MAURICE KIRK: The Welsh Assembly is Hell-Bent on Blocking My Machine-Gun Appeal getting to The Royal Courts of Justice

The Welsh Assembly is Hell-Bent on Blocking My Machine-Gun Appeal getting to The Royal Courts of Justice

2nd hand machine-gun FOR SALE –excellent for rabbit-shooting or vermin extermination


My statistics of South Wales Police bullying culture that has ruined my life and many others.


The Current Cardiff Judge His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC

HHJ Seys llewellyn QC


Cardiff’s GEOamey Custodial Services manager,  Lee Baker, also WANTED for perjury


Only four boxes left of my court files for suing the police , back in the late 90s, after chaotic HM Treasury ‘Vexatious Litigant’ Investigation ended in quite an opposite conclusion when a babble of barristers, in Whitehall, upon examining each court action brought my success had been around 90% in my favour through the civil courts.

SWP court docs 19th July all files

Dr Tegwyn Williams, the police blackmailed Chief forensic Psychiatrist for Wales, is also wanted to simply correct and clarify my medical records as his reports, one to have me sectioned without even a clinical examination, continue to pay havoc in my life.


The thoroughly arrogant and dishonest Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University


My Aug 2016 brain-scan BEFORE Barbara Wilding’s  Application to have me incarcerated in Ashworth for an indefinite period


My 1st December 2009 English brain scan medical report deliberately withheld from His Honour Judge Bidder QC despite my ex MP, Walter Sweeney, having already faxed it to the Cardiff Crown Court. This was BEFORE  Crown Prosecutor , Richard Thomlow , during my forced absence in the cells below trying to beat the door down,  informed the learned judge in the court room with Tegwyn Williams that  I was  suffering from a possible brain tumour but no one has ever told me.



My brain-scan AFTER my Barry police station registration  as MAPPA 3/3 to be amongst  the top 5% most dangerous in the UK

Norman Scarth Esq being congratulated for his belief that ‘truth will prevail’

11 06 28 Contempt Appeal & Norman MF 2

The current Chief Constable, Mr Vaughn & with Barbara also worried about is fat pension

peter vaughan

Part of my 200 odd arch-lever files I have on the South Wales Police’s years of nefarious activity back from a safe hiding place in Brittany.

13 02 12 files from France

Adrian Oliver Dolmans

Part of the Musa family, police reporting in, concerning their snatched six children by Haringey Council


Wilding Wanted

And now for something completely different


as the wee cub needs a little ‘kirkyfing’ if she has any hope of making it all the way to Cape Town yet alone the planned landing on Horse Guards Parade, Central London, on 12th October 2016.fro a pre-flight party


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Application for Arrests of Lee Barker Cardiff Court’s GEOamey Custody Manager, Court Clerk Michael Williams, Prosecutors Jackie Seals & D Gareth Evans & Police Inspector Rice or I Will

                      Stop Press

Cardiff’s Cabal  Will  Stop at Nothing to Hide the Publicity of 23 years of Police Bullying

14th September 2016

Dear Sir/Madam,

I acknowledge receipt of your email, received in this office on 13th September 2016

Your email was referred to the Master of the Court of Appeal who has asked me to inform you that the court has not previously seen this letter. Please resend your Appellant’s Notice and the orders appealed.


Registry Team Civil Appeals Office

Royal Courts of Justice




Civil Appeals Office
Royal Courts of Justice
The Strand
13th September 2016
Dear Sir,

Cardiff Court’s Refusal to Process my Legal Aid Application

1   I have now established what lies at the bottom of this scandalous nonsense.
2. What is needed are Dr Tegwyn Williams’ 2013 lawyers from both London and Christchurch, New Zealand, as both he and his wife, Dr Janis Hillier, were  attempting to prevent my 4th police prosecution knowing it was an ‘abuse of process’, in itself and contrary to the 1997 Harassment Act.
Until I have established as to the  whereabouts of both, as the police refuse to tell me, re the 2nd jury trial, I will remain in some difficulties, as they say.
3. What is most urgent, of course, is obtaining a high court order from the RCJ concerning Cardiff County Court refusing to disclose related documents:
These include:
i)) Police 2013 ‘corrected’ ‘draft ‘ judgment for Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police from 23 year running civil damages claim
ii) the purported HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC  ‘sealed’ ‘approved’ BS614159 +2 judgment
iii) The relevant Cardiff County and Cardiff Magistrate’s court logs and
iv)  copy of my court  withheld prosecution exhibits also for the RCJ Civil Appeals Office three time attempted lodged appeal.


   LEE BARKER GEOamey Custody Manager

 £100,000 Reward for Perjury Convictions

My reward for more up to date photographs of these individuals all wanted on perjury charges thanks to the help of the Criminal Cases Review Commission and private investigators. I will now double the previous cash for the information as to their current whereabouts in order for private summonses can be aerved on each of them.

Tel me 24/7 on +447708586202 or email

LEE BARKER on the wrong end of ‘ses menottes’


Lee Barker taken just before my 2011 string of arrests, on the usual fabricated excuses, when knowing I am extremely unlikely in getting bail following the Chief Constable’s 8th June clandestine meeting with Caswell Clinic staff to have me registered MAPPA category 3 level 3 victim in order to have me shot at moment of ‘witness statement exchange’ ordered by his Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC

HHJ Seys llewellyn QC



Restraining Order Never Served

A purported copy of the 1st December 2011 Dr Tegwyn Williams Restraining Order was first seen by Maurice Kirk only after he had been arrested at Wood Green Crown Court, London, on or about 12th December 2011 after having given evidence for the Musa Nigerian family who had had their six children snatched by the Haringey Council in the notoriously wicked UK family court system and set up purely for the lawyer theft of tax-payers’ money.


…….and remarkably similar to the one identified as ‘Exhibit One’ at 4th May 2012 Cardiff Crown Court also with the police station photocopier scratch right down the middle of it

Both South Wales Police and HM Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) have refused to explain to the past three juries or their victim as to the origins of  the date stamp on prosecution Exhibit One indicating a date after the alleged offence was committed or disclose the data relating to the hand written reference numbers also on the exhibit



So why were they both allowed to say somethings quite different, on oath, before a jury?

David Gareth Evans of Park Place Chambers, Cardiff, was the Crown Prosecutor who knows that the only thing shown to me on 1st Dec 2011, in  Cardiff magistrates cells, was a part district judge CPS hand written typed draft of a restraining order later admitted, on oath in Bristol Crown Court, after I had to arrest him tro get him in the box.

He quickly quit his job, as with most of the liars or was ‘pushed’, following the subsequent jury trial that even featured in the Sun newspaper.

In this, the first of three jury trials, so far, on the Dr Tegwyn Williams/MAPPA/ machine-gun saga to block my civil damages trials Judge Curran  deliberately refused the jury sight of relevant public records, despite their numerous requests after I was dragged  out of the court to prevent my trying to retrieve my defence court exhibits yet to be vacuated.

To be vacuated because in Welsh courts police victims are regularly not allowed their defence papers with them in any court proceedings unless, of course, they are lucky enough to be out on bail at the time.

Similarly, in Wales, prisoners in their criminal courts,when having to act as a ‘litigant in person’ behind bullet-proof glass for their protection and hearing precious little, are not allowed to have contemporaneous notes being taken of the evidence, on their behalf, even from their own family as was the case before District Judge John Charles for fear of immediate imprisonment.



yet to be for medical attention or to allow me to know of their jury notes to him.


Michael Williams, then the clerk of the court, has since shredded and/or altered court logs and his contemporaneous notes of ridiculous evidence to obtain the ‘ultra vires’ harassment conviction before the  very dishonest District Judge John Charles later , too late for the CCRC enquiry, just to add to Cardiff Cabals almost daily nefarious activities, to protect Barbara Wilding’s healthy pension. He has done a runner from Wales as well!

Both Drs Tegwyn Williams and his wife, Dr Janis Hillyer, quickly disappeared to South Island, New Zealand or was also ‘pushed’.  Anyone, incidentally, needing the doctor’s address or their solictor’s telephone number who tried to prevent my last arrest in order to attempt to prevent the same prosecution of me on the thirs ‘breach of a restraining order please feel free and contact me before police succeed, again, in preventing my hospital internal examinations as they did while I was in Swansea prison and when I was released on ‘licence’.



This complete idiot, villain Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University, had completely hood-winked Tegwyn into believing I had brain damage and possible brain tumour  from being ‘a long term drinking partner of the actor Oliver Reed’ and I had flown solo to Australia in a WW2 General Patten Piper Cub without even a map!

He went on to re write and back date the original information he had circulated around Caswell clinic my brain scan, machine-gun acquittal needing no defence what so ever when he was told by the police that their victim was not even told by courts, MAPPA, Welsh doctors or prisons he had a suspect brain tumour as the bloody lot were all in on the act.

This was then repeated to Judge Bidder QC —see 2nd Dec 2009 full transcript


Barbara Wilding at South Wales Police HQ jumped on this idiot’s late input, if not previously paid handsomely for it, in order to have me locked away for life, without the need, therefore, of the imminent machine-gun trial only carrying a 10 year mandatory prison sentence.

The subsequent secret MAPPA meeting therefore planned for my demise in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital, instead, to stop her half dozen or so civil damages claims, by now, having to be defended. All claims identify South Wales Police malicious conduct on the English having been so stupid to have crossed either Severn Bridge into Wales in the first place.

HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC.s repeated refusal to recuse himself relates to the unusual content of his draft judgment as opposed to the facts of the case and why he is determined, it would also appear, never to allow any appeal to reach an English court in The Strand or for my 1CF 03361 machine-gun damages claim, that lost me my family, health, wealth and right to fly aircraft, for years, and practice veterinary surgery.

The illegally blocked machine-gun claim has been equally illegally blocked by welsh courts for six years and my 4th Action for even longer—–evil spineless little shysters

Summary of Machine-Gun Conspiracy




16 08 26 Particulars of 4th Claim 7CF07345



The Chief Constable knew  that she had to have the antique Lewis machine -gun painted a different colour to fool the jury and introduce the fictitious ‘ foxy;’ as the under-cover policeman who has pretended to by her off me when first making contact on the telephone to the wrong person, my then wife.

The prosecution exhibit Gareth Evans tried to switch, mid trial, to  get past Charles failed but years later seized by the police from the Cardiff Crown Court office when a relation of mine had attempted to apply for what on earth was before the original court in the first place and needed there and then during the middle of the  March 2014 3rd ‘breach’ of a restraining order trial.

The good news for their victim, in November 2011, following the harassment conviction in his absence, contrary to the clear law on the subject, was that he was offered release  by the panicing district judge who had ‘ screwed up ‘ for Dolmans master plan.

Released, two weeks too early for what Dolmans (Chief Constables private lawyers in civil claims) had arranged with Charles, CPS (Wales) and the rest of the Cardiff’s  cabal meant no restraining order had even been typed out yet alone ready to serve despite their victim’s opportunity to leave the stench of the place at around 2pm. These documents are only served on the recipient of a restraining order once the prison is about to release I’m when he is a Litigant in Person like I am usually forced to be,

Their victim had refused to leave his cell, for a few hours, after the odour in the air had exceeded the norm as no paperwork had been disclosed to him as explanation for his too early release.

He was not falling for that very old police trick as they were waiting outside the court building for the subsequent ‘gate arrest’ for stitched up Musa Nigerian six children snatched by the Haringey Council.

11 09 17 Musas and MJK at Tottenham Police Station

It had been a  ‘long stop’ police precaution to prolong their victim’s incarceration under any pretext and jumped on the MUSA case, so needed by the London prosecution for their victims evidence not to be heard to blow a family court conspiracy plainly  for the oodles of cash and for the parents NOT to get their children back, again for the oodles of unchecked taxpayers ‘ cash.

The Cardiff prison simply stopped his attending to give vital evidence in the hearing, two days before and blocked any subsequent hearing in the Crown court later.

This South Wales Police refusing their victims attending court is the norm in Wales if the tax payers’ completely unchecked ‘gravy train’ is to keep chugging on to the bank.

You do not serve restraining orders in court cells on a prisoner due to go back in prison that same night.  Papers are served on their release.That is why Barker had to pretend I had received a court served order before 3pm  and one of the five GEO custody boys, at 5pm., while dragging me, flat on the floor, the length of the corridor in the custody suite to the exit, desperately trying to stuff it in my sock having failed to get it into my trouser pocket.

It was all Sabine’s fault, I joke,  for inviting so many people from across the UK  with my usual faithful Welsh Mackenzie Friends, sister  and a bemused Jeff Matthews to personally witness, ‘what really goes on in our UK law courts’.

You should of been there that day, late November 2011, behind the bullet-proof glass with me, you would hear practically nothing of the proceedings but did that matter as a ring-side seat you would of had to watch  the spectacle .

The  shock and panic on the face of the South Wales Administrator of all their courts, Mr Spengazi, Strinati or Spinatti?, some name like that, come rushing down from his office suite  into the court in his pin stripe suit and waste coat to  frantically, but personally, grab as many chairs as he could in the public gallery and removed them to prevent there being any more of the general public to witness the farce.

It is the ‘Gulag Card’ of which many will be dealt, with gay abandon, if Brexit gets its way.

Listen to the court tape of this magistrates caper on

No wonder Lord Justice Thomas refused my being ever allowed to practice veterinary surgery again by having the RCJ court tape quickly corrupted.

BUT  I had taken a tea-totaller, no smoking , no swearing, gentleman from the Emerald Isle  witness His lordship by sitting quietly in the back of the court as was his habit.

Similarly, just as a Jeffrey Matthews crept into the public library so many years later unnoticed, at the end of the last 3rd or was it 4th ‘breach of a restraining order trial by now, originating, in law, as a blatant ‘abuse of process’ had it occurred in any English court room.


That is why Judge Rowland, around April 2014, quashed the Tegwyn Williams restraining order ‘as an abuse of process’ as both the CPS had now agreed it was ‘ridiculous’ as both lawyers had investigated the law in the case and new evidence in the last to jury trials that the 1997 Harassment Act made provision for this in that the  fabricated medical records and talk of a brain tumour, when never ever informing their victim, had been orchestrated under the duress of both Professor Rodger Wood and Barbara Wilding.

Whilst  designated as a hater of devil-worshippers and to be actually  locked away in Ashworth, purely to stop the cocked-up machine-gun case, was a crime that had been committed but not by Maurice John Kirk.

One cannot be convicted for a section 2 harassment offence if all the police victim was trying to do was to either ‘detect’ or ‘prevent crime’.

Remember, boys and girls of The Principality, there is only one ‘truth’ unless I am stupid?

This document below was one of many such taken to an English court while I was trying to get private prosecutions on some thirty odd in the South Wales establishment only to be told, with obvious sympathy , no English magistrate’s court can process an alleged crime in a foreign country, like Wales, despite their  being of the same jurisdiction—so Brexit lovers, in England, beware as what was first trialled in South Wales and partly succeeded then a ‘gulag card’ may now just be waiting to be dealt on YOU

10 09 28 Murphy st (1)

Inspector Rice tried to set this up  by goading me to retrieving the car from inside Penarth police station compound as all at police HQ were now frantic for having found out the name of my new insurance company to ‘lean on’ not to renew my cover.

In another of the hundred or so police incidents, when I had to arrest another Welsh Crown Prosecutor, a Mr Stan Sofa for having deliberately hidden the clear speed-trap photograph of another, not me, who should been prosecuted for speeding, it  was why it had to be  Inspector Andrew Rice again, it appears, that had rushed from Barry police station with all  sirens  blaring on both police vehicles stuffed with fellow officers.

They had burst into the court room and, instead of taking the CPS solicitor to his cell, instead, he confiscated the CPS file in front of us all to make sure it never  reached any enquiry either in London  or by an outside police force.

Exactly as he or Sergeant Hall, was it, did in another equally police concocted ‘smuggling pigs into Ireland’ alleged incident leaving the collapsed trial in the usual shambles and no apologies to me for the inconvenience.

The apparently perverse verdict of Judge Seys Llewellyn QC is of particular note, in the above random examples that involve  Rice, shortly to be arrested, in that he remarked, mid civil trial that, despite the utter commotion with court staff fleeing the room I had even written down in my 200 odd prison battered arch leaver files, the very collar number of Inspector Rice as he was pinching property again.

Rice, of course, denied he knew anything about the CPS arrest incident, on oath, just as he had to be most singularly the one to have my name removed from the veterinary register, as custody sergeant that night, fiddling the custody records never to allow never them going before the presiding magistrates. He had had three versions of the ‘complaint’ over an alleged  Breach of the Peace with which CPS lawyer, Jackie Seals and ex Inspector Howard Davies had conspired in.

Why oh why, with well over twenty veterinary practice vehicles in strange registrations, such as Amy Johnson, Amelia Earhart, Buzz Aldrin and Joseph F Bloggins, was a DVLI enquiry or prosecution, on their own?  Why I was I never quizzed on it even over twenty four years of police bullying and weeks through the substantive trial?–It stinks, does not?

Part of my appealhere, currently being blocked for the Royal Courts of Justice, features the Sofa arrest:  Draft ‘grounds’


Seven Times Welsh Prisons have Maliciously Stopped My Attending Courts as A Litigant in Person- Standard Blackmail to make their Victim have to confide in a local  Lawyer 

SENT 2nd time on 10th sept 2016 owing to no response

Civil Appeals Office

Royal Courts of Justice

London WC2A 2LL

Your Ref:   2016/PI/11303

My Ref. CO/4737/2014

31stJuly 2016

Dear Sir


I thank you for your letter dated 13th July 2016 regarding my Appellant’s Notice and Supporting Grounds of Appeal sent to the court in this matter.

You state that the matter was referred to the Master of the Court of Appeal who directed that the court had no jurisdiction to deal with the application concerning the order of Mr. Justice Blake dated 15th April 2016, on the basis that there is no right of appeal regarding an order made under CPR Pt. 52.17(7).

However, it was made plain in my Grounds of Appeal that I considered that the Honourable Judge had in fact proceeded with my set aside application under the wrong rule, when he could and should have considered the application under CPR Pt 3.1(7) to revoke the previous order of dismissal of Mr. Justice Gilbart made on 21st January 2015.

Without prejudice to whether or not the court had jurisdiction to consider an application to appeal against Mr. Justice Blake’s order, the prohibitions in respect of appeal didn’t apply to Mr. Justice Hickinbottom’s subsequent order dated 14th June 2016.

This wasn’t an application under CPR Pt. 52.17(2), but an application to set aside Mr. Justice Blake’s previous order purportedly made under CPR Pt. 52.17(2).

Mr. Justice Hickinbottom purported to rule that he had no jurisdiction to entertain my application for set aside in respect of Mr. Justice Blake’s previous order. As can be ascertained from my supporting Grounds of Appeal, I don’t agree with that ruling, and irrespective of whether any appeal would have lain directly in respect of Mr. Justice Blake’s order, the prohibition against an appeal didn’t apply to Mr. Justice Hickinbottom’s order.

I consider that the paper ruling of the Master of the Court of Appeal was a denial of access to justice under article 6(1) ECHR as incorporated under schedule 1 of the Human Rights Act 1998 accordingly without any hearing regarding the matter under review, or hearing my submissions relating to jurisdiction etc.

I would therefore request that the matter be referred to a Lord Justice of Appeal accordingly or the matter be remitted back to the Master for further reconsideration accordingly.

I re-enclose a copy of my original Appellant’s Notice and Grounds of Appeal and the three orders of Mr. Justice Gilbart dated 21st January 2015, Mr. Justice Blake dated 15th April 2016 and Mr. Justice Hickinbottom dated 14th June 2016.

I look forward to hearing from you accordingly.

Yours faithfully

Maurice Kirk BVSc


UK’s judiciary is just all one big confidence -trick into fooling the general public ‘what really goes on in our law courts’ is both legal and morally sound!…..dream on.


Duty Inspector,

Somerset and Avon Police



11th September 2016

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to make an appointment to lay information as a criminal complaint concerning the South Wales Police’s most recent nefarious activities designed, as we all know, in order to frustrate both my civil actions against them, including the fabrication of my allegedly ‘trading in machine guns’ nonsense, now being deliberately being delayed by both Cardiff’s civil and criminal courts.

Litigation long before I employed my Bristol lawyers, over 20 years ago, to get the Welsh police finally ‘off my back’, actually included my arrest and a failed prosecution, of course, whilst I was simply conducting a flight as a commercial pilot from Taunton via Cardiff airport to Dublin.

On another occasion on a private flight, again from Taunton and this time to Northern Ireland with my then wife, I was detained by Welsh police resulting in the substantial damage to a police vehicle for obstructing my perfectly lawful flight. The UK tax payer not the Welsh police, as usual, was made to foot the bill for the launching of at least one RAF Hawker Hunter out of RAF Brawdy that day.

There are a number of other Welsh police incidents, you may think bizarre and too many to list other than in a court room but I have been told, again, your officers have again out knocking on doors looking for me, this time told it appeared be about a Dr Tegwyn Williams again

I have spent time telephoning and visited the police station but failed to find out what it is about.

Before our proposed appointment could someone explain why I appear to being followed by your helicopter despite my visits and calls to reduce the fuel bill. This is exactly what happened in South Wales putting my terrified passenger in the aircraft at serious risk as no radio contact was made and it flew within 50 ft of my wing all contrary to statute.


I have spent the best part of two days a week ago trying to find from your police station what on earth it is all about now even needing visits to places of other people ‘s residences when there is a perfectly good telephone somewhere in your building to just ring me


Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Tel 07708586202


(No reply, as  yet, from my Taunton MP, I notice. Is this going to be a repeat, I wonder, as to what I experienced from our country’s current Secretary of State for Wales?)

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Two Applications to Quash illegally STOPPED Machine-Gun Damages Claim & NHS (Wales) Caswell Clinic Investigation


MJK letters of complaint to the General Medical Council & Alun Cairns MP




Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) has deliberately withheld, for three jury trials and for the original utter nonsense harassment conviction many important defence witnesses and this letter, below, which is why CPS and police so fervently opposed, every time, my bail applications to keep me locked up in Welsh prisons unable to properly prepare for either civil ligation or criminal hearings, the whole purpose of the Barbara Wilding MAPPA Machine-gun conspiracy in the first place.

Police make me in top 5% most dangerous in the country as a MAPPA 3/3 victim for Ministry of Justice’s printed libel, below, just to influence each jury, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons designed purely to successfully oppose my bail applications as exactly was the case to have me locked up for months prior to my machine-gun acquittal Judge/CPS/police conspiracy when no defence evidence was even tendered.





Chief Clerk,
Cardiff Magistrates Court

9th September 2016

Dear Sir/Madam,

Application to Quash 1st Dec 2011 Dr Tegwyn Williams Restraining Order


I now understand from both HM Crown Prosecution Service and Criminal Cases Review Commission, following the disclosure of new evidence, some of which was referred to by Dr Tegwyn William’s solicitor to the police some time ago without my knowing about it, I have plausible argument that the purported ‘restraining order’, never served on me in the first place, should be quashed.

As I am also to go abroad I would be grateful for an early date in order that I may attend in person.

Yours Faithfully,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc
Tel 07708586202



Initial Statement by Eifion Edwards.

Court Appointed lawyer does not have the evidence that is essential for the cross examination of Dr Tegwyn Williams.

1. Time is needed to organise evidence in support of the defendant Mr M J Kirk that is essential for court appointed lawyer to use in the cross examination of Dr Tegwyn Williams to expose Dr TW unusual dishonesty and malice.

2. On 1 May 2012, the day before trial, the Crown Court told me they had they had asked Apex Chambers to provide Counsel as the Court appointed lawyer, but no decisions had been taken on who would act. I need to provide very complex papers and there is now no time.

3. I believe to proceed without my evidence that is needed to cross examine Dr TW would bring the administration of justice into disrepute.

4. I ask that proceedings switch to focus on a re-trial of the original conviction of December 2011 & 1& 2 March 2012 because my evidence has been hidden from the Courts for their fair deliberations – despite my writing to the Crown Prosecution Service and attending both Magistrates Court and the appeal at the Crown Court. I was prevented from giving evidence on both occasions by improper ‘goings on’.

5. The matter is so complex and lengthy I merely give the direction of my evidence at this time, and ask for time to submit more.

The direction of my evidence.

6. I can confirm that Mr Kirk telephoned me on his release in December 2011 and when I pointedly asked him to detail the latest bail conditions or restraining order that he was under, that he was unaware of any restraining order.

7. As in my attached letter to Mr M Curry Head of Unit at Cardiff CPS and a much fuller letter to Keith Starmer, Director of Public Prosecutions I can explain why Mr Kirks actions are reasonable and lawful and that not only should Mr Kirk not be convicted, but that Mr Kirk should not even be prosecuted.

8. I wish to explain why I believe Dr TW and parties are dishonest and malicious.

Dr TW’s breach of a High Court Order restraining Dr TW from obstructing my care and harassing me – and how Dr TW misleads the Crown Court on 1 March 2012

9. Please see where in the transcript of 1 March 2012 Dr TW tries to imply he has no one else objecting to his actions, when I have had take Dr TW to the High Court over his endless dishonesty and now seemingly a breach of his undertaking to the High Court. Dr TW and parties have interfered in Cardiff NHS very much to try to stop me complaining to the General Medical Council about him.

10. I have had disclosure of Caswell Clinic papers to confirm that a multi agency committee has been meeting based around Caswell clinic to prevent anyone lawfully complaining to the General Medical Council about Dr T Williams. Before Mr Kirk’s alleged harassment charges took place, the committee detail how they aim to get those who complain about Dr T Williams imprisoned for many years. My and Mr Kirk’s initials are on the heading of the emails that organise the agenda of these meetings. (I have no criminal convictions/cautions by 55 years and am a well qualified professional man.)

11. The Caswell clinic multi agency committee seems to have unreasonable influence and control over the Courts, CPS and Mr Kirk’s custody at Prison, to seemingly pervert justice.

12. I am presently organising the complaints to the GMC for both Mr Kirk and myself. The GMC have confirmed that the GMC legal team have approved a larger than usual investigation will occur regards my complaint. I now start to explain the GMC about what Dr T Williams does wrong regards Mr Kirk:-

a) Maliciously denying Mr Kirk access to Caswell Clinic when the staff team of the Caswell had decided in writing that they wanted to build a therapeutic relationship with Mr Kirk. Yet when Mr Kirk would approach Caswell for staff to have opportunity to draw him in, Dr T W maliciously and dishonesty called the police etc.

b) I believe that Dr T W did this because Dr T W cannot discuss the close detail of clinical reports on Mr Kirk because the reports are seemingly malicious and unusually dishonest. Dr TW calls police and falsely alleges harassment to try to cover up exceptional wrongdoing of in bad faith trying to deny Mr Kirk’s liberty indefinitely.

c) That Dr T W refuses to receive questions and information to clarify or correct his reports. Dr T W refused to make a statement to explain himself in civil proceedings, to imply guilt.

Mr Justice Beatson saw an extract of what I believe Dr TW ‘made up’ about Mr Kirk.

13. The evidence I wish Dr T W to be cross examined on is seemingly reliable of genuine concern. When I shared what I knew with Mr Justice Beatson on 19 January 2012 sitting at Cardiff Administrative Court he said in Judgement:-

“Some of the allegations that the Claimant (myself) makes about CPS policy, if supported by evidence, would be very serious. Today he has given me a swatch of papers about Mr Maurice Kirk, a litigant who is well-known in these courts. Mr Edwards relies on what he says is evidence that it was said that Mr Kirk was mentally unfit and had brain damage, which a summary of Mr Kirk’s record based on a surgery home visit report shows was not true.”

14. I wish explain why Mr Kirk has not yet had a fair trial to explore what Mr Justice Beatson describes as “very serious” and “a ….report shows was not true”. Yet both the Crown Prosecutor and the Court appointed lawyer withheld my evidence from the appeal at Cardiff Crown Court. There are also more complex reasons why my evidence was withheld from the Court(s). I believe the Courts need to now switch to a re-trial and for the “first time” to explore how Dr T W and parties do wrong to Mr Kirk.

15. As for example is in the attached one page extract of recent papers lodged at the High Court 18 April 2012, I am asking the High Court to refer the abuse of power (such as in Mr Kirk’s case) and where there is no Remedy for that abuse, to the Supreme Court.

Eifion Edwards 1 May 2012








Where the ‘buck’ finally stops:

Just one of the many versions of redacted/re-written police and court records one tends to find in Cardiff after decades of my life wasted by trying to simply practice veterinary surgery in South Wales that has still not managed to fiddle judicial autonomy and its own police force.


Withheld court log from 4th May 2012 1st ‘breach of a restraining order’

Even the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) have been gagged.

Application for Access to Court Files


AND what about my confiscated custody interview tape re ‘garrotte type instrument’ used on HRH Prince Charles’ farm?

This part of the tape transcript to get me goaled as ‘unidentifiable’-later, when I can find it!

I take a pin and random sample ‘grounds’ for appeal on one from 33 incidents in dispute



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Why Cardiff’s Current Conduct re Blocking My Machine-Gun Trial Compensation

Chief Constable of South Wales Police
Police Head Quarters,
South Wales

7th September 2016

Dear Mr Vaughan,



Machine gun 252x326.aspxMachine gun aspx

The antique was black when I purchased her on the DH2 1916 replica biplane, from a Dorset Air Museum, as opposed to the above 2nd photo back in the Lincolnshire museum, after trial. A single police officer from Wales (the regulations are a minimum of three armed officers plus 2nd vehicle should the first break down) returned with it by police car to Barbara Wilding’s boudoir to paint the now only partly black relic of the Somme just to match my video of it, incidentally, shown to the jury, on day of the aircraft sale more than a year earlier!

Barbara had the colour altered to try and fool the jury but on acquittal allowed it to be returned to Lincolnshire not even the same shade of colour as Mr Cooper had painted it within days of first buying.

(In the pub, immediately after the trial, nine of the jury were still quite bemused as to why was not both the seller to me and the buyer of a purported ‘prohibitive weapon’ not also up in the dock beside me? Curious and especially at the end of each day of the two week trial, my son watched some police officer picked up Prosecution Exhibit One, sling it over his shoulder to walk out alone onto a public pavement to strut slowly up the road back to some local police station).

The problem arose when 11 of the 12 jury decided NOT GUILTY on first day of evidence which ultimately led to her having to be returned to the museum that wrong colour. The 12th , speak to the rest of the jury, was clearly a police ‘plant’, the standard ploy in Cardiff Crown courts to feed info back, this time to judges Paul Thomas QC and Richard Thomlow, then the bent CPS prosecutor.

As an aside,  both Caspar and myself were quietly amused as to the ‘modus operandi’ of slimy fingers attached to those in positions of privilege and answerable to no one but their Maker.

We were both waiting , of course, for the police’s excuses for Exhibit One, an integral part of a British registered aircraft and critical to its C of G, for safe flight as well as being CAA documented in the certification documents, aircraft log books prominently displayed on the prosecutor’s table.

Both Richard Thomlow and Judge Paul Thomas QC, wash your mouth out, Maurice,  were fully aware of the conspiracy, for without them why would Barbara bother?

Thomlow was seen frantically trying to slip the airframe log book, without looking down for it, under his pile of prosecution papers as my enquiries were now dangerously leading embarrassingly in that direction as it was time for my  tea.

That is why, despite my paying thousands of pounds after the acquittal for my videoed statement of complaint recorded at Barry police station, South Wales Police or should I not say, Patrick, HM Partnership, refused me that, their court transcript, copy of exhibits, court log or police custody, IRIS and MAPPA records when the latter,  when drawn up , was again in the presence of their blackmailed Chief Forensic Psychiatrist for Wales, Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams.


That is also why, including the switching of the sex of some police officer, code named ‘Foxy’ and hidden behind the witness box screen to also try and fool the jury, could not be  properly cross examined by me for fear the earlier telephone call, when she (not a he) rang my then wife, trying to acquire the Lewis,  before being part of the 2nd hit squad of ‘Operation Tulip’ or was it Buttercup, to snatch our then 10 year old little daughter,  Genevieve, after the police and twenty odd , many armed police had left the scene in their ridiculous ‘Operation Chalice’ public scandal.

Any excuse for yet another Sunday over time paid ‘joy ride’ in Barbara’s  taxpayer paid for new helicopter just to chase me. (That is why HHJ Seys Llewelyn QC struck out my civil claim as the pilots and or crew would surely be implicated again in more unlawful conduct and why the machine-gun claim has been blocked by the same judge, for well over six years or be allowed a jury hearing in England.

So Barbara Wilding authorised her being painted black, to match my You tube video made on day of sale to museum for jury to see ( prosecution exhibit 2) to the original grey the new owner had painted her.

Ah, but when I took statements, well over a year later, from the museum I was told by all in the aircraft hangar she had even came back, after that ridiculous trial with  criminal HHJ Judge Paul Thomas,  a different shade of grey to what the new owner had painted her on purchase.

That is the real state of our Welsh law courts, but do you care, Mr Vaughan?


Your HM Partnership is designed to fleece the unsuspecting general public under the myth surrounding the very lucrative world of HM and if it was not for Brexit, we could quash it.

Incidentally, I have come into the possession of information concerning a Dr Hillier of Caswell Clinic from a former patient which appears to directly relate to whatever evidence was presented by Judge Richard Thomlow in Cardiff Crown Court, without me, in order to both avoid the 2010 machine-gun trial, due in a few days and other pending alleged related MAPPA category 3 level 3 crimes from ‘going public’ but, instead, to have me locked away for life without even a trial.

I believe the current level of criminal activity now being occasioned in your Cardiff law courts, to cover up the above conspiracy, urgently requires the invitation of an outside police force being called in to investigate. Even the Criminal Cases Review Commission and IPCC have been gagged.


As you know I have had to leave your area for health reasons and due to your adverse control over both the Vale of Glamorgan’s general practitioners and hospital specialists, being at a level quite unimaginable anywhere else in the United Kingdom, I was neglected in your various prisons by your South Wales Police repeatedly preventing my pre-arranged hospital appointments being kept.
You will recall that on more than six occasions your police denied my attending both civil and criminal courts in Cardiff as each of the cases related to my civil actions against your continuing the bullying that your predecessor was also so extremely good at.

You are also aware that there are a number of other civil damages claims still outstanding against both yourself and NHS (Wales) and in particular implicating other clinical staff who are still at your controlled Caswell Clinic medium secure psychiatric hospital based in Bridgend.

Remember, despite a direct invitation by Dr Gaynor Jones, involving a Dr Ruth Bagshaw and others, I was promptly arrested on arrival at the Caswell Clinic, gaoled for ‘attempted burglary’ and other typical nonsense allegations only for all charges, once again, being dropped once matters had been sufficiently protracted for my maximum harm, of course, in a closed court, of course and refused police data pertaining to it, of course, all routine on an Englishman so stupid to have set foot in the Principality in so south a location.

Your predecessor, Ms Barbara Wilding, had me incarcerated there for the maximum term, under s35 of the 1983 Mental Health Act, in the hope I would finally accept medication and therefore lawfully transferred to Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital for an indefinite period.

Upon my release from prison, following the acquittal without even the need of defence evidence, both Wilding’s 2009 fabricated sworn affidavit and the allegation of my ‘trading in machine-guns’ and numerous other MAPPA3/3 related charges, all require an outside police’s intervention as it is becoming obvious that your similarly controlled Cardiff County Court has no intention in my subsequent civil claim being allowed the light of day yet alone with the facts before a jury.

Cardiff County Court’s repeated refusal to transfer my subsequent claims to either an English court or for your conspiracy, needing both Dr Tegwyn Williams and Professor Rodger Wood to be investigated, is an abuse of process. The police led 2nd December 2009 Crown Court application, that I be incarcerated in Ashworth for life, still remains your responsibility and disclosure of its data.

In October 2013 I visited Barry police station to lay further information only to be gaoled without an arrest for over an hour while senior welsh police officers pleaded with Dr Tegwyn Williams’ lawyer, in London, to persuade his reluctant client to make another false complaint and making, for sure, no Cardiff court would, again, process my legal aid applications or allow my documents in the court.

Not dissimilar to the 2nd aborted jury trial incident, is it, of a ‘breach of a restraining order ‘ never served in the first place? Dr TW signed a witness statement that police had prevented my burning his and Dr Hillier’s house down when you all knew the allegation was a figment of his imagination after too many years with you lot, I presume, with your day to day nefarious conduct continuing to be unchecked unless Brexit can be overturned

The doctors are down in New Zealand we are all told where a contingency, on my behalf and for other aggrieved parties, are planning to visit to find more on the police back-mail that caused this inconvenience to both me and my family to have happened in the first place.

I require from you the details of your past chief forensic psychiatrist’s solicitor and current one, if need be, as I intend travelling to London to see him or her this Friday in order that your refusing to allow my NHS (Wales) medical records from ever being released may be resolved ‘out of court’.

You very well know that without those medical records being redacted, completely expunged from the record or facing a further scrutiny in the 4th jury trial, in the matter, I cannot successfully re-apply for my commercial pilot’s licences, the return of my police confiscated shot guns and hold appropriate gun certificates or become, again, a member of the veterinary profession before I leave for on my convoluted journey, this November, around the world.

Yours faithfully,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Copy to Ms Rebecca Pow MP of the Vale of Taunton

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