Please see below, under the video etc. links, the latest update from whistleblower and ex-UK Government Social Worker Level 3 and Child Protection Officer Ms. Carol Woods, received  30  October 2016, [and before].

While the more recent updates from Ms. Woods may concentrate on the more current ID frauds and similar relating to her at her present abode, it must be fully understood that these actions, by parties known and unknown, are seemingly being enacted as a direct result of Ms. Woods reporting, or attempting to report, certain findings when employed by a UK town council as a senior Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer, as described within the videos and radio broadcasts that follow these paragraphs, entitled “IMPORTANT VIDEOS”.  The massive corruption that is described, has so far gone unchecked, and ignored wholesale by whichever UK government agency it is reported to, which is clearly described within the videos.

More crimes and misdemenours committed against Ms. Woods include: 

the theft of her home [as happened also to Patrick Cullinane, Len Lawrence, Joseph Henry [multiple houses stolen], Tom Crawford, Barbara Hofschroer, and so many more],

at least 5 separate enforced incarcerations in mental hospital units for no earthly good reason – one excuse used  for such incarcerations being that Ms. Woods was mentally “deluded” in her findings of utter corruption within a Lancs. council – her latest incarceration being between November 2015 and Febuary 2016. Carol was also forced to take psychotropic drugs against her will during these hospital stays, and was threatened with re-arrest before her leaving the “Cygnet” unit, Lancs. in Febuary 2016.

fake IDs used [for example: for expensive commercial criminal frauds], 

chronic gangstalking and/or harrassment by government connected sources,

home burglaries,

the inflicting of tracking devices upon her motor vehicle, and also numerous attempted thefts of that vehicle, and the attempted destruction of her motor vehicle, 

enforced “bankruptcy” with no evidence whatsoever.

Many more seriously criminal activities exist, committed against this lone female, which have been reported accordingly to no avail, along with her discoveries as a Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer. All of what is described, especially within the videos and related data below is a public scandal, and equally as disgusting is that nothing is being done about any of it by any UK government department contacted, from the Prime Minister down, let alone the heads of police forces and MPs!



2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016

3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016 


SriLankerC SriLankerC 24 April 2016

6] Carol Woods Social Worker Unlawfully Incarcerated In Psychiatric Gulag   – 16 April 2016 by  GeorgeGreekTrucker 



2nd breach security Manchester airport Lancs whistleblower  30 Oct. 2016

Dear Sirs, I sent on Saturday an email in regard to gross breaches of MANCHESTER AIRPORT SECURITY (part 2 will follow when all are at their desks, this may slip past the gatekeepers) I being Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP where at least 23 other claim to be me or linked to me in which they gain. One I have found out about, another total stranger from 42 Fell View with links to “suddenly come into money” in 16 Leslie Ave off Fell View which is “usual” when lowlife claim to be me or linked to me as if I throw money at them! GARY O´KEEFE unemployed lowlife in 42 Fell View with a younger woman who may be his daughter is a repeat of fraudsters and thieves in 12 Fell View ELY and 2 Hall Drive off Fell View, masonic Bleasdale with his “young woman, real young and NOT his daughter” used from 2 Fell View, she claims to be MY daughter as her name is WOODRUFF. I have no idea who any of this lowlife is nor do I want to know BUT in 42 the O´KEEFE (as per electoral register) claims to be ENGAGED TO ME as the deranged, deluded dullard he clearly is, 42 Fell View is a self-made slum as is 12 and many others. He has a VW camper van which he uses to stalk me (yes while at least 6 others are all at the same time taking “shifts” and all claim in blue badge fraud and DWP fraud as if I need that lowlife to drive me about or in fact even speak to them). The Gestapo want to PRETEND I have links to a camper van and lure children with sweets which they tried for months in 2012 to “prove”. Obviously log books of such vehicles would be asked for by a jury so they BOUGHT unemployed lowlife in 42 such a van and he pretends as on 27 Oct 2016 by stalking me and he parking at 42 as I park at 28 Fell View that somehow it is proof he drove me and I am “engaged”.

I saw him 9 miles away from Caton just where I happened to be, so as soon as he parked up, I drove away again, there was no mistake, he was less than nothing to do with me. In that the young woman he lives with has been bought an N reg VW RED as that is also PROOF somehow they are linked to me. Woodruff uses a RED car DG51 WRL when she is me. Bleasdale uses 2 red cars when he pretends he drives me about SV03 DMW is one. Mine is X165 YUB RED.

My email sent out report the major event at Manchester airport with ANOTHER here which I delayed reporting. I add that I will give a copy to the Consulates office if I manage to print off. This is the hotel computer. They have no printer attached. I add that SECOND AMAZING BREACH at the end of this.

Most know that, aside from the deranged above, that others pose as me and have bank accounts and more as if they are me which is all police led and organized. Where relevant they are recorded here but today, the lunatics have decided it is 2010 again and I am in Germany. How do I know? The harassment found out and reported involves lowlife wherever I am, here or in my home area, anywhere taking photos on their phone cameras and sending them to lowlife who claim to be me so that those deranged trolls can have “holiday” photos or photos of where I am thus PROOF they are me. It has taken me a long time to work out what was going on in all that. One issue is the PERJURY of 2015 as referred to in earlier emails and the fact that DALTON in 45 Fell View who are also me apparently as mother and yob for a son, claim they went abroad on 5 10 15 but had no holiday photos; the Gestapo seeing that as ´inconvenient´ fact now want to have photos of where I am sent to lowlife on their phone cameras so they can say it is proof they were me away!

Today then, not here the harassment of last evening when a pair was to waylay me and read the usual list of nonsense to tell me in “brainwashing”, but all staff in the hotel told to wear black and white shirts, old young, short, tall fat thin it is 2010 and MY famous photo of me in my black and white shirt which the Gestapo used to claim OTHERS were me if they had black and white shirts. My shirt is kept safe to be the one in MY photo; it is well worn so not worn for years now. In 2010 I had left a rented room where one “lodger” was Gestapo but claimed not to be, ANDREW CHAMBERS and his “doppelganger” is PAUL HICKS in 43 Fell View serious thieves and fraudsters, he with MAUREEN McHARRAN who has claimed for over 2 years to be me using on-line banking; all that is in related documents and not for repeating here. The point is in CHAMBERS use, BRUCE PILLING landlord and a truly seedy old doxy who called a few times and claimed to be PILLINGºs mother; in that she tried to poison me, I did not believe she was his mother. (This is not an English keyboard so there will be mistakes.) I left that rented room in Jan 2010 and that led to the claim that I harassed officer KENNEDY in MY HOUSE where she on 27 Nov 2009 had already posed as me harassing her thus clearly I harassed myself. 27 Nov 2016 approaches so the thugs will want to manufacture something for then to be that again. Add that to MY comment about the Consulateºs office, I have already sent events from liar, bully and sleazy DOMINIC in PARIS Consulate´s office and the Gestapo have a NEW PLAN. It is 2010 again with the black and white shirts BUT it is also GERMANY.                                                                      I went to Germany to seek work as TEFL teacher but was forced to leave through thuggery and amazing events trying to get me arrested. I was ankle deep in snow; I do not confuse that with now, temp in 70´s.

Without going into all the events of thuggery from Masonic dullards and bullies I will say that I paid to stay in a backpackers and on leaving was told there was no record of my room being let to me. Their computers stated that MY room had not been let thus the thugs had tried to say I used the room without paying AND accessed the computer system to delete my payments. The manager was for calling the Gestapo as was intended BUT I asked, how did they have my passport being the desk if I had not handed it in when paying for the room? (Trust me, we deal with the truly stupid.) Another staff member happened to arrive early for her shift; she was adamant, she checked me in and went to the rear room and there they were, copies of my booking in etc. That was done by the thugs in place after place where I stayed with PILLING in end 09 into 2010 with no receipts for rent, insisting on cash, no rent book, and where I ended by taking numbers of notes so when he pretended he had no recall of my handing him the rent money, I just asked him to check numbers on notes he had. I maintain that now as anyone the thugs contact is likely to say I have not paid for something I have paid for.  Presumably I “LOST MY HOUSE” because I stole an amount from someone of a few pounds years after my house was stolen, wrecked and looted.

It was after the PILLING escapade and the “harassment” where the Gestapo sulking as the case did not go to plan actually sent emails from MY email address to Kennedy and her partner as PROOF I harassed them. But as they were all dated and times late at night AFTER the event they could be seen to be what they were rather like the car plates of mine said to be of Oct 2015 at Manchester airport when it was July 2016. I went to Germany; on the bus EUROLINES were 3 idiots PRETENDING to be PILLING, CHAMBERS and the “mother”. It was all new to me then, that lunacy of finding lookalikes to INVENT as FACT something of FICTION. Why is that anything to do with now? Chambers is repeated in HICKS thief and fraudster 45 Fell View and as he is Gestapo or prison staff as Chambers was then he needs to be covered for. Thus we have 2010 again with the INTENTION of making 27 Nov 2016 be 27 Nov 2009 into events of 2010. HARASSMENT BY ME and link that to lowlife thieves, fraudsters and murdering bullies round Fell View and the claims of 2015 where I “harassed” scum round Fell View in telling them I knew their frauds, had reported them and had recorded that they were nothing to do with me whatever their delusions. And I was “arrested” in May 2010 after returning from Spain for “fail to attend”. There is no such thing and the MoJ has confirmed there was nothing to attend so I´d failed to attend nothing. BUT the doxy liar in the council of recent and I declined to go to any interrogation by her and the usual bullying liars who allowed scum round Fell View to bully to death the former occupant of 28 so I could have it so they could GAIN from me and hope to bully me to death as well. Thus we have a “fail to attend” as well as a flight back but not from Spain, not winter, not May. But the Gestapo see those as minor details rather like there being no proof I sent Kennedy any emails to harass that thief, liar and fraudster, perjurer etc: that was a minor detail as well.

I went out early this morning and walked back to the town centre taking a 3 mile walk down 1 in 1 footpaths; no, I forgot my wheelchair, I forgot my “escort”, I forgot my walking stick, walking aid and the rest (In fact not one lowlife who stalks me could walk that route or that distance). It was not fast walking but what I wanted to do. Nearer the level of the town, local dullards were told what to do to harass; I ignored them, I was to take photos so they could scream I am harassing people and need reporting to the Consulateºs office. Later I took a bus almost back to where I had been in the morning, a local roughneck was to pretend she accompanied me (this was done in 2011 and right to now if I park my car to take a bus, the Gestapo lunatics pretend they are “carers” so here we had a local who spoke no English yet she was helping me take a bus ride! I ignored her; she was just the type that is round Fell View). But at my destination a German woman who had been “coincidentally” where I was for an hour after I had my first walk, was to create a fuss, be seen and that is done by scum who hound me to places where they make a fuss and scream and shout to be remembered while I am apparently not there and not remembered. Among that I saw a bloated younger male trying to look like a tourist to get right what the Gestapo got so wrong with locals taking photos to send to others so they could claim they were me where I am. This one was supposed to be the son of the bloated mason bullying stalker BLEASEDALE who lives with K MILLS who claims to be me. Mills in 20 Fell View and her horrendous sister in 7 Leslie Ave round the corner are both recorded in my data to be sent out when all are at their desks as it is in direct relation to airport events of security, murder by bullying the death of a lone elderly lady and much more. MILLS claim (both of them) to be me. Thus a bloated younger type of his father stalking me after my bus trip where I apparently was not as the German loud mouth made sure all attention was on her, and his “props” to make him a tourist which were silly as he spoke the local dialect and those round Fell View only grunt, even English is beyond them. I did not take a photo; I could see what the “plan” was and all because I found them out in the airport BUT not once a second time, read on.

On my return journey this afternoon, the German woman still my shadow, the first stop the bus made after picking me up and other passengers, a pair of locals got on, one lookalike was AGNES JACKSON and one was JUNE WILLIAMS/SHIRLEY RYCROFT all “me” and murdering lowlife, thieves and more. The Gestapo try to recreate Fell View here or have persons claim they see that lowlife here all with Portuguese bus passes. RYCROFT as most know was “me” prior to WILLIAMS when I did not live in 28 Fell View. At a point where I was expected to alight, the WILLIAMS/RYCROFT troll alights, I stayed seated. A male in his black and white shirt waited for me to alight; he was to be the “carer” then waiting for me. He had the small amount of facial hair that many who have gained enormously from pretending to be linked to me have. Yob in YU02 ETO using 45 Fell View for over a year and pretending by stalking that he drove me about, REID in 49 and their “suddenly come into money” pretending I was living there, HUNTER lout in 22 and their “suddenly come into money” pretending I was HIS mother then hers in fraud, and the pub landlord I only know as MARK from the ROBERT GILLOW in Lancaster posing as MY solicitor as if I had a partner more scum like the deranged NOW in 42 Fell View but then it was a murdering thug I found out was ALAN McATEAR aka others with Gestapo legal rep IAN YOUNG doing all paperwork to aid “Mark” to pose as a solicitor saying he represented me with McTEAR and I was “ill” wanting more DWP money, 23 Nov 2012 was the date of that tribunal; FORGERY, PERJURY, FRAUD and more, those are a few of the lookalikes with the small amount of facial hair and the troll today. He was on his phone immediately I did not alight. (I reported McTEAR for stalking me on 25 Nov 2012 as it became law that date as an offence on its own not knowing of the DWP tribunal fraud until later, reported formally to Morecambe police as that was where the offences were committed, it was completely ignored as was the DWP PERJURY, FORGERY and more when I reported that after finding that out.)

A walk back to the hotel after my bus journey and I recorded, on 29th, that a male had taken a photo of a concrete block after waiting for me to draw level so he could send it via his phone as if I sent it to someone who claimed to be linked to me as PROOF I was “in touch”. See my data to follow later this week. That male was replaced; a male with a green linen jacket waited for me to be almost next to him; I wore a green linen shirt; that troll was to then take a photo of a boring building to provoke me to taking a photo of him so he could a) be the one from 29th but b) also to scream I harassed him. I had seen him waiting in the distance; I have to walk that route the hotel ILLEGAL monitoring sees that. I made him wait; I sat down for a few minutes, had he wanted a photo heºd have taken it while the all whole area was clear of other tourists. He then amazingly walked ahead of me and went to take photos of just what I had shot yesterday; he had removed his jacket. I stood next to him and we took photos together, he was German. Walking on who should cruise by but the Gestapo; I was not surprised-nor was I surprised to find the hefty “blonde” doxies out in force walking as a route march after my record of harassers of 29th and then more of the same which I ignored – all to provoke me so the lunatics can make events of years ago all rolled into one now.

The Jackson type to be seen on the bus (a jury will wonder how a pair of old parasites without passports have Portuguese bus passes) because of this; at Manchester airport not only was the white haired old idiot sent as far as the gate for boarding with no boarding card, no passport, no luggage to be BLEASDALE or such lowlife “seeing me off” when he was nothing like the 3 barrage balloons who pester me, he was the SECOND person to get past the first security checks. I had to show my passport and boarding card as usual to gain entry to the passenger waiting area. One yob, a Dalton type in his grey hoodie and grey trackies had followed me, sat as if with me and taken a photo of the planes ready for take-off or whatever that was to be sent to DALTON yob and PRETEND it was his photo as if he had been in that area on 5 Oct 2015 note DALTON has no passport, now the lunatics are PRETENDING passports are not necessary! That yob was there 28 Oct 2016, not Dalton, as he is on my photo of the planes parked; he was too old to be DALTON. I sat to use the terminal computers, I recorded the cars that harassed on my leaving before I forgot the plates (at least Mills from 20 Fell View and the Malaysian thief in 37 pretended they drove me to Manchester airport, see what I know about her now). It was a ´pay for time’ system, a dirty, grey haired old woman rushed to use the computers, she in purple which is the “standby if they canºt wear Jacksonºs lilac which like RED jacket is “proof” she is me) and she PRETENDED to use the computer: the deranged was pretending I was Jackson via her using the computers! She of course did not pay, tried to mess about but clearly had never used a computer before.  So stupid she did not even see she had to pay to switch it on. Her face was ingrained with dirt; her hair was grey but dark grey not the almost white of Jackson´s, she was a gawper. Jackson does not have a dirty, ingrained face. I watched that troll, she had no luggage; she did not progress to baggage security. HOW HAD SHE GOT PAST THE FIRST CHECKS WITH NO PASSPORT OR BOARDING CARD trying to be JACKSON as me? That with the old fool at the boarding gate was to be BLEASDALE and JACKSON as he has driven her about in many frauds always DWP and always when she claims to be me, of course he knows who she is, they have been “neighbours” for over 15 years.


The ethnic troll from 37 Fell View who claimed I was her mother and lived with her being cared for and driven about by her a total stranger. It is obvious she is not my daughter, but ANOTHER to “suddenly come into money” when pretending to be linked to me. REMEMBER ALL THESE FRAUDSTERS ACT AT THE SAME TIME. It is how I am in at least 23 houses all at once. Leaving out why she MALAYSIAN was used (in earlier data, SUBRAMANIAN struck off for murdering a patient in 2008 tried to murder me in 2011 and the Gestapo cover for that by claiming I was SUBRAMANIAN with an ethnic troll posing as my daughter as “proof”.) The Gestapo found the troll from 37 a job in Caton shop, its only shop, the Co oP. Now I know why; On 23 Oct 2008 officer Tracey Kennedy posed as me (yes as well as on 27 Nov 09 and other dates in courts) in Liverpool Mags Court as you all know and do nothing about. I was in Lancaster with a daughter completely oblivious to all that (it was June 2009 before I found out) and the bulk of shopping we did at a store not now a store at all. It was then SAFEWAYS, then bought out by the Co Op and I have the till receipts from our purchases, timed and dated, there was no way I could be in 2 places at once.

Thus the elderly tenant in 28 stood no chance, an ethnic troll who could aid and abet the premeditated attempted murder of me AND this; she in the Co OP and the Gestapo would claim SHE manufactured a till receipt for 23 Oct 08. But that troll is still a stranger to me, and the Co Op in Lancaster was not even a store until 2010 and CATON is on the shop receipts for Caton obviously, SAFEWAYS has never been a store in CATON. MY receipt is SAFEWAYS which went out of business long after the events of 23 Oct 08. There we have it; bullying thug harass and INTEND to scream I harass them. Airport security public interest. I am Carol Woods Ms.

 Lancs W’blower ID THEFT and worse 27 Oct. 16

Dear Sirs I have just sent to many an email from my other email address, I use 2 it is not PROOF there are 2 of me; it means I have 2 I use mostly. The entrapment and INTENT to manufacture again today  evidence of “crime” is in that earlier email. Please see this:05-29-15 002 003 This data is typed 26 Oct 2016 by me Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP. The photos are all figments of my imagination – apparently; YOU can’t see these as I have made up the “events”. I am others and as they are me then I obviously only THINK the events and experiences are mine.

A brief background as the bullying thugs and council corrupt act out all kinds behind my back so anything is possible, 25th and a council troll waits as I approach a post office in Lancaster; the expectation is that I will use the post office (all illegal monitoring allows the Gestapo to THINK about what I am likely to do especially I to leave the UK again being forced to get away from the scum), she is to post, A4 white, a whole bundle, why should she make sure I saw all that? So they can tell me “But luvvie, you have had all the mail, you just ignored it”. (As they told me in 2011 “But luvvie, you sold your house” {but had forgotten}) I did not enter the post office – she posted, I did not. At 12 45 am the loft noises could be heard, and again at 1am into 26th. They are the noises I hear when someone in the area who claims to be me makes calls or accesses their Internet as if they are me in 28 Fell View. The devices in my loft installed by Gestapo and BT always lead to a delivery somewhere to someone in FRAUD. I am never wrong; they are made behind my back the drivers instructed to wait until my car is seen leaving Fell View: it is how I have caught many such thefts and frauds taking place; I have many examples on camera which are enough for any jury.
 Looking out, I saw as usual the thieves and fraudsters McHARRAN and HICKS in 43 still with their lights on; they have claimed to be me longer than I knew and now are found out yet aided by the Gestapo to PRETEND she is me and I am MR CAROL WOODS. Hicks is either Gestapo or prison staff: she does not work.

On 26th Williams in 30 Fell View hid and pretended to be out: they also make many calls as if they are me and yesterday HER call led to a delivery in progress found out and now on camera. Thus at 11 01am on 26th and again a few minutes later which indicates that a phone call is underway, 2 persons in contact. The council sent a van: it implies that one rings and they rush out which is a joke; we all know about councils so, why did this clown drive to park outside and do nothing? His claim would be it was legitimate as he had a call; not from me he hadn’t. The postman arrives and I am allowed my utility bills which are almost always held up to try and create a “debt” on unpaid bills: why was I allowed them? Because the council staff sent to park outside was to confirm he saw the postman deliver to me in 28 which he did. This is an old trick and has been done hundreds of times over years, and the council lowlife posting on 25th (making sure I saw to “brainwash”) would claim they sent me something which he, council lout, would confirm he saw delivered. No, he saw the postman deliver my utility bills. The Royal Mail we know and as I have proved beyond doubt, are corrupt bullies in my vast experience. And then what? They claim I have received something I have not and then have someone else pose as me in response to whatever drivel they claim was sent to me and delivered.

The person running all this is deranged, deluded and an accessory to murder of Mike Todd GMP Chief Constable: he is bitter with a huge chip on his tiny shoulder; he is unintelligent, short, weedy and insignificant so he has much to “prove”, IAN YOUNG. This is how they stole, wrecked and looted MY house yet there are no records of any real hearings, no possession order no nothing, thus the bullying thugs think if they use the same dates of events at MY house of 2008 and use them NOW with such liars and bullying parasites in the council R HARLAND for example; they THINK it will rewrite events at MY house BUT as if I am someone else. I ask therefore that anyone cc this keeps a check of court listings in LANCASTER COUNTY COURT, the council have already had one of theirs pose as JUDGE in Morecambe Town Hall when I went in and he pretended it was a hearing a chambers! Lunatics in LCC: I have scores of examples.

In the matter of ID THEFT the lunatics have another “idea” to claim I was brought up my persons not my real mother and father but that those I thought were my parents were really other relatives! Incidentally MY HOUSE was STOLEN, WRECKED and LOOTED it was not the subject of a compulsory purchase order.

The photos with this: 2014 summer well under way and I’ve got the first signs of a garden at 28 Fell View from nothing: (in May 2014 the bullying lowlife in 30, deluded thieves and worse WILLIAMS, who want to be me poured weed killer on my growing plants jealous of my achievement to that date. I had moved to Hell View March 2014.) The gable end of 39 can be seen, she is a bleached haired old doxy used to be me from time to time O’Conner; she has to wait behind her shrubs, wait for me to park up (my car seen), she then walks to MY car, round it and back to 39 and that apparently is PROOF she is me and has just driven and parked up my car! That deranged old fraudster is only 1 of at least 3 who do that as routine. 41 Fell View is opposite, JARVIS and not only do I live there as well being cared for and driven about by them but they are also Mr and Mrs Carol Woods and they borrow youngsters to give them “4” children as I have 4. (These people are considered sane and normal.)

2015, I was out in my car and had this photo taken; X165 YUB, and later in 2015 I was in Barcelona BUT only imagined I had been as everyone else is me, I had not been apparently and was seen on Fell View with a sworn witness statement made by lowlife and given to Gestapo to aid and abet perjury and more. End June 2016 I was in Venice but only imagined that as well. A jury can ask to see the photos of O’Conner, Williams, Jarvis, 27-oct-1627-oct2

Police try to trap Lancs W’Blower AGAIN 27 Oct. 16

Dear Sirs I am Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP. On 27 Oct 2008 MY HOUSE (not a tatty council bungalow) was seized, wrecked and looted which you all know about yet do nothing to assist. I go out of UK tomorrow to have some days respite from the thugs and instructed lunatics in Lancashire, council, Gestapo all involved. Given the Masonic thug element they will certainly arrange something as they had in Barcelona and Venice.

On 5 Oct 2015 I went to Barcelona from Liverpool airport being stalked by a WILLIAM BLEASDALE of 2 Hall Drive off Fell View. He has been a continual pest. I reported that by stopping off at KIRKBY library and sending a faxed report. I was arrested for stalking someone to a local airport on my return. Who? What local airport, we don’t have one? Did I sit in my car with a tank full of petrol and hope I had enough to get to where anyone was going that I chose to stalk?  In that, after all attempts WITHIN that wrongful arrest and false imprisonment to befuddle and ruin me had failed, I reported serious E-CRIME found out while I was in BARCELONA. Lowlife DALTON in 45 Fell View had been using MY email address as if they were me placing orders, on-line banking and so forth which YOU all know about yet do nothing.

In that time I had asked the Gestapo PC PERJURER ANDREW MASSINGHAM and INSP BROWNSMITH for any cctv footage of MY car at Manchester airport on 5 10 15 with me stalking and PROOF that any lowlife on Fell View had business at the airport. Bleasdale does not live on Fell View, presumably I stalked him taking lowlife from seeing through buildings, across roads, round corners and so forth.

Nothing was provided: nothing. Then I report found out fraudsters DALTON yob and his deranged mother who thinks she is me in 45 Fell View allowing it to be used by various yobs and trolls who collect at night and use Facebook as if one is me, check their on-line bank accounts and place their orders. (I keep a record of all times they use their equipment as me as I hear the link up to their illegal devices in my loft and then I wait the following day to see which lowlife gets the deliveries: obviously it all on camera, today one delivery to thieves and fraudsters in 31 Fell View and a later one when they expected I had driven off but hadn’t, at 21 Fell View, that will be MORE “building work” “I” pay for as reported to Gestapo that I pay for nothing for the thieves and fraudsters). The Gestapo know I am right about TRAVIS DALTON and a WOOORUFF troll from 2 Fell View with others to be identified by their car plates of which I have my collection. Woodruff thinks she can be me because of her name to be confused with mine, WOODS. They are not very bright in Caton. The council knows what the council house 45 Fell View is used for.

The Gestapo did not call about my report; they called to 45 to manufacture EVIDENCE that DALTON were those I followed on 5 Oct 2015 then manufacturing MY car plates from JULY this year when I was at Manchester airport. Thus Dalton was sent to bang on my door end Aug 2016 and scream at me: he tried to provoke me but failed: I NEVER rise to this scum; they rise to the surface like all scum. That failing he then tried to have me recruit him to go and threaten people! (I said they are not very bright round Caton.) He then drew in his mother, not with the long straggly grey hair badly dyed red to be me now, cut short and dyed almost orange as apparently she is me on photos LOOTED from MY house in 08 and the photos were of me in Tenerife renovating an apartment. She thinks she can claim she is me on those photos; thus THEY were going to Tenerife 5 10 15 and CCTV film footage shows MY car there with THEM and Bleasdale’s red Audi WG03 DMW. But I was at Liverpool.

We talked amicably, I was pleasant, a pregnant teenager was drawn in: she was 6 months pregnant and Travis’s girlfriend. Did I not think she’d be stressed last Oct in her condition? She is not his girlfriend at all, last Oct and pregnant still end Aug 2016? I told you, they are not bright. Mrs Dalton confirmed they were in Tenerife. Good, I showed my travel documents; they had none to show me; I showed my holiday photos: they had none to show me: I showed my car park arrangements paid for prior to my holiday as usual: LIVERPOOL. Oh yes, and they have never had passports. Thus we seem to have PERJURY. That was not all: they even had a yob claim he went to feed their dog (which poor thing NEVER sees the light of day) and saw me on Fell View while I was in Spain. The Gestapo thugs have that yet refuse me a copy: in fact they refuse me a copy of MY car at the airport on 5 10 15 Manchester with DALTON’s on same photo.

I have reported that dozens of times yet it remains ignored: IPCC, ACTION FRAUD, SFO, POLICING MINISTER, POL FED Lancs HQ etc and remain ignored.

On Friday last after yet more failed plans they set up the local garage where the attendant was to leave it empty and hope I drove off after taking petrol thus without paying so the Gestapo could claim that was the licence plate of MY car at issue; how though could I know about in AUG. if I only drove off after not paying in Oct? (I told you, they are all dullards.)

On Sunday, aside from daily the Gestapo harassing to claim they see YOBS near my car thus they are all me or linked to me (all of them, they number almost 1M now over the years, I keep the photos of the Gestapo who are ALWAYS on hand “coincidentally” to confirm they see my car and a yob thus 2 +2 = 5), they had a trap set using Mrs Dalton (who now claims she is someone else but is not sure who) who was to stand in her doorway and wait for me to go to my car then say “Hello” to me to which I replied, “Hello”; she was the “Witness” to seeing me leave Fell View to be the perjurer from 2016 who claimed he saw me 2015 (but not until he was told to say he saw me almost a year later.) A pair of lowlife from 2 Copy Lane were to drive round and round and then wait for me to drive off so they could be ahead of me: thieves, liars, fraudsters and so forth found out so of course the Gestapo have to cover for them and turn them into VICTIMS. How? Despite my delaying setting off, doing a U Turn, taking photos, getting petrol they were to scream I stalked them. How would I know where there were going? Did I have enough petrol? Did I shout and ask them to wait while I did a U turn and then bought petrol? It was a route I the thugs know I take most Sundays; those thieves have not once been seen by me in over 2 years. There was much else but the “stalking” lunacy failed.

Thus they did that again today as the thugs know via ILLEGAL MONITORING that I go to Manchester airport tomorrow and they want to mesh MY car and their lowlife NOW to be 5 Oct 2015 AGAIN! And if they can, claim my house was seized, wrecked and looted on 27 Oct 08 because of something they manufactured YEARS later! The lunatics run the asylum.  What was the overall trap? Aside from the frauds in deliveries and so forth, they did not have DALTON with her dyed hair as “me” confirm she saw me leave 28, they had the bloated old lecher in 30 WILLIAMS who thinks I’m his wife and calls himself MR CAROL WOODS. (I will add that they in 30 “me” and she in 26 “me” both had mail today: I had nothing; that is where the bank statements and so forth go: the Royal Mail is 100% corrupt in this.) He was to stand about and with a screeching Banshee, the type used and prevalent in Caton, she with her rough, bleached hair make sure they could confirm they saw me leave WITH RUBBISH for the local tip. So what? (See later for why bleached haired old doxies are used. If time I will send photos with data re FRAUDSTER FOUND OUT in SX03 SUE.)

Aside from the usual taxi pretending he drove me and the rest of the lunatic harassers and stalkers, I took a route I have not travelled for YEARS; it threw them into confusion so I was left alone for a brief ride. It took me nowhere near any lunatic who wanted to claim I followed them. The traffic was heavy in all directions when I rejoined the usual roads to the tip.* It was incredibly slow:  I watched the Gestapo sitting 3 40pm approx; what was he to “confirm”? I went to the tip, and saw: this is on photos from months ago and SHE was to claim I followed her and he was to confirm he saw me behind her thus PROOF I stalked a dollop of lowlife.

The car she uses is a W reg Blue almost like a small van: months ago Jarvis from 41 Fell View in GN07 AHO sat in that car waiting for me to drive off: she sat for about an hour: as I left she raced off just ahead so I waited 7 minutes, knowing she is so insane she would claim anything. 7 minutes and she should have been miles away. But she wasn’t.

She waited so was just ahead of me; then I was going to the tip. I saw a seedy, leering old man in a blue car (the one used today) and he raced from SCARTHWAITE HOTEL Masonic fraudsters who have tried to claim I rented a chalet there, edge of Caton BUT the man and his vehicle were to replicate a stalker and bank fraudster who forges MY signature on 2 LLOYDS accounts. His car is a BLUE TOYOTA X339 FEN not my model which is Yaris and RED. That fraudster is DAVID JACKSON of 28 REGENT ST Lancaster and used as his house is no. 28!! On the day in question going to the tip, I saw the blue car racing to get ahead and let him, I was in no rush. But then seeing Jarvis waited for me; it was obvious something was “planned”. I pulled in and right on cue the bent copper cruises into view: I was to be stalking Jarvis OR in the vehicle with the seedy old leerer thus PROOF I was linked to DAVID JACKSON. The seedy old man from SCARTHWAITE HOTEL has a W reg and battered vehicle. I took photos: plan failed.

At the tip today the blue car was there: not a seedy old leering male but the type of female he would be associated with: the INTENTION had been to say I stalked her to the tip with the Gestapo to confirm he saw my car behind her thus PROOF I stalked her to the tip. What moron would expect me to want to find rubbish as an excuse to stalk an idiot to the tip? How could I know she was going? The “Hotel” and grounds is about a mile from me, how would I know that seedy troll was going to the tip? She would know I was going as the lowlife O’CONNER (another bleached haired loud mouth who also claims to be me) with the CCTV camera in gable end upper window of 39 Fell View looking out to MY front door sees what I load up. How could I see over a mile ahead of me round corners and so forth? Was she ahead of me? NO, but they had a blue car waiting to pull out ahead of me and then they “disappear” with the seedy then claiming it was her car I followed. Her car would not take the route I took: her car is bigger than mine, there was not one single car on my route after my little diversion but now the Gestapo will have to pour resources into that route now IN CASE I USE IT AGAIN. The rest of the trolls I ignored; the shouting into phones as I pass, the gawpers who PRETEND to have dropped me off: they are not worth the film on my camera: I have more than enough for any jury. (This is the email address DALTON was caught using: I also have

*Why do I go to the tip and take my own rubbish? Because from Sept 2013 when I had moved to rent flat 3 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA they had WILLIAMS’ forerunners, more murdering trolls, thieves and fraudsters in flats around me with SHIRLEY and DEREK RYCROFT flat 4 having bullied to death at least 2 former tenants of flat 3 and LOOTING their assets along with others which YOU all know about and do nothing, (I have told enough agencies for long enough) constantly dump “evidence of “crime” in my bins until I had enough on camera, washed out my bins and had them in the flat. The usual distractions in the library take place with persons talking loud “reading” and phones making loud phone calls, taking loud phone calls and it is THE OPEN UNIVERSITY and one trying to distract me with her noise – I have seen her screen; she can’t spell basic words and is not actually typing sentences: she is clearly a few letters short of a keyboard; deluded in her “expectations”. This is to be me and my refs to Lancaster University library: I studied for my post grad there. In 2015 as JARVIS in 41 Fell View was to be me the Gestapo found her unskilled “work” in the Uni sports centre where she worked as me! I found out fairly quickly and she “resigned”.  Remember that in 2014 JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View was found to working as “me” in HMYOI Lancaster Farms and had to “resign” which she did on 18/5/14 and not one agency bats an eye lid. I take my rubbish to the tip because the lowlife round Fell View would do EXACTLY the same. I will print this off and keep it with me.Jackson in 26, Dalton in 45, McHARRAN in 43 and others who are all me: it follows that if they are me then they are where I am and if they are all me, then they are all there at the same time.

The last photo is me in KWIK FIT on 20 Oct 2016; apparently I am blind, obese, have dyed red hair, thin straggly grey hair, wear glasses, am short and dumpy, am any age from 9 to 90 and so forth and why lowlife, thieves, fraudsters and worse all claim I am cared for and driven about by them as their sister, aunt, mother, daughter, niece, AND I am also various Mr Carol Woods; this is how I am “in” at least 23 houses round Fell View all at the same time. Funded by the corrupt council obviously.

Serious E-CRIME PROOF OF Lancs.  26 Oct. 16

02-41-23 This was scanned 26/9/16 at 7 33pm: I saw the usual lowlife “sent” to register his equipment using MY email address via Lancaster University visitor site. This has been done before so I rarely register to use the WiFi now.

I tried on my arrival – he sat hiding but I heard after seeing “problems” on my registration, found the source of “typing” – my screen said I could not register as MY NAME & EMAIL ADDRESS were already registered. There was another “sign” on MY screen so I took photos – I cannot print off from my laptop using a WiFi.

The yob went out to smoke – he is MR CAROL WOODS. Then my screen tells me I am KAREN. This was why Williams in 30 Fell View had the COMPU-TEK farce of 21/10/16 because he in 30 Fell View is Mr K WILLIAMS also known as Mr Carol Woods and I am to be his wife as a K name!

That yob was told to use his computer, leave it “open” so the Gestapo could link it to mine and, make me someone I am not. That then makes the murdering lowlife they want to say is me seem to be me. On 21/10/16 WILLIAMS in 30 had a computer firm call to 30 where she pretended to be me having the driver call to rear of 30 Fell View as that is PROOF she is me apparently. Many deliveries in FRAUD go to her rear door hoping I neither see nor hear; she whispering but the van driver giving the game away; obviously I took photos COMPU-TEK he would see she has no computer. He was then sent on Saturday to call at the front of 30 loudly and try to “reverse” the FRAUD of Friday.

I also have reason to think that at least one thief and worse, Agnes Jackson in 26 Fell View who is also “me” has an ISSIS* account in my name. (* Freudian slip, that was my computer system at work, the accounts are called ISSAs)  I have invited the Gestapo to arrest me if I use Carol Woods as ID FRAUD but they do not call ergo I think I must be me.

(The council continue to aid and abet Williams in 30 in serious fraud and ID THEFT). On 29/9/16 I had been to scan the photos which show proof of fraud using MY email account. A few events included: a yob sent to the camera shop, a type used often as they are all, ALL OF THEM, Mr Carol Woods, to collect photos which might have been anything but to wait until I collected and paid for mine so that HIS were mine and I wasn’t there! The photos sent out will show I was. Outside the cinema on 29th where I had been to see an early film, the Gestapo sent LINDSEY ROBERTSON to say she was rushing to meet someone: she was to be seen at the cinema as all spilled out and pretend thus she was me seen leaving: presumably I did not leave as I was not there! I had mentioned Lindsey in an email as one used for YEARS to harass and pretend to be me; she a former colleague, not a friend. The “meeting a friend” was done only days earlier when another recruited troll, a decent person turned into a stalker, harasser and liar was to pretend she had parked my car. That has already been added to data so here I just record, Lindsey Robertson sent to pretend, but at MY car a pair of dullards, she bloated in scruffy “black” with a “cap” (me) and he a male version thus we had Mr and Mrs Carol Woods. The Gestapo found those 2 to try and replicate a pair used about 2 years ago who were to be me then on that occasion, seen illegally when I scanned my photos, the Gestapo thought they’d find a pair to be at MY car thus proof a pair used in 2014 repeated by another pair on 29th were me and on 29th had just parked MY car and gone for a takeaway. (the takeaway is important as Bank Holiday HUNTER in 22 Fell View and MILLS in 20 ordered a take away as if they were me so, who paid? I stayed after seeing the takeaway car hiding, takeaways are rush jobs to keep food hot, that must have been cold.)

I drove to University to scan my photos leaving L Roberts and the pair at the takeaway- had I stolen their car? Lindsey Robertson was not in the Uni. library so I guess she isn’t me after all. There was the usual idiocy for my arrival but that is not worth adding.

Leaving, the Gestapo were to make up for not having one in hiding: a car pulled up to pretend he collected me, another car I noticed and a yob sneaking out of hiding in the usual grey hoodie gear, the car set off, the licence plate was unusual; not used previously. More thugs pretending whatever they felt like. I re-parked my car and returned and scanned some more: they wasted their time. This is to create proof of a Mr Carol Woods.

On leaving a 2nd time a troll arrived and parked but in a taxi zone, not switching off, and across the area blocking a taxi that may have needed to park. It was obvious she was a dullard and a recruit. I drove round to see; she pulled out without even looking ON HER PHONE and nearly ran into me. PJ07 AWV so that will be reported formally: it is EVERY SINGLE idiot they use who is unfit. I watched her, she did not know it was my car, one she was sent to stalk that she nearly ran into; she drove to where the first yob had sneaked from hiding and passed something to another hiding then drove off. She had no idea I had not driven away. We have a fraud in progress. On 21/10/16 I caught YET ANOTHER waiting to post as if whatever he posted was sent by me. I left the post office without entering; there was no mistake; whatever he posted was what he posted. On 25th a great deal was posted again as I was about to pass the post office; I walked away; I did not go past; I posted nothing.

Almost back at Fell View 28/9/16 after finding I was suddenly ‘KAREN’, I saw the car used from 2 Fell View and 45, by WOODRUFF who claims to be me because of the name: that car DG51 WRL was racing out of Caton, doing a U turn then racing back EXACTLY as ruffian in R48 GMA had done on Monday 26th that week. The R48 car used in stalking and then found following me as I drove to Morecambe, DG51 WRL is used by same ones in 45 Fell View and at 2 Fell view WOODRUFF who claim they are also me. They raced from Caton, then right back to be behind me arriving at 28. The INTENTION was to claim I at 28 was really those in 30 and they in the RED DG51 WRL were the “me” they claim to be using MY email address in E-CRIME from 45 Fell View.

But they did not return after me; I drove a longer route, slowly so they were parked at 45 before I was even near Fell View. I took a photo of PJ65 WLL NOT parked. It was not parked when I went out yet both Williams were indoors at 30, someone again had hidden their car to make them seem to be out. The ones usually hiding whatever car Williams have are those from 45 one of whom told me he does not have a licence.

The photos attached: These show how empty the space is: term not underway, he had hidden near to the scanner which I use often for my photos. It is a dreary space and the least popular anyway in the lovely new, extended library. I knew he was up to no good; that had been happening every time on a more intense basis; this yob had more equipment than Nassa. I could not register; the photo shows someone already was registered as if it was my registering. Then when I did register the name that popped up for me was KAREN on a site that acknowledges me as Carol which I am: who changed my name to KAREN?

One applies to register and then has to open the email to confirm all is done as it should be; it can be seen that the email had already been sent and opened. How then could I eventually register? Because whoever did that got his timing wrong and he deregistered but got that timing wrong as well. This is E-CRIME on photos, and they are attached and now the Gestapo use their yobs and more to harass me and provoke me in the local library which I was unable to use for YEARS because of such behaviour so they can in masonic “inversion” nonsense claim I am the “problem”. I am, I have the evidence. Carol Woods Ms. Please feel free to use as you wish. the glare on sections is a ceiling light, fixed with the scanner placed in this new position so reflections. If anyone wishes I can separate the photos and get them out of line of the light that just means more pages of attachments.25-oct25-oct2

E-CRIME reported and harassment of user. 25 Oct. 16

To Lancaster library and Morecambe which guess staff are in communication with.

In 2012 I was forced to stop using the libraries because of harassment and interception of emails, in 2010 a librarian in another library with me caught red handed a yob using a USB linked via POLICE INVOLVEMENT to the systems to steal my data. The librarian encouraged me to report to police who did nothing. After 2012 I had to go further afield, every 10 days or so not using local facilities until mid 2015 when I AS A TAX PAYER BEING SICK AND TIRED OF LOCAL CORRUPTION WHICH I HELP TO PAY FOR thought I should be at least able to use MY library without driving miles to use one where harassment was reduced.

I am not saying your staff are corrupt. I used an Internet shop mostly but he closed that side of his business and there I was subject to harassment as the county corrupt would send in to bore the shop keeper but shout to distract me. That is an old trick and I have found arguments contrived take place now in the library which are all to distract and cause distress if possible.

Since relying more on the local library the harassment and E-CRIME has increased. There is ALWAYS at least one yob using the computers BUT ONLY IF I LOG ON and amazingly they all log off when I do.

I have seen them using FACEBOOK as if I am one participant and have found bank accounts run IN MY NAME to at least 2 addresses as if I have on-line banking when I have not. Santander have confirmed 5 FIVE accounts in my name, LLoyds bank 2 and HSBC 2 and I am left with that alone to deal with. TESCO have confirmed that a suspicious character calling himself MR CAROL WOODS had a store card when there is no such person, ARGOS, ICELAND, NEXT, COMET, ASDA on line, in fact any on-line store is used and I have to go round every single one every so often with an up-date; they all wait for police involvement which never happens.  IN THIS DWP FRAUD IS RIFE ALSO.

I have photographic proof that yobs have used Lancaster University library when they are just yobs sent to do that and they register as if me using MY email address. I have reported this to Uni staff as well.

The organised crime has been reported by me scores of times, without boring you with all that I will add that T DALTON on 45 FELL VIEW CATON caught red handed using MY email addresses (I have 2 I use mostly) and he with his yobs using 45 Fell View as a collection point ordering goods on line as if I order and ask for the deliveries to be made elsewhere saying “I” will be out. Obviously if they tried to deliver to me I would refuse the goods. I have had a sign in my window at least 2 years saying that NO GOODS are ordered and no goods will be accepted.

Phones are used and I have no phone to combat that FRAUD.

On 25th I saw one yob sneaking off as I logged off, he had been accessing Facebook, a troll rushed in and dumped a pile of rubbish just where I sat and then she used the computer with the scanner although I am not sure she actually used the scanner. This is harassment of me organised and collective and part of much wider corruption which I have uncovered.

I am sorry you have been drawn in: I do take photos of those who access anything linked to me; they are unknown to me. I then delete photos when whatever they have done has been combatted by me. See who this is cc to: they all know of the serious events in Lancashire. I report the harassment and fraud again to the police who will REVERSE what I report and claim it is MY CRIME. Yours etc carol Woods Ms I will call in sometime soon as ask if you received this and would ask that YOU report it as E-CRIME with INTENT to DEFRAUD ME, HARASS ME and cause maximum distress. Thanks.

E-CRIME reported: Lancs ignored now W’Blower blamed 25 Oct. 2016

Dear Sirs, some of you received my photographic PROOF of persons accessing MY email accounts and posing as me in FRAUD. I have alerted many to DALTON in 45 Fell View CATON LA2 9RP for serious E-CRIME reported him to police who simply called and manufactured a case against me! The PERJURY has NEVER been addressed. The IPCC either ignore me or the mail is stolen as usual. I have also found that a MAUREEN McHARRAN from 43 Fell View has been using MY email address for over 2 years posing as me using Sainsbury WiFi café while I shopped below. I knew she was up to no good but not sure what exactly that was. Then I caught her red handed as I was then on WiFi via a lap top. On 24th Oct 2016 the Gestapo stalking me did try to manufacture a case against me when I went to Sainsbury’s in Morecambe they claim I am MR CAROL WOODS to account for DALTON yob in 45 Fell View. Thus McHARRAN might be me if I am someone else such as a shaved headed yob. I made my purchases and left on 24th I did not use the WiFi. I have not used it in Lancaster Uni since catching the scum for the umpteenth time waiting for me to try to register and finding “I” was already registered as a yob. In Lancaster library earlier today I had the usual harassment YOBS and at least 1 female troll dumping the rubbish where I was to harass and provoke. I’d had the old fraudster and lecher from 30 prior to my going out from 28 Fell View trying to provoke me, he Mr K WILLIAMS whose wife claims to be me. I ignored them. BUT now see my email below and events from 2010 which were ignored: the Gestapo try to make me a MR. Now the next thing will be that I cause trouble in a library and that those lowlife trolls harassing and using FACEBOOK as if they are communicating with me (I have seen them) apparently are innocent victims. This goes to the library and the Gestapo. Notice I reported all this not only in Harrow in 2010 seen with a librarian but have reported such as JANET WOODALL stealing my data using it to prove she is me (she works for police, I did not know), the bank accounts run in my name all from E-CRIME which I have reported hundreds of times with banks trying to get the Gestapo involved. All they did was send a PCSO PAUL SHEPHERD to tell me that he the PCSO was not prepared to conduct any investigation into bank fraud! This is the Gestapo trying to cut me off from alerting agencies to what goes on. masonic inversion, crimes I report they set about manufacturing that I have committed them.

Dear Sirs This is the next idea of Lancashire Gestapo: and incorporating the liars in the council:

The INTENTION is to make NOW be 2015 again. How? I use local libraries after YEARS of not doing because my emails were being deleted before I opened them as they still are from time to time. I found I could use WiFi on a newish lap top bought end 2015 and tried the University logging on as a visitor. All was fine until the Gestapo started to send their trolls who used FACEBOOK as if it was my use. The recent photos sent out show what they were doing via thugs who were not students logging on to MY email address so that I could not and then using MY email log in to defraud linking to thugs who mostly use 45 Fell View Caton as we know, Mills in 20, Jarvis in 41, McHarran in 43 and so on. How then can the thugs REVERSE all that and make it MY “problem”?

In 2010 I and a librarian caught red handed a yob accessing MY data as I typed: she said I had to call the police as it was a computer crime. How many times have I reported E-CRIME? SCORES and always ignored; that in HARROW library was also ignored.

Thus the lunatics try to make that now. They want to cover for McHARRAN in 43 found using MY email addresses as if she was me for over 2 years in the WiFI cafe Sainsbury’s which I only discovered when I used the WiFi recently. DALTON and his major fraud we know of, PERJURY of MASSINHAM and BROWNSMITH and ARGOS deliveries in FRAUD now known of what now to make all that MY fault?

ARGOS 19 Oct 2015 and found by chance, a yob in BOOTHS supermarket cafe accessing ON LINE  AS IF HE WAS ME. I took a photo: the usual shaved headed yob which the Gestapo have sent scores to stalk and harass to be “seen with” me thus PROOF that shaved headed yob was linked to me; he is a DALTON type. Argos I found had been asked to deliver to an address in Carnforth Lancashire as if I placed the order. That being deal with the mail was stolen as usual. That yob was not arrested; nothing was investigated as I was to be “seen off”. It didn’t happen so they try it again.

Yobs use Lancaster and Morecambe library Facebook as if one is me when it is lowlife in Caton posing; the Gestapo send them in when I am seen heading there: there are at least 2 regular pests and various other lowlife who have to register for use as they do not use that facility. Meanwhile the Gestapo have all sorts of trolls in to harass and then they can scream I take photos; I take photos of those using FACEBOOK and screeching as if they are me. They use the scanner amid much shouting as that is apparently the scanner I refer to which it is not at all. I never use that in the local library.

Amid the usual on 25th because all the rest are sulking their frauds have failed and I get some information out about serious organised crime, they send in at least 4 to harass me. I take one photo of MR CAROL WOODS and when not needed I delete it. Leaving the 2nd time after being forced out the first time after almost an hour of harassment, it is about 6 40 and an ARGOS van thug waits to drive right across my path he parked in a close loading bay. A male in red waits to walk to my car as he is MR CAROL WOODS but I don’t go to my car: that is EXACTLY what was done in the last thuggery of wrongful arrest and false imprisonment – exactly but then there had been 2 yobs in red and both shouting into phones. Thus the lunatics have decided they don’t like my photos and now they will claim IN REVERSE OF 2010 IGNORED serious E-CRIME that I take photos of persons using the library. I do not: I take photos of those using the library in E-CRIME so I will report this to the chief librarian AGAIN (last reported 2012 when I had to then stop using it as it was so bad for E-CRIME) and the Gestapo.

The INTENTION is to stop me going away: WILLIAMS is supposed to be me: she does not have my passport does she? Agnes Jackson is supposed to be me: she does not have my passport either does she?
Re: UPCOMING RADIO SHOW ON Susanne Kellner Johnson, Human Rights Activist + Whistleblower, being held in asylum, force fed psychotropic drugs against her will like so many others  25 Oct. 15

SAME PLAN FOR ME again – Dear Sirs This is the next idea of Lancashire Gestapo: and incorporating the liars in the council:

The INTENTION is to make NOW be 2015 again. How? I use local libraries after YEARS of not doing because my emails were being deleted before I opened them as they still are from time to time. I found I could use WiFi on a newish lap top bought end 2015 and tried the University logging on as a visitor. All was fine until the Gestapo started to send their trolls who used FACEBOOK as if it was my use. The recent photos sent out show what they were doing via thugs who were not students logging on to MY email address so that I could not and then using MY email log in to defraud linking to thugs who mostly use 45 Fell View Caton as we know, Mills in 20, Jarvis in 41, McHarran in 43 and so on. How then can the thugs REVERSE all that and make it MY “problem”?

In 2010 I and a librarian caught red handed a yob accessing MY data as I typed: she said I had to call the police as it was a computer crime. How many times have I reported E-CRIME? SCORES and always ignored; that in HARROW library was also ignored.

Thus the lunatics try to make that now. They want to cover for McHARRAN in 43 found using MY email addresses as if she was me for over 2 years in the WiFI cafe Sainsbury’s which I only discovered when I used the WiFi recently. DALTON and his major fraud we know of, PERJURY of MASSINHAM and BROWNSMITH and ARGOS deliveries in FRAUD now known of what now to make all that MY fault?

ARGOS 19 Oct 2015 and found by chance, a yob in BOOTHS supermarket cafe accessing ON LINE  AS IF HE WAS ME. I took a photo: the usual shaved headed yob which the Gestapo have sent scores to stalk and harass to be “seen with” me thus PROOF that shaved headed yob was linked to me; he is a DALTON type. Argos I found had been asked to deliver to an address in Carnforth Lancashire as if I placed the order. That being deal with the mail was stolen as usual. That yob was not arrested; nothing was investigated as I was to be “seen off”. It didn’t happen so they try it again.

Yobs use Lancaster and Morecambe library Facebook as if one is me when it is lowlife in Caton posing; the Gestapo send them in when I am seen heading there: there are at least 2 regular pests and various other lowlife who have to register for use as they do not use that facility. Meanwhile the Gestapo have all sorts of trolls in to harass and then they can scream I take photos; I take photos of those using FACEBOOK and screeching as if they are me. They use the scanner amid much shouting as that is apparently the scanner I refer to which it is not at all. I never use that in the local library.

Amid the usual on 25th because all the rest are sulking their frauds have failed and I get some information out about serious organised crime, they send in at least 4 to harass me. I take one photo of MR CAROL WOODS and when not needed I delete it. Leaving the 2nd time after being forced out the first time after almost an hour of harassment, it is about 6 40 and an ARGOS van thug waits to drive right across my path he parked in a close loading bay. A male in red waits to walk to my car as he is MR CAROL WOODS but I don’t go to my car: that is EXACTLY what was done in the last thuggery of wrongful arrest and false imprisonment – exactly but then there had been 2 yobs in red and both shouting into phones. Thus the lunatics have decided they don’t like my photos and now they will claim IN REVERSE OF 2010 IGNORED serious E-CRIME that I take photos of persons using the library. I do not: I take photos of those using the library in E-CRIME so I will report this to the chief librarian AGAIN (last reported 2012 when I had to then stop using it as it was so bad for E-CRIME) and the Gestapo.

The INTENTION is to stop me going away: WILLIAMS is supposed to be me: she does not have my passport does she? Agnes Jackson is supposed to be me: she does not have my passport either does she?

FRAUD ID THEFT rife Lancs. profile  25 Oct. 16

This is from Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP and this is another “suddenly come into money” pair in 49 Fell View, REID more total strangers. Note the caravan in the photo, a repeat of events at 20 Fell View mostly at the same time. Reid more to pretend to drive me about: the caravan disappeared as soon as realised what was going on seeing MR REID sitting in their white Vauxhall and setting off when I did he behind me pretending he drove me. PF12 RVW one of 3 used, KM56 AYB a dark red and VO59 JSY last attempt amid much else on the entrapment of Sunday 23/10/16 using others all round me. The INTENTION is to claim as I am expected to “disappear” again (as happened end 2015 which many know of) that someone in those other houses are the non-existent invented person Mrs Carole Woods who was invented to be the reverse of me. Reid imported an old woman only weeks ago and when she saw my car drive to 28 she was to rush into their yard and pretend to garden as if she was me “gardener”. Trust me, these people are demented fools; they act out completely insane “tasks” and PRETEND. These in 49 risked the lives of their toddler 3 times and a small boy once trying to trap me with the INTENTION to claim I tried to kidnap the toddler then the toddler with the boy aged about 4. That is likely to be something Mrs Carole Woods would do; masonic inversion lunacy, swap my child protection to make it children not safe from me. Whoever paid for the extensive work at 49 was not me.25-oct3

Profile of serious fraudsters; Lancs 25 Oct. 16

Please feel to quote me Ms Carol Woods: This data is a profile of serious bullies, thieves and fraudsters of 20 Fell View LA2 9RP a Ms K MILLS and her older sister of 7 Leslie Ave, off Fell View, both have a partner and they are also used. As with all in the cess pit I have discovered, Mills are linked to many but this is brief to show how they miss their free money and with council and police assistance PRETEND I have just AGAIN moved to live with that lowlife and am being driven about by them – total strangers. To set the scene The Mills were on instruction to write to the council and complain I shouted and used foul language which the council are very opposed to: serious organised crime is fine, bullying to death the former elderly occupant of 28 ion instruction was also fine, but shouting is not. But what evidence do they have? I asked for times and dates of said “offences” but could not be told. The INTENTION was to force me to a meeting and PRETEND I was someone else which file is hidden from me and in the name of one invented Mrs Carole Woods; that is convoluted band out of scope of this especially as it failed: I went to no meeting; I explained I did not meet liars and was unable to collude with their corruption which, had I gone, I would have been colluding. Neither would I dignify such lowlife and their arrangements with the council.

 I was sure a van S30 GKS was stalking me, moving to 28 Fell View on 24/3/14 I found quickly what was going on with the unemployed trolls but the van I had to be sure of. I found out by setting my own little “trap” and he is the partner of Mills in no. 20. He is BLEASDALE son of stalker of me of 5/10/15 and the subsequent perjury of PC MASSINGHAM etc to cover for Bleasdale senior. Bleasdale snr did pretend to drop me off at 20 after the council and police dropped off this squalid caravan dumped on front of 20. No windows in one side, but apparently I was her aunt and lived there being cared for and driven about by them. Where did all “my” mail go? To her in the house of course. The 2nd photo shows her making a phone call to DPD in the usual delivery fraud where they all order via their phones and claim to be me but say I will be out and to deliver to other houses. The car FE02 VDK was used a great deal for over 1 year and on May Bank Holiday 2016 police escorted the lowlife PRETENDING I was moving there again.

I saw that by chance, took photos and the caravan disappeared overnight not long after. FE02 VDK gained a great deal pretending they took me shopping when it was all for themselves and Mills. 29/5/15 I return to 28 knowing they were up to no good and she shouts to the driver of DPD to take the delivery elsewhere, she does not want me to see it: BUT amazingly I drove away again and find it on a back road QUERNMORE RD and I apparently live in every house along there as well! (I told you I couldn’t make this up). Believe me, DPD thugs know EXACTLY what they do.

S30 GKS “disappeared” end 2015 amid many other vehicles used found out frauds and Mills brother from 38 Fell View was moved house. The intention to “see me off” end 2015 failing, the tracks had to be covered as much as possible.

I always know when a delivery is to be made because whatever devices are in my loft alert me, they sound when someone uses the Internet or phone as if it is my use from 28: I have never been wrong. Loft noises always mean delivery somewhere.

26/5/15 was also used: it is one you cannot see as I imagined it – apparently. The Mills older sister had this (they all have at least 2 vehicles but no jobs) she would drive it to park outside me in 28 at night and both Mills would hid with the cover on (it was a pick-up type) and use their phones as if they were me in 28. They also claimed to be daughters of JUNE WILLIAMS who is also “me” in 30 Fell View making me her sister so they could claim Mills were my nieces. I have had to find all this out myself.

1/2/15 with the back cover on, something else you can’t see as I was “hallucinating” and making it up. 26/10/15 and loft noises night of 25th. I wait to go out, return unexpectedly and DPD just pulling up to 20, sees my car and drives off, I follow, he tries to hide among staff cars parked on a converted mill site end Fell View. How would he know my car was a signal to drive off? Because he’s part of it.

5/6/15 and same again but at 7 Leslie Ave, I drove away, know they’re up to no good and return finding him about to deliver; off he races.

23/4/15 and I park on Morecambe prom; a day of madness with “something going on”. I reach this post box (the GPS on my car allows for all this) and this troll steps from hiding behind parked cars: she posts all this mail and I “seen there” was apparently the one posting or seen out with a MILLS troll so party to the posting. This troll was too clean, more up-market that Mills but she was chosen as “large” and short dark hair. Both Mills have had stages of dying their hair red to be my family.

9/7/15 – the 9th of every month brings something to be 9 Aug 08 and events at MY house – out of scope of this. I found this delivery BROWN’s Masonic firm Morecambe who has delivered to others who claim to be me. I was apparently by then, moved into 7 Leslie Ave as well as staying in the caravan.

4/5/16 the caravan has just gone and 20, loft noises a delivery made. This driver had waited out of sight and slowly drove to 20 as I drove off from 28 except I didn’t drive far and took this from my rear window in my car – the car I only imagine I have.

In this many have gained massively, some with their council houses bought under the right to buy have had EXTENSIONS, new cars all kinds of things in the PRETENCE I have just moved in and have taken them funds. From where? That is anybody’s guess but CURWEN in 24 claim to be me with much money after and RTA that I as them had. I have never had an RTA nor have they. Right now MILLS with their stalking again in yet another van of yesterday evening, amid much else using at least 6 other addresses all at once (Fell View is like Piccadilly Circus sometimes when the theatres are emptying. Last night was one of those) are having EXTENSIVE work done to 20 Fell View and she I have caught at least twice in 2 days (not counting last night) pretending she drives me. She waits on the edge of Caton, tipped off by Gestapo who know where I am because of the GPS, she hides in a side road and then my car passes; she waits until I am likely parked up the drives to 20 and pretends she has driven me and we are at 20. I wait and then drive off to show she is less than nothing to do with me – hence the hysterics last night and today.

Other have done that: LENNON in 29 claimed she drove me about for 2 years; then end 2015 in the big change over she was told to change her name, grow her hair and dye it and I was supposed to think she was someone else. My intelligence is insulted at every stage. My email from sent earlier was my faxed letter to Lancaster Gestapo informing them that whatever anyone spent round Fell View it had better not be anything to do with me. 25-oct525-oct625-oct7

W’blower Lancs: deals with such every 23rd.  25 Oct. 2016

 sent 2 emails from earlier. All sent this: attached is one page of one photo with data. It shows what thugperverted minds I deal with ALONE. I am Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP (the latest lunacy about the theft of my house and yet another old doxy who is me and my daughter, about 65 years old, will be sent when the photos are scanned, I told you I couldn’t make this up) the 23rd of EVERY month of EVERY year since 23 Oct 2008 is intense with a great deal of thuggery and harassment all INTENDING to have me “arrested” for “anti-social act”. The INTENTION is to rewrite officer TRACEY KENNEDY in MY HOUSE (she is also me apparently) who posed as me on 23 Oct 08 in Liverpool Magistrates Court on what I found out was an “anti social” matter. There are no documents on record which is no surprise EXCEPT what I have because I do my homework before the records can be destroyed.

I found out about Kennedy in 2009, faxed CPS as CPS had to have been in the court and continue to try and ask them what went on with no replies.

PAUL HEALEY SONIA KIRK IAN LANGLEY were all staff involved who knew Kennedy was not me. I have faxed the police scores of times with my document asking when I was arrested, where was I held, what was the incident number, crime number allocated, names ranks and badge numbers of police involved, why Liverpool was involved, how I got to Liverpool and so on. Whatever it was it led to the wrecking of MY HOUSE on 27 Oct 08 which PETER GARDNER of Orbis in St HELEN’s tried to inform me of when he found out he had been duped telling him that a court ordered the wrecking of MY HOUSE as it was COUNCIL OWNED. (Peter Gardner admitted to me that he had seen no paperwork at all; he had just acted on a phone call as a “back-hander”.)                                                                                               
 Those thugs in the council (remember how much they gained looting my house on 19 Nov 08) and corrupt continue to harass and try to make that now in relation to the squalid bungalow 28 Fell View CATON I was offered in “exchange for my memory and my house”. I have my title deeds; I have my memory: I forget nothing: Kennedy is not me, her partner is not me, the council lowlife have less than nothing to do with me or MY house. I have told many about that over years and no one bats an eye lid. I do however also have the PERJURY of KENNEDY and at least 2 police plus an IAN READER all on sworn and used court documents and there is no statute of limitation of PERJURY so someone should be making noises about prosecuting; the file is kept safe. This is what the HIGH COURT JUDGE knew of on 24/5/2010 when he instructed me to return to MY house, forcibly remove anyone, sue them and prosecute them.  Justice MacKay now retired I believe.

Thus 23rd of everything with 23/10/16 as many know local lowlife already found out thieves, liars and fraudsters trying to trap me with others wanting to scream I followed them in my car on 23rd with many other events of harassment which could be used AGAINST me as “anti-social and/or mentally ill” which is rich coming from the deranged and deluded I deal with.

  That entrapment and what it was to “rewrite from Oct 2015” is not repeated here: 23 July 2014 and I am in 28 Fell View about 5 miles east of Lancaster . I had moved there 24/3/14. I drive to an area about one mile from Caton DENNY BECK, and walk to Lancaster despite being apparently disabled, in a wheelchair, needing carers and drivers and so forth (which 23 tenants claim monies for as they ALL, ALL AT THE SAME TIME drive me about and “care for me” in their houses – that is the major organised fraud I discovered and am punished for discovering). It takes the Gestapo by surprise, on my walk to Lancaster by the river Lune, they do not have their lowlife organised to harass but they do on my return. BUT I can walk well and they drop off every mile I walk. By my car I see a couple of seedy old men in the bushes; Denny Beck is obviously by the river and well covered by growth. And then I find these planted by my car: how clever was this? Which thug thought of this as a “good idea”? It sums them up more that reams of documents from me. They clearly judge me by the standards of their doxies. I took my photos (this being a close up), and drove off.25-oct8

Lancs Police harass and defraud W’blower  25 Oct. 2016

I am Carol Woods Ms of 28 Fell View LA2 9RP but discover today that I have just moved to Fell View and am really a Mrs Carole Woods. Please read on. (Typing this in Lancaster library the Gestapo had a troll walk in with a pile of rubbish and dump it right where I sit typing. Why? She tries to rewrite the NHS who dumped rubbish on Sunday where I was see the pizza boxes from last evening dumped. The INTENTION is to claim I am living where I type. The Gestapo have tried for 3 years to claim they find me living in Lancaster Uni library as it is open now for 24 hours a day. The rubbish to to be”proof” I have been “living” (eating) and no, I won’t take a photo of this lunatic and her rubbish dumped.)Why is no one helping me?

This data includes the letter I sent as fax at 15 45 on 24/10/16 from a Morecambe outlet: I do not go often as the trader is told what to say to harass; on 24/10/16 it was all about shouting in a phone call while serving me – “yellow boards” to be the thug weeks ago and the cycling along the CYCLISTS PLEASE DISMOUNT AREA yellow, enamel boards in Morecambe on the prom where I walked. Without going into all that here it is just an example of the Gestapo thugs and their small minded “cleverness” to harass. But the Gestapo were high profile on 24th as they had been on 23rd. Leaving out the amazing use of helicopters to fly over to confirm they have seen something they have not, the Gestapo I saw stalking me on 23rd as I drove back to Caton from being out in Morecambe as is my usual routine Sunday. Leaving Fell View, aside from the usual dullards with nothing better to do than sit and wait then drive off when I do and pretend whatever their lunacy allows, they had MARGARET DALTON from 45 Fell View, thief, fraudster and much worse wait in her doorway to then walk past me as I unlocked my car. She had to make sure she could confirm she saw me. Why? Because their found out fraud and perjury and more from Oct 2015 needs to be “rewritten” as something NOW. PC PERJURER ANDREW MASSINGHAM and INSP BROWNSMITH rely on lowlife to “rescue” them. Apparently I was not in Barcelona in Oct 2015, I was seen on Fell View as confirmed by lowlife at 45 Fell View: they were in Tenerife and I had stalked them to a “local airport” and then was seen on Fell View so was not parked up in Liverpool airport and then in Barcelona; my travel documents etc are all false yet oddly, they have none. In fact they don’t even have passports. In that they chose Tenerife as photos LOOTED from MY house 18/11/08 include those of me in Tenerife in 07 renovating a flat for a former friend. The Gestapo told this deluded old parasite if she ceased dying her thin, straggly, long grey hair “red” to be me, had it cut and dyed it orange then she could be me on my photos from 2007! How deluded is that? She was told to make sure she could be a “witness” to my leaving in my car had a pair of other lowlife thieves and fraudsters found out hoping to “get their own back” as they PARKED UP miles away with the Gestapo telling them where I was likely to be going given it was Sunday. Then they appear in front of me and scream I am stalking them!  A pair of dullards who I guarantee spends Sunday in front of the TV like they do every other day. The FACT I go out regularly would not be considered. And no, there would be no chance I was behind them by accident. Actually I had pulled in, done a U turn, taken photos, got some petrol so maybe that is what the council liar wrote to me about “shouting”, maybe I shout to ask who I stalk to drive really slowly and wait for me.  The day’s trap failing the Gestapo continued: I have to pass RYELANDS estate as do thousands every week BUT it is PROOF I live there – apparently. The Gestapo on Sunday 23/10/16 were confirming they saw my car near Ryelands -so what?- and thugs in ANCHOR FLOORING who have stalked me for months without my realising what part they played. Apparently those thugs parked on Ryelands, seen setting off when my car drives into view and the Gestapo claim it is PROOF I live there. I have never lived anywhere near there but many thugs, yobs, trolls they use to do their dirty work do live there; druggies, thieves, gangsters, and they’re all chums of Gestapo. One is called CARL, life- long parasite and junkie and he is used to be me as Mr Carl Woods. My ex-husband will be dismayed when I tell him he was married to that lowlife for many years.

On 24th amid more plans that failed: WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View who are also “me” hid in 30, one local yob hid their car PJ65 WLL to pretend, as it was not seen parked, then they were out, they were not out; they hide indoors and use their phone as if they are me. The delivery from ARGOS today to 21 Fell View would have been some of that which I heard on the evening of the 23rd. The FRAUD using a bleached haired old doxy about 65 in SX03 SUE now found out fully, the Gestapo had scum in a hired camper van park outside the fax shop (amazingly, their scum always get prime spots) and he was to be me or with me with my fax sent PROOF. I took photos, now they have had me either be at least 400 people over the years I have used that fax shop, or 400 linked to me. They do the same old things every time. His plate was L9 PRG. The use of HIRED CAMPER VAN is because the thugs have tried for years to claim I have a camper van and drive round luring children with sweets; they had lowlife rushing to grab as many sweets s possible when I am served in a grocery store as that is PROOF I have bought sweets or an with someone and we travel about together luring children. I have invited arrest but they don’t call. HIRE is because I said any camper van owned by me would have my details with DVLA: they so stupid hadn’t worked that out. Without recording all here, I just add that returning to my car about 5 30pm on 24th I sat and waited: the Gestapo cruised by, this is so boring and predictable, I look round after taking a photo of the thugs wasting time and see the yob who they will confirm they saw near my car so he must be Mr Carol Woods version now almost 1 million I think. He in the grey trackie “uniform” tripped; he was so sure of himself, so “Mr Important, I work for the Gestapo” and pride comes before a fall, it sure did for that idiot.  Earlier they had had lowlife try to develop photos from a phone camera using the old equipment I use in the camera shop: I use it so the Gestapo can’t confuse my developing with the trolls they send to have their use said to be mine to “prove”  I use a camera/phone photos: it is a hand held digital. They could not develop from their phone/camera: I had excellent photos to develop which are out of scope of this but illustrate enough for any jury.

Calling in at Sainsbury’s Morecambe, I had the usual thug sitting waiting: they sit and wait IN CASE I call in but they hope I use the WiFi. He pretended he had dropped me off, this is to cover for thief, fraudster and lowlife McHARRAN who has lived in “hiding” for over 2 years using Sainsbury WiFi in the cafe while I shopped on the ground floor once each week: it took me 2 years to find that out. I knew she was up to no good and using the Internet as if she was me but not to what extent. On 24th, it took a few minutes to pick up what I wanted, by then the Gestapo had arrived to sit and while the self check out was empty a thug had been following me round and he had to use the one I used, stood waiting for me to finish when all the others were not in use. That is apparently proof that thug was “with me”. Mr Carol Woods I assume. Yet another. By Ryelands I had yet another, the usual yob type in “uniform” of grey with the now oft used RED MINI with another; these are deluded trolls who wait for my car in the traffic then push in and PRETEND whatever their lunacy allows.

The RED MINI, my daughter in law had a red MINI briefly in 2015. The Gestapo then sent one to take out the old thief and worse AGNES JACKSON in 26 Fell View so she could be seen in a RED MINI thus proof that old lowlife was me. In that they used a helicopter to hover and claim they saw Jackson alight so she was me. Not 5 minutes later my son and family arrived; they don’t know such scum as Jackson let alone have one drive her about.  The RED MINI from off Fell View “disappeared” and the owner was bought another car. While I was waiting for my MOT last Thursday 20/10/16 Kwik Fit Lancaster, the Gestapo sent a red MINI to park and pretend: somehow my red Yaris X reg was a new Red Mini. In that they had aside from much else which is all as usual for me with the bullying thugs in control, a BLUE car full of yobs X187 OEV  was to drive onto the forecourt of Kwki Fit, shout and yell and drive off; apparently it was not MY car with an MOT but theirs. The Gestapo sent them on 24th and pretended it was MY car and it was not 24th but 20th again and I saw by chance. So, my car is not red, I only think it is. In that a red Mini was to wait and drive off Ryelands with a male so not my daughter in law, somehow a son in law which I don’t have. MM05 PXJ dark grey VW was with the red Mini see how “MM” cars are used often, e.g. MM53 JXH a bronze Citroen by a couple of fraudsters who parked near me on a pay and display car park in Preston on 11/10/16 and then they NOT PAYING set off and pretended they drove me back to Lancaster; I took a photo of them in front of my car which suggested I was not actually being driven by anyone at all. Scanning photos at the University and typing this I guarantee there will be more thugs, yobs, trolls, doxies, taxis and bullying half-wits right through from my drive from here to Caton to whatever time it takes. The news headlines of 23rd which I guarantee press prostitutes were told to add in the EXTECTED entrapment of me so that sleazy NHS could say, “No luvvie, it was not your house but a vacuous celebrity who wanted her house back.”

My fax: 01524 596735 E-CRIME, ID THEFT, HARASSMENT, FORGERY, FRAUD, POSE AS POLICE, EXTORTION etc. 24/10/16 From: Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP.

GET OUT OF MY HOUSE. 2 pages hand written.                                                                           For the record: Reid 49 Fell View “suddenly come into money” PLUS caravan “tenant” had better not be linked to me. Curwen 24 Fell View ditto – no caravan – a flat provided by the council – had better not be linked to me. ELY 12 Fell View “suddenly come into money” are nothing to do with me (until I testify of course) – Fencing at 21, 23, 36, 38, 40 I have also addressed as nothing to do with me. Large garden toys at 22, 36 at least “suddenly come into money” were not relatives of mine at all – total strangers as are all in the cess pit.

Extensive works at 37 Fell View, Malaysian deranged was not my daughter. I hope she, unemployed managed to pay for all the works done there. The corrupt “professionals” now at 39 Copy Lane, off Fell View even with their dark grey Toyota Yaris YE11 DYG is not remotely linked to my Yaris as Y211 AAO was not. Retired bent cop, Huddleston 39 Copy Lane and ditto at 19 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QU YE09 AMK – G Woods were nothing to do with me – stalkers the pair of them. 43 Fell View McHARRAN fraud as I’d guessed, reported- ignored confirmed again Friday 21/10/16.                                        45 Fell View Margaret Dalton aka others was not me on my photos looted from MY house – photos 07 house looted 08 (19-11-08) renovating Tina Pazzano’s apartment in Tenerife. Dalton wouldn’t know a paint brush from a stuffed parrot. Telling her to cut her thin, straggly, grey hair dyed “red” to then dye it orange does not make her into “me”. You call there (to 45) socially – you know who she is. The crime to be manufactured on Sunday 23/10/16 to be “officer” Kennedy 23/10/08 involved M Dalton and lowlife from 2 Copy Lane in PO11 XTL. That is 3 involved – a conspiracy PLUS thieves, liars, fraudsters in 20 MILLS and 7 Leslie Ave (sisters – both “K” names) who pretend I live there as Mrs Carole Woods invented again by the council. The extensive work undertaken at 20 – and on -going had better not be anything to do with me. The red Honda driver, troll, lowlife PK56 WUP uses 33 Fell View and 7 Leslie Ave to PRETEND to sit with ‘someone’ left alone with no-one present at all. Harassment, intent, fraud and more.

ARGOS at 21 Fell View Michael Dane another fraudster – who drove about Agnes Jackson – along with McHARRAN in YP06 UEH from 43, pretending she was me as her identical twin being taken shopping. ARGOS at 21 on 24/10/16 at 10 42am had better not be the result of loft noises I heard night of 23/10/16 via the devices in m loft which always indicate an order to be followed by a delivery.

Bayly’s favourite Babe in flat 5 Penhale Gardens had a great deal from ARGOS in July 2013 when I moved to flat 3 – followed by RYCROFT flat 4 – a bed – 1 of 4 provided for parasites. Mills in 20 and her ARGOS fraud filmed – then sending to 2 Milestone Place in a panic – where M Dane’s former vehicle ended up, FV06 FDA (used with A Jackson). Jackson continues to pose as me – now with the demented doxy from 39 – O’Conner. She has 2 addresses. ……………………………….

Driving from the University I had encountered much as predicted. A pair of supposedly intelligent trolls were to stand near a waste bin I had to pass and dump a pile of pizza boxes shouting to make sure I noted. Why? That is from 2012 and murdering lowlife K NICHOL another who claimed in FRAUD using ICELAND mostly to be linked to me: out of cope of this but he lived in take away pizzas. It is also to be a repeat of the NHS as i recorded dumping household rubbish or whatever it was in a bin at Morison’s’ which was more than odd. The Gestapo were parked up by traffic lights to confirm what? I pulled in and saw a taxi; he was following me from Uni apparently I don’t have my car.. I made a small purchase from a late Spar and found the taxi with scum in 12 Fell View that roughneck thief and worse as per above to PRETENDshe has been me at the Uni. Unemployed, always has been yet money for large 4 wheel drive and personalised number plate.  I drove away and waited taking a photo as he eventually had to drop her off; the INTENTION was to claim he dropped off had been me. Then the rest crawled out from under their stones; no fewer than 6 SIX were hiding to drive off and pretend.  WHO PAID THAT TAXI DRVER?  I typed this section up parked away from Fell View after watching them all race about for no reason.

Lancs Police try to manufacture FRAUD for W’blower  25 Oct. 2016

Dear Sirs, Aside from the usual harassment from lowlife round FELL VIEW Caton LA2 9RP all today, I noticed that a parking spot had been conveniently left when the GPS on my car ILLEGALLY FITTED Jab 2012 and NOT rewritten by a pair of clowns on 20/10/167 when I had my MOT done, told YOU where I headed which is an old fraud: I park in the convenient space and walk into Lancaster which I do as I am not disabled, in a taxi or driven about by your lowlife recruits; but the deliveries to addresses used such in the past with Gestapo parked close by to confirm they see my car and such and such an address and then see a delivery after I have walked away obviously ergo I have ordered goods to be delivered to total strangers. Today I drove round, why was there a space at no. 9 on what I now know is WOODVILLE ST Lancaster? Because of my photos scanned to be sent out of FRAUD at flat 9 Penhale Gardens Sept 2013 when you had that deluded old fool in there claim to be MR CAROL WOODS and as I sent a fax for invoice for cost of bed I had to buy; YOU bought him a bed and pretended he was me having sent my fax. YOU didn’t stop there, each time I sent my fax YOU bought lowlife something I invoices for so 4 FOUR parasites had new beds as they were all me and had all sent my faxes. AGNES JACKSON in 26 Fell View was “me” in Aug 2014 apparently and my faxed invoice for my gas cooker saw her bought a top of the range gas barbeque! All on photos – to be sent out. I took a photo of the delivery to 9 WOODVILLE ST which street name I did not know before.

I also note that JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View “me” aided and abetted by you did stand at their rear door to make the calls this morning: I heard via the link up to whatever is illegally installed in MY loft.

For those cc this, the Town Hall trolls were stood about to wait for me to walk by Stonewell Post office not far from Woodville St and they had much mail to post. This is where the Royal Mail TREASON fits in: I did not go to the Post Office and won’t be doing but they can claim they sent out mailed items to me which I will not receive and they will carry on as if I have via their deranged legal rep IAN YOUNG who is also the police legal rep. This now records: I post nothing and have no delivery to anyone at all; WILLIAMS placed those orders on instruction; my car is parked on another street away from Woodville St so there is no “confusion”.

ID THEFT and COMPUTER MISUSE Lancs 21 Oct 2016

Dear Sirs This is why I use this my email address today when I often use The photos attached are of my screen when trying to use University WiFi. I found a yob hiding after hearing tapping of keys, the library was 99.9% empty 28 Sept 2016 as term not underway. MY screen told me I could not log on because “I” was already logged on; the yob in hiding was “me”. Fuller details to be sent but COMPU-TEK sent to 30 Fell View this morning and SHE Mrs J WILLIAMS pretended to be me needing home equipment repaired : She has no computer and he would have seen that; he of course from the firm told to hide his van and sneak in the rear of 30 when all normal callers use a front door. I heard the FRAUD. He left, and then she opens and slams the rear door and HIDES in 30 again and pretends to be out as if she is me thus apparently I am not typing this in Lancaster library, she is!. FRAUD ID THEFT and more and you all know and do nothing about. CC widely, Carol Woods Ms. The harassment for those who know of my case is intense as all plans failed to trap me failed. Threats to evict me followed and I apparently “shout” and use “foul” language (No , no witnesses named, no dates of said actions or shouting from me etc etc just corporate fascists and institutional bullies doing what they do best.Here is a 4 letter word SCUM. CESS PITS another 2 4 letter words. (No, posing as me in FRAUD THEFT is not a problem, or crime, just invented shouting.)

ID THEFT Lancs ANOTHER “Carol Woods”.  21 Oct. 16

Please feel free to quote me and use my photos: NOTE THE HUGE WALL POSTER ID THEFT ILLEGAL AND THESE IN CATON LA2 9RP ARE AIDED TO POSE AS ME FOR GAIN. I HAVE JUST SENT OUT WILLIAMS IN 30 FELL VIEW INFO AS SHE IS ALSO ME. Added set photos of Agnes Jackson aka me to follow.

This is to DWP FRAUD DEPT and COUNCIL who set all this up; it also goes to CQC, PHSO, J HUNT, and anyone else I can think is an interested party. This is in relation to an old thief and fraudster AGNES JACKSON 26 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP in her 70’s dumpy, gormless, malicious, a thief, liar fraudster and worse. Jackson smokes and seems to be a secret drinker. She is ONE reason 28 was wanted for me to move to; Jackson was 1 to bully out the elderly lone lady in 28 so that I could move in and be surrounded by thieves, fraudsters, bullying liars and impostors of me. All instructed ready for my move to start their thefts and frauds which I found out quickly because they are liars and no liar is intelligent. Remember I am also in at least 22 other houses all round Fell View who have all gained massively in this claiming to be linked to me. This also to Information Commissioner as MY data is being affected detrimentally which is illegal.

As this is typed 19 Oct 2016 WILLIAMS a seedy old pair in 30 are away as Mr and Mrs Carol Woods in a car registered to me PJ65 WLL. My car is red Toyota X165 YUB. Williams and Jackson have been out together to pretend they are me and my sister! Jackson is me sometimes; then Williams is me. BUT a bleached haired old troll in 39 O’CONNER is also used as she is also apparently me.  The bleached hair is a trade mark of old doxies and the type is found to be sent to Jackson and pretend by screeching that they are her daughters when she has no daughter BUT as I have, they send older woman who are about 10 years younger than Jackson and they pose as her daughter to help claim to be me. My daughters are not 10 years younger than I am. The screeching involves “Mam” and “Luv ya” and such that none of mine would use.

At 2 38pm Jackson sneaked back into 26 Fell View after O’Conner dropped her off to try and look as if they had not been out together: Jackson had sneaked out of the rear of 26 earlier which rear door she uses when she is up to no good. Jackson is insane and thinks if she wears red she can be seen to be me as my car is red. On a number of occasions O’Conner walks from 39 when I park up and walks round my car and returns to 39 and PRETENDS she as me has just parked my car. There is much more to her involvement in serious fraud using other bleached haired old doxies but out of scope of this. O’Conner has no children.

On 4/5/6 July 2014 Jackson admitted herself to a mental hospital as if she was me; how funny they all thought that was when she was driven back (just like she has been driven back today) to 26. That FRAUD found out PCSO PETER WOOD was sent to keep me talking in 28 while she went to a GP as if she was me on 9/9/14. Obviously had I gone out it would have meant she was not me. On 26/12/14 that malicious old fraudster rang mental health NHS and told them she was me and I was “depressed”; they knew who she was and what the FRAUD was. I was at my car when they arrived, called nowhere, walked along Fell View and PRETENDED, my photos are excellent. Jackson was at her front door screeching with a thug who drove MD02 HGO one sent to be her “son” as she had various thugs provided to be sons to drive her about so was seen with a “son”, that thug now is a FACT the Gestapo wish did not exist especially on photos. Another thug drove KS53 VLF and he has been used sneaking about recently: he drove her to claim she was me and he was MY son Mr CAROL WOODS thus she was me in MORE DWP fraud. Is my son called Carol? No. All that on camera as well with related frauds driving Jackson about as the deranged she is and the fraudsters they are. In anything in fraud she wears the RED jacket which is nothing I would be seen dead in and I would care if I was dead. That thug has been provided with another vehicle, KM56 WVH and now pretends he is not the same thug as he has an identical twin; everybody round Fell View has an identical twin apparently. He was parked at 23 Fell View while Jackson and O’Conner arrived back on Fell View: I was not surprised as I apparently lived in 23 with child abuser CLARKE from March 2014 and was “disabled” being cared for and driven about by him (yes, as well as being in 26, 30, 39 and 20 other houses but apparently not in 28 where I actually was!) He now pretends he does not know Jackson so a jury will see from my photos he does. Yet another thug was provided for Jackson in the same frauds: all on camera and then the thugs were swapped for old doxies and she suddenly has not the 3 sons but various old doxies “daughters” who are all one person – apparently.

 On at least one occasion she has walked from 26 and to my car, walked round (in the red jacket) waving her bungalow keys as if they are car keys and then walked back to MY front door just dodging into 26 at the last moment: that too on camera although I was almost rendered inactive watching it all. Thus all that means she is me.

In the plan for 18 Oct 2016 where I was to be lured to Town Hall where literally they could have claimed anything at all, they were to claim I was mentally ill and thus am “disabled” with Jackson taking up the slack in appearing on 19th as me. But I did not walk into their trap on 18th so they just acted it as if I had. Now they want to claim I have just left a mental hospital and am “in need” of something being “ill” or “disabled” thus Jackson gets the extra as if she is me. The photos attached show her. They show a woman sent to stalk me round Manchester when I went as the old thief in 26 apparently me then it followed that she was in Manchester “seen”. This woman was nothing really like Jackson; Jackson looks like what she is, and is pigeon toed so waddles and cannot walk far. They show another sent to be in MY dentist, no, she was not a patient she just had to go in and talk gibberish to be “remembered” and seen on CCTV cameras near the dentist as PROOF MY dental visit was hers”

Imagine the wasted NHS monies on such an old parasite to aid her delusions. She is how 2 files are held IN MY NAME with false information to show persons making official enquires to show them I have posed as myself and thus am not me. But how does she perpetuate this FRAUD done with MICHAEL DANE driving her about he from 21 taking her out as me with the insane MAUREEN McHARRAN from 43 who lives in “hiding” but claims to be a social worker and is always wherever there is a fraud, suddenly coming out of hiding; her partner is Gestapo or prison staff. The vehicle Dane used in all that (all on photos and Jackson in that jacket) FV06 FDA was then swapped and an old doxy in 2 Milestone Place took the vehicle and she drives about and PRETENDS that a dark haired roughneck in her tiny house, off Fell View is also me. Why? Because on 19 Oct 2013 a dark haired 40 year old claimed to be me in ROCHDALE miles away as if I had just moved there; she is one who has been used a great deal in various FRAUDS as she is a niece of mine. Is she in Caton now? NO, she has never been and never even been to Lancaster the deranged in 2 Milestone Place just pretends she is that impostor of me so we have again an impostor of an impostor.

How can all this be successful for her? The mail theft: Mail is addressed to ME in 28 but by prior arrangement with sleazy ROYAL MAIL TREASON and forgery SHE gets it all. In March 2014, I heard and saw the arrangement and heard her sign for recorded and special delivery IN MY NAME. I get junk mail so the sleazy can say he’s delivered to me: but she gets the mail. WILLIAMS gets some, Jarvis in 41, and O’Conner in 39 AT LEAST. In Nov 2015 it was said by lunatic IAN YOUNG legal rep of Gestapo and council he posing as a psychiatrist that I was hallucinating and only thought I heard and saw what I heard and saw: funnily enough my photos show Jackson and sleazy hiding round by her gable end which suggests they are up to no good. She of course is considered sane and normal with bogus “family”, going out in a red jacket and pretending it is a car and posing as someone she could never be, mainly as my hair is red, I am not pigeon toed and have REAL family. This then goes to Gestapo who will do nothing it but use my details, shake the kaleidoscope and do it all again using maybe a different old doxy to drive Jackson. Please note the bullying liar trying to lure me to Town Hall trap on 18th is obliged to speak to me because I said something detrimental about a council staff member and apparently I harass the whole of the area, all of it, there is no proof, that harridan relies on such thieves and fraudsters as Jackson, Williams, O’Conner, Clarke et al as they apparently are pillars of the community. I have photos of O’Conner but have enough to add to this without adding those: a jury can see them all. And of all I refer to above. I add that JACKSON is not my sister; she has no sister; O’Conner is nothing to do with me, Williams has no sister they just all pretend as the sane and normal persons they are said to be.

On 20 April 2014 the deluded fraudsters in 30 pretended to be me, to me they pretended an old doxy calling was their daughter; she was about 10 years younger than they are. Audi 2 seater convertible MAZ 7675 used; all on excellent photos as she is: a type used on 18/10/16 O’Conner with deranged Jackson out as “mother and daughter”. The Gestapo were being ”clever” and had shaken the kaleidoscope of 20/4/14. The old doxy used on 20/4/14 was used later at 45 as Mrs Dalton in 45 is another “me” with dyed red hair to prove it. On 18/10/16 such cars were used in different areas where I was “coincidentally”. I apparently meet lots of fraudsters in that way.  At 5.50pm on 19/10/16 I found Williams hiding in 30, they had been there all the time in the dark at night and not using their bathroom for washing: that is not unusual for them to have a day without washing. Often when they hide (pretending to be out) they use the toilet without flushing as I will hear (I hear anyway) but they are “normal” and ideal council tenants – apparently. Who else could be doing something somewhere as me then in the evening of 19th after the fraudsters have all crawled out from under their stones or back under them? JARVIS the insane in 41 is also me, she with borrowed “children” to make her me with my 4. In 2015 I found she had been found unskilled work at the sports centre Lancaster University to be me with my refs to the University in data when it was applicable. WILLIAMS had been found volunteer work AS ME in HMYOI Lancaster Farms in 2014, she coarse, common, vulgar with not even a GCSE would have given my name a poor reputation. She “resigned” on 18 May 2014 when I made it known excellent photos of her with the ID provided for her as if she was me.  A year later Jarvis was me; instead of claiming I lived in 41 Fell View being cared for and driven about by her (and 22 others all at the same time), she decided she was me but another without so much as a GCSE. She had to leave (The University staff have many corrupt members, the common purpose automatons) and would have known she wasn’t who she claimed to be. I have reason to think that lunatic is doing the same again. On Monday as I parked up she was sitting in the dark in her car GN07 AHO and as soon as I locked up my car she drove off: she has been up to no good for days; I can always tell. That is the Gestapo lunacy as one pulls up and one leaves somehow makes one the mirror image of the other; it is not worth dignifying but the lunatics in charge will claim it is proof she is me or linked to me if it is not recorded. The file of photos showing what Jarvis is capable of in corruption, harassment and worse will be sent out again.

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