The Carol Woods Coverup: Lancs. Police FRAUD in Computer Misuse + more 2 Aug. 16 ARCHIVE

Please see below, under the video etc. links, the latest update from whistleblower and ex-Social Worker Level 3 and Child Protection Officer Ms. Carol Woods, received 1 August 2016, [and before].

While the more recent updates from Ms. Woods may concentrate on the more current ID frauds and similar relating to her at her present abode, it must be fully understood that these actions, by parties known and unknown, are seemingly being enacted as a direct result of Ms. Woods reporting, or attempting to report, certain findings when employed by a town council as a senior Level 3 Social Worker, and Child Protection Officer, as described within the videos and radio broadcasts that follow these paragraphs, entitled “IMPORTANT VIDEOS”.

So far, what Ms. Woods has reported to numerous government agencies has gone unacknowledged by all reported to – the crimes connected to her alone include: 

the theft of her home [as happened also to Patrick Cullinane, Len Lawrence, Joseph Henry [multiple houses stolen], Tom Crawford, and so many more],

at least 4 separate enforced incarcerations in mental hospital units for no earthly good reason – one excuse used  for such incarcerations being that Ms. Woods was mentally “deluded” in her findings of utter corruption within a Lancs. council – her latest incarceration being between November 2015 and Febuary 2016. Carol was also forced to take psychotropic drugs against her will during these hospital stays, and was threatened with re-arrest before her leaving the “Cygnet” unit, Lancs. in Febuary 2016.

fake IDs used [for example: for expensive commercial criminal frauds], 

chronic gangstalking and/or harrassment by government connected sources,

home burglaries,

the inflicting of tracking devices upon her motor vehicle, and also numerous attempted thefts of that vehicle, and the attempted destruction of her motor vehicle, 

enforced “bankruptcy”

– many more seriously criminal activities exist, committed against this lone female, and have been reported accordingly, seemingly to no avail, along with her discoveries as a Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer.

[NB: Everything posted on this site conforms to the meaning of the word “alleged” as defined under UK and US Laws and Statutes].



2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016

3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016



From: Carol Woods  16:57 1 Aug 16
to admin, mayt, secofstate, anne.owers, londonbureau, info, amy, talkback, me, vine, vazk, homeaffcom, cleggn, burnhama

 Dear Sirs, I have said the same [referring to the video from the police officer directly below] from 2001 and not one took the slightest bit of interest.. Obviously I didn’t have a huge scale to draw on but I had first hand experience and not one person batted an eye lid. Thus we are talking about RECENT times not the 50’s and 60’s or even the 70’s. I have the names of police, judges, MP’s MP’s wife (I wonder who that could be), and more to the point, I have the cogent evidence. I have not sent this to many as I have no private Internet use so relying on public facilities I have to be as quick as I can. But you all know, have done for years and done nothing. Carol Woods Ms.  PS I can name unions, charities as well, money laundering and Shipman policies, but you’re all ostriches. You don’t want to know the truth.



FRAUD by OSMOSIS Lancs.  1 Aug. 16

The photo attached shows how fraud by osmosis occurs. I can think of no other way of telling it. I am Carol Woods Ms of 28 Fell View LA2 9RP under duress. Fell View has 55 council houses incl 4 bungalows of which 28 is one. I apparently live in 23 houses and am driven about and cared for by professional parasites who are all on the gravy train of free money. NOT one single person has thought to ask why there are so many invisible Carol Woods living round Fell View. I am mother, aunt, sister, I am even my own dead mother in at least 2 houses. I am a disabled boy in a wheelchair in 23 and a disabled girl in a wheelchair in 39 BORROWED CHILDREN IN CHILD ABUSE, reported ignored so there we have it; organised fraud and not a problem – apparently.

My being moved to 28 was because of scores of reasons which the Gestapo thought they could muddy waters of investigation over and hoped to “brainwash” me into “forgetting” my HOUSE being STOLEN WRECKED and LOOTED and my whistleblowing (See The fraudsters were all ready set up. Sleazy social workers were used at various, 29, 31, 41 etc to claim I lived there and they validated bank accounts in FRAUD and with MY signature. Obviously I can identify those sleazy but to date, no one has asked. Across from me is a pair of houses and both part of why the former tenant Mrs GREENBANK a lone individual was murdered to get 28 free for me to fit in with the rest of the FRAUDS.

In that across the playing area is 15 and 17 both used as both malicious old trolls have names the Gestapo wanted to use to be earlier found fraudsters. And their house numbers. Without going into all detail 15 was to be EDITH CURWEN from flat 15 Penhale Gardens a malicious old troll who claimed to be me as my dead mother BUT as if my mother was alive and “disabled” and needing to SELL MY HOUSE! A total stranger aided by council all knowing what was INTENDED. I found out and have the photos to identify all involved. CURWEN used in 24 Fell View was ANOTHER reason poor Mrs Greenbank was in the way: they make false claims to being disabled and claim at least one is me after a road traffic accident and that reported is ignored!

Thus 15 Fell View wanted for the number to be flat 15 again and EDITH CURWEN then to be EDNA SCOTT as close as the Gestapo could make it to make it “fit”. In 17 is another of the same type JUNE CARRADICE and she is supposed to be me as flat 17 on Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA (24 flats, all council) was used, not much but used in frauds. The name is needed in 17 Fell View to be JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View who was given ID to be me for when I moved to 28: I was not to know. That malicious bullying old thief, liar and main player in bullying Mrs Greenbank to death is a “babe” of the Gestapo so can do what she likes. How she struts about being so important with her 5th car bought for her as if she is me and it registered to me PJ65 WLL. Thus she in 30 JUNE WILLIAMS is to be me with JUNE CARRADICE to be her to be thus the “missing” JUNE. BUT what about me in 28, who then am I if I am in 30? (Or any of the other 22 who claim I am?) It is anybody’s guess. No prizes for guessing. The cars in the photo are 2 of many; this is done EVERY SINGLE day in the wild hopes that I will be “seen off” so the Gestapo can pretend I was in 15 or 17 and they have dealt with MY HOUSE! The drivers all pretend they have met with me. Oddly they race off when they see me out with my camera. This is one snap shop of how FRAUD takes place as organised and collective. I am Carol Woods Ms.



Lancs police: FRAUD in computer misuse 1 Aug. 16

From Ms Carol Woods 28 fell View Caton LA2 9RP under duress. To all sent this: over years I have found lowlife males using MY email addresses as if they are theirs in the desperate attempt by Lancashire police to claim I am MR CAROL WOODS. In 2011 Brighton I found a West African using this email address in the system then of having him log on after I left the computer I used publicly. He would get any responses sent to me. In Oct 2010 I had found that my sister’s horrendous grandson was using his computer in her house while I stayed with my sister, he pretending he was me. In late 2011 his horrendous sister had taken over. But my sister and I also found an Asian male accessing this email address of mine in 2011. Thus I am often stalked by replacements who are all to be persons from the “past”. Right now in Lancaster Uni library I have a type that is my sister’s grand daughter, an unintelligent troll who acts as if she’s about 5 one day then 50 the next. The type is sent to sit and pretend that she seen near where I scan my photos MIGHT be proof she is me (via being my sister’s grand daughter) thus the troll today sat messing about (library 99% empty yet they crowd just to where I am so I have moved to type this) is fulfilling that role. It is a day of increased harassment as I found out much else.

Thursday last I caught ANOTHER red handed using my email account while I used this. This is how the Gestapo organise their lowlife: obviously I can only use one at once so which ever they ILLEGALLY see I use they have their yobs and trolls use my other and a 3rd I rarely use but have found emails in there which they have failed to delete. They always delete what they send and what they receive for obvious reasons. BUT in 2015 in Barcelona calling into an Internet café on the spur of the moment I found the lowlife from 45 Fell View had been using MY email addresses as if I was linked to them.

I knew they used it but they not expecting me to open my emails must have thought there was no urgency in opening to delete any response.

The connection is the BT ILLEGAL links in my loft which have been reported as I hear the links in action and can tell from which house it emanates from and where to and whether computer or phone. I keep a record of what I call “loft Noises” times and dates and have been proved to be right. Often person in 26, 24, 30 etc pretend to go out so that they indoors using their phones can claim it must be me as they are “out” when they are not.

Thus my finding the yob in Morecambe library on Thursday last using my cherrytrees2007 email, I find this one using the in Uni library (These yobs and trolls are not students, they are often sent in taxis at YOUR expense.)I took this photo: I did not take an photo of the Thursday yob. Dalton the main used yob in 45 Fell View with the unnamed hiding in 43 is a “type” used mostly; shaved headed, dullards and all “available” as they are professionally unemployed.

I attach 2 other pages of such use: Kendal library was set up as I drove up there often from mid 2012 finding local use to Morecambe and Lancaster impossible because of thugs, trolls, yobs, call them what you will. There was at the time an Internet café JUICAFE on Market St Lancaster which I used occasionally finding that was then used by others supposedly “me”. The black and white shirt was certainly “me” after I sent out photos of me in a black and white checked shirt. Apparently there is only one on the planet so anyone wearing one is me. (Lancashire logic.) The ethnic troll was one of many used and I only found out in March 2015 that an ethnic troll, a total stranger, living in 37 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP was pretending that she was my mother, that I lived in 37 with her and she cared for me and drove me about. Thus her type was sent to be seen near me as proof that was likely. End March 2015 found out and the Gestapo aided her to run away literally overnight to escape charges, she was one to gain massively in FRAUD using MY name and pretence I use a computer in 37 Fell View and ordered goods to her house. Much of that is filmed as was the use of the then empty 37 buy trolls I suspect were council staff sent at night to use a computer from 37 to continue the myth: I have their cars on camera. The empty 24 has been used for EXACTLY the same as well.

16/5/13 and Kendal library, the grey hoodie yob is the Dalton (Dalton yob, unemployed was to wear one of these things and stand outside me in 28 fell View this morning with a local other unemployed racing to pick him up and pretend he had just left 28 thus he was there last evening when I logged the LOFT NOISES which he generated  from 45 Fell View. This pair I Kendal was part of an on-going harassment “idea” by Gestapo as they tried to claim that I shared my email addresses thus one user was MR CAROL WOODS so I had a period of lots of pairs, all lowlife harassing and stalking. These 2 saw me behind them, I walked to my car, they ran off. He carried their laptop: I used library computers. She had dyed red hair, “proof” she was me apparently and in part the Gestapo try to make them seem to be my sister’s horrendous pair of grandchildren. They are now about 21 and 24.

Another favourite was to have females in duffle coats which was a detail from my book so anyone in a duffle coat is apparently me given there is only one on the whole planet. See how empty the Uni library always looks. It was, they would always pass 90% empty spaces to reach where I was. Just like today and Saturday.

Earlier this afternoon I deleted an email that was inoffensive but sent from someone I had never heard of and was about her holiday. She sounded like a nice person one who would send a round robin to her friends. I had never heard of the provider either. Who added MY email address to her email list so that she could send me her holiday photos? I deleted the email. This is the Gestapo manufacturing their drivel. Someone will clam now that they don’t like my emails or that they are suggestive I am mentally ill. How do I know? Because it has all been done before but no, I could never see the emails that I allegedly sent partly because they were not sent and did not exist then were manufactured at a time when I had no access or taken from MY draft folder so needed not only a correct address to send to but editing and making right before sending. There you have it UK21st C.



 More to report: Police corruption. Part 1  1 Aug. 16

This in 2 parts to account for the bulk of photos:
From Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP. Report FRAUD and more. I attach the photos to this after sending them on 29/7/16 via prior to 10 am. I resend these to show the thug on this set of photos at 24 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP empty, self made slum of 3 persons, CURWEN who pretend to be me LIVING IN THAT HOUSE when it is empty. I knew the driver of KS53 VLF was FOUND for his appearance, hoping he could repeat the FRAUDSTERS using caravan 3 @ 298 Oxcliffe RD LA3 3EJ when I rented caravan 1A. MARK A RIDING for example data sent out with the other set of photos on 29th. I also knew that the driver of KS53 was the “added bonus” with his licence plate to be “confused” with YK02 VPF LOOTED car of MURDER VICTIM as found out. In that he only appeared in March 2015 when others “disappeared” as the DWP FRAUDS taking place in 23 houses TWENTY THREE council houses of lowlife round Fell View ALL claiming to be linked to me: I lived in 23 houses as well as no. 28 – according to the deranged. End March 2015 and events exposed, some “disappeared” (aided and abetted to do that literally overnight by the Gestapo) and he was recruited to use 24 as CURWEN did not live there as they were “me” claiming to have had a road traffic accident and being “too disabled” to live in 24. YOU the tax-payer pay for their 2nd “home”. I have never had a road traffic accident and have never pretended to be disabled. All that was included in my data with 2 sets photos sent out on Friday as I was on my way to meet my BLACK friend in Preston. She is a bone of contention as she knows me from my whistle-blowing days which is apparently not related to me but lowlife who claim to be me. She was the victim of racism and worse which is well documented. I have to add that her car written off by thugs outside MY house Jan. 2006 was one reason I had my then appeal for the Employment Appeal Tribunal “stayed” as the witness intimidation was so severe yet ignored and, it was not a car of mine involved in any RTA that you seem so desperate to link me to. GEOFFREY CUNNINGHAM perjurer, bogus bailiff rammed her NEW car parked outside MY house after he had hidden on ASPDEN’s land EDEN BRECK which was arranged after MY phone had been hacked with Ms Morrison ringing to say she was on her way to visit. How YOU and YOURS think any of that is anything to do with a collection of useless old parasites, thieves, fraudsters, dullards who bullied to death the former tenant of 28 Fell View so I could move in, escapes me. But if I am missing something, do let me know.

Returning from Preston amid the usual lunatics who had pretended, when I set off, that they were somehow linked to me and others on my return, as it was Friday I was expected to call into Lancaster Sainsbury’s which is my usual routine. Recent data sent out records how sleazy NHS and Gestapo EVERY SINGLE time I drove from the store that they VIA THE GPS illegally fitted to my car would send sirens and lights flashing to then race to Morecambe/Heysham and PRETEND I still lived in that area and was not driving into Caton, east of Lancaster. It was nothing but harassment. I have scores of photos yet not ONE SINGLE news report of any incident demanding such “attention”. I did have 2 ‘sirens and lights flashing’ on my way to Sainsbury’s so they have clearly reversed their lunacy in Masonic inversion again. Nothing outside the store; I was amazed but there was a silver Peugeot waiting to drive “with me” which was my “punishment” for sending out my data as to why silver Peugeots are used. The Gestapo were parked, silent: they of course confirm they see the silver Peugeot but not me in my car BUT they see my car and alert the lowlife in Caton as to my expected time of arrival in Caton.

I have found this previously but it was blatantly obvious on 29/7/16 I now have my proof. The KS53 driver I have always said does not live in 24 Fell View and as such has NEVER arrived with shopping or had hung out washing, no signs of any normal life of one living in a property. He uses 24 only late at night to early morning, or not at all. An idiot would know he lived locally. I had seen him racing away from 24 when I returned unexpectedly at least twice; he obviously not working or able to drop what he was doing, living locally, possibly “land type” work, was sent to 24 to use the INTERNET as if I was in the area and thus NOT ME OUT WHERE I WAS. There is ALWAYS loft noise when he is in 24 which is recorded in my related document and obviously I take photos. For those who do not know (although I have sent out this information previously), BT link in my bungalow in FRAUD allows for 24 to be used by that thug and the one who looks like him EXACTLY as was done at caravan 3 @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd with MARK A RIDING and his “doppelganger”. Their problem is that I HEAR the BT links via my loft and can tell when it is Internet computer or phone use and where it is linked to: 26, 30, 41, 43, 45, AT LEAST. The thug I have reported for taking out AGNES JACKSON from 26 Fell View to claim DWP monies she posing as me and he claiming to be her son thus mine. He is not her son; he is less than nothing to do with me. He is a thief and fraudster, stalker and harasser. His car identifies him and he will identify his doppelganger.

As I drove into Caton I saw the car KS53 VLF racing off the main road and up a lane which has been used by many thugs to hide and then drive to harass me as they see me pass on my way out of Caton. I was right; the thug lives up that lane. A property on the corner of the lane classed as PRESTIGE PROPERTY is for sale: the full address can be found via the estate agent. The lane runs out on the back of Fell View on the odd number side. I guess it is the farm land that can be seen from me in 28. He was found also as I said, because he was not only to be RIDING thief who used 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ, his car to be “confused with” YK02 VPF from Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA, and his “work” to be the “work” done on the tiny scrap yard that was 298 Oxcliffe RD with its 5 caravans situated. Oxcliffe Rd is as rural as Morecambe and Heysham will ever be again. Thus the Gestapo have shaken the kaleidoscope using all the same pieces but made a different set of “FACTS”. But also, in Jan 2010 my car a white POLO had been stolen from me, K77 CEC and I knew the Gestapo had stolen it; they wanted to hide the GPS system attached to that car so stole my car. It took me weeks to find it: it had “disappeared”. A trawl of garages and workshops finally led to me where it MIGHT have been. It was the police garage MACADAMS up a lane which I would never have found had not a garage owner told me about it. My car was there, deliberately wrecked then written off. MY car events are out of scope of this but the point is that I found it UP A LANE hidden from view and now find the fraudster I KNEW was in this immediate area but not where. This is the Gestapo showing how they rewrite FACT from “history” and create a new version. He has been able to use 24 when I am out all day or away and rush off being tipped off as to when I about to arrive in Caton. Thus the Gestapo have been pretending that I out am not me and that I am using the Internet and phones from 24 Fell View, thus aiding and abetting the thieves and fraudsters CURWEN.

Thus I require the name, rank and badge number of the Gestapo in the squad car parked “hiding” at the start of Caton Rd by the council storage building parked to alert the fraudster to aid and abet.  Photos of the lane in question will be developed and scanned a.s.a.p. I also record here the yob in red FORD, ST03 AML used by parking outside and also used at 24 is nothing to do with me no matter what screeching  takes place and I in 28 am nothing to do with the fraudsters who use 24 when they “need to”. The black VW, PE64 HMG used on various occasions by a female troll and mostly linked to the thief and fraudster AGNES JACKSON in 26 Fell View to pretend the troll drives her as if she is me and which troll was used June 2016 when I drove to Manchester amid the FRAUD PLANNED which failed using the Ministry of Justice Access Rights Unit. PE64 HMG is NOT PE64 OUG the RED FORD FIESTA hired for Williams in 30 Fell View IN MY NAME. I thought having the FORD ST03 AML parked next to VW PE64 HMG was the usual Masonic lunacy of trying to make 2 cars be seen to be one and thus both “shaken” into being the Red Ford Fiesta. I am also recording the NEW car now provided to old Mr CURWEN. For those copied into this, CURWEN have lived in 24 Fell View for many years: it is a self made slum but they “came into money”, long term unemployed, and apparently have the “windfall” from an RTA that they never had. The car he had on 29/7/16, SY71 YCK white Vauxhall was their 10th from March 2014. These are cars they have had bought for them; I think we have use of public monies for private purposes EMBEZZLEMENT, no one changes their cars like this. YJ03 UNV was almost identical to the Y202 DNN used at 298 Oxcliffe Rd. P108 OSF was bought to be P801 CRN also from 298 Oxcliffe Rd. PO61 OSN, OE55 UVO, (KS53 VLF I include although the DRIVERS are not CURWEN),  N225 PBC, PF03 GYV (that has been used by at least 6 drivers who all claimed to be a Curwen when there are 2 old women Curwen and the old man- he doesn’t seem to know who his wife and sister is), BD51 SXZ, SN55 DGO, SA55 XHD.


Part 2 Police corruption MORE LA2 9RP   1 Aug. 16

Part 2, will send wider next week when agencies are at desks. Carol Woods Ms.
I will also record for those copied this that KS53 VLF has been left at 24 from time to time to make me think he was there when I knew he was not. He living in walking distance was EXACTLY like Diane Lennon, thief and fraudster at 298 Oxcliffe RD who left X486 DDC the cobalt blue Citroen Saxo at 298 to make me think she lived in caravan 3A when I found she was a liar at best and never lived at 298. PJ60 BYR was also parked and left to pretend that Martin Brankin lived at 298 “disabled” when neither was true. The use of persons who “live” in hiding is not new either: MATIEC from 52 Adderely Rd Harrow which photos I have of his exaggerated “leaving” when he sneaked back in to 52 and lived in hiding to use his computer as if he was me using one in 52 when I had no computer. Bruce Pilling prior to that, late 2009 and he pretending to go to work and sneaking back into 7 – 9 Swan St Longtown so he could use his computer and play “mind games” with me. In 7 North Way Lewes JANICE BOURNEN pretended only 1 male rented a room there when I did yet 2 are clearly seen on photos moving in, and they were 2 found to look similar to pretend that only 1 lived there. They started the ASDA frauds in pretending to work in ASDA with borrowed part uniforms when all that was lies. Their routine was that one would be in the shared kitchen and dining room pretending he was the only one “renting” while the other was in their room using the laptop. I know because I went in to show them they were stupid: I was not. He “hiding” dropped the laptop in panic. I use the term “renting” loosely; they paid no rent; they lived near- by as the former “lodger” had done and he’d paid no rent either. In my sister’s house, later in 2011, her horrendous grand-daughter (17) used her phone facilities hiding in her bedroom, she using as if she was me. Then the caravan(s) 2012 we know about, the system set up in flat 4 Penhale gardens LA3 2QA 2013 when I rented flat 3, which system had to be removed because the fraudster there, SHIRLEY RYCROFT who was to use the system as if she was me could not use a computer. She was provided with a typewriter to send out letters as if she was me. But in that B FROBISHER in flat 8 did have at least 3 times, seedy old men living in hiding in flat 8 waiting to hope to claim MY flat as Mr Carol Woods in the various “plans” to “see me off”. HOW MUCH WERE ALL THOSE PEOPLE PAID? Was Bournen paid to have the lowlife stay in her house without paying rent? How could Matiec pay his rent if he wasn’t really there? Flat 8 is a council flat and my daughter was told in 2009 that if she had me (or anyone) stay longer than 3 days with her in her council house then she would be in breach of her tenancy agreement. Was Frobisher threatened in the same way? That “rule” also suggests something else greatly amiss with the 23 houses round Fell View which deranged troll occupiers claim I live with them in their council houses; are they not in breach of their tenancy agreements? Does the tenancy agreement exclude invisible people?

Speaking of agreements I might add that Ms DAISY MAE MORRISON JAMAICAN former LCC employee signed a COMPROMISE AGREEMENT in regard to HER matters of racism and bullying in work GREENBANK ST PRESTON. Ms Morrison is not me whatever lunatic tries to make her so: I signed nothing and all the thugs and old doxies, Masonic trolls etc who park and hide to drive away when I do and PRETEND they have met with me to further pretend I sign something are deluded. The black VW with female driver and black Audi with male driver stalking me to pretend whatever their delusions allowed after I left Preston after meeting up with Ms Morrison, were nothing to do with me: they ended up leaving by the service road at Forton because of major traffic problems on the M6. That HAD to have police permission which he would have been given when he used his phone. The black VW was to be the lowlife in PE64 HMG who was then parked outside me in 28 to pretend she had driven me as if I was the deranged Jackson just moving in again and why BT then called to 26. I will add that the black Audi was NOT N10 KWW but the driver I guess was Gestapo again; he looked the sort. End July 2013 and Sybil WESTWELL taken out by bent cop in BLACK AUDI N10 KWW and used a number of times to drive round that old parasite to show to the world at large, “Look she’s not dead” making her one of at least 3 murder victims not dead or even, my dead mother who we all know apparently lives in 32 Fell View disguised as another malicious old parasite MARY LAMB she with PF08 WDJ black Mitsubishi.

For those who do not know AGNES JACKSON, malicious old parasite, thief, fraudster and worse of 26 Fell View who has no sister let alone a twin, identical or otherwise, “Babe” of Gestapo, did admit herself to a local mental hospital on 4/5/6 July 2014 posing as me. They all knew she was not me and found it hilarious especially when returning her to 26 Fell View. Jackson had admitted herself into RIDGE LEA HOSPITAL where I found out she was one of the last few to be there as most of the staff and patients had been transferred to a new small unit elsewhere. The INTENTION had been to have as few witnesses as possible but to have the action IF NOT FOUND OUT said to have been PROOF I had been made mentally ill. 29/10/15 Jackson goes out as me as she had done early on 29/7/16: apparently she was me in Lancaster area claiming to just be moving to fell View and I was someone else out of the way in Preston with the “pre-arranged” meeting with Ms Morrison who found she suddenly, at short notice had been given the day off work. On 29/7/15 Jackson returned to Fell View waving a piece of paper: she was trying to be me and pretending it was Oct 08 MY HOUSE and being “evicted” for rent arrears. (I was evicted 3 times for rent arrears – apparently!) She waved what was supposedly a “court document”. But if she was evicted how was she returning to 26 Fell View that my photos show she left earlier? On 30/10/15 (all to be Oct 08 at MY HOUSE when Jackson the lifelong parasite has never owned a house but she was to be me as her identical twin) she was taken out by BLEASDALE of 2 Hall Drive stalker of me in WG03 DMW red Audi and SV03 HVU red Mercedes which 2 cars he still uses, She was taken shopping by MICHAEL DANE of 21 Fell View FV06 FDA (used to harass me but driven now by a Rosa Klebb type and from 2 Milestone Place off Fell View) and the deranged who lives in hiding in 43 Fell View using YP06 UGH. Jackson had been taken shopping, filmed returning with her “swag” claiming she had been made homeless and without any clothes etc so taken shopping to buy IN FRAUD. WHOSE MONEY WAS SPENT? 

On 30/7/16 BT called to 26 Fell View at 8 50am; that will be to install a system for her identical twin who also apparently lives in 26 Fell View: I expect she moved in again on 29th. I was reminded of the SKY installations in 30 Fell View, their 2nd SKY installation in fact of 18/8/14 (to coincide with 17th of any month especially Oct 08 when I was apparently evicted from MY HOUSE for rent arrears thus a pretence I had just moved to 30 Fell View as Mr and Mrs Williams but 18/8/14 not 18/10/08 and why they had the 2nd SKY TV installed which they pay for IN MY NAME BY DIRECT DEBIT because they each have an identical twin married to each other and they all apparently live in 30 Fell View. Jackson in 26 had her 2nd SKY not long after that and then of course, ELY in 14 Fell View Oct 2014 as I also apparently live there with those total strangers who claim I am “family”. The silver Honda PK59 MMJ with the shirt sleeved fraudster using 45 Fell View on 30/7/16 was not the sleazy, gormless FEW who use the silver Honda LT59 FGN; there is no such thing as coincidence. I want the names, ranks and badge numbers of persons trawling to find that car from records, arranging with the driver to act like a deranged fraudster and where to go to do that 45 Fell View when surely it should have been 26? What was in it for him?

I still await the ranks and badge numbers of Tracey Kennedy and Andrew Halliday. I still await the names ranks and badge numbers of 2 plain clothes sat in unmarked car outside 26/28 on 30 Sept 2015 to confirm they saw 2 Agnes Jacksons in and out of 26 Fell View (aiding and abetting her as the thief and fraudster she is), and then I await confirmation that it was liar, perjurer and worse PC ANDREW MASSINGHAM in squad car in Caton on 2/10/15 to confirm he too had seen 2 of Agnes Jackson from 26 Fell View. I require the name, rank and badge number of the one running round Lancaster on 25/6/15 to confirm he saw YOUR grey haired old troll with her “pink bag” walking “with me” thus PROOF she was Agnes Jackson “seen” and then I at my dentist was to be PROOF Jackson was me! The old troll was nothing like Jackson, she was not pigeon toed as Jackson is aside from anything else. This I will print off and add to my Document of Police Corruption PLUS photos.



Lancs Police: Computer Misuse  29 July 16

From Carol Woods Ms In the library Mcbe using public computers, I had no problems with emails but when using my all my “in box” suddenly “disappeared”. The librarian attempted to try to regain them with me; he’d never seen anything like it; nor had I. I had eventually to switch off and use another computer but I went to see who was hiding with their lap top and found one I “expected”, his hair tied “up” which is an old favourite of explaining how the baldies could be me or linked to me then not but swapping to those with long DARK hair. That is Mr Carol Woods as another who is me: Joanne Hall of the Manchester area if one has a vivid imagination. Joanne Hall lives in an area in the edge of Manchester, is about 41 and used every so often to be “me” to give me the “Manchester” link I do not have. For all corrupt police, it is imperative I am decreed to be proven to have a Manchester link when I have none. Mr and Mrs WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP prepared to be “me” from March 2014 when I moved to 28 Fell View in the INTENTION to make them me which was found out quickly but now found out AGAIN to be posing as me and acting to defraud me AGAIN. Data sent out suggests that they are not me either despite their factual Manchester connections of about 15 years ago.  
Thus for the afternoon of 28th July 2016, I had reverted to being Joanne Hall again. Joanne is a niece of mine, one I have not seen for years but she has long dark hair tied back, or she did have from about the age of 15: obviously I do not know now how she wears it. BUT it is imperative that a MR CAROL WOODS is found to really exist: after the events AGAIN of 28th when Mr Williams was found out again to be out with Mrs Williams and they were NOT Mr and Mrs Carol Woods whatever car they have been bought and registered to me (PJ65 WLL Peugeot at the moment, the 5th bought for them IN MY NAME). Joanne does not and never has driven: Joanne does not and never has worked.  My data sent out about the cars bought for Williams, why and how they are all tied up with embezzlement of public funds in cars bought for others who were also said to be me and the cover up of other found out serious organised crime sent out between 3. 15pm and approx. 4pm on 28th July, another was to be “found” who could be “me”, “Mr”, and as Williams had to be “out of the frame”, the baldies used, those like professional unemployed Kenneth Jackson and Kenneth Nichol with their cars bought for them all out of the picture, the police reverted to using Joanne Hall again and again as MR. This has been done previously; Joanne is tall, she is taller than any creep used to be “confused” as Joanne as a bogus MR Carol Woods. Joanne has attended a drug clinic and dentist using MY name; she was bribed to do that in Nov 2010. That was a time when I arrested as if I was someone who did not and does not exist but someone had to be me and Joanne was keen. Joanne has a long criminal history which was to be said to be mine. That is why I have no interest in knowing what she is doing these days.

Given what I knew from vast experience and trouble with emails I was sure that someone was hiding with their own lap top somewhere in the library and accessing MY emails which is done as routine in any use of public facility. I can use my computer if I find a WiFi cafe but they are not without problems when the Gestapo see where I use my laptop. Walking round to look I found a short MR JOANNE HALL with his dark hair tied up, and his cheap striped sweater which apparently is proof he is me as Mr. I sent out photos recently showing why harassers, stalkers who use MY emails or FACEBOOK as if they are me (all proven, reported and ignored) is to wear something striped as that is irrefutable proof they are me- apparently.  From 2012 to NOW the Gestapo use their “regulars” who are ALL MR CAROL WOODS, some are me and some are “sons”. (I have a son who is not and never has been unemployed and does not have the halo of auburn hair which those used are chosen for given my hair colour.) I did not take a photo of the creep in the library: I logged off from the 2nd computer I tried and left. I have photos of persons using computers as if they were me using THEIR laptop. I have enough for any jury. The photos with this show “versions” of favourites used linked to BANK frauds; Barclays and Lloyds at least. The banks continue to tell me that they need the police to investigate: I continue to tell them I am left alone in this. The photos attached: Lloyds bank Lancaster, this is MARK A RIDING who pretended to live at caravan 3 @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe when I rented caravan 1A. He did not live at 298; he is a council employee. On the day spring in 2013 (I left caravan 1A on 1/7/13) that my brother had his wallet stolen from his jacket, Riding appeared at 298 and claimed to be MARK S RIDING with a new Barclays card account. My brother is an “S” name. My brother has never had auburn hair. Riding is still used when MR CAROL WOODS is “needed” such as 26 July 2016. He would call to 298 and collect mail for himself and other mail for persons who did not live at 298. It was DWP fraud found out, reported and remains ignored. In caravan 3 was a male who was similar to Riding yet all who did live at 298 claimed he was not there; my photos do not exist – apparently. I found that “doppelganger” stalking me a number of times and have many photos: I then found he in caravan 3 had a computer system set up whereby my use in caravan 1A was transferred to him which he used as PROOF he as me as Mr Carol Woods. That had been done previously.  See how much like Riding he is but he was not tall enough and younger.

The photo of him in front of me with a plastic box was taken as I saw his reflection in a shop window and knew he was stalking me. I stepped to one side; he had to pass. I had bought such a box only days earlier: he was to be me and buy what I had bought which is done NOW using such as Williams. For example, I go to a garden centre and buy a plant so they are given money to go to the same place the next day and buy a plant and somehow that means I was not there the day before and thus they are proven to be me. See how he strides about BUT in a behind my back shopping fraud more recently I found he was told to limp as he is me “disabled”. I have photos of that fraud as well. Am I disabled? No. Have I ever claimed to be? No.

13/1/14 and I was about to move to 28 Fell View LA2 9RP from flat 3 Penhale Gardens where I rented after the caravan. The Gestapo know where I park my car as routine and always have much harassment and thuggery arranged – always, every single day. I use 2 main places, one is near MY HOUSE, stolen, wrecked and looted in Oct and Nov 08, on this day I parked up and Mr INVISIBLE popped up from hiding behind a parked car (how did he know to wait for me there? The GPS system on my car fitted illegally Jan 2012 and confirmed again that it is “too sophisticated” to remove on 5/5/16). He dressed in black is more proof he is me – apparently. He then walked to MY house to be seen; that is PROOF he is me MR CAROL WOODS “seen near my house” and presumably having parked MY car! He is deranged. Why “black”? That goes back to my work clothes which I always chose to be black as suitable for any occasion that arose within my work then. It was a standing joke that I was prepared for all eventualities always in black but that lunacy continues in such as this filmed farce.  The Mr Invisible I refer to as being in 41 Fell View was also “me”, not there but shows up very well on photos. Those in 41 claimed I lived there with them being cared for and driven about by them as total strangers. They then “replaced” me with a Mr Carol Woods who was “invisible” to all except me. Like the use of caravan 3 the persons there who all claim are not are using the Internet in FRAUD.

The REAL REASON a MR CAROL WOODS has to be invented is a set of documents issued to me in 2004 which became linked to the murder of Mike Todd GMP (hence the Manchester connection invented for me when GMP were involved for other reasons, it was NOT because I ever lived in their area), the Gestapo try to claim the documents were issued to MR CAROL WOODS at MY HOUSE so send a creep dressed in black to PRETEND. My neighbours will confirm who lived in MY HOUSE- ME – ALONE. The creeps found now to act like lunatics would not be known to exist by me without this harassment and worse.

Then I move to Fell View LA2 9RP and by March 2015 find huge DWP frauds using most of the houses round Fell View; at least 23 tenants were claiming to drive me about as if I was disabled and was apparently linked to all of them at once. Not one single DWP staff member noticed that I Carol Woods lived in 12, 14, 20, 22, 26, 30, 32, 24, 36, 38, 42, 15, 17, 23, 29, 31, 33, 37, 39, 41, 43, 45, 49, at the same time. I actually rent 28 under duress.  March 2015 and much happened, those from 41 told me the Lord Jesus was going to help them with any fraud case, a troll from 37 was helped to run away literally overnight after claiming I lived there as her mother as well and so on. 24 is empty and has been from May 2014. This male arrived to use it occasionally overnight; notice his hair and general description; we had a RIDING and MR INVISIBLE now at Fell View. He took out Agnes Jackson from 26 at least 3 times to pose as her son in GAIN when she posed as me. He was to be convincing as her son with his ‘auburn hair’, thus my son, Jackson’s professionally unemployed son has dark hair. He is too old to be my son anyway. Then I find that there is a 2nd one similar hiding in 24 Fell View and found he was a stalker of me as well. This is to show on-lookers that there is a consistency in yobs seen with me or where I am so they could be me. Both used a car KS53 VLF.

Early July I had a walk round the Bare area Morecambe where I had a house (see the arrowed property) prior to the one stolen, wrecked and looted and as usual, the GPS showed the Gestapo where I headed and parked and look what I found walking as if going to the house that was mine, another creep in “black”. The rucksack is a detail from 2010 and “evidence” that the carrier is really me. I bought one in 2010 and apparently there is only 1 on the planet so whoever has it is me. The bulk of COMPUTER MISUSE is done not from 24 as it is empty much of the time but from yet more professional unemployed yobs, lots of cars in evidence, and a self made slum 45 Fell View. One registered tenant is DALTON who dyed her thin, grey, straggly hair red and posed as me; her son and his yob entourage collect every night and access Facebook, place orders on line and so forth with MY email details provided by Gestapo. How do I know? Vast experience and finding in my “in box” when I was in Barcelona Oct 2015 emails intended for that brain dead bunch of fraudsters. The Gestapo visit socially, I have asked for names, ranks and badge numbers of those in 2 squad vehicles driving all the way from Lancaster to Caton at 2 am. This is FRAUD, FRAUD is always complex. It’s not my fault. Anyone who feels emails from my are “odd” this is so that the Gestapo can use them as PROOF I am mentally ill. They did EXACTLY the same at this time in 2011 and when I asked to see the emails in question, I couldn’t be shown them. Obviously not. I will not use that email address for a few days; those who know me, please note.


Use public monies for private purposes: hound w’blower 28 July 16

This document is drawn up by Ms Carol Woods of 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP and exposes SOME use of public monies for private purposes in CARS used. The Police trawl systems in wasted police time to find just the car they want to harass, manufacture something as “proof” of nonsense and defraud, stalk and more. There is no chance they find just the cars they want locally, my car records are extensive and will show just what deranged we deal with. Of most significance is SILVER as a colour, PEUGEOT as a make and why.

SILVER PEUGEOTS AND WHY THEY ARE USED AND MOSTLY THE SAME MODEL. It is obvious why red cars are used, mine being red it seems to follow that any red car has me driving or as passenger. Blue cars are used, cobalt blue especially to be X486 DDC fraudster, thief, liar, troll and deluded from 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ DIANE LENNON she who ran away 12/8/12 found out who may be police.

Dark grey Peugeots are used in the absence of silver ones but silver was used as a colour with Peugeots used more after I found out what I found out. Silver at first was to be the AUDI outside MY house in Aug 2008 with an old doxy sitting and pretending as she was outside MY house it was PROOF she met with me; she a fraudster claiming that I agreed to pay her EXTORTION monies. In and between it was not as stage managed but then March 2012 and PJ60 BYR the VW from 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ  started the frauds in use of such in earnest. That car was linked to a MARTIN BRANKIN aka others but also in that, unbeknown to me, it was linked to me. That found out, the car “disappeared” as did Brankin and I moved from caravan 1A @ 298 to Flat 3. Brankin did not live at 298 but pretended to; he would call, hang about for a few hours then leave then not be seen for weeks. He was a total stranger. The car then parked at flat 5 Penhale Gardens, a silver Clio YK02 VPF the car of murder victim of Flat 3 Penhale Gardens Renault Clio was the “replacement” with a deranged old parasite given a provisional licence as if she was me. Like those given “volunteer work” which is all they can do as they are incapable of doing anything at all, she could only have a provisional licence as she didn’t drive thus I was apparently not a driver with my car. YK02 was then to be KY02 a silver Audi briefly in March 2014 then that “disappeared” when I found where that was kept. YK02 is why YP06 UGH silver Megane was used at 43 Fell View after I left the flat for 28 Fell View. The Megane was to be used as similar in size to the Clio and the plate to be “confused”. MD02 HGO a silver VW Bora was used at 26 Fell View a thug posing as her “son”. PN12 AXE silver Peugeot was used at flat 9 Penhale Gardens and that lunatic was a Mr Carol Woods “disabled”: me. Brankin claimed to be disabled but was not. It is a common affliction among the trolls who are fraudsters and on the gravy train of free money.

After July 2013, murdering lowlife and more KENNETH NICHOL from caravan 2 @ 298 Oxcliffe RD LA3 3EJ, unemployed repulsive drunk (which were his best features) was bought a silver Peugeot NL03 WKM somehow with monies in FRAUD linked to me. I then move to Fell View and see immediately the car at 43 and know we have a “brainwashing” farce in progress: I am to forget YK02 VPF and think it is YP06.  Williams in 30 Fell View had a dark grey Peugeot PK62 NXJ; very quickly I found she was also posing as me: there were at least 15 other “me” round Fell View, all unemployed parasites, bullying, brainless thieves and worse. She in 43 was one of them. Williams as “me” had been provided with ID as if she was me and found VOLUNTEER WORK in HMYOI Lancaster Farms as I had worked there as qualified teacher years earlier. She could only work as volunteer as she has no qualifications of any kind. I visited HMYOI twice to inform of her fraud and alerted Nick Hardwick then HMIP. Their problem was that WILLIAMS’ car was on CCTV when she went in as me; the car was registered to me. Thus she then claimed to have an identical twin Carol Woods and even to 27/716 the repulsive, bloated old fool she is married to pretends that she out alone is me and I indoors at 28 am married to him thus her! He does that by opening and closing their tiny bungalow front door when he has pretended to go out with her from their rear door; the old fool thinks I haven’t seen him do this hundreds of times, he does not go out with her, he sneaks back to 30 and then opens and closes their front door from inside and pretends somehow that is proof he is with me in 28. When she returns after being out alone in whichever car they have (they have had 5 bought for them), she enters by the rear and he opens and closes their front door again and pretends whatever his delusional stupidity allows. They pretend that they with me are a “3 some” when they are not pretending that they are 2 people EACH, thus Mr and Mrs Williams AND Mr and Mrs Carol Woods. The dark grey Peugeot “disappeared” by Xmas 2014 as it was obvious I had found out a great deal. They were bought a SILVER Peugeot, PX14 LRJ and away they went for Xmas 2014 with the expectation that the Gestapo with local lunatics would “see me off” in a “plan” they had; Williams going away in PX14 LRJ were away to show the world (as if anyone would want to see that pair of lowlife) that they were Mr and Mrs Carol Woods to somehow validate the murdering fraudster K NICHOL and his silver Peugeot, NL03 WKM.

Xmas 2014 did not ‘see me off’ using the deranged JARVIS in 41 with sleazy in PE08 ZRX; PX14 disappeared and PK62 NXJ was returned She had “resigned” her volunteer post in May 2014 knowing she was found out.  After PK62 NXJ had reappeared, Williams was given a RED FORD FIESTA PE64 OUG; that reported by me as it was IN MY NAME, disappeared and PK62 NXJ was returned again. They then had another red car, Peugeot, bought for them, PX15 KHW (see the PX15 to “confuse” with PX14) in a “plan” to “see me off” to then claim that was the “red car” I referred to but as I was not “seen off”, PJ65 WLL was finally brought in when ANOTHER “plan” to “see me off” was hatched. That car was to be the kaleidoscope shake of all cars together, MINE, X165 YUB, their Peugeots and the silver shade mixed with PJ60 from 298 Oxcliffe Rd.

At 298 Oxcliffe Rd I had mistakenly recorded in an email that my car of 08 into 09, a white VW POLO, eventually stolen and wrecked by the Gestapo and Macadams, their garage, mainly to hide the illegal tracker placed on my ignition, was KEC instead of CEC. At 298 the landlady was the forerunner of MARY LAMB of 32 Fell View and was me as my dead mother. But the landlady had no daughter or grandchildren so the Gestapo found her a local woman with 2 small girls because of the car she had, a silver Peugeot P112 KEC. The KEC was to be MY POLO thus PROOF she was me with the landlady my dead mother. But I had erred in recording KEC: it was CEC. But that started the Peugeots. The Gestapo find “relatives” and “friends” for their deranged recruits and all pretend to make me believe something untrue. They assume I am an idiot.

The intensity of use of silver Peugeots increased round Fell View and included an ethnic troll in 37 Fell View who claimed I lived in 37 as her mother being cared for her and driven about by her AT THE SAME TIME at least 20 others claimed the same and not one single person in the council or DWP noted that benefits were paid to all those “me” and all in ONE street. The car used was a silver Peugeot PN54 NXJ and that is still used despite the thief being aided to run away literally overnight in March 2015 when found out with others. KS08 WZY was used to pretend the driver from 16 Fell View took me shopping, PL02 MKE. KR03 XKD were used, all silver Peugeots, and Kenneth Jackson unemployed son, late 40’s of Jackson in 26 who is also apparently me and another to have an identical twin who is Carol Woods was bought his 5th car PE03 DXS also a silver Peugeot. He lives in a flat above the Community Village Hall which is 5 minutes walk from Fell View. He was bought that car when Williams were bought PJ65 WLL. Note it is almost personalised. That is to “confuse” it with a large Nissan, 4 wheel drive bought for lowlife, professional parasites in a self made slum 12 Fell View where I also apparently live as “family” – more total strangers. They had the Nissan, again as if linked to me L20 ELY – personalised. Apparently they also drive me about and I live in no. 12 as well.

The house 33 Fell View is empty but sleazy NHS would use it to pretend they as a crisis team were called there and would rush in their silver Peugeot, or anything remotely the same and PRETEND. Apparently I lived in there as well although it was empty. Clios are used in the absence of a Peugeot, and a pair of roughneck women was sent to 38 Fell View as I live there as well, and they would drive one or two small children to be a repeat of the woman used at 298 with her 2 small girls. They pretended to be grandchildren and thus PROOF I was in 38 as I have grandchildren. Those in 38 are family of Mills in 20 where I also apparently lived. The silver Clio used in that at 38 is SG05 HFP.

On 27/7/16 amid the usual day of lunacy outside me in 28 Fell View when I don’t go out (the Gestapo bring their lunatics to Caton to act their farces if I don’t go out to see them acting in the town), which always involves cars hiding behind 29 and 31 Fell View and on near- by off shoots off Fell View, they had a silver Peugeot NAC7 DFS with a driver who was supposed to look like thief and worse MARK A RIDING aka others who also tries to be linked to me to the extent he claims he is me as Mr Carol Woods. Riding was used on 26/7/16 but seen by me and so that he MIGHT be said to be linked to me at least they had a Riding type hide in his silver Peugeot to drive off when I did. This is done every single day using anything up to 7 vehicles; I take a few photos now, not as many as I have done, a jury will have enough to look at. The troll was to sit and wait and drive off when he saw me go to my car to go out: he had a passenger, the Gestapo were trying to make the NICHOL fraud rewritten by the lowlife in 30 Fell View into something “similar” but using a RIDING type given their other attempts to produce ME truly linked to a silver Peugeot have all failed. The Riding type was wrong in his assumption I was going out: I went to the far point of my garden to start work and got a photo as he sneaked from 31 and drove off expecting to be behind me. For that to be organised and “work” the lunatics in 30 hid all day which is done many times each week. PJ65 WLL is hidden locally so it looks as if they are out when they are hiding in 30. Thus I go out, they pretend to be out and apparently it is proof they are me. On 27/6/16 the Gestapo thought they’d link all that together but with a “RIDING” as he was used on 26th in a planned event which failed as I saw him; he is clearly an issue that the Gestapo needs to “deal with”. One driver of KS53 VLF was sent to 24 Fell View empty house at 4 52pm when it was obvious I was not going out so they could stage manage nothing, he made 2 phone calls and drove off by 5 08pm. He was chosen because he is a RIDING type and the 2nd male used in place of KS53 VLF driver is like Mr INVISIBLE, the same type. Mr Invisible lived in hiding in caravan 43 at 298 Oxcliffe Rd, all pretended he was not there when my photos show he was. He was chosen to be “mistaken” for Riding who, like Brankin, called occasionally but did not live there. Mr Invisible I filmed stalking me and found he was MR CAROL WOODS but so was RIDING. The Gestapo have tried to repeat in 24 Fell View what they did in caravan 3 @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd. Riding adopted the middle name of “S” the day my brother’s wallet was stolen from his jacket in his place of work which was NOT coincidence; my brother being an “S” name.  KS53 VLF was chosen because that was a shake of the kaleidoscope, red car as mine is red, the car looted from the dead but used with a licence IN MY NAME, YK02 VPF becomes VLF thus my car and the looted car of the murder victim becomes “confused” and the drivers of KS53 are Riding types so the Gestapo think they’ve been really clever and muddied the waters of investigation. My photos make it all very clear.

I will just add the use of a silver Honda which I guess was brought in as no more Peugeots were available for the lowlife who drove the Honda. A truly sleazy, gormless pair of “professionals” who acted out such farces which if not on camera would not be believed. The title label flatters them like those who drive PE08 ZRX, PE56 NXB etc. The Honda was LT59 FGN and like many cars, it has had at least 3 drivers. They used 29 and 31 Fell View mostly to “hide” and then started to use 41 to pretend it was linked to me. 41 is right opposite me so they park with my car and PRETEND.

This though is why silver Peugeots are used: there are many used for “one off” acts of harassment, theft, fraud etc. There will be many more.


Lancs Police “Revise History”. Embezzle public funds.   26 July 16

From Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP. Why is no one doing anything at all about this amazing embezzlement to hound me by police and worse?On 19/7/16 I sent out some emails with photos attached. The day starting with a PLANNED FRAUD in entrapment of me to manufacture “proof” I make phone calls, order goods and thus have a bank account to pay on-line, deal with related mail and have bogus named persons BUTCHER this time as if I use false names, failed to give Lancashire police the desired result as my email recorded. Because of that sending out with photos, there was the usual “reprisals of harassment” which indicates what lunatics I deal with aside from anything else. Thus I, Ms Carol Woods and MORE phone calls made as if from me to thieves and worse round FELL VIEW CATON LA2 9RP where I rent 28 under duress so they can gain in FRAUD. HUNTER was one subject of email sent out and why they in 22 Fell View are used. The poor old lady in 28 which was then wanted for me so that such as HUNTER could be used in PLANNED, ORGANISED FRAUD, MURDER and more, never stood a chance when “they” decided that 28 was perfect for me. Among that they really thought I’d accept the scruffy, tiny council bungalow in exchange for MY HOUSE and memory and, the thieves and fraudsters were to continue with the PLANS behind my back so that the Gestapo could build a persona for me as if I was someone else: I was not to know that such as HUNTER pretended I lived in 22 as his mother to aid and abet a serious fraudster also called Hunter as per email sent out. Among the bullying thieves and worse, the “organisers” needed somewhere where persons could be said to be persons already used and thus Fell View was found with the tenant in 28 “in the way”. In 2014 I sent out information as to what I saw as being persons who seemed to be taking over from others already used to link ALL places together to make them this one in Caton, 5 miles east of Lancaster.

My data sent out in relation to bullying thieves and much worse WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View and their SKY TV frauds aided by SKY thugs stalking me and pretending I deal with them as if I’d want SKY TV anyway. That was sent out as well as data and photos in regard to the forerunners of WILLIAMS who are RYCROFT flat 4 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA who bullied to death the former tenant of flat 3 when  that was wanted for me. Again it was thought by the deluded that I would like the flat so much I “forgot” everything else and in that again the deluded thought they could run a “2nd” file to invent me as another person so that police officer TRACEY KENNEDY could continue to claim to be me IN MY HOUSE. All the frauds in flat 3 were found out and much involved overt police activity aiding and abetting the old trolls who bully to death as routine almost and then loot assets. In my RYCROFT email with photos, I mention a FEW expensive items she had in fraud spending the looted assets of the murdered Mrs M PORTER of flat 3 prior to me. (Her tactics were tried on me and were tried on me using the Caton version of that lowlife, Williams in 30 Fell View.) I refer to RYCROFT having carpets and upholstery cleaned at someone else’s expense; how to “rewrite” that given the Gestapo know I have it all on film? This is how “revision history” is utilised and used to harass to show me how annoyed “they” are with me for daring not to “forget”? Waiting for me to park up and they “hiding” on my return to 28 Hell View after sending my emails, 3 persons in a van had been recruited. It was a cleaning services firm and they were to pretend they had been seen round Fell View so must have been cleaning for me in 28. I saw them driving off when they assumed I was indoors: I wasn’t, I had items to collect from my car. It was 8pm; that firm had to be found AFTER my data was sent out and ILLEGALLY seen by the Gestapo, they had to be contacted and they had to agree to drive all the way out to Caton to park and hide and then set off when they saw my car parked up and me indoors. How much did that cost to arrange?

They were not the only harassers: my data also recorded how, on 12/7/16, local unemployed bullying thieves and worse were to collect at 20 Fell View with a car of significance to be left at 24 to provoke me into saying or doing something where they could all scream they were victims which I ignored but that had to be organised and arranged with persons contacted and so forth. That was “rewritten” using 38 Fell View on 19/7/16 before I saw the cleaning van; as many local trolls as possible were to collect at 38 on the pavement and hope to provoke me as I had to pass which parasites I ignored. In 2010 I was stopped and asked by one PC what I meant when I talked of “revision history”. The photos with this are examples: the car MAZ 7675 was used on 20/4/14 soon after I moved to 28 with the old doxy driver calling to 30 pretending they were me and were arranging to SELL MY HOUSE. The car has been used a few more times, not always at 30 but also at 45 DALTON as they are also me – apparently. The old doxy is not always the same one but one of a “type”. On Sunday 17/7/16 amid the use of Gestapo and squad cars, SKY, taxis and more, the dark grey convertible was used; he was to park hiding at a holiday chalet site on the edge of Caton and set off when he saw my car: he was to be ahead of me and thus 2 seen together were to be “proof” I had met with that driver. The INTENTION of him hiding in the SCARTHWAITE entry was to make it 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ again and claim I just moved from 298 to flat 3. The photos of SKY van with taxi hiding where I had to pass on my way back to Caton were to pretend I had been to Penhale Gardens and had SKY TV fitted and was not me but one needing a taxi. This is the “drowning man” syndrome – what deranged could think of that and arrange it all?

Among all that, prior to seeing the taxi and SKY van on Sunday 17th I went to try to ring a contact from a call box; was cut off which is usual Gestapo tactic and found this dollop had been stalking me, parked where I had when he obviously had not expected me to park; he to sit in his car and use his phone, texting only. His car had the roof box: it had to have to be the fraudster in the other photo. This thug parked outside me in 28 and pretended to me that his roof box was in need attention (so he pulled up in the narrowest place possible in an out of the way roadway after leaving 2 wide roads to reach the only narrow place right where my car was parked!) yet his INTENTION was to pretend he met with me for what escapes me. The first time I sent out that photo, Jarvis was bought a roof box to pretend to struggle to fit as he was rewriting the photo then.  YOU, the tax-payer bought thieves and worse Jarvis that roof box.

On 24 July 2016 the lunatics decided to claim it was 24/3/14 and I had just moved into Fell View not 28 in but others including, 22, 41, 15, 42, 45,29,31 again with JACKSON in 26 who has lived there almost forever, pretending she has just moved in as me. The now usual ASDA delivery was filmed by me which I was not expected to see and the “removal” van at 42 when it was thought I parked up and indoors so would not see. The 24th was also the MAY 2010 data when I was told to return to MY house (which is not a self made slum in Caton LA2 9RP at any number round Fell View), forcibly remove anyone in it (Officer Tracey Kennedy and “partner”), sue them and prosecute them. Thus the lunatics always try to pretend I “move” on any 24th BUT made sure I did March 2014 after altering the original removal dates from 17th March 2014 from Flat 3 Penhale Gardens to 28 Fell View on 24th March. ONE event of 25th after the lunacy of 24th and days leading up to it, the long term unemployed KENETH JACKSON arrived at 26 Fell View and shouted into his phone for over an hour on and off, my DWP fraud doc shows how Jarvis did that on the evening of the 24th after the day’s events had been caught on camera; it was my “reprisal”. Jackson is trying to rewrite events of end April 2014 and Aug 2014 which are all on camera. Jackson did not have his latest car which YOU the tax-payer bought for him, he had a black Ford Y807 FHJ and 4 others in and between. SKY in FRAUD at 26 Fell View on camera, her other son (who has not been since) running away with a large TV set they had had installed via MY loft so I’d be charged with viewing without a licence and the Gestapo claiming my photo shows that thug bringing the TV when they did not see the series showing who he ran off with it. Then Aug 2014 photos of Jackson with his loud stupid mouth not done on purpose as then they assumed I was deaf arranging with Gestapo to remove all the illegally installed equipment from 26 which was WIRED UP to me in 28 ready for my moving in which I found out about after 26/3/14. Today then 25/7/16 in “revision” history, they use the unemployed thug Kenneth Jackson with his silver Peugeot PE03 DXS BOUGHT BY YOU FOR THAT PARASITE, to shout about tv’s not working and so forth and walk about at the front of 26 to make sure I hear and hope I “forget” April 2014 and Aug 2014. I only have to look at my photos to remind me. In the words of Sandy Shaw 1960’s pop idol, “There’s always something there to remind me”. NB the car of significance referred to black VW Y313 YEC was found by me on 26/7/16 (earlier today 2 40pm) seemingly “escorted” by police amid ANOTHER “revision history” FRAUD; it was found as I drove a route I had not taken for months so seen by chance. There is no such thing as “coincidence”.


(2) Lancs use public monies private purposes   26 July 16

THIS IS TO COVER MY HOUSE THEFT. 25 July 2016 and for DWP, and to be sent very 25th of every month as it will be “revised” for every 25th by Lancashire “Police” and their legal rep IAN YOUNG. On 26/7/16 amid much else I drove a route I had not driven for almost a year. I found Y313 YEC black VW driven long the road with a squad car behind. That is a fact. What  I will say is that Y313 YEC was bought for KENNETH JACKSON who has a flat above CATON Village Hall LA2 9RP and his mother lives in 26 Fell View next door to me. From May 2014 after I had been in 28 from 24/3/14 I found she was claiming to be me needing extra DWP monies. At the time the son had a black Y reg Ford. He then went on to be bought a black Ka also used in fraud but the Y313 YEC. She would go out as me with him, the unemployed thug, going as her son BUT as MR CAROL WOODS. The car was used for months and then he was bought another then another. I have all details; they still act as if she is me and claims now that she has an identical twin who is the Ms CAROL WOODS. About 6 weeks ago Y313 YEC not seen from summer 2015, appears parked up in another attempt to make me feel I should go out to prevent a fraud going on in my name. I ignored it. Then only 2 weeks ago it was parked almost outside me with the various trolls and thieves all reported for claiming to be linked to me and driving me about from MILLS 20 Fell View, HUNTER 22 Fell View, Jarvis 41 Fell View and others all standing about trying to provoke me into taking a photo with the car the real provocation. I ignored them all. Thus I drive out today a route I was not expected to take and find Y313 YEC with the squad car and suggest that it is police confirming they see the car and thus whatever FRAUD it will be used for is legitimate: the driver was a bespectacled younger male with 1 passenger. They headed to Morecambe see data and how the Gestapo want to claim I rent in Morecambe AS WELL or as someone else. On May Bank holiday this year I drove a route I had not driven for about a year so it was unexpected. I found FE02 VDK the large white Vauxhall used at 20 FELL VIEW with MILLS and BLEASDALE claiming that I was her aunt and lived with them (for those sent this, I apparently live with many all at once). It was accompanied by a squad car: I took photos of that. That was more pretence that Gestapo saw me driven about by a thief and fraudster! For those sent this the Gestapo have called socially to known thieves and fraudsters round Fell View, 20 for example and 45; to 45 they called at 2 am, recently. It may all be coincidence: I don’t believe in coincidences.

The 24th events have been recorded and were all to follow on from 22/7/16 events especially and involved the horrendous old thieves and worse JUNE and KINGSLEY WILLIAMS of 30 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP who are so deluded and deranged they think they are me as Mr and Mrs Carol Woods. They had their car PJ65 WLL their 5th bought for them registered as if they are WOODS. In this the Gestapo try to link events from years ago and make them all one event NOW such is their lunacy.

2012 DAVID MIDDLETON from 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ claims to be MR CAROL WOODS with false ID provided for him by police and a job with Freemasons BIBBY’s of INGLETON. The job as a driver as that was all he could do. In that he was sent to stay in London for 4 or 5 days with 24 May 2010 included and then return to 298 to “reclaim” his property as the lunatics wanted him to be me, wanted May 2012 to be 2010 and London was because I lived there for a while in 2010 and gained MY HIGH COURT ruling which they decided could be his 2 years later, a total stranger, thief and worse and reclaim his property which was never stolen from him! (I told you I couldn’t make this up.) That all on camera and failing to make me “forget” about MY HOUSE, the Gestapo find someone else to be Mr Carol Woods and use a pair of males who look a bit alike and one pretends he rents a caravan at 298, no. 3 while he works for the council MARK A RIDING aka others so rents in what name I do not know. The other “lookalike” lived in hiding in caravan 3 which all others claimed was not happening. The person on my photos is apparently invisible and only I see him. Riding not living at 298 had to have one to “take his place” to pretend it was him when he was not present. Thus Mr Invisible would occasionally walk about the tiny caravan site at 298 and pretend to be RIDING. My photos of him caught stalking me many times show they have many features that are not similar at all. A jury will never confuse them as being one person Mr Carol Woods or otherwise.

All that being found out (see Revision History photos and data sent out), I am in 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP eventually and the lunatics decide to make it 298 again. Thus a council bungalow is really an old holiday caravan rented out as “static” and one to live in which is what I rented at 298, caravan 1A. And the professionally unemployed lowlife round Fell View and Caton generally of which there are droves, hardly anyone works, become the other caravan dwellers. 298 was small, only 5 caravans, 294 and 300 adjoining were large and full of evil bullying trolls who would for example, on instruction, wait for one to see my caravan light go off at night then there would be much slamming of doors and shouting with the thugs and trolls being told to pretend that one was me and I was leaving caravan 1A and going then to ANOTHER on either 294 or 300 as apparently I rented 2 at once.  THAT WAS THE REVERSE OF FACT IN USUAL MASONIC LUNACY WHEN I HAD FOUND THAT RIDING FOR EXAMPLE CLAIMED FOR 2 ADDRESSES IN DIFFERENT NAMES AND FOUND IT WAS COMMON ALONG THE CARAVAN SITES OF OXCLIFFE RD. What did the DWP do to save enormous sums of money, and the council in paying housing benefits to non-existent persons? NOTHING.

They just had the lowlife pretend I was the ONE person claiming to live at 2 addresses using 2 names. I have no idea what the 2nd name was. Later the council claimed publicly that persons, parasites who will never work as it takes them all their time thinking up reasons to stay unemployable, were entitled to claim for 2nd homes thus they could have 2 names and 2 addresses and claim for both; they were ENTITLED just as much say as a person with a good job and income has the holiday home.

How can that be translated in a circle of council houses and 4 bungalows? The tenants are 100% exactly like the lowlife from Oxcliffe Rd. Thieves, fraudsters, bully boys, Neanderthals, the brain dead. Thus they have lots of time to harass me and obviously are not expected to work as that might mean they would not be free to drive about in good cars, stage manage events, stalk, harass and then bleat they are “victims” of mine! 24 found out fraudsters claiming to be me as 3 people as the Gestapo want me to be one of a “3 some” for their lunatic notions out of scope of this.

A male is found to pretend to live in 24 Fell View empty, self made slum and his car dark red KS53 VLF is chosen for its licence plate (out of scope of this). There are 2 males who drive that car, like RIDING and the Invisible man from 298, they are those 2 transported to Caton and 24 Fell View instead of caravan 3. On 25/7/16 the car was parked at 24 along with a cobalt blue Peugeot; and another red car which left after a few hours. Obviously my car was there as well. The lunatics were trying to recreate the roadside of 298 Oxcliffe Rd with my car parked, PX07 EDX red Kia Picanto belonging to she who set up all the bank accounts necessary then ELIZABETH MASON of SANTANDER BANK, the dark red Ford P801 CRN, and the cobalt blue X486 DCC of a DIANE LENNON who pretended to rent caravan 3A but ran away 12/8/12 when found out to have been posing as me “disabled” and stealing my mail. Her car was left for days at a time at 298 to make me think she lived there when she did not. And that was what was done on 25/716 trying to recreate 298 outside a self made slum miles away. There was no one in 24 at all; I was just to think there was. I knew there was not and was right; it was after 11pm when the driver of KS53 VLF arrived at 24 with a white van, the cobalt blue had long gone; no one exited from 24, the red had gone prior to that being moved and mine of course was still there. KS53 VLF is at 24 as I type this on 26/7/16; there is no one in 24 at all. The usual 3, CURWEN, do not live there, they are too busy claiming monies for a Road Traffic Accident they never had and being paid to live elsewhere as me. I have never had an RTA. That is ONE “3 some” the lunatics try to invent as including me.

The other is with O’Conner in 39 Fell View, Clarke in 23, Jarvis in 41, Williams in 30 AT LEAST. On 25/7/16 I was harassed and pestered as I tried to work in my garden: I was supposed to feel intimidated and go out so the Gestapo could claim as I was out then I was claiming MORE DWP monies as apparently I have just moved to 28 Fell View again.

On 24/7/16 going out as usual and into Morecambe they had their usual type of recruit, grey haired dullard of a male stood at Morecambe train station with a suitcase (empty, they always are, this has been done so many times I have lost count – I used to take photos but don’t now, a jury has enough to see) and on seeing my car, obviously told what car to look for, he sets off pretending “Look, I have just arrived in Morecambe and will be making a DWP claim tomorrow, Monday”. There was no train, he was beamed down which is also a common form of transport for the lunatics and their deranged recruits. We had ANOTHER MR CAROL WOODS about to claim. To make sure I went out so that HIS claim could be said to be mine, as apparently any time I go out I make a claim as just having moved to Fell View, Williams had to repeat their fraud on Friday 22/7/16 where they left 30 together via their rear door but he then sneaks back into 30 and as I am in 28 that lunatic pretends he is with me thus he is out but he is in. That is a “3 some” I am part of apparently. BUT they go out at their rear door and out in car PJ65 WLL (or it is more factual to say SHE goes out in the car, he hardly ever goes out but as it is registered to me then he wants to be seen alone to be me) as WOODS, I went into my front garden and he opens and closes their front door assuming I was going out in my car and that then is WILLIAMS going out as my car is apparently theirs! I didn’t go out: SHE was out, there was no one in 24, and I worked my garden. That was why the lunatics sent their trolls and worse to try and make me feel intimidated enough to go out. I did not go out; they did not provoke me even by their screeching and shouting and parading up and down along side my garden. He returned to 30 and he opened and closed their front door pretending that Williams returned as well as Woods via the rear. He pretended then he had been out with her! Thus Mr Invisible opens and closes doors in 30 as well as caravan 3. That makes sense; a jury will see the thread in that.

I walked to the local shop early evening; they had more planned in the pipeline expecting me to be indoors while they act their frauds out in for example 41 Fell View right across from me and pretend they are with me in 28. Among other things using fraudsters in 43 Fell View, I found a car that has been used in shopping frauds, a silver Peugeot. KR03 XKD; it was at a block of 4 holiday lets, they are at the end of a lane between Copy Lane and Hornby Rd and not seen from the road, ideal for persons who want a holiday let for a week or so. I was aware that those holiday lets have been used in fraud linked to me but was not sure how. I knew that a bleached haired old doxy from 39 Fell View usually uses a silver Toyota Yaris V24 MAJ and then it disappears for weeks. She was also bought a blue one V23 MAJ, that is not used much. The car use is to “confuse” any investigation, see how they are so close in licence plates, the silver is significant and I am drawing up why silver cars especially PEUGEOTs are used and the blue is to confuse LENNON’s from 298 and my car a RED TOYOTA YARIS X165 YUB to be thrown into the kaleidoscope. I took a photo of the silver Peugeot  KR03 XKD and found O’Conner was sneaking along behind me on my walk back: she has been staying in the holiday lets as if she is me and I am her identical twin as well as apparently, the identical twin of Williams in 30 and Jackson in 26. KS53 VLF is another MR CAROL WOODS. I knew O’Conner was not in 39 every day/night: she has been acting out a DIANE LENNON using a holiday let (they do not seem to be popular, empty for most time, they are quite scruffy) as if she is me and they are caravans at 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ. As I returned to Fell View I saw the usual sleazy, gormless using PE08 ZRX found out thieves and fraudsters, forgers and more who aid and abet JARVIS claim invisible people live in their scruffy council 41 Fell View to be driven about and cared for by the deranged, deluded JARVIS.  They would have been almost at 41 when I went off for the local shop: I was to be said to be indoors at 41 having just moved in there again. The drivers, at least 2 share that RED CITROEN ZSARA, validate papers for Jarvis to set up bank accounts for monies to be paid in and then to be transferred to Jarvis all from social services and DWP. The drivers of PE08 ZRX are “social workers” thieves, liars, fraudsters and more, money is being laundered I think using bogus accounts via JARVIS, she of the “The Lord Jesus will help me in this” found out DWP fraud of March 2015 of which nothing was done so Jarvis just continues.  This then is how I moved in again and to various addresses; apparently I still also rent a caravan in Morecambe miles away. It is cunningly disguised as a holiday let “house” in a block of 4 in Caton.

On 26/7/16 the “organisation” went on to “fill the gaps” given the failure of 25th so a red Nissan Micra R128 HBM was sent from 34 Quernmore Rd to pick up someone from 17 Fell View house used often by many in fraud. The persons using R128 HBM were housed in 34 Quernmore Rd end 2015 when Huddleston found out thief, fraudster and stalker was moved from 39 Copy Lane. The Gestapo move persons in and out when necessary. The red Nissan R128 was bought for the unemployed roughnecks and they drive about and pretend whatever they are told to pretend ALWAYS linked to me via one fraudster already used thus today, 17 Fell View. The Nissan has been used at 34 Fell View when they moved in end 2015 were to be said to be my daughter and I was living with them (name unknown) and the red Nissan has been used at 38 Fell View as they also pretend to be linked to me by actually being me. Today it was sent to 17 house of thieves and fraudsters found out and on many photos. At the same time she was driving to collect in FRAUD from 17 Fell View, the fraudster from 43 Fell View in YP06 UGH set off; this has been done OFTEN. For example June 2015 and the pretence then that AGNES JACKSON of 26 Fell View was me and just moved in and needed to be taken shopping. She in 43 Fell View in YP06 UGH is nearly always involved in shopping frauds where persons are taken shopping using public monies. Thus the lunatics pretend now that as JUNE WILLIAMS went out alone in PJ65 WLL on 26/7/16 that she went out as me leaving the JUNE CARRADICE in 17 to then be JUNE WILLIAMS and as Williams made a false claim then it follows, according to Lancashire lunatics that JUNE CARRADICE from 17 Fell View can pose now as JUNE WILLIAMS as June Williams is apparently me. The sleazy from 43 drove off on 25/7/16 is a similar event. She usually lives in hiding without being seen literally for weeks and weeks: she claims to have M.E. when she does not. The red NISSAN was found R128 HBM to be R68 TLM a RED Ka used in many frauds often at 17 Fell View but at 22 Fell View then lately at 20 Fell View all thieves and fraudsters to have claimed they were linked to me and that I lived with them. R68 TLM was found by me to be on Copy Lane occasionally and then it disappeared for months then reappeared. The Nissan was bought for the unemployed now in 34 Quernmore Rd as they were to pretend to be my family as those then sent to live in 34 Fell View were which is why R128 HBM was sent to park outside 34 Fell View. The red Toyota Starlet R205 XRJ is the MAIN ISSUE: it was said to belong to police officer TRACEY KENNEDY who lived in MY house as me when Kennedy did not drive. She was bought that to pose as me when it was seen I had my red Toyota Yaris X165 YUB. The police then passed on R205 XRJ to a seedy old man who was told where I drove so he could stalk me and “be seen” thus he was MR CAROL WOODS. If one checks the electoral register it can be seen who lives where and most houses have not changed tenants for a great many years. I am Carol Woods Ms of 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP under duress. Apparently I only moved into 28 again on 24/7/16 and then went to claim on 25th except I didn’t go out on 25th.


The CAROL WOODS Coverup: How police harass W’blower Lancs. MET + Lancs. Police Corruption Reported / Ignored 25 July 16 + ARCHIVE

Received 24 July 16

“Hi again, I note the use of alleged, maybe it should be pointed out that when I was “arrested” for following someone to a local airport, following someone to Kendal, taking photos of children, sticking notes to car windscreens, in breach of an “injunction”, “shouting”, and so on they were not allegations BUT PROVEN events – apparently. Thus, we have no local airport, no one could be named who had business at an airport, local …continues @

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