The CAROL WOODS Coverup: How police harass W’blower Lancs. MET + Lancs. Police Corruption Reported / Ignored 25 July 16 + ARCHIVE

Please see below, under the video etc. links, the latest update from whistleblower and ex-Social Worker Level 3 and Child Protection Officer Ms. Carol Woods, received 24 July 2016, [and before].

While the more recent updates from Ms. Woods may concentrate on the more current ID frauds and similar relating to her at her present abode, it must be fully understood that these actions, by parties known and unknown, are seemingly being enacted as a direct result of Ms. Woods reporting, or attempting to report, certain findings when employed by a town council as a senior Level 3 Social Worker, and Child Protection Officer, as described within the videos and radio broadcasts that follow these paragraphs, entitled “IMPORTANT VIDEOS”.

So far, what Ms. Woods has reported to numerous government agencies has gone unacknowledged by all reported to – the crimes connected to her alone include: 

the theft of her home [as happened also to Patrick Cullinane, Len Lawrence, Joseph Henry [multiple houses stolen], Tom Crawford, and so many more],

at least 4 separate enforced incarcerations in mental hospital units for no earthly good reason – one excuse used  for such incarcerations being that Ms. Woods was mentally “deluded” in her findings of utter corruption within a Lancs. council – her latest incarceration being between November 2015 and Febuary 2016. Carol was also forced to take psychotropic drugs against her will during these hospital stays, and was threatened with re-arrest before her leaving the “Cygnet” unit, Lancs. in Febuary 2016.

fake IDs used [for example: for expensive commercial criminal frauds], 

chronic gangstalking and/or harrassment by government connected sources,

home burglaries,

the inflicting of tracking devices upon her motor vehicle, and also numerous attempted thefts of that vehicle, and the attempted destruction of her motor vehicle, 

enforced “bankruptcy”

– many more seriously criminal activities exist, committed against this lone female, and have been reported accordingly, seemingly to no avail, along with her discoveries as a Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer.

[NB: Everything posted on this site conforms to the meaning of the word “alleged” as defined under UK and US Laws and Statutes].



2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016

3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016



Received 24 July 16

“Hi again, I note the use of alleged, maybe it should be pointed out that when I was “arrested” for following someone to a local airport, following someone to Kendal, taking photos of children, sticking notes to car windscreens, in breach of an “injunction”, “shouting”, and so on they were not allegations BUT PROVEN events – apparently. Thus, we have no local airport, no one could be named who had business at an airport, local or otherwise, no CCTV footage of me having been following “someone” existed, no photos taken of me “following” by “victim”, no dates or times were mentioned so an alibi wasn’t necessary apparently. It was all just “proven”. BUT I had photos of being followed to Liverpool airport Oct when I went to Barcelona, know who and why, and as my car was parked and pre-paid to be in the airport car park it suggests I was driving myself. I could not think of how to fly to Barcelona without going to an airport and yes I was on lots of CCTV. Following “someone” to Kendal. Do I sit about in my car and have a tank full of petrol just in case I want to follow “someone” and guess they may go to Kendal? Who was that “someone”? Un- named. When was the “following”? No date was offered. can that person show PROOF they had been in Kendal via a shop till receipt for example? No apparently not. Am I on CCTV following on the M6 for example? Apparently not. Taking photos of children: has anyone got one photo of me taking a photo of anyone or anything? No, the Gestapo only know what MY photos are when I scan them as proof of thuggery such as taxi drivers stalking me to pretend they drive me about, and of course Gestapo themselves. Have any photos been produced? No.

Did anyone tape me “shouting”? No. Who heard anything I shouted? No one. Was there an injunction? No. That was why the person, who was un-named but had it against me, could not be named, it did not exist. Now a solicitor did help me with that, KEVIN BAMBER HOLDEN’s Lancaster but anything I try to get to him now does not get to him. He I was sure was a good guy. Thus all those were not allegations BUT PROVEN FACTS that was why “we” dispensed with a trial and jury. I do not make allegations: I make statements of fact, if there is a doubt, I say so,. this is a classic example of how the Gestapo do what they want but do not apply it consistently. I hope you got my woodsresearch emails to CQC etc about this on record which I expect to be RECITIFIED, Imagine if I had been able to see a solicitor when arrested and have a trial! That is why I was not to see a solicitor and now the Gestapo try to say they do not know who was in their police station 7/8 Nov 2015 claiming I was mentally ill! Apparently one can just walk in and out, visit cells etc and no one asks questions as to who they might be. The lunatics run the asylum which we know. Just think though, this house of cards, we only need one case to get a breakthrough and the rest will follow. C.

How police harass W’blower Lancs.MET.  24 July 2016

All have known about this for YEARS and no one does anything at all. 
This document from Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP MY car X165 YUB red Toyota Yaris using this email address today records a series of events which with the recent FRAUD and likely BRIBERY of a CHRISTOPHER COX of the MoJ who did pass to me a pile of junk claiming it was ALL that the court service had in my name as data subject shows why Lancashire Gestapo try AGAIN to pretend I have just moved to 28 Fell View Caton and am not me. This is usual MO and even in 2011 when I stayed with my sister thus having someone not bribed to ignore the lunacy, they pretended there that I constantly had just arrived at her house. On one day alone the lunatics pretended I had moved 5 times, FIVE times. They do that as seen on photos via corrupt taxi drivers who pretend whatever their delusions allow, van drivers, general trolls and so forth.  I have sent out emailed lists of documents that should have been supplied to me but which we now know do not exist EXCEPT for what I have. My files show the organised, collective crime. They show FEES paid by me yet no records as my cases have all been held in FRAUD. They show that LCC as applicants in some supposed cases paid NO FEES so ran cases at tax-payers’ expense in FRAUD and in their parallel universe. Obviously corrupt judges were recruited and corrupt police who would ignore serious matters of perjury, extortion and more and for which MIKE TODD GMP seeing was murdered as he did not ignore the matters. The usual mantra chanted by police is that there was “not enough evidence” or “there was a thorough investigation” when I was not asked one single question or asked to supply any proof at all. The other favourite is that the matters are out of time. Apparently all my witnesses are liars; all of them, even though some had to be bribed to “forget” what they knew and what they witnessed. Those not bribed were merely threatened and terrified to “forget”.                                  
Justice then has a time limit: tell that to Cliff Richard, Orgreave miners, Hillsborough families, Birmingham 6 and others. This is ONE matter of which there are no records; it has been confirmed to me at least twice that the junk I was handed in Manchester in June 2016 was the full and final records of my Section 7 Subject Access Request, 1998 Act.                                                  
On 27 Nov 2009 officer TRACEY KENNEDY posed as me in Newcastle Magistrates Court on a matter where I harassed her thus she posing as me meant that I harassed myself. Obviously I was hounded by thugs at the address where I rented then as if I had been Kennedy. Despite MY having proof of that FRAUD, the court service has nothing at all.                    
 Given the lunacy in having Kennedy claim to be me accused and victim, Lancashire needed to act it out again and did so by arresting me on 27 Dec 2009 for harassing a thief, fraudster, perjurer and worse, Kennedy who poses as a police officer. The perjury of Sgt MARTIN, PCSO Chris GRIFFITHS, KENNEDY, her partner ANNA JUDITH PERELES, an IAN READER and IAN YOUNG deputy Head of Lancashire Legal dept and the police who wrote his perjury for 27 Nov 09 on the 3 Dec 2009 seems to have “disappeared” from records – except mine.                       
 27 Dec 2010 led to a court appearance on 14 Jan 2010 with no paperwork for me, the police refusing to give me copies of the tapes made of the interview (there was no solicitor involved), I didn’t even have those (2). On 14/1/10 I was not expected to turn up with the court staff telling me, thinking I was waiting for Carol Woods (me) said she was still in the police station waiting to be taken to court. Kennedy arrived with PC JIM EDMUNDS he who promotes himself as and when he feels so inclined. They ran off when they saw I was present. In the court, the bench seeing something greatly amiss gave me 20 minutes adjournment to read the statements which apparently had been sent to ME and MY house for KENNEDY to have intending to be me. Remember she lived in MY house as me MY house having been stolen, wrecked and looted in Oct 08. I had told the bench I had nothing on which to present my case. CPS GRIFFITH told by the bench to give me copies could only give me what she had and banged the statements down along with the tapes of the interview which tapes I could not listen to until much later not having a tape recorder. There is no record of that hearing except on what I have.                                        
I could declare perjury: dates were sent for a trial 18 and 19 March 2010 yet moved to Preston. I queried the hysterics in moving the case to Preston for no reason; no person at all had any links to Preston. The bench was told that Preston had a judge, apparently Lancaster did not have a judge. My plea was Not Guilty and the trial was set. I noticed the paperwork changed my name gradually, Ms Carol Woods became Mrs, then Carole until I was a different person; the Gestapo moved the case to Preston to make me someone not me; someone from Preston so clearly not me. There is no record of that except on what I have.                                
On 18 March 2010 I arrived with a witness; there was no trial for anyone listed: the clerk could find no information of a trial for me with Kennedy and Pereles as victims: there was no one from the “victims’” attending. I went to the Crown Court to check their listings; they gave me a print out of their listings, there had been and was not to be anything in my name. Back at the Magistrates Court it was still prior to 10am, the clerk could only find a judge hearing PRIOR to the court officially “open” not a trial, but a decision after a trial; it was nothing to do with me. I was given permission to leave Bail Act Sec 3, and in writing. Why was none of that available as data in my name? That was that: over and done with. There is no record of that except on what I have.                                  
On 5 May 2010 I was arrested for “fail to attend”. Fail to attend what? There is no such thing. I was to appear on 6 May 2010 which I did in the usual (for me) insult to my intelligence and kangaroo court. BUT the CPS could offer no proof I had failed to attend anything. The case for “fail to attend” was dismissed.  In that a grossly overweight woman, rough and vulgar pretended to be a probation officer. I have worked that court as a QUALIFIED probation officer and knew that she was anything but. I made a formal complaint about her later to be informed in writing by the probation service that they had no records of any case involving me. There is no court record of that except what I have.                         
In June 2010 among much else involving police harassment as I had moved to rent a room in London and had won a High Court action being told to return to MY house, forcibly remove anyone, prosecute and sue them. ONE false court document (oddly not handed to me within the junk I was handed by MoJ in June 2016) was the subject of an inquiry given the judge was livid at seeing it as issued to me as a bona fide court document in relation to MY house. Given Lancashire Gestapo and their lunatic “leader” I did not return to Lancaster immediately to regain MY house but had a meeting in the FCO who suggested they should have me to live abroad as the matters were obviously police led. They knew that Mike Todd GMP had been murdered in the matters. I did not want to live abroad. Justice MacKay wanted me back in court in the inquiry into the junk issued to me as a court document. The London Met. police were harassing: they ignored my reports of mail theft and obvious ID theft, harassment of me and more. On 30 June 2010 they arrested me for “Fail to attend”. Fail to attend what? They could not say. Obviously I was not allowed a solicitor. I never saw any paperwork. Gross breaches of PACE regulations were apparent: I was moved round but not told where I was. I was given my shoe laces and belt and told to “Get on with it”. I didn’t. I was to be moved to Preston again. But the Fail to Attend had been dismissed on 6/5/10. It was still “fail to attend”. There is no record of ANY of that except on what I have.                              
The court was literally closed again: it was AFTER 5pm, the “bench” comprised of 3 idiots from the next door Masonic lodge, they pretended to be a mental health tribunal. They were to say I was mentally ill and pretended I was not me but MRS CAROLE WOODS. That was spoiled because one of my daughters, cut off from when I asked to make me phone call at HARROW WEALSDSTONE police station, guessed I’d be taken to Preston so she arrived. The case was dismissed again as they had to accept I was not even the person named: my daughter arriving was proof I was me and not who the lunatics tried to say I was. In that a woman slightly improved on the first fraudster, posed as a probation officer, I went to the office which the probation service used in court: it had closed up over an hour earlier as I knew it would have. I formally complained about her and was still told there was no data in my name. I returned to London. There is no record except what I have.                               
The High Court case dragged on: I was unsure about going to regain MY house knowing what thugs Lancashire police were/are. I was wanted back in court: the false court document had implications for others that much was obvious: I was certainly not the first person the lunatic YOUNG had issued such to. The Met. police sent traps for me luring me into the station again; they stopped me in the street and waged a programme of harassment and intimidation. They had to stop me going to court and arrested me again 5 Aug 2010 with the INTENTION of making 5 May 2010 into 5 Aug 2010. The 5th May had not been the “result” wanted. I was arrested again for “fail to attend”. There was no solicitor again, and a phone call to my daughter was cut off. I was moved again to where I do not know and again given my laces and belt and told to “Get on with it”. BUT one officer saw my driving licence, “This is you” she said. Of course it was me; who did she think I was? MRS CAROLE WOODS as told by Lancashire Gestapo. There was a problem: how could they produce me anywhere as a person I was not? They couldn’t so used the mental health route and dumped me in a mental hospital where I knew not where I was.                                
I was denied contact with anyone; my family rang Harrow and Wealdstone after a few days because I hadn’t been making my usual calls. The very police arresting me told my family that they had never heard of me. One staff member, after a few days rang Lancaster police and asked them to go and inform my family; they ignored that request. The INTENTION was for me to “breakdown” and traps were set daily hoping I’d run away so they could have the police arrest me again. None of that gave them a “result”. In all that I had listened finally to the tapes handed to me by CPS on 14/1/10 and heard not me but KENNEDY posing as me. Thus she was in Lancaster police station being interviewed when they all knew she was not me, while she claimed to be me. The NHS has no data after all that illegal detention; there is nothing in my name.                                 
Nov 2010 found me trying to get Lancaster police to help me with my house and found me arrested as a “terrorist” apparently I was likely to be carrying bombs in my case. I was imprisoned under 5 different names and had appeared in 2 courts where I knew not where. Apparently it was the “fail to attend” again. Fail to attend what? The corrupt, bullying judge WARD said I had not been to Preston on 18/3/10 so I asked, how did I know he was there and how did I know that no one from the “victim’s team” had not arrived. He produced a diary claiming he was on leave 18/3/10 so was not in court, what a liar BUT perjury producing in a court a false document. EXCEPT it was not a court, it was literally closed; there was nothing in my name. I find that one yob used in 2013 had links to the court and the Gestapo were trying to link me to him; April 2013 they had tried to have the yob STEVE WILLIAMS and his partner, VICKY McQUAID befriend me. McQUAID I found had claimed to be my daughter when she was in Lancaster Magistrates Court thus trying to establish a link to her directly and her partner. In April 2013 the Gestapo pretended to search for Williams with McQuaid pretending not to know where he was: they tried to pretend I hid him. That yob had been brought in to try and link him to me because of the FRAUD and THUGGERY of 2010. And who is in 30 Fell View, next to me, one who claims to be me? JUNE WILLIAMS no relation to yob STEVE WILLIAMS but as JUNE WILLIAMS is truly bankrupt the Gestapo decided I should live in 28 Fell View so she could be used as if she was me. They gave her ID in my name and the car she drives PJ65 WLL is IN MY NAME. June Williams is an old roughneck; the tenant in 28 was bullied to death to get her out of 28 so I could have it: it was all planned and premeditated. I never knew what the supposed link with the yob STEVE WILLIAMS was but then found the “court” was one he appeared in as routine prior to them being moved to Morecambe so McQuaid could pose as my daughter, her auburn hair was to be proof and her yob was added “proof”. I was to be meshed with them to suggest that I in an East Lancs. court was not me but one linked to those 2 total strangers. JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP has a daughter, almost 3 times the age of McQuaid. I have 3 daughters.                                     
Suddenly, end Nov 2010, I was to be released after weeks of being held in different names and then being asked my name; “If you don’t know now, I’m not telling you” I told the bullying, corrupt and unintelligent and in that another woman posed as a probation officer telling me she had spoken to a daughter of mine and my brother when she had not at all. The probation service still confirmed they had never heard of me. I then found, weeks later that “someone” was sending the probation service emails from MY email address trying to establish a “history” of the service knowing me. That was Lancashire Gestapo.                                      
The arrests did not stop. But that was 2010. I then find that the lunatic IAN YOUNG had rewritten history: he decided that the “trial” of 18 and 19 March 2010 was not in Preston after all but was in Lancaster and I had failed to attend there. BUT my paperwork states Preston. And now the court service can provide nothing from either court or from any of the hearings which is no surprise given they were all, literally, closed – kangaroo – courts.  It is down to me to provide any documents.                     
Then the deranged decided the “fail to attend” was because I refused to meet with the fraudster and thief the self appointed Official Receiver in a bogus bankruptcy, IAN THOMSON and his associate, the self appointed “trustee” who was always someone different explained to me by CHERYL KAYE of WREA GREEN LAND REGISTRY as the “trustee” being dead which Kaye claims is a normal practice and where others just appear as the dead person.                                                     
On 14/7/2016 after the lunacy at 41 Fell View in the evening of 13/7/16, one old troll used to be “Williams” seen out when she is not out, (unemployed) was chosen as it is thought (by the deranged and desperate) to look similar to Williams when she is too young, too tall and doesn’t live in 30 Fell View. She has to wear cheap, chain store bought striped sweaters as I am known for my designs of such, thus as only 1 person on the planet has a striped sweater then anyone seen wearing one is “me” and if the person stands by my car and outside thus 28 Fell View it is proof that MY car is really at 30 and thus Williams does have an identical twin which is me with the proof being in the cheap, store bought sweater. This is the rationale used to make anyone in a blue check shirt me as I have one and there is only 1 on the planet thus anyone wearing a blue and white shirt is “me”. I also wear checked shirts and there is only 1 on the planet so anyone with a checked shirt, any colour is “me”, male or female, any age. AND I wore a purple shirt for gardening in 2014 so the Gestapo translated that as being a lilac fleece after buying Williams a hideous creation in purple/lilac to walk about in to be “me” in my gardening shirt, and Jackson a similar floaty thing as she was me seen in the front of 26 in the purple/lilac garment thus proof she was me. They then moved to bulk purchase of lilac fleeces and handed them out to Jackson and Curwen and various lowlife who pretended to be me, disabled which was odd: aside from them ALL being me, the Gestapo rely on my gardening clothes to replicate but if I was “disabled” on “crutches” how could I do the gardening? I have a series of photos of lilac/purple garments including one old woman found to stalk me in VENICE to pretend that it was JACKSON waddling about. The photo shows the woman striding out which Jackson is unable to do, she wears “lilac” and carries the now usual PINK bag which is often replaced by a brown bag depending on what the Gestapo want to replicate of mine. I have no pink bag but a pink bag features as significant in my case. The use of a spotted bags began when Jackson was seen with one: I have no such thing but persons sent to be where I am to “prove” Jackson is me said to be “seen” where I am as proof I am Jackson and she is me, they are supplied with a spotted shopping bag.                                        
On 12 July 2016, amid the lowlife collecting at 20 Fell View house of thieves and worse MILLS with the car Y313 YEC used much in FRAUD using Jackson in 26 and her unemployed son, Kenneth, hoping to provoke me so they could scream they were “victims” when all helped to bully to death the former tenant of 28 Fell View as it was wanted for me, the Gestapo had DAVID and PATRICIA MORLEY of BATH MILL LANE Lancaster walk into Lancaster; they were found from photos looted from MY house 19/11/08 and recruited when it was further found that their younger daughter was married to a Freemason in the Fire Service. Thus they have been used in various acts of lunacy because I often park my car near Bath Mill Lane as do scores of other drivers. They are told when to set off from the house when I park up (the GPS on MY car illegally installed Jan 2012) and they then seen walking into Lancaster is PROOF they are me as well! On Monday they were sent in wasted time as I did not park up until later; they had been told to carry a spotted shopping bag. The use of those 2 now as well is because of DAVID MORLEY after the fraudster DAVID FABB “false friend” was found out. The idiot FABB, Freemason liar and fraudster, was to be said to be “linked” to me and told what to say to me as if he had been David Morley from YEARS ago when I was more friendly with the Morleys.  The Morleys have never lived in the Midlands, and Fabb only has one daughter (he was also to be Mr K WILLIAMS from 30 Fell View “linked” to me to make me likely to be JUNE WILLIAMS or her identical twin at least). David and Pat Morley have 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren. Williams have no grand children, Jackson has none, I have 5. Both Morleys worked until retirement age: Williams haven’t worked for years, Fabb hasn’t either. David Morley lost all credibility on 12/7/16 seen carrying an empty, spotted shopping bag because he had been told to. Neither daughter of Morley is called Michelle; I have no daughter called Michelle either.                       
The INTENTION of using the unemployed roughnecks, thieves and fraudsters, bullies and worse collecting at 20 Fell View hoping to provoke me with the car Y313 YEC “brought back into play” (the driver unemployed so available at all times) so they could all scream they were “victims” of CRIME so that the Gestapo thugs could arrest me and lead to a COURT appearance on 14 July 2016 to be 14 Jan 2010 again and this time they hope NOT to have officer TRACEY KENNEDY on police tapes AS ME.                                 
The lowlife in 34 Fell View are taking over from HUNTER in 22 Fell View who claimed from April 2014 that I was HIS mother to be JACKIE HUNTER another “me” from 34 Buckley St Shaw OL2 5DX a thief, liar and worse who posed as me and was given MY industrial award monies which was a joke: HUNTER is like Williams and those round Caton, a heavy smoker, drinker and had not worked for over 30 years so unlikely to have had an industrial injury of a date related to me. In March 2015 when many were found out, JARVIS, HUNTER, un-named in 37 Fell View, MILLS in 20, CLARKE in 23 etc. Hunter decided that I was the mother of HER in 22 making it seem as if both Hunter had a surname HUNTER prior to marriage. Now they have found a seedy pair to take over 34 Fell View (the seedy old man who disappeared in the expectation that I had “disappeared” end 2015 he was ANOTHER Mr CAROL WOODS) and they pretend they drive me about and like HUNTER in YD54 VYR did in April 2014. The use of ‘34’ (Buckley St) is not now HUNTER in 22 but is the lowlife in 34 unemployed as usual to be “available” to stand about and screech in their back garden which edges my rear garden and that is PROOF apparently they are now driving me about. They have bogus links to 34 Quernmore Rd as they NOW in that house were moved into that address and given a small red car R128 HBM to be the “small red car” (mine) seen about Caton thus anywhere it is parked is PROOF it is mine. That was why they were told to go and park outside 34 Fell View and how those in 34 Fell View run a car YH08 KDK a black Volvo is because like YD54 VYR it is run at tax-payers’ expense.                                   
The lunatics always try to mesh me with whatever is in the news: thus 14/7/16 a woman jailed for stalking the mother of murdered toddler Jamie Bulgar and they hoped to link me to that woman! It was why they arranged what they did AFTER I went to collect my court data. I was to be “buried” in all that. Any news item is thus used. I add for the record that I have no Facebook although at least one has been run IN MY NAME started in late 2010 and continued using others where I happen to “live” and the recruited false friends. Currently I have found that 24 and 45 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP are used by unemployed lowlife who have been given MY details by Lancashire police and told what MY email details are INCLUDING the passwords which I do change but to no avail. How do I know? In 2015 in Barcelona I passed an Internet cafe and while not intending to do any emails on my case did think to check my in box. I found the emails to the lowlife in 45. In that I have no home access so I have many hours and days in fact where anything can be done using MY emails; the routine is for anything sent to be deleted so I do not see what has been sent and obviously for the in-box to be cleared so that when I do log on I do not see what has been done behind my back using MY emails. I use 2 mostly, this one and But catching them unawares in Barcelona and I found the emails in my in-box. I have occasionally found them in my sent box so have printed them off and had sent via fax to Theresa May as Home Secretary. I received no responses at all.  This then was 2010 but continues. Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP.

Lancs police corruption, reported/ignored – 24 July 2016

 This was faxed on the date, found in my files recently, typed up and now sent to others: I received no reply at all.
Fax to: 020 7035 4745 2/4/2013 from: Ms Carol Woods Caravan 1A @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe LA3 3EJ. Fax page 1 of 7 (hand written, typed up later to send via email.) Home Office Attn: Mr B FOLEY and Ms T MAY.

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for the letter dated 19/3/13 which was handed to me after being withheld as usual – 5% of my mail is withheld, 95% is stolen. All that has been the situation where I have “lived” and was at MY house Cherry Trees LA1 5ED, wrecked and stolen 27/10/08, looted 19/11/08.                                                            
You refer me to the IPCC – this is my record: My emails sent when the IPCC was established were intercepted.

Files sent to the IPCC were said not to have been received so were sent again by bike messenger service at some expense. All was totally ignored – the original files returned to me when I made a Sec 7 Subject Access Request under the Data Protection Act 1998 Amended 2000. The IPCC was staffed by liars. I had dealt with bribed liars e.g. EWAN McGREGOR who left his job immediately after doing the favour. London and Sale were 99% corrupt.                                                                                                                                                                                                            
 Patrick Haddon and Kevin O’Flaherty as Data personnel did their jobs but Patrick was “encouraged” to leave as he’d sent me files I was told they had not received. Ewan McGregor accessory to the murder of Mike Todd GMP.

A Douglas Cleaver took instruction via email on how to “get rid of me” (and my complaints) – all that is safe within my files.                                                                                                                                                            
Ruth Garnett from Sale found in my favour over an inarticulate yob from Lancashire posing as a PC from Leeds police – aided and abetted by West Yorkshire police (Holbeck 6/5/06) where “something happening to a close relative” was guaranteed if I did not cease my case. (That “something” was carried out.) Chris Weigh, Lancs police Professional Standards refused to name that yob and ignored the IPCC – nothing else was done. West Yorkshire police were  nothing but a collection of documented liars and found out in that – all files safe.

In 2008, Lancashire police accessed the IPCC systems via a Michelle Ellington and tried to encourage me to send documents. I had learned a great deal by that time about the misuse of computers – basically Lancashire deal with their own complaints via illegal use of bogus IPCC emails. I contacted the IPCC in 2008 to say what took place but remained ignored. Cloned emails from Ellington’s address were received by me long after she left the employ of IPCC.
I still receive bogus “contacts” when I try to pursue matters. In Oct 2011 I stayed at my sister’s in Shaw near Oldham and found that on 1st Oct 2011, 6 emails had been sent from one of my email addresses to Cumbria police and 1 to GMC. It was a Sunday – I had no Internet access. Reporting that to Shaw and Royton police a PCSO 66112 RAKIB was sent to see me – he saw the bogus emails and false IPCC stuff – criminal offences under the 1990 Act – he was told not to pursue the matter. The email content had been so that recipients would complain saying that I was obviously mentally ill. That has been done before, 14 Jan 2010, 1 Aug 2011 and over were sent from my at 20 17 on Wed. 27 March 2013. (I attach 1 of which I had forwarded to another email site of mine before state thugs deleted the evidence. I printed off as word doc. pasted as the screen I used would not print off the actual email page. I have no private facility and why I hand write my letters.)

The emails were sent to MP’s and newspapers again so persons would think I was mentally ill. Some left in my “sent box” showed me what had been done. The emails were all sent at exactly the same time which is impossible. Each email I was left with showed only a web link – I am certain they would be rubbish. (I am not opening them – one never knows.) My web links include the following – there are others:

With this I also send a document that shows the Home office should ask questions especially also about the following surveillance of me, illegal at tax-payers’ expense: 1) 22 Nov 07 police equipment installed in Eden Breck Cottage at right angles to MY house, Cherry Trees – tenant GARY FOXCROFT he who set up the “charity” Stepping Stones Nigeria to launder money from the expected “Super Casino” – the same day Mike Todd GMP was handed my file re corruption 2) from March 08 set up opposite MY house so police could see inside. 
December 08 my then car stolen by local yob for police and taken for a tracking device to be fitted via the ignition.                                                                                                                                                                 
January 09 – same car, stolen by police and wrecked to “hide” the tracking device found out.
Jan 2012 (23rd) another tracking device fitted to the car I was buying, red Toyota Yaris X165 YUB via the ignition. Reported to Theresa May and the then Minister for Justice, K Clarke and reported since then but faxes ignored. A listening device is fitted in my car. On 4 March 2012, I was lured to the caravan site to rent the caravan – I had nowhere else to go and had been living in my car – listening device is in the caravan and a camera for the outside to see when I go out and return and if I have any callers. That is how collective harassment is so easily arranged – police know all my movements.                      

A neighbour, Michael Short of Sunnyside Close Lancaster agreed to spy on me for police – he was told lies about me. My daughter’s house 6 Hazel Grove Lancaster has a listening device, my brothers’ house 5 Fulwood Drive Bare Morecambe, my sister’s house 8 Chancery Lane OL2 8EX via her landline. If you dial her number 01706 840348 and press the star key – you can hear every single word being said in her house. BT are totally corrupt in that and have been long-term players from 2004 – as I can show.

Sir Christopher Rose asked why I was under intense surveillance when I originally complained. He was told I was a likely terrorist – then a DWP fraudster, then a bank robber, then a drug dealer then we go back to terrorism again.                                                                                                                                      
After 13 wrongful arrests and false imprisonments (which apparently I have made up) one would think that they are either inept and stupid finding nothing at all or just bullying liars and fraudsters – possibly all at once. I have apparently also made up all the times I have been locked up including in Styal prison. In Harrow Wealdstone police station on 30 June 2010, I was given my shoe laces and bet and told to “Get on with it” (commit suicide by hanging myself). That failing, they did it all again on 5th Aug 2010 – that failing I was locked in Styal prison and told by staff how and where I could hang myself. The staff there are bullying thieves, liars and stole a great deal from me. Now apparently, I have made all that up as well.

Lancashire police visited me 28 Aug 2012 and said they had never heard of me but made sure that they did not look at the lever arch files I offered to show how ludicrous that was. I hope you see a picture emerging – this is Watergate UK – Cherie Blair connected. What next for me? On Friday 29th March I saw a red Toyota Yaris being driven near to where I “live” – it had no licence plates, why?

Police waited for me to drive to my sister’s in Shaw where I would not arrive – I would “disappear” – my car would. The licence plates would be added to the car driving round without plates and the driver would be presented as me, Ms Carol Woods while I would “disappear” under a different name. The driver was nothing like me at all. I have thousands of photos showing harassment by Gestapo, NHS and all as Hillsborough basically. The police wait for me to “disappear” or to lead them to where I certain file is kept.

I would be grateful if you pass on a copy of this to the IPCC – you may not be ignored and you may get it to someone who will do their job.

I am Carol Woods Ms and this is England 21st C modelled on Nazism run by police. And, I have evidence of the corrupt links between the P.C.C. and the police as well. My problem is, is that I have so much. I have conducted a full enquiry on my own at my own expense over 13 years since blowing the whistle. I wait to testify. Signed by me.”


Funds embezzled in police led fraud Lancs – 19 July 16

To all sent this, the photos attached are 2 yellow Minis which figure thus in this Lancashire police led organised crime and worse. May 2014 and I had recently moved to 28 Fell View Caton (under duress) and find as usual that everybody else is a “me”. Persons in 24 Fell View CURWEN posed as me to claim extra DWP monies as if they as me had had a Road Traffic accident. In that lunacy 2 squad vehicles were used along with a yellow MINI seen here. The Mini was supposed to be the ambulance. Be honest, I couldn’t make this up. I filmed all that, 24 has been empty since and this yellow – continues:


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