The Shocking CAROL WOODS COVERUP: Shocking targeting and abuse happening RIGHT NOW ignored by ALL UK GOVERNMENT PERSONNEL! 6NOV16


Please see below, under the video etc. links, the latest update from whistleblower and ex-UK Government Social Worker Level 3 and Child Protection Officer Ms. Carol Woods, received  6 November 2016, [and before].

While the more recent updates from Ms. Woods may concentrate on the more current ID frauds and similar relating to her at her present abode, it must be fully understood that the longstanding chronic stalking and serious I.D. frauds by locals and by parties known and unknown [most definitely connected to certain UK Government agencies, eg the police, Social Services etc.]  are seemingly being enacted as a direct result of Ms. Woods reporting, or attempting to report, certain findings [serious crimes] whilst employed by a UK town council as a senior Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer, as described within the videos and radio broadcasts that follow these paragraphs, entitled “IMPORTANT VIDEOS”.  The massive corruption that is described, has so far gone unchecked, and ignored wholesale by whichever UK government agency it is reported to, which is clearly described within the videos – an absolute and utter public scandal!

More serious crimes and misdemenours committed against Ms. Woods, all completely ignored by whichever UK government agency one tries to take anything to, include: 

the theft of her home [as happened also to Patrick Cullinane, Len Lawrence, Joseph Henry [multiple houses stolen], Tom Crawford, Barbara Hofschroer, and so many more],

at least 5 separate enforced incarcerations in mental hospital units for no earthly good reason – one excuse used  for such incarcerations being that Ms. Woods was mentally “deluded” in her findings of utter corruption within a Lancs. council – her latest incarceration being between November 2015 and Febuary 2016. Carol was also forced to take psychotropic drugs against her will during these hospital stays, and was threatened with re-arrest before her leaving the “Cygnet” unit, Lancs. in Febuary 2016.

fake IDs used [for example: for expensive commercial criminal frauds], 

chronic gangstalking and/or harrassment by government connected sources,

home burglaries,

the inflicting of tracking devices upon her motor vehicle, and also numerous attempted thefts of that vehicle, and the attempted destruction of her motor vehicle, 

enforced “bankruptcy” with no evidence whatsoever.

Many more seriously criminal activities exist, committed against this lone female, which have been reported accordingly to no avail, along with her discoveries as a Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer. All of what is described, especially within the videos and related data below is a public scandal, and equally as disgusting is that nothing is being done about any of it by any UK government department contacted, from the Prime Minister down, let alone the heads of police forces and MPs!



2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016

3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016 


 SriLankerC 24 April 2016

6] Carol Woods Social Worker Unlawfully Incarcerated In Psychiatric Gulag   – 16 April 2016 by  GeorgeGreekTrucker 

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More harassment UK citizen “holiday”  6 Nov. 16

Photos attached. The data in italics has already been sent to some. For those who are unaware, I have, as well.
This is data of events of today 5 Nov 2016 from Ms Carol Woods supposedly on holiday in a Batista type regime which I had not known of. I have had a holiday here in the past; it was not like this. To put the events of this evening into context let me explain what the dark farces do. After MY HOUSE in Lancaster was seized, wrecked and looted in Oct 08, the Gestapo arrested me with one of my daughters and 2 of her hard-working friends (so that rules out any lowlife the Gestapo use) for burgling MY OWN HOUSE. I was refused the custody records despite asking in person, in writing yet my daughter and one of her friends who asked did get theirs although it is junk and not worth the paper it is written on. Mine of course will NOT have MY name on which would be odd, a jury will ask then why I asked for custody records of someone invented. Without going into all that, suffice to say that since then the Gestapo has tried to manufacture “evidence” I burgle as “routine” and especially on the same dates on Nov 08 in question. On 7 Nov 2015 the dullard and perjurer PC ANDREW MASSINGHAM with others, all seen to have been perjurers at least, arrested me on anything they could which was all dreamed up by lunatics and “progressed” by more lunatics which has all now been seen. Thus we have the 7th looming so what after the traps sent since my arrival on 28 Oct 2016?

The flowers picked and left for me to pick up so 3 could scream they saw me pick them in THEFT failed (someone did eventually pick them up to dispose of them), the gigolos and doxies sent to try and encourage me to take photos (of their harassment of me) so they could scream I harassed the whole of Europe, the dimwitted liars sent to tell me nonsense and make me think MY experiences were theirs and presumably I only thought Iºd had my experiences, and so forth what today? This is so that the Gestapo can “arrest” me on my return to UK on 7th or even better on 8th. Then they can claim AGNES JACKSON was seen on CCTV at the airport to cover for that gross breach of security and the TREASON in Royal Mail thief AGAIN handing her MY mail caught red handed AGAIN that being my DVLA car document mid Sept 2016.

I was around the hotel today swimming and reading, after swimming I returned to my room to find that MR CAROL WOODS was being booked in, he spoke fluent Portuguese, is swarthy looking and late 40ºs I guess, maybe a bit older. The scene is being set for a “disappearance” of me. Going to a local supermarket later they had a pair, she with dyed red hair and he bald and they taking photos of the area I pass every day leaving the hotel, the Gestapo are desperate to make me “seen with” someone shaved headed so that PAUL HICKS in 43 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP UK with his doxy MAUREEN McHARRAN who poses as me can be said to have been seen as a pair where I am thus proof she of that pair is me and not the thief, fraudster and idiot she clearly is. He police or prison officer has to be covered for. She is short and fat with dark hair but is not as rough looking as MILLS both sisters who claim to be me or linked to me, mostly using 20 Fell View LA2 9RP. I rent 28 Fell View under duress. All their recruits act the same way, loud with the intention of on lookers confirm what they saw thus proof someone else is me.

During my stay this has taken place which happens anywhere, Venice, Barcelona, anywhere I have stayed over the years since MY HOUSE was stolen, wrecked and looted. This is what I laughingly refer to as holiday as was my stay in Venice and prior to that, Barcelona. Prior to that I stayed places because I had to have somewhere to stay; they were not holidays. I have tarty pieces stamping around in their high heels where I am and they PRETEND they are “carers” with me on holiday all unfit to care for a dead budgie. I have the doxies in cars and the Rosa Klebbs pretending they drop me off such as last evening in the dark grey Nissan as recorded with number plate, I have them banging on my door in the early hours, I have them using their keys and pretending to enter my room in the middle of the night to unnerve me and so on. They do not unnerve me now: I am immune to the thuggery.

The Mr Carol Woods is odd  because Mr K WILLIAMS bloated old fool in his 70ºs is apparently Mr Carol Woods he in 30 Fell View, but so is ANDREW JARVIS in 41 Fell View, so are many others yet none speaks fluent Portuguese (barely any English either). The males sent as “regulars” to stalk me in Sainsbury store usually on a Friday when I shop do not look like this one at all, nor, I guarantee, do they speak any Portuguese so we seem to have a FRAUD and PLAN in progress to “see me off”.

I only went to a local restaurant for a meal, not far and returned via a route I can take for a change and obviously the thugs know I use that route as well as the usual. There are private houses all with heavily locked gates, all are security conscious (the thugs ripped out my windows as I was security conscious so they couldn’t get in the front door of MY HOUSE) yet what do I find on my return this evening? A gate left unlocked and ajar, AND more “evidence”, a banana skin left which will determine a fruit eater is a burglar. The Gestapo monitors all I buy and will see I buy mounds of fruit but rarely bananas, thus the “evidence” points to someone else I think. Who would want to enter a yard because a gate is left open? No one, but the Gestapo and those they associate with often would, that then rules me out. The leaving open of a gate is not new, it was done in 2010 when my sister and her neighbours with a communal rear yard found their one gate for entry had been left open, it was such a huge fuss and it was to make me think I was responsible or had arranged to leave it open so I could sneak in a burgle someone! I stayed with my sister then in Oct and Nov 2010 with attempts to manufacture “crime” non stop. The Gestapo did not want me to return to MY HOUSE on the HIGH COURT LONDON instruction to regain my house.

Thus I inform all of this: my sister has a neighbour aged about 70, Mrs JACKIE HUNTER of 34 BUCKLEY ST SHAW OL2 5EX UK and she was given MY award monies for industrial injury awarded to me in Nov 07 and the main reason MIKE TODD GMP was murdered, in Jan 2010 for reporting to GMP thugs that I had burgled her house. Without all the details but anyone can ask, I found out what she had done and why and she then tried to explain to my sister where she got the huge amount of money she had spent from. The joke being that Hunter had not worked for the 30 years my sister had known her, how could that obese heavy drinker and smoker have an industrial injury? Hunter had her hair professionally dyed “auburn” to pretend to be me. My photos of me show mine is not auburn and never has been.

Hunter, found out about the GMP thugs and “their arrangement”, claimed that it had all been a joke. Somehow I was expected to laugh. GMP thugs now cover for another useless old thief, liar, fraudster who also claims to be me, AGNES JACKSON with the Manchester airport fraud seen and reported. They also covered for her in June 2016 but as they murdered their own chief constable then we can see where their “interests” lie, in useless old parasites, roughnecks, deluded thieves and deranged fraudsters. I attach photos; we can be sure of one thing, this swarthy “guest” will not be driving my car anywhere nor will any of the deranged dollops from Fell View. Hunter does not drive so she wonºt be driving it which all leads to a conclusion that I must be me after all. But if HUNTER by their acknowledgement is me, how can AGNES JACKSON be me as well, surely even those blockheads can see their 2 plus 2 does not equal 4. How can McHARRAN be me? But MARGARET DALTON and yob son with a bogus girlfriend who doesnºt even know how long a pregnancy lasts is also “me” she in 45 Fell View and we know she is definitely me because the Gestapo claim she is. But so is JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View and we know she certainly is “me” because the Gestapo have bought 5 cars for her in my name and given her ID for volunteer work as if she is me so they must be sure she is as well. But they have overweight trolls here and they are to be MILLS from 20 Fell View and 7 Leslie Ave as proof they are me (both of them – apparently). I could go on, what I intend to do is to send out photos of all those who claim to be me at each address as whichever address I have the Gestapo find persons to be me which means that each time I move, they recruit others which is why there are so many now who claim to be me. The Gestapo has tried for YEARS to invent me as MRS CAROLE WOODS so they can claim that their useless old parasites, deranged and deluded can all then lay claim to being the real “me”. There will be at least 50 and then add all the Mr Carol Woods, we are about at the million mark now.

I refer to the state thugs as GESTAPO because if they were police theyºd have had REAL COURT DOCUMENTS to seize wreck and loot MY house, as it is, they didnºt even have a search warrant. I have invited arrest many times if they are sure I only pose as myself but they never arrive. I keep the emails with me, printed off as proof they are thugs, hoodlums, gangsters, call them what you will, the collective noun is FREEMASONS. 05-29-15 002 003 This data is typed 26 Oct 2016 by me Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP. The photos are all figments of my imagination – apparently; YOU can’t see these as I have made up the “events”. I am others and as they are me then I obviously only THINK the events and experiences are mine.

A brief background as the bullying thugs and council corrupt act out all kinds behind my back so anything is possible, 25th and a council troll waits as I approach a post office in Lancaster; the expectation is that I will use the post office (all illegal monitoring allows the Gestapo to THINK about what I am likely to do especially I to leave the UK again being forced to get away from the scum), she is to post, A4 white, a whole bundle, why should she make sure I saw all that? So they can tell me “But luvvie, you have had all the mail, you just ignored it”. (As they told me in 2011 “But luvvie, you sold your house” {but had forgotten}) I did not enter the post office – she posted, I did not. At 12 45 am the loft noises could be heard, and again at 1am into 26th. They are the noises I hear when someone in the area who claims to be me makes calls or accesses their Internet as if they are me in 28 Fell View. The devices in my loft installed by Gestapo and BT always lead to a delivery somewhere to someone in FRAUD. I am never wrong; they are made behind my back the drivers instructed to wait until my car is seen leaving Fell View: it is how I have caught many such thefts and frauds taking place; I have many examples on camera which are enough for any jury.

Looking out, I saw as usual the thieves and fraudsters McHARRAN and HICKS in 43 still with their lights on; they have claimed to be me longer than I knew and now are found out yet aided by the Gestapo to PRETEND she is me and I am MR CAROL WOODS. Hicks is either Gestapo or prison staff: she does not work.

On 26th Williams in 30 Fell View hid and pretended to be out: they also make many calls as if they are me and yesterday HER call led to a delivery in progress found out and now on camera. Thus at 11 01am on 26th and again a few minutes later which indicates that a phone call is underway, 2 persons in contact. The council sent a van: it implies that one rings and they rush out which is a joke; we all know about councils so, why did this clown drive to park outside and do nothing? His claim would be it was legitimate as he had a call; not from me he hadn’t. The postman arrives and I am allowed my utility bills which are almost always held up to try and create a “debt” on unpaid bills: why was I allowed them? Because the council staff sent to park outside was to confirm he saw the postman deliver to me in 28 which he did. This is an old trick and has been done hundreds of times over years, and the council lowlife posting on 25th (making sure I saw to “brainwash”) would claim they sent me something which he, council lout, would confirm he saw delivered. No, he saw the postman deliver my utility bills. The Royal Mail we know and as I have proved beyond doubt, are corrupt bullies in my vast experience. And then what? They claim I have received something I have not and then have someone else pose as me in response to whatever drivel they claim was sent to me and delivered.

The person running all this is deranged, deluded and an accessory to murder of Mike Todd GMP Chief Constable: he is bitter with a huge chip on his tiny shoulder; he is unintelligent, short, weedy and insignificant so he has much to “prove”, IAN YOUNG. This is how they stole, wrecked and looted MY house yet there are no records of any real hearings, no possession order no nothing, thus the bullying thugs think if they use the same dates of events at MY house of 2008 and use them NOW with such liars and bullying parasites in the council R HARLAND for example; they THINK it will rewrite events at MY house BUT as if I am someone else. I ask therefore that anyone cc this keeps a check of court listings in LANCASTER COUNTY COURT, the council have already had one of theirs pose as JUDGE in Morecambe Town Hall when I went in and he pretended it was a hearing a chambers! Raving lunatics in LCC: I have scores of examples.

In the matter of ID THEFT the lunatics have another “idea” to claim I was brought up my persons not my real mother and father but that those I thought were my parents were really other relatives! Incidentally MY HOUSE was STOLEN, WRECKED and LOOTED it was not the subject of a compulsory purchase order.

The photos with this: 2014 summer well under way and I’ve got the first signs of a garden at 28 Fell View from nothing: (in May 2014 the bullying lowlife in 30, deluded thieves and worse WILLIAMS, who want to be me poured weed killer on my growing plants jealous of my achievement to that date. I had moved to Hell View March 2014.) The gable end of 39 can be seen, she is a bleached haired old doxy used to be me from time to time O’Conner; she has to wait behind her shrubs, wait for me to park up (my car seen), she then walks to MY car, round it and back to 39 and that apparently is PROOF she is me and has just driven and parked up my car! That deranged old fraudster is only 1 of at least 3 who do that as routine. 41 Fell View is opposite, JARVIS and not only do I live there as well being cared for and driven about by them but they are also Mr and Mrs Carol Woods and they borrow youngsters to give them “4” children as I have 4. (These people are considered sane and normal.)                     

2015, I was out in my car and had this photo taken; X165 YUB, and later in 2015 I was in Barcelona BUT only imagined I had been as everyone else is me, I had not been apparently and was seen on Fell View with a sworn witness statement made by lowlife and given to Gestapo to aid and abet perjury and more. End June 2016 I was in Venice but only imagined that as well. A jury can ask to see the photos of O’Conner, Williams, Jarvis, Jackson in 26, Dalton in 45, McHARRAN in 43 and others who are all me: it follows that if they are me then they are where I am and if they are all me, then they are all there at the same time.                          
The last photo is me in KWIK FIT on 20 Oct 2016; apparently I am blind, obese, have dyed red hair, thin straggly grey hair, wear glasses, am short and dumpy, am any age from 9 to 90 and so forth and why lowlife, thieves, fraudsters and worse all claim I am cared for and driven about by them as their sister, aunt, mother, daughter, niece, AND I am also various Mr Carol Woods; this is how I am “in” at least 23 houses round Fell View all at the same time. Funded by the corrupt council obviously.12

Harass UK citizen on holiday: airport security  4 Nov. 16

This is for Lancashire Gestapo but cc others adding that I, Ms Carol Woods have been getting no automated responses from anyone. 24 JL 03 is a dark grey Nissan licence plate and a pair of doxies blocked the entrance to the hotel at 18 35, they were to be the dark grey vehicle I saw collect the overweight swarthy local in clothes at least 1 size too small after I alighted from a bus days ago but recorded as the lunatics were pretending the gross troll was K MILLS “seen” thus proof she is me and presumably travelled on my passport. For those CC this, the younger K MILLS pretended she drove me to the airport on 28 Oct 2016 from Lancaster UK area to Manchester airport, the Gestapo pay her for her petrol for her large vehicle and the large Audi her horrendous sister has. They are more to have 2 or 3 large vehicles yet without work, we can only wonder. It seems a few travelled on my passport- if we are to believe MILLS was where I am then she must have travelled on my passport as she does not have one. K MILLS is one of 2 sisters, both are K MILLS and both thieves, fraudsters and more who, with their partners in crime bullied to death an elderly lone lady in 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP because they were told to by Lancaster council and the masonic thugs who had “other plans” for 28 Fell View. Not for recording here the rest of harassment of today aside from a few details; this place is nothing more than a Batista´s Havana as far as I can see and I can see far. More of that in a few days. The 2 doxies were to pretend they dropped me off, changing drivers, messing about, then stalling the car at least 5 times, unable to do a hill start and shouting about loving their car as per MY photos and who I am sent out which I will now resend asap. (See me and my car and my comment to it being the love of my life.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
How did they know about my arrival from my long walk from town? Because the usual masonic half-wit was to follow me along my route from the main town area and keep them informed via texts. In that he told them I crossed the road so ANOTHER MR CAROL WOODS was to wait, then be seen to consider properties for sale in an estate agents window. I didnºt cross the road, I let him think I was. In 2014 I found the disgusting, ballooned MILLS trolls hiding in the back of one of their vehicles, a large black Mitsubishi pick up which they would park outside me in 28 Fell View and, erecting the cover, would hide and use their phones with the GESTAPO claiming the “signals” were from 28 thus I used a phone. Photos sent out of that vehicle show the Gestapo to be insane as they claim it doesnºt exist, YD06 VVN says it does. The 2 doxies in the dark grey Nissan were also to be those events as well.
Thus this is a few minutes of the day again while I, Ms CAROL WOODS who have reported murdering lowlife MILLS to Lancashire police who merely call socially to 20 Fell View so we can only wonder what is in it for them, miles out of Lancaster their nearest base. I will add that neither Mills now at least 50, gross and overweight, dullards, unemployed are not married.

I rent 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP under duress and Mills disgusting specimens of mankind claimed to be my nieces and thought I would not find out. In that they were PAID in the pretence I lived with that lowlife in 20 Fell View and round the corner in 7 Leslie Ave, K Mills in one small rented house and K Mills in the other, KIRSTY and KARLEY. This few days is a holiday but I also discover more of masonic corruption so, while theyºve been busy organizing their harassment using gigolos, doxies, etc  Iºve also been busy.

Earlier I had taken a bus ride to another township which bus took us by the airport so the Gestapo decided to claim I had just arrived, again. With this I fwd the Manchester Airport SECOND amazing breach of security which shows how they had also tried to account for murdering troll AGNES JACKSON of 26 Fell View, partner to MILLS in the bullying to death of the elderly tenant in 28 prior to my renting it. Jackson is deranged and deluded as they all are in that small area, she in her 70~s a dullard, never done anything, never been anywhere, thinks she~s me. The Gestapo and council aid her delusions to cover for her FOUND OUT actions in theft, fraud, TREASON, forgery, and worse. Thus the 2nd security breach was to send a filthy old troll to be Jackson in Manchester airport so she could be “me” using my passport thus she seen at the airport, then MY passport used was to be proof she is me. She claims she has an identical twin Ms Carol Woods but so does JUNE Williams in 30 Fell View, she who claimed to be mother of MILLS and sister to me making me their aunt and thinking I would not find out- they all gained hugely. The resent data says enough. The point being that MILLS lowlife was to be “covered for” by a pair of local doxies who would fill the shoes of MILLS quite easily. But so was Jackson but how?

The illegal monitoring of me and the bus ride by the airport gave the lunatics organising this an “idea” (they take all their ideas from me having no brains to think of any themselves) to pretend I have just arrived thus had a pair of local doxies driving me AND being Agnes Jackson. In the town they had found an old troll who was to stalk me and they assumed sheºd be seen to be Jackson, naturally any CCTV would not see me. I saw her when I stopped to take a phone of local feature and she walked right across my photo. I went to make a small purchase and she, I was not surprised to see, went to a booth next to the shop I used and she bought lottery tickets. But she was younger than Jackson, hair dark grey not almost white, and this old woman walked normally, Jackson is pigeon toed and knock kneed so waddles, she does not walk normally and looks like she never has.

Thus lottery tickets and the Lancashire Gestapo in their lunacy claim I won the lottery. But if I’ve won it, then I’d have some signs and as I look nothing like Jackson then the purchase of one now by Jackson or any old troll thought to resemble her, is nothing to do with me, any jury will see that. (Keyboard not English so mistakes are being made.) I can only think the Gestapo want to claim that I and all the 23 others who they claim live in other houses round Fell View as “me” have all won the lottery to suggest as they are all me, (I apparently live in 23 houses as well as in no. 28 and am everybody’s sister, mother, daughter, aunt, niece as well as them having identical twins who are also me) and that will have bought them their 2 or 3 large cars, their “extensions“, new fencing, large garden toys for children, not to mention the 5 FIVE cars bought for murdering lowlife WILLIAMS in 30 who is “me” and the “holiday” taken Xmas 2014 where they went away as Mr and Mrs Carol Woods and so forth. Apparently now, again, I won the lottery and as I live in 23 houses with scum, murdering roughnecks I have been generous in my 23 wins for each thief I “live” with.

This now reminds me of MORE phone records I will need and thus ask for; CLAIRE AND IAN ECCLÇES now of Mayfield Drive Morecambe Lancs who worked in DWP Mitre House Lancaster and were friends of my brother so agreed to help me get my necessary DWP file papers of that time to where they should go. In that ECCLES both of them were then bribed to claim to be me having won the lottery which I have never bought tickets for aside from 2 or 3 tickets when it first began all those years ago. They apparently won the lottery in 2004 and moved from their address NORFOLK AVE Morecambe to the Mayfield Drive AND were both given new jobs, Claire for LCC, Ian I cannot recall but neither had any qualifications at all yet walked right into jobs they wanted when they had to leave DWP. Thus their phone must have been red hot with calls so their phone records are required, in and out, from YOU GESTAPO and to you.

Their house on Norfolk Ave was next door to my brotherºs, which was 37: I do not know which way the numbers ran so theirs was either 35 or 39. My brother left his house in 2004 and that being 37 was why the Malaysian lunatic, thief, fraudster and worse in 37 Fell View was recruited claiming I was her mother. That aside for now, in 37 my brother left his then wife JANET who still lives in 37 Norfolk Ave (which is about 10 miles from Fell View) and JANETºs records are required.
JANET is known by her married name which of course is my maiden name, GREENWOOD. Janet kept the name as in 2010 she was used to be me, more and more. Recently, my record of hearing her using her mobile phone as if she was me Dec 2010 in Morrisonºs store Morecambe was rewritten and she had to wait for me to enter the store, she having been contacted for her to then shout into her phone as I entered the store trying to make summer 2016 be Dec 2010 again. She has posed as me on and for 6 years, YOU paid her to keep her little shop closed so she could pay her overheads and her living costs while posing as me. Obviously if in her shop she could not be said to be me. From 2005 I think she has been used so her phone records to and from YOU will be extensive.

Another couple of bullying deluded, bribed liars and former friends, LESLEY and DAVID MARSDEN of Sunnyvale First Raleigh Bideford North Devon. She had a previous married name HALLIWELL and her maiden name is CATTON. He is about 75 now, she is not as old. In 2010 they were to invite me to stay which I did and from the first few minutes I knew they were instructed. She I found to have been lying to me from 2006 in letters and that, for those copied this was because on 19 April 2006 I stayed with them a few days then, yet in that time psycho cop JANET WOODALL of 11 Sullom View Garstang near Preston was posing as me in the Employment Appeal Tribunal London where all the staff knew but the 3 judges did not: nor had I, I found out much later. On my 2nd stay with Marsdens in 2011 YOU had them pretend they were only having me on holiday as “carers” and they tried to pretend I was Mrs Carole Woods. She wrote to a daughter of mine when she knew she was found out and admitted all that. I had been friends with Lesley for 40 years. In that 2nd stay, YOU had them pretend they still had their katamaran when they had to sell it with much else as they had a son TONY HALLIWELL in trouble in Dubai for a sham wedding and they had to bail him out of trouble. He on the run in Singapore YOU promised them a passport to help him evade the Dubai authorities if Marsdens managed to steal a certain document from me which they did not-                                                                                                                                                   

In my stay YOU had D Mardsen pretend he watched the weather which was always “wrong” for sailing but the fact that he had no boat was the main factor why he did not go sailing. They were to set traps for me hoping to catch me so YOU could arrange an arrest, such as setting up their dining room from 4 am one morning to PRETEND I had burgled them in the night while a guest. But I was up and saw what he was doing so left almost before light while he tried to persuade me to stay. In my few days they were to insist on accompanying me even if I walked down the lane, they pretended to be “carers”. All that must have generated many calls and was on going in my stay especially with the tapes of conversations YOU had that lowlife make and then trot off to deliver each day. All records, land lines mostly, they did not bother with mobiles and could barely use a lap top – records in and out are required. This is my 2nd Manchester airport document and see how a murdering old thief AGNES JACKSON is aided and abetted by GESTAPO and airport authorities. GMP aided her in June 2016 out of scope of this.

My email sent out report the major event at Manchester airport with ANOTHER here which I delayed reporting. I add that I will give a copy to the Consulates office if I manage to print off. This is the hotel computer. They have no printer attached. I add that SECOND AMAZING BREACH at the end of this.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Most know that, aside from the deranged above, that others pose as me and have bank accounts and more as if they are me which is all police led and organized. Where relevant they are recorded here but today, the lunatics have decided it is 2010 again and I am in Germany. How do I know? The harassment found out and reported involves lowlife wherever I am, here or in my home area, anywhere taking photos on their phone cameras and sending them to lowlife who claim to be me so that those deranged trolls can have “holiday” photos or photos of where I am thus PROOF they are me. It has taken me a long time to work out what was going on in all that. One issue is the PERJURY of 2015 as referred to in earlier emails and the fact that DALTON in 45 Fell View who are also me apparently as mother and yob for a son, claim they went abroad on 5 10 15 but had no holiday photos; the Gestapo seeing that as ´inconvenient´ fact now want to have photos of where I am sent to lowlife on their phone cameras so they can say it is proof they were me away!

The Jackson type to be seen on the bus (a jury will wonder how a pair of old parasites without passports have Portuguese bus passes) because of this; at Manchester airport not only was the white haired old idiot sent as far as the gate for boarding with no boarding card, no passport, no luggage to be BLEASDALE or such lowlife “seeing me off” when he was nothing like the 3 barrage balloons who pester me, he was the SECOND person to get past the first security checks. I had to show my passport and boarding card as usual to gain entry to the passenger waiting area. One yob, a Dalton type in his grey hoodie and grey trackies had followed me, sat as if with me and taken a photo of the planes ready for take-off or whatever that was to be sent to DALTON yob and PRETEND it was his photo as if he had been in that area on 5 Oct 2015 note DALTON has no passport, now the lunatics are PRETENDING passports are not necessary! That yob was there 28 Oct 2016, not Dalton, as he is on my photo of the planes parked; he was too old to be DALTON. I sat to use the terminal computers, I recorded the cars that harassed on my leaving before I forgot the plates (at least Mills from 20 Fell View and the Malaysian thief in 37 pretended they drove me to Manchester airport, see what I know about her now). It was a ´pay for time’ system, a dirty, grey haired old woman rushed to use the computers, she in purple which is the “standby if they canºt wear Jacksonºs lilac which like RED jacket is “proof” she is me) and she PRETENDED to use the computer: the deranged was pretending I was Jackson via her using the computers! She of course did not pay, tried to mess about but clearly had never used a computer before.  So stupid she did not even see she had to pay to switch it on. Her face was ingrained with dirt; her hair was grey but dark grey not the almost white of Jackson´s, she was a gawper. Jackson does not have a dirty, ingrained face. I watched that troll, she had no luggage; she did not progress to baggage security. HOW HAD SHE GOT PAST THE FIRST CHECKS WITH NO PASSPORT OR BOARDING CARD trying to be JACKSON as me? That with the old fool at the boarding gate was to be BLEASDALE and JACKSON as he has driven her about in many frauds always DWP and always when she claims to be me, of course he knows who she is, they have been “neighbours” for over 15 years. Thus we have a SECOND GROSS BREACH OF SECURITY TO AID AND ABET SERIOUS OFFENDERS.

The ethnic troll from 37 Fell View who claimed I was her mother and lived with her being cared for and driven about by her a total stranger. It is obvious she is not my daughter, but ANOTHER to “suddenly come into money” when pretending to be linked to me. REMEMBER ALL THESE FRAUDSTERS ACT AT THE SAME TIME. It is how I am in at least 23 houses all at once. Leaving out why she MALAYSIAN was used (in earlier data, SUBRAMANIAN struck off for murdering a patient in 2008 tried to murder me in 2011 and the Gestapo cover for that by claiming I was SUBRAMANIAN with an ethnic troll posing as my daughter as “proof”.) The Gestapo found the troll from 37 a job in Caton shop, its only shop, the Co oP. Now I know why; On 23 Oct 2008 officer Tracey Kennedy posed as me (yes as well as on 27 Nov 09 and other dates in courts) in Liverpool Mags Court as you all know and do nothing about. I was in Lancaster with a daughter completely oblivious to all that (it was June 2009 before I found out) and the bulk of shopping we did at a store not now a store at all. It was then SAFEWAYS, then bought out by the Co Op and I have the till receipts from our purchases, timed and dated, there was no way I could be in 2 places at once.

Thus the elderly tenant in 28 stood no chance, an ethnic troll who could aid and abet the premeditated attempted murder of me AND this; she in the Co OP and the Gestapo would claim SHE manufactured a till receipt for 23 Oct 08. But that troll is still a stranger to me, and the Co Op in Lancaster was not even a store until 2010 and CATON is on the shop receipts for Caton obviously, SAFEWAYS has never been a store in CATON. MY receipt is SAFEWAYS which went out of business long after the events of 23 Oct 08. There we have it; bullying thug harass and INTEND to scream I harass them. Airport security public interest. I am Carol Woods Ms.

A PUBLIC SCANDAL: Complaint to the Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman (reference EN-273060) TOTALLY IGNORED 2 Nov. 16

Below is CW’s comment and the pathetically outrageous response from another waste of time funded by hard-earnt UK taxpayers money – the completely useless “Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman” after I complained to them regarding the chronic irregularities and serious crimes – especially involving children connected to Social Services, and the deaths of certain citizens – as detailed in the shocking videos in the playlist below entitled “IMPORTANT VIDEOS“. Of course my complaint was ignored completely. This ignoring of serious crimes involving vulnerable children, connected to the UK government’s Social Services IS A PUBLIC SCANDAL THAT IS COVERED UP BEYOND COMPREHENSION!

Carol Woods wrote:
Just seen this, but at least I now have a name, PHSO were useless in 2011 and when I try to report events of 2015 they keep making them be 2011 again.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: redacted
Date: 20 October 2016 at 09:41
Subject: Complaint to the Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman (reference EN-273060)
To: me

We are committed to keeping your information secure.  As part of that commitment we have decided that when we send you information by email we may have to remove some details.  This includes information that may identify you, any other person and sometimes the organisation complained about. 

Our reference: EN-273060 (Please quote in any future correspondence with us)

Dear Sir/Madam

Your complaint about Lancaster City Council (the Council)

Thank you for your complaint about the Council. 

Unfortunately we cannot look at your complaint, which means we will not be taking any further action.

Why are you unable to look at my complaint?

We only have the legal power to investigate complaints about certain organisations. We can investigate complaints about the NHS in England and certain government departments and other public organisations in the UK. As your complaint is not about an organisation that we can investigate, we are unable to help you.

What can I do next?

The Local Government Ombudsman can look at complaints about local councils and it may be able to help you. Its contact details are:

Local Government Ombudsman

PO Box 4771





 You can make a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman over the telephone and through an online complaint form. More details are available on complaint/submitting-a- complaint/.

 Can I get help with my complaint?

You can ask your local Citizens Advice Bureau for help with making your complaint. If you are not sure about what you can do next, please call us on 0345015 4033 and we will do our best to help you. 

I am sorry that we could not help you this time. If you have any questions about our decision then please contact me using the details given in this letter. 

How we handle your information

Please note that we will keep all information about you and your complaint for one year after we have taken our last action on your case.  At that point, we will delete most of your information, except for your name, your address, the name of the organisations you complained about, what you complained about, and the outcome.

 To find out more about what happens to the information you give us, please visit information-you-give-us. If you would like us to send you further details, please let us know. 

 Help us improve our service

You can also give us feedback on our service or decision by talking to our Customer Care Team.  Please contact the Team on 0345 015 4033 and select option 3 or email us at uk.   

 Our independent research company may also invite you to take part in a survey to help us improve our services.  We survey people at different points throughout our process.  Any feedback you give within these surveys will remain completely confidential, and your responses would only be shared in an anonymous format, unless you tell us otherwise.

If you would prefer not to take part please call us on 0300 061 4222, or email uk. 

Yours faithfully

M B [redacted]

Customer Services Officer

Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

T: redacted

E: uk


Our Service Charter explains how we work
Click here to find out more

ID THEFT and breach airport security, Lancs  1 Nov. 16

  CW wrote: “Please feel free to quote me.
This data follows the report of serious matters at Manchester airport on 28 Oct 2016 which anyone will see a seedy old fool getting past all that he had to be able to pass without question, then what about a person not seedy, intelligent and determined to do something seriously awful to many? With that thought, as I Ms CAROL WOODS  have no doubt no one will do a thing about that, I will record this which was the Masonic element of thugs and their “reprisal” but also to try and make that seedy old fool and those he was supposed to be “seen as on CCTV” after my email went out. I have sent out this information previously; it was ignored but I send it again so NEW people cc this can see what goes on. FRAUD is always complex and the murder of MIKE TODD GMP is within this. Mike Todd murdered in March 08 with MY house seized, wrecked and looted later in 08 because the Gestapo wanted me to hand over certain documents in “exchange” for my house. They got nothing. Those documents are why MIKE TODD was murdered and are kept safe. He had copies; he was prosecuting on those documents: he had to be silenced. In that small detail alone the GESTAPO had to invent a Mr Carol Woods and any agency seeing the documents will see why. This is why yobs, thugs, hooligans of all ages, races, creeds including seedy old fools hound me – apparently they are all Mr Carol Woods. The Gestapo think that any shaved head lout can all be one, the current used is TRAVIS DALTON aka Mr Carol Woods. They also think that any old fool can be and thus the old fools BARRON, WILLIAMS, BLEASDALE round Fell View Caton LA2 9RP are also ALL Mr Carol Woods. I am NOT Mr, MRS, WOOD or any permutation of Carol my name has no “e”, it is not an abbreviation of Caroline, they are all “alternatives” INVENTED by Lancashire council and Gestapo. The INTENTION is to claim others are me with the MOTIVE of saying that MY case is theirs and that they have acted as if me which would be to my detriment. As an actual “body”, I have to be “accounted for” thus am reinvented as someone NEARLY of my name. A jury will see the lunacy in claiming that so many are said to be one. Those women who claim to be me number over 60 now so they would all have to swear on oath, in a witness box that they are me = all of them!

BLEASDALE the Freemason has a penchant for young women, really young women and one used often is a roughneck WOODRUFF in 2 Fell View who claims not only to be me BUT also a daughter of mine thus Bleasdale seen out with her somehow is proven to have links to me as if WOODRUFF is WOODS. The Gestapo also use anyone with the name WOODHEAD if possible. Bleasdale is in 2 Hall Drive off Fell View, houses no. 2 are all used in Caton as they are all, yes all, on all streets, any house with no. 2 is linked to me (according to the Lancashire corrupt). As my email states, Bleasdale is a “type” with at least 2 “lookalikes” as immediate neighbours; DAVID BARRON in 47 Fell View a deluded stalker but this is the crux, Mr and Mrs K. Williams in 30 Fell View aka Mr and Mrs CAROL WOODS/KAROL WOODS.

To have that pair to pose as me, which was the original intention but as I found out, others were drawn in which is how so many are now all me or linked to me. He in 30 a repulsive, useless old fool in my opinion KINGSLEY and she a nasty piece of work, JUNE were the original “plan”. There was more to it than that, a jury can hear all the details which were incorporated to make that horrendous old pair into me as if I was married. In the original plan, the desperation to find a MR CAROL WOODS and more convincing than those already used with names such as DEREK RYCROFT or DAVID MIDDLETON, KINGLSEY Williams was found. Next door to Williams in 30 Fell View lived an elderly lone lady, she was “in the way” as 28 Fell View was wanted for me so that they in 30 could claim to be me with me to be said to be her sister. I was not to find out; it took me no more than a week after moving in; and I had my proof. NB Please note in 2012 as I rented elsewhere those where I then rented claimed to be me, both sexes, different ages and all gained. DAVID MIDDLETON is late 60´s now, in May 2012 he was given ID as MR CAROL WOODS and “work” for Freemasons firm, BIBBY´S of INGLETON who knew there was no such person as MR CAROL WOODS. (Notice now that he is not used how those years older suddenly become Mr Carol Woods, or as in case of Dalton, years younger.) For BIBBYs, David Middleton drove to London and stayed for a few days, he was to be ME from living there in 2010. As usual persons said to be me are given experiences to try and make them really me with mine so I look forward to hearing that he has given birth to 4 children. On May 27th 2012, David Middleton returned to 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ where I then rented a caravan, he and his mother were the landlords and he in a total act of lunacy pretended to reclaim his “property”. The INTENTION in giving him MY experiences of “living in London” he for a few days, me for months, was to claim he was me and he had been to the HIGH COURT on 24 May and was told to return to his home and reclaim it! But 24 May 2012 was not 24 May 2010 and Middleton had not his property stolen, wrecked and looted the previous October as I had in Oct 2008. The FRAUD and DECEPTION was in giving a bogus ID with “formal” documents to a bullying, deluded fraudster. As I found out, he was not the only one to have “formal” ID IN MY NAME to make a thief, fraudster and worse a “me”. I left 298 Oxcliffe Rd and then they ceased to be “me” although others who claimed, while I rented there, to be linked to me continue to pretend: out of scope of this. 

The “K” name is crucial; because I found those 2 out in April 2014 Bleasdale was drawn in by June 2014 and he pretended he drove me to 20 Fell View to live which is where his son and partner live; another pair of trolls she has the K name, she also has a sister who has a K name, KIRSTY and KARLEY. They pretended to be daughters of Williams in 30 when they are no relation at all. Photos of the fraudsters MILLS have been sent out and out of scope of this. (Please bear with me, I make it clear how all this is linked to what goes on today.) I do not know the name of the troll WOODRUFF but she may be a Karen or a name with K. CAROLINE NORTH in 5 Leslie Ave off Fell View was used from time to time as I am to “disappear” as me CAROL WOODS and surface as CAROLINE or WOOD etc.

The elderly lone lady in 28 Fell View LA2 9RP was bullied to death to get her out when there was so much the Gestapo could “use” to exonerate themselves and invent a new “past” FOR ME as if I was someone else thus REWRITE MY HISTORY giving it to old parasites, dullards, buffoons and fraudsters etc. I was offered 28 Fell View, felt it was all “too convenient” but had no choice.

I knew the “K” name was an issue from 2010, and this is why. In MY HOUSE looted, all my Russian study books were among the looted items. MY certificate of pass (I gained 88% in my exam so let the dullards match that if they are me) looted obviously but a card of congratulations from my lecturer, written in Russian and my name in RUSSIAN starts with K as K is the sound of C in Carol. That gave the Gestapo the idea to make me a “K” name using unemployed roughnecks, thieves, bullies and worse KARLEY and KIRSTY and others I have not found out about but then KINGSLEY entered the picture with a real KARLEY and KIRSTY and all near me (assuming I accepted 28 Fell View which I did). I found out about those 2 horrendous old bullies quite quickly after June 2014 and Williams in 30. He was to be MR K WOODS (I cannot write my name in Russian on this keyboard) aka Mr Carol Woods. He can barely speak English and I guarantee is only semi-literate. (All the Gestapo recruits are dullards to a great degree.)

Thus I send my email about the airport amazing collusion with corrupt and find this, some of which is usual harassment. Trying to make it PROVEN I have links to bloated old fools thus MIGHT BE Mrs JUNE WILLIAMS or anyone who claims to be me, BLEASDALE has driven about Agnes Jackson in 26 Fell View, a dreary, dumpy, grey haired old thief and worse who is also “me” with the Royal Mail giving her MY DVLA car document as “proof” (details sent out, TREASON thus far ignored), having the old fool at the gate in the airport was to be “proof” an old idiot was “seeing me off” thus was Bleasdale or Williams or Barron thus I was Jackson, or Mrs Williams which old fraudster David Barron has driven about pretending she was her own identical twin making it “possible” that she was not only Mrs June Williams but also Mrs Carol/Karol Woods “seen out”. He at the airport was too thin to be any of those 3 horrible old men.

Walking to the town centre on 29 Oct 2016 the usual took place; it has taken me a while to find out what all this was in aid of; a male waits ahead of me, I see him, a local with his phone/camera, he waits for me to draw level and he takes a photo of a concrete block that was awful and nothing I would take a photo of; he then sends it via his phone to one of the old fools for their phone camera and they PRETEND I sent the photo thus am in touch with any one of them thus am someone not me. I see that set up, know he´s clearly a local. That was approx. 11 40am. By 12 20 another one was seen again waiting and he did the same thus we had 2 camera phones in action. My camera shows they took photos so if I am sending from my digital camera which is impossible then whoever I send to will have those clowns on photos. Later, aside from the usual gormless sent to try and sneak along behind me to be “seen with” I find a seedy old man waiting for me as I walk through I park I had walked through earlier. He takes photos with his camera/phone, he is a Bleasdale/Barron/Williams type but not as old and obviously not English. He wears a scruffy, washed out T shirt which has RUSSIA (in Russian) obviously a motif in the distant past. He is MR KAROL WOODS and his photos are proof he is me here! He could be sending them to Woodruff troll, Williams, Jackson to REVERSE the lunacy of males trying to be me sending to males. He was not Russian. How do I know? Because I spoke in Russian and he had no idea what I said. There was nothing wrong with what I said. They have market stalls here selling well used clothes; that was where he had that from, something a tourist left years ago, I guess. By 31 Oct 2016 they had “revised” the fraud and had the same types with their womenfolk yet still take photos of scenes where I happened to be but oddly, they did not include their womenfolk on photos. Obviously, if photos are sent from phone to phone then strangers cannot be on the photos.

This is a gross violation of my right to privacy; sending photos of where I am to scum, murdering lowlife, thieves, fraudsters and so forth so they know where I am and PRETEND to be part of it will be paid for, trust me, Lancashire Gestapo will pay for it. How have they managed to involve “locals” I am thousands of miles from UK? Because there is a huge CASINO here which I had not known about until it was too late to cancel. In Madrid in 2010 the Gestapo and their Casino buddies there hounded me minute by minute because they all wanted the SUPER CASINO development in Blackpool Lancashire which they did not get because of my whistleblowing – no one got it. Thus I have the brutal degenerate parasites baying for vengeance and showing how long the arm of the perverted is.

I have asked and ask again for phone records of JACKSON in 26 Fell View, land lines (both of them) and mobile and the phones used at 26 by thugs posing as her sons e.g. KS53 VLF driver and MD02 HGO driver as well as her real son KENNETH JACKSON from round the corner from Fell View.

I have asked and continue to ask for phone records of WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View, their landlines and how many mobiles they have. The E-CRIME reported at 45 with all Daltons, Woodruff and all yobs who collect identified by their car plates e.g.YU02 ETO and phone records of all phones in use in 45, those in 43 McHARRAN who is NOT me whatever Internet use she has to try and prove it.

I have added that the “suddenly çome into money” brigade in 12, 14, 29, 31, 41, 49, 24, 22, 36, 38 and 42, Fell View among others that those in 16 Leslie Ave with links to 42 Fell View and that stalker of me in his VW camper van, are nothing to do with me, nor ever likely to be except when I testify.

NB When I rented at 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ I had no idea that at least 4 ruffians claimed to be linked to me and in that those professional unemployed, roughneck troglodytes gained. It took me months to work out what was going on. LLOYDS bank used by one who was a forerunner of the deranged in 42 Fell View and of course, the new car NL03 WKM a silver Peugeot for that old layabout, drunkard and he KENNETH NICHOL who attempted three 3 times to cause a gas explosion at MY caravan in premeditated, collective attempts to murder me. Nichol tried to obtain contents insurance my MY caravan as “proof” he was linked to me. He is not the only one, who insures the 5 FIVE cars WILLIAMS have had in my name, for example?

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT [S.A.R.] To: Rt. Hon. Boris Johnson MP – FOI [SAR] Request 30 Oct. 2016:

To:  Mr. Boris Johnson, Houses of Parliament, London, SW1A 0AA
From:  Mr. J. Graham,  redacted
Dear Mr. Boris Johnson, MP,
This is a formal Freedom of Information Act [Subject Access Request] addressed to you requiring information on the following subjects listed below – the allocated items numbered 1] and 2].
 Please reply within the allotted time for such requests. We are instructing legal representatives pertaining to this FOI [SAR] request.
This FOI [SAR] request has also been sent to you and other parties via Royal Mail, including the Prime Minister Ms. T. May, and the Ministry of Justice, and a response is desired asap.
The ongoing crimes, committed against Ms. CAROL WOODS, at her abode’s location, namely 28 Fell View, LA2 9RP, Lancashire, must stop, and the miscreants responsible for those crimes brought to book, as well as those named by Ms. Woods within those presentations listed and shown below, especially those miscreants named within the video presentations, below, entitled “EXPOSING FAKE SOCIAL WORKERS”, listed below as item No. 2.
Thank you,
J. Graham concerned citizen.
“how much money or which rewards – originating by UK Government – do the persons living nearby to Ms. CAROL WOODS [living at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP] and / or others receive for their longstanding and continuing employment which entails stalking and / or harassing Ms. WOODS as described in this article which contains communications from Ms. WOODS detailing the said harassment / stalking by neighbours + others? =

2]  radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016

3] CAROL WOODS lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016 

1 Airport Security Breach  30 Oct. 2016

SECOND airport security farce trying to aid and abet those round Fell View I thoughth I’d escape for some respite, not a chance, into the lions den. But more found out, see why the ethnic woman was used at 37 Fell View, I moved there March 2014 and she was immediately paid to say I lived there as her mother and that she drove me round. The shop till receipt from 08, that is NOT coincidence, I am more and more certain that the elderly Mrs Greenbank was bullied to death to get her out, I knew there were many reasons why it had to be 28 and Fell View but the ethnic thief I could not work out at all, now I can. THis also in June 2005 ADI NICK WOOD London Met was to call to see me about progressing the case against Lord Justice Peter Gibson, his attitude changed after his emails to me were seen and he was “instructed”. He tried to get me to Manchester police station to meet him, why would I want to go to Manchester, even then and from May 2004 I was having an awful time with those thugs-

 I said no, Lancaster but got a solicitor to meet me there. (She was self employed and no one knows if she still works, she hated the police), I could see the change in Wood´s manner to me. I arrive and ask about N WOOD and my solicitor. The solicitor had been but had been sent away as there was no meeting there with any senior officer from the Met. I refused to see him alone and insisted they call her back which they did. Wood was trying to get me into a cell, the solicitor returns and he suddenly is in a room hastily adding his ID. We were not signed in as visitors. A young woman was with Wood, gazing out of the window, a bit of a dullard. The solicitor asked if he was going to arrest me, no he assured her so she left, I felt like hanging on to the hem of her skirt and begging her not to leave me alone. Nothing was “right”.

Wood said after she had gone that the female with him was a senior officer from the MET and he had waited to interview me in a cell but then found a room. He confirmed that no one knew he was there. “Oh” I said, “so you can just walk into a police station (he was scruffy, not what one would expect with working officer meeting formally member of the public) find a cell, change your mind then find a room and all that walking about and no one knows you are there? I asked if he had managed to park his car behind the steel electronic gates.

 He wanted certain documents from me in regard to a HIGH COURT CASE of then NOT what he was supposed to have called for. I gave him nothing; he shouted at me, his “partner” took my attention, she was young enough to be his daughter and anything but police of any level. I was furious, he wanted the PERJURED documents he knew I had and would present as such to the High Court in my next case already in motion, how did he know about them? He got nothing, he was a liar. I reported him to IPCC, he was demoted but I was not told, the usual from the IPCC collusion I found out by chance when I called into Holborn station about a file of mine that they refuse to return to me, the L J PETER GIBSON file. It is only a copy but they refuse to return it to me. Wood had been on leave when he was in Lancaster, no one knew he had an arrangement to see me, he was working for “others” PAUL STEPHENSON then Deputy Comm in fact he from Chief Constable status for Lancs Police. The woman was not anything to do with police she was his “girlfriend” so he aided and abetted one to pose as senior police to deceive me and he was only demoted! I later contacted Sir Ian Blair about Regulation 9 of the PRA 2002, had WOOD been bribed? IB was investigating and then he was discredited and that stopped that. I am certain that Fell View with its numbers of older men with daughters (wives run off , good for them) who ALL claim I live with them in 12 ELY for example and one in 42 GARY O KEEFE and I am supposed to be in 12, and engaged to 42 thug. In my email I refer to  ALAN McTEAR who claimed the same in 2012 and would stand by my car when it was parked up with that as PROOF he was my partner. (Remember ANDREW HALLIDAY “police” stood outside my house  May 08 ,that was proof he had bought it so I wondered why they wrecked my house if it was his). I am certain that the lone elderly tenant “sat on” too many “conveniences” in 28 so was “in the way”. There was much after I moved in to make me think so, for example the Electoral Commission started to ask questions as to how I had “disappeared” again and could not vote, suddenly the council reinserted the former tenant´s name on the electoral register and then when the EC was not satisfied the council pretended I was daughter to the old lady and we both lived in 28. Presumably I was going to use her vote! Such liars but worse, I have reported the suspicious surroundings about a  “disappeared” old lady and the reprisals come thick and fast. She is not the only one, I have another who was in 33 Fell View and the pretence was that she was driven about BUT behind my car by DK51 HVL pretending I was that lady. I have reported all that as another “disappeared” lone elderly lady. C You are ace, anybody says anything different and they´ll have me to answer to.

Archive continues at:

The CAROL WOODS Coverup: 2nd Security Breach at Manchester Airport 30 Oct. 2016 + archive…oct-2016-archive/


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