THE CAROL WOODS COVERUP: HER LIFE IN DANGER? “Reckless endangering of life: Lancs.” 17 Sept. 16

Please see below, under the video etc. links, the latest update from whistleblower and ex-UK Government Social Worker Level 3 and Child Protection Officer Ms. Carol Woods, received 17 September 2016, [and before].

While the more recent updates from Ms. Woods may concentrate on the more current ID frauds and similar relating to her at her present abode, it must be fully understood that these actions, by parties known and unknown, are seemingly being enacted as a direct result of Ms. Woods reporting, or attempting to report, certain findings when employed by a UK town council as a senior Level 3 Social Worker, and Child Protection Officer, as described within the videos and radio broadcasts that follow these paragraphs, entitled “IMPORTANT VIDEOS”.  The massive corruption that is described, has so far gone unchecked, and ignored wholesale by whichever UK government agency it is reported to, which is clearly described within the videos.

More crimes and misdemenours committed against Ms. Woods include: 

the theft of her home [as happened also to Patrick Cullinane, Len Lawrence, Joseph Henry [multiple houses stolen], Tom Crawford, and so many more],

at least 4 separate enforced incarcerations in mental hospital units for no earthly good reason – one excuse used  for such incarcerations being that Ms. Woods was mentally “deluded” in her findings of utter corruption within a Lancs. council – her latest incarceration being between November 2015 and Febuary 2016. Carol was also forced to take psychotropic drugs against her will during these hospital stays, and was threatened with re-arrest before her leaving the “Cygnet” unit, Lancs. in Febuary 2016.

fake IDs used [for example: for expensive commercial criminal frauds], 

chronic gangstalking and/or harrassment by government connected sources,

home burglaries,

the inflicting of tracking devices upon her motor vehicle, and also numerous attempted thefts of that vehicle, and the attempted destruction of her motor vehicle, 

enforced “bankruptcy”

Many more seriously criminal activities exist, committed against this lone female, which have been reported accordingly to no avail, along with her discoveries as a Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer. All of what is described, especially within the videos and related data below is a public scandal, and equally as disgusting is that nothing being done about any of it by any UK government employee contacted, from the Prime Minister down, let alone the heads of police forces!



2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016

3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016 

GOOGLE “CAROL WOODS” for more videos and articles.


Reckless endangering of life: Lancs.  17 Sept. 16

I am Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP my car is X165 YUB a red Toyota. That has been my only car from Jan 2012 and is not shared, loaned out or used to drive lowlife about. PLEASE note that the PURPLE car at CHARNOCK SERVICES was NOT the small tidy VW almost a purple shade today stalking me from Caton to Lancaster with the Gestapo sitting ready in the most inconvenient space to “confirm” they saw a purple VW and as I was then in Lancaster it was me! She told to wear black and white as that is usually proof a person is me.This document is to be sent out as and when it has been added to as I have absolutely no doubt it will be added to. Many know I keep daily records of my use of electrical power given the thieves and fraudsters I “live” among in Fell View who use phones as if they are me, Internet and so forth with the ILLEGAL devices in MY loft installed ready for my moving to 28 Fell View so PLANNED, PREMEDITATED and ORGANISED in CONSPIRACY as a number of persons are involved. They include: Mr and Mrs Williams in 30 Fell View who apparently are me as if I am married; Jackson in 26 as if she is me, Jarvis in 41 who I apparently live with being cared for and driven about by them, McHarran and Hicks in 43 as she is also apparently me, Hunter in 22, Dalton in 45 who with their collected yobs and trolls are all “me”. There are others but that serves to show this corruption. All are unemployed-by-trade. How can they be me when they all look so different to me and to each other? Their FRAUDS and THEFTS are conducted via the Internet and phone use so they are not seen. BUT Williams has ID provided for her in MY name and cars, as does Jackson. They “explain” how they can be me and themselves by claiming they had identical twins yet the twins surely look like them and not me?  A minor detail for the lunatic instructing in this IAN YOUNG police and county legal rep. In that of course the thieves and fraudsters have to have “relatives” found for them which is not even funny now: “daughters” are as old as “parents”, sons change into daughters and dead parents are resurrected.  Williams was told to dye her short, thin, grey hair yellow to make it more like mine, Jarvis was told to dye her longer grey hair and tie it in a Lancaster face lift style when she was one of herself but leave it loose when she was the other of herself (me). 

The use of light aqua sweaters, T shirts, jackets is common and they are all to be one car used in serious FRAUD Y96 OBU an old Rover and as that was linked to me by one murderous thief RYCROFT flat 4 Penhale Gardens then according to the lunatic in Lancashire, if persons wear light aqua they are seen to be “me” in that car! Jackson was bought a jacket, Williams was bought a sweater and Jarvis was bought a sweater and they rotate such as 16/9/16 when Williams’ and Jackson’s frauds, INTENT, bullying and worse failed they used the deranged Jarvis; like all they wear an item then change it after an hour or so to be their “twin” Carol Woods so by 3 30pm on 16/9/16 Jarvis had her hair loose and had changed into the light aqua sweater. She was me POSTING: she sent, to be posted, a card in a GREEN envelope as green is highly significant in this in relation to serious fraud and ID theft using a passport but out of scope of this. She did not take it herself; a local troll took it in such a farce conducted in the street one wonders if they could ever have been sane. Why didn’t Jarvis take it herself? Because about 18 months ago she, loudly shouted to her children, to post an item which she was using as me in bank fraud in forgery of my signature. The children wanted to go to nearest box which is the scene of many photos including Gestapo and vehicles of 31/12/14 aiding and abetting thief Jackson who they, sat, at YOUR, expense to say they saw me and I posted a DWP claim when they watched her! The Gestapo used at least 5 vehicles that day and one red taxi and I used my camera. The box used often, Jackson found one not far away behind Fell View and with the old fraudster and doxy in BK53 EWE from 31 Fell View, who drove Jackson as me for DWP claims in FRAUD, did use that box it being nearer to 31, Jarvis wanted to maintain that FRAUD. How did Jarvis know what box anyone else used anyway? The box has since been removed by the Royal Mail so there is only the one near Fell View which is why Jarvis made a song and dance about getting the card there; it cannot be sent from the one used earlier. That is classic Masonic revision history.                                                                                                                                                                              Small children are “borrowed” and used as “cover” for related frauds because they think if a child is seen than a fraud will not be perpetuated and, they know I will not take photos if children are around so they USE SMALL CHILDREN AS SHIELDS which shows what lowlife they are.

That is a preamble to this which is nothing I have not already recorded and sent out scores of other times. I was asked recently why I could not move away from this lowlife; where to? This lowlife are replacements of the same types of murdering thieves and fraudsters from the address I had then, 3 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA and they were replacements for murdering lowlife where I rented prior to that, caravan 1A @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ and ALL have been provided with ID in my name for fraudulent claims, a provisional driving licence as if I am not one who has a licence thus not me AND THAT TO INCLUDE A CAR YK02 VPF LOOTED FROM A MURDER VICTIM who lived in flat 3 Penhale Gardens prior to me, ID to work as “volunteer” in HMYOI Lancaster Farms to make the lowlife Williams in 30 Fell View be seen to be me and she with the 5 (FIVE) cars bought/hired for her as if she is me. My car does not apparently exist.

All that is part of a kaleidoscopic picture and how the lunatics in charge of the asylum shake every so often to get a new picture but using the same old nonsense in lunatic repetition. Apparently, YOUNG recorded (when he pretended he was a psychiatrist) that I had called into a council office and was repetitious which was apparently proof I was mentally ill.  Apart from the fact he is a liar on that point, and maybe if Lancashire employed persons with even half a brain one would not have to repeat oneself to make oneself understood using plain, simple English, then he corners any market in repetition. I have a few documents that record events done time and time again where each time they hope for a different result than the previous occasion. As the result is never different they just keep trying. One list I am compiling is noting places and dates of items of mail posted as if I have posted. Recently 13/9/16 Galgate edge of Lancaster and at least 1 item posted as if I had posted:  14/9/16 M5 motorway between Swansea and London at least 2 items posted. Mail FRAUD is out of the scope of this because this is now going to start to record every single incident where the Gestapo recklessly endanger life to achieve the “end” of me, one way or another.

I cannot record here all that has taken place although for a jury a full list with dates, times, photos etc will be provided. To show the lengths they go to and link to use of small children I have to record that REID in 49 Fell View more fraudsters who tried to pretend I lived there AS WELL AS AT 22 OTHER ADDRESSES ROUND FELL VIEW, did risk the life of their toddler 3 times in entrapment of me and a small boy once. The toddler I did not know was a girl as she was so young it was hard to see. Now she is that much older it is obvious. Fell View, a blind bend approaching and on 3 occasions they in 49 had that toddler (about 3 now) stuck by the roadside ready for me driving back to 28 (the GPS on my car allows for all this). I was not expected to run the child over in speeding but I was to take a photo to show it left alone on the dangerous bend which yobs, all unemployed, use to race round in uninsured cars and without licences. (All reported- all ignored.) That is apparently a serious criminal offence taking photos of children. I did not take photos. The alternative expectation was that I would lead the child back where they could scream I tried to kidnap it. What photos I did take were of those such as sleazy postman hiding to be the “witness”. On the 3rd occasion they used a small boy with the toddler who was not school age so I guess about 4. That sums them up.

On 13/9/16 they had such “plans” for me which failed as usual and to try to repeat what had failed like they had Jarvis send a card to be posted on 16/9/16 to be the event from 18 months ago, they went to the lengths of using the Gestapo helicopter as I drove along the M6; that had caught them completely by surprise: I have no false friends now who regurgitate all I tell them to the Gestapo for a pat on the back. They sent the helicopter about 11 55am to hover above me on the M6 south bound, quite low and then about 15 miles further on they had arranged for a thug-woud-be-fraudster to join the M6 to try and recover the fraud that had failed earlier. It failed: I saw the INTENTION and got my photos. Thus after SWANSEA where apparently I was not but Williams was there from 30 Fell View, I apparently only think I was, I drove the M4 into London. They had to “re-enact” the helicopter from the north and my comment sent by email that it had been “low”. This one was so low I could practically have touched it; it hovered right where there were overhead cables, it was amazing they did not entangle; I got a photo to show how close they were and that over a busy motorway. That’s what lunatics I deal with and one can see what deluded, deranged half-wits they have to recruit as no one with any intelligence would want any involvement.

The farces at every service area where I stopped after my stay overnight in London where apparently Jarvis collected me and drove me back to 41 Fell View hours before I actually left London (that card she had posted today will be drivel linked to that FRAUD) are not for this but as each failed and as I neared Lancaster area the Gestapo became more desperate; it was getting very late, they had a P reg car full of yobs stalking but who did not linger at the service area (that is to rewrite the bogus daughter of Jackson now and another car used in THEFT and FRAUD P514 JBC) but another yob did. A cherry red VW of a colour and design I had not seen previously, low to the ground it was built, X reg. He followed me to get fuel but was up to no good. I can always tell after all my experiences. A van pulled up and sat with his headlights doing nothing and on a service road; it was all “odd”. I waited and the yob though, assuming I was setting off after paying he set off without lights. The van driver did not signal him using his headlights as is done, the car I was amazed to see continued without lights, and I watched him join the motorway feeling sure he’d notice, not within my view he didn’t. The motorway was still busy with HGVs; that could have caused a major accident; he could have ended up dead but it was staged: the van driver was to claim he saw a small red X reg car drive off without lights: I was to be the one “endangering life”. He may not have lights for only minutes: it would take seconds to cause a major incident driving right into heavy traffic from a slip road with no lights and such a low car hardly visible.

That was not the end of it: Charnock Richards services 1 30 am approx. Hardly any traffic at service area, I get fuel, a lorry driver buys food and leaves; I pay and start to cross the forecourt to reach my car, the only car there, the lorry driver is parked in the lorry park; a PURPLE large low slung car drives out of nowhere, ACROSS the forecourt, not onto it by the entry road: his INTENTION was to run me down and claim I wasn’t looking I guess. He did not get fuel; he messed about not sure what to do and I left. And all that for what? So lowlife thieves, fraudsters, old parasites well past their sell-by don’t need to invent any more family and can keep their ill-gotten gains without questions being asked.


Gross Breaches RIPA and Intercept communications Lancs  13 Sept 16

21-20-08 001, 003, 004. This set of photos shows how yobs are used to be “me” as Mr Carol Woods. Seeing the old thief in 30 Fell View LA2 9RP who also claims to be me, WILLIAMS and various others all in and between the reader can see what lunacy is involved as they are all “me”. I apparently live in various houses (23 at least) round Fell View as “disabled” or “ill”. BUT I am also various who are not “ill”. 24 Fell view has been used from March 2015 especially by a lout in KS53 VLF car and he I knew lived near-by but would call to 24 (empty house but used by more fraudsters) while I was out (he being tipped off) and he to use computer equipment in 24 as if he was me using it when I was out. That had been done using caravan 3 @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ when I rented caravan 1A. Thus the louts, thugs whatever they are then claim to have MY data and thus it was typed not by me but by them as Mr Carol Woods. I found where the lout driving KS53 really lived; he “disappeared” to be “replaced” by a “stand-in” using DX53 KTO. In that the unemployed yob in 45 DALTON is also me caught using MY email address supplied by the Gestapo with MY password etc. All in this are unemployed lowlife.

DALTON wanders about in grey ‘trackies’ and hoodie as he is told to BUT does swap for “black” when told to. It depends on what photos the Gestapo think they are “rewriting”. Jackson in her 70’s in 26 is “me” as was a looter of the dead in flat 5 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA when I rented flat 3 after renting caravan 1A. Both those 2 old trolls were told to wear grey hoodies to hide their scruffy grey hair and flabby faces then provided with cars to drive them about so they could be said to be me. Thus yobs are often told to wear grey hoodies, they are mostly told to shave their heads unless they have auburn hair, in which case they can have hair as that is proof they are me or my son! This yob was caught out again recently to late Aug 2016 and reported for serious computer misuse and theft, fraud and more. The Gestapo visit in the early hours to socialise so my report goes nowhere. They tried to claim I shared my email address with those fraudsters.

On 12/9/15 Dalton was not where I was (in a café I was known to frequent Sun St Lancaster) and this one was to sit outside and use his Internet picking up the WiFi; he was to be me as I was in the café. That has been done many times. 15/9/15 and the Gestapo tried again. This one was to sit opposite an Internet café I used regularly until I found the interference was caused by lowlife sitting outside using their phones and lap tops linked to the BT system I used. These are a selection of photos; there are many yobs. Some have to wear facial hair, those with have to shave it off, the Gestapo try to hide found out fraudsters and in usual masonic invasion try to hide the lowlife already found out by having them shave off any facial hair and have others then grow to be them; HUNTER thief and fraudster, stalker and harasser in 22 Fell View is one such fool told to grow some facial hair to cover for found out thief and DWP fraudsters using MY name.

In Morecambe on 17/8/16 after I had found Dalton again trying to be linked to me, the Gestapo have to cover for him so send this yob to sneak along behind me and hope he looks as if he is DALTON and “with me”. I stopped to take a photo of the new mosaics on Victoria St and this yob did not know what to do so dodged into the only doorway available. He in “blue” is really in a blue car apparently. The Gestapo use colours as “symbols” of cars as they have another shaved headed yob in 31 Fell View with a blue car and he is also me so anyone like Dalton but in blue is the unemployed yob in 31 Fell view as well with blue car R945 KEC. This yob from the doorway then continues as do I; he uses his phone which then links to this call box near -by as I pass. The Gestapo tried to rewrite an event of end 07 (linked to murder of GMP MIKE TODD then on the cards for March 08) trying to make me a MR CAROL WOODS of that time. The red car Y191 SLF with R945 is at 31 Fell View and he is also me, apparently. Another unemployed male has it now but the car was first driven by a female troll in 31 to show Jackson in her grey hoodie seen in a red car was “me”. My car is RED TOYOTA YARIS X165 YUB. The Gestapo are not finicky about “minor detail” like that. The cars at 31 Fell View are to be the ones in the photo at the roadside of 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3Ej, one being the car of thief, liar and worse, DIANE LENNON blue Saxo X486 DDC she who never lived at 298 but left the car pretending to rent caravan 3A so she could call to 298 to steal MY mail. The red car just seen is my Toyota. The lunatics trying to rewrite those photos from 298 bought the 2 cars to park at 31 Fell View and use as if it was 298 Oxcliffe Rd. the elderly lone tenant of 28 Fell View was bullied to death to get 28 free for me to move into as 28 Fell View was to become 298 Oxcliffe Rd miles away – again. The LENNON from 298 was to be a LENNON in 29 Fell View which ensured a nail in the coffin of the elderly tenant of 28 when it was decided that there was much that could be used round Fell View to try to make me “forget” 298 and then flat 3 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA. LENNON being in 29 with me then in 28 was “convenient” and 31 used with various lowlife renting as “tenants” of tenant to make 31 Fell View be a “version” of 298, a small caravan site in Morecambe. LENNON from 29 was moved out when it was obvious I knew what she was involved in, she a council employee given huge amounts of time off work to pretend to be driving me about; she was replaced by an equally nasty piece of work, JANE SLATER who was left with Lennon’s car AF07 XLL to muddy waters of investigation. Jane Slater was then “replaced” by JANE UPTON LCC employee who I was friendly with for years. Jane Upton did not move house; she is just sent to “bump into me” to tell me nonsense which she reels off in a “list” and is to be the SLATER troll.

The photos with the yob in the doorway show one yob driven to Lancaster University library to sit and use his lap top and phone ready for when I logged on; the interference always seen; it took me no time at all to find the yobs sent. Women have been used and they are supplied with folders of work to look as if they are “working”. Without exception they are dullards and will spend their lives grunting to their “friends” on Facebook which they have used as if I use it. That was started in 2011 via my sister’s 17 year old grand-daughter, Dani Deval  instructed by VANESSA KILDAY false friend aged 18 sent to worm her way into my sister’s house, she daughter apparently of GMP staff, and Kilday was to corrupt Deval where she then claimed to be me using Facebook etc which is what the lowlife do in 34 Fell View NOW, 12 and 13 Fell View at least. The centre photo is Jackson’s unemployed by trade son Kenneth who called to 26 Fell View often in 2014 to use his phone placing orders for goods as if I placed the orders. All round Fell View gained a great deal as the Gestapo declined to investigate the bank accounts and mail theft involved. 13/9/14 this photo, I had caught him almost in my doorway, crouched down hoping I would not see, I did so he moved to be visible so I’d not suspect anything.

The cars PK07 EDX and PJ60 BYR are seen on the front yard at 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ; PK07 I found was owned by ELIZABETH MASON of SANTANDER bank she who set up at least 5 accounts in MY name in FRAUD using lowlife at 298 to claim to be linked to me so they could gain. PJ60 BYR was used by a MARTIN BRANKIN aka N RANKIN and others, a total stranger to me but I found he claimed I drove him about in this car. This repeated using a malicious old dullard in 32 Fell View Mary Lamb who claims to be my dead mother driven about by me in PF08 WDJ. The photo was taken 14/4/12.

The photo of the blue Hyundai is YD54 VYR and HUNTER from 22 Fell View this day driving about pretending he drove me to live in 22 as HIS mother, more deluded total strangers. A taxi involved was also photographed as he raced off seeing they were found out. Hunter assumed I’d drive off from 28 and would not know what was taking place. I returned being well experienced in the ways of deluded half-wit thieves and fraudsters by then. This cretin thought he was going to do EXACTLY the same again on 27/8/16. The bottom photo is Mrs Hunter. When they were found out claiming that I lived in 22 as his mother, she decided that I was her mother but then decided she was me. Her hair is bleached and like poor quality straw so those with the same type of hair are found to stalk me as proof I am Hunter or Hunter is seen with me thus is linked to me. How can I be “Hunter” when for example I am in Barcelona as Oct 2015? The Gestapo via their Freemason links find someone they think could be said to be Hunter so had these 2 hiding in a doorway I was to pass each day en-route for the metro in Barcelona. This was to be “proof” Hunter was in Barcelona so was “me”. Another troll of more recent days was sent to wait in the University library in the space I always use for the scanner. This roughneck was to link her phone when she saw I was all set up and then the Gestapo can interfere with MY use of my computer. This one was sent to be “Hunter”; she was too young and seen close up, to be even coarser and duller than Hunter.

The troll in the 3rd photo was used a few times as she was supposed to be my sister’s grand-daughter. This was one to be loaned “maths” file and was clearly a few sandwiches short of a picnic. On 26/8/16 I found that Fell View having a number of these unemployed has them not only used in 45 Fell View, 14 and 12 but also no 2 Fell View and 2 Milestone Place off Fell View. On 26/8/16, a day of such lunacy in the then “plan” to defraud me which failed (the council wanted me to send them my bank details claiming they wanted to repay me some rent I had paid, the bank details would be said to have been different to what I provided and in another name as the Gestapo try to invent me as a non-existent person, I told them I would not be giving my bank details and that as far as my file shows, I am owed nothing. They think I am gullible), many waited for me to drive away from 28 Fell View so they could drive off and either be me or driving me. That is done every single day. All I had to do was to sit in my car until the lowlife had all raced off, one after the other. I found that the Gestapo then alerted their bloated old stalker in 2 Hall Drive also off Fell View and he drives to 2 Milestone Place and collects one of the trolls to drive behind me. I pull in so he has to pass, I then found he also collects ANOTHER of the same type from SYCAMORE RD in the next village and drives them to University library where they expect me to go so one can be seen and then leave and one can stay and hide and hope I don’t notice. The car DG51 WRL belongs to 2 Fell View (notice use of 2 Fell View, 2 Hall drive, 2 Milestone Place) and WOODRUFF are in 2 Fell view and they claim to be me. The tarty piece drives to 45 Fell View and it seen there is proof that thieves, fraudsters and worse in 45 are somehow linked to me and not committing serious crime. She driving that (one of at least 3 drivers) is a type the same as Deval and the troll leaving the library after setting up her lap top to try to look as if she was a student. This events happen EVERY single time I try to use a computer anywhere, mine or public. On 13/9/16 I drove down south and checked into a Travel lodge finding the usual types sent to linger outside to harass as I entered and left to go out and then on my return: they apparently are “with me” and have driven me. In what car I do not know as mine is parked. The INTENTION is to claim that I in Travel Lodge with my passport as ID am not me but am the person Lancashire try to invent me being to allow for such as Williams in 30 Fell View and Jackson in 26 to be me along with 21 others.1 2 3

Phone lines to aid ID THEFT/ FRAUD  12 Sept. 16

00-51-38 I am Carol Woods Ms of 28 Fell View (under duress) LA2 9RP where you all know that at least 23 others all claim in fraud, harassment, bullying and thuggery aided by police in organised crime claim to be me. The old thief and worse in 26 Fell View is ONE such person: see how she is aided. I have the photos of BT personnel at 26, do ask if you did not receive them when I sent them some days ago. End July 2016 Jackson in 26 Fell View LA2 9RP had a visit from BT to install a phone. Agnes Jackson poses as me: she is a thief, liar and fraudster and worse aided and abetted by Lancashire Gestapo. More than enough evidence gathered they decided to say she was 2 people; she has an identical twin and it is the “twin” who is me. Jackson has been filmed making a call as if she was me having tried to dress to sound as if she fitted my description of what I wore. Jackson has been heard making calls as if she is me BUT so has her criminal associate in 30 Fell View JUNE WILLIAMS as she is also me and she also has an identical twin BUT JARVIS in 41 is also me with an identical twin and all their identical twins are Carol Woods and they all live in their council houses. O’Conner in 39 is the same; none of the “twins” appears on the electoral register.

End Aug 2014 and photos were taken of WILLIAMS in 30 having a 2nd SKY TV and dish installed in their tiny one-bedroomed bungalow which was registered to me. That was to be “rewritten” end of July 2016, almost 2 years later in the usual “revision history” nonsense. The intention was to have a 2nd phone in 26 Fell View in the same MOTIVE of a 2nd SKY TV etc in 30 Fell View, to PRETEND that the tiny one-bedroomed bungalows are split into 2 for the “identical twins”. Thus Jackson had a 2nd line installed via the rear kitchen of 26 Fell View. That will be one for her and one for her as her identical twin – “me”.4

Part 1 of 2 Corrupt POLICE Lancs  12 Sept 16

I had typed this data ready to send out when I had Internet use. Meanwhile I had managed to send out my data in relation to “Hiding Places”; those places where thieves, fraudsters, bullying trolls and worse HID to then drive off when they see my car and they pretend to be “with me” of having “met with me”. The hiding places data includes how sleazy “professionals” would hide and link up with taxis to pretend what their perverted selves wanted. That has been “arranged again with sleazy caught hiding in OTHER places which I will photograph and send out. The pair of old trolls on Friday (se ref to corrupt PCSO harassment) were in PJ07 VUR when usually it is YP06 UEH, both silver cars. Today I pulled in and at least 5 drove past, one had been an old doxy in PK07 a dark grey 4 wheel drive to be ELIZABETH MASON fraudster SANTANDER BANK see below April 2013 and PCSO P Shepherd and then CS R BAYLY. Her car PK07 EDX is a red Kia Picanto, not grey anything. Then 3 more were sent after I parked up: the usual white Mini to be PATRICIA ALLEN of Lancashire Social Services perjurer and worse as per data sent out and a yob to race ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD on the busy STONEWELL area of Lancaster to be the thugs x 2 of 9/9/16 trying to run me off the road to be 9/9/08 at MY house again. His car ANOTHER PK15 YWA KIA prior to which I had PJ59 LRU white Kia. Mason was bought a white car after the Gestapo knew I had found about the driver of PK07 EDX who had been pretending she was me with her “small red car”. The PJ59 was sleazy “professional” trying to pretend she had dropped me off when she had to go and pay as I had really the only spare space left in the well used FREEHOLD area.

The pair of thieves and fraudsters WILLIAMS in 30 FELL VIEW CATON LA2 9RP are hiding again with the yobs using 45 Fell View hiding the car PJ65 WLL which Williams claim is theirs BUT as if they are me. They move that and PRETEND then that they in 30 are out when they are not. What is the INTENTION today? On Friday I was finally allowed my water rates bill, days late as it was expected that I would have been “seen off” and then given to lowlife to pay as if they were me in 30 Fell View. Thus they pretend to be out (their car not parked) and I pay my water rates but the sleazy confirm I have just moved to 28 Fell View again so I paying MY bill is really the lowlife in 30 Fell View. Masonic lunacy Dark Farces. I will pay my bill when I decide to: the Gestapo know for YEARS OF ILLEGAL MONITORING FROM MY HOUSE that I usually pay a bill as soon as I receive it. This can wait. This POLICE CORRUPTION data will have to be sent in 2 parts. It is not my fault their corruption is so bad that my data extends as far as it does and believe me, this is nothing compared to what there really is.

List 4 Corrupt Public servants,criminals and gangsters, bandits, reprobates etc. Historical parallels, TontonsMacoute, Gestapo, SS, KGB etc. In 2010 after my court hearing with Justice MacKay where he, livid, about one false court document I showed him in regard to the THEFT OF MY HOUSE (in Lancaster) telling me to go home, forcibly remove anyone in MY house, sue and prosecute them, I with a daughter went to the FCO to show them related documents and inform them of the High Court decision. I had had some involvement with FCO staff after reporting such as liar, bully, grossly unprofessional DOMINIC in Paris Consulates office earlier in 2010. What was he doing for the Gestapo? My morning visit was dealt with as it should have been; I was to return after lunch AFTER “Dominic” had taken advice. I was to take the file papers I had.

Returning after lunch, the usual stage sets had been arranged with the usual trolls acting out their “roles”. I had to wait to listen to all that drivel (which is STILL done sending false friends to spout nonsense and hope I believe something a 5 year old would find unbelievable, when the Gestapo has no one to “send” they have those I “live” among stand outside me in 28 Fell View LA2 9RP and talk to each other by shouting gibberish to each other or, by deranged pretending to converse using their phones again just screeching gibberish; I ignore them but note some for posterity) which is referred to as “brainwashing” thus MY experiences are to be heard by me as if someone else had them. In Paris, my appointment time came and went then there was no one but me. “Dominic” would make a banal comment, he thought he was clever and amusing; he amused only himself. He could only say what he had been told to say and this is STILL done, the idiot telling persons what to say obviously cannot predict what I will say in reply thus the quisling is left needing to ask what then to say. This farce has taken place with others including GLASGOW police, NEWCASTLE police all liars who dealt with me and they all have to keep leaving me to say “What can I say now?” In Paris, “Dominic” had someone stood behind a door which he kept pooping round to see, the person hiding could hear what I had said so then was to relay to the gormless “Dominic” what to respond to me and so it went on. The events in Paris over the following 2 days included being told by hotel receptionist that I could not return to my room as it was being cleaned at 5pm one afternoon: I knew that was not right so went up and found 2 persons searching; they looked for the file documents I had had with me in the Consulate’s office: they didn’t find them. I kept them with me at all times. The hotel, when I asked for a receipt for payment, gave me something which I accepted as a receipt but then found another guest had a different receipt: that had a formal stamp of payment as well. I asked for one the same as theirs and got it. The INTENTION for YEARS wherever I stayed right to July 2013 was to claim I stayed in places without paying; even rent books from March 2012 were given to me in a name not mine as the landlady then was instructed in the pretence I was not me. Most “landlords” such as B PILLING (Sept 09 – Jan 2010), Z SKIBA (May 2010 – Aug 2010), J BOURNEN (March 2011 – June 2011) refused to give me receipts and insisted on only cash payments.The INTENTION of trying to have me charged with staying somewhere without paying was to “rewrite” the false court documents sent to me in MY house and to a daughter who had never lived there and to “Any Other Persons” with someone thinking they were “covering all bases”. Those false documents (all kept safe) were from LANCASTER COIUNTY COURT and evicting me for rent arrears FROM MY OWN HOUSE. Apparently I had sold my house to thug HALLIDAY (see below), agreed to pay rent to stay in it but forgot I had sold it and thus forgot to pay rent thus was evicted. Remember also sleazy NHS told to tell me in Aug. 2011 “But luvvie, you sold your house” (but had forgotten thus was mentally ill).  I complained about “Dominic” and that was my contact with FCO for 2010; I had had earlier contact in 09 but out of scope of this.

My complaint went nowhere because of interception of my communications. With one of my daughters and photos of MY house wrecked and looted and “court documents” a manager in the FCO said that it was obviously police led so they would have to get me live abroad. Why move me? I’m not the problem; they knew who organised the thuggery so deal with them. One following me outside later said, “You are up against the Dark Forces”. In my vast experience I would suggest we refer to them as Dark Farces. Mostly it is the Freemason and their lunatic “inversion” of making FICTION from FACT and declaring it to be FACT.

In April 2016 I was introduced to one who was a false friend, DAVID FABB of CLEOBRIDGE. In that a fraud on me was PLANNED which I guessed after our first meeting but, always give the benefit of the doubt so met a 2nd time. I was sure then: the man (a Freemason) was an idiot, instructed, and his conversation was as usual, a string of events linked into gibberish to make MY past experiences seem to have been his. He was a liar leading me to believe things that were not true. Without going into all that, one thing he had to keep telling me was that he would help me with my case (when he could barely use a computer) but I should leave out the police involved. Why should I? I shouldn’t. These then are SOME involved: all my documents typed are from memory so I look forward to seeing all the lowlife who claim to be me on the witness stand relating MY case. I cannot name the corrupt in order and some I will have forgotten but any reader will get the gist of what led to the murder of MIKE TODD GMP as he was the only one doing what he was paid to do. See what started the events blogs will come up recording other corrupt agencies.

On 9/9/2016 at 10pm I switched off my lamp, radio and then my mains power supply as usual. (There is a related document as to why I have no mains lights but just a lamp and have to limit my use of mains power  because of MY wiring added to 30 and 26 as apparently my bungalow does not exist and they in both 26 and 30 are more who claim to be me.) For 3 nights I had staggered my mains going off, anytime from 9 30pm and watched. I was sure the Gestapo were up to the old tricks of having lowlife parked hiding PRETENDING they were with me and usually using their phones for Internet posing as me. They do that because lowlife in 24, 22, 41, 43, 45, activate illegal devices in my loft when they link THEIR devices via pre-prepared BT links IN MY LOFT to make the use seem to be me in 28; I can hear the sounds and refer to them as Loft noises keeping a faithful record of times and what the sounds indicate, I can usually tell phone use from computer use. The main offenders reported for serious computer misuse in 45 Fell View were the ones the Gestapo visited and arranged a perjured witness statement and manufactured a photo INTENDING to prove something totally untrue about MY car and me. Obviously, what I reported remained ignored. The lowlife in 43 one I am sure is Gestapo linked, PAUL HICKS, are away this week, that might explain why lowlife have taken to hiding in cars again and pretending something. Thus I switch off what little I have on at 10pm, wait for the thug to drive off from hiding behind 31 Fell View finding I was right again after checking 3 nights in a row to make sure, and then he goes; when he is about 2 miles away, I switch on my mains again, my lamp ad my radio. From July 2013 to recent I have gone out at night to find the “hiders” and have them on camera.  I will write and ask for the names, ranks and badge numbers of Gestapo who arrange this thuggery.

I feel to lighten the tone I should add 2 quotes which must be for the record. JUDGE JOHN APPLETON Freemason Church St Lodge now Rowley Lodge Lancaster, inebriate, who insists on hearing all cases which involve the police and is allowed to, in gross breaches of rules and protocols, “The police don’t lie” That is why there are no real records of who makes a claim against them: they are all settled out of court. Maybe someone could make an FOI request? Mine are ignored. PC/SGT/INSP JIM EDMUNDS March 09 on the wrecking, seizing, looting of my house, he sent to ‘bump into me’ to tell me I had to go to civil court; it was not a criminal matter and, “People only come to us because we’re free”.

PAUL STEPHENSON 2001 Chief Constable Lancashire Police who ignored corporate manslaughter.   JANE WEBB DC who submitted a PERJURED document for my claim 2406569/01 she protecting an unqualified social services manager who worked with a false CV and claims to qualifications that did not exist. WEBB totally incompetent on a serious case of serious sex abuse of a 2 year old girl with learning difficulties. She bore a grudge because I had been case worker on that and was right; WEBB was wrong in her actions. The statement from WEBB (she did not appear so it could not be tested and thus should not have been allowed; it seemed that LCC with their whole bench of educated idiots and bribed chairman knew nothing of the law at all. They certainly hadn’t expected me to know The Perjury Act 1911 Sec 5 with Case Law.BILL RALPHSON rank forgotten but something akin to DS sent to tell me that it was “time to consider your heath”, ask about my “children” adding, “You can’t win, it’s coming from the government” (that was 2 days after LCC with Cherie Blair as their legal rep had been to the High Court in London and LOST their case in relation to my whistle-blowing). My complaint about Webb was so diluted it made orange juice seem like tap water.PC JIM EDMUNDS aka SGT aka INSPECTOR as a fraudster and liar using different collar numbers and presenting himself to me as if he had powers he did not have which is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE.PC RICHARD TREDDENICK who aided and abetted EDMUNDS. EDMUNDS had another associate ANDREW HALLIDAY he helped to claim was police and who I apparently sold MY house to in May 08 by Hallidayjust parking his van at my gates and he standing outside. I cannot be given his rank and badge number despite asking formally, in writing for YEARS.                                                                                                                                                                                         SGT PINDER bullying liar who spoke to me via a daughter’s phone about my reporting issuing to me of false court documents. PINDER’s conversation and responses did not fit into what I was saying at all and then I realised the bullying thug was manufacturing  a taped conversation where MY voice was to be deleted and another’s inserted to fit with what he shouted. I am sure it would have been PINDER in a squad van at MY house on 27 Oct 2008 wrecking MY house and threatening neighbours with arrest if they tried to help me.PC FINCH from May 2006 when the Investigatory Powers Tribunal started to fully investigate my case. He had been sent in a panic about a Jan. 2006 serious matter of witness intimidation, criminal damage, and more which had been ignored when reported in Jan. 2006. I never spoke to him, nothing was followed through because the Gestapo thought it would be easier to tell the IPT that I did not exist and was really someone else living somewhere else; they told the IPT that I was my sister about 60 miles from me. That was never checked: it was believed. It took me to MARCH 2008 to find out what they had been told SEE LINK TO MIKE TODD’s murder in MARCH 08. FINCH was one of about 9 to arrest me as a likely terrorist when I went to ask for help AFTER the court instruction to return to MY house. I asked a number of times for all names, ranks and badge numbers of those with Finch but remain ignored.                                                                                                                                                                       WPCSO CHRIS GRIFFITHS perjury; her sworn statement for a court hearing is safe.                                                                      

PCSO DENNIS NELSON aiding and abetting in ID THEFT and LOOTING THE DEAD.PCSO PAUL SHEPHERD who called to tell me 28/8/12 that the police had never heard of me! Hecalled to tell me that knowing where I lived and who I was when I opened the door. He also later told me that MY reports of crime could not be investigated until I had had a mental health assessment by a “social worker”. I made a FOI request for all hours of police with social workers assessing victims of crime. No reply.WPCSO ANGELA HALL who was to assist Shepherd make me believe something untrue; they claimed ALL victims of crime had to be assessed prior to being interviewed by police. Those 2 called again 18/4/13 to offer to set up a sleazy social worker but really to ask me for sight of the letter SANTANDER had sent to me from their Fraud Dept about the accounts set up in MY name linking me to DWP fraudsters and worse. THEY were ignored. I did not show him my letter.They knew I had it because they had had a referral from Santander. Shepherd was to tell me that he, the PCSO was not prepared to conduct an investigation into bank fraud. I told him he couldn’t conduct a bus.                                   

CS RICHARD BAYLY joined the fray; writing to me later on 18/4/13 on bogus police stationery and altering my name enough to make me someone else, WOOD from WOODS. Apparently he had conducted a full investigation into my case and found nothing untoward. He could not supply even an incident number to start that ball rolling. How could he investigate MY case without MY name?TIM JACQUES, CHRIS AIREY, CHRIS STEVENSON were some prior to BAYLY. One of them had supplied the looter of the dead from flat 5 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA with a provisional driving licence IN MY NAME.

Part 2 Corrupt POLICE Lancs  12 Sept 16

Part 2 Please contact me (and hope it is not intercepted) if I fail to send both parts and you would like both. Carol Woods Ms. STEVE FINNEGAN who succeeded Paul Stephenson as Chief Constable and claimed not to know about my case. I had driven to HQ HUTTON to hand deliver, I had sent faxes to HQ Professional Standards, HMIC had “spoken” to him and after I hand delivered MY formal complaints about RICHARD SPEDDING as requested and ANDREW MASSINGHAM, Finnegan decides to take early retirement.RICHARD SPEDDING CI or something akin to that 2010 sent MY photo with a false name to Met. Police and told them “I” was wanted. In that he bribed my then landlord ZBIGNIEW SKIBA and partner AGNIESZKA RACHFALSKA of 52 Adderley Rd Harrow Weald (promising not to prosecute them for their found out FRAUD) to steal my mail from DWP which agency was corresponding with me. The INTENTION in the mail theft was to deprive me of the mail with the MOTIVE of claiming I was not me so would not receive it anyway. SKIBA as told to me by the DWP in 2012 was returning MY mail addressed to me where I rented with “Not at this address” on the envelope. Spedding arranged that with Met thugs who knew who I was especially when they tried to lure me into a local station using bogus police stationery, (Met police will be named together), and after the court case where I was instructed by a senior Judge to go home, forcibly remove anyone in MY house and visit to FCO they had to silence me so arrested me AGAIN (there were at least 7 wrongful arrests in that time)and claimed I was mentally ill.That led to illegal detention using sleazy, dull NHS who had no legal jurisdiction at all to hold me yet spent 3 weeks trying to persuade me to admit myself into their hospital. When I told them I would sue they set a trap for me: I was told at 6pm one evening that I could leave. Of course I could, they detained me on no legal grounds whatsoever. The INTENTION had been to keep me from returning to court as the Justice requested to continue the investigation into the “court document” I had apparently had issued to me by that court but manufactured as drivel by the lunatic in residence in LCC IAN YOUNG who is also the police legal rep.It was a trap: I was to be stupid enough to think I could just walk out without anything in writing so they could claim I had “escaped” and then have the Gestapo arrest for “escaping”. I declined to leave that evening. I was to leave the next day and despite them telling me for 6 HOURS that I could just go, I refused to go without something in writing.I did get something in writing and then found more bribed bullying liars over a full week were recruited to try to steal it from me. They had been promised a passport for the son who was “on the run” so if that is not aiding and abetting a criminal, I don’t know what is. That lowlife did not steal my document.One Met officer found my driving licence, “But this is you” they said, they knew I was not the person named with MY photo from Lancashire Gestapo. See recent events with more manufacturing of photos and “witnesses”.SPEDDING matter of formal complaint still outstanding.PC ANDREW MASSINGHAM, liar, perjurer, dullard and bully all job requirements.He is the assigned officer forCaton LA2 9RP where I apparently live in at least 23 houses being “cared for and driven about” by lowlife he aids and abets. Formally reported but ignored, he for aiding Williams in 30 Fell View, Jackson in 26 Fell View and her unemployed-by-trade thug son who lives close by who were to race round MY rear garden, screeching and shouting trying to provoke me on 12/8/14 with Massingham racing round and round at the front and the following day with the MOTIVE of forcing me to respond so they could claim they were “victims” with the INTENTION of forcing me out of 28 Fell View to be 12/8/12 again when a Gestapo moll, DIANE LENNON with car Saxo X486 DDC who had been used to be ‘me’ from March 2012 was found out and did arrive to MY accommodation then and steal the mail that had been sent for me then “running away” so on the 12th of any month since the Gestapo have tried to arrange events to “see me off” to rewrite that. Lennon was coarse, rough and common, she may have been Gestapo. MASSINGHAM did call to see me early May 2014 after I moved to 28 Fell View on 24/3/14. Williams in 30 had put weed killer on my plants that were growing well; jealous. According to him, my plants had just not settled well. Really? I, a qualified teacher of “A” level horticulture and I can’t say why ALL plants go brown and die overnight? And I had received a malicious communication from council corrupt bullies (they named in separate document) who claimed that one manager had called to see MY DANGEROUS PLANT POTS IN MY GARDEN but he could not say when he had called because he had to know when I was out to claim he called when I was out which is why he sent a letter. His letter written by the lunatic YOUNG records that he told me when he ‘signed me up for 28 Fell View’……………… which was false: he had not signed me up for 28 Fell View at all and thus he had told me nothing.The Williams were to go on and kick my plant pots about my garden and generally do such on any day the Gestapo wanted them to provoke me so that I would respond and they could race to Fell View to “rescue” the degenerate parasites WILLIAMS from my actions, they in 30 with 5 cars IN MY NAME, SKY TV installed IN MY NAME, and known as Mr and Mrs Carol Woods with bank account related; that is not worth Gestapo time to drop by to ask about. Williams have a whole catalogue of events showing what they are. She of course has ID IN MY NAME and was given a volunteer’s post in HMYOI Lancaster Farms. That is not worth police time apparently. She is not the only one. JACKSON in 26 has also been aided and abetted by Massingham for example 2/10/15 when he was to drive out to Caton when they thought I had gone out so the “coast was clear” for him to claim AGNES JACKSON in 26 Fell View was 2 people in that she had an identical twin which twin was me, CAROL WOODS. They had a plan for 5/10/15 when I was going away on holiday; (known via illegal monitoring of me) they INTENDED to act behind my back with Jackson to claim she was me while I away was to be someone WHO HAD STOLEN MY OWN ID. I was onto them in all that which led eventually to being arrested for “following someone to a localairport”. We don’t have one but why “local” was used was more sinister and a typical DARK FARCES “plan” not for this document. Massinghamclaimed they had sought me for 2 days before arresting me, liar, I was in 28 all day on 5/11/15 and the GPS on MY car confirmed as being intact on 5/5/16 would tell them where I was and is how they arrange for sleazy “professionals” to stalk to harass such as the old troll in ML03 ZST on 6/11/5 (those sleazy have a document all to themselves as well). That complete farce where I had to tell Massingham how to arrest me led to another illegal detention as I was “mentally ill” in“following someone to a local airport”. Asking from then to NOW who I followed, when and where their proof was I found out end Aug 2016 that I had followed serious criminals from 45 Fell View; they were going to Tenerife from Manchester. The Gestapo had popped by (as they call to socialise with such on a regular basis) to show them a photo of MY car at Manchester airport; the photo from CCTV I asked for from Nov 2015 but could not be shown one. The Gestapo also had a witness statement of another who confirmed they saw me on Fell View between 5 and 10 Oct 2015. That now is the perjury of Massingham proven and covered for in that pathetic attempt; I was in Liverpool airport with MY car pre-paid booked in the car park on 5/10/15 and I have ALL my travel documents, holiday photos, and so on. Could the Daltons show me their travel documents to prove they were in Manchester airport on 5/10/15? No. Could they show me any holiday photos? No. Could they say what time their flight was? Why not? Because they went nowhere, they don’t even have passports; they can’t even decide what their surname is. How then could the Gestapo have MY car at Manchester airport? Because that is where I flew from in JUNE THIS YEAR which is why they only have a photo AFTER my return in July 2016 and why the witness statement is perjury. I have asked for copies under Sec 7 Data Protection Act 1998 but remain ignored. The Gestapo then found the unemployed- all- his- life yob from 45 a job in the village shop. That is to make him seem honest, principled and so forth. Massingham involved in attempts to run me off the road on 9/9/16 arranged on Fell View Caton where he sat in house55 Copy Lane which “55” is used in car plates in the masonic lunacy see below with the squad car parked ready to leap into action when MY car was run off the road: it wasn’t. The “witness” statement of perjurer claiming I was on Fell View when I was not was to be “rewritten” using an old troll like Jackson which old troll was to literally stand about until my car drove off and she was to be the one who saw me on Fell View but Sept 2016 NOT Oct 2015 and I have to suggest that the perjured statement by a local lowlife will be of 9 Oct 2015. IAN READER made a statement in 2009 claiming he saw me at MY house when he did not and if he had, so what? That is the statement the Gestapo thought they had “rewritten” with the 2015 perjury and that they thought they had rewritten with the Sept 2016 INTENDED WITNESS.

TRACEY KENNEDY rank and badge number not supplied despite my asking from 2010 when I found out she was a police officer IN MY HOUSE. She was another to have lots of jobs found for her after a lifetime of unemployed as a parasite. How she worked as police a jury will find “interesting”. She was “elected” as Green Party councillor while police (apparently) and manager of Lancaster Homeless Unit (apparently). Tracey Kennedy on 23/10/08 posed as me in Liverpool Magistrates Court. She posed as me on 27 Nov 09 in Newcastle Magistrates Court. In that she was interviewed as if she was me when they all knew she was not especially as police herself they must have seen her at “work” often must they not? (An idiot can see the discrepancies in this.) Both courts had been involved in my private prosecutions and as the resident lunatic thinks it is truly clever to reverse FACT he decided that I could be being prosecuted in those courts. For what? Nothing, they just make it up. BUT on 27 Nov 09 (sworn witness statements PERJURY all kept safe) sheclaimed I harassed her as she posed as me thus I harassed myself. I have the tapes of theinterview; I am not on those tapes. See bullying thug PINDER above, routine thuggery to manufacture “evidence”.  Kennedy was bought a red Toyota Starlet R205 XRJ when they saw I had my red Toyota Yaris had R205 left outside MY house which was apparently proof she was me and I did live in MY house. She did not drive. My licence is X165 YUB and does not correspond to any of the 5 cars Williams in 30 Fell View have had IN MY NAME. Full details with photos available as usual. At the end of this document I will list ALL cars bought for work-shy lowlife to try to muddy waters of investigation and hope to “rewrite” history. Thus my email re the attempt to cause an “accident” of 9/9/16 to be 9/9/08 MY house I refer to REID in 49 risking the lives of their toddler 3 times and a small boy once: they have a white Vauxhall and who should now arrive to 24 Fell View with a white Vauxhall, same model, Curwen, I list all the cars that thieving collection of fraudsters who are also apparently me have had. Today then, he arrived in SY61 YCK. They in 24 allow others to use 24 which is “empty” all that in my documents running to over 120 pages now of recording SOME police organised crime and events.

Sgt FOSTER another bullying thug he of the tapes business with Kennedy.InspBROWNSMITH he aiding MASSINGHAM Nov 2015 depriving me of a solicitor and Inspector’s Review after being held ON NO CHARGES for more than 6 hours. I was deprived again of the custody record as I always am but a local solicitor contacted them; I had to send 2 faxes to request a copy but did receive it. I could prove irrefutably that they were false. Lancs.police are not the brightest lights on the Xmas tree.May 2006 and one posing as PC CLAUDINE BINNS West Yorks police when I went to report serious wrongdoing and theft of £2000 from me by BLACKS SOLICITORS of LEEDS, via a RICHARD COULTHARD. Lancs police sent over an inarticulate yob to pose as Binns and take information from me about my whistle-blowing. West Yorks police had provided that yob with Binns ID badge hoping I would not ask to see it closely. “You are going to cause a full inquiry” she has shouted at me. Good. Not getting the response she wanted she then threatened me with “something happening to a close relative” (if I did not cease my case). The West Yorks police aiding that will be named separately. The “full inquiry” was the Investigatory Powers Tribunal starting their inquiry into my case. (See above.) The IPCC actually assigned one NOT corrupt (those corrupt named separately) who found in my favour and instructed CHRIS WEIGH to name the inarticulate yob sent; he just ignored them.                            

CHRIS WEIGHHead of Professional Standards, a liar and much worse arranged for NHS to refuse me treatment for life threatening injury caused by his thugs in Sept 04 which is why they try NOW Sept 2016 to repeat that. The NHS corrupt get their own document. PCSO PETER WOOD with at least 2 others and use of at least 2 vehicles 9/9/14 called to keep me talking in 28 Fell View while AGNES JACKSON went to a GP as if she was me. The Gestapo must ‘prefer’ useless old parasites because the massive effort to cover for her FRAUDS from March 2014 amounts to an enormous sum of money. Add that to the same for WILLIAMS in 30 who poses as me, JARVIS in 41, HUNTER in 22, MILLS in 20, DALTON in 45, McHARRAN in 43, WOODRUFF in 2, ELY in 12 and so on all found out. It was and is known that when I knew someone was going out to be me that I went out to be somewhere else to spoil their FRAUDS, PCSO WOOD was sent to make sure I stayed in 28. What was he sent to talk about? Apparently “someone” (it is always “Someone” unnamed when I name anyone I need to) had reported I took photos of children. Did they have photos of me taking photos of children? No. Did they have any evidence at all? No. Then it was a malicious communication: P Wood told me he would go and speak to HIM about it: I knew he referred to CLARKE in 23 child abuser, fraudster, thief reported many times, ignored; the Gestapo in usual Masonic inversion thought they should REVERSE FACT and create FICTION and cover for not only child abuser Clarke in 23 Fell View but Jackson in 26. The lowlife still send their children to scream at my gate and hope they provoke me and take photos: the deranged Jarvis sends any one of their 3 young children to try to provoke me as routine, Mills in 20, Hunter in 22, Jackson has been provided with 2 small children by sleazy NHS and then sent the children to try to provoke me as I returned to 28 after being out. There are many such facts to relate.    EAST SUSSEX police acting on instruction from Lancashire thugs, Aug 2011 MORE PERJURY waiting to be deal with and I ended up locked up with an inarticulate roughneck troll posing as a psychiatrist GILLIAN HARRISON who could only have been provided by Lancashire. East Sussex police have since claimed never to have heard of me. She made threats as to what he would do if I did not hand over certain documents: I handed her nothing. See related NHS sleazy to be drawn up.             

 Nov 2008 and Sgt PINDER above the bullying big mouth did aid and abet a DS DENT from MORPETH police to pose as a secretary to a solicitor and hand me junk she claimed were court documents. The smirk went right off her stupid face when I reminded her of the law County Court Act 1967 Sec 133, 135, 136 at least. She tried to remove the junk from me but succeeded in only removing2 documents from 4. Those added corrupt police forces in separate document.                          
 In Feb 2016 Sgt PHILIP SPENCER decided that I had not been taught the lesson I apparently needed and claimed he would arrest me again. For what? They don’t trouble to worry about detail: my case went public; he then said he would not arrest me and would draw a line under events from Nov 2015. I have less than no intention of drawing any lines under anything. We’ve seen the calibre of his crew and their perjury and the perpetual organising of lowlife, parasites and seedy old fools so if that’s his “army”, there will be no surrender from me. I have often asked for names, ranks and badge numbers of thugs involved on many occasions such as 12/2/12 2 at least aiding and abetting TRACEY KENNEDY at MY HOUSE. 5 Oct 212 and at least 3 vehicles and 5 Gestapo used in a staged event using one to scream at me with at least 5  “witnesses” to “witness” my reaction which they did not get, where only I knew the law and had to tell them. I have never been provided with any names, ranks and badge numbers I have asked for. On 7/11/15 amid the rest of his amazing “police work” MASSINGHAM was to whisper to me, “You’ve been given the rank and badge number of TraceyKennedy” in a “brainwashing” scenario which I think is typical of corrupt police all over trying to make people who are a thorn in their sides believe something untrue and then to act and react in a way that does them no favours. Massingham was a liar in that as well: I have not been given the rank and badge number of PERJURER TRACEY KENNEDY, THIEF, FRAUDSTER, and worse. She another so deluded to think if she dyed her hair “red” she could be me. Jackson in 26 has stopped short of that but Williams, Jarvis, Dalton and others have not. There are more but I will include those with the 2nd Gestapo document of corrupt public servants. I need to get the name and number of the PCSO who was watching me HARASSMENT to tell others that I had just left M & S on Friday 9th thus the sleazy “professionals” could wait by my car and pretend whatever their delusions allowed.

Some cars of significance which found out in fraud and more, the Gestapo try to “revise” using others of similar plates. These are a few examples: I have many others. See the 55 Copy Lane used on 9/9/16. In autumn 2011 I stayed at my sister’s in Shaw and we found a few times, a bleached haired old doxy stood on the pavement outside the house or, just sitting in her car MF55 VYX, a slate blue Audi. We had no idea who she was, neither did anyone else. I found out she was PRETENDING to visit ME about MY house in the usual FRAUD. Thus YM55 TGK used at 26 Fell View when I moved in to 28, thug filmed in action; a son of hers who has not called since. OE55 UVO used at 26 on 2/4/14, SO55 SOO black BMW corrupt Preston police trying to harass me and cover for bleached haired old doxy who has stalked me for months pretending to deal with MY house, she in SX03 SUE. She was ONE who met with a seedy old parasite EDITH CURWEN in flat 15 Penhale Gardens posing as MY DEAD MOTHER and arranging to sell MY house 4/;2/14. MF55 MGE at 23 Fell View pretends to drive me about. MM55 LNY Saab pretends in fraud: SN55 DGO a Rover used by thug lying across his front seats using his Internet via phone 4/9/15 pretending to be me, caught red-handed on photos. The car then passed to CURWEN thieves and fraudsters in 24 when they call to “work” on the empty house, they use it for a few weeks then it disappears. SJ55 is a white removal van used often to pretend to move me about. PF55 SRX a bronze Citroen at 38 Fell View where I also apparently live that car significant in serious theft from Aug 2013 as filmed. The cars bought for K Jackson, to drive about his mother when she is me: YM55 TGK the first one, he is her older son in his 50’s PK63 SFE a black Mercedes he had after YM55 “disappeared”. Y807 FHJ a black Ford, then a black KaNK06 KXX shared with sleazy NHS, black VW Y313 YEC,R881 OEO red Ford, YR51 WRE light aqua Rover, PE03 DXS silver Vauxhall, P514 JBC a light blue BWM but he often has 2 at once. Who pays all the administration fees to swap insurances? How does he being fully unemployed as for ever? Jackson herself was also driven about in KS53 VLF a few times and he would also use 2 other vehicles see 24 Fell View. In those she was me and he was MY son as Mr Carol Woods. BK53 EWE drove her about as did Y191 SLF when she had to wear a grey hoodie to hide her face and grey hair and hope people saw her in a red car so it was proof she was me. Both from 31 Fell View. 41 has driver her about in fraud, as has 43 and 21. She also takes taxis as if she is me as on 11/9/16 one booked. All round Fell View change their cars that often; some even more.

Lancs Police continue in org. crime   11 Sept 16

Dear Sirs please feel free to quote me;
This data below was prepared to send out with the Gestapo as usual seeing ILLEGALLY what I type, what photos I develop and so on. This is today in a time slot of 3 hours. The old thief and fraudster JUNE WILLIAMS 30 Fell View LA2 9RP who poses for GAIN as if she is me was to go out on Saturday 10/9/16 and wait for me to go out to follow me and pretend she in same place was proof she was me. She drives PJ65 WLL as you all know yet ignored despite the use in FRAUD and ID THEFT of me. I did not go out: that seedy old fraudster is not me. Today as I always do Sunday, prepared to go out seeing the other seedy old fraudster in 26 Fell View LA2 9RP who is also me; hiding waiting to go out when I did. She was dressed in black: not a pretty sight but she thinks somehow it is proof she is me. I heard the loft noises which tell me she makes a call as if she is me all linked to MY bungalow 26 Fell View which you all know about and ignore also. She rang for a taxi as she does not drive. I saw the taxi racing to Caton. The Gestapo planned something: the photo below goes uphill in the Skerton area of Lancaster; they were pretending a Mr Carol Woods lives there. Photos of today to be sent out next week. I then found the poster of ID THEFT had been covered over so that photo will be sent again with its “replacement”. In that they then had a dreary old troll like Jackson following me as Jackson in her taxi was found out. I left her and found that they had a yob stalking me in PJ07 grey car to be their unmarked used in organised crime PJ06 JUW. Later a fat old woman I found sitting in her car after a taxi waited near to my car parked: the Gestapo know I go a garden centre most Sundays. The taxi pretended he had dropped me off after I had been out walking; she was then rush in behind me which proved what? Harassment, illegal monitoring and INTENT to show others are me and in their absence use those the Gestapo THINKS could be said to them. As DALTON covered for in PERJURY of Gestapo why pick them in 45 Fell View to claim not to have been there but to have been followed to the airport and thus in Tenerife when I was in Spain? Because I opened my emails on a chance seeing an Internet cafe in Barcelona. The yobs in 45 were using AGAIN MY EMAIL address s if they were me now the Gestapo want to claim there were not in UK so it was not them. Now we know what liars they are. The email address those yobs used is Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP.

01-15-03 001 002 On 8/9/16I sent out some data and photos in regard to places used for “hiding” cars and for persons who hid in their cars yet pretended they had “met with” me. The lunacy extends to MILES out of Caton and often not even in Caton LA2 area but in Lancaster or Morecambe, basically anywhere my car is driven THE GPS ILLEGALLY INSTALLED allows for this, persons are sent in their cars to pretend whatever the lunacy allows. If I go to Preston or somewhere for a day out, the same happens, sleazy sit in cars near mine and PRETEND. This is how there can be at least 35 cars A DAY used PLUS Gestapo and seedy NHS vehicles all used in embezzlement of tax-payers’ monies as NONE of the use is legal or warranted. Obviously my photos will be needed to show interested parties what CORRUPTION entails in Lancashire. I am Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP. Those copied this will know by now that in Fell View,  55 houses, mostly council houses, I apparently live in 23 all at the same time being cared for and driven about by thieves, lowlife and worse. BUT among that some are actually ME. Thus Hunter in 22 is a “me”, JARVIS in 41 is a “me”, WILLIAMS in 30 is “me”, JACKSON in 26 is “me”, SCOTT in 15 is “me”, DALTON in 45, WOODRUFF in 2 and so on. That full record is out of scope of this but suffice to say that DWP in false claims do nothing at all.

Within the hiding in cars (if they hide near me they lie across the front seats to make it seem as if no one is in the car so I won’t be suspicious) persons go into 30, 26, 41 etc and they pretend they are in with me in 28! Or, they go into houses of those who claim to be “me” and pretend they are with me so that I in 28 must be someone else. The lunacy knows no bounds as lunacy, by definition, does not. Thus returning after being out on 8/9/16 amid a day of Gestapo arranging old trolls to be “seen” where I was to be PROOF Jackson in 26 was me and also WILLIAMS in 30 her co-conspirator  as a sort of “back-up plan”. Both are serious thieves and fraudsters, bullies and more. JARVIS a “me” in 41 tried to set yet ANOTHER trap which is so tedious it failed; they always do now I have the measure of the lowlife and Gestapo. On return to 28 Fell View on 8/9/16, aside from the usual lowlife hiding behind 31 Fell View to drive off as I parked up, they to pretend they had driven me and dropped me off (I apparently don’t have my car), aside from lowlife from 2 Fell View using 45 to use their phones sending texts to those in 12 who are also my family and care for me – apparently, I was 100% certain that Jackson and Williams hid; they do this almost every day; the motive is to pretend they are out and hope to catch me doing something they can scream is “crime”, what I do not know but in this parallel universe, anything is possible. About 7 45pm I had to go out via my rear door and my timing was perfect, Jackson was hiding in 30 with Williams all in the kitchen of 30; from the front of 30 it looked as if no one was in but I know when they hide; I can smell them. It is usual for Jackson to hide in 30 leaving 26 in darkness. The INTENTION is to pretend they are all out so the phone use MUST be in 28 as I am “in”; I have no phone and the links are to ILLEGAL devices in MY loft fitted by BT. See photos to be sent out.

Among that, I have found these other hiding places and have more to add but these will satisfy any jury and show what I refer to. RYELANDS estate in Lancaster was used for 2 years as I have to pass that when travelling to Lancaster, then they stopped wasting money on taxis to pretend they drove me (I apparently live in at least 35 addresses all at once PLUS the 23 round Fell View) and reverted recently to gormless trolls who are prepared to drive about at their own expense! The routine is that one waits for me to drive into view and they join the traffic flow behind me from Ryelands council estate. They drive off where they want but when I park up in Caton about 8 miles away, a car the same or similar drives from hiding behind 29 or 31 and they pretend they were the one collecting me from RYELANDS and dropping me off in Caton: my photos show that ALL cars have DIFFERENT licence plates: the Gestapo have not learned and understood that yet.  These then are a few more favoured hiding places: photo 1 is on the edge of Caton and private land (A freemason I guarantee) I found this by chance as I drove very slowly past recently and the usual type of old doxy was just pulling out with a white vehicle the type which pretends it has just “moved me”. It was amid a day of lunacy: I was right. THE OTHER MOTIVE IS TO SAY THEY MET “ME” AND I SIGNED A COMPROMISE AGREEMENT. Obviously, the deluded who claim to be me will know nothing of my case, they will have no documents and would not be able to testify, they would be seen to be exactly what they are within seconds. Thus LCC and the Gestapo want to claim I signed an agreement not to disclose MY case. I have not.

The Scarthwaite Hotel is on the edge of Caton (Lancaster side) which I pass thus any time I go out. I apparently live here as well. Notice the holiday chalets, they are actually (apparently) tatty old holiday caravans and I rent one and this is really 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ miles away as I still rent a caravan there as well. (I left 298 on 1/7/13.) 298 is a small scrap yard with 5 old caravans which are used by DWP fraudsters which I found out when renting there (given there was nowhere else to live) so the Gestapo pretend in usual masonic inversion that I was the fraudster living in another address and only using 298 as a mailing address in FRAUD. To “help” me think it is 298 and hope to “brainwash me” the Gestapo have shipped to Caton persons they THINK could be “mistaken” for ruffians who used 298 thus it really is 298! They have them standing at the entry where they take the bus to Lancaster so those on the bus can claim someone of a certain description did take the bus more proof apparently! This place has been used by many to hide and PRETEND and stalkers have waited to then stalk me as I pass.

BUT I also apparently live here about 2 miles out of Caton, also towards Lancaster, New Parkside Farm scene of much. This is also a site for holiday lets and on bank Holiday Sunday for example, the Gestapo used their helicopter to hover over this lane to the site where they had a male with his dog walking to the site and they were to claim it was PROOF MR CAROL WOODS lived there and that, apparently is me as well. They have gained much at this site in deliveries. The Gestapo are desperate to prove I am male and that I have a dog. Those they use to be “me” as male are told to shave their heads if they have hair or to grow hair if they have been used with shaved heads, they have to shave if they have facial hair and grow some if clean shaven. At least 2 used often and daily have been told to wear glasses when they want to walk up and down outside me. Obviously I can name the main offenders and show photos. They have had person change their names, dye their hair, grow it longer, have it cut, and they are all so stupid they do that and think it makes them someone else. Only days prior to this the Gestapo used their helicopter over Fell View to claim they saw me move into 15 Fell View, then only on 7/9/16 they used the helicopter again to claim I was MR CAROL WOODS with a “small red car” behind 31 Fell View. My car is a small red TOYOTA YARIS. Given the lay-out of Fell View 28 is nowhere near 29 and 31. The helicopter is used 4 or 5 times a WEEK to claim they see something they make up as liars and perjurers as planned. Who pays for all that? YOU DO. 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ had a name in its distant past: WAYSIDE. An idiot can see how they used that.

This farm then had other links which I found out. There is a lay-by further along the road, when I moved to Caton 24/3/14, lowlife council staff were sent to Caton to pretend they drove me about as did taxis. (YOU funded all that as well.) I complained about the costs involved as a tax-payer so they started to pretend they met at the lay-by. Apparently lowlife trolls drove me from Caton to the lay-by and a taxi would meet me there. I took photos; I then watched one car of sleazy looking “council staff” pretend to drop me off and take a lane off the lay-by; watching I saw it went to the farm then found that the lane led past the farm and back to the main road. I reported that as harassment saying that those on the farm MUST have given permission for that access in FRAUD and HARASSMENT. The 4th photo is the lane from the lay-by. Taken from inside my car which raises a few questions.

I also find out the farm was used much more than I knew; it was used from March 2015 hiding cars of one regular fraudster who claimed to be me as Mr Carol Woods. In that he took out the old thief and worse in 26 AGNES JACKSON posing as her son when she posed as me thus making him my son. There is much more to that suffice to record here that my photos of that lout being good only 3 weeks ago he was sent to Fell view to linger with his shaved head and wearing of glasses to be someone totally different which was laughable.

On 8/9/16 I sent out information as to why various old doxies are used to pretend they met with me. It is to pretend they have my signature when they have not.5 6

Continues @


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