Campaigners Stage Protest On Corbyn’s Roof + Fathers4JusticeTV: MATT O’CONNOR RESPONDS TO ATTACKS ON Fathers4Justice BY CAROLINE NOKES MP & THE BRITISH MEDIA

Campaigners Stage Protest On Corbyn’s Roof

The men take food and water with them and tell the media: “We’re willing to do anything for our children.” 
 16:51, UK,Friday 05 August 2016                                            

Fathers' Rights campaigner on Jeremy Corbyn's roof

Campaigners from a fathers’ rights group have staged a protest on the roof of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s house.

Bobby Smith and Martin Matthews climbed onto the roof this morning as part of their effort to draw attention to their campaign for fathers to be given greater rights to see their children.
Mr Smith shared videos on social media showing police closing off the street in north London and the pair talking to “negotiators in Corbyn’s house” through a skylight.
He then called radio station LBC and said the pair were prepared to stay on the roof until they achieved a breakthrough or the Labour leader came to speak to them.
Mr Smith said: “We’ve got food and water and all that. We’ll stay here as long as we have to. We’re willing to do anything for our children.” 

The two men say they targeted Mr Corbyn’s home because “he was part of a panel that blocked shared parenting in 2011”.
They appeared to be referring to a Commons Justice Committee report into the operation of family courts, which said the Australian system – which favours shared parenting when parents split – had not contributed to children’s well-being.
The panel, which included Corbyn, said: “We believe therefore that the best interests of the child should remain the sole test applied by the courts to any decision on the welfare of children in the family justice system.” 



Breaking News – Protesters on Jeremy Corbyns Roof

Two New Fathers 4 Justice protesters Bobby Smith and Martin Matthews have scaled Jeremy Corbyn’s constituency home roof in Islington.

They used a ladder to get on to the roof at 10am this morning and have several banner and plan to stay up all day. ‘New Fathers 4 Justice’ are a wing group of Corbyn opposed shared parenting in The Children and Families Act 2014.

Martin who he is serenading Theresa May has a message for her on his banner.

Theresa May our new PM is a prime example of an MP making promises and breaking them when in power. This is what Theresa May told fathers in 2004:

“That is why, in my first month in Government, I will publish a Bill to give a presumption of co- parenting and a right for both parents to be involved in bringing up their children, when couples separate. We will ensure that the law serves the best interests of the child – and children deserve to see both parents.”

Now that Theresa May is PM, she has no excuse to reform the family court system. But she won’t!

Donald Tenn's photo.
Donald Tenn's photo.
Donald Tenn's photo.



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