised Lancs Police Fraud. Part 1 of 2 – 19 July 16

The SKY frauds as referred to and photos follow.
From Carol Woods Ms 28 Fell View LA2 9RP under duress, MORE POLICE CORRUPTION.
This is a profile of HUNTER 22 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP used in the “disappearance” of at least 2 elderly, lone ladies one from 28 Fell View (bullied to death by these round Fell View as 28 was wanted for me and those reasons have been sent out via email so not for this document,) and a “missing” from 33 Fell View which empty council house has been used by sleazy NHS and various “professionals” to pretend that I live there as the missing lady. In that the council even provided blue badges for local roughnecks to park, follow me in my car and pretend they in their “disabled” (free) spaces had been driving one from Fell View about, me as one missing lone, elderly person. That sets the scene of England 21St C Lancashire where murder, fraud, corporate manslaughter and child abuse are par for the course, indeed sanctioned and aided by police and council. All covered for ultimately by the Masonic thugs aka the Dark Forces. And much filmed by me.                        

Whistle-blower of 2001 I guarantee that not one sleazy used now would even have the puff to try to blow a paper bag up let alone a whistle. Regular persons copied my emails know that I am everybody round Fell View and live with most people in lunacy and when reported as found out, they just pose as me instead of pretending to care for and drive me about.  The DWP is well aware of the collective, organised frauds using BANK ACCOUNTS in MY name as if I collect monies for “carers” and then pay them for “caring” (and not one fit to care for a dead mouse, believe me) with 3 banks confirming false accounts run IN MY NAME from 2010 into 2012 and on-going from then. See my document and photos sent out in regard to RYCROFT of flat 4 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA who was “me” when I rented flat 3 (1/7/13 – 24/3/14) and see the SKY TV thugs and how with taxi driver thugs PRETEND that I have SKY TV and do not drive but live in least 2 different addresses being driven about by taxis, watch TV and that is to cover murdering lowlife WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View, directly responsible for events surrounding the former tenant’s demise of no. 28. Williams is a Caton version of Rycroft; RYCROFT bullied to death the former occupant of flat 3 because she was told to and like Williams gained the LOOTED ASSETS.                            

The Gestapo were annoyed with me for seeing the SKY thugs and taxis of 17/7/16 who hid to drive behind me and pretend they had driven me from somewhere to move somewhere. Earlier in the day the Gestapo were found to be hiding in rural lanes to drive behind me and claim they saw me drive to another address thus PROOF I live somewhere else as well and thus I am at least 2 people! The photos of that thuggery are to be sent out. Mrs JUNE Williams has SKY TV in MY name and pays by direct debit from a bank as if she is me. I have no TV so there is a need to PRETEND I do have one. The banks and various firms who know they are used in fraud have told me they can deal with matters if the police or SFO etc make enquiries. I have all that on data so do not reproduce it here. This shows the INTENTION and PREMEDITATION of thieves and fraudsters to continue with gain because they know the police being entirely corrupt and plainly stupid will not act against them. The police do make arrests, of me for “following someone to a local airport” – no, we have no local airport, what “someone”? Un-named, had they CCTV that I was at an airport after following someone? No etc. That is the level of policing we expect and receive as standard in Lancashire thus HUNTER can feel safe in unpacking the latest gain. It was delivered to her at exactly 14.15 – 14 16 on 18/7/16.                                             

Hunter was one reason I was to move to 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP. They live in 22 and from 9/5/14 soon after I moved to 28 I knew through vast experience that they were involved but not how or why. (Remember I also lived in 12, 41, 26, 30, 32, 33, 37, 45 and others.) On 9/5/14 I watched Mr HUNTER in the blue Hyundai they had YD54 VYR with a taxi trying to follow me and pretend they moved me to 22. It was months before I found they were called HUNTER and then it made sense.                                          

Meanwhile events using 22 continued; it was obviously fraud but confusing and I was dealing with all the others as well. I then found that OTHERS lived in 22 in hiding and used the Internet as if they were me. I saw that by chance, reported it and Hunters were then alone in 22. They have 2 small children and so small I did not know there were children. They NEVER took them out: I heard one small voice by chance but still it did not make sense until I found out their name. I found out in a fraud of a delivery when I heard the delivery man shout “Hunter”. She does not work: he works from time to time so I guess is council or NHS as he has a great deal of time off work. There was a 2nd car parked, an old VW which rarely moved but when it did another male drove it and always behind me when I was driving off in my car. Cutting to the chase the fraud I found was that HE in 22 pretended I was HIS mother and lived with them. Meanwhile SHE had been bought a NEW black VW KW54 XDO to replace the older VW parked. They also had use of a small red Ka R68 TLM which was also used to stalk and harass me. Mrs Hunter drove that sometimes, sometimes another unemployed yob would drive it then it was passed about to muddy waters of investigation: I kept tabs and the history of that car and its involvement is clear.                                       

That meant I was Mrs Hunter if I had a son HUNTER. Who did I know HUNTER of great significance? Jackie Hunter of 34 Buckley St Shaw OL2 5DX my sister’s neighbour used in FRAUD and an accessory after the fact of the murder of GMP Chief Constable Mike Todd. Hunter is my sister’s “friend” but Hunter was to pretend to be my sister’s sister leaving me to be someone else. Hunter was obese, a heavy smoker and drinker and had not worked for the 30 years my sister had known her. Hunter had one son, a drunk, he was not married and had no children, that was why HUNTER in 22 Fell View had to keep theirs hidden and pretend they had none so NEVER took them out. I reported that as child neglect. HUNTER of Shaw was a willing recruit found by illegal listening devices and the fact that she had a few documents of mine stored at her house for “safety”. She was approached, wanted to be the “big shot” and “sold” copies of my documents in exchange for her to become me and be handed MY INDUSTRIAL INJURIES monies awarded to me in Nov 2007. The joke being that Hunter of Shaw had not worked so could not have had an industrial injury. Nor did she drive, how could she be me with my work history and family? The Gestapo decided that everybody else was me and I was HUNTER mother of fraudster in 22 Fell View.                                     

YOU the tax-payer buying such thieves and worse the new VW BLACK, KW54 XDO to confuse it with YD54 VYR plate, and the Gestapo realising I was finding them out mainly because of 2 or 3 cars at a household where there may or may  not have been 1 income? The Hyundai “disappeared; she had been leaving the children to drive round behind me when I was out in my car and pretending she drove me. The usual fraud was that I would set off and she, as well as at least 4 others would all race to Lancaster taking the back roads as I drove the usual, main road route and they then in Lancaster would claim, as I was seen that they had driven me, all of them.  Obviously I have scores of photos. 1 Dec 2014 for example she and the roughneck harasser in DK51 HVL car used at the empty 33 Fell View, both driving round and pretending they drove me to my dentist.                             

Over months HUNTER had had deliveries from TESCO, ASDA, ARROWFIX, DPD, YODEL and others. They continue. In March 2015, a great deal was exposed, a troll from 37 was aided to run away as she had been claiming I was her mother living in 37 with her, she another total stranger, Jarvis in 41 was found out to have been claiming I lived in 41 as well and told me the Lord Jesus was going to help her in any fraud case. (I live everywhere all at the same time according to Lancashire police.)There was never going to be a fraud case, the Gestapo just bought everyone a new car, or 2 whichever was to cover tracks, aided persons to “run away” and continued. The DWP stock in trade response is that they cannot inform me what their enquiries reveal. As I pointed out, of course they can: I am being used in FRAUD they will want my statement to show I do not live with roughnecks, thieves and fraudsters and, of course there will be a court case so I will be needed as a witness; the press will spread it all over as a fine example of collective, organised fraud so, of course I will know. The DWP is as corrupt as any agency: there will be no one asked to even pay back £1. Naturally they get to keep their cars as well and all goods obtained as well, the bank accounts continue to be run.             

In March 2015, a whistle was blown as a signal for them all to change places: Jarvis claimed to be Mr and Mrs Carol Woods borrowing a troll, about 20 years older than their eldest, to be a 4th child as I have 4 and they only have 3. Williams in 30 were bought YET another new car registered to me as they are also Mr and Mrs Carol Woods, DK51 HVL continued to pretend at the empty 33 Fell View and the rest also continued, HUNTER decided that I was her mother not his and carried on. But that meant we had a Hunter marrying a Hunter which is unlikely and Jackie Hunter had no daughter; all those were seen to be inconvenient facts and ignored. How did Jackie Hunter get to 22 Fell View if he had not collected her as his wife’s mother? They had others call and pretend to drop off Jackie Hunter. There was a tribe of roughnecks with the favoured one being FE11 OBN as it was a blue Hyundai, same model as YD54 VYR, each time he was at 22 I knew the Gestapo had “plans” for me to “disappear” so they in 22 could carry on pretending. He was used in the NOV 2015 thuggery of my “disappearance” expected to be for good after I “followed someone to a local airport”.  R68 TLM disappeared for a few months, but another car started to arrive, DX53 KTO a MR CAROL WOODS, one of thousands.                         
He was used as available being unemployed and his car was the useful “fact”. The driver of KS53 VLF had been found in March 2015 amid the “all change places” routine and he was to use the empty 24 Fell View; he was found to be ANOTHER MR Carol Woods, he appearing in the MARCH 2015 “brave new world of Fell View” and his car KS53 VLF was found to be YK02 VPF the looted car of the murdered Mrs Margaret Porter flat 3 Penhale Gardens. The questions that arose and arise about that car were to be squashed within the use of KS53 VLF and he given the title Mr Carol Woods (much on him in fraud but out of scope of this, many photos will help an enquiry) but, he is not always available so he needs a car that could be “confused” with his enter DX53 KTO. The driver is nothing like the driver of KS53 VLF. The driver of KS53 uses the empty no. 24 while DX53 driver sits in 22 day after day when he is on the rota.           

In Oct. 2015, I went to Barcelona, I guarantee Jackie Hunter has never been anywhere at all. In the Masonic lunacy and their links to other Masonic thugs Williams being me, she in 30 I had on 3 occasions a Barcelona version of fraudster Mrs June Williams try to follow me and thus be seen as Williams in Barcelona thus proof she was me. The photos I took being excellent suggest she was not there and was/ is not me. BUT in that HUNTER has to be “covered for” as well. How can I be in Barcelona if they are supposed to be driving me about and caring for me? (Incidentally, Jackie Hunter is not on any of photographs), this couple (see the photos) were to hide in a doorway after my routine had been seen of leaving the hotel and walking to the metro. They were to step out and be seen “with me”. They are apparently HUNTER. The green T shirt he wears is significant but out of scope of this. It has nothing to do with HUNTER but this INTENTION using these 2 was to make it so. It is to be ANOTHER MR CAROL WOODS invented. Notice her hair.                                         

The checked shirt worn by the male using DX53 is proof he is Mr Carol Woods also. A photo of me circulated from 2010 when I wore a checked shirt gave the deranged their “idea” – anyone wearing a checked shirt was to be said to be me. Apparently there is only 1 on the planet so anyone wearing one must be me.                            

In Nov 2015 amid the PLANNED “DISAPPEARANCE” OF ME which failed, as above the driver of FE11 was to be at 22 and pretend that he dropped off someone who was to be me while I “disappeared”. I had a photo of Mrs Hunter to show why her type was used and to show how the Barcelona link was to be used, she happened to walk into my photo as I took it of the general surroundings. Notice the pair in Barcelona and how she was chosen for the frizzy, bleached straw like hair tied up. On this day, leading to 7 Nov 2015, Mrs Hunter was to stand in the rear garden of 22 when she saw I was in my garden at the rear and she was to shout “Neil Jasper”, nothing else, just that. Jasper was a player from the IPCC in 2007, one who wrote to me about a complaint of City of London Police as my complaint had been found in my favour. He was to advance matters if I asked for them to be acted on which I did. He was told (bribed probably) not to proceed and then to tell me I had misunderstood what he wrote in black and white. The INTENTION of that time was to make sure I had all my files removed from me so I could not show his corruption or that of 99% of IPCC. The INTENTION was misplaced; my files were not removed from me. After 7 Nov 2015 the Gestapo assumed their plans of that time would have left me confused, bewildered and a shadow of my former self: their plans failed. I was to think of Jasper as something Hunter had shouted and thus she was me with my files, if I thought if it at all. Other dullards round Fell View are told to shout a name or place in any “plan” the Gestapo has of “seeing me off”.                                    

The use of 34 Fell View was seen because again of the Jackie Hunter thief and worse and how to try and link me to her address to make her me. BUT while I as her apparently live in 22, a seedy old man in 34 Fell View was also Mr CAROL WOODS. In the Nov 2015 plan he was moved and a younger pair was moved in, they started to claim I was her mother and lived in 34 Fell View with them as well and they as total strangers as well. More unemployed loud mouths who manage to run a large Volvo YH08 KDK on what seems to be fresh air. The use of seedy old men continues as they are all Mr Carol Woods as well. The car bought for police officer TRACEY KENNEDY in early 2012 R205 XRJ a small red (Toyota Starlet) as mine is a small red (Toyota Yaris X165 YUB) was passed to a seedy old man that the Gestapo had stalking me which I found out by chance. Tracey Kennedy is me as well incidentally. My car seen where R205 was thus seen was proof he was Mr Carol Woods. BUT a small red car was bought for unemployed thieves and fraudsters in 31 Fell View who drove about Agnes Jackson from 26 Fell View when she was out as me, Y191 SLF then passed to a seedy old man who rents a room in the council house 31 Fell View to be the invisible “me” living in a room in 41 Fell View with Jarvis. R68 TLU was to be the “small red car” from Fell View; my car was always expected to be “seen off” when I was. Recently, to cover for the troll aided to run away from 37 Fell View with her car, a silver Peugeot PN54 XJD (see YD54 VYR, there were and are many with the “54” used to confuse matters) and a car used by at least 3 deluded old stalkers and trolls CW55 AYM, the Gestapo have found yet another seedy old man to drive about to stalk and harass me, CW54 a small silver car, no photo yet.                         
part 2 Lancs police org FRAUD – 19 July 16

How to aid Hunter and their black VW bought in FRAUD? KW54 XDO licence plate becomes another black VW of the same model, PE64 HMG, a roughneck who is sent to park next to my car and pretend she drives me with my car invisible I think. That driver found only in June 2016, parks and then hides in whichever house is housing me so it is one of at least 20. She is yet another unemployed roughneck, another stranger who pretends she drives about Jackson in 26 as if Jackson is me as well as driving me about and “sitting” with me while she is in another house. On Friday, 15/7/16 another black VW of the same model again did drive round Fell View and pretended, when I set off that she drove me, she was a “carer” in a scruffy blue uniform, that car PE65 JXZ. Thus the Gestapo try to mesh HUNTER’s car with others and the others to continue the FRAUD that Hunter drove me about BUT in that they also cover for Williams in 30 with their HIRED RED FORD FIESTA of Sept 2015 PE64 OUG hired in MY name they to be Mr and Mrs C Woods with the proof being the “red car on Fell View” (in that period R68 TLU was not in the area).                      

The last photo is of the Gestapo who at 14.15 – 14.16 on 18/7/16 aid and abet HUNTER in MORE FRAUD and THEFT. The 18th is a date the Gestapo want to rewrite from 18/2/04 so every 18th of every month and year since they try to claim they saw something that is PROOF of a fraud by me, or that someone else is me or that I conspire with others such as HUNTER. The lunatics are so unintelligent they think I can’t work out what the date is and what to expect. The 17th had brought similar with a “move” using taxis and SKY thugs as filmed, because I had my photos of all that, they had to do something else. I returned to Fell View about 4 40pm on 17th and heard the loft noises which went on for some time. That means someone makes phone calls as me and is ordering goods for delivery. This has been done so many times and deliveries on scores of photos; it is truly amazing that the Gestapo still think it’s a “good idea”. I record all times I hear the loft noises of illegally installed devices aided by BT so that lowlife can make the calls from where they are yet seem to be from me in 28. (That was all set up ready for my moving in.) On the 18th Williams was to make a great display of going out, but I am used to those fraudsters pretending to go out but hiding in 30, I ignored her screeching. They pretend to be out as themselves or as Woods leaving their identical twins in 30 to be either Williams or Woods depending who they pose as when out when they are not out but pretending to be. Jackson sneaked out of 26 and was to be driven off somewhere; I was not going out. Over months, when those deranged trolls have acted thus they have been going out as me and thus I have gone out to combat their frauds: I out and seen can hardly be them. Now I couldn’t care less; their actions did not make me rush out. The INTENTION of trying to lure me out has been done many times and it is ALWAYS about something to be done behind my back such as a delivery. The INTENTION is to claim I placed the order but say I won’t be in so please deliver to another address which is any one of the thieves in 22, 20, 26, 43, 41, 45, 29, 31, 37, 39 etc. The Gestapo started to do that after I knew about deliveries in FRAUD after Penhale Gardens of the same and had placed in my window a sign that states I have ordered nothing; nothing must be left if I am out and for the drivers just to leave me their contact details so I can pass them on to SFO and banks etc.                                               

It was obvious the antics of 30 and 26 Fell View were not going to make me feel I should go out so they sent a car used by sleazy to park next to mine and go to Jarvis the deranged in 41: a silver Honda LT59 FGN used by various sleazy, often linked to Jarvis in frauds and harassment and “plans to see me off” but also at 29 and 31 Fell View; I was to feel anxious that the sleazy driving on 18th should not be linked to me and thus go out. I was not going out: she decided me that I should stay about to see what was to go on behind my back. At 14.15 – 14 16 I working my front garden, overcast but warm: I heard the Gestapo helicopter arriving; they always use that when they want to claim they saw something they did not see as the liars and much worse that they are. They being stupid do not realise I hear the helicopter and know something is amiss so get ready to see: a white van pulled up to 22 at the precise moment the helicopter circled Fell View, I could only get the helicopter on photos, I could not get the delivery as well. The delivery was to HUNTER which she accepted, a large boxed item and for which she did not sign. He had the electronic key pad favoured now for “signatures” but she did not sign for the delivery. The helicopter flew off as the van disappeared from Fell View.  Jackson returned to 26, the sleazy left 41, Williams made sure the whole area knew they were in their rear garden, various others who had been hiding in the same old places drove off and I was not surprised when taking a photo of one who uses 33 and 37 in FRAUD from time to time, rushed off after I took a photo placing her car at the scene of crime. FY07 OEL a dark grey Ford. Cars and vans with “FY” have been used a great deal to stalk, harass and pretend because of the post-code significant in my whistle-blowing FY3 OBE. How did that driver know I’d taken a photo? It is a digital camera and however it is done, the Gestapo know.                          

On 19/7/16 EXACTLY the same was done again with Jackson going out, sneaking in at the rear of 26 and Williams pretending to go out hours earlier than usual. I was to feel anxious about someone being somewhere as me as the 19th of many months has been used for such FRAUDS thus I was expected to go out. It was lovely weather; I nearly did go out until I saw Jackson sneaking in at the rear after being nowhere at all. Something was planned behind my back for me not to see; it could only be more FRAUD and was. Another delivery van arrived but marked as can be seen in the photo, there was no helicopter so I could take a photo of the van. Hunter would not answer the door: it was obvious I was indoors at 28, my car was parked. He eventually called to 26 and she supposedly out answered the door: I nearly burst out laughing. She signed for 2 boxes of items; the name was BUTCHER 22 Fell View of which there is no such person. But maybe they just had the delivery there as BUTCHER was to be out at his address? Hardly likely if HUNTER was also to be out. Jackson signed for the boxes, had I gone out it would have been taken in by Hunter with the INTENTION of saying I placed the order and Butcher? Who is that? No one, it is as near as they can get to PEACHER and we all know what the Dark Farces have done with MY name to make me someone invented, Ms becomes Mrs, Carol is changed to Carole, and Woods is sometimes Wood or Woods, so I have become Mrs Carole Woods who does not exist. That is the person the Lancashire Gestapo try to make me to account for all the wrongful arrests and false imprisonments knowing I was not that invented person yet sending out MY photo with those details as if I was. This has to go in 2 parts to add the photos.


15 July 2016 ID THEFT of Carol Woods

To all copied into this: once again the stalkers are told to wear stripes if they want to PROVE they are me. The lunacy is to suggest that only one striped garment is on the planet thus anyone seen in one especially if stood outside me in 28 Fell View next to my car; it is to be PROOF they are me. I have scanned these few photos to show the link to stripes: I was known for my hand knitted, own designs of garments from years ago: in MY house looted were items I had knitted for my children from when they were small, the Gestapo used those as their “idea” of making people into me. Obviously I didn’t keep all the items I knitted and designed: just a few that were favourites. I have a good idea; any jury can ask anyone who claims to be me to knit something up for an hour or so using only their imagination.


15 July 2016 = Complaint from carol Woods

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: carol woods
Date: 12 July 2016 at 21:00
Subject: Fw: Complaint from carol Woods
To: “” <>
Cc: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” , “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>

Dear Sirs see how long I have been trying to deal with SERIOUS ORGANISED FRAUD. Now it is all out in the open and I was right all along and for that YOU could have done something which would have meant that Mike Todd GMP was not murdered. He found this FRAUD and EXTORTION and Thomson “took early retirement” after stalking me round Lancaster and parking at MY house gate in 2008 pretending to have met with me. Public Interest as the MO of Lancashire was to do this as routine to anyone they felt needed to taught a “lesson”. The SFO prosecuted ROBERT ORME who had misappropriated about £52k which he did not use for himself but to shore up his failing business; and what do these thugs get? Nothing at all except early retirement. Lancaster County Court wrote to me Aug 08 and said in black and white that they had never heard of IAN THOMSON so one wonders, one wonders. The files are intact and the recent attempt to make June 2016 be 2006 was so ludicrous it was more than pathetic. The papers are junk, according to one “expert” not even as good as toilet paper. That was what Justice MacKay saw 24 May 2010 in the High Court London, just 1`of the drivel issued to me to make me think something untrue and he was livid. That resulted in yet another kidnapping of me which now the court records have been handed to me which show what I maintained all along cannot be dealt with as the matter of FRAUD EXTORTION KIDNAPPING DEMAND MONEY WITH MENACES WITNESS INTIMIDATION and more are “out of time”. Well they would say that, wouldn’t they? Yours etc Carol Woods Ms.

 On Saturday, 11 November 2006, 11:28, carol woods <> wrote:

Dear Sirs

It is over one month since I complained about the FRAUD FORGERY EXTORTION DEMANDING OF MONEY WITH MENACES involving Ian Thomson of  Blackpool

and I have heard nothing.
There was a concerted effort to have me apply for an annulment Order
in mid Oct. But that would be silly and why should I involve myself in costs to allow the thieves and generally corrupt to cover their tracks?

I am aware that in any annulment that all papers are destroyed as if it had never happened.

That is not in my interests.

I want what evidence there is to be available for examination.

Further, is one was not married one would not apply for a divorce. It would be a waste of time and money. The analogy is plain.

Ian Thomson will have done this before to others less able than myself to understand the due processes and the law etc.

Misocnduct in Public Office, Judge Simon Lawler QC “Such conduct strikes at the very roots of our democracy. We must have faith in our public servants”.

Then we have the intent and foresight into the criminal law generally. Ian Thomson certainly has that.

Why is he not suspended pending an investigation?

This is not going to go away. He is unfit for his post. I alerted you months earlier than making my formal complaint.

I look forward to a response in my favour before too much longer.

Thank you for your time, Yours faithfully, Carol Woods wrote:

Complaint from:
carol Woods

Sunnyside Lane
Post Code:



Name of bankrupt/company:

Court Ref:
None court involv ed Lancaster County

Complaint sent to:

I have continually been ignored in this my serious complaint about Ian Thomson of Blackpool.
Ian Thomson colludes with the corrupt in stating that I am bankrupt when I am not.
I have NEVER signed any court papers.
I have NOT EVER petitioned to bankrupt myself. I have NEVER paid monies to do such an action.
I can be sent no documents from the court in question that I have signed. I have been denied a Form N244 and when I got a copy motnhs later from another court, lancaster simply ignored it.
It cannot go in front of a judge, someone would see that there has been no true bankruptcy. I was not supposed to know the law or questino the corruption.
Ian Thomson has been sent copies of the evidence that my signature must have been forged and why. Ian Thomson I can show was given the contents fo a letter to another which ahd been opened when she received it and he used the contents to harm me.
He informed the London gazette to publish the fact that I was bankrupt.
Ian Thomson had the dates altered as it becasme known that I knew the law on publications. I can show that my name was not added on July 5th as is recorded. It was added after 21 July as I was printing off all the July 5th entries daily. It can be seen that the registration numbers do not run consecutively, my name has been altered much later than the 5th July entries. I have all the copies printed off showing that my name was not added until after 21 July 06 after the interception of the letter to my friend.
Ian Thomson has declined to accept my evience in that he has ignored me, ignored faxes, emails and letters. I have visisted his office to be treated badly but complained about that.
Ian Thomson has been sent statute law copies of such as Forgery and Counterfeiting under the 1981 Act. I have sent him Misconduct in Public Office common law case law. I have sent him various items and he ignores it all.
I have copied much to the Secretariat who only seeemd to contact him when i emailed an open letter which had been copied widely about his corruptio0n. i invoiced him for wasting my time.
Ian Thomson wrote to me whne he thought he was writing to someone else. I had written asking what he would do if he saw evidence of criminality in any case in front of him
but I had written in another name (made up) as I felt he would ignore me of he knew it was me asking him that question.
He replied to that letter (in name of C Ryder) saying that he had a Code of conduct and quoted from it. He said that he would report matters to the proper authorities and listed agencies he could use to counteract fraud etc.
When I wrote saying that C Ryder was me he simply discrimianted against me in nto offering me any servcie to deal with what was evidenced as serious crime: Fraud Extortion Demading Money with Menaces. Now forgery. I HAVE SIGNED NOTHING EVER IN ANY COURT.
He admitted that he had written to me on the strength of a phone call. Eventually he sent me what I asked for, all docuemnts in my name. There is nothing signed by me.
The persons he said bankrupted me, Lancashire County Council cannot, they have no corporate personality, they cannot bankrupt anyone.
This is Fruad and I want Ian Thomspn dealt with as conspiring with the fraudsters. C W

Is this your first complaint:

Details of previous complaint:
Response by E-mail?:
Remote Host:
Remote IP:
User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0)


CAROL WOODS 12 July : MIKE TODD R.I.P., GMP + OFFICIAL COMPLAINT + Police harass Lancs. w’blower to hide house theft + more 12 July 2016

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