The Environmental Law Foundation – from the HUMAN RIGHTS BLOG 8 Aug. 16

It seems as we progress in time more and more inalienable rights we’re supposed to have or once had are being whittled away to our peril, while the fat cats in power’s income [and power] is not only unaffected but actually increases. Noone I know [or worth knowing] has an off-shore bank account, which, anyway, is just a tax avoidance scheme for the wealthy – a legal loophole, proving those wealthy enough can buy their way out of paying the taxes etc. which keeps the country running [which is arguably not even happening anyway] and all is kept under wraps under some other concocted rule or whatever the wealthy have devised for themselves in the 1st place, while a person dies of starvation somewhere every 4 seconds!! How can this be right?

UK Human Rights Blog

elf_mainMany readers will know that I have banged on, long and hard, via this blog about the constant problem we have in the UK trying to ensure that the cost of planning and environmental litigation is not prohibitively expensive for ordinary people. The UK system has been held repeatedly to be in breach of Article 9 of the Aarhus Convention, which says that members of the public should be able to challenge environmental decisions, and the procedures for doing so shall be adequate and effective and “not prohibitively expensive”. For Aarhus beginners, have a look at my bluffers guide – here 

So I was delighted to be asked recently to chair the Environmental Law Foundation whose main role is to help out people, for free, with their planning and environmental problems. ELF is going to have its 25th birthday next year, and this short post is an unashamed plug for the job that it does…

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