may10Fundraiser Updates 4 

Posted on November 26, 2016

Thank you to everyone who supported this petition and I would love to tell you that everything worked out and there was a happy ending. It didn’t and it hasn’t. Weaver Vale Housing Trust are determined to turn May’s sons out of the property and have continued to hound them. Due to fund-raising by the public and any money the sons had they have hired a solicitor who has, so far, failed to win the right for the sons to continue with the ‘right-to-buy’ request that May started. The solicitor is now asking for more money before she carries on. I think it’s time that public support took over and we demanded the right to allow May’s sons to use their inheritance to buy the house their mother started to buy and which resulted in the hounding of the family and May’s death in a Travelodge. I am using this and the original petition to raise this again in the media. I am going to open a facebook page I will post the link here later. Please help. SIGN & SHARE and watch the media

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The fighting fund for the remaining members of May Appleton, R.I.P.’s family: Brian, Mark + Paul. 27 July 16 + ARCHIVE



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