HACKER FILMED LIVE ON MY COMPUTER 22 JULY 16 – bug detecting + more…



 Pathetic amateur “James Bond” wannabes from the “domestic terrorist security services [pack of imbeciles]” have been working overtime changing the settings and generally being a pest on my computer = this time I filmed the scum hackers live during the latest of daily events, which includes constant keylogging, especially when writing emails.

The VPN supplier I use swore computers couldn’t be hacked whilst using their software, but that is rubbish – PC’s CAN AND ARE HACKABLE WHEN USING VPN, no matter how good the software supplier says it is!! = https://www.goldenfrog.com/blog/myths-about-vpn-logging-and-anonymity

see more:

CATCH THE BUGGERS!!! Bug detector for one’s home …DAYS OF MY LIFE, with spooks..SNOWDEN ON HOW TO TURN YOUR MOBILE PHONE BLACK…+ more 24 June 16



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