Please see below, under the video etc. links, the latest update from whistleblower and former UK Government Social Worker Level 3 and Child Protection Officer Ms. Carol Woods, received  20 October 2016, [and before].

While the more recent updates from Ms. Woods may concentrate on the more current ID frauds and similar relating to her at her present abode, it must be fully understood that these actions, by parties known and unknown, are seemingly being enacted as a direct result of Ms. Woods reporting, or attempting to report, certain findings when employed by a UK town council as a senior Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer, as described within the videos and radio broadcasts that follow these paragraphs, entitled “IMPORTANT VIDEOS”.  The massive corruption that is described, has so far gone unchecked, and ignored wholesale by whichever UK government agency it is reported to, which is clearly described within the videos.

More serious crimes committed against Ms. Woods include: 

the theft of her home [as happened also to Patrick Cullinane, Len Lawrence, Joseph Henry [multiple houses stolen], Tom Crawford, Barbara Hofschroer, and so many more],

at least 5 separate enforced incarcerations in mental hospital units for no earthly good reason – one excuse used  for such incarcerations being that Ms. Woods was mentally “deluded” in her findings of utter corruption within a Lancs. council – her latest incarceration being between November 2015 and Febuary 2016. Carol was also forced to take psychotropic drugs against her will during these hospital stays, and was threatened with re-arrest before her leaving the “Cygnet” unit, Lancs. in Febuary 2016.

fake IDs used [for example: for expensive commercial criminal frauds], 

chronic gangstalking and/or harrassment by government connected sources,

home burglaries,

the inflicting of tracking devices upon her motor vehicle, and also numerous attempted thefts of that vehicle, and the attempted destruction of her motor vehicle, 

enforced “bankruptcy” with no evidence whatsoever.

Many more seriously criminal activities exist, committed against this lone female, which have been reported accordingly to no avail, along with her discoveries as a Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer. All of what is described, especially within the videos and related data below is a public scandal, and equally as disgusting is that nothing is being done about any of it by any UK government department contacted, from the Prime Minister down, let alone the heads of police forces and MPs!



2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016

3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016 


SriLankerC SriLankerC 24 April 2016

6] Carol Woods Social Worker Unlawfully Incarcerated In Psychiatric Gulag   – 16 April 2016 by  GeorgeGreekTrucker 



 Phone cameras used in serious fraud: Lancs 20 Oct. 16

From: Carol Woods Ms these are the “dark forces” I was told I was “up against” in 2010 by a manager in FCO. The photos with this show how phones have been used to pretend those who are deranged and deluded and pretend to be me can be where I am and thus PROVE they are me. I am Carol Woods of 28 fell View LA2 9RP. It has taken me a long time to find this out. I refer to photos and attach many to data to email which photos are from my digital camera. In some data I refer to a daughter of mine taking photos of thugs, harassers and so on using her phone camera in 2008 especially. Her phone was very basic: I have no idea what she uses now. I have not bothered with even a basic phone from April 2011 when I found that MP Norman Baker (my MP then) trying to contact me which messages were intercepted. 2 Journalists sending messages ended with the impostor of me then (obviously they openly pose as me if I am in their area which, as i move about, makes for dozens who claim to be me) being transferred the texts so she could reply and pose as me. (That council LEWES then told Mr Baker he was not my MP saying they knew I had left the area as the liars they were.)
In all that the Gestapo have spent YEARS trying to invent a MR CAROL WOODS (an important matter in the murder of GMP Mike Todd Chief Constable) so yobs, thugs right to bloated old dullards all fill that role.

This is how they arrange such harassment: we are now in 6 figures; all are Mr Carol Woods. I move to 24 fell View Caton LA2 9RP March 2014 and this lout TRAVIS DALTON sent to harass, threaten, scream at me, use foul language, use thugs with vehicles (anything up to 4 on any occasion) and, to be bought 2 cars so he can set off when I drive off in my car and he pretends by stalking me he is “with me”. 2 cars on film he now says he has no recollection of, adding he has no licence which raises questions. The “uniform” preferred is ‘grey trackies with hoodie’. He lives in 45 Fell View and has been reported for SERIOUS E-CRIME found out but the Gestapo call socially, manufacture crimes I commit against them and that is all as normal for the lunatics of Lancashire. Recently his game has involved having a taxi stop at my gate 28 Fell View and he alights and pretends he has been dropped off linked to me; he then slowly walks off to 45 hoping the taxi driver will confirm he was dropped off at 28 thus PROOF he is linked to me.

But he cannot always be where I am, obviously none can, but those with any grey hooded jackets are used if they don’t have the usual type. This is typical: and this is what I found out about those in 45 Fell View. BUT they are only 1 household of such; there are other households such as 43, 41, 20, 22 AT LEAST who do the same. I was going to a cleaner’s to collect a jacket (known via illegal monitoring) and this lout was to loiter outside and set off behind me after I collected my jacket but I know all the tricks and lingered, sure enough, here he is. He was to shout about having a NEW JACKET delivered and would his friend take the delivery as he was going to be out. Those round Fell View have been found to be ordering on line as if I placed the order but add that I will be out so to deliver to others thus their associate louts and thieves get all kinds of deliveries which they do not pay for.
It has been found out BY ME ALONE that some companies I know have been used are sending deliveries to MY house and paperwork etc as if the police officer IN MY HOUSE is me. She TRACEY KENNEDY has been posing as me from 2007 that I know of. She attends courts as me and is used along with at least those in 30 Fell View Williams who claim to be me (and are actually away as Mr and Mrs Carol Woods as I type this in 28 Fell View on 19th Oct 2016 – my lap top has no Internet facility, this is over 5 years old and way past it’s best by but I use it for word docs.) Agnes Jackson in 26 is also me. That event when I collected my cleaned jacket with the shouting is somehow PROOF I am linked to Dalton and his phone calls asking for items to be delivered elsewhere. Agnes Jackson in her 70s another “me” was bought a grey hoodie and she was to wear it with the hood up and be driven about in a red car Y191 SLF as “proof” she was me as seen in a red car – hood up to hide her fearsome face.

This is the “alternative” mainly to aid the bloated old lecher in 30 Fell View who really thinks I’d be anything to do with him given his deranged wife claims to be me. She goes out alone and he sits almost hiding in 30 and PRETENDS I in 28 am really with him in 30 and she out alone is me “single”. The old fool then has to be seen to have links to me when I am out alone; and I go out a lot. How do they do that? They have impostors of impostors so on 10/10/16 this seedy old man was dropped off in Caton and to walk slowly to Fell View after waiting for my car to drive past leaving. He pretends to use a phone being guided to MY bungalow as if I am out as the old thief in 30 and he still is guided to ME in 28 as PROOF she is out in MY CAR! That was after my trip to the Lake District on 9/9/16.

I went to Ambleside as is obvious from the photos I took. I took this photo of the landmark which has been there for ever; I saw this male who seemed to be hiding behind a tree a few steps away, as I took my photos and walked towards him, he steps out and takes a photo in a split second and carries on walking: it was not a tourist weighing up the pros and cons as usual, his black and white striped sweater is a clue: he is MR Carol Woods, anyone in black and white is me or the Mr version apparently, photos LOOTED from my house show me in black and white garments so anyone in black and white is apparently me. I had seen such actions before: then I saw more and with loud mouth trolls thinking they were clever I found out: I asked in a film developer’s shop; photos taken on a phone camera can be sent to ANOTHER phone with camera so that the receiver can PRETEND they took the photo so sleazy old men, one who may have been Williams in 30 Fell View can receive the photos and be so insane as to pretend it was proof I was there with that bloated old fool.                      

There is another like Williams, a DAVID BARRON in 47 and that same type has stalked me in a car YOU bought him, a black Ford PN15  XPA: he has gone out with the troll in 30 as a couple leaving Mr Williams in 30 still to pretend he is linked to me as a sort of pair with an identical pair, one pair being William and one pair Woods. Like Dalton, this old fool has stood outside 28 and PRETENDED to anyone seeing that it was proof he was from 28, he’s repulsive; he has planted a glove on the floor next to my passenger door to PRETEND he had been in my car and dropped if when alighting. How deranged and deluded is that? To aid the 2nd address FRAUD he drives his car literally 2 minute away to 47 Copy Lane mixing up 47 Copy Lane with Fell View. On any day there is a pretence I have just moved in (I move in about 4 times every week apparently, photos now of such harassment number hundreds) British Gas often appear. Yesterday it was a local plumber – again. They appear to have a shift rota.

I develop my photos from my camera card on old equipment in the shops; they do not develop from phone cameras but it also shows how the thugs were manufacturing photos said to be those I had taken of children.

On 19 Oct 2016 the Gestapo helicopter went over to confirm they saw something which they do to aid and abet at least 3 times a week. They did on Saturday 14/10/16 go over to confirm they saw my washing out but it was to be said to be in the garden of 30 which was proof she was me, was proof she as me had been to the launderette on 13/10/16 BUT they in 30 have not the space I have to hang out washing I hung out. My rear garden is larger than theirs by double size at least. I took photos: she was out as me but I was in 28 and took photos of MY washing in MY garden and more of the Gestapo going over. Thus we have yet another deluded seedy old fool, dullard in 47 Fell View so why is BRITISH  GAS at a COUNCIL HOUSE? Because when I moved into 28, a plumber arrived as I was sorting things out: he was “just passing” so could fix my cooker. How did he know where I lived to be “just passing”? How did he know I had moved and had a cooker to fix? Because he was a Freemason and had been told MY private details which the council cannot explain: I also had a new gas meter in March 2016 which was used to pretend I had just moved in then. He may be having a new gas meter but given my vast experience I don’t believe it; I was not surprised the council had passed on my details; corporate fascists and institutional bullies. Thus the lunatics pretend I move in with a bloated old dullard who lives in a self-made slum. British Gas are used often, as are E-On. E-ON went to the length of emailing me and saying I should send them MY HOUSE TITLE deeds to show I had a right to have the utility bills! They assumed I was as stupid as they clearly are BUT how many have been cheated out of their houses because of such corruption?  Who do they target? Have I got thatseries of emails? Of course I have.  All are bullies prepared to act like idiots to “prove” fiction is fact and serve the common purpose of the brainless automatons.

At 2 38pm the old thief Jackson sneaked back into 26, she had been out in ‘red’ which is her “I am Carol Woods -uniform” thus somewhere as me, she waddled back and had been driven by O’Conner in 39 who is also “me”. The Gestapo did me a favour going over in their helicopter so I could get photos at the time I did: Jackson out as me found out again and O’Conner so this to DWP again. Jackson is a raving lunatic and claims to be me for EXTRA money as “ill” and now since admitting herself AS IF SHE WAS ME on 4/5/6 July 2016 into a mental hospital the INTENTION now is to claim that old thief is me “mentally ill”. She is clearly insane thinking as she waddles along that she is me. O’Conner has tried to be me for longer than I knew; and claims to be sister BUT out with Jackson on 19th claimed to be her daughter when O’Conner is almost as old as Jackson. Thus my photos show where I was and when. O’Conner is a type used, bleached haired, common, rough early 60’s and such like have been sent by the council to 26 to PRETEND to be “daughters” of Jackson when she has no daughter. They may even have pretended to be sisters when Jackson has no sister. O’Conner and her sister have pretended to be me with my sister; thankfully neither of us resembles those roughnecks.

 About 5 50pm on 19/10/16 I heard a loud loft noise: the noises have not been as loud for some time; it meant someone linked to MY bungalow from theirs usually it is phone use of which there has been a great deal in the last 2 days all from no.30. But they’re away as Mr and Mrs Carol Woods surely?  I knew at least one was in hiding in 30, I guessed it was him, but commenting that no one fed the cat it was obvious that at least one was in and hiding despite maracas mouth shouting about going away as if she was me, hiding by my rear door on Sunday evening. The car was not parked: it is still not parked; but I heard someone in 30 and looked out seeing lights on and could hear the TV. It may be one not both but that seedy, repulsive fool which ever it is, has not used their bathroom and again, I guess one at least has hidden in 32 with the malicious old thief  M.Lamb who claims to be my dead mother. That has also been down before. After all that effort and harassment and this lowlife won’t feel embarrassed at being found out for what they are again, this is same old same old they have hidden for 3 days at least 3 times this last few months. My mains power is off so they can’t link up to me but that was the noise I heard almost 6pm.20-oct-16-120-oct-2

ID THEFT Lancs ANOTHER “Carol Woods”  20 Oct. 16

Please feel free to quote me and use my photos: NOTE THE HUGE WALL POSTER ID THEFT ILLEGAL AND THESE IN CATON LA2 9RP ARE AIDED TO POSE AS ME FOR GAIN. I HAVE JUST SENT OUT WILLIAMS IN 30 FELL VIEW INFO AS SHE IS ALSO ME. Added set photos of Agnes Jackson aka me to follow.

This is to DWP FRAUD DEPT and COUNCIL who set all this up; it also goes to CQC, PHSO, J HUNT, and anyone else I can think is an interested party. This is in relation to an old thief and fraudster AGNES JACKSON 26 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP in her 70’s dumpy, gormless, malicious, a thief, liar fraudster and worse. Jackson smokes and seems to be a secret drinker. She is ONE reason 28 was wanted for me to move to; Jackson was 1 to bully out the elderly lone lady in 28 so that I could move in and be surrounded by thieves, fraudsters, bullying liars and impostors of me. All instructed ready for my move to start their thefts and frauds which I found out quickly because they are liars and no liar is intelligent. Remember I am also in at least 22 other houses all round Fell View who have all gained massively in this claiming to be linked to me. This also to Information Commissioner as MY data is being affected detrimentally which is illegal.

As this is typed 19 Oct 2016 WILLIAMS a seedy old pair in 30 are away as Mr and Mrs Carol Woods in a car registered to me PJ65 WLL. My car is red Toyota X165 YUB. Williams and Jackson have been out together to pretend they are me and my sister! Jackson is me sometimes; then Williams is me. BUT a bleached haired old troll in 39 O’CONNER is also used as she is also apparently me.  The bleached hair is a trade mark of old doxies and the type is found to be sent to Jackson and pretend by screeching that they are her daughters when she has no daughter BUT as I have, they send older woman who are about 10 years younger than Jackson and they pose as her daughter to help claim to be me. My daughters are not 10 years younger than I am. The screeching involves “Mam” and “Luv ya” and such that none of mine would use.

At 2 38pm Jackson sneaked back into 26 Fell View after O’Conner dropped her off to try and look as if they had not been out together: Jackson had sneaked out of the rear of 26 earlier which rear door she uses when she is up to no good. Jackson is insane and thinks if she wears red she can be seen to be me as my car is red. On a number of occasions O’Conner walks from 39 when I park up and walks round my car and returns to 39 and PRETENDS she as me has just parked my car. There is much more to her involvement in serious fraud using other bleached haired old doxies but out of scope of this. O’Conner has no children.

On 4/5/6 July 2014 Jackson admitted herself to a mental hospital as if she was me; how funny they all thought that was when she was driven back (just like she has been driven back today) to 26. That FRAUD found out PCSO PETER WOOD was sent to keep me talking in 28 while she went to a GP as if she was me on 9/9/14. Obviously had I gone out it would have meant she was not me. On 26/12/14 that malicious old fraudster rang mental health NHS and told them she was me and I was “depressed”; they knew who she was and what the FRAUD was. I was at my car when they arrived, called nowhere, walked along Fell View and PRETENDED, my photos are excellent. Jackson was at her front door screeching with a thug who drove MD02 HGO one sent to be her “son” as she had various thugs provided to be sons to drive her about so was seen with a “son”, that thug now is a FACT the Gestapo wish did not exist especially on photos. Another thug drove KS53 VLF and he has been used sneaking about recently: he drove her to claim she was me and he was MY son Mr CAROL WOODS thus she was me in MORE DWP fraud. Is my son called Carol? No. All that on camera as well with related frauds driving Jackson about as the deranged she is and the fraudsters they are. In anything in fraud she wears the RED jacket which is nothing I would be seen dead in and I would care if I was dead. That thug has been provided with another vehicle, KM56 WVH and now pretends he is not the same thug as he has an identical twin; everybody round Fell View has an identical twin apparently. He was parked at 23 Fell View while Jackson and O’Conner arrived back on Fell View: I was not surprised as I apparently lived in 23 with child abuser CLARKE from March 2014 and was “disabled” being cared for and driven about by him (yes, as well as being in 26, 30, 39 and 20 other houses but apparently not in 28 where I actually was!) He now pretends he does not know Jackson so a jury will see from my photos he does. Yet another thug was provided for Jackson in the same frauds: all on camera and then the thugs were swapped for old doxies and she suddenly has not the 3 sons but various old doxies “daughters” who are all one person – apparently.

 On at least one occasion she has walked from 26 and to my car, walked round (in the red jacket) waving her bungalow keys as if they are car keys and then walked back to MY front door just dodging into 26 at the last moment: that too on camera although I was almost rendered inactive watching it all. Thus all that means she is me.

In the plan for 18 Oct 2016 where I was to be lured to Town Hall where literally they could have claimed anything at all, they were to claim I was mentally ill and thus am “disabled” with Jackson taking up the slack in appearing on 19th as me. But I did not walk into their trap on 18th so they just acted it as if I had. Now they want to claim I have just left a mental hospital and am “in need” of something being “ill” or “disabled” thus Jackson gets the extra as if she is me. The photos attached show her. They show a woman sent to stalk me round Manchester when I went as the old thief in 26 apparently me then it followed that she was in Manchester “seen”. This woman was nothing really like Jackson; Jackson looks like what she is, and is pigeon toed so waddles and cannot walk far. They show another sent to be in MY dentist, no, she was not a patient she just had to go in and talk gibberish to be “remembered” and seen on CCTV cameras near the dentist as PROOF MY dental visit was hers”

Imagine the wasted NHS monies on such an old parasite to aid her delusions. She is how 2 files are held IN MY NAME with false information to show persons making official enquires to show them I have posed as myself and thus am not me. But how does she perpetuate this FRAUD done with MICHAEL DANE driving her about he from 21 taking her out as me with the insane MAUREEN McHARRAN from 43 who lives in “hiding” but claims to be a social worker and is always wherever there is a fraud, suddenly coming out of hiding; her partner is Gestapo or prison staff. The vehicle Dane used in all that (all on photos and Jackson in that jacket) FV06 FDA was then swapped and an old doxy in 2 Milestone Place took the vehicle and she drives about and PRETENDS that a dark haired roughneck in her tiny house, off Fell View is also me. Why? Because on 19 Oct 2013 a dark haired 40 year old claimed to be me in ROCHDALE miles away as if I had just moved there; she is one who has been used a great deal in various FRAUDS as she is a niece of mine. Is she in Caton now? NO, she has never been and never even been to Lancaster the deranged in 2 Milestone Place just pretends she is that impostor of me so we have again an impostor of an impostor.

How can all this be successful for her? The mail theft: Mail is addressed to ME in 28 but by prior arrangement with sleazy ROYAL MAIL TREASON and forgery SHE gets it all. In March 2014, I heard and saw the arrangement and heard her sign for recorded and special delivery IN MY NAME. I get junk mail so the sleazy can say he’s delivered to me: but she gets the mail. WILLIAMS gets some, Jarvis in 41, and O’Conner in 39 AT LEAST. In Nov 2015 it was said by lunatic IAN YOUNG legal rep of Gestapo and council he posing as a psychiatrist that I was hallucinating and only thought I heard and saw what I heard and saw: funnily enough my photos show Jackson and sleazy hiding round by her gable end which suggests they are up to no good. She of course is considered sane and normal with bogus “family”, going out in a red jacket and pretending it is a car and posing as someone she could never be, mainly as my hair is red, I am not pigeon toed and have REAL family. This then goes to Gestapo who will do nothing it but use my details, shake the kaleidoscope and do it all again using maybe a different old doxy to drive Jackson. Please note the bullying liar trying to lure me to Town Hall trap on 18th is obliged to speak to me because I said something detrimental about a council staff member and apparently I harass the whole of the area, all of it, there is no proof, that harridan relies on such thieves and fraudsters as Jackson, Williams, O’Conner, Clarke et al as they apparently are pillars of the community. I have photos of O’Conner but have enough to add to this without adding those: a jury can see them all. And of all I refer to above. I add that JACKSON is not my sister; she has no sister; O’Conner is nothing to do with me, Williams has no sister they just all pretend as the sane and normal persons they are said to be.

On 20 April 2014 the deluded fraudsters in 30 pretended to be me, to me they pretended an old doxy calling was their daughter; she was about 10 years younger than they are. Audi 2 seater convertible MAZ 7675 used; all on excellent photos as she is: a type used on 18/10/16 O’Conner with deranged Jackson out as “mother and daughter”. The Gestapo were being ”clever” and had shaken the kaleidoscope of 20/4/14. The old doxy used on 20/4/14 was used later at 45 as Mrs Dalton in 45 is another “me” with dyed red hair to prove it. On 18/10/16 such cars were used in different areas where I was “coincidentally”. I apparently meet lots of fraudsters in that way.  At 5.50pm on 19/10/16 I found Williams hiding in 30, they had been there all the time in the dark at night and not using their bathroom for washing: that is not unusual for them to have a day without washing. Often when they hide (pretending to be out) they use the toilet without flushing as I will hear (I hear anyway) but they are “normal” and ideal council tenants – apparently. Who else could be doing something somewhere as me then in the evening of 19th after the fraudsters have all crawled out from under their stones or back under them? JARVIS the insane in 41 is also me, she with borrowed “children” to make her me with my 4. In 2015 I found she had been found unskilled work at the sports centre Lancaster University to be me with my refs to the University in data when it was applicable. WILLIAMS had been found volunteer work AS ME in HMYOI Lancaster Farms in 2014, she coarse, common, vulgar with not even a GCSE would have given my name a poor reputation. She “resigned” on 18 May 2014 when I made it known excellent photos of her with the ID provided for her as if she was me.  A year later Jarvis was me; instead of claiming I lived in 41 Fell View being cared for and driven about by her (and 22 others all at the same time), she decided she was me but another without so much as a GCSE. She had to leave (The University staff have many corrupt members, the common purpose automatons) and would have known she wasn’t who she claimed to be. I have reason to think that lunatic is doing the same again. On Monday as I parked up she was sitting in the dark in her car GN07 AHO and as soon as I locked up my car she drove off: she has been up to no good for days; I can always tell. That is the Gestapo lunacy as one pulls up and one leaves somehow makes one the mirror image of the other; it is not worth dignifying but the lunatics in charge will claim it is proof she is me or linked to me if it is not recorded. The file of photos showing what Jarvis is capable of in corruption, harassment and worse will be sent out again.20-oct-3 20-oct-420-oct-4

House theft now threats from council Lancs  18 Oct. 16

Dear Sirs I am Carol Woods Ms  under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP I just wish you all to know this: 2010 and FCO after a high Court decision IN MY FAVOUR in regard to my stolen, wrecked and looted house in Lancaster prior to my returning home I met with a manager in the FCO who said my case was police led and I might have to be helped to leave this country. In that without going into all I will say when I returned to Lancaster to ask police for help to regain MY house (apparently I sold it to police officer but had “forgotten”) I was arrested as a likely terrorist: locked up under 5 different names (FIVE), no trial, no paperwork, no court in fact mentioned and NOW MoJ confirm nothing at all exists so I must have “made it all up”. We have thus to rely on what I have.

No, I did not regain MY house, the thuggery went on and goes on. Not boring anyone with YEARS of events this today; 18 Oct 2016 was to be 18th of SEPT 08 which was ONE document the High Court saw and was livid about: it was JUNK sent to me to make me think something was true in that apparently the Sec of State had appointed a “trustee” to sell MY house as I was dead! (Believe me they’ve tried to make that fact many times.)

Thus the 18th is ALWAYS acted on with bogus fraudsters posing as others and PRETENDING they have met with me when they simply sit outside where I “live” and pretend.

Today the council tried to lure me to a meeting which I would not attend: I have had their “meetings” when they have bogus persons pose as for example a psychiatrist to say I sound to be mentally ill. I went to a local post office and found one fraudster sat outside PRETENDING he was linked to me , how do I know? Trust me I have experience, I know what is normal and I know their reaction when they see me, especially if I have my camera. Had I attended at Lancaster Town Hall it would have been said to have been 18 Sept 08 again and the fraudster would claim HE was party to that and it was a COURT.

I go some miles distant in my car and find they repeat that thus about 9 miles from where I rent which is usual in this: they just park and PRETEND that MY car “seen” where they are is PROOF they have met me. the cars are nearly always silver Audis and 2 seater convertibles when possible to be those fraudsters already found out such as 4/2/14 and 20/4/14 when OTHERS posed as me and tried to sell MY house.

I move my car, take a photo and find when I re-park and another grey Audi has parked and the driver waves about papers exactly as the 2 earlier were seen to do. Is a jury to believe the UK is populated by males who have no office but decent cars and amazingly they all know where MY car is to park along side and PRETEND.


The council then find the plans going awry and send me an email THREATENING ME WITH EVICTION if I don’t do as I am told!

Now they don;t just want to talk about fraudsters and liars claiming I shout and use foul language they have added the WHOLE of CATON Lancashire! Yes, I alone harass all those nice people all on my own. AND I have said something disparaging about a council employee, dear me, thank goodness there is no hanging now for serious crimes.

What do they try NOW?

2015 and IAN YOUNG the deranged legal rep of the county and police did in a formal document AGAIN (perjury) claim I lost my house as I was found guilty of harassing the whole of Lancashire, was fined £500.000.00 (yes that’s right) and thus lost my house that way. Apparently I refused to pay the “fine”. I quote I was “fined”. The MoJ did think I was mad when I went to ask about that in 2010 yes 6 years ago: they could find no records anywhere in UK of such an idiot case. Lancashire “victims” could not tell me when i was arrested for harassing the whole county, where the case was heard, which judge, which dates etc. PERJURY as that was relied on again end 2015.

How to make that FACT now? The day’s plan in entrapment failing they have RACHEL HARLAND send me an email threatening me with eviction AND suddenly adding that I harass the whole of Caton known for its unemployed thieves and fraudsters. So she’s issued an ultimatum: incidentally the council parties to the LOOTING Of MY HOUSE found out and committing serious criminal damage and then telling me I could not PROVE it was the council! None of that is even referred to, it never has been. Well it wouldn’t be would it, it is far more serious to say something disparaging about a liar and fraudster employed by the council. Thus I want all to know I have met with nobody whatever drivel is concocted to suggest I have. This to Chief Exec of LCC who will not receive it; the gatekeepers will see to that. Carol Woods Ms. My car X165 YUB. PS they are really cross that I try to expose the SHIPMAN POLICY.

Trap planned for Lancs W’blower 18 Oct. 16

00-09-39 001 The attached are 2 letters from Lancaster City Council, it is obvious who sent the letters; it is obvious who I am. BUT the odd thing, they PAY lowlife round Fell View Caton LA2 9RP all to claim to be me, to be my sister living with them, to be my nieces living with them, to be daughters and sons all claiming I live with them and am driven about by them yet here they are sending their malicious communications to me in 28 AND the mail was not stolen as 99.9% of my mail is, in fact the Royal Mail drew up in a van and had one old lecher in 30 Fell View Mr K WILLIAMS who pretends he is married to me, stand in his front garden to confirm I received the letter (how would he know what I was delivered of? That is part of the REASON and FRAUD: I usually get junk mail so the postman can say he remembers delivering to me yet MAIL FOR ME goes to others often 26, often 30, 41, 43, 45 and others.) Leaving out all those who claim in FRAUD with assistance from the council who FUND much of this, I focus of this latest “trap”. The 1st letter with hand writing was me prior to noticing there was no fax number to reply via fax. I sent emails.

The fuller version is to be sent out but these are the bare bones: JUNE WILLIAMS is “away” as Mrs  Carol Woods she from 30 Fell View.  I am to walk into this trap so she can be me and they can add me as another name to records. Which, they have already done.

The NHS sleazy try to cover for their found out frauds: 2011 and I am kidnapped with inarticulate yob posing as a psychiatrist GILLIAN HARRISON attempting to murder me via threats to hand over  crucial documents which I refused to do. She was Gestapo. That was 18 Aug 2011. On 22 Oct Aug 2011 a struck of psychiatrist SUBRAMANIAN tried to murder me; she had murdered a lady in 2008. In all that the Gestapo and sleazy NHS tried to make me someone who does not exist, Mrs Carole Woods with their records reflecting that.

Fast forward and the Gestapo with their perjury and worse working with NHS tried to act all that but as if “proper” but still using the false name which I found out. That an issue SEEN is partly the panic NOW as a JUNE WILLIAMS and OTHERS have been said to be me leaving me to be one INVENTED. The one invented is of course the opposite of me. Look at what this liar claims. Is she offering anything REAL? No. Because she has nothing; she is told what to write but why pick on shouting and use of foul language? Because they are apparently “signs” of “mental illness”.

This is to cover for sleazy NHS trying to lure me to meetings where they can say I am mentally ill because REAL psychiatrists USING MY NAME record I am not; thus they hope to lure me to meet to claim I go as MRS CAROLE WOODS with proof being in the murdering old thief J WILLIAMS “somewhere as me”. She does have ID IN MY NAME PROVIDED BY GESTAPO.

After the kidnapping and illegal detention end 2015 into 2016 where PERJURY was found via PC MASSINGHAM and sleazy NHS MELANIE FORREST LES MARSHALL and at least 2 others with manufactured junk said to be from a GP as if I was Mrs Carole Woods (I honestly cannot say when I last needed a GP) and a psychiatrist which psychiatrist confirmed she had never met or seen me. How did they do all that?

Council liars started to write drivel to me from soon after I moved to 28 Fell View as threats. There was MORE at earlier addresses of PRETENCE IN HARASSMENT and showing what lunatics staff the NHS. In Oct 2014 I found HOUSING MANAGER TONY FOX parked outside me in 28 with a former NHS sleazy old troll hiding in her car parked just out of sight; both seen and filmed off they went. Days later 4 knocked me up, early 2 HOUSING MANAGERS and the same scruffy old troll found hiding days earlier and another even scruffier and even older, she was a psychiatrist apparently and I was the Queen of Sheba. The sleazy “NHS” had no ID but the council did.  The INTENTION is to claim I am mentally ill and look at their antics – let the reader judge.

In Oct 2015 I was sure the deranged thief in 41 JARVIS (another who claims I live in 41 as an invisible person needing to be cared for and driven about) was posing as me in a court as WILLIAMS had tried on 29 June 2014 (that is not unusual, I have many instances of such frauds and formal documents to prove that) so went to a garden centre to be somewhere seen so obviously nothing to do with her. They sent a man dressed as a JUDGE to walk round the garden centre café area where I sat and PRETEND it was COURT. I took excellent photos so he can be identified to see who that lunatic was. (The same was done 1.5 miles from me in 28 Fell View at 10 15am on 18/10/16 by one sitting parked in his car hiding and waving papers about who I found by chance.)

In Oct 2010 I was to be in Morecambe Town Hall and there found a staff member dressed in his best posing as a JUDGE and pretending the Town Hall was a hearing in chambers. (They think I am as stupid as they are.)

In April this year I tried to pursue the perjury of end 2015 into 2016, the Information Commissioner found that files were false data so the lunatics in Lancashire just try to make me be someone to fit those files and make them FACT. The NHS sent ROBERT SANGSTER and a woman when I told them NOT to call on me (they always want me alone, they NEVER want a witness) and like this council troll they call early morning and give no notice. The INTENTION of her was partly to hope I dashed to the meeting on such drivel BUT made a phone call if I had other plans. The false data holds telephone numbers as if MINE when they are those of J WILLIAMS and AGNES JACKSON in 26 Fell View who admitted herself into the local mental hospital on 4/5/6 July 3014 when they all knew she was not me. In fact I would not be surprised to find JUNE WILLIAMS is not doing the same NOW while “away”.  I did not see SANGSTER; they tried again and I told them NO. I waited parked along Fell View as I expected they’d still call to harass and force themselves on me. I waited and saw this SANGSTER drove onto ROMAN CRESCENT which is an off-shoot off Fell View and he hid in his car. Meanwhile a pair of the usual sleazy NHS types arrived and parked away from him but as usual “writing” and waving papers about IN EXACTLY THE SAME WAY he I caught earlier today doing parked 1.5 miles away. (They often park in a radius of up to 4 miles and PRETEND.)

The pair of trolls then drove to 29 Fell View used by thieves, stalkers and fraudsters LENNON now known by another name SLATER to hide that FRAUD, 29 is not near 28 and is out of sight of me in 28. That is why it has been used often. They PRETENDED to “remove” a person and drive her off, that was to be “me” as 29 was only 1 house where I apparently “lived”. Sangster then joined them. I was right behind taking photos so we can identify those sleazy bullying liars. Only days earlier I found one hiding in her car to pretend to drive me about as apparently I don’t drive (I wouldn’t if I was an invented person) and a car used in serious FRAUD from 4/2/14 T19 MAP also used again all in pretence that they seen where I am is proof I have met such fraudsters.

They have not stopped, April sleazy NHS sneaked into the rear of 30 and pretended to be with me, they always drive off when I go and get their car details. They park up where I usually park up when in Lancaster and pretend by shooting off that they have dropped me off and so on.

Thus they THINK I will be lured into the Town Hall and the sleazy all rely on the FACT that I have not never seen persons previously and the 2 could be anyone: if the council pretend staff is a judge, if they bring scruffy seedy old women (I mean old, well into their 70’s) to claim they can say I am mentally ill, if NHS can hide and PRETEND and use someone else to be me, and if IAN YOUNG the deranged leading this, legal rep for the Gestapo and Council can have persons in COURTS posing as me he preparing the paperwork and have his then superior IAN M FISHER then Head of Legal Services impersonated in a big case in court now found out: (for years I knew something was very wrong in all that and found recently it was not M Fisher swearing under oath and testifying), then this liar with her “obligation because of REPORTED DRIVEL”  could have anyone at all posing  and I will guess this is the ROBERT SANGSTER and INVENTION OF ME as MRS CAROLE WOODS to Aid and  Abet a seedy, murderous old thief and more JUNE WILLIAMS AND Agnes Jackson to be me.

There is also the matter of ANOTHER missing elderly lone lady from 33 Fell View; all the above reported and all ignored. I have reported the 2 letters as following a course of conduct and malicious communication in Participation Crime. That is ignored. The phones have been use this morning as if I made the calls by whom though: HUNTER from 22 sneaked in to 26 and made the calls as HUNTER claims she is my daughter! Thus she had to be with Jackson as she is apparently me and that would be proof that HUNTER is my daughter because she sneaked into 26 Fell View. Since I arrived in March 2014 I have never even seen Hunter from 22 exchange chat with Jackson let alone go indoors.18oct16

Malicious communication sent to harass Lancs  10 Oct. 16

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Malicious communication sent to harass Lancs.
Local Time: 8 October 2016 2:58 PM
UTC Time: 8 October 2016 13:58
To: <> <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>

Dear Lancaster City Council via a Ms RACHEL HARLAND. Thank you for your letter dated 6 Oct 2016, posted 1st class on 7th and delivered late to me on 9th.From Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Hell View LA2 9RP.

For those copied this: only days ago I typed up a hand written fax sent to Lancaster police about the shouting to harass me from child abusers, fraudsters, liars and worse round Fell View. The shouting was harassment of me. I had since then typed up a document of “Shouting” which I will fwd.The Gestapo illegally seeing that thought in usual masonic “inversion” to claim I did the shouting. This sent wider when others are at their desks on a working day. The typed fax to report shouting from “neighbours” will be included in my file.

I have reported much to the council and Chief Executive but without one single response. I reported cars from the council stalking to harass giving licence plates and while there was no response, I did not see those particular cars again. I have sent emails, handed in letters on hand done paper so as not to have my letters confused with those of others yet not one single response. I have sent out photos of council thuggery to harass me and reported MISCONDUCT IN PUBLIC OFFICE leading to worse of TONY FOX MANAGER, HELENA TREVELEYAN MANAGER DAVID WATAMOUGH MANAGER IAN LOCKLEY MANAGER. In brief for those sent this; Tony Fox did hide in his car parked outside me in Fell View PRETENDING he had been with me indoors so he could manufacture a “meeting” for what purpose would be to my detriment. Ms Treveleyan and Mr Watamough did attend with 2 scruffy old women and claimed one was a psychiatrist and one was NHS when they were nothing. FRAUD, DECEPTION, HARASSMENT leading to PERJURY.(Reported still ignored.) Mr Lockley did with SHIRLEY RYCROFT in flat 4 try to claim I had had complaints about me in flat 3 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA and I should stay indoors on a date to meet. No one arrived that day at all EXCEPT to Rycroft who tried to SELL MY HOUSE claiming she was me “too disabled to live in it”. I was to stay in doors to allow that to happen which has taken place using AGNES JACKSON in 26 Fell View where I moved to after renting flat 3.

On 9/9/2014 Jackson(NOTE HOW THE 9th KEEPS CROPPING UP) attended a GP as if she was me while I was kept talking in 28 Fell View so I could not go out and spoil her FRAUD. All reported: all ignored.

YK02 VPF car looted from the deceased of flat 3 prior to me registered with a licence IN MY NAME using flat 5 tenant. All reported; all ignored. (Yes all proof of mail theft is safe.)

In Oct 2014 TONY FOX was with a sleazy old woman who had worked for NHS but was finished years earlier, she hid in her car as well pretending she was with Mr Fox indoors with me. He knew she was hiding to pretend, he knew she was not NHS yet they repeated that to a greater extent later by his colleagues as above. I also ask about taxis used for YEARS to pretend they drove me about; who made the phone calls to book them? I see SUZANNE HARGREAVES of 58 Knowles Rd Heysham in Lancaster today: is she still using taxis as if she is me? WHO PAID all the journeys she had? S Hargreaves NOT to be confused with thief SUZANE JARVIS 41 Fell View.

The letter delivered 9th Oct 2016 I believe was “arranged” AFTER I sent out my fax reporting harassment of lowlife by shouting at me BUT while it was thought I would be charged with taking photos of children. The lowlife use small children to try to provoke me as my data sent out many times in CHILD ABUSE. They do not provoke me so that failed to have me charged with taking photos of children. The young children sent to shout and hurl abuse and I am to take photos as proof they are at my car, gate or garden wall. I ignore them. I will add that REID in 49 Fell View did risk the lives of their toddler 3 (THREE) times trying to provoke me to take a photo and the life of a small boy. All this will come out; it always does, you will find.

This for those sent this is what I received from Ms Harland; unfortunately there is no fax number so I have to send via email. Obviously, I receive the letter which was a “back-up plan” as I had not been provoked by the lowlife using small children to provoke me. They try to use dates from 2006 when I won a land lark ruling against them for which they have never forgiven me. Please feel free to quote me: see below for more examples from neighbours. INCIDENTALLY MS HARLAND, PRIOR TO ANY MEETING WITH YOU I WOULD NEED TO SEE COPIES ALL OF COMPLAINTS; PERJURY OF COURSE WILL BE DEALT WITH AS SUCH. I REFER TO SEC 5 PERJURY ACT 1911 AND FEEL SURE ANY COURT WOULD ACCEPT FOR EXAMPLE THE STATEMENT SAID TO EXIST OF ME BEING ON FELL VIEW WHILE I WAS IN SPAIN. (I have also noted that all my Sec 7 Subject Access Requests of YEARS have been ignored.)

Dear Ms Woods, the letter reads,


I have received complaints about foul and abusive language and behaviours from yourself towards neighbours.

I am writing to ask you to attend an interview with myself and a colleague at Lancaster Town Hall on TUESDAY 11th OCTOBER 2016 at 11am to discuss this matter.

If you cannot attend this appointment please contact me on the telephone number above to re-arrange. Signed by Ms Harland.

I don’t make phone calls: I have AGNES JACKSON in 26 making them as if she is me, I have the coarse common loud mouth in 30, WILLIAMS who in her calls claims to be me Ms Carol Woods, I have Jarvis the deluded in 41 who claims I live there shouting across the street pretending she is me on the phone and I have 45 Fell View various using the Internet as if they are me. I have MILLS in 20 using her phone to try to send deliveries to other addresses which she ordered in my name and were being delivered to her, seen by me so DPD and ARGOS were sent to MILESTONE PLACE and LESLIE AVE with the goods in FRAUD when K MILLS knew she was found out with her big mouth. There is more; all banks have confirmed accounts run in my name, TESCO, ASDA, ARGOS, NEXT, SAINSBURY’S, ARROWFIX, YODEL DELIVERIES, DPD, COMET etc all have confirmed there are accounts in MY NAME using MY address but add they can do nothing without police investigation. SANTANDER confirm at least 5 accounts in my name which I reported from 2012 which YOU did nothing.

I have sent dozens of times the document in regard to the steel door ion MY private dwelling house which was never addressed: YOU HAD NO LEGAL JURISDICTION AT MY HOUSE. (This is the council thugs who looted my house and placed all in a council lock up found out this is what the bullying thugs instruct to council now – they hope to say I am to be evicted with items stored to hope that they make 18 Nov 2008 MY HOUSE be NOW. They sent someone to say to me, “You can’t prove it was a council steel door”, they HOPE I can’t prove it was a council steel door.) I have sent out photos of council trolls standing by my car parked in Lancaster waving bits of paper to pretend something, whatever their corrupt deluded selves want to pretend. I have photos of sleazy council employees pretending they drive me about; it will all come out.

Meanwhile, in brief a FEW things then which must be on your file added to the above; I will be bringing a solicitor and intend to sue for organising collective harassment, fraud using lowlife to pretend I live in their self- made slums as sister, aunt, mother, ID THEFT and so forth and sending this malicious communication to me AGAIN. I note you tamper with the electoral register, removed my name and deprived me of voting AGAIN with the ELECTORAL COMMISSION having to intervene on my behalf. For those sent this I have been deprived of my right to vote from 2005 on and off.

45 Fell View DALTON caught red handed AGAIN using MY email address for ordering on-line goods and posing as me as Mr CAROL WOODS with TRAVIS DALTON doing that and his mother posing as me going to the extent of dying her hair “red”.                                                                                                                          On 5 Oct 2015 they via WILLIAM BLEASDALE reported for stalking me from 2014 in 2 cars all on film, 2 Hall Drive off Fell View close links to 45 Fell View and others, claimed I stalked them to Manchester airport when I was in Liverpool airport going to Spain. The Gestapo manufactured a photo of my car after July THIS year as my car was at Manchester airport then and in Sept 2016, TRAVIS DALTON was sent to scream and shout at me saying they had a photo of MY car at Manchester airport on 5 Oct 1015 so I had stalked them. He was also to tell me that they had witnesses to my being on Fell View while I was in Spain and they claim they had gone to Tenerife. They have no passports; could not show me any travel documents or holiday photos, yet I could show mine, I could show photos, I could show my report faxed from KIRKBY library via HOUSING that BLEASDLAE was on camera stalking me. That was ignored. His car had no passengers yet Dalton claim he drove them to Manchester for Tenerife. LIARS and MANUFCATURING OF MORE PERJURED DOCUMENTS. Council tenants committing arrestable offences. On 9 April 2015 DALTON and a thug in 1 van PLUS 3 other vehicles full of yobs and thugs (tut tut, there I go again making disparaging remarks about such “nice people”)  converged on me at 7 30pm when I went to work in the front garden, all screaming abuse and shouting threats and filming me. They ran FACEBOOK drivel as if it was I.                                                                                                                                                                    Travis Dalton sent to shout at me and then to try and enlist him to threaten neighbours so I could charged with “conspiring” all failing, reported, ignored. More to 45 but this suffices for here. (Dalton now say they have different surname but don’t know what it is.)

The council placed on the front of 20 Fell View and on the front of 49 fell View a caravan and pretended I rented those squalid eyesores which I reported as eye sores after  realising that I apparently lived there while they claimed in fraud. Reported – ignored.

Blue Badge fraud using 33 Fell View with DK51 HVL reported as that roughneck troll sent to glare at me and hope she “made me anxious” because I reported that FRAUD of over 2 years she pretending in stalking that she drove me about. The council did not ask me for my photographic proof and she continued so we can see how corrupt they are finding “work” for unemployed trolls.

29 and 31 Fell View were used in pretence it was a “secure hospital” and that I lived there with more unemployed trolls, thieves and fraudsters using cars all noted, dressing up in BOOTS photography dept, uniforms and hairdresser overalls as if they were NHS. All reported – all ignored. Various cars used in that ML53 TWJ for one, BK53 EWE now I find an old doxy (tut tut, there I go again making a nasty remark about the stalker, harasser, bully and cretin) in BK53 UAU hiding in Caton to drive about when my car leaves to PRETEND she drives me; WHO PAYS HER FOR PETROL? We have EMBEZZLEMENT OF PUBLIC FUNDS SO BLATANT IN THIS.

30 Fell View he is an old lecher, harassed me from my moving in and poisoned all my plants with weed killer so jealous was he when it was obvious I was a gardener. They have had 5 FIVE cars in MY name, went away for 2 days Xmas 2014 IN MY NAME, all reported, all ignored. Not even a question asked. HIRE CAR from PYE’s Sept 2015 confirmed hired by Williams BUT IN MY NAME. Pye’s removed that car when I went to see them: they saw that lowlife were not me. She dyed her thin, short grey hair yellow to look like mine for CCTV purposes in INTENT TO DEFRAUD and now found out with the car FRAUDS she told to not dye her hair so it is almost white.

HUNTER in 22 claimed I was his mother and that he drove me about in YD54 VYR as I also lived there. They went on to recent claiming in fraud and harassment in stalking.  Reported to DWP formally as all have been at le4ast 6 times: the Gestapo help persons to “disappear” so there is a huge turnover of house occupants, cars swapped and such as LENNON in 29 told to change her name, grow her hair, dye it and pretend she is someone else! Yobs are told to have their heads and wear glasses as “disguise”.

The council provided for a bullying murdering thief and worse RYCROFT ( as above) a car Y96 OBU with 2 council staff to drive her about to copy what I had done earlier so she could be “me”. They also provided her with “children” as she had none but wanted to be me so had some “provided” in lunacy.

The deranged instructing the council bullies and worse writes pages of drivel claiming that a psychiatrist spoke to my sister at length. No one spoke to my sister; IAN YOUNG Head of Legal Services and legal rep for the police wrote his drivel as if he was a psychiatrist.

JIM UNDERWOOD COUNCIL REVENUES did in an earlier fraud have persons pose as himself to gain entry to MY house to speak to me under false pretences: he then produced a document dated March 2006 in which he referred to Sept 2006 events; he is another clairvoyant. This is the calibre of person I deal with. That was part of the land mark ruling where the Chairman recorded how disgusting the council were in their behaviours. I have reported to Revenues recently as empty houses are used by lowlife to hide and use phones and the Internet as if they are me. CURWEN in 24 more found out fraudsters REHOUSED by the council while their house a self- made slum at 24 Fell View bought under the right to buy scheme, at tax-payers expense claim to be me “too disabled” to live in the house after a bogus Road Traffic Accident. Male thugs have used 24 from March 2015 to pose as MR CAROL WOODS and in that have taken out Jackson from 26 posing as her son when she poses as me making those thugs MY son! The council found her a car to be driven about in with packets of biscuits when Jackson was me as qualified social worker; Jackson unable to do anything was pretending to be council staff with MEALS ON WHEELS as if that was MY qualified social worker status! Jackson has no daughters but has been found at least 3 who are all supposed to be 1! The FRAUD IS INTENDED. Jackson was found the last old troll (about 10 years younger than Jackson so hardly a daughter but shouted and yelled to me to make me think she was, “Bye MUM”, “LUV YA MUM” and such drivel) because WILLIAMS did on 20 April 2014 use an old doxy in MAZ 7675 and shouting again about “Dad” and “Daughter” and such drivel pretended to me she was their daughter, she almost as old as they are when they via her TRIED TO POSE AS ME TO SELL MY HOUSE. All reported, all ignored. Today DX53 KTO driver hides in 24 Fell View  and uses a phone as if it is MY use.

37 Fell View troll who claimed I lived there as her mother, she aided to “disappear” when found out and reported to DWP. 37 is STILL used to pretend “I” live there being driven about by roughnecks.

End April 2014 and I filmed thug (Jackson’s older son in his 50’s, a real son) from 26 running off with a TV installed via MY loft so I would be charged with viewing without a licence. I have also found that DALTON in 45 had a huge TV delivered as if I had ordered it. That was ready set up for my moving in. In flat 3 the council had one of theirs buy a postal order and PRETEND I had asked for it as part of a communal licence to manufacture proof I had a TV. MY TV was LOOTED 19 Nov 08.Williams in 30 and Jackson in 26 have their power supplied linked to MY supply which surge of power when I moved in blew out my main lights and my CD player/radio. I have had no lights since; reported as ENDANGERING LIFE it was ignored. All that and the attempts to hide the “cover up” from me is all well documented with photos. As is the switching off of my water supply to cause a gas explosion WITH INTENT. I have asked the Gestapo for phone records of all concerned and for car log books, mileage MOT etc, utility bills and so forth. I have constantly reported TREASON by thieves, lowlife, fraudsters, bullies and malicious old trolls to the Royal Mail and it will come out; trust me. The Gestapo have NOT obtained phone records or car documents. BUT I will add this about the thief and worse in 26 Jackson: she admitted herself to a local mental hospital on 4/7/14 AS IF SHE WAS ME, how funny they all thought they were returning her to 26 on the 6th July 2014. They may not laugh when they see my photos.  I also asked who gave permission for my details to be given out. Moving in March 2014 a plumber called, “just passing” so he could connect my cooker. How did he know I had moved? How did he know where I had moved to, to be “just passing”? How did he know my cooker was ready for connection? Is he clairvoyant as well?  I remain ignored on that matter as well.

I could go on: my files are complete and naturally I have fine evidence but what is this malicious communication really about aside from trying to rewrite Oct and Nov 2015 and MY house looted Nov 08? One bullying thug (tut tut, there I go again making disparaging remarks about a thug) SGT PINDER rang me at one of my daughter’s (lowlife round Fell View are nothing to do with me whatever YOU allow them to claim) and tried to manufacture a phone call which was so bizarre I ended the call. His rants did not correspond to anything I said; he screamed and shouted and it took me a few minutes to realise he recorded his drivel to pretend I was someone else in the call which he was manufacturing. And sending me this malicious communication to arrive on a Saturday which is what the bullying trolls do thinking they’re really clever, spoiling a weekend, know the 11th is out of the question, omit the fax number and think I will ring. They would then claim I screamed and shouted.The date of that INTENDED FRAUD ON ME? 9 Nov 2008 so, here we are again, in same old same old, trying to rewrite history.

For those also sent this, this is the council who set up 28 especially for me with ILLEGAL devices in the loft so that when LOWLIFE, THIEVES, FRAUDSTERS, BULLIES, STALKERS, LOUD MOUTHS use phone as if they are me, the “signal” is from MY loft as “proof” they are indeed me in 28. No. 30 Fell View and WILLIAMS go out one day (all details and photos for a jury as these are SERIOUS CRIMES) amid loud shouts with BLEASDALE and DALTON all shouting to make it known they were out. CATHERINE ROWBOTTOM lowlife from 31 Fell View AND 2 Copy Lane (most have 2 addresses in fraud using one in one name and one in another, all reported, all ignored) did hide in 30 that day and the pretence was that they were out, she used the phone BUT as they were out then it was PROOF the phone use must be mine. Dalton was to call and knock on their door after they had been out for an hour and shout that they were still out. They were: Rowbottom fraudster was hiding in 30 as I saw her sneaking out so took a photo. I can hear when they use phones as me.

This has to be enough for now: WILLIAMS the DERANGED, THIEVES, LIARS, BULLIES, FRAUDSTERS, IMPOSTORS have pretended to move into 30 Fell View no fewer than 28 times. She is bankrupt and the INTENTION is to make her me to EXPLAIN the THEFT OF MY HOUSE. Williams was to dye her hair yellow and given ID in my name for volunteer work in HMYOI Lancaster Farms yet the council arranging all that ready for my move to Fell View, assuming I was as stupid as their recruits and was not find out, ignore my reports of that; we’ll see if a jury does.

To be clear: I am surrounded by thieves, liars, lowlife, harassers, stalkers, unemployed who all have high standards of living despite not working; they are NOT all pensioners as others were told to suggest I had it all wrong, they are mostly unemployable, unemployed lowlife, not people I would even know under normal circumstances, and sending to me false friends is seen.

I need to see therefore ALL complaints first: you have seen here a little of what I will say and I need to show this to a solicitor. Let me finally say that the masonic thugs instructing as usual reverse FACT to make FICTION; it is called INVERSION. Maybe I could produce my Dictaphone with all the recordings from thugs and trolls from 2012 shouting then screeching and laughing that I am deluded and heard nothing? I expect they will have tapes of what YOU claim as well? Please outline all the “behaviours” with photographic evidence, times, dates and so forth.

Response to my not walking into the trap. 18 Oct. 2016

CW wrote:

“This is the response and see how she introduces something new.”

On Tuesday, 18 October 2016, 14:16, “Rachael H” wrote:

Also pleased be advised I will write to you if you are in breach of your tenancy and I will take enforcement action if necessary.

I need to discuss numerous complaints about your behaviour towards various residents around Caton and also your behaviour towards a Council Officer.

Please can you advise me when you are available for a meeting.



Rachael H

Estate Manager
Health and Housing
Lancaster City Council
Tel 01524 XXXXXX
Email redacted

Lancs FRAUD ID THEFT of W’;blower  17 Oct. 16

I need to add that if anyone has written to me from any agency I have not received it.    Mail theft rife                                 

Dear Sirs, I sent email earlier in regard to FRAUD, use of others to be me and at massive public expense. I am Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP. The latest malicious communication from the council to harass (reported as harassment and malicious communication – ignored) found this AFTER I sent my emails from Lancaster library.

I was right about the ethnic thief and fraudster in 37 Fell View CATON who had from 2014 claimed I was her mother AND LIVED IN 37 WITH HER  being driven about and cared for by her AT THE SAME TIME AS OTHERS CLAIMED THE SAME.
I was sure she was living in 37 after moving out for a period leaving the house empty; I saw her today; she is one who has stalked me for over 2 years: I had no idea it was the thief from 37 Fell View. She is Malaysian and me with red hair! She had followed me to the library to log on while I had to be PROOF she had driven me, but she was unable to log on, she was too late. The library shuts down the computers about 15 mins before closing time.

Leaving to return to my car I found the usual dullards stood about with phones to alert a n “event” that was to coincide with me at the same spot. MACADAMS who I reported days ago for driving a huge wagon using his phone at a busy roundabout POLICE GARAGE was to claim he saw white haired old troll getting into a taxi ON AN ILLEGAL WAITING SPACE. He did see that: as did I it was not the thief from 32 Fell View MARY LAMB who claims to be my dead mother. FRAUD supported by council.

I just walked all round again and then back along that route with all lowlife having “disappeared”. BUT I saw one lingering, an old troll with grey hair to have been thief from 26 Fell View AGNES JACKSON when she was similar but not the same.
On Saturday the POLICE HELICOPTER was sent over Fell View to aid and abet Jackson and thief and worse in 30 FELL VIEW WILLIAMS who also claims to be me. Williams as my emails recorded was away NOW as if she is me. Thus the intention is to claim “I” am seen with someone who is Jackson to be Saturday again as they went out together. BOTH CLAIM TO BE ME: The lunatics have no notion of what is believable any more. Thus Williams and the phone call as ME last evening and my email she has to be covered for AIDED and ABETTED.

In Sainsburys a cheap tarty troll a type used often (they like the attention the “men” (police =give them) she was taking photos where I parked and the n sending on her phone camera: I took photos of her car which identifies her: PJ16 YEL a silver Audi. The time on my parking ticket is 18 13 but there will be no problems for my overstaying (I hope). I went to shop and found the Jackson type with an old woman supposed to  be Williams, tat pair was to be those from 26 and 30 fell View out together on Saturday! On my camera they are not really like those 2 malicious, greedy, spiteful, jealous old fraudsters. I have a male sat the usual type on his phone Inter net and that explains the problems I have trying to type and sent this.

there was and is more but I try to ignore as much as possible and then they have wasted their time. BUT this is how I am many all at once. My car X165 YUB is on my camera, not a phone just a camera with the tarty piece showing she was not as clever as she thought she was. This as widely as I can manage just now. There is incidentally, a trap for tomorrow which the lunatics think I have not worked out. This is how harassment works, manufacturing of FRAUD, aid and abet serious offenders and forgery, ID THEFT, DWP FRAUD and so forth – and no one is batting an eye lid as far as I can see. Yours Carol Woods Ms

PS the sending of photos on phones will be to send one to the fraudster MR WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View NOT away with JUNE WILLIAMS as I am single so she goes as single person this time. He with the photos of Sainsbury’s sent to HIS phone is PROOF I am that horrendous old thief and worse. Remember she was only 1 of a few to bully to death the former occupant of 28 Fell View as it was wanted for me. Lots of reason but out of scope of this. I have no phone and for these reasons: too much manufacturing of use to claim it is I; the Gestapo would think nothing of planting one on me and say it was mine so, I have no phone, simple.

SHOUTING TO HARASS part 2 of 3  10 Oct. 16

Part 2 For those copied this who find it hard to follow: it is simple: I am surrounded by lunatics who all think they are me: end 2015 when the Gestapo and council with their lowlife “recruits” (all unemployed with lots of spare time and promises of rewards – all details for a jury- BRIBERY, PAYOLA) assumed they had “seen me off” they moved thieves and more from 34, 36, 37 Fell View, 39 Copy Lane who pretended they had taken “me” with them, the “me” they all claimed to be linked to in their houses. The Gestapo assumed they with false council records and such like would then claim I was not me but someone with a name similar. They assumed I would not manage to understand their collective frauds and be made into someone else. In that they had already decided that various lowlife were me round Fell View BUT also had to try and cover the scum from Penhale Gardens who claimed to be me and OTHERS who had from even earlier. None of that succeeded, the new people in 34, 36, 37 and 39 Copy Lane thus had to try and link themselves to me (part of the agreement to move them, specially chosen for their names)which also failed. How though to account for bullying deranged parasites in 30 WILLIAMS who claim to be me with 5 cars registered as if they were me? With the phone use, electricity FRAUD in endangering life AS WELL AS Jackson in 26 and so on – they pretended that there were only 3 bungalows NOT 4. My bungalow linked one side to 26 and the other side to 30 with a malicious old trout in 32 claiming to be my dead mother. June Williams pretended to be her daughter to make that old trout into my dead mother as Williams, you recall, is said to be me. Now we have Williams again using one side of their tiny bungalow and switching off about 9pm to use the other side for their 2nd SKY TV: they pretend they have left one half to go elsewhere, not in the tiny bungalow, elsewhere to another property. They using SKY to 9pm are “me” and then are themselves later. BUT often they have both sets on at the same time to show there are 2 bungalows using SKY not 1 using 2 sets. That is what the thugs and doxies hiding take part in: when I switch off my radio, blow out my candles or switch off my lamp if it has been on, they PRETEND they take me to another address so that lowlife who claim to be me elsewhere can claim they use 28 Fell View but then go to a 2nd address later. O’CONNER a bleached blonde doxy type does that as she is also a “me” so that someone can claim they saw her who they have to think is “me” leaving the “coast clear” for such as Williams to maintain her found out frauds. Thus the council luring me to the Town Hall would have someone else in Morecambe Town Hall at the same time who they claim is me while I in Lancaster will be their made up “me”. How do I know? They have tried this often using the lowlife in flats 4,5,8, at least to do the same when I rented flat 3. Williams then stay silent in mornings having on the TV without sound and without running water as they pretend that 28 my bungalow is their half of 30 which comprises of a sitting room and bathroom behind it; they pretend that the other half of the tiny bungalow with bedroom and kitchen behind it is another bungalow, 30. My actual bungalow apparently does not exist. On 4 Oct 2016 the police called in a fraud were found out, had to then try to make it something so returned and went to 32 with Mr Williams in the front garden of 32 and they all pretended that was proof that 32 was really 30 making 30 seem to be 28. Sometimes the lunatics try it the other way round and we all move up a number instead of down; that is when the thief and worse Jackson needs to be covered for. This is why my documents end up so lengthy; the lunatics keep changing their versions and their latest version then becomes the fact until found out when another version becomes the fact.

This is ONE example: 9 Oct 2016 added after the rest was prepared: Jackson is now with a “daughter”, no, not the one of shouting who was almost as old as Jackson was with a BMW P514 JBC which unemployed-by-trade son arrived in end Aug claiming it to be his. Then he was back in his Vauxhall with the old doxy “daughter” claiming it was hers, she an old troll who had never previously been to 26 Fell View. Thus it is his, it is hers. BUT because of RYCROFT in Y96 OBU being driven about in an old Rover light aqua which the tax-payers pay for with 2 council staff to aid and abet that fraud, one other troll used to be a “daughter” (and NHS and various other acts in lunacy) was provided with a light aqua Rover to drive Jackson about to be me seen in such thus PROOF Rycroft had been me!  YR51 WRE; that “disappeared” after shopping frauds were filmed and then re-appeared on 9/10/16 in ANOTHER shopping fraud. JACKSON sneaked out of 26 early, was returned via the car about 11 30am and that was “me” having been driven from 28 the previous evening and returned then to 26 as if that old thief is me and she has 2 addresses. Meanwhile Williams sit in 30 without so much as a wash between them as they are me with my water use from my bathroom. And that is a small example of how the COUNCIL embezzles money to pay lowlife to aid and abet lowlife. Jackson often swaps her jacket and goes out a 2nd time claiming that is PROOF she has an identical twin. That she did on 9/10/16.Poor Mrs Greenbank, tenant of 28 Fell View when you all decided 28 was “perfect” for your frauds and corrupt practices in relation to me, she never stood a chance, did she? This document has to be sent in 2 parts. Photos are added with this first part.

This is a document I begin on 14 Aug 2016 and will record the shouting to harass which shows what lunatics, what bullying half-wits I live among in 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP. Being bullying half-wits and lunatics are their best characteristics. The first document I drew up was illegally seen as this one will be, by the Gestapo, and they used it to claim I was the one who shouted and was thus mentally ill needing to be locked up. However, no one can show anything I shouted at all which was out of normal activity, while I have pages of records and a Dictaphone. They with their shouting apparently are not mentally ill when for example, the thief and fraudster across from me, JARVIS in 41 Fell View thought if she stood on the pavement and shouted about school meetings then it was proof she was me as a qualified teacher. Jarvis had pretended I lived in 41 with them being cared for and driven about by them from March 2014 when I moved to rent no. 28. In Oct/Nov 2014 they were found out as they went on holiday leaving “me” alone and uncared for in 41. The Xmas saw an attempt to rewrite all that using Jarvis in 41 with sleazy “professional” in PE08 ZRX, Williams in 30 who are also me – apparently, who were bought a new car a silver Peugeot PX14 LRJ to go away and be “me” as Mr and Mrs Carol Woods but it all fell apart when I did not do what they had expected I would do. From then Jarvis decided that she was me and her husband was my ex-husband so they pretended it was the 1970’s again. That, dear reader, is apparently not indicative of mental illness; delusions. SEE LETTER SENT TO ME TO ARRIVE 8 Oct 2016: am I clairvoyant? NO, they are predictable.

The document drawn up, giving the lunatics in charge of the asylum “ideas”,  despite their collective efforts of Gestapo, NHS, council  and all as usual in my case, they could not find a mental illness to nail me to the board. I sent out my document via email early Aug 2016 to show agencies what raving lunatics I deal with hour by hour, day by day and that was not all: I do not record every single incident. I include some from earlier documents: 12/8/14 and Williams from 30 with Jackson from 26 and Jackson’s thug son IN MY REAR GARDEN racing round and round like cretins they are: PC PURJURER A MASSINGHAM racing round and round at front and all expect to provoke me so they can scream they are victims (just like your libel which YOU WILL PAY FOR trust me).5/11/14 and tarty type banging on my bedroom windows, kicking my door screaming, shouting that she was going to smash all the windows and so forth; then quiet; I located my Dictaphone, she had gone; the bin men arrived; she didn’t want witnesses. (Real witnesses not scum who will say anything they are told say.) She returned after they had been and started again; that lunatic had a list of what to scream at me, a hand written list which she had taken over the phone what she was to scream. Every so often, she would break off and have to read from her list to see what to shout next. TRAVIS on 28/8/16 sent with a list of what to shout, it is standard practice.

On 14/8/16, Sunday, and AGNES JACKSON old thief and worse in 26 who claims to be me as her identical twin which she does not have, was to open and close her front door. That is proof she is going out as one twin and staying indoors as the other and that is how there are 2 of her! A male half-wit in his RED FLEECE was to wander by at the same moment (all this is done by coordination using phone calls from those in the Gestapo) and pretend he was E-ON having read a meter to rewrite events of days earlier. E-On do not read meters on a Sunday. Williams were then performing: they were to stand by my open bathroom window so I would hear, (the bungalows are tiny and all in anywhere can be heard easily anyway), she with her coarse, common loud mouth was to declare she was going out by the front door (which they never use except to deceive if a “plan” requires it) and asked him if he was walking to wherever he was going. They never walk further than to the car parked which is registered as if they are me. He then wanders round to the front of 30 in the string of the 4 bungalows (26,28,30,32) and looks at some of his weeds growing. She was sitting quietly in their tiny rear yard. The dog at 34 was tormented and barked. What was that lunacy to harass all for? The deranged try to make this 2013 and Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA where I rented flat 3 from 1/7/13 to 24/3/14 and WILLIAMS in 30 FELL VIEW were “me” when I moved to 28; they had taken over from the same types of lowlife in flat 4 RYCROFT who claimed to be me when I rented flat 3. But in the 24 flats, I was in 23 of them yet not in no.3 which I was really in. In Fell View I apparently am in 23 houses from 55 yet not in the one I am in. They all gain via DWP monies in FRAUD. I report a few and am arrested for harassing the thieves, bullies and worse; how does one letter indicate harassment? It doesn’t. Then we have from that the perjury of PC Andrew Massingham and various round Fell View. There is no statute of limitations on perjury.

Part 3 SHOUTING TO HARASS  10 Oct. 16

Part 3. Aug 2014, Sunday, a day I have usually gone out and often from early. RYCROFT have a dog and I saw the dog pulling at its leash for about an hour prior to setting off: I assumed she’d tied it to their front door. Flat 4 was above my ground floor flat; they only had a front door as exit/entrance. The ground floor flats, all odd numbers, had a front and rear door. I walked to my car parked opposite our block of 4 flats and she had been standing in their doorway for that hour with the dog. I knew from moving in that she was a few letters short of a keyboard and had, given my vast experience, thought that she was trying to be me. She walked off as I drove off: I took a photo, she and her dog; she went out as if she was me. That day I went to a local antiques centre where I guarantee she had never been (and where Agnes Jackson had been provided with a car to driver her there in 2014 when she was a “me”) and bought a few small items for the flat. Days later, RYCROFT was delivered of a recliner chair which I had seen in the centre as for sale. It was not to my taste, a new chair which dealers do have for sale new goods from time to time. They were pretending RYCROFT was me, had been to the centre, BOUGHT THE CHAIR and delivered it to her as if she was me. I filmed that recognising the delivery van and then the chair. DEREK RYCROFT only ever walked to the rear of my flat to store stolen goods in a greenhouse that had been bought by a former tenant of flat 3. Three times only I saw him walk to the entry to the site of PenhaleGardens. That is what the lunatics thought they had rewritten with their shouting on 14th.

She apparently leaving by their front door (but did not) was to be me leaving my flat: Rycroft had no choice anyway; she only had the 1 entry door. He going to look at weeds did not walk anywhere, the deranged were trying to act out by shouting what had taken place 3 years earlier; Williams shouting to him that she was going out was to be me going out that day in my car and shouting to him about was he walking was to be reference to Rycroft walking off the site as she had no car. The lowlife in 34 were told to torment their dog to bark to be symbolic of Rycroft’s dog as Williams have no dog. There was more but I chose to ignore it. I also apparently live in 34 being “disabled” and “ill”. I only found out their name last week, BLENKINSHIP on the electoral register. She in 34 is JUNE thus apparently PROOF somehow she in 30 JUNE WILLIAMS 8is really me. 34 a house used much in fraud and harassment with new tenants in the massive “all change” end 2015 when all their plans failed to make me “forget” events.

The shouting and general lunacy in harassment is ALWAYS about making me feel anxious about being indoors to force me out. As it was Sunday the Gestapo and their lunatic retinue assumed I’d go out but I didn’t. I never do when I am sure they want me to. Why did they want me out? So that thieves and fraudsters in 22 HUNTER could have a delivery again. Since I moved to 28 they have come into substantial amounts of money as I also live there as well. I took a photo of the delivery to 22 at 2 10pm. HUNTER has had deliveries in other names and with MILLS from 20 Fell View has hidden pretending to be out when they saw me in my garden and knew I had heard the bogus names used.

16 Aug 2016 and as usual 37 Fell View is being used with much shouting: how can I hear from my position in 28? I am meant to hear as it apparently means, by the trolls shouting, that is to do with me. Took a photo of the blue car used there, they can’t decide who lives there.

23 Aug 2016,repulsive old fool in 30 told what to shout, they use the cat as “excuse” when it is directed at me. I ignored him. This is an old form of bullying and harassment: he shouts at the car and PRETENDS it is to me and feels good about himself!

28 Aug 2016Dalton who is apparently not Dalton sent to screech evening after I had taken photos in Morecambe of huge posters ID theft. Daltonsent to provoke, Hunter joined in with her newly bleached straw, then the mother and girl- friend of Dalton arrived but they did not shout. The bullying thugs of the fire service had been lingering in Caton to drive out as I returned so they could use their sirens and lights for the 3 seconds to pass me almost back in Caton. Dalton was to shout that he would sort out others for me when he failed to provoke me; the Gestapo thought they could act out the SHAW gas blast and what neighbours heard when their recruit was sent then which event went so horribly wrong. Daltonclaims he is not Dalton; he does not have a surname. His forename is TRAVIS. His mother has changed her name – and her appearance.

31/8/16 Jarvis Mr big mouth stood outside 41 while she drove to 41 as if she drove me or to say that I had followed her: they wanted a reaction: I ignored them then moved my car later; she was not me driving my car.

2/9/16 and he again shouting into his phone, a bogus call, that much was obvious. To do their bogus calls they stand on the pavement as Williams stand in their rear garden and Jackson stands as close as she can to MY front door.

7/9/16 and Kenneth Jackson was to drop by 26 not in the BMW but his Vauxhall and shout that he got holiday pay. Some “holiday” from 24/3/14 to now. Trying to rewrite his shouting about being a “carer” when I first moved in.

12/9/16 a rough looking old troll with bleached straw for hair was to drive to 26 in the blue BMW P reg and call to 26 Jackson for a minute then leave shouting much like “Bye mum” to make me think it was her daughter; one she does not have and one that had never called previously, and that to be all the lowlife thugs she has had to be “sons” all calling to leave shouting the same. The old liar and fraudster in 26 has no daughter: she told me that in April 2014 when explaining the older thug son who then had to run away with the TV set installed in 26 VIA my loft to have me charged with viewing without a licence.  It was also to be the old doxy at 30 shouting about “mum and dad” when she was almost as old as they were. The old thief in 30 bought HERSELF “mother’s day” items and placed where I would see in 2014. My son calling Mothers’ Day just after I moved in to 28 and those to screeching in the front together were so jealous, it nearly killed them neither have had a Mother’s day visit from 2014, 2015, 2016. She in 30 was found an old Mothers’ Day balloon found which she stuck in a plant pot which was pitiful to show me she had the Gestapo finding things for her as “proof” that FICTION was FACT. That was why the plant pot and Royal mail card in entrapment was used months later. And all of that, all of it is on camera. Jackson seen shouting that the BMW was his and then a seedy looking troll arrives as if it hers, who pays the insurance? Was Jackson in fact insured? MD02 HGO is a “son” to be “covered for”.

16/9/16 and I had been away to SWANSEA to register my car which spoils things for the thieves and fraudsters in 30, AND 26 to a lesser degree. My photos and related data show how the Gestapo tried to cover for lowlife in 30 and 26 to be “me” while I was away. They then have to pretend to be me on my return BUT as if they had been away. How? They in 30 are claiming to be me. I paid my water rates in Wales which was not expected as the INTENTION had been that I paid them when I was finally delivered of my bill which was a day she in 30 went out and stayed out until after 5pm expecting me to go out and pay my bills so she could claim she OUT was the one paying it. I did not pay it so they set it all up again and I still did not pay it. To do that they had yob in X341 YBV dark green VW move PJ65 WLL and hide it to look as if SHE in 30 was out when she was not. As they are all unemployed they can do all this as arranged by the Gestapo. How could she be me in Wales paying my bill when I then went onto London? They pretended I was someone else in London; a person they invented to have that lowlife in 30 to be ME BACK IN LANCASTER area.

Thus on 16/9/16 the car PJ65 WLL is hidden and they in 30 hide pretending to be out. No running water; she hangs out washing early without making the usual sounds; they go days without a wash to pretend MY water is use is theirs. The INTENTION was to suggest she had been away and washed on their return BUT I use my water in 28 and they do not use theirs as MY use is theirs – apparently. How can she wash the items? She pretends: she washed them on 15th when they pretended they had been me in SWANSEA having returned as I in London then was to be someone else. She hangs out after I use my bathroom BUT their car is not parked so she is not really there, she is really out in their car as if we are all as stupid as they are. I had some washing to do and found she was hiding in 26 with Jackson having been out crashing and banging to pretend she was out when they hid in 26. Remember the car PJ65 WLL is NOT parked; she is out, she is not hiding in 26 as she is also out. But I hang out my washing, I note their drain which is always overflowing into my flower border when used as they leave it full of debris, is bone dry; they have used no water from their bathroom at all today by 1 30pm. I pick up the leaves, all bone dry, those dirty thieves have not even had a wash this morning again. Seeing I have spoiled their pathetic “arrangement” to be me they spill out of the rear of 26, but she is already out is she not? No. Hiding by sneaking in round rear after crashing and banging at the front. The usual shouting of nonsense takes place; “I’ve met your daughter” Williams from 30 to Jackson in 26: Jackson has no daughter, they have been neighbours for almost 2 decades so why would she need to shout such a thing? Finishing hanging out my washing, the game up I said on my entry to 28 “Oh my step mother’s coming” so they started screeching and squawking because they have their backsides on fire. Some weeks ago to rewrite the old doxy in MAZ 7675 and she almost as old as they are to be their daughter when it was a FRAUD and ATTEMPT TO SAY I MET THAT OLD DOXY AND AGREED TO SELL MY HOUSE, now they decided she was Mr Williams’s mother according to his wife of over 45 years who should know. He had to correct her: No, step-mother so we have gone from “daughter” to “mother” to “step-mother”. I waited in all that day eager to see a step mother that would be at least 100, she did not arrive. Thus I say aloud that I wait for my step-mother (no, I have not one and never have had) and they KNOW to what I refer thus start their screeching and squawking as found out fraudsters and deluded old trolls.

17/9/16 and use of shouting after 16/9/16: about 5 20pm I indoors after being out and taking photos of NHS sleazy with old fool from 30 in his front garden doing nothing but he was to be “witness” to local lowlife stood outside screeching at each other, there was no point I could hear but was too busy to even look at such attention seeking half-wits. That is to be a) Williams in 30 claiming saw someone on Fell View (to be lowlife linked to 45 and PERJURY as sent out by email earlier) and b) lowlife from 45 and 9/4/15 and their shouting while I was in my front garden BUT today there was not the use of 4 vehicles, no one then appeared with fraudsters  in 36 Fell View who claimed t6o be MY family, to give “estimates” for “work”, no one shouted to the deluded in 30 that they were taking his photo and so on. The use of shouting is such old hat: often in libraries to distract used for YEARS and for example 15/9/16 London Victoria Internet café I typing an email, they sent in a male to shout and bully the shop keeper; it didn’t distract me, he was a moron, that was all there was to it. They tried that a few times when I used the one in Lancaster but it always failed as that shop keeper would not put up with it. Such silly trolls were sent in with the most ludicrous “matters” so they could “complain” loudly.

19/9/16 K MILLS stands outside 20 with a car parked: one used in shopping frauds: I at my car Mills starts shouting, they have 4 young children in a line by the car: Mills was hoping I would take a photo of the car as proof it was there while 4 young children were lined up so she could scream I took photos of children. I ignored Mills’ shouting. (Her brother and his wife were 2 moved from 38 Fell View as fraudsters found out.)

21/9/16 Jarvis goes to Mills in 20, then tries to pester me by shouting to me in my garden, she is acting out 24/3/14 again when she walked up and down outside me moving me and then PRETENDED I lived in 41 being cared for and driven about by them. Then the sleazy in PE08 ZRX and then PE56 NXB called to falsify the necessary paperwork to set up payments and then have Jarvis receive via BANK FRAUD and FORGERY as if I lived there. They have tried that AGAIN recently with all the sleazy COUNCIL trolls who look just like what they are. I have lots to show.

25/9/16 and I have apparently moved into 37 on 17th, 19th and 24th again. I also moved into 41 on 24th again disguised as a young boy, BUT many on 24th had apparently taken me “shopping” 2 Milestone Place, yob, Hunter from 22, OEO6 from 37, yet another “07” from Copy Lane to 31 and so on. Thus by 25th it was obvious again that Jackson in 26 was “me” and Williams in 30 was not. The roughneck old troll with bleached hair in the BMW bought for thug Jackson so he could be my son with his BMW, which was then passed to an old troll to be yet another “daughter” of Jackson. This is not the one in the red Mini from 2015 which car drove Jackson about for 10 minutes, driver from Copy Lane sent when Gestapo learned that my daughter-in-law had a red Mini, they thus found an idiot with a red Mini to drive about the thief and worse Jackson to be “seen in a red Mini” so she could be me out with my daughter in law thus proof she in 26 was me. The Gestapo used a helicopter in that to confirm they saw that: so did my camera. It cost me pence to use my camera at MY expense: it cost the Gestapo nothing BUT the electorate paid about £2000.00 to aid and abet an old thief and worse in her delusions. That red Mini “disappeared” literally days later to be replaced as recorded in a ‘car document’. Thus that driver as we have Gestapo proof of is daughter to Jackson, BUT so is the bleached haired old troll now with the BMW, who EXACTLY bought that? Kenneth Jackson son had it as his on 1/9/16 and now an old troll has it. BUT he did that Xmas 2014 with NK06 KXX, in EXACTLY the same way. He would not be insured to drive that as he was doing at least twice as I saw. To aid that Xmas fraud again, the car was sent to 26 with the troll and she with the Jackson from 26,was to stand at the front of 26 and screech about “mum” in EXACTLY the same way that the thug in MD02 HGO had done after being introduced to her as her “son”. Thus Jackson has at least 5 sons and at least 3 daughters. 3? Yes the car black Ford Y807 FHJ reg the “holiday pay” son had prior to VW Y313 YEC went to a “daughter” a specimen who had CATHERINE ROWBOTTOM with her, but that “daughter” had gingery auburn hair. So, telling me she had 2 sons (one of whom does not call with thug who does only calling because he’s told to) she now has another 3 sons and 3 daughters.

On 24th they had a woman with straw like hair to be seen near to where my car was parked and she was to walk as if to MY house just as the Gestapo had had scum from 298 do, another who claimed to be me, a dullard who worked in a fabric shop used because I had lots of sewing items LOOTED from MY house thus the old roughneck sent to pretend to be daughter of FF26 was to be daughter seen near my house to make Jackson me.

29/9/16 the usual sneaking about and bogus “relatives” were being used to aid and abet scum in 30. By 2 45pm that was all switched to 22 and 41. Jarvis freak was found again following me about trying to mesh her arrival at 41 with mine at 28 on 28th but failed. She was one lunatic used after all the scum had acted out their roles to 12 30, and she was to shout from 41 when she was one who assumed I was going out because I let then think I was; they all leapt into action for nothing. Jarvis is insane; screeching from 41 so I hear across the street. Jarvis was shouting again on 1 Oct 2016 as I was at my car going out:

Amid the afternoon out on 2/10/16 I add this to show what thugs as well as dim-wits I deal with: 2 weeks earlier I made a purchase from a stall on the Sunday Morecambe market which as usual was monitored by the perverts in power. On 2 Oct 2016 I having a look at a car boot fair on the same piece of land and this took place: this is part of the SHOPPING FRAUDS where trolls buy things for themselves such as MARJORIE HODGSON 16 Fell View, McGUIRE 14 and MILLS in 20 etc and pretend the shopping is for me. But I am not there: no, they wait until I am somewhere they have bought from and make a “return” (this is what illegal monitoring and stalking allows) which makes it seem as that I being there then, was linked to the original FRAUD and THEFT. The same was done on 3rd. They had a troll and a stall holder act out a farce of such lunacy I wondered why I paid for tickets to the cinema when I could have all that for free. She had to pretend to return something, he had to shout and scream and say it was inconvenient and wasting her time and so forth. Others started to stop and take note; it was a return as I was there and SHE was pretending it was my purchase of earlier. BUT I had not bought from that stall, and while they both screamed enough to know it was “last Sunday”, I had not been out that Sunday which was unusual for me. On 5 Oct 2016 despite my finding HODGSON in the act of fraud TWICE at least, again she hid in her car KS08 WZY waiting for me to drive off in mine so she could drive off to be ahead of me and claim she drove me “shopping”. I saw her, delayed at my car and while she raced past, I merely returned to re-enter 28. Many have taken part in shopping frauds FE02 VDK at 20 Fell View for over a year, PE08 ZRX with Jarvis in 41 for over 2 years, PE56 NXB using 41 and 23 and so on; my records are detailed and show which thieves have benefitted from posing as me or linked to me in FRAUD. 2 Quernmore Rd used by an old woman who teaches L drivers is NOT linked to YK02 VPF.

Organised Harassment Lancs goes on.  10 Oct. 16

Dear Sirs, this is for my records but it can be sent to show what Lancashire corrupt USE YOUR MONIES for in harassment and manufacturing of lunatic events to make FACT from FICTION. I rent 28 Fell View LA2 9RP under duress and the Gestapo with council liars, trolls and sleazy NHS all act when necessary to a) try to rewrite photos and b) make me ill with stress.

The latest troll from the council seen to be what she is, a dullard acting on instruction and the INTENTION to manufacture phone use failing this is SOME of what I find today: TOY as tax payers fund this. Please feel free to quote me: my photos are not yet developed; see doc to follow as to hysterics today. First the usual lowlife unemployed MR CAROL WOODS (version 492, 461) sits in the town library and hopes to make me think it is the Uni library. Thus he will be accessing something in fraud as usual.

I leave 28 Fell View AFTER the Royal Mail has delivered to me a scruffy OLD item from BT because the mail INTENDED for em went to the old thief in 26 who poses as me, the RM know EXACTLY what they do. (Now more Mr CW’s have piled into the library, all at once, and all employed and all rush to log on, it is not normal all in the “uniform” as instructed.)

The BT item asks that I have the old links reconnected as I have never had any phone links to 28 although the former tenant, bullied to death to get her out, did have. How then have i got SKY TV, Internet and so forth without BT links to anything? I haven’t. It is those around me who use theirs as if they are me. BT though are totally corrupt.

Leaving instead of JARVIS in GN07 AHO sitting and hiding in her car to then drive off after me and claim she drives me about, instead of the seedy in 16 HODGSON in KS03 doing EXACTLY the same, I had another seriously deluded troll in 43 McHARRAN who thinks she is me and lives in hiding but her car YP06 parked and she I watched walk to the car, sit and wait? What for? She was told what to wear, photos to be sent out again show how the trolls, bullies and general idiots think if they wear black and white (stripes being the favourite) then it is proof they are me. She wore the black and white stripe to be seen on photos of FRAUDS in action but she did not try to drive off when I did; she went back indoors to 43 and thus she is me in 43 and I here am someone else – apparently. (The Mr CW yobs have phone calls, loud, they shout in reply, the caller is heard and they are either insane or just stupid, it is the usual loud to be a distraction for me to make me stressed and is an old trick.) Williams who are me in 30 had their car (registered to me as if they are me) hidden to pretend to be out when they were indoors at 30. My email of 9th with data sent after this will show why there is a panic again.

Cars drove out of hiding places to PRETEND they drove me: one half wit pretended to be “moving” (I apparently move in and out of 28 regularly so trolls act out loading up cars to pretend. It is revision history which the Gestapo act because of my photos.They want to claim I was not in 28 to take the photos.)

There were so many and one sleazy from council I saw parked at a house not far, 28 QUERNMORE RD used at least 5 times in frauds as if I live there so I drove round to get a photo: she is nothing to do with me. Then I returned to 28 to see what else was being done behind my back: by then a removal van had arrived at 2 Quernmore Rd and PRETENDED “someone” moved in there because I found out the fraud using the old troll there linked to a murdered old lady and her car YK02 VPF. She in 2 Quernmore had been pretending to be my sister; another total stranger and now I apparently move in with my sister! My sister lives over 60 miles away. A fraudster hides round a large gate post, another of the hiding type to pretend he has met me about MY house 7531 KP a large BMW. (see links to BMW “P” reg at 26 thief’s council bungalow. The loud phone calls still go on, this is a library that is how ignorant these trolls are, they never went to RADA.)

Finally into Lancaster I find RX02 TLU roughneck has pretended to drive me by merely driving all the way to Lancaster and then back to Caton, unemployed, who pays her petrol? McGUIRE note the name, a Mc name from 2012 serious fraudster who claimed he was my partner and PERJURED himself with another posing as me in DWP TRIBUNAL fraud so he has to be covered for thus any troll with Mc name is used to be me to be proof I was linked to that murdering repulsive lowlife. Then I was not in Caton so obviously the deranged now who think they are are were not me then! Others claimed to be.

To aid and abet that murdering thug (tried to get life insurance on me and then tried 3 times to murder me by forcing entry middle of the night) ALAN McTEAR aka others, the Gestapo had a seedy, repulsive old fool loitering round by 28 and he using his phone to be seen thus PROOF it was possibly McTEAR thus McTEAR was possibly with me 23 Nov 2012 in a DWP tribunal; I have photos; it is nothing like McTEAR. Remember I was supposedly well away and not to see but did.

After 2 taxis were used to pretend (on photos in front of me so hardly likely to have me in their cabs) and ANOTHER seedy troll in BLACK MINI PJ05 GZW pretended in the general lunacy that she was another driving me BUT as if I was someone else, some I ignored but parking up, 3 in MK16  JHJ black Vauxhall truly sleazy had been following and they PRETENDED they called on “someone” and I guarantee they were sleazy NHS pretending they called on me when those calling were not NHS but old trolls posing aided and abetted by council. I drove round again; whoever they pretended to stand about to talk to was not me. I saw a red MINI used often and knew why it was used but had never seen the driver: today I did, she is coarse looking but has ginger hair, I was right at first; the GESTAPO pretend she is my daughter driving me about, she is nothing like any of my daughters, and is far too coarse anyway but the type the Gestapo seem to “know” so well,  PJ04 HLV red Mini Cooper and the most amazing Gestapo corruption from 2015 to aid and abet Jackson in 26 which YOU paid for.

Finally I had parked and found in a version of a photo of 2014 a seedy old troll NHS I guarantee in white small BMW PX63 AWF also pretending she had dropped me off.

Other data to be sent out shows why the Gestapo want me to be seen NOT TO DRIVE. Partly because lowlife all have cars BOUGHT FOR THEM as if they are me; there are other reasons. That is a summary; harassment, gaslighting, and not all is included because I am bored with it; you must be as well. Carol Woods Ms anyone can ask questions this can be reproduced and I can be quoted.

Lancs W’blower hounded invent more “crime” invites arreats  10 Oct. 16

From: carol woods <>
 5 October 2016 2:48 PM 
 To:  <>
    CC:  <>   <>   <>   <>   <>   <>   <>   <>   <>   <>   <>   <>   <>   <>   <>   <>   <>   <>   <>   <>   <>   <>   <>   <>   <>   <>   <>   <> 

Dear Sirs I sent emails earlier from Morrison’s WiFi then went to encounter the usual thuggery and harassment. I am now elsewhere and record this; the faxes below are from YEARS ago; obviously I have scores, earlier I sent from cherrytrees207 email address, outside the car park I encountered the usual Gestapo thug to claim he saw something, what? ME and a white camper van: the thugs in 2012 claimed I had a camper van and lured children with sweets, all that in another document they illegally see my old faxes and PRETEND now is 2012, the white camper van was WA12 BZT and the usual seedy troll in taxi was the “witness” to what? Anything they want to make up so this to Ass CC of Lancs. ANDY COOKE and I will be in all evening at 28 Fell View so call and arrest me if I have had a camper van and there are “outstanding matters”.  I notice you did not call when invited when YOU claimed I was not me but one you invented. Carol Woods Ms bullying thugs. Poor losers. You didn’t get the Casino, get over it. These faxes below were all ignored.

This fax was sent from Fairfield Stores on 27 May 09 at 11 01 1 page received OK. It went to chief Executive who as per Police reform act 2002 has liability for police. 01772 530949, I guarantee that the Chief Executive never saw my faxed letters as the Housing lady supposedly referring my name to others without my permission never saw my faxed letters.                                                                                                                                Vicarious Liability for crimes committed by your employees: Naming a few here: IAN FISHER IAN YOUNG (probably too sick to plead) LAURA SALES, BEVERLEY CULLEN, CHRIS WEIGH, STEVE FINNEGAN, TIM JACQUES, CHRIS AIREY, OFFICERS PINDER, EDMUNDS, With such as yobbish screeching barrister TANYA VERONICA GRIFFITHS, and her stable mate NEIL ANTHIONY CADWALLADER and such as HOFFMAN and ‘senior solicitors’ and so on.

Various crimes have been committed, all are well documented and you have enough on file to show that. I have enough on file to show that you have what you have and have ignored it.                                                                                                                                                                     Unfortunately the history of Fylde the related corporate manslaughter, the illegal evictions from their homes of families on the site, the illegal sackings of at least 46 staff members and then the systematic defrauding of the Charities Commission for years to try and hide that will need to be explained.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The attempt to somehow make people believe that what I could tell them was entirely related to my house is cinema material.

The “secret agent” “SH” in Lancashire Evening Post offices Preston (5 Nov 08 crime reporter Stephanie Hall sent me an email later saying it had not been her and she knew nothing about any taped interview with me)

(This next section is something the 2 sent today wanted to pass on, the fact that I had reported many break-ins at my house so they could rewrite the FRAUD in the document of June 2006 when I had not at all reported any such thing. At the time the state thugs were sending to my sister’s house in Shaw a local yob who kept shouting that he was going to break into her house so she contacted her police ROYTON who placed a flag on her house taking the threats seriously: I knew they were stage managed but had no idea why. At the time the state thugs had told the IPT that I was my sister and now I suggest that this was another piece of “evidence” that they used to pretend her history was mine, apparently I was not interviewed for incapacity benefit on 28 June 06 in Lancaster, she was. Except the lunatic of LCC YOUNG who compiled the drivel also made refs to driving my car: my sister does not drive. I lived 5 mins walk away from the DWP centre and there is no parking anyway in that Castle Hill area: I walked; I did not need to drive. That report shows accessing of DWP systems, invention and accessing of medical records illegally, and it led to MIKE TODD’s murder, GMP Chief Constable as one issue from my file handed to him by Judge David Williams, as Mike Todd was prosecuting those responsible. I have no idea what the point of the video and tape in the fraud and deception in LEP offices was for. The state thugs have denied me a copy of tape and video.)

Can I ask now that you request from your police all the information thus: on 28 June 06 a document was prepared making certain statements about “She” (me) has reported many break-ins’ at my house then called Beechroyd. I want all the incident numbers of all the reports; all the names, ranks and badge numbers of the officers involved. How persons broke in, what damage was caused, what items were stolen if any, who reported the incidents, by what method(s), on which dates, where I was at the time they were said to have happened; if my alarm system had been activated or not; if anyone was ever charged; what insurance company did about matters, how often they contacted you for crime numbers, any allocated crime numbers. When I have those details (as yet I have deprived of them despite making my requests many times) we can move on to other questions to be asked.

On 23rd I saw a classic example of revision history. Nash (thug bursting into my house after climbing my locked access gate and throwing junk at me pretending he was a bailiff – he named to be prosecuted. I have the junk thrown at me in FRAUD DECEPTION IMPERSONATE A COURT OFFICIAL) was his name and he was harassing me in Lancaster. I am sure it was him, he of the serving court junk from 23 June 2008 which can never be 23 May 09 can it? How could he walk into my house now when it’s been sold – prior to any bankruptcy being recorded on the Individual Insolvency web site (I was never bankrupt and one version was that I agreed to meet the dead person JRD in Lancaster County Court on 29 June 2006 and gave him my Commissioner’s monies to avoid such which I only had awarded Nov 2007 so I was clairvoyant as to a case and the outcome of that in June 06 was not even in the offing.) I might add unless the Internet and newspapers are more imaginings among my ‘plethora of allegations’

This letter was faxed on 27 May 09 at 11 03 from Fairfield Stores 1 page received OK sent to Tim Jaques. The fax was dated 26 May 2009 usual number 01524 596703. I sent it from me adding I was legal owner of Cherry Trees.

This is for the record. I have spent time making phone calls. The following has been confirmed.                                                                                          

In view of a comment in an email from E-ON saying that they had not received a particular cheque that had been returned to them via writing on the envelope “return to sender” (ref recent events at Penhale Gardens when I sent back over 30 letters to E-On which they sent to the deceased Mrs M Porter yet they continued to write to her. Obviously they had not received the returned mail, BT confirmed to me that they had not received their 30 or so letters returned to them. I had given Housing and police a number of letters on at least 5 separate occasions for them to contact the companies involved and explain Mrs Porter was dead. They clearly did not bother but that was why I thought that dross Rycroft were using her bank card and buying items in her name pretending they were her carer. I put an A4 note in my window for callers for Mrs Porter saying she was deceased over a year and all enquiries should be made to housing or police). I was alerted to more mail theft. That mail only arrived weeks after an E-ON letter stating that they had received the returned cheque had been dealt with. You will recall that an E-On doxy was recruited by your thugs, told to write her junk to me and tell me to report the theft of my money to the police. She added that I was not getting my cheque again.

That situation is all too common with history revisionists: only a dim-witted lunatic thinks they can rewrite history so we can always see the nonsense in what they offer.

I have now discovered that other letters sent back as “return to sender” have “disappeared” in the post (note the above of 2013 and see date of this fax, 4 years, same old same old). Faxes I have sent have been diverted to other numbers. (This evening of 30 Oct 2013 typing this document,  about 20 10 hours I tried to ring my sister from a call box when her line was diverted again which is common: I am expected to drive to see her if I cannot speak to her thus state thugs would use that journey of mine to make sure I “disappeared”. The frantic efforts today showing this dross on Penhale Gardens to be as ignorant and deranged as I state they are was part of that; it was all expected to impose on my memory significant events and rewrite them here such as dross Rycroft cutting the water pipe and the dross in flat 11 with the yob present trying to rewrite the police thug at my house in 08 Halliday. I was supposed to disappear and be made to think this nonsense here was what I recall instead of what I truly recall as well as all this here. The fraudster and liar NHS will have another complaint to CQC going in. The entrapment using her telling me she would leave me so I could “go out” was easily seen to be a trap like then one of 15 Nov 2010 when I was told that if I travelled from my sister’s to Lancaster then police would help me regain my house; they all knew they had other plans, only I believed the story told to me which is why I travelled to Lancaster for MY HOUSE.) Emails have received automatic acknowledgement of receipt email but the actual emails have been deleted from the receivers systems.                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Emails to Ministers have been intercepted and responded to by those bribed by LCC many in Malik’s department. You will know that Mailk has been found out to be what he is and has been suspended. Letters to agencies I am known to write to have been intercepted at point of receiving instead of the point of posting.                                                                  

Emails have been sent to me from persons named who have not sent them. Agencies systems have been accessed as have systems for purposes of manufacturing letters.                                                                                                                 
Secure systems generally have been accessed especially Internet facilities.

One Building Society account of mine and another has been used to help you in the laundering of money. The money I have legitimately is around £750 from my work. Nothing else goes in at all.

Telephone calls have been made to persons making those persons think something that was untrue. And for history revision purposes.

Agencies as per above include (not definitive: that means that there are others). IPCC, GSCC, DVLA, IPT, SOCA, ACCA, E-ON, GMC, RCS, DWP/DSS, EAT Marsden Building Society Lancaster County Court, Newcastle Magistrates Court, newspapers, government agencies e.g. HMRC……………………..

This fax was sent on 28 July 2009 from Yorkshire St fax outlet: it was 1 page received OK. It started “This is to further report additional serious matters and note that you have ignored everything”. Note the email address as given: this is the one the lunatics decided belonged to a male (first West African, then Asian and since then at least 35,000.00 others). I sent faxes as the state thugs being dim-witted liars deal with maters such as these by simply throwing files away: and then pretend nothing happened. The related letter to the obvious questions arising from any appearance by me in any court not just Liverpool has been faxed dozens of times and remains ignores; it includes such silly questions as “When was I arrested?” “What was I arrested for?” “Was I held in custody prior to court appearance?” “How did I travel to Liverpool?” “who were the witnesses?” etc. I also hope the reader notices how my story never ever changes over YEARS when the state thugs with their resident lunatic IAN YOUNG to advise them have a new story and version of literally every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year. Given that state thugs say they have never heard of me we have to wonder how they managed to “lose” so much data; losing one would be “unfortunate” losing files of YEARS is rather more than “carelessness”.  See item 2 and refs to impersonation via telephone and bogus “hearings”. On 1 Aug 2011 Janice Bournen my former LEWES landlady took part in a High Court telephone hearing, on 9 Sept 2012 my landlady then Margaret Middleton did at 5 10 pm take part in a DWP telephone interview claiming monies in FRAUD. Shirley Rycroft general dross at flat 4 Penhale Gardens has routinely taken phone calls as if she is me: my flat being 3 below her, I can hear every word. Her mobile phone is said to be mine, when I do not have one, that is one reason she sends and receives many text messages, so I can’t hear what is being said.

1. I was impersonated in Liverpool Magistrates Court on 23 October 2008. As a resident of Lancaster at the time the offence then the responsibility for “investigating” falls to you. As I have it all in writing an investigation will not be difficult for you. You can email me about proceeding which email you know of. The persons I report are Ian Lang, Paul Healey, Sonia Kirk. Offences are: conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, pervert the course of justice, assist offenders and obstruct justice, contempt of court, illegal use of tax-payers’ monies, bribery, taking photographs in a court and/or its environs,, extortion. Mail interception is apparent.

2. There was also a plan to impersonate or have a sleazy liar of a solicitor say s/he represented me in Lancaster County Court on 24 July 2009 which was a history revision exercise for 24 July 2001 (all those perjured documetns0, and each 24th since then. I found all that out at the 11th hour. One of your new recruits gave the game away via telephone. Naturally there will be data to suggest that I was written to about that but could not have been because a) no one has my address and b) it is out of the jurisdiction of Lancaster County Court. That data will be your evidence to begin the investigation. And to avoid further doubt, I DID NOT TAKE PART IN ANY ‘TELEPHONE COURT HEARING’ EITHER.

3. When you next write for “Krik” will you inform him that at no time did I offer the DVLA the names and addresses of any relative of mine, close or otherwise. (The state thugs had accessed DVLA systems and sent me an email with the name letters slightly altered of a genuine person “Kirk” became “Krik” hoping I wouldn’t notice and fall foe the fraud then. That was why Sonia Kirk was then found in Liverpool to write to me via email: the state thugs in their usual boring tedious banality were trying to make me forget Krik Newton and think of Sonia Kirk. “Sonia” has been rewritten since; they found someone to pretend to be me named Sonia, we have so many “Ian’s” all to muddy waters of investigation of those in Lancashire IAN FISHER IAN YOUNG)  

(as per the inarticulate yob posing as Claudine Binns in Holbeck Police station on 5 May 2006 offering threats presumably to carry out her threats.) I would need to know who gave “Krik’s DVLA’ that information. (In May 06 I was in Holbeck police station with my sister on a matter of theft of £2000 from my by a person who had posed as a solicitor but was not a Richard Coulthard. {Blacks of Leeds, corrupt, taking bribes}. In that Leeds police were told to keep me there while one of their yobs was sent from Bamber Bridge to pose as a Leeds officer which is what happened. Leeds police were complicit in that deception. That inarticulate yob was to offer threats to a “close relative” if I did not cease my case (which threats the bullying thugs have carried out). The subsequent lies and deception was all in conspiracy with Leeds police and they were told to tell me theft of £2000 by an impostor was “civil” well it would be, wouldn’t it? Saves the thugs from doing any work. My files on all that are intact and safe.                                                                                                            
There have been attempts since then to manufacture “evidence” that I have committed crimes in that police area with attempts to lure me into traps so that they can rewrite the history and say that state thugs of Leeds had me in that station as a perpetrator of crime. One was early 2012 when I was to be lured to Carnforth, outside of Lancaster which area has main motorway junctions. I did not fall into the trap: the state thugs were to say I was in Carnforth after driving from Leeds where a red car was involved in a hit and run accident involving 2 small children: that hit and run was to be said to be whereby I then “escaped” by driving down the motorway to be found in Carnforth. There is also a link to Carnforth which they try to manufacture to rewrite history out of the scope of this, see case of Jenny Smith Carnforth 2006 on Internet.

The IPCC did in this complaint instruct CHRIS WEIGH Head of Lancs Professional Standards to identify the yob posing as a Leeds PC, (I did my homework on that as I always do), they ignored the IPCC, Ruth Garnett for IPCC said the yob did threaten me and my family among other things but then as ever, mail theft prevents any advancement. )

4. I have also needed to fax Liverpool court as my email was rejected. Mine responded to one that Sonia Kirk sent to me. I could only assume she was a real person. She knows that I did not ring her as per her email to me. I did not wish to discuss matters nor meet with her, (don’t these people flatter themselves?), nor did I offer any documents. The documents were stolen from a live criminal court case which will need to be addressed. Trust me, it will be. One suspect for you in that is Tim Strevens of the Attorney General’s office no less.

5. You have not informed me what you intend to do about the fraud and theft, criminal damage etc to my house Cherry Trees Sunnyside Lane Lancaster.

6. Douglas Waite did not ever buy my house incidentally. You will know I withdrew it from the market when I found you had been instructing him via email interception. His solicitor, in Ulverston, never even started the searches on my house. That gave me a clue as to what was going on. David Carter of Cumbrian Properties was furious because I pulled out of the intended purchase of his property in Bare Avenue at that time. He even called to see me to bully me into submission. It didn’t work. And then they wrote such a nice letter to me saying they would sell my house in the future if I ever decided to sell it. I didn’t decide to sell it but thought that all those file papers………………………………………………………………… (it took some time to locate them………..)

WONGA from 2014 links Lancs W’blower  10 Oct. 16

Dear Sirs I first sent this data on 1/7/14 and tried to print off a copy for myself; the Gestapo spoiled the lettering which example of such is kept safe and shows their COMPUTER MISUSE. Not one person replied to my email; or if they did, I did not receive it. There is nothing different now; NO ONE has the volume of false documents I have but I know some people have enough to show it is not isolated practice; SEEN by courts and judges and IGNORED. I have not asked their permission to mention their names so feel I should not but please ask anything related. FOR THOSE SENT THIS PLEASE FEEL FREE TO QUOTE ME. Carol Woods Ms still on Fell View LA2 9RP where everybody wants to be me. My car X165 YUB red Toyota if I am indoors my car is parked outside.

WONGA fined huge amount for issuing false solicitors’ letters, news 28 June 2014. This is a list of some letters I have received over YEARS mostly generated by lunatic legal rep. for Lancashire police and the County IAN YOUNG. The list will include those bribed to write their junk to me in entrapment but where it can be seen he told them what to write. 28 June 2014 I reached this point then left for the cinema: I knew that the brief passage had been illegally “seen” as all my data is and has been “seen” illegally for at least 6 years now. That is another document; for here I record that as usual, the Tonton Macoutes then set about arranging “reprisals” expecting me to stop producing FACTS as the Nazis offered reprisals to make those fighting the fascists forced to stop. For me they arrange all kinds of thug –led events but harassment is relied on as a permanent base for the “reprisals”. I ignore much; the pointless activity of half-wits is not worth a mention. But what can be arranged for after 8pm on a Saturday night? Given the illegal devices in my bungalow and on my car the thugs know when I leave and drive away so have lots “arranged”. Sometimes I take a different route so their “efforts” are wasted but leaving Caton LA2 9RP I took the main road to Lancaster. I had noticed the usual in having a taxi drive to Caton with a dreary old trout as passenger where they claim she is the tenant of my flat and they have a taxi behind me who has pretended he had collected me as someone else and taken me as a fare paying passenger. The taxis used I can count 3 in any 5 minute farce. I have dozens of photos of those thugs who have pretended to collect me as a fare paying passenger from March 2012 when the landlady, aged mid 80’s of 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ where I then rented caravan 1A would take taxis using my name. MY car X165 YUB apparently does not exist. Thus a car I record in a related document X166 CDM an aquamarine green sent to park near me so that I would “forget” my car and think I only knew that one (such is the lunacy) mine being red an easy mistake, apparently, was to follow me, silver Citroen X886 FDB, that is Mr Carol Woods I presume, another one. He was to park and take a ticket when I parked for the cinema. But I parked in a free zone so I would not get my car confused with his. Among the taxis and that half-wit I had seen an ASDA van hiding in a layby (after 8pm on a Saturday night? Yes filmed AV63 JUT), he was to set off as I passed and he with a taxi was to pretend they had delivered to me in Caton and then I had been taken by taxi somewhere. This is to rewrite the on-going ASDA FRAUD found out and used with lowlife in no. 22 Fell View HUNTER as per another document recoding the why’s. Ignoring the usual “recruits” around the cinema I went to collect my car after the show, after 10 15pm and watched a farce in progress, that time on a Saturday night. A self-drive hire van drove into a car park of EQUITABLE FLATS near the cinema Moor Lane Lancaster. I shared a flat there briefly in 2009 for a few weeks prior to moving to Longtown so apparently this is now late July 2009 and not late July 2014. Why was I sharing a flat? Because MY HOUSE HAD BEEN SEIZED WRECKED AND LOOTED on 27 Oct 08 and 19 Nov 08 and from that time to late July 09, I had stayed with friends and relatives. Thus it seems I was just moving from MY HOUSE tonight after 10pm to a flat with a van full of things. (There was nothing in the van. Who paid to have that out on the road at that time of night? Who paid the taxis and who paid the time of the ASDA van driver?) The van being watched by me I then walked to my car and found a white vehicle DY59 WNX and could smell FRAUD all over it. The car was parked outside a café/bar I used to frequent known as the Gregson and was to rewrite a dead trustee at MY HOUSE Sept. 06 pretending he was “appointed” to meet me when he was dead. That thug drove a large white car: and that dead “trustee” was actually disguised as at least 3 other males from time to time and at least one female. With the car on the 28th June 2014 almost 10 30pm was one old tart from Penhale Gardens flats Heysham LA2  where I rented flat 3, 1 July 2013 to 24 March 2014. She found out fraudster can be seen to look like what she is, an old tart well past her sell-by. SX03 SUE Audi she used a number of times and covered for by corrupt police who tried to drive to harass me using cars with plates as similar as possible. I took photos and found on my return to Caton the old pervert from a house across the playing area which person and vehicle has been used often since I arrived: SF60. He is used as there seems to be a disabled young man in the house which seems to be no. 25 Fell View thus the lunatics think if he drives around behind me they can say he is my driver and I am a disabled young man. As such, that driver being at 25, I move my car which suggests he isn’t me and see the dross from house number 20 sneaking about in the almost dark and rain. They were more who pretended they had dropped me off, X682 VAO silver saloon. Thus after 8pm on  Saturday night there were no fewer than 2 taxis, used, one Asda van, a large self-drive hire vehicle, 2 old trouts as fraudsters in 2 vehicles, one half- wit with his car, one pervert with his, and 2 lowlife with theirs. And they were the ones I recorded as significant, the rest I ignored. I will record though that there is another person found to be “me”. This person is one I have known many years but had not seen for a long time as she was “recovering” from “problems” she is VIVIENE CARRADICE aka others. I had wondered about police using her and was sure I had been right on Saturday 28th. She was sent to the cinema when it was seen I was en-route there and in that more than half empty cinema she was to sit as close to me as possible, (This is often done but usually using males) which she did, right in front of me. She as with someone I did not know and I did not acknowledge her; I cease speaking to anyone who thinks they work for MI6. She was to wave her arms about and point and gesticulate with no apparent motive. But there was, I obviously did not know then of the planned fraud using the Gregson and pair of old fraudsters after the film but V Carradice was to be TANYA VERONICA GRIFFITHS in the employment tribunal of my first claim 2406569/01. TVG was the barrister for LCC respondents and relied on screeching, bullying, intimidation and waving her arms about, she knew nothing about the law and is known for bullying people out of their cases. One of my witnesses making a statement about her appalling behaviour (see below for corruption PAYOLA and worse in that) as did 8 others, make reference to TVG waving about her arms thus if I see someone like VC doing same 11 years later then I will “forget” Griffiths – apparently. V C would not have been told why she was to make such a spectacle of herself and she would not have asked; she would have seen it as her “big chance” given he is an “actress”, out of work has been for years but nevertheless describes herself as an “actress”.

This was the first letter I received where the content was completely different to what the writer had expected me to think I would receive. The writer or signature was ROGER BARHAM letter dated 21 Dec 2001 and he I thought was the Local Government Ombudsman when I later found he had been just a lackey of the LGO. I also met with the LGO in June 06 after she had retired and she had known nothing at all of the matter I reported in maladministration and corporate manslaughter. Gaining experience I could tell that the writer had been IAN YOUNG (data analysis is my field of expertise). How then did Barham purport to be the writer? He sends the blank headed paper to YOUNG who adds his own drivel on it who then returns it to Barham for the signature and the date to be added and posted from his office to make it look proper when it is not. My High Court challenge to that via judicial review met with the usual destruction of court documents where it was said I lost my application when I did not. Lancashire County Council thugs (also police legal reps) had a member of the judiciary lie to me to make me drop my case. And then they destroyed page 3 of the court document related inviting me to proceed to an oral hearing to show only 2 pages suggesting I lost that first stage. I have the original 3 pages as I have the drivel from Barham who must have taken a bribe top keep it from the LGO, to make me think he was the LGO and then to have YOUNG write the drivel on their paper sending it to and fro which explains the length of time it took to respond. Blog on the matter

Fiona Woodward GSCC. I wrote to GSCC reporting PATRICIA ALLEN liar and perjurer, bully and more who worked with a false CV and claims to non-existent qualifications. In that she endangered the lives of children and had in fact done so which events were highlighted in my statement for claim 2406569/01.DAVID MICHAEL FAIRCLOUGH Head of HRU at the time wrote to me and a writer asking questions offering threats to us saying he had seen P Allen’s file and she did have the qualifications. Fairclough had been one that P Allen had bragged she’d had “relations” with, he one from a number to ensure her rapid rise from cleaner in a children’s home to manager in child care. The attempt to manufacture “evidence” I run a cleaning firm, was Mrs Patricia Woods of flat 18 wife of bent- ex cop Graham Woods thus I was actually Pat Allen, is all documented. The attempts to make me seem to be someone I was not and from PRESTON to cover for that fraudster P Allen who had always lived in Preston, and the police legal rep IAN YOUNG ensuing that the managers all covered for PAT ALLEN despite them being on Special Measures for YEARS given they were inept stupid and corrupt: not only Fairclough, but Andrew Sofield, Gill Rigg, Bob Gower, Sue Mitchell, Tony Bradshaw, Gilliam Armstrong at least. Armstrong was such a liar and perjurer (all documents safe) she decided to resign and was told she need not work the usual notice, they just wanted rid of her. Woodward sent me on headed paper, the drivel compiled by IAN YOUNG (still safe) and for that she must have been bribed. I reported the OBVIOUS conspiracy and bribery to HEATHER WING GSCC which found as usual, I was deprived of all related correspondence.

Other agencies using the lunatic Young to write drivel: I had informed YOUNG not to write to me in 2002 so he wrote pretending to be all these other persons often using girl’s names. Clearly, these corrupt in positions of trust in agencies would have been easily flattered by such a lunatic, a male asking them for favours, and they would agree to anything. CPS including JOHN HOLT and IAN RUSHTON.

Sarah Crawford of Scottish Ombudsman’s office which case I won but she spoiled that after mail was stolen with contents seen and which involved MOHAMMED ASIF posing as HARRY NARAYAN in a CCRC case of mine with the resultant false documents issued to me. Rodney Huggins in that also instructed to send me drivel.MoJ then knonw as the DCA and Ben Connah ARU (all ARU staff anywhere told to see me off with malicious communications so deprive me of data) used to send me a malicious communication written by YOUNG.Daniel Barlowe of ICO in 2013 was to write to me on instruction from YOUNG and try to lure me to fall into the trap set then whereby YOUNG wanted me to send documents to the ICO which would be passed along so YOUNG could use them with someone else posing as me in a court case AGAIN. Daniel Barlowe was to rewrite DAVID BARLOWE of DCA ARU and the trap he set for me which also failed. In that he used a stolen cheque pretending I had sent it to him thus I had stolen it. That being 2007. Barlowe of the DCA then found out asked me to return the cheque to him saying it was all a mistake. I had by then been informed of the issuing bank that FRAUD was seen. I did not return anything to Barlowe in the DCA. Daniel Barlowe of the ICO “trap” of 2013 got nothing from me either. The ICO being staffed by bent cops mostly always offered me sops and drivel as instructed by Lancashire.

Lata Shah, Paul Farren and a CV Walker of the SSC sent me a false court document in 2007 and then followed by a letter from CV Walker which person did not exist.

Michael Arbuckle, Julie Johnson and Pauline Donleavy issued to me letters not on the EAT files and typed on home computers so there would be no official records again on traps set and falsifying documents. On 19 April 2006 JANET WOODALL had impersonated me in the EAT on a stayed case of mine. Who then provided her with mail and files? Woodall of 11 Sullom View Garstang.

Lancaster County Court and over 30 “court documents” all bogus with judges who did not exist, naming solicitors who knew nothing at all about any related matter, naming dead people as having been in court, naming persons who were thugs but pretending they were “bailiffs”, hearings of which there are no records and so forth and all safe.

IAN YOUNG also does as routine when they lose yet another case in any court (they always lose relying on corrupt representation and perjury using such as dross in 26 and 30 Fell View who would attend court and lie under oath as if it is the most natural thing to do) downloads a court document from the Internet one he thinks he can “use” where he scans and replaces the names and dates and then prints it off for issuing as true document.

On 18 April 2013 Chief Superintendent RICHAR BAYLY of Lancaster police wrote to me saying he had undertaken a full investigation into my case (without even so much as incident number or one question asked of me) but his letter is not proper police stationery. Bayly seems not to be able to give me the ranks and badge numbers of TRACEY KENNEDY and ANDREW HALLIDAY both police, both who claim they bought my house.

Manchester County Court and false documents issued to me by a MARTIN HUDDLESTON rewritten by other fraudsters all called Martin such as Brankin at 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe to hope I “forget” Huddleston.

All this above includes much which was seen by Chief Constable GMP Mike Todd who was murdered for seeing it and being what it was FRAUD, DECEPTION, EXTORTION, DEMAND MONEY WITH MENACES, WITNESS INTIMIDATION and more.)

In 2012 I received a letter from the Local Government Ombudsman, a different LGO from the one of 2001. The letter I was suspicious of because it had not been stolen or withheld from me, why was I “allowed” to have it? The envelope frank mark showed no tampering but I considered the letter. It is another classic vying for first place with some “court” documents I have. The content is complete drivel and only IAN YOUNG could have issued such thinking it was clever. The headed paper is old LGO heading and they have taken from their files an old LGO letter and colour copied that, then removed the content to been left with a clean old copy of LGO headed paper. He added his drivel and the signature. A photocopied signature reminding me of a letter intercepted to me from IAN GRANT Home Office (Ashley House) which letter was stolen, altered and his signature added as a photocopy. The signature of the LGO drivel was Anne Seex. I had had personal dealings with her, there is no way she could have written such drivel: she made Lucretia Borgia look like a nursery nurse. Seex suggested I deal with a Mr Russell as she was too busy to deal with all complaints and he was very experienced. I was to send everything I had and tell him all about Identity theft, but I hadn’t asked for LGO help on that. I also knew that Seex had resigned the LGO post years earlier. The letter was to trap me into sending documents so they could run a court case in my name. Why use Mr RUSSELL as a name? In 2004 DS ANDREW RIGBY GMP Bootle St station was bribed to “see me off” after he had been the appointed officer to begin with perjury, extortion demand money with menaces and witness intimidation etc in Manchester tribunals claim of mine 2406569/01 committed by the respondents, Lancashire County Council SS (Social Services although SS more apt from WWII). (Mike Todd Chief Constable saw all that in 2007 when things finally got through to him and that was why he was murdered in March 08 after he passed a file for prosecution of such as IAN YOUNG to CPS.) The chairman of the claim was bribed, PETER RUSSELL (he also named to be prosecuted) but RIGBY in his letter of threat to me dated 30 June 2004 (which is why 30 June of every year since has been rewritten one way or another and why 30th of any month is used) refers to Russell as District Judge Russell when even the Bar Council could not confirm he had ever even been a barrister. To help RIGBY in that the state thugs did then invent me as someone else and did manufacture a case against me to lure me to Preston in March 2010 (the tribunal had been March 2003). In the Crown Court in Preston I saw that a DJ RUSSELL was hearing Crimes of Proceeds cases which was nothing to do with me but the intention was to try and mesh me with whatever they were to then say he was the DJ RUSSELL referred to. It became to be one reason I “lost” MY house, I had bought it via proceeds of crime so had it taken from me. What crime? They included, DWP FRAUD. TERRORISM, BANK ROBBERY, CHILD ABDUCTION, MAKING COUNTEFEIT NOTES, SHOP LIFTING, SHOP LIFTING TO ORDER, DRUG DEALING, BURGLARY ESPECIALLY OF ANTIQUE CENTRES AND JEWELLERY SHOPS, (presumably I fit all those activities in between bouts of being disabled through obesity,  diabetes, arthritis, dementia, high blood pressure, heart problems, alcoholism, lung problems, blindness, drug abuse, etc all “reasons” I “lost” MY HOUSE). Years of trying to mesh me with whatever that day was in Preston Crown Court failing and the drivel sent to me to have me “engage” with a “Russell” almost 10 years after the tribunal was in part to hope I “forgot” the tribunal and thought I “knew” of a Russell via the LGO. The lunatic YOUNG composing that drivel in computer misuse at least did then send it to the LGO office where they would have had a bribed sycophant willing to then post it to make it seem proper. I ignored the junk but then received emails, how? I had never contacted the office or the person Russell (if there is one, there may not be) how could he know of my email address? I deleted them.  The letter to me, another I was “allowed” from Daniel Barlowe of the ICO was sent with the same intentions.

PETER RUSSELL chairman Manchester Tribunals and the false document I have from that claim. It was YEARS before I found out that it was a false document. I knew the content could be proved to be false but in that at least 5 judges had seen it and not one had ever mentioned the FRAUD of that document, they pretended not to have seen it, those corrupt bullying liars all protecting the named half- wits and those from what is laughingly known as the “establishment” are to be identified in another document.In Nov 2007 I received a DWP letter saying I had failed to attend a medical but it didn’t matter as my “explanation” was accepted. I had no idea what they referred to and took it to police as part of the matter then I was sure was in progress, ID THEFT. That document is still being used by police as if it was a bona fide document which is why all those others are said to be me being aided and abetted by police (filmed) to attend DWP medicals in my name and claim monies. Those I KNOW of are Margaret Middleton mid 80’s, 28 June 2012 and 7 Sept 2012, Shirley Rycroft flat 4 Penhale Gardens Heysham (9 Dec 2013), Agnes Jackson 26 Fell View attempted to on 6 May 2014. Curwens on 8 May 2014. On 4 May 2014 PC ANDREW MASSINGHAM was sent in wasted police time to tell me I should not take photos of neighbours. My camera is digital; hand held, no tripod, It is not a criminal offence to use such and to use it to identify fraud is my civic duty. He was sent to intimidate as they know I can prove all fraudsters in this as I take photos which are good. Many of my photos show police corruption in aiding abetting known criminals more than anything has ever in history done. On 18 April 2013 PCSO PAUL SHEPHERD was sent to tell me that that as I knew the DWP letter was a false document then it didn’t matter. But they’re still using it as if it was a true document so I suggest it does matter. (Using that rationale if one knows who has for example burgled them then apparently there has been no burglary!)

False court documents included others from S D ROBERTSON also of MET and K ROBINSON, D LEAHY and A WOOLLEY. Because of the “DJ RUSSELL” comment by bribed RIGBY it was thought that other tribunal documents could be signed by “judges” to show me (given the case of a friend was used) that I was wrong about Russell and Rigby had been right. Thus Hilary Slater signed for as “employment judge” and such like, (I have all that safe) and I have from the DCA that there were no such judges listed with the names on the drivel produced for either me or my friend. My friend had a solicitor a SADIQ VOHRA from Preston rotten right through, he conspired with LCC and the corruption in all that and cheated her out of her case. And my letter from the Bar Council saying that those who claimed to have worked as barristers were not known to the Bar Council.

I had not long been in Fell View when I received a malicious communication from a TONY FOX in Housing. IAN YOUNG had written it as another trap, but the name on the letter is Tony Fox. It was another failed trap. That had been done at Penhale Garden LA3 2QA where I rented flat 3. I had not been in the flat 5 minutes before I had one of those malicious communications. I had many from the council going back years; they all show what liars I deal with on a daily basis.

LEE SHEEN in the Home Office is a liar on instruction and all public agencies have their “instructed” liars who make sure they take the faxes and respond to them; mostly the named intended recipient never sees them.

In 2008 my middle daughter had a debt manufactured against her and after malicious communications to her in threats and intimidation as organised by IAN YOUNG she is still paying for that! They tried same with me recently as if I had “forgotten” how they did that to my daughter.In 2007 I received letters from the Banking Ombudsman who informed me later they could not have written the letters as they were all dated on a Saturday and they did not work on a Saturday which I’d guessed. The police were accessing the systems when the office was closed and adding the data which staff saw on Monday and assumed it was to print off and send out which is why my letters were all dated Saturday and posted Monday and I received them Tuesdays.

This document could go on for pages; I have more false documents of all forms than anyone ever had at any time at all, ever. The thuggery has been with the overall intention of forcing me to “forget” or to steal my files from me or to make sure I “disappear” but I have more than enough for the jury. In 2009 The Attorney General granted consent for me to proceed with private prosecutions in that I had false emails and drivel from some in that office who were bribed (or just corrupt for free? Hardly likely) so name them here TIM STREVENS and ROSEMARY FENANDEZ.

FRAUD and CHILD ABUSE Lancaster area. Police led  8 Oct 16

This document was to be sent as fax but now I can send copies to others so that if anything happens to my copy, others will have theirs. The fax was for Lancashire Gestapo, bullying thugs, liars, fraudsters, those who aid and abet and ORGANISE serious crime using lowlife to do much of their “dirty work”. 8 Oct 2016 after 7 Oct 2016. From Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP.

This reports CHILD ABUSE in a form somewhat different to the usual “understanding” but child abuse is anything where children take part without informed decision making. This I will keep on me as hard copy to show when the Gestapo try to pull any stunts as done Oct 2015.

On my return to 28 Fell View after a day of my being out where SCORES were used to harass in CAR FRAUD, ID THEFT, COLLECTIVE HARASSMENT, SERIOUS COMPUTER MISUSE, WASTE POLICE TIME, AID AND ABET, HARASS and so forth. EXTORTION, DEMAND MONEY WITH MENACES, PERJURY, POLICE CORRUPTION, MURDER, CORPORATE MANSLAUGHTER are some matters at the root of this and the FACT that YOU did not get the Super Casino as per my whistle-blowing thus YOU bear a grudge as brutal degenerate parasites baying for vengeance.

Leaving most out; this concentrates on what you STILL try to manufacture as “crime” I commit. The use of camper vans sent to stalk me in my car X165 YUB is from Aug 2008 when an old thief and fraudster parked outside MY house and did pretend by filming SUNNYSIDE LANE where MY house is, that he was IN MY HOUSE WITH ME; that old thief and fraudster pretended he had been appointed by the Secretary of State as a “Trustee” when he was only 1 of what has become now (most on camera) 400 such deluded repulsive “men” (using the term loosely).  For those sent this, the Gestapo did in 2012 pretend that I drove a camper van and lured children with sweets; imagine what they would have said had I been a Mr not a Ms. On 6 Oct 2016 they again had a white camper van stalking me; it is clearly seen in my wing mirrors behind me. On 5th Oct 2016 the bullying thugs did the same then with a taxi driver and Gestapo to confirm they saw me by a white camper van. So what? We all know what liars they all are – perjurers in fact. The taxi firms in the area have spent YEARS driving about in front and behind me pretending they drive me and MUST also bear a grudge as that is 99% on camera.

Back at Fell View amid the usual lunacy of fraudsters pretending they met with me at Lancaster University but my photos showing they did not (another “appointed by the Secretary of State” and his old doxy), the local lowlife, all unemployed thieves, fraudsters, stalkers, harassers and worse were used again to pretend in lunacy. As all their collective efforts failed to prove they ALL drove me about (at least 6 every time I drive off or on are used and they all claim to drive me, that is how more than 30 drive me about claiming in FRAUD that they do) I finally parked up after spoiling much and was met with a girl about 8 or 9 to stand by my car and hope to provoke me so I would take a photo and then you could all scream that I take photos of children; we are not luring now, we are taking photos. It was “taking photos” this time last year with those so ignorant Fell View they truly do not know how long a pregnancy lasts (out of scope of this) but PC PERJURER ANDREW MASSINGHAM tries to make then be NOW. (This time last year I was in Barcelona with liars and worse on Fell View making statements to say they saw me on Fell View so that is the calibre of cretin I deal with hourly and daily.) I ignored the girl; I have no idea who she was but she is only 1 used in such child abuse, “Go and stand by her car and try to annoy her” etc.

A reprobate Mr CAROL WOODS currently in 41 Fell View with JARVIS fraudsters, forgers, thieves and worse was to hide behind a shrub to be the “witness”. I will state as a witness he PRETENDS to live in 41 Fell View where they have 3 young children and they claim he lives there in FRAUD. Is he cleared for being around young children? There is not room in 41 for him; is he sharing a bedroom with one child? I have reported their child abuse at least 6 times when they send their children as I park up or work in my garden for the child to shout to provoke me. They even tell them to “shout louder” to make sure I hear when I ignore them. That is child abuse; reported and ignored. The reprobate now is not the first they have hidden in 41 in fraud to claim falsely DWP monies.

K MILLS at 20 Fell View with her sister K MILLS in 7 Leslie Ave off Fell View and their abuse of the small boy at 20 also sent to try and provoke me so they can scream I take photos of children. Both unemployed disgusting old trolls have claimed that I live in 20 Fell View and in No. 7 Leslie Ave AT THE SAME TIME as aunt of those creatures being cared for and driven about by them. I have reported those 2 often for child abuse in aiding and abetting CLARKE in 23 and the boys he uses in FRAUDS. I have reported all for much more but this concentrates on the child abuse.

I reported serious child abuse by REID at 49 Fell View who also claimed I lived there and like at least 20 other tenants “suddenly came into money” when I moved to 28 Fell View. In that abuse they risked the life of their toddler 3 times and a small boy once. You ignored all that. I will add that PCSO PETER WOOD called to see me 9/9/2014 to keep me talking so that AGNES JACKSON known thief and worse in 26 Fell View could attend a GP as if she was me; I had to be kept at 28 because had I gone out I would have spoiled her FRAUD ID THEFT and more. P WOOD was to say “someone” claimed I took photos of children. Did they have photos as proof? No. That is why the lowlife use young children to provoke and hope reprobates hiding in shrubs can be a “witness”.

Among that I also record this: the repulsive old lecher Mr K WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View pretends he is married to me to make me maracas mouth, his wife, both thieves, liars, fraudsters who know something about the “convenient disappearance” of the former tenant of 28 (an elderly, lone lady). He has done nothing but harass me since moving in and pretending I am his horrendous wife. YOU gave her ID IN MY NAME to aid that. Much reported in their thefts and frauds leads only to YOUR aiding and abetting them to cover up what I report. For those sent this the latest lunacy is that Mr K Williams hides by the car REGISTERED AS IF THEY ARE MR and MRS CAROL WOODS, PJ65 WLL when informed to be ready (the GPS system on my car allows that) and he then pretends he has just returned in my car which is metamorphosed into the silver Peugeot: mine is a RED Toyota Yaris – no mistake. He is a pest, a thief, fraudster, repulsive, deluded, deranged and is reported AGAIN for harassment with INTENT to DEFRAUD.

These cars are used often: I record them here: GN07 AHO at 41 Fell View where Mrs Suzanne Jarvis  drives back ne’er-do-wells when they need another Mr Carol Woods such as 7 Oct 2016 with the van also in use if Mr Jarvis’s, V004 NVZ.                                                                                                                               
MILLS at 20 Fell View,PJ63 HCL and DG05 YEC to replace YD06 VVN, FE02 VDK, SK02 VLL, at least.                                                                          

WILLIAMS have had 5 FIVE in my name: PK52 NXJ, PX14 LRJ, PE64 OUG, PX15 KHW and now PJ65 WLL.  
LAMB in 32 claims to be my dead mother with car PF08 WDJ claiming I drive her about.                                               
REID uses PF12 RVW mostly.                                 

HUNTER in 22 Fell View have used their 2 small children twice with Hunter usually doing the screeching to provoke such as being told to shout individual names of IPCC staff who have dealt with my cases over years. They as MILLS (both), Reid, Jarvis also “came into money” when I moved to 28. They have used a few: YD54 VYR, KW54 XDO, FE11 OBN, R68 TLM, FN59 OUG, Y424 BEO at least.

 The white Vauxhall now at 37 DS64 CCK where I apparently moved in on 17th, 19th 24th Sept 20167 AGAIN does not drive me about: nor did PN54 XJD a car used there for at least a year claiming that driver drove me about. OEO6 APF also pretending same is the same liar and fraudster.  The child abuse is the usual masonic inversion nonsense of reversing FACT to make FICTION. There is more to this, this suffices for these purposes. You are all a disgrace; gross dereliction of duty in NOT charging the lowlife with child abuse at least. I guess you are still trying to cover for perjurer DC JANE WEBB and links to perjurer PATRICIA ALLEN, child protection “manager” Lancashire Social Services she with bogus CV and claims to qualifications that do not exist in their CHILD ABUSE. I record the case of children BM and KM which I will NOT forget. ML03 vehicles, usually 4 wheel drives ALL fraudsters and harassers and NOTHING TO DO WITH ME. There are others but Webb was not involved with the others. Yours etc Carol Woods MS.

NB For clarity: 26 Fell View a bungalow, one of 4 strung together on Fell View. I rent no. 28, A Jackson, mail thief and worse, claims to be me.               30 Fell View Mr and Mrs K Williams aka Mr and Mrs Carol Woods. She told to dye her grey her yellow for CCTV purposes to claim she is me. Yellow dyed hair is supposed to look like my colour on CCTV. Occasionally she has dyed hers orange in going “too far”. Since the last serious TREASON discovered she was told to stay indoors hiding and wait for her grey, almost white hair to be back in place. It is un-dyed.                                          

32 Fell View MARY LAMB white hair, claims to be my dead mother. She and JUNE WILLIAMS have acted together a few times. Now Mrs Williams has the almost white hair, she pretends to be MARY LAMB and Mr Williams as above pretends he has been out with me as if I am Mrs Williams aka Mrs Carol Woods. Thus ONE person has “disappeared”. My bungalow “disappeared” from council records when I moved in March 2014: I was the one to “disappear” with Jackson in 26 as “me” when it suited and Williams as “me” in 30 when it suited. Others claim in lunacy.

I paid to park my car today. Anyone who is me will have my car park ticket, and it will be wondered how I have EXACTLY the same.

2012 Info from Lancs w’blower: Police crime  7 Oct. 16

Faxes sent to Lancs Police; NOTE NEWS TODAY SCOTLAND YARD CORRUPT: we all know PAUL STEPHENSON was part of much of that. Obviously the low life who claim to be me NOW were not “me” in 2012 as I did not then “live” in LA2 9RP. This was sent out in 2012: I rescued many documents from 2012 which had been transferred to the lowlife who hid in caravan 3 @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe as I rented caravan 1A. The INTENTION was to transfer MY data to the male lowlife (who all claimed was not there while my photos show he was) in hiding with the MOTIVE of making him MR CAROL WOODS. That was repeated using 24 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP when I rented 28 Fell View: the thug arriving to do the same as was done using caravan 3 drove KS53 VLF and at least 2 vans; he was sent March 2015 amid much fraud found out. The faxes I sent were all ignored. See how I recorded that the landlady at 298 waited to then walk indoors after I parked up; that was to be proof she was me just returning. That is still done using others who are now “me”; for example Agnes Jackson thief and fraudster in 26 Fell View sits in the dark and then slams her door, switches on her lights and pretends she is me just returning. BUT Williams in 30 also do the same: he in 30 steps out at the rear and PRETENDS he has shopping to store in their shed after returning as if he’s been out with me to suggest I am his horrendous old thief of a wife. Jarvis in 41 hides their car and as she sees me approaching 28, she goes to drive GN07 AHO to 41 and pretends she is me returning. On an early morning arrival after I had been out to a venue, she in 30 was to get out of bed, switch on their lights and stand in the window using her phone (pretending to) and thus pretending she was me just returning and ringing someone to tell them she was back! The lunatics have taken over this asylum. The reference to the items on the gate at 298 in regard to cycle races was repeated on Sunday 2 Oct 2016 when I went into Morecambe. A Masonic thug and his cycle was to harass and say there were no signs about NOT cycling when he was a liar: I took the photos of the 6 about 1 metre each square saying “Cyclists Dismount” etc. That was to hope I thought 2 Oct 2016 was 2012 at 298 again!

Notice the bold type and underlining: that was done AGAIN recently with the Gestapo having lowlife serious organised fraudsters mostly in 45 Fell View somehow try to link MY laptop to a BLUETOOTH which messages on my screen told me what was taking place. I cannot print from my lap top so take photos of messages on the screen. I typed in Times New Roman often in 2012. Notice the use of thugs to harass if I use a public library.

The reference to rank and badge number of TRACEY KENNEDY perjurer and fraudster, thief and worse: In Nov 2015 a liar, bully and perjurer in PC ANDREW MASSINGHAM was to say to me that I had been given the rank and badge number when he knew I could not have been. See how Gestapo called then to pretend I was someone I was not and how they still do that right to 4/10/16.

On my return from being out, the landlady again appeared in her doorway with a filthy plastic mug, bandages on her legs and the usual pink/red well worn and past its sell by cardigan type item, she was me just arriving back! On the main gate they had hung items in harassment to rewrite the pictures I scanned and sent out about the cycle race going through here when I also copied out a picture of a document posted at MY house 5th Sept 2008,and 27 Oct 2008, 18 Nov 2008 etc MOTIVE IN MARGARET MIDDLETON, WHISPY OLD LADY PRETENDING TO BE ME AFTER ALL THE OTHERS: SHE HAS A LAND LINE JUST AS BOURNEN OF LEWES HAD. MM IS LIKELY TO TAKE PART IN A COURT HEARING AS IF SHE IS ME AS BOURNEN DID.

I also noted that my computer kept having pop ups saying that hard drives were in use as were USB’s which I had not installed.

The rest was noted but ignored. This fax was sent from Ryman’s in Manchester on 24 Jan 2012 “Intercept Communications” at 12 17pm. I had been in the City library (no sign of Margaret Middleton landlady or Janice Bournen landlady or my sister, Jackie Hunter, or anyone else I am said to be) and used no. 17 computer as a paying guest. The librarian had problems logging me on: a male suddenly rushed to the next but one to me (either 15 or 19) and the problems began with use of my email address, I recorded that as a fax but noticed when I approached Ryman’s I was being watched, the manager stood about with his computer seemingly linked to the fax area. My fax recorded the library corruption and the Ryman’s manager, adding that his actions did not make me forget the actions of a stationers’ shop on Yorkshire St in Morecambe of Dec 2010 and Jan 2011 where the owner was told to install a computer next to the fax machine: I watched while he used his computer linked to the fax machine when pretending to send my faxes then. I had sent many faxes from that shop, spending pounds with them over years. I have not been in since.

This went to Lancaster police on 12 10 10 at 13 32 via 01524 596735. Attention C S Richard Bailey (who had sent me an email which content was deleted when I opened it to read) RE: Fraud, Criminal Damage, Collective Harassment in THEFT of CHERRY TREES SUNNYSIDE LANE LANCASTER LA1 5ED. Manufacture “evidence” of crime including on-line banking and benefit fraud. This is for the record. (page 1 of 2) Item 1) The £40 subject of ref. no BA/41444/10 appears to be a crime number. There is no record of the number on your systems as per my enquiries. What crime is involved?  Barry Hammond with Janet Woodall aka Tracey Kennedy are the connections to Lancaster police and the £40 – set-up re Facebook fraud in my name was the motive. I HAVE NEVER SET UP A FACEBOOK ENTRY. I STILL AWAIT RANK & BADGE NUMBER OF T. KENNEDY.

2) There seemed to be no trace of the crime ref. no. allocated in relation to my VW Polo car BA 080 5957 – 08/09. 3) While dealing with CSO Griffiths and PC R Treddenick at my daughter’s home on the matter of the £40 at (1) (the thugs had called knowing she was at work and were pretending that I lived there and was her) I showed cogent evidence of major crime involving the Treasury solicitor and bogus emails: harassment and malicious communications. Intent to defraud – perjury. A document from city Revenues stating that my house was seized by a mortgagee on 27 10 08 when I have never had a mortgage. Another stated I was bankrupt and lost my assets including my house which was also seen to be false – fraud. The documents were shown in your station on Sunday. NO ACTION RESULTED – GROSS DERELICTION OF DUTY. 4) C S Griffiths appears to be relieving her guilty conscience after her actions 27 12 09 and subsequent perjury but is not welcome at my daughter’s home. I can receive mail via that address – 6 Hazel Grove LA1 5RY, No visits must be made – I do not live there and never have (compare this with wasted police time of fax typed up earlier ref Jan 2012 PNC shows I live at my daughter’s, these people are more than stupid, woodentops is not strong enough to describe them) 5) Justice MacKay High Court said anyone in MY house Cherry Trees must be removed, by force if necessary and prosecuted. Police action must be taken. I was also advised to sue. 6) The wrongful arrest and false imprisonment of me more recently was also seen as evidenced. Police action required in naming offenders. First page signed by me Carol Woods Ms. Page 2 was an email I sent at 14 20 on 9 Oct 2012 to DWP re fraud, house theft and the non existent Mrs Carole Woods. The footnote on that was written that PC Treddenick flashed at me on 9/10/10 at my daughter’s house was not delivered as I asked. I did not ask for what was delivered on 10/1010. (What was delivered was a copy of Treddenick’s note book entry in which I said that the £40 B Hammond had given to me while dross filmed it on their mobile phone in a staged event in Lancaster in Sept 2010 was from police funds and must be returned: I did not want it. That £40 was removed from me after being pushed through my daughter’s letter box “Please give to Carol Woods”. The thugs stole it after another arrest because it was evidence that they knew I was me. What they did not get was Treddenick’s page from his note book, “Please give to Carol Woods” which shows he had altered his entry after speaking to me at my daughter’s house and being told what to add. I signed what I originally said, his entry is after that signature. That email had been sent from the Tourist office in Preston on 12 10 10 at approx..12 41 and again to make sure it arrived from Preston Post office 13 32 hrs. There was no reply.

Lancs City Council aids ORGANISED CRIME 7 Oct. 16

02-25-10 001 and 03 46 28- 001 Photos sent out show bullying idiots at 37 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP pretending to move “me” in always on dates linked to MY house from 2008 especially. The deranged act out events as if 2008 is NOW and thus pretend I was moved to 37 Fell View as the liar, thief and fraudster in there pretended from 24/3/14 to have me in there as her mother. YOU funded all that via the council corruption paying that fraudster knowing she was a total stranger to me. At the time I had moved to 28 Fell View; the FRAUDS using 37 and 22 other council houses had all been planned when 28 was deemed “most suitable” for me. She in 37 managed a high spending life style without working yet as a single parent: she was being PAID to “care for and drive about” an invisible person. AT THE SAME TIME so was JARVIS in 41, CLARKE in 23, with others drawn in as the weeks passed; for example by May I was also in 22 with HUNTER as his mother, then by June the council and Gestapo had dumped a squalid caravan on the tiny front yard of MILLS in 20 Fell View and pretended I moved in there as aunt to the troll. I was also being impersonated by serious lowlife in 26 JACKSON and 30 WILLIAMS with a DAVID BARRON mid 70’s used from 47 to be a “double” of Mr Williams in 30 trying to make a set of identical twins for those bullying deranged fraudsters Mr and Mrs Williams in 30 Fell View who were also known as Mr and Mrs Carol Woods. I was invented as “KAREN” in Sept. 2016 so that the name of MR WILLIAMS, KINGSLEY could somehow be PROOF K WILLIAMS was me with Barron keeping “company with” Mrs Williams so that there seemed to be 2 couples: they greatly flatter themselves, both Mr Barron and Mr Williams are bloated, mid 70’s gormless who I suggest have never been much more than undercooked suet puddings. Under normal circumstances I would not know such existed far less wanted any link to them; liars, bullying harassers, thieves and fraudsters indulging in such instructed acts of lunacy trying to prove they are not what they are; personified undercooked suet puddings. They are just a few to act in FRAUD and who gain massively; it is not pretend gain, it is real and YOU fund it.

Surely the council would question the “extra person” in 23 houses, paying for “care” and providing money for “driving about”, providing Blue Badges for free “disabled parking” and so on? Not at all: all reported and all ignored. In fact the recent lunacy has included this: I report a faulty street lamp when I moved in which light was on 24 hours a day so wasting resources. In recent days the council sent a huge wagon with staff to act that out again outside me in 28 to PRETEND I had just moved in to 28. They then left, drove all the way back hours later and drove round and off again with a 2nd large vehicle to harass. It is called “brainwashing” by them: I refer to it as harassment. The following day they did that again using one such street lighting wagon and staff. No, they did not bother checking the whole collection of street lights. On 26/9/16 they sent another large wagon to park near-by and just sit to menace; he drove off after I took a photo. When I went out later they had various local points I am known to visit “covered” one being the post office a mile away. There they had various vans, the usual seedy old troll waiting to post something as I conducted business in the post office which was to be said something I posted, so I drove away and did nothing. Yet another huge council vehicle emerged to harass. YOU pay for all this thuggery.

Thus amid the lunacy of other photos where I apparently move into 37 Fell View again from 17/9/16, they act it out again on 19th: I go out and return to my car parked in a usual place. Illegal monitoring shows where I am all the time. This is done often: the photos show a council troll who had been waiting to walk “with me”. I always give them the benefit of the doubt but she was only one of a few used INCLUDING sleazy “professionals” spending HOURS at 41 Fell View again and setting up JARVIS again as a “carer” and in that, they used a young boy to PRETEND to me he was being fostered to validate their time at 41, BUT to others they had set Jarvis up again in bank frauds, forgery and so on to pretend I was there. They are included in other documents so I just record their licence plates here, PE08 ZRX used constantly from March 2014 and ALWAYS in THEFT, FRAUD, FORGERY and a car used by at least 4, all liars who act out the most silly acts pretending something takes place which does not: LT59 FGN. How does that all link to me? In Nov 08 the council thugs erected a steel door on MY private dwelling house without any legal jurisdiction at all. NOW they try to pretend I was “too disabled” to live there so presumably live with lowlife strangers miles from where I would want to live! MY house was stolen, wrecked and looted with council thugs seen and filmed taking part in the looting, followed and found where they hid looted items. I then discover a SHIPMAN policy of bullying lone persons to death and looting their assets which is common among lone, elderly persons. No one misses them; no one asks questions as families do. Thus they are all on a “nice little earner” and do not want that removed from them as a perk of their job.

This troll in the photos then waits to walk as if with me. She wears her council ID badge. She was chosen for her bleached straw hair; that type of hair has been well used recently since HUNTER in 22 Fell View with the same sort of “hair” was found out as a thief, fraudster and worse. Thus bogus “daughter” found for thief and fraudster in 26 had to have the sort of “hair”; there are many examples; that suffices for here. I walk to my car and amazingly she knows just where it is, a free parking zone for 1 hour. See she waves about an item in an envelope; I see it and thus it is PROOF she gives me something on paper. The 1st photo and she is near my car, to her right, about 3 cars ahead of her. I stepped back to see what she would do – she walked on, the skirt and brown shoulder bag are significant: part of dressing up to be events from “history” all in harassment and FRAUD. It was no coincidence that an old doxy with straw for hair with a pink jacket was found and sent to 26 Fell View on Sunday 25/9/16 to screech with Jackson and pretend it was her daughter when Jackson has no daughter; they think I am as stupid as they are. The lunacy was to make Jackson me with one of my daughters which had already been done using Williams finding an old doxy with bleached hair as their daughter when she was nearly as old as they are. The Gestapo found a troll for Jarvis, about 20 years older than the eldest child in 41 but to make up the numbers as I have 4 children, Jarvis only has 3 so a 4th was found and she did not just have me in her house, she was actually me as Jackson in 26 is and Williams in 30 is. You think that’s bizarre? Mary Lamb, a malicious old dullard in 32 Fell View is my dead mother – apparently.

The waving about of paper is from my case 2406569/01 the case that was significant in the murder of Chief Constable Mike Todd of GMP. My case against Lancashire Social Services and in my statement I record how the area manager TONY BRADSHAW tried to persuade me something was fact when it was not. He told me of the issue being sent to him from HQ and waved about a piece of paper saying that the new “policy” was there. I asked to see that piece of paper; he would not show me: he then admitted the piece of paper said nothing. He was just a liar BUT went on to be a perjurer as did ALL LCC witnesses and what Mike Todd was finally prosecuting with the related WITNESS INTIMIDATION, DEMANDING MONEY WITH MENACES, FRAUD, DECEPTION, EXTORTION and so on. There have been many such trolls waving their junk to make me think something untrue.

On 28/9/16 to aid and abet Williams in 30, the council arrived AGAIN and drilled internal walls. Not where Mr had drilled on 27th, just more so now they’ll be hoping I forget the adaptations of 28 and 30 for MY power to be linked to them. The council thugs have done this from my moving in: the day I did move in, after calling to be messed about by EMCOR thugs time after time, after calling to decorate and finding sleazy NHS hiding waiting for a taxi to pretend he had been here, after finding much else, but at least empty recycle bins: the council bullies had placed right outside my rear door so it would be the first thing I saw opening my rear door, a bin full of LARGE rubbish including a railway sleeper. That was to hope I forgot my brother, engineer Network Rail and think my only link to “trains” was a sleeper dumped. That was because the council sleazy were running 2 sets of records with one as if the former tenant was still in 28 and I was not; had I not had my car, they would have said I had to pay to have it removed not being household waste. 3 days later they sent a thug to 26 AGNES JACKSON, his job was to remove from INSIDE 26 a whole series of doors and pretend to work on them. The thugs were trying to make it MY house and WINDOWS again. I took photos as it was odd and then find that the trolls with that malicious old thief had actually brought to 26 those odds and ends of doors to store and then PRETEND after I had moved into 28. Imagine the lowlife thinking all that up. Such council thugs have aided those in 30 in similar ways, often sending a large works vehicle to park, 2 staff to alight and then to go to the rear of 30, shout, laugh and leave doing nothing at all. YOU FUND ALL THAT. Obviously this does not include the use of buses to drive all the way to Caton, hide at 29 and pretend they drive me about as “disabled” or collect Jackson who poses as me she claiming to be “disabled”. She has gone out in “black” today so they’ll be pretending something to salvage what they can of the wasted efforts from 17/9/16. The photo of the council lock up is CEDAR Rd where council LOOTERS were seen hiding things they looted from MY house 19 Nov 08. They learn they have been found out, move everything crack of dawn before I can be alerted to catch them red-handed, but I do get some items they had from MY house, those they dropped in the their haste to move the evidence. On 29 and 30 Sept 2016, council thugs arrived to DRILL in the street, then left having done nothing proper.

On 28/9/16 the use of one from 16 was seen again and caught on camera: she I did not know was used for a long time, YET ANOTHER who apparently drove me about in KS08 WZY. That is one of 3 cars all the same silver Peugeots with very similar plates and all used in FRAUD. She in 16 Fell View is MARJORIE HODGSON and used as I have a sister Marjorie (who does not drive); the use of the cars is to drive off behind me (any one of the 3) and PRETEND they take me shopping when they go shopping using a council funded bank card, keep the items and PRETEND they are for someone who cannot go out herself – ME. I was sure she in 16 was council staff, she looks that dull type. In Aug 2016 I found she had followed me and parked rear of Lancaster library in a “disabled” space. I knew there was a shopping fraud underway pretending it was for me again. I went to Ryman’s and faxed the Gestapo saying if they were quick they’d catch the fraud going on given car details and place where it was parked. They did not arrive. I had returned to see who was the “ME”. Usually the fraudsters go alone and just pretend someone invisible is with them, I expected a “me” to try and get right what they keep getting wrong. The driver returned to the car with “ME”, they were not happy to see me witnessing their FRAUD. The “ME” was a JUNE WILLIAMS type, the lowlife thief and much worse who claims to be me, she in 30 Fell View. That was to be “proof” I had just moved to Fell View AGAIN and was being taken out for shopping. Hodgson knew the old troll was not Williams, she knows Williams is not me and she knew she was found out. Keeping a low profile from then to NOW, on 18/916 when JARVIS and her child abuse based fraud was failing again, when all the other fraudsters had taken buses, driven round all to be something it was not, I drove back to 28 Fell View, had just parked up and found HODGSON had been waiting to pretend she drove me.

This is an event I have recorded elsewhere for YEARS: since 2012 I would switch off my light in the caravan I rented and serious lowlife would shout and slam doors from other caravans on sites adjoining and PRETEND I had left one caravan on one site to then go to another caravan on an adjoining site. How I ever returned to the 1st caravan was never explained. In the flat I rented after that caravan, the thugs would park and hide anywhere they could out of sight of my flat and then drive off pretending they had been indoors with me. That was continued after I moved to 28 Fell View and while it has not been done often, given the Gestapo are furious about being found out to be EXACTLY what I have claimed for YEARS, they have sent their scum to hide and wait again to drive off when they see I retire for the night. BUT I do not retire, I switch off and they drive off and pretend whatever the lunacy demands: then I switch my radio and lamp back on so what have they tried to “prove”? I can only guess that they pretend I am living in 2 addresses and as the thugs usually hide behind 29 and 31 Fell View I suggest they claim they are me and they leave 28 for somewhere else as a 2nd address or, pretend that they drive me from 29 or 31 to somewhere else. Please feel free to quote me. I will add that I have stood at my front door and taken photos of their headlights bearing down on my bedroom window which faces the roadway leading from 29 and 31 Fell View to me in 28. Some I have caught hiding CW55 AYM (used at 29 and 31 in hiding and stalking) and SN55 DGO caught hiding at 24 Fell View (empty house) pretending HE was me living there.7-oct17oct27oct3

Lancs Police invent w’blower as others  7 Oct. 16

Part 1 of 2
 This is split into 2 with photos sent with Part 2. Photos to show how the Gestapo change their minds when they fail in an exercise to “see me off” as whistleblower, how males said to be me as MR CAROL WOODS are replaced by others which is how we have arrived at the huge numbers of supposed Mr Carol Woods who are all ages, all races, all religions. Obviously this can only be a “snap shot” but serves to show the lunacy and how the Gestapo organise in serious organised crime using lowlife, dullards, permanently unemployed and unemployable to harass and defraud ME. The lunacy includes their farces being said to be “proof” of whatever they manufacture, so we’ll see. These are examples:

Obviously the deranged thieves and fraudsters where I now “live” they in at least 22 houses all at the same time round Fell View Caton LA2 9RP were not “me” when I did not live in 28 Fell View. Thus March 2012 to July 2013 I “lived” in caravan 1A @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe LA3 3EJ. It was a small, disused scrap yard with 5 old holiday caravans used by DWP fraudsters with their 2 or more names who would call to 298 to collect the benefits paid as if they lived at 298 when they did not. Caravan 3A for example had at least 3 couples all at once living there. The council alerted did nothing but from then tried to manufacture “proof” I used at least 2 addresses and different names. The DWP claimed that those fraudsters calling to 298 used it only as a safe mailing address; it was so safe 99% of my mail was stolen and theirs was so “safe” presumably because they used false names. In caravan 3, I was sure someone was in there in “hiding” – only 2 caravans aside from mine were lived in, No. 1 and No. 2 with me in the middle as 1A. Anyone at 298 denied there was anyone in no. 3. A male I learned was MARK A RIDING called to caravan 3 occasionally, COUNCIL STAFF, and I found he was to collect data I typed in caravan 1A as they do NOW using 24 Fell View (also empty with male lowlife using in hiding and with yobs using 45 Fell View with Gestapo linked troll hiding in 43 which is all proven with persons identified). I have no idea how he was transferred MY data to then claim as he had it, it was proof he was me. It then raises a question as to how I have it on my records.

The lout in hiding was chosen as he resembled RIDING which was the intention, to make it seem as if only Riding was there from time to time; one lout used in 24 Fell View was also the same type. In Lancaster, I was sure I was being followed and found this lout was following me; window reflections gave him away. He was who I was sure was in caravan 3. I had found him stalking me other times for example, he would follow me to RYMAN’s and hide behind the shelving while I sent my faxes which I did often then. He would wait until I had left the shop, step out and buy envelopes to pretend he had sent my faxes and bought envelopes to be PROOF he was me and “I” was then to send out letters. I caught him on camera a few times doing that. See how he walks, used until relatively recent times; he waits until he is told I have been seen in Lancaster, returned to my car and he then sets about walking the route I was ILLEGALLY seen to walk to be “me”. I have returned to town and found that: he is told to start “limping” if he is seen. That is PROOF he is me “disabled”. All those who are “me” have to “limp” when “on duty”. MARK A RIDING became MARK S RIDING the day my brother’s wallet was stolen from his jacket while in work. My brother, an “S” name and why I stay away from my family, the Gestapo thugs punish them to show me how big, brave and clever they are.

Just as I was to move to Fell View 24/3/14, I drove to Lancaster BUT not from 298, by then I rented flat 3 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA, I parked near the train station Lancaster, the GPS on MY car shows the Gestapo where I am at all times, this area is the scene of much harassment, recruited trolls as are other areas where I am known to park often. I saw this lout crouched among other cars parked as I parked up: I knew who he was immediately: set off to town and he set off towards MY house. See how the deranged is “dressed”, in “black with a rucksack” as PROOF he is me, anyone in “black is apparently me. A rucksack is apparently irrefutable “proof”, why? I always dressed in black for work and in claim 2402412/04 against Lancashire Education Dept which saw IAN FISHER Head of Legal Services on the stand, UNDER OATH being IMPERSONATED and FOUND OUT. In that the harridan, bullying ignoramus “barrister” for LCC TANYA VERONICA GRIFFITHS told LCC “witnesses” to dress in light colours, pink, white, cream to make me look “dark and brooding” as the moron she is. The “witnesses” all dressed as if they had walked into a charity shop and someone had shouted “catch” so scruffy were they. (That claim was only 1 that led to the murder of MIKE TODD GMP for investigating, the original claim was 2406569/01 against Social Services as I have various PROFESSIONAL qualifications which are not invented as most in LCC work with as we found out in those cases. I have varied experience in teaching and child protection and the joke is that the Gestapo claim all the lowlife who are “me” are unemployable who have never written a word in their lives.)

I wonder what this lunatic is up to and go to see; he is to walk towards MY HOUSE which, as “seen” after I park up my car is PROOF then walking to MY HOUSE is PROOF he is me as Mr Carol Woods. But on 15/7/16 I am walking in an area of Morecambe, Bare, which I do from time to time. The Gestapo always arrange for thugs to harass or they send Gestapo to sit in their vehicles and “confirm” something FICTIONAL which they will rely on as being FACT. On this day they decided to rewrite my photos of the deranged NEAR MY HOUSE in Lancaster, miles from Bare. They had this one sneak from hiding as I walked; he in “black” with a rucksack, he was me as Mr Carol Woods with Gestapo ready to confirm “seen” thus “proof”. Look at his legs! I have arrowed the house I owned prior to the one stolen. 23 ELMS RD BARE MORECAMBE where I lived when married.

What has that to do with fraudsters and worse in Fell View? 23 Fell View, CLARKE posing as “carer and driver” of me, he a ruffian, unemployed, a child abuser who used at least 2 vulnerable boys to pretend to be he “cared for and drove about disabled” SON with other lowlife all making me think that was FACT. To “authority” that child abuser claimed I LIVED IN 23 FELL VIEW as the “disabled”. The lunatics arranged that because I had once lived in 23 ELMS RD, miles away. The scum in 23 Fell View would not be known to exist by me under normal conditions. THIS ABUSE                AND USE OF A YOUNG BOY TO DEFRAUD, HARASS AND MORE GOES ON NOW AT 41 FELL VIEW WITH JARVIS. THAT FRAUD WAS VALIDATED BY “PROFESSIONALS” IN PE08 ZRX AND LT59 FGN; THEIR VEHICLES ON PHOTOS IDENTIFY THOSE DERANGED FRAUDSTERS AIDING AND ABETTING.

As usual, the Gestapo see what I record, see my photos when I scan them and aside from trying to recreate events to harass, they reverse events to try to confuse any investigation. Thus the louts above become FEMALES. HUNTER in 22 Fell View claims I lived there as Mr Hunter’s mother, found out as fraudsters, they claimed I has HER mother; that also seen she then pretended to be me. Her straw like hair is her main feature. Thus I in Lancaster University library 4/8/16, Hunter is not “available” so they send this troll chosen to be “mistaken” for Hunter. Notice the hair; she is to sit where I worked and use her phone, then walk off and pretend somehow that is PROOF I use a phone as Hunter uses a phone as if she is me placing orders for goods in theft and fraud and all evidenced.

I go to Barcelona in Oct. 2015 and find this couple hiding in a doorway where I walked each day from the hotel to the Metro. All this type of harassment is organised by the FREEMASON organised crime syndicate. Thus HUNTER was “seen” where I was so that is PROOF she either is me or was with me. BUT an old thief and fraudster in 26 Fell View is also me; she is AGNES JACKSON and was caught again WITH MY MAIL IN TREASON and ID THEFT on 24/9/16 so needed to be “covered for”. I park up in Lancaster and find this frizzy haired troll sent to walk behind me and then on as if going to MY house where the yob in “black” found crouched behind cars in Jan. 2014 was to walk. This is MY house, not the house I once owned. I have not walked round Bare since that day so the Gestapo won’t “revise” that photo. This troll then with the frizzy hair was to be seen heading to my house and somehow that made her linked to me BUT as if someone else was me.

On Sunday, 25/9/16 another troll was sent to 26 Fell View in BMW P514 JBC, a car the unemployed-by-trade son of Jackson was driving briefly. Now this old troll seems to have it; she looked almost 60, the photo is not excellent but my memory is: she was sent to Jackson to pretend she was the woman of Saturday 25th and thus she in 26 somehow is me with MY house! Jackson in 26 is in her 70’s and conducts theft and fraud almost daily.  She does have 2 sons, one about 50 and one slightly older, he does not call to Fell View, the younger one does when a fraud is in progress. The frizzy haired troll on Sunday was to shout about “mum” and she in 26 was to screech about the “daughter” when Jackson has no daughter. The deranged think that I will believe that frizzy haired old roughneck is her daughter when from March 2014 she had not called and Jackson only claimed to have 2 sons. This is usual for the Gestapo to invent relatives for fraudsters and worse; to make them more like me, they find them “daughters” when necessary, sisters, brothers, and even use children as grand children when the children are clearly uncomfortable with the lunatic events. The INTENTION was to claim that the frizzy haired might be HUNTER seen near MY house thus a daughter lives in MY house then calls to visit the “mother” who is not actually me but Jackson who claims to be. Why have the Masonic thugs decided to try to manufacture all that as PROOF of FACT? Because a daughter of mine had her name on MY title deeds for safe keeping in the event anything happened to be while I returned to New Zealand which trip never happened because of the Gestapo thuggery. Thus I am not MR CAROL WOODS now, I am a seedy, malicious old thief and fraudster who has to have roughnecks visit and pretend to be her family. (Going from no daughter, which she told me when I moved in March 2014 to 28 Fell View, she now has been found one. But that one has been 3 different trolls, a jury will gasp in amazement.) I refer to all this as shaking the kaleidoscope.

The denim of Saturday was because of the troll used at the phone shop/Internet cafe seen leaving after I had been in using the Internet. She had been following me and entered the shop; she stood boring the shop keeper for the whole time I used the Internet; she shouting to distract me (an old bullying game) but to make me hear. She was told what to shout and it was mostly about MY clients from my case load which were part of my whistle-blowing; the gross unprofessionalism suggested to me she was actually a social worker. She was to hope it made me think MY work was hers. She left after I left and this I took: see how pleased with herself she looks: she probably sends a text to say what a success she had been. The hair was then translated to HUNTER in 22 Fell View as above and the denim was translated to the troll of 25th and the hair being the common denominator was then found on one to be daughter of Jackson. Someone is PAID to sit about and think what they can do with what detail they have so it can somehow be repeated and/or revised.

On 29/9/16 the lunatics thought they were making NOW be 2014. They had tried the bogus “daughter” of thieves and fraudsters in 30 Fell View Williams which as most know was an old doxy almost as old as they are when they pretended they could sell MY house which FRAUD I was not to know of on 20/4/14 but did. That “daughter” in MAZ 7675 seen to be a fraudster, Jackson’s also the “revised history” includes this: Williams in 30 Fell View who claim to be me as Mr and Mrs Carol Woods do have a daughter, also called CAROL which was ANOTHER nail in the coffin of the 28 tenant when it was decided 28 was “for me”. She does not have anything to do with them. BUT my moving in to 28 and she in 30 claiming to be me, and with me as apparent sister (all behind my back; I had to find all this out myself). There are a pair of sisters, large lumps, unemployed paid to drive about to stalk to harass. More total strangers I found a K MILLS in 20 and her sister off Fell View in 7 Leslie Ave also K Mills. (Kirsty and Karley.) The older one from Leslie Ave had a large MITSUBISHI pick up to accommodate her size. She in 20 had a large VW which she still has, PJ63 HCL. The pick- up had a cover for the rear. Both MILLS women would have on the cover and hide, parked outside me at night and use their phones as if they were me. I twice found the pick-up at the rear of 30 with K MILLS indoors posing as their daughter (to me) because at that time, what I had find out, the MILLS trolls, liars, thieves and fraudsters claimed that Williams was their mother, I was sister to Williams thus aunt to Mills. Mills in 20 Fell View went on to claim I lived there in a squalid caravan dumped on the front 20  by the Gestapo and council who aided and abetted that FRAUD, FORGERY and more. (Remember I was also apparently in 22 others.) 

Mills in 20 is partner to son of Freemason stalker and harasser WILLIAM BLEASDALE of 2 Hall Drive, also off Copy Lane. Bleasdale snr did in June in red AUDI WG03 DMW, 2014, PRETEND he drove me (from where I do not know) as their aunt to 20 Fell View to rent the caravan. They had TV licence in my name to “prove that”. The Mills thieves (who have gained much as I also moved into 7 Leslie Ave as well) calling twice to 30 to pretend she was their mother. How? Her daughter is almost 60 and called CAROL.

This is the K name the Gestapo have been found using in FRAUD having scum access MY email and planting the name KAREN to make it linked to lowlife WILLIAMS who claim to be me. Mr Williams is KINGSLEY so the lunatics use KARLEY an d KIRSTY to be daughter but Mills not Williams and plant KAREN on MY email registration thus they think it follows that I am MILLS lowlife and daughter to more lowlife WIILIAMS. End 2015 when many were bought new cars and at least 3 households helped to “disappear” in found out fraud, MILLS in 7 Leslie Ave had a “For Let” at that rented accommodation (not council) and the Gestapo PRETENDED she had moved. They bought her a NEW car a black AUDI DG05 YEC and I thought she had moved. I was wrong: it was ANOTHER DECEPTION. I found her hiding to stalk me a few times usually from behind 29 Fell View where they all hide, and after events where I discover the KAREN on MY email address and show what COMPUTER MISUSE in serious crime it is, they instruct MILLS to call to 30 AND USE YD06 VVN the Mitsubishi they got rid of end 2015. The lunatics are trying to turn back the clock and make a K name somehow linked to fraudsters in 30 to be ME as KAREN to cover for the repulsive old fool and fraudster, MR KINGSLEY WILLIAMS.

Part 2 Lancs Police org. crime Lancs.  7 Oct. 16

Part  2 from Carol Woods Ms. I have found a male interfering with this via his phone. I am struggling to send anything. The librarian has moved me to another terminal. How can I say what I know? I can’t. Williams have a “trick” of not using water then they rise. They sit all day often without washing. Why? Because the Gestapo want them to be me and thus MY water running is apparently theirs thus they are me. On 29/9/16 I heard them in 30 but no water; it was too early for them to be up so, something was going on. I heard someone sneak into 30 at the rear, went out to my car and took a photo of YD06 VVN brought back into play. They were up to their old frauds of K MILLS but to invent KAREN who will now be KIRSTY or KARLEY or KIRSTY or KARLEY will be KAREN OR CATHERINE (see below) but either way, they are not related to lowlife in 30 who are less than nothing to do with me.

BUT this is also to aid and abet CATHERINE ROWBOTTOM another deluded unemployable troll who did, from when I moved into 28 Fell View pretend, along with other deranged trolls, that 2 scruffy council houses, 29 and 31 were a secure hospital and I lived there. That found out I had to take photos of how the NHS aided and abetted that fraud when found out because without photos, no one would believe this. In that ROWBOTTOM and others wore hairdresser overalls and borrowed BOOTS photography dept overalls as bogus NHS. On Saturday last, amid much else the Gestapo had a BOOTS troll stalking me, she in uniform with the bleached hair tied in the Lancaster face lift style, favoured by HUNTER in 22 where I also live (apparently) and ROWBOTTON found to have been hiding in 30 Fell View (all on photos and dated for a jury) while Williams were out, she using her phone and pretending she was me in 28. That was aided by BLEASDALE from 2 Hall Drive and the lowlife from 45 who are the ones caught red-handed using MY email account from 45 Fell View, with the Mrs Dalton there also posing as me. (She now claims she has changed her name.) To aid and abet that FRAUD using 30 Fell View in PARTICIPATION CRIME Case Law AG Ref No. 1 of 1975 Lord Wiggery, they all shouted their farewells to make sure I knew Williams were out. Dalton then called knocking on the door, no reply shouting, “They’re still out”. That is done often, lowlife hides and someone has to call and pretend no reply as proof they are out when they are not. The INTENTION in all that is ALWAYS to use phones as if it is MY use they claiming they were not indoors so it must have been my use. The kaleidoscope has been shaken again. Only 3 days ago they brought back into play R48 GMA used in 2014 driven by DALTON from 45 who now claims he has no recall of the car adding he has no licence, so that was brought back after all that time this week and I see was driven by a seedy old man which is what happens to significant cars R205 XRJ, Y191 SLF and thus R48 GMA. Now YD06 VVN is brought back, not a seedy old man, the lunatics have reversed that in Masonic inversion lunacy and think a jury will be fooled. The BOOTS issue is another separate document; I took a photo of the BOOTS stalker on Saturday as they have been used often and serious computer misuse as well as harassment.

I will add here that by 11 30am the lunacy outside was in full swing: PHOTOS were to be rewritten. Photos of serious fraud from 2014 were “acted out” using the usual unemployed half-wits, the woolly hated yobs above appeared outside, parked and walked round his car then drove off, he was far too told and fat. In fact he was very like the thug JACKSON and the TV frauds at 26 from April 2014 on photos. An old man with white hair was to call to 30 and try to act out the SKY FRAUDS of 2014 when MY photos show SKY installing their 2nd TV system IN MY NAME with the pretence and deception, FRAUD and forgery that WILLIAMS were 2 pairs and thus one pair was Williams and one pair was ME with one who looked Mr K WILLIAMS as the “identical twins” of Williams, one pair lived in one half of the tiny one-bed-roomed bungalow 30 fell View and the other pair lived in their other half; oddly from 4 there has been no running water at all; the great unwashed. I only took 1 photo to show how different the cars and events are from 2014 to those acted out today, 29/9/16.  And what will the Gestapo do to arrange something else to try and rewrite the yobs above? They will have yet another unemployed lout from Caton walk up and down, along Fell View with another of their unemployed lowlife to go by and confirm they saw a yob on Fell View thus PROOF he was somehow me from 28 Fell View or a “son – seen”. And that Fell View is really miles away at MY house. The photos in question are those for agencies which show Gestapo led thuggery, harassment, fraud, deception and how they aid and abet in participation crime lowlife who bullied to death at least 3 elderly, lone persons with assets looted.

On 30/9/16 amid much else, I had not gone out so the council thugs arrived again, for the 5th morning in a row, drilled a bit here and there, doing nothing, left amid the vehicle brought in to open and slam doors and pretend they loaded someone up to “move”; that has been done many times. On 30/9/15 the Gestapo parked outside, and they were to confirm they saw Jackson leave 26 and then claim they saw her identical twin leave later. How? She was to walk round the block, enter 26 quietly at the rear and walk out again at the front in another jacket; that was to be PROOF she was 2 people, one being me. On 30/9/16 how did they rewrite that? Jackson had to go out as herself BUT not in any of the 10 new jackets she was bought to pose as 2 people. Cars used wasted their time: delivery was made to 24 to try and be the deliveries of May 2014 again (I have just moved into 28 again apparently, that is at least 14 times in the last 14 days) in sheer lunacy, by 3 30pm it was obvious I was not going out so could not be said to move in, a silver Citroen Saxo Y547 OGW arrived and parked near 41 with the driver obviously council gormless and she took her dog into 41. The car has been used often to stalk to harass me but never with a dog and not at 41. The dog was then driven off with the owner. By 4 30pm a black car arrived with another “professional” sleazy and this one was to drop by 41 and see if the NEW PERSON was INDOORS. The sleazy had on the favoured green jacket that was fashionable among young people years ago. It is used often by lowlife such as on 29th when one “carer” was at MY car on my return after shopping, prior to going to the cinema, pretending whatever her lunacy allowed; she too had the bleached hair worn Lancaster face lift style. What were those lunatics trying to repeat from “history”? a silver Honda LT59 FGN from mid 2015 was hidden behind 29/31 Fell View and 2 gormless sleazy would walk their dog up and down outside me, waving a bit of paper then leave. They PRETENDED that they removed a dog from someone “too ill” to look after it ME. Those 2 of good photos were PAID to drive to Caton and walk their own dog in FRAUD. In that, as the Gestapo try to make me seem to have a dog, aside from all the lunacy in at least 10 houses where I apparently “live” JARVIS in 41 had a yob in Y486 AAS park outside me but call to 41 he with 3 dogs in his car left to bark for at least an hour each time so that I became to think I had a dog! This is because of my photos sent out 29/9/16 of murdering looters with their dogs who all claim to be me. Thus the first sleazy was to bring HER dog and then REMOVE it and then a 2nd sleazy was to call and hope that JARVIS now has ANOTHER in residence aside from the boy used in fraud in child abuse. The 2nd sleazy wore the green jacket and had her bleached hair in the Lancaster face lift style. The use of the jackets has a reason for their use as well.

This is an event I have recorded elsewhere for YEARS: since 2012 I would switch off my light in the caravan I rented and serious lowlife would shout and slam doors from other caravans on sites adjoining and PRETEND I had left one caravan on one site to then go to another caravan on an adjoining site. How I ever returned to the 1st caravan was never explained. In the flat I rented after that caravan, the thugs would park and hide anywhere they could out of sight of my flat and then drive off pretending they had been indoors with me. That was continued after I moved to 28 Fell View and while it has not been done often, given the Gestapo are furious about being found out to be EXACTLY what I have claimed for YEARS, they have sent their scum to hide and wait again to drive off when they see I retire for the night. BUT I do not retire, I switch off and they drive off and pretend whatever the lunacy demands: then I switch my radio and lamp back on so what have they tried to “prove”? I can only guess that they pretend I am living in 2 addresses and as the thugs usually hide behind 29 and 31 Fell View I suggest they claim they are me and they leave 28 for somewhere else as a 2nd address or, pretend that they drive me from 29 or 31 to somewhere else. Please feel free to quote me. I will add that I have stood at my front door and taken photos of their headlights bearing down on my bedroom window which faces the roadway leading from 29 and 31 Fell View to me in 28. Some I have caught hiding CW55 AYM (used at 29 and 31 in hiding and stalking) and SN55 DGO caught hiding at 24 Fell View (empty house) pretending HE was me living there.7-oct-16

 HOUSE THEFT, ID THEFT Lancs w’blower Police led fraud  6 Oct. 16

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: HOUSE THEFT, ID THEFT Lancs w’blower Police led fraud.
Local Time: 3 October 2016 4:10 PM
UTC Time: 3 October 2016 15:10
To: <> <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>

I am Carol Woods Ms. I do not share my email addresses, my car, my address with anyone.Please feel free to quote me. WHAT IS ANYONE DOING ABOUT THE THEFT OF MY HOUSE AND ID?This is another series of faxes sent to Lancaster Gestapo: they remain ignored BUT the information is always acted on via harassment and attempts to rewrite the “history” of what I record/report. I do not send many faxes now just sending an email now and then. The usual harassment and FRAUD is for the Gestapo to arrange to persons they want to say are me “seen” by for example, Ryman’s Lancaster which I used often and still do, occasionally. The persons said to be me all used in ID THEFT and FRAUD thus far, included Patricia Jackson of 8 DeVitre St Lancaster who, as a trusted friend, managed to steal 2 USB’s of data from me to use as proof she was me in BANK FRAUD. Suzanne Hargreaves of 58 Knowles Rd Heysham, another former friend used to take taxis as if she was me, Lindsey Robertson, former colleague who also wants to be me. They take “turns” and sit at a cafe by Ryman’s which outside seating is seen from police CCTV. I send my fax, they on CCTV seen is apparently PROOF any one is me, having sent my fax. On 29/9/16 they used the same cafe as they have found a vulnerable old woman in Morecambe and they pay her to be where I am thus she on 29th when they expected me to send a fax was to sit at the cafe as she is me, now. She is “me” as she has unsightly facial hair and is not a full shilling; she is me as a mixture of Mr and Ms Carol Woods. I did not send a fax. I do not take photos of such vulnerable persons. The Gestapo prefer them as they being “slow” will do anything asked of them. In Morecambe I have used one fax outlet where the Gestapo are often just driving by as I leave where they see a pair of old trolls and claim it is proof I am 1 of a couple. I used to use a fax outlet on YORKSHIRE ST MORECAMBE from 2006 onwards but on 8 Jan 2014 I found that the owners, who I had got along well with, CHRISTINE and CLIVE FISHWICK, were involved in a fraud to claim I had sold MY house. I have not been to their shop since. Anyone who is me will of course have my faxes BUT that is why the Gestapo continually use lowlife to claim to be me and claim I have signed an agreement never to tell, never to prosecute, never to testify because of course that lowlife would be unable to write a sentence let alone produce any of my faxes. Among that lowlife I include SUZANNE JARVIS of 41 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP who thinks she is me, JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 who claims she is me as her identical twin, ditto AGNES JACKSON of 26, CURWEN of 24 who claim to be me having had a road traffic accident and others. I will add that louts flooded into the town library and ALL had extra equipment to link up; why are they using public computers when they all have their own and fancy phones? There is not one female here other than me: they are all MR CAROL WOODS, replacing one with another and so on, why are they not at work? My photos showing FOUND OUT accessing of MY email address to make ME someone else so that louts in 45 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP can claim they committed no computer crime in using MY email address, claiming to be MR CAROL WOODS and ordering goods and so forth in ORGQANISED CRIME POLICE LED. The police do call in the early hours to 45 Fell View for socialising. My car is X165 YUB that is MY car, no one else’s.  DG52 WRL is WOODRUFF, thieves and fraudsters who use 45 Fell View as well and claim as WOODRUFF it is “close enough to Woods” to prove they are linked to me.

On 18/2/16 I sent a fax from Ryman’s Lancaster at 15 03 reporting harassment of me and impersonate a psychiatrist at 28 Fell View attention Sgt PHILIP SPENCER.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
On 21 Oct 2014, 4 persons arrived at my address 28 Fell View LA2 9RP claiming to be council managers, DAVID WATAMOUGH, HELENE (surname to be found), from NHS a Jo Atkinson (no NHS ID) and a psychiatrist Dr Linda Ashworth (No NHS ID).                                                                                                   
They were harassing me (following a course of conduct) and making me believe something untrue. In Nov, this last year, 2015 a letter was produced as a manufactured document for intention of maligning me. It purported to be from Ashworth. I was sure the person from Oct. 2014 had not been Ashworth – another FRAUD on me, in fact.                                                                                                                                                                   
The letter was used as “evidence” I had appeared to be mentally ill. It continued to be relied on until last week. On Friday, I referred to the letter as being false. On 15/2/16 it was confirmed LINDA ASHWORTH had not been to 28 Fell View at all and had never met me – thus I have 4 people involved in a conspiracy to harass, make malicious false statements and cause maximum distress. That reported was ignored – the council has a copy of this. Signed by me……………………………..

13/5/16 I sent a fax from Ryman’s again at 16 50. It was ignored.     

Dear Sirs, From Ms Carol Woods 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP under duress.                                                                                                                                 
Re: Bank Fraud – Illegal devices fitted in 28 with INTENT TO DEFRAUD. E-CRIME, HARASSMENT and more.  
1) This reports that I have it on good authority that a MR CAROL WOODS uses a credit card – that could be driver of 24 Fell View (car) KS53 VLF or Hicks in 43. The firms contacted confirm deliveries/orders are made in my name and permutations of along with the “Mr Carol Woods” using 28 Fell View and MY HOUSE Cherry trees LA1 5ED. There, one of your officers poses as me – she is Tracey Kennedy. The firms alerted to the FRAUD, FORGERY etc say that they can do nothing without police involvement.                                                                                                                       
2) PJ65 WLL Peugeot belongs to an old couple in 30 Fell View, Mr Kingsley Williams and Mrs June Williams. She is not me but claims to be.                                

3) I do not have never have lived in the Midlands – nor am I ever likely to. The latest harasser with a “Michelle” is not to be confused with my referee from YEARS ago which reference copy scanned, illegally seen which your deranged legal rep. IAN YOUNG then offered as reference for Mrs June Williams to pose as me in HMYOI as “volunteer”.                                                                                                                                                                         
4) I have evidence that your earlier rep. and Head of County Legal Services, IAN MICHAEL FISHER was impersonated in Manchester Employment Tribunals, claim 2402412/04. IMF’s signature was used so it begs a few questions. I wait to testify, Signed by me

17/8/16. From a Morecambe outlet sent at 14 34. (His fax machine stays on winter time so shows the report time as 13 34.)                                   

To:  01524 596735 as usual Report: CAR CRIME, COMPUTER MISUSE, ID THEFT and more; from Ms Carol Woods 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP UNDER DURESS. (A judge can read from this.)*                         

On 16 Aug 2016 AGAIN I watched the yob element at 45 Fell View drive back PJ65 WLL the grey Peugeot – who do not own it. Williams in 30 Fell View, as you know, claim to  be me (18 may 2014 she “resigned” her post as volunteer HMYOI Lancaster Farms found out posing as me and he steals deliveries – you will see the photos when I scan them). Thus PJ65 WLL is being used by those YOU KNOW are all involved in serious crime using not only 45 and 30 Fell View, but others as well.

Cars used in serious fraud, include PJ65 WLL – was that yob insured to drive it on 16/8/16? Are the others who drive it to hide to make it seem as if Williams is/are out when they hide in 30 and use phones as if me in 28, insured to drive that car? How do they get the keys for it? The serious matters of 16/8/16 involved a reversal in 45 (Fell View) of the Catherine Rowbottom FRAUD and worse using 30 as already reported but ignored.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
 Woodruff in 2 Fell View are heavily involved and use DG51 WGL, Bleasdale who followed me to Liverpool airport on Oct. 5th 2015 fraudster, also involved using SV08 HEU, PL02 THK used often – WG03 DMW of earlier times. R48 GMA was one used on 16/8/16 but is not used as often as others – X341 YBV is used often and links to 12 Fell View – ELY – more fraudsters as you know.                                                                                                 
I noticed on 16/8/16 that there was no attempt to return the keys of Pj65 WLL to Williams – it seems we have an organised, premeditated crime on our hands.

I still await all details including date, time, CCTV film footage of me apparently “following someone to a local airport” – and “someone” had business at a “local airport”. The perjury and misconduct of Massingham is ignored. Signed by me…………

*The reference is because in Feb 2004 the Gestapo had a bogus judge in a bogus court who was so clever she read from a document on 16 Feb 2004 which document was dated 17 Feb 2004.

Faxes to Lancs Police report org crime  5 Oct 16

This is another series of faxes sent to Lancaster police with all transmission reports showing received. I have to hand- write as I have no printing facility of my own and don’t always want to be pestered with the lowlife recruits who are engaged to pester me if I use a local library. Anyone who claims to be me will have my hand -written faxes.  PLEASE FEEL FREE TO QUOTE ME. Notice how Bleasdale, Masonic stalker feels he is above the law; continues to stalk and harass on photos and then uses an old troll with bleached hair to pretend she is me as if I am someone else who the Gestapo want me to be; PATRICIA ALLEN of Lancashire Social Services unqualified with false CV yet manager for child protection! I used the Protection From Harassment Act in a case which is why the bullying thugs led by their deranged legal REP. IAN YOUNG try to claim in reverse that I harass. A claim against that deranged, inept, brainless dullard YOUNG for harassing me as a staff member of LCC did not reach a hearing: they offered a remedy for that amid another claim 2406569/01 which decisions were then changed to show I had lost and which cases were mostly why MIKE TODD GMP was murdered as he saw the EXTORTION, FRAUD, PERJURY, PAYOLA and so forth and was prosecuting. See the names of those who try to be me STILL used Patricia Jackson for example on 2 Oct 2016 told now to dye her grey hair a light brown again to try to look more like me on CCTV AT THE SAME TIME that Mrs JUNE WILLIAMS was told to hide in 30 until her hair dye grew out and she reverted to her white as she doesn’t want to be me now. By 5 Oct 2016, she was told she had no alternative.  OY15 GWC silver Audi and old doxy used in the lunacy of 3/10/16 see ref to thieves and looters of the dead KY02 and that car found by me at 2 Newlands Rd Lancaster which is why 2 Hall Drive off Fell View is used, 2 Copy Lane off Fell View, 2 Milestone Place off Fell View, 2 Fell View, 12, 22, 32, 42, all deranged thieves and fraudsters, stalkers, harassers and in the pay of Gestapo.

Fax to 01524 596735 26/5/16 FRAUD: ID THEFT, E-CRIME, EXTORTION, PERJURY etc etc. From: Ms Carol Woods UNDER DURESS at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP. My car X165 YUB. 2 pages hand written.

1) It is a crime and proof of serious mental illness to shout – according to you, thus I report JUNE WILLIAMS of 30 Fell View, SUZANNE and ANDREW JARVIS of 41 Fell View, AGNES & KENNETH JACKSON 26 (he only c/o 26) Fell View, DALTON in 45 Fell View for screeching, shouting and harassing esp. 23/5/16 again.                                                                                                        
2) You have not bothered to obtain the phone records of Williams, Jackson, Jarvis, Dalton or others who all use council houses round Fell View for serious crime via phone use as if the phones are linked to me.                                                                                    

3) The perjury of PC A. MASSINGHAM is yet to be considered FULLY.                                                                                                      
4) The perjury of LES MARSHALL and MELANIE SHAW NHS is yet to be considered FULLY.                                                                     
5) I have irrefutable proof custody records are falsified – that is serious Computer Misuse.                                                                           
6) William Bleasdale of 2 Hall Drive Caton needs to be reminded he has had his warning as per my obligations under the Protection From Harassment Act 1997 – as do those in 29,31,33,39,41,45,30,26 although some have only had a verbal warning.                                     7) Lynne and John Austin 14 Linfield Terrace of Blackpool are harassing again – they need to be told she is NOT me as does their friend, Patricia Jackson.                                                                                                                                                                            
The organised, collective harassment, “gaslighting” and sleaze from “professionals” will be dealt with Signed by me……………..

Page 2: I added my name and address again and; To Lancs Police.                                                                                                       
YK02 VPF silver Clio – looted from murder victim Mrs Margaret Porter Flat 3 Penhale Gardens. KY02 silver Audi found by me 2 Newlands Rd, Lancaster taking out looter of the dead and her partner in crime SHIRLEY RYCROFT, flats 4 and 5 Penhale Gardens. That to rewrite YK02 and the day 5th March 2014 day prior to murdering/looting trolls RYCROFT flat 4 and looter (Bayly’s babe) flat 5 did attend court on 6/3/14 as me and my sister.                                                                                                                    
 Now lowlife, thieves, fraudsters K MILLS in 20 Fell View linked to 2 Hall Drive not 2 Newlands Rd and Caton not Lancaster – shop FRAUD to repeat that of looter 5/3/14. Vehicles FE02 VDK  thieves – Scale Hall Farm – white Vauxhall shop thieves of 2 years now – now replaced by more unemployed lowlife linked to 20 Fell View, a Land Rover type, SK02 VLL obviously found by you in wasted police time, to aid and abet Mills and Bleasdale in 20 Fell View, 7 Leslie Ave, 29 Fell View, 31 Fell View and Bleasdale (senior) in 2 Hall Drive linked to 45 Fell View and 30 Fell View, June and Kingsley Williams aka Mr and Mrs Carol Woods, 37 Fell View car DE06 fraudster to replace PN54 XJD – YOU aided and abetted in serious FRAUD. Signed by me……………

6/6/16. Lancaster police from Ms Carol Woods 28 Fell View LA2 9RP, my car X165 YUB. If parked up – I am in.                                                                   

1) Report thieves and fraudsters Williams in 30 Fell View. He walking about in pyjamas – thinks he’s in hospital so I feel he may need to be – that is my professional opinion. Their harassment of me is repetitious which your legal rep. claims is a sign of mental illness – they in 30 bang about bins and plant pots for no reason just to harass 5/6/16 and regularly.                                                                                                                               
2) She is deluded in 30 and thinks she is me – I fear for her driving PJ65 WLL and making phone calls as if she is me – her delusions so evidenced could interfere with her driving/concentration. PK62 NXJ and the rest.                                                                                                                        

3) Jackson in 26 is repetitious and deluded, she thinks she has an identical twin – Capgras syndrome I think and she bangs on the wall time and time again for no reason except to harass.                                                                                                                                                                                           
4) I report your recklessness in using another vacant, silly troll on stilts and DRIVING to give her height to make her seem to be Joanne Hall – 5/6/16 and driving a car using stilts! Clearly insane.                                                                                                                                                                            
5) Jarvis continues to harass and pretend something, she in 41, is deluded and thinks a) she drives me about, b) is me, c) is my daughter – her delusions make me fear about her driving.                                                                                                                                                                                                  
6) Persons have been taking my photo – you will know who they are – I only have their car numbers. Is that a sign they are mentally ill?                       

7) Do I report DAVID FABB of Cleobridge to his local police? Signed by me.

Fax to 01524 596735 FRAUD DEPT E-CRIME and worse: Reported again by Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP. 5/9/16 NOT 5/9/2009 nor 5/9/2010.

If you hurry (that means move fast) you will net a thief, stalker and harasser in grey Peugeot KS08 WZY – shopping fraudster from 2014. Stalker, harasser, embezzle public funds pretended to take me shopping AND in that pretended I had again just moved to Hell View.                                                                                                                                                                                                     
She is parked in disabled space rear of Lancaster library pretending I guess, she has driven” someone” to shop as if she thinks it is 2009 or 2010! Maybe she’s deluded? You may need my photos. Yours etc signed

I was right about the car and shop fraud; she is a MARJORIE HODGSON, she lives at 16 Fell View; the police did not arrive. I returned and found she had been shopping with an old roughneck who was very like JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View so was to be “me” seen “shopping” with the thief Hodgson. She is used as I have a sister Marjorie; she is not that thief.

At 1 22pm on 4/10/16 I went into my front garden and found 2 large vehicles with the usual types of thugs parked close by: instead of using their phones etc in the dark, they have reversed that and use them now in the day. They drove away when I went out; presumably thinking I was going out in my car. And then ANOTHER idiot at 1 27pm was to walk by and open and slam the shared gate to 26 and 28 as that was proof of something. I found out later that was Gestapo and the INTENT involved hoping I’d go out while they aided and abetted fraudsters in 30 Fell View to pretend they had just moved to 32 after their latest episode of hiding to pretend they were not in 30 Fell View. I didn’t go out: I got my photos.

continues @

The SHOCKING CAROL WOODS Coverup: the Stalking + Crimes Continue Unabated 4 Oct. 2016


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my butlincats blog: [2 a/cs : pink cat logo is main a/c, winking cat logo is secondary] linkedin -
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