The CAROL WOODS Coverup: 2nd Security Breach at Manchester Airport 30 Oct. 2016 + archive

Please see below, under the video etc. links, the latest update from whistleblower and ex-UK Government Social Worker Level 3 and Child Protection Officer Ms. Carol Woods, received  30  October 2016, [and before].

While the more recent updates from Ms. Woods may concentrate on the more current ID frauds and similar relating to her at her present abode, it must be fully understood that these actions, by parties known and unknown, are seemingly being enacted as a direct result of Ms. Woods reporting, or attempting to report, certain findings when employed by a UK town council as a senior Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer, as described within the videos and radio broadcasts that follow these paragraphs, entitled “IMPORTANT VIDEOS”.  The massive corruption that is described, has so far gone unchecked, and ignored wholesale by whichever UK government agency it is reported to, which is clearly described within the videos.

More crimes and misdemenours committed against Ms. Woods include: 

the theft of her home [as happened also to Patrick Cullinane, Len Lawrence, Joseph Henry [multiple houses stolen], Tom Crawford, Barbara Hofschroer, and so many more],

at least 5 separate enforced incarcerations in mental hospital units for no earthly good reason – one excuse used  for such incarcerations being that Ms. Woods was mentally “deluded” in her findings of utter corruption within a Lancs. council – her latest incarceration being between November 2015 and Febuary 2016. Carol was also forced to take psychotropic drugs against her will during these hospital stays, and was threatened with re-arrest before her leaving the “Cygnet” unit, Lancs. in Febuary 2016.

fake IDs used [for example: for expensive commercial criminal frauds], 

chronic gangstalking and/or harrassment by government connected sources,

home burglaries,

the inflicting of tracking devices upon her motor vehicle, and also numerous attempted thefts of that vehicle, and the attempted destruction of her motor vehicle, 

enforced “bankruptcy” with no evidence whatsoever.

Many more seriously criminal activities exist, committed against this lone female, which have been reported accordingly to no avail, along with her discoveries as a Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer. All of what is described, especially within the videos and related data below is a public scandal, and equally as disgusting is that nothing is being done about any of it by any UK government department contacted, from the Prime Minister down, let alone the heads of police forces and MPs!



2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016

3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016 


SriLankerC SriLankerC 24 April 2016

6] Carol Woods Social Worker Unlawfully Incarcerated In Psychiatric Gulag   – 16 April 2016 by  GeorgeGreekTrucker 

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2nd breach security Manchester airport Lancs whistleblower  30 Oct. 2016

Dear Sirs, I sent on Saturday an email in regard to gross breaches of MANCHESTER AIRPORT SECURITY (part 2 will follow when all are at their desks, this may slip past the gatekeepers) I being Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP where at least 23 other claim to be me or linked to me in which they gain. One I have found out about, another total stranger from 42 Fell View with links to “suddenly come into money” in 16 Leslie Ave off Fell View which is “usual” when lowlife claim to be me or linked to me as if I throw money at them! GARY O´KEEFE unemployed lowlife in 42 Fell View with a younger woman who may be his daughter is a repeat of fraudsters and thieves in 12 Fell View ELY and 2 Hall Drive off Fell View, masonic Bleasdale with his “young woman, real young and NOT his daughter” used from 2 Fell View, she claims to be MY daughter as her name is WOODRUFF. I have no idea who any of this lowlife is nor do I want to know BUT in 42 the O´KEEFE (as per electoral register) claims to be ENGAGED TO ME as the deranged, deluded dullard he clearly is, 42 Fell View is a self-made slum as is 12 and many others. He has a VW camper van which he uses to stalk me (yes while at least 6 others are all at the same time taking “shifts” and all claim in blue badge fraud and DWP fraud as if I need that lowlife to drive me about or in fact even speak to them). The Gestapo want to PRETEND I have links to a camper van and lure children with sweets which they tried for months in 2012 to “prove”. Obviously log books of such vehicles would be asked for by a jury so they BOUGHT unemployed lowlife in 42 such a van and he pretends as on 27 Oct 2016 by stalking me and he parking at 42 as I park at 28 Fell View that somehow it is proof he drove me and I am “engaged”.

I saw him 9 miles away from Caton just where I happened to be, so as soon as he parked up, I drove away again, there was no mistake, he was less than nothing to do with me. In that the young woman he lives with has been bought an N reg VW RED as that is also PROOF somehow they are linked to me. Woodruff uses a RED car DG51 WRL when she is me. Bleasdale uses 2 red cars when he pretends he drives me about SV03 DMW is one. Mine is X165 YUB RED.

My email sent out report the major event at Manchester airport with ANOTHER here which I delayed reporting. I add that I will give a copy to the Consulates office if I manage to print off. This is the hotel computer. They have no printer attached. I add that SECOND AMAZING BREACH at the end of this.

Most know that, aside from the deranged above, that others pose as me and have bank accounts and more as if they are me which is all police led and organized. Where relevant they are recorded here but today, the lunatics have decided it is 2010 again and I am in Germany. How do I know? The harassment found out and reported involves lowlife wherever I am, here or in my home area, anywhere taking photos on their phone cameras and sending them to lowlife who claim to be me so that those deranged trolls can have “holiday” photos or photos of where I am thus PROOF they are me. It has taken me a long time to work out what was going on in all that. One issue is the PERJURY of 2015 as referred to in earlier emails and the fact that DALTON in 45 Fell View who are also me apparently as mother and yob for a son, claim they went abroad on 5 10 15 but had no holiday photos; the Gestapo seeing that as ´inconvenient´ fact now want to have photos of where I am sent to lowlife on their phone cameras so they can say it is proof they were me away!

Today then, not here the harassment of last evening when a pair was to waylay me and read the usual list of nonsense to tell me in “brainwashing”, but all staff in the hotel told to wear black and white shirts, old young, short, tall fat thin it is 2010 and MY famous photo of me in my black and white shirt which the Gestapo used to claim OTHERS were me if they had black and white shirts. My shirt is kept safe to be the one in MY photo; it is well worn so not worn for years now. In 2010 I had left a rented room where one “lodger” was Gestapo but claimed not to be, ANDREW CHAMBERS and his “doppelganger” is PAUL HICKS in 43 Fell View serious thieves and fraudsters, he with MAUREEN McHARRAN who has claimed for over 2 years to be me using on-line banking; all that is in related documents and not for repeating here. The point is in CHAMBERS use, BRUCE PILLING landlord and a truly seedy old doxy who called a few times and claimed to be PILLINGºs mother; in that she tried to poison me, I did not believe she was his mother. (This is not an English keyboard so there will be mistakes.) I left that rented room in Jan 2010 and that led to the claim that I harassed officer KENNEDY in MY HOUSE where she on 27 Nov 2009 had already posed as me harassing her thus clearly I harassed myself. 27 Nov 2016 approaches so the thugs will want to manufacture something for then to be that again. Add that to MY comment about the Consulateºs office, I have already sent events from liar, bully and sleazy DOMINIC in PARIS Consulate´s office and the Gestapo have a NEW PLAN. It is 2010 again with the black and white shirts BUT it is also GERMANY.                                                                      I went to Germany to seek work as TEFL teacher but was forced to leave through thuggery and amazing events trying to get me arrested. I was ankle deep in snow; I do not confuse that with now, temp in 70´s.

Without going into all the events of thuggery from Masonic dullards and bullies I will say that I paid to stay in a backpackers and on leaving was told there was no record of my room being let to me. Their computers stated that MY room had not been let thus the thugs had tried to say I used the room without paying AND accessed the computer system to delete my payments. The manager was for calling the Gestapo as was intended BUT I asked, how did they have my passport being the desk if I had not handed it in when paying for the room? (Trust me, we deal with the truly stupid.) Another staff member happened to arrive early for her shift; she was adamant, she checked me in and went to the rear room and there they were, copies of my booking in etc. That was done by the thugs in place after place where I stayed with PILLING in end 09 into 2010 with no receipts for rent, insisting on cash, no rent book, and where I ended by taking numbers of notes so when he pretended he had no recall of my handing him the rent money, I just asked him to check numbers on notes he had. I maintain that now as anyone the thugs contact is likely to say I have not paid for something I have paid for.  Presumably I “LOST MY HOUSE” because I stole an amount from someone of a few pounds years after my house was stolen, wrecked and looted.

It was after the PILLING escapade and the “harassment” where the Gestapo sulking as the case did not go to plan actually sent emails from MY email address to Kennedy and her partner as PROOF I harassed them. But as they were all dated and times late at night AFTER the event they could be seen to be what they were rather like the car plates of mine said to be of Oct 2015 at Manchester airport when it was July 2016. I went to Germany; on the bus EUROLINES were 3 idiots PRETENDING to be PILLING, CHAMBERS and the “mother”. It was all new to me then, that lunacy of finding lookalikes to INVENT as FACT something of FICTION. Why is that anything to do with now? Chambers is repeated in HICKS thief and fraudster 45 Fell View and as he is Gestapo or prison staff as Chambers was then he needs to be covered for. Thus we have 2010 again with the INTENTION of making 27 Nov 2016 be 27 Nov 2009 into events of 2010. HARASSMENT BY ME and link that to lowlife thieves, fraudsters and murdering bullies round Fell View and the claims of 2015 where I “harassed” scum round Fell View in telling them I knew their frauds, had reported them and had recorded that they were nothing to do with me whatever their delusions. And I was “arrested” in May 2010 after returning from Spain for “fail to attend”. There is no such thing and the MoJ has confirmed there was nothing to attend so I´d failed to attend nothing. BUT the doxy liar in the council of recent and I declined to go to any interrogation by her and the usual bullying liars who allowed scum round Fell View to bully to death the former occupant of 28 so I could have it so they could GAIN from me and hope to bully me to death as well. Thus we have a “fail to attend” as well as a flight back but not from Spain, not winter, not May. But the Gestapo see those as minor details rather like there being no proof I sent Kennedy any emails to harass that thief, liar and fraudster, perjurer etc: that was a minor detail as well.

I went out early this morning and walked back to the town centre taking a 3 mile walk down 1 in 1 footpaths; no, I forgot my wheelchair, I forgot my “escort”, I forgot my walking stick, walking aid and the rest (In fact not one lowlife who stalks me could walk that route or that distance). It was not fast walking but what I wanted to do. Nearer the level of the town, local dullards were told what to do to harass; I ignored them, I was to take photos so they could scream I am harassing people and need reporting to the Consulateºs office. Later I took a bus almost back to where I had been in the morning, a local roughneck was to pretend she accompanied me (this was done in 2011 and right to now if I park my car to take a bus, the Gestapo lunatics pretend they are “carers” so here we had a local who spoke no English yet she was helping me take a bus ride! I ignored her; she was just the type that is round Fell View). But at my destination a German woman who had been “coincidentally” where I was for an hour after I had my first walk, was to create a fuss, be seen and that is done by scum who hound me to places where they make a fuss and scream and shout to be remembered while I am apparently not there and not remembered. Among that I saw a bloated younger male trying to look like a tourist to get right what the Gestapo got so wrong with locals taking photos to send to others so they could claim they were me where I am. This one was supposed to be the son of the bloated mason bullying stalker BLEASEDALE who lives with K MILLS who claims to be me. Mills in 20 Fell View and her horrendous sister in 7 Leslie Ave round the corner are both recorded in my data to be sent out when all are at their desks as it is in direct relation to airport events of security, murder by bullying the death of a lone elderly lady and much more. MILLS claim (both of them) to be me. Thus a bloated younger type of his father stalking me after my bus trip where I apparently was not as the German loud mouth made sure all attention was on her, and his “props” to make him a tourist which were silly as he spoke the local dialect and those round Fell View only grunt, even English is beyond them. I did not take a photo; I could see what the “plan” was and all because I found them out in the airport BUT not once a second time, read on.

On my return journey this afternoon, the German woman still my shadow, the first stop the bus made after picking me up and other passengers, a pair of locals got on, one lookalike was AGNES JACKSON and one was JUNE WILLIAMS/SHIRLEY RYCROFT all “me” and murdering lowlife, thieves and more. The Gestapo try to recreate Fell View here or have persons claim they see that lowlife here all with Portuguese bus passes. RYCROFT as most know was “me” prior to WILLIAMS when I did not live in 28 Fell View. At a point where I was expected to alight, the WILLIAMS/RYCROFT troll alights, I stayed seated. A male in his black and white shirt waited for me to alight; he was to be the “carer” then waiting for me. He had the small amount of facial hair that many who have gained enormously from pretending to be linked to me have. Yob in YU02 ETO using 45 Fell View for over a year and pretending by stalking that he drove me about, REID in 49 and their “suddenly come into money” pretending I was living there, HUNTER lout in 22 and their “suddenly come into money” pretending I was HIS mother then hers in fraud, and the pub landlord I only know as MARK from the ROBERT GILLOW in Lancaster posing as MY solicitor as if I had a partner more scum like the deranged NOW in 42 Fell View but then it was a murdering thug I found out was ALAN McATEAR aka others with Gestapo legal rep IAN YOUNG doing all paperwork to aid “Mark” to pose as a solicitor saying he represented me with McTEAR and I was “ill” wanting more DWP money, 23 Nov 2012 was the date of that tribunal; FORGERY, PERJURY, FRAUD and more, those are a few of the lookalikes with the small amount of facial hair and the troll today. He was on his phone immediately I did not alight. (I reported McTEAR for stalking me on 25 Nov 2012 as it became law that date as an offence on its own not knowing of the DWP tribunal fraud until later, reported formally to Morecambe police as that was where the offences were committed, it was completely ignored as was the DWP PERJURY, FORGERY and more when I reported that after finding that out.)

A walk back to the hotel after my bus journey and I recorded, on 29th, that a male had taken a photo of a concrete block after waiting for me to draw level so he could send it via his phone as if I sent it to someone who claimed to be linked to me as PROOF I was “in touch”. See my data to follow later this week. That male was replaced; a male with a green linen jacket waited for me to be almost next to him; I wore a green linen shirt; that troll was to then take a photo of a boring building to provoke me to taking a photo of him so he could a) be the one from 29th but b) also to scream I harassed him. I had seen him waiting in the distance; I have to walk that route the hotel ILLEGAL monitoring sees that. I made him wait; I sat down for a few minutes, had he wanted a photo heºd have taken it while the all whole area was clear of other tourists. He then amazingly walked ahead of me and went to take photos of just what I had shot yesterday; he had removed his jacket. I stood next to him and we took photos together, he was German. Walking on who should cruise by but the Gestapo; I was not surprised-nor was I surprised to find the hefty “blonde” doxies out in force walking as a route march after my record of harassers of 29th and then more of the same which I ignored – all to provoke me so the lunatics can make events of years ago all rolled into one now.

The Jackson type to be seen on the bus (a jury will wonder how a pair of old parasites without passports have Portuguese bus passes) because of this; at Manchester airport not only was the white haired old idiot sent as far as the gate for boarding with no boarding card, no passport, no luggage to be BLEASDALE or such lowlife “seeing me off” when he was nothing like the 3 barrage balloons who pester me, he was the SECOND person to get past the first security checks. I had to show my passport and boarding card as usual to gain entry to the passenger waiting area. One yob, a Dalton type in his grey hoodie and grey trackies had followed me, sat as if with me and taken a photo of the planes ready for take-off or whatever that was to be sent to DALTON yob and PRETEND it was his photo as if he had been in that area on 5 Oct 2015 note DALTON has no passport, now the lunatics are PRETENDING passports are not necessary! That yob was there 28 Oct 2016, not Dalton, as he is on my photo of the planes parked; he was too old to be DALTON. I sat to use the terminal computers, I recorded the cars that harassed on my leaving before I forgot the plates (at least Mills from 20 Fell View and the Malaysian thief in 37 pretended they drove me to Manchester airport, see what I know about her now). It was a ´pay for time’ system, a dirty, grey haired old woman rushed to use the computers, she in purple which is the “standby if they canºt wear Jacksonºs lilac which like RED jacket is “proof” she is me) and she PRETENDED to use the computer: the deranged was pretending I was Jackson via her using the computers! She of course did not pay, tried to mess about but clearly had never used a computer before.  So stupid she did not even see she had to pay to switch it on. Her face was ingrained with dirt; her hair was grey but dark grey not the almost white of Jackson´s, she was a gawper. Jackson does not have a dirty, ingrained face. I watched that troll, she had no luggage; she did not progress to baggage security. HOW HAD SHE GOT PAST THE FIRST CHECKS WITH NO PASSPORT OR BOARDING CARD trying to be JACKSON as me? That with the old fool at the boarding gate was to be BLEASDALE and JACKSON as he has driven her about in many frauds always DWP and always when she claims to be me, of course he knows who she is, they have been “neighbours” for over 15 years.


The ethnic troll from 37 Fell View who claimed I was her mother and lived with her being cared for and driven about by her a total stranger. It is obvious she is not my daughter, but ANOTHER to “suddenly come into money” when pretending to be linked to me. REMEMBER ALL THESE FRAUDSTERS ACT AT THE SAME TIME. It is how I am in at least 23 houses all at once. Leaving out why she MALAYSIAN was used (in earlier data, SUBRAMANIAN struck off for murdering a patient in 2008 tried to murder me in 2011 and the Gestapo cover for that by claiming I was SUBRAMANIAN with an ethnic troll posing as my daughter as “proof”.) The Gestapo found the troll from 37 a job in Caton shop, its only shop, the Co oP. Now I know why; On 23 Oct 2008 officer Tracey Kennedy posed as me (yes as well as on 27 Nov 09 and other dates in courts) in Liverpool Mags Court as you all know and do nothing about. I was in Lancaster with a daughter completely oblivious to all that (it was June 2009 before I found out) and the bulk of shopping we did at a store not now a store at all. It was then SAFEWAYS, then bought out by the Co Op and I have the till receipts from our purchases, timed and dated, there was no way I could be in 2 places at once.

Thus the elderly tenant in 28 stood no chance, an ethnic troll who could aid and abet the premeditated attempted murder of me AND this; she in the Co OP and the Gestapo would claim SHE manufactured a till receipt for 23 Oct 08. But that troll is still a stranger to me, and the Co Op in Lancaster was not even a store until 2010 and CATON is on the shop receipts for Caton obviously, SAFEWAYS has never been a store in CATON. MY receipt is SAFEWAYS which went out of business long after the events of 23 Oct 08. There we have it; bullying thug harass and INTEND to scream I harass them. Airport security public interest. I am Carol Woods Ms.

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