TOSIN [Oluwatosin Adediran] INVITATION – the false kidnapping and sectioning + Archive


Tuesday 27 Sept. 2016 Invitation for supporters Lambeth County Court Court House, Cleaver St, London SE11 4DZ

Nearest underground Kennington underground on Northern Line, 5 min walk
Tosin Mobile 07908904753
Tosin is very down due to monthly depot injection forced last thursday despite assurance that community mental health will review it
The false kidnap and sectioning occurred to stop a previous court hearing in the high Court, court 37 Queens Bench in Adideran V Southwark Council, now heard in Lambeth County Court at 10.30am on Tuesday 27th September 2016
The remedy she seeks is to stop kidnaps, stop secret research, and to provide a 2 bed house so she does not feel like a criminal having her son stay with her in a one bed tiny studio flat with hostile neighbours.
She wishes to break the revolving doors of secret research by Maudsley of separation from her son at birth and every year in the last 8 years.
She is not mentally ill – she is a loving mother trafficked through mental health secret research at Maudsley NHS Trust and THIS MUST STOP once she gets the 2 bed house/flat and can live in peace
Please help! 
Lambeth County Court
Court House, Cleaver St, London SE11 4DZ
Nearest underground Kennington 5 min walk
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: lou lotus <>
Date: 19 September 2016 at 22:05
Subject: Fwd: 2016 09 27 B02LB162 ADEDIRAN V Southwark Council & Maudsley NHS Trust

FYI Tosin needs support on 27th September 2016 in her county court claim against Southwark council
Dear Tosin,
You need to attached Draft Order on a separate A4 sheet, email to court and Southwark Council & Maudsley NHS Trust who stole your baby at birth  see attached
 (amend the affidavit and redate it and resign it todays date and attach with draft order and send to both partiesas above include your discharge) – 
I wish to add Maudsley NHS Trusts as a Defendant after it conspired with Southwark Council to kidnap me into its mental health servies at Jim Birley Unit to absent me from an earlier hearing on XXXX and discredit me under false imputation of a mental illness after I witnessed the theft of my new born baby and successfully fought in court for his return to my loving care 8 years ago.
I was discharged from Jim Birley Unit on date XXX without a discharge plan and without providing me with suitable alternative accommodation to enable me to live in a mentally safe and secure environment with my son rather than a one bed flat with planted vicious neighbours), without further kidnaps, incarcerations in mental health units and State terrorism and persecutions
 to the affidavit below
I demand the attached Order from the Court



It is hereby ordered that Southwark Council & Interested Party Maudsley NHS Hospital Trust

1. Cease & desist the repeated kidnaps & harassment of the Claimant for secret mind control 

2. Provide suitable 2 bedroom accommodation so she may live with her son who was kidnapped at birth

3. Provide proper rehabilitation from PTSD trauma over the last 9 years from repeated secret mind control research persecutions after new born baby theft was reversed by a Judge in 2008??.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: lou lotus <>
Date: 30 July 2016 at 19:46
Subject: Demand for Remedy BY OLUWATOSIN ADEDIRAN – DRAFT
Cc: Oluwatosin Adediran <>

Dear members of the Tribunal, Chief Executive, Lewisham & Maudsley NHS Trust, individual named employees, Directors, contractors & subcontractors.
C/O Anna Pacy, Duncan Lewis Solicitors, New Cross Gate,
Further to the previous communications, see below, dated 11 May 2016, I demand immediate independent review of management to my satisfaction as follows
1. STOP Fraud of kidnap to deny my remedy in my High Court claim against Southwark Council to stop all harassment against me
2. STOP Fraud of imputation of mental illness to discredit my allegations of forced secret pharmaceutical & mind control research frauds on my person 
3. STOP Further attempts on my life after at least four attempts in the 3 month forced admission, the latest on 30th July 2016 when 8 adults jumped on me, 5 men & 3 women, restrained me, forcibly injected me against my Will in attempted corporate manslaughter, with toxic anti-psychotics
4. STOP False imputation of mental illness on my friends who attended a previous tribunal hearing, but were denied my invitation to act on my behalf and were held hostage in the Jim Birley Unit under false pretences to prevent them attending in future, to isolate me from my protectors and well-wishers.

Jshrink Limited

09458936 (Active)

Director, Psychiatrist

25 Feb 2015 — Present (1 year, 3 months, 7 days)


Somlai Medical Services Limited

05737162 (Dissolved)

Director, Doctor

14 Mar 2007 — Close

I demand immediate release from the fraudulent services
I do not consent to continued crimes against me
I demand independent housing without prejudice to the above demands to recover from THE PTSD of my REPEATED kidnapS by Maudsley Hospital when I was 8 months pregnant, TO DATE, for the theft of my new born baby, for 12 years of terrorism by mental health services.



Jim Birley Ward, Ladywell Mental Health Unit, Lewisham, SE13 6LW

On Wednesday 11 May 2016  



 I , Oluwatosin of the Adediran clan, born 11 November 1975, age 40, hereby give this Witness Statement in support of the remedies I demand from the Tribunal as detailed below.

I had a very happy childhood, despite the tragic loss of my father, to my dreams of coming to the UK to become a successful fashion designer.  

However, my dreams were shattered when I lost my first pregnancy in the UK and had my baby from a second pregnancy stolen from me by the Maudsley Hospital.  

It is evident that the un-dated, un-named, un-signed application to continue Section 2 under the Mental Health Act is a fraud, alleged to be by an un-named medical doctor, whilst it is omitting the relevant information of my trauma from the kidnap of my new born baby, Solomon, whilst I was heavily drugged with memory erasing medication as part of secret research at the Maudsley Hospital. 

I seek a public inquiry into the common practice of trafficking new born babies into the care system and of mothers into the mental health service.  

My life has been destroyed by the Mental health services after they kidnapped Solomon, which left me with a speech impediment from nerve damage from shock, prescribed anti-psychotic medication without my being mentally ill.  These facts have been omitted from this document.  On top of page 4, the word “baby” has been edited out to mislead the tribunal to pervert the course of justice.

I am traumatised from the long-term poor housing conditions belonging to London Borough of Southwark, which are not fit for living in for one person,  causing me to be forced separated from my son.  The Council is denying appropriate housing to enable my son and I to live as a family.  

Due to the continuing fraud by the mental health services, I demand a discharge plan with a trial in a 2 bed house for me to live with my son, a second opinion to review my diagnosis, for me to be weaned off the anti-psychotics with support in the community,  appropriate support with housing for me to live with my son in a 2 bedroom house where I can feel safe from agents of the State who are persecuting me because I won my son back in the courts.  

I have never had any mental illness as a child or whilst growing up or even when I came to the UK and managed to become a successful fashion designer.  It is not true that all my problems are due to the robbery of my money by a priest but due to the false diagnosis, false prescribed medication, kidnap of my new born baby and persecution by the local authority, NHS and mental health services because I won my son back in the court.

My friends tell me that I am highly intelligent because I won in court against the State.  My friends are willing to give statements of support for the remedies I seek above, namely to be provided with safety and security so I may live with my loving son in a 2 bedroom house.

AND I make this Solemn Declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true, and by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835

Oluwatosin Adediran

Declared  this  9th May 2016

Tosin [Oluwatosin Adediran Iyabode] 06 JUNE: Jim Birley Unit, Ladywell Mental Hospital, London + more – WATCH



From 5 June 16:

“Jim Birley Unit, SLAM – Modern day Nazi laboratory for kidnaps & attempted murders by the State?


OUTRAGEOUS! Oluwatosin Adediran Iyabode KIDNAPPING: baby removed, forced injections, the electronic stalking, + more – 03 June 16

07 MAY 2016: on her facebook

“Oluwatosin Adediran Iyabode [aka “Tosin”]:

PUBLIC NOTICE: Oluwatosin Adediran Iyabode was kidnapped on 26 April 2016 from her home, 12 Aylton Estate Renforth Street, SE16 7JL, by 11 agents of the Mental Health services at Lewisham & Maudsley NHS Trust. She has been locked up in Jim Birley Unit in the Ladywell Mental Health Unit (the senior manager first lied that she was not there) with a false diagnosis of a mental illness and forced medicated with anti-psychotics – she is praying that people will come and visit her to support her release, to demand a second opinion from another psychiatrist. She has been seen by a female white doctor with blond hair who perhaps does not know that Oluwatosin was kidnapped by Maudsley hospital when 8 months pregnant, 9 years ago and has been terrorised by the local Southwark Council ever since. You may recall she spoke and gave out leaflets outside the RCJ on 15 June 2015 Magna Carta 800 year event.
9 years ago, at 8 months pregnant, she was given memory erasing drugs and her baby was stolen without her knowledge.

She found out she had had a baby when she received a letter 5 days later. She has been terrorised – The Million Supporters of Oluwatosin release group has spoken to the manager of Jim Birley Unit to demand a second opinion and her immediate discharge plan. She would be grateful to receive visitors and telephone calls on her phone – if you are a close friend – please message me – for her number….please let the hospital know you are members of the Million Supporters of Oluwatosin Release group…0203 228 6000 Her date of birth in 1975 is on facebook profile as well as her mobile and address – if you want to visit her message me for those details – HER MESSAGE – SOS on facebook 9pm last night:

“I have been imprisonment in mental health hospital by the police, local authority and the mental health criminals staffs after almost two years they have entrapped me the estate rented from the Southwark Council. They have been trying every effort to manipulating my case in the court want to representing me as a mentally heal person in the court. Any help is welcome! The Hospital they luck me up is Lady Well, Lewisham Hospital. Than you all.

From 2 June 16:


“Date: 2 June 2016 at 00:26
Subject: Oluwatosin Adediran forced injected depot antipsychotic held down by 8 mental health nurses

In Jim Birley Unit since 26 April 2016, when 11 agents of Maudsley Hospital broke her door and kidnapped her to Ladywell Mental Health Unit of Lewisham hospital
recording made 01 June 2016 is attached
She needs visitors and people to report to police the crimes of kidnap and torture in secret research
email is Oluwatosin Adediran <> “
hear:  attached audio

From the facebook page of  Oluwatosin Adediran Iyabode

Oluwatosin Adediran Iyabode added 33 new photosfeeling annoyed with Ayobami Adediran and 2 others.

March 28 · London ·

This post is about the assassin in flat 20 Aylton Estate Renforht Street Rotherhithe London SE16 7JL. There is the operation of shooting weapon including electromagnetic weapons and laser guns that able to penetrate the walls. The person in this flat has been targeting my head from his flat by hit my head with electric laser guns and electromagnetic weapons. Is a Southwark Council tenant using his flat for the council to gain access to my apartment and strike and stun my head with weapons? The pictures take by the thermal camera show the damage this murderer cause to my head. This particular murderer has been targeting my head for almost years and using his weapons on me at least 300 times in a day. 
Oluwatosin Adediran Iyabode's photo.
Oluwatosin Adediran Iyabode's photo.
Oluwatosin Adediran Iyabode's photo.
Oluwatosin Adediran Iyabode's photo.
Oluwatosin Adediran Iyabode's photo.

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