ph-3nov16 Peter at the 3 Nov. hearing at Marylebone Mag. court – it was adjourned until the 10 Nov.

Update 20 Nov.: I am told Peter’s bail hearing is on 21 November at the Royal Courts of Justice, London. 

Peter’s extradition hearing went ahead on the 10th Nov. and he was ordered to be returned to Austria to face possible charges there, and was – horror of horrors – remanded to HMP Wandsworth, I found out only today. Anyone whose had the misfortune to have to taste prison tea in a 15 x 15 cell will know Wandsworth is the worst and strictest jail in London – it is serious. A real hellhole 10 times worse than the others which are in comparison holiday camps. Usually this HMP is reserved for the more serious clientele who go on holiday there.

If he had to be remanded at all he should’ve gone to HMP Brixton at worst – a remand prison wholly – very lenient – or even more properly an immigration centre like Colnbrook [where Musa was supposed to go but they messed that up] or Harmondsworth or somewhere where extraditionees + returnees are supposed to go – but Peter has charges pending in Austria though even baseless and unproven and a dodgy Austrian false psych report – his legal reps have let him down so badly again, and surely should’ve gone to somwhere like for Colnbrook I. C.[it is closed not open but much more lenient than a prison] and he pays for it even by having to wait probably months in strict Wandsworth if an appeal is on the cards. His legal team let him down badly there. And this Wandsworth time probably won’t be taken into consideration anywhere at anytime now his UK jail time is done.


PETER HOFSCHROER’S EXTRADITION HEARING IS ON NOV. 3 AT MARYLEBONE MAGISTRATES COURT – nearest underground tube station: Marylebone. [N.B. Marylebone court IS Westminster court – the same place = City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court – Wikipedia The City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court was a magistrates’ court located at 70 Horseferry … replaced on 27 September 2011 with Westminster Magistrates’ Court, built on the site of Marylebone Magistrates’ Court at 181 Marylebone Road].

Update 22 Oct.  Peter was granted bail on the 20 Oct. and has been released.

Update 16 Sept. They couldn’t manage to produce Peter for yesterday’s extradition hearing – everything adjourned until 3 November. However, Peter looked well during a short hastily arranged video link where he was told the new date.
Excellent turnout.

Update 14 Sept. 16:  Peter confirms that he will be there on the 15 Sept. 16 @ Westminster Magistrates Court @ 2.30pm, but its best to check for changes as near that time as possible.

Update 10 Sept. 16: Peter states that he hopefully will be present on the 15th’s hearing in London. But as always its best to call WESTMINSTER MAGISTRATES COURT as we know how they play games…expect the unexpected always!!
STILL no news about or from his mother – Grandma B – this despicable situation of being denied contact with his own mother has gone on for so long – since mid-2015 or even before – all concocted by government departments / Yorks SS / and others…
Again he states lawyers have let him down badly, especially the CoP, who are “messing him about”. One cannot make a leopard change its spots!!



Above: Peter being arrested by plain-clothes after turning up at the Yorks. court in early December 2014. He has been in custody ever since, until Oct. 20 2016.

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