Please see below, under the video etc. links, the latest update from whistleblower and ex-UK Government Social Worker Level 3 and Child Protection Officer Ms. Carol Woods, received  2 December 2016, [and before]. A lot of the posts shown throughout, beginning in the archive from Febuary 2016 – when Carol was being forcibly and illegally detained in a Lancs. “mental facility” – are emails sent by Carol to very top level UK Government figures, including police, with addresses removed to comply with current laws. Everything sent is ignored wholesale by these government figures and departments. Please believe me – many have tried!

While the more recent updates from Ms. Woods may concentrate on the more current ID frauds and similar relating to her at her present abode, it must be fully understood that the longstanding chronic stalking and serious I.D. frauds by locals and by parties known and unknown [most definitely connected to certain UK Government agencies, eg the police, Social Services etc.]  are seemingly being enacted as a direct result of Ms. Woods reporting, or attempting to report certain findings [serious crimes] whilst employed by a UK town council as a senior Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer, as described within the videos and radio broadcasts that follow these paragraphs entitled “IMPORTANT VIDEOS”.  The massive corruption that is described has so far gone unchecked and is ignored wholesale by whichever UK government agency it is reported to, which is clearly described within the videos – an absolute and utter public scandal!

More serious crimes and misdemenours committed against Ms. Woods, all completely ignored by whichever UK government agency one tries to take anything to, include: 

the theft of her home [as happened also to Patrick Cullinane R.I.P., Len Lawrence, Joseph Henry [multiple houses stolen], Tom Crawford, Barbara Hofschroer, and so many more],

at least 5 separate enforced incarcerations in mental hospital units for no earthly good reason – one excuse used  for such incarcerations being that Ms. Woods was mentally “deluded” in her findings of utter corruption within a Lancs. council – her latest incarceration being between November 2015 and Febuary 2016. Carol was also forced to take psychotropic drugs against her will during these hospital stays, and was threatened with re-arrest before her leaving the “Cygnet” unit, Lancs. in Febuary 2016.

fake IDs used [for example: for expensive commercial criminal frauds], 

chronic gangstalking and/or harrassment by government connected sources,

home burglaries,

the inflicting of tracking devices upon her motor vehicle, and also numerous attempted thefts of that vehicle, and the attempted destruction of her motor vehicle, 

enforced “bankruptcy” with no evidence whatsoever.

Many more seriously criminal activities exist, committed against this lone female, which have been reported accordingly to no avail, along with her discoveries as a Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer. All of what is described, especially within the videos and related data below is a public scandal, and equally as disgusting is that nothing is being done about any of it by any UK government department contacted, from the Prime Minister down, let alone the heads of police forces and MPs!



2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016

3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016 


 SriLankerC 24 April 2016

6] Carol Woods Social Worker Unlawfully Incarcerated In Psychiatric Gulag   – 16 April 2016 by  GeorgeGreekTrucker 

Google CAROL WOODS carolwoods..see the 2007 blog:

Embezzle to harass Lancs  1 Dec. 2016

This is MORE in the file of EMBEZZLEMENT of public monies in Lancashire. Thus sent to Chief Executive given the vicarious liability in law for employees committing crime in works’ time whether the CExec is aware or not. Police Reform Act 2002 and CExecs responsible of Gestapo. I am Carol Woods Ms of 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP.                                                                                                                                                                    
On 29 Nov 2016 in Lancaster library where I went in to use the public computers amid hours of lunatics acts from various imbeciles mostly round Fell View LA2 9RP but spilling further afield as I eventually went out in my car just after 3pm. All the harassment is usual for me, suffice to add that the scum floating all PRETENDED again that “someone” was just moving in with them and in some examples, such as CLARKE child abuser in 23 Fell View, Mills and criminal associates in 20 Fell View, the Masonic buffoon Bleasdale in 2 Hall Drive off Fell View all pretending they drove about to collect “someone” to move in to be “cared for and driven about” among others. Were they all paid? The blue Ford PL02 THK used often at 2 Hall Drive and as referred to in my data sent out on 29 Nov 2016, with its many drivers, is that lowlife PAID to drive about in planned FRAUD? For those copied this the FRAUD is that the invisible “someone” moving into various addresses is ME and they ALL care for and drive about the invisible person, the same ONE person, in DWP frauds, forgery and more.

Prior to recording MORE involved and listing the cars used on 29 Nov 2011, I add that the thugs used, 4 of note, would not be acting for free. They will be being paid to commit criminal acts thus: one in his WHITE car was to follow me from Caton as I went to Lancaster: I going out much later than usual, he must have been parked waiting for 2 or more hours. He was to visibly be drinking; maybe a fizzy drink, maybe alcohol but he took the M6 south. Earlier in yet another “plan” of entrapment, I was to be lured to meet with a liar on the service area, southbound M6 as if I was stupid. The false friend from end Oct 2005 who ended up posing as me in the London Employment Appeal Tribunal on 19 April 2006 was to be “rewritten” using another as if I’d learned nothing. The motive for that “drinking” which has been done hundreds of times is to try and make MY history of MY white car a POLO, K71 CEC which was removed when parked legally in Dec 2008 with a tracking device GPS installed via my ignition. My car returned, I knew it had been tampered with (remember the Gestapo had just seized and wrecked MY house then looted it – they wanted certain files which they did not get) so did not drive it. Thus they had their garage Macadams thugs remove MY car after another 2 weeks and when I found it after days, they had deliberately wrecked it pretending it had been found vandalised; it had not; it was seen being loaded perfectly fine, onto a Macadams loader. That is why so many loaders pester me, I am to forget MY car and think all I know are the latest idiots. Macadams often stalk to harass.

One issue with my wrecked car where I managed to get photos of the “vandalism” which involved obviously, ripping out my ignition wiring as that was where the GPS had been fitted EXACTLY like the one NOW on my car. But among much else, a huge tractor wheel had been stuck on my rear seat so I was to believe that a car vandal walked about with a HUGE tractor wheel and placed it on my rear seat as part of the vandalism. It must have been virtually impossible to get that into my little car. On my passenger seat an empty bottle of WKD was placed as “evidence” that a vandal had been drunk; it was laughable. The staff of Macadams could not stick to a straight story at all, each version was altered as they realised how ridiculous they sounded. But the issue is that it was MY car BUT in the intent to invent a MR CAROL WOODS the lunatics want to say MY car was not mine but that of Mr Carol Woods. If such a person had my car then he will have my documents.

There are various motives for that: aside from inventing a Mr Carol Woods, the Gestapo and their deluded old parasites who PRETEND to be me somehow can’t manage to invent they owned a white POLO, K71 CEC mainly because many used don’t drive NOW let alone then. Obviously my car then is on photos at MY house. My insurance company removed my car from Macadams; they knew what had been going on and took MY car as evidence of “severity of the crime”. That though is why an idiot had to wait in his white car and race after me he “drinking” and going south possibly to be me at a lure! WAS HE PAID? He was one of the 4 louts of note. That was linked to the lure of me to the southbound services whatever that was to involve.

Lout 2 rushed into the library and sat next to me when the place was almost empty; all of a sudden I could not do anything with my emails, my emails “froze”. The lout did what he needed to and left. He was replaced as is usual; LOUT 3, and he did the same, again my emails “froze” and then I saw an entry ON MY EMAILS. The thugs working as a pair had accessed MY emails as “linked” and were sending their junk as if they were Carol Woods; WALES data and a photo as if planning a holiday; I printed off later. I took a photo of the lout responsible and when I returned an hour later; they were not present. Lout 4, I went to an early film and leaving saw the usual type of dullard, shaved headed with the flashing neon sign “I am a moron, I work for LCC”. He waiting outside then sends his texts and walks to my car as if it is his! ILLEGAL SURVEILLANCE OF ME VIA CCTV ALLOWS FOR THIS, out of range of CCTV they use their louts and doxies with phones. 
 I did not set off immediately to Caton and found when I did later, that at least 2 cars waited parked to PRETEND they collected me; they went to Morecambe/Heysham  area to PRETEND I am someone living there EXACTLY as my data states, corrupt council paying rent to someone to pretend I rent somewhere else as someone else. One vehicle was an old doxy in a silver 4 wheel drive and I guess to try to repeat the retired, bent cop in Y211 AAO who stalked and harassed me for almost 2 years until moved from Caton as he was clearly found out. Was that old doxy paid? Who paid her petrol? Who paid all of Y211 AAO costs (Huddleston was his name), who paid the 4 louts and petrol costs of Lout 1 with the “bottle”? There is another old Rosa Klebb type used with Michael Dane in 21 Fell View and a 4 wheel drive FV06 FDA, her name unknown she lives in 2 Milestone Place edge Fell View and has used young boys to “hide behind” when she wants to pretend whatever her delusions allow. (Notice the old doxy using a small child today, she also hiding to pretend; they know I won’t take photos if children are used.) She was passed that large vehicle but at what expense and to whom? He of course then replaces it for himself with a car the opposite colour and type and hopes to distance himself from PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE of his FRAUDS. Both Dane and Klebb are unemployed.

The vehicles used round Fell View on 29/11/16, SV08 HEU, red Mercedes, PL02 THK blue Ford, both at 2 Hall Drive, SF62 LHJ @ 23 Fell View, FE02 VDK white Vauxhall at 20 Fell View.

Stalker David Jackson of 28 Regent St Lancaster, former LCC employee and his vehicle X339 FEN, used from 2012, is he still on the payroll?

In April 2014 I wrote for the record that the black Mitsubishi PF08 WDJ parked at 32 Fell View was nothing to do with me; it still is not.

KT2 32T was a VW camper van SUE GARNER part time tutor at the Adult College Lancaster and used to harass me and PRETEND outside MY house in 2008. The Gestapo needed a camper van to try to “revise” an old fraudster, found outside MY house he pretending he was appointed by the Secretary of State (then Alastair Darling) and was appointed to SELL MY HOUSE. This is the usual thuggery in having old fools, old doxies, trolls and such like to park outside where I am and PRETEND they have met with me. Time was spent trawling staff records and canvassing for anyone with a camper van to then park outside MY house and hope I forgot the old fraudster of Sept 2008. (All on photos for any jury.) Since then others have been used with camper vans, at least 3 others outside MY house all on photos but they would have been PAID. That was revised using NA57 LZG a camper van at 42 Fell View Gary O’KEEFE a total stranger who pretends to be linked to me and found stalking to then pretend he also drives me about. Did the tax-payer buy him, unemployed, that van?

The use of white Minis; in 2002 I and others found PATRICIA ALLEN parked, hiding near my house “G” reg; it was old in 2002. For those sent this P ALLEN was an unqualified manager in child protection Lancashire Social Services, working with a false CV and claims to bogus qualifications. All knew but covered for her, not because her work was good but because she had had sexual relations with many senior managers as she openly bragged. She was only semi-literate. Her job prior to the rapid rise to “manager” was as a cleaner in a children’s home, The Larches in Preston. Thus in usual Masonic inversion, to “protect” that old doxy they try to make ME into her and her into me. That is their preoccupation with roughnecks, cleaners who PRETEND now to drive about and am my daughters. Photos with this show cleaner from Beaumont College who is PAID to park near me in Fell View and PRETEND to drive me about and “care for me” by going “shopping” which shopping they keep for themselves. One who seems be used when PE64 HMG is not “available” is a school cleaner in the local junior school, Caton, in PG03 WGU.

There is another cleaner used. In 2010 the landlord of the house where I rented a room and his partner, I found claimed, to be MY daughter (and her partner) for gain in “benefits”. They were Polish. She cleaned for the NHS as I found out. In Lancaster, an area the scene of much harassment every single time I park up, an NHS storage site is used. Aside from sleazy NHS often driving in and pretending they had driven me and dropped me off, they have a cleaner who is used to be me. She is the type used often, old with bleached hair. Her task is to be seen to be where I am as I park up; she must be paid to walk about, sit about and just loiter in that lunacy as my times of parking always differ; more NHS sleaze. Photos with this. Occasionally she has a daughter who walks as if with me, joins the cleaner and they PRETEND being seen that it is me with a daughter. In that the use of WHITE MINIS has exhausted all those in the immediate area with others drawn in from a wider field to stalk to be said to be me in a white Mini thus PAT ALLEN. How much has the finding and recruiting of all those white Minis cost? Is that why the refuse bin service has to be paid for in part now by any user?

Yellow Minis have been used after RX52 RYK was used in May 2014 with CURWEN then at 24 Fell View and 2 Gestapo vehicles pretending the Mini was an ambulance in the wider pretence that they were me after an RTA. Yellow Minis have not been used as often because they are not as common as white Minis but someone trawls systems to locate such vehicles when they are needed to stalk to harass to pretend or hope I saw and forgot the one originally used.

The cars mostly used when sent to 33 Fell View to PRETEND someone lives there (me as another person with the missing MARGARET PECK reported but ignored) I list here: PJ62 FGE red Vauxhall to be one “small red car seen” i.e. “ME” the drivers, always have dyed red hair. DK51 HVL we know about from earlier data sent, YH55 GZX a black 4 wheel drive BMW, many use 4 wheel drives, is that at their own expense? I think not. BD56 VDL a black Honda 4 wheel drive, R207 FFC an Audi 4 wheel drive and he always calls after I hear the “loft noises” in MY loft via the ILLEGAL devices YOUR STAFF had installed ready for my moving in to 28 Fell View. The motive is to claim I contact scum so that is when they park at 33 and PRETEND “I” the invisible person there called. Then we saw Saturday and Sunday, 26 and 27 Nov 2016 to be 26 and 27 Oct 2014 in EXACTLY SAME FRAUD whereby scum using Jackson in 26 Fell View, a “son” of hers, one of the “many” she pretends to have makes calls from as close to me in 28 as he can with the loft noises heard and that usually means a delivery to more scum IN MY NAME with the deliverer told to drop off somewhere NOT 28 as I will be out. The deranged old parasite JACKSON then on the expected delivery date has to go out but unusually so and hope it makes me anxious that she is YET SOMEWHERE ELSE POSING AS ME and thus I feel I should go out to combat that, and then the delivery takes place behind my back while I am out. I have scores of photos where I expect the fraud, go out, return and catch them red handed. 26 and 27 Nov 2016 was no different except I did not go out. DPD thugs are on film after hiding behind 31 as usual for over an hour waiting to deliver behind my back. WHO HAS PAID FOR ALL THOSE DELIVERIES NOT ONLY ROUND FEL VIEW AND AREA BUT PENHALE GARDENS AND AT 298 OXCLIFFE RD, ALL ON CAMERA, DIGITAL TIMED AND DATED? The scum receiving don’t pay.

On 29 Nov 2016 after more loft noise well after 10 30pm (which I recorded) I expected, after the failed entrapment of me using one who would be a “false friend”, a delivery for 30 Nov 2016. Thus Jackson going out as usual to the local shop, then goes out about 10 30am. I am to feel anxious she is out as me as that is not usual for her, and go out myself. She will have walked round the corner to her unemployed son’s flat, a real son he who refers to his benefits as “holiday pay”, hide in there and the delivery will arrive behind my back. Thus I am unable to go out to combat that fraud. Usually I go out to combat your lunatics’ frauds, now I stay in and take photos. The motive is to try and make Dec 2016 into Jan 2017 be Dec 2010 into Jan 2011 AGAIN. This is where the Gestapo via their lunatic in charge IAN YOUNG known as the county cretin decide I “lost” MY house because I was a fraudster, shop lifter, engaged in a gang of shoplifting (organised crime) and so on. All of a sudden, I supposedly “too disabled to live in MY house” as per YOUNG and his entourage of deranged am now suddenly able to participate in organised crime. In usual Masonic inversion lunacy which they think is really clever but which we all see as showing what cretins they are, the organised crime reported for YEARS BY ME is to be reversed AGAIN to claim I am the culprit! Anyone reading this will see what discrepancies arise; firstly I am almost 1m yobs/louts/bloated, white haired old fools/thugs and am MR CAROL Woods (as per the ones used on 29 Nov 2016 which obviously do not included the ones used on 28thetc) and a bloated old doxy parks and PRETENDS with at least one other car after one “me” LOUT sends a text about MY leaving the cinema so they then PRETEND by waiting for my car to drive by that they drive me to Morecambe/Heysham. How did I get back to Fell View to see Jackson going out at 9 10am? To see the 3 morons who had sat at least an hour all drive off at 6am when I made signs I was up and ready to go out (just my little joke)? Can you see what idiots I deal with? I will be on CCTV cameras now from wherever I was apparently dropped off after the cinema on 29 Nov 2016 which cameras will record my drive to Fell View BUT, how could I drive to Fell View in anything if I am driven about by others as a non-car driver/owner. I will be sending out the photos of MACADAMS at Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA on 6 Dec 2013 delivering YK02 VPF to Bayly’s favourite babe in flat 5, looter of the dead ANOTHER who claims to be me. The INTENTION is to have MY car removed from me to hope to confuse persons about the THEFT and WRECKING of MY car K71 CEC, and cover the murder of Mrs Porter the OWNER of YK02 VPF which car was removed by Macadams on 1 Dec 2013 from Penhale Gardens to aid and abet a murdering thief and looter of the dead who had been using that car from June 2013 at least. The return was one of the most ludicrous acts in this where she PRETENDED to buy the car with a £10 note for which HE gave her change. And all on camera; timed and dated and photos sent out a number of times already which suggests that that event has already happened.

At 11 40am an aircraft went over low to confirm something, what I don’t know. I do know that WILLIAMS in 30 left via the back door as if going out but then sneaked round to enter 30 by the front door and just pretend to be out. I KNOW WHAT IS IN IT FOR THEM SO WON’T ASK. I KNOW THEY DON’T PAY FOR ANYTHING THEY HAVE. Just after they or one at least sneaked back into 30 (no car engine started so I guess both sneaked back in as usual), the usual sorry specimen of manhood was to wander by outside and send his texts (or pretend to) from outside me in 28. Grey hoodie half-wit, was he paid or was he told he’d have his unemployment benefits cut if he did not do as he was told? The MOTIVE in all that was for the aircraft to go over and say PJ65 WLL was NOT seen thus they in 30 were out. It was not seen as it had been removed earlier as is also usual by one of the thugs who take to hide so they in 3 can PRETEND to be out when they are not. Thus they sneak back into 30, the yob goes by and THEY use their phone BUT PRETEND TO BE OUT thus the use is “mine” in 28!

12 32 I heard loud loft noises, my small battery/wind up radio suffers great interference and I try to type my word document and find it takes me 10 TEN full minutes to open my documents; someone access THEIR equipment linked somehow via BT connections in MY loft and there is much noise from 30 Fell View, all the usual thieves and fraudsters, impostors are indoors 41, 43, 45, 30, 22, 23. I wonder who pays for their phone top-ups, phone bills, Internet access, equipment (such as COMPUTEK at 30 reported for aiding and abetting ID THEFT and more); those lowlife do not find themselves. 1.15pm and softer loft noises, a phone in use rather than a computer: Agnes Jackson had sneaked into the rear of 26 in the usual lunacy of going out, making sure I hear and see and then sneaking into 26 via the rear PRETENDING still to be out. WILLIAMS in 30 do the same in reverse; they go out at the rear loudly then sneak into the front quietly. The phone use is often theirs. They use them PRETENDING to be me. Then bleat it had to be me as they were out.

By 4 35pm both Jackson in 26 Fell View and Williams in 30 Fell View had shown they were INDOORS without having actually opened a door from being OUT. These are not old parasites, thieves, fraudsters and murdering lowlife acting for the “fun of it”, be under no illusions, they are part of SERIOUS ORGANISED CRIME WITH INTENT AND PARTICIPATION INTENDING TO HARM ME  IN ANY WAY THEY CAN. I have quoted the law on “participation crime” enough times; the odd thing being that the Gestapo send sleazy NHS to say the Gestapo are “worried about me”. What “worried” them was not specified; that has been dealt with and here I record that no one seems “worried” about the scum and their decidedly lunatic actions of PRETENDING to be out when hiding indoors using phones and TV’s posing as being someone else – ME. Both Jackson and Williams, McHarran in 43, Dalton in 45, Jarvis in 41 AT LEAST have all pretended to be out when in at least 500 times. The car of WILLIAMS PJ65 WLL which is NOT registered to them in their name but as if they are me, was NOT parked even after they decided to be “in” after 4 35pm.  The loft noises were heard again briefly at 6 58pm, phone use. The faxed letter below has been retrieved from my files: it was ignored as usual.

This hand written on 1 page and sent on 6/3/15 fax to: 01772 530949 Chief Executive L.C.C. Vicarious liability in law for your employees committing criminal offences in employment – ignorance of such is no excuse. For the record- your lunatic instructing those more deranged than himself (if that is possible) – 1) letter from Housing withheld from me (a criminal offence) and then delivered – not on proper council paper – more proof your staff run different sets of records. 2) The electrician sent 5/3/15 to 28 Fell View did not rewrite 5/9/08 at MY HOUSE – he did confirm the CRIMINAL connecting to 26 and 30 from my supply was highly dangerous. 3) Jarvis, thief, liar, fraudster, forger and harasser, totally deluded in 41 was not rewritten by roughneck HUNTER, no. 22 on 5/3/15. Who paid Mr Jarvis to stay home since Xmas? 4) PE08 dollop Citroen – not PE08 Fiat swapped about – found hiding on front seat – again x 2. 5) Who asked me if I wished for my details to be given out?  When? By what method? 6) Troll sent 5/`11/14 had no “right to be angry” – I taped that which would be odd if I had just moved in. “Everybody loved Mrs Greenbank” same taped screechings, your lunatic reverses everything so we know the opposite is true. You had the freaks and dross etcbully her out like Mrs Porter from flat 3 Penhale Gardens. 7) EMCOR has not been to any other property on Caton re the “annual inspection” junk just to me and freak in 26; she who pretends she is 2 people. 8) 6.12pm on 5/3/15 Sainsbury’s Lancaster – more Gestapo corruption and one from a few used in bank FRAUD. 4 30 ish 28/2/15 Santander Lancaster more Gestapo corruption PLANNED, filmed as usual. 9) This from 28 Fell View not 26 or half of 26 – not 30 or half of 30 and yobs in Y313 YEC and MD02 HGO reported for serious crime using one of YOUR properties for that. 10) RIPA laws breached and the electrician on 5/3/15 reference to a letter sent to me – no it was not – it was EMCOR junk rewritten. Signed by me Carol Woods Ms sent Ryman’s Lancaster 6/3/15 at 15 06.

Serious org crime Lancs. Part 1  2 Dec. 2016

 Please feel free to quote me; Part 2 has the photos.
December 1st 2016 started out with the usual lunacy showing me it was going to be “ANOTHER OF THOSE DAYS”. I am Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP where at least 23 parasites, thieves, fraudsters and worse all claim to be me, my identical twin, carer for me as a total stranger, and driver of me, consequently I apparently “live” in 23 council houses round Fell View and its immediate area.

Those who claimed to be me FOUND OUT, reported, ignored, were then to PRETEND they each had an identical twin and it was the identical twin who was me, Carol Woods, E.G. JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View, SUZANNE JARVIS in 41, AGNES JACKSON in 26, CURWEN in 24 and so on.

The pendulum of who is “me” swings back and forth as a fairground game and whoever it finally rests on, they are “me” at least for the day. Thus 1 Dec 2016 trying to be 2013 AGAIN and 2008 AGAIN when in 2008 I had not known such parasites, thieving morons and dullards existed even as a former social worker: my clients supposed to be “underdogs” were shining lights compared to these bullying, deluded, deranged fraudsters. The 30 Nov 2016 brought no “result” despite the deranged in 22, 26, 30, 41 and 43 at least all acting their roles as lunatics which involved much “hiding” after PRETENDING to go out. They do not go out, they PRETEND by slamming doors, gates, shouting to be going out when they sneak back in via their other doors and then use phones as if they are me as their identical twins still indoors. (The use of idiots who “hide” and I am to think they are “out” is old hat: it is a fine example of a lunatic doing the same thing and expecting to get a different result each time it is done. 2009 my then landlord was to hide after slamming doors and PRETENDING he had gone to work, 2010 and a polish man MATIEC was to hide where I rented then and the landlord and partner were to insist he was “out” as if I was as stupid as they were (“Matiec” was a Mr CAROL WOODS using his lap top as if he was me, he in hiding when supposedly out.)                                                                                          On 1 Dec 2016 Jackson was to leave 26 amid much “Look at me, I’m going out” again when the Gestapo arranged for a short, grey haired old troll to then walk along Fell View behind Jackson and that is apparently PROOF she is 2 people, one an identical twin. Thankfully neither is anything like me and the “duplicate” was only as similar to Jackson as any old troll with grey almost white hair. This is to cover for an old thief, LOOTER OF THE DEAD, BULLYING MURDERER in the SHIPMAN policy of Lancashire who lives in Flat 5 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA which is about 12 miles from Fell View. Clearly Jackson wasn’t “me” until I moved to Fell View in late March 2014 nor did she have even a sister let alone an “identical twin” – there would be no point, the Gestapo arrange for others WHERE I AM to be me which is why there are so many who claim to be “me”. Most are not used when I leave their area but who gain hugely while they are posing as me.

Thus I move, those said to be me reduce in number, others replace them and are said to be me. For example, in LA3 2QA SUZANNE HARGREAVES of 58 Knowles Rd Heysham claimed to be me and took taxis everywhere as she does not drive, never has and the INTENTION is to claim I am not me but an invented person leaving lowlife liars at best to be “me”. Moving to Fell View was why SUZANNE JARVIS was used because of her name and she pretended she drove me about as a “revised version” of Suzanne Hargreaves using taxis as a non-driver but claiming to be me. WHO PAID FOR THOSE TAXIS? Suzanne Hargreaves was only one “me” in the Heysham area, as in Fell View there were others again 23 addresses who claimed to be me, or linked to me such as a fat old troll, never worked, seedy in flat 13 B LENNON and she was apparently me needing taxis as well. 29 Fell View and I found that a JANE LENNON was pretending I lived in 29 and she drove me about. Each has its own “story” of FRAUD and worse; I just refer to them as illustrations of Gestapo/council led lunacy in “planning”.

I then move to Fell View and the looter of the dead in flat 5 does not have a NAMED PERSON to be her moving as me which is why JACKSON was recruited in the “planning”. They are not really alike except both are thieves, fraudsters, liars, deranged, deluded and dull. Both have grey almost white hair. She in flat 5 had a dog, Jackson was given the tape of a dog barking to play and PRETEND she was the lunatic from flat 5 now in 26 Fell View and as ME. Thus Jackson then is invented as an identical twin so she can be me and her and as if one is the flat 5 thief.

Photos show this for clarity. The deranged from flat 5 really thought if she wore something RED on her head then others would think she was me with red hair. She did this a few times trying to use something slightly different each time as “convincing”. She took to wearing “hoodies” hoping that she not really seen with her flabby face and horrible grey hair could be “mistaken” for me. She a life- long parasite, classed as “vulnerable” and about as vulnerable as TONY B LIAR, was given a provisional driving licence IN MY NAME. She with the looted car YK02 VPF of murdered Mrs M Porter flat 3 prior to my renting it (1/7/13 – 24/3/14) had 4 FOUR at least different driving schools ALL AT ONCE. One would arrive and take her out for an hour and 10 minutes after she was dropped off she would have another call to take her out; I stood next to MY car where the L driver car waited I heard her give MY name and say that she had never had a lesson when she’s had dozens. All of this is on camera; a few here to illustrate the main point. The main driving tutor was ROAD CRAFT TUITION, in that sleazy dullard LCC employee in MW54 EVL a blue Ka was sent to pretend to be her friend when it was clear they had never set eyes of each other prior to the driver of MW54 being sent. She went out with the fraudster to aid and abet and allowed her from flat 5 to drive YK02 VPF without L plates, insurance or a licence (all on photos). She in MW54 EVL is STILL used, for example, recently I left Lancaster University library to find the usual gormless LCC employee waiting parked entry to campus where she sends a text as my car drives off. This is done often; all I have to do is get my camera ready to see which other cretin waits to PRETEND they are me leaving or driving me. The last time it was MW54 EVL driver, who must be nearly 70 now and I guess retired. She was to set off as my car left campus for the A6. Who paid her to drive all that way and to sit and pretend with the other idiot? YOU, the tax-payer. I took my photos, did a U turn and returned to work some more in the library; I was not either of those fraudsters, stalkers and harassers. The GPS on MY car illegally allows for this.

The discrepancy of the looter of the dead seen and found out by me (reported ignored with PCSO DENNIS NELSON sent to tell me I had committed a SERIOUS OFFENCE in recording the looter had never had a job) how could she who had lived in flat 5 for many years be me as I only moved there in July 2013 and prior to which I had rented a caravan at 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ about 3 miles from the flats? They started to send her to 298 where she then met with ROAD CRAFT TUITION (he knew EXACTLY what was taking place) and have her lessons from there AS IF SHE WAS ME STILL THERE. But I’d left, an “inconvenient fact” which is rewritten NOW by sleazy council such as RACHEL HARLAND and various liars, trolls and dullards in HOUSING who pay rent for an invisible person and PRETEND that person is me and I am still at 298. BUT they pretend that I am Mrs Carole Woods, they invented for their FRAUD which is apparently why I am not in 28 Fell View and why all those other bullying cretins are me and I, apparently am still at 298 Oxcliffe Rd. (The Gestapo liars had their dullards PC PERJURER MASSINGHAM claim THEY had sought me for 2 days but could not find me, 5 and 6 Nov 2015 when I was indoors all 5th and around much of 6th where “they” had not called, all to PRETEND I had a 2nd address.) I wondered why they had not called on all the identical twins of fraudsters if they are all me. Had they called on them, I would have seen, me being 28. Did they go to Flat 5 where she with a licence in MY name is me? apparently not.

The MW54 blue Ka driver is rewritten by a younger version, exactly the same, just younger. She was sent to Caton on yet another date when it was pretended I had just moved again and she was to hide and write her drivel and PRETEND she had called on me as a new tenant and presumably client of cretins, aka “professionals”. I saw her by chance; she tried to drive off and hide elsewhere but was unsuccessful. WHO PAID THAT DULLARD IN FRAUD AND INTENT? You did; the tax-payer. She was used 6 Nov 2015 which was odd as the Gestapo claim they could not find me and I found her pretending she drove me to Lancaster University, she driving behind a bus she thought I was taking after parking my car; I didn’t bother; I had had enough entertainment watching that sleazy think she was clever enough for MI6. She was used more recently, this is done often, I park up (the GPS again allows for this) at a usual parking area when in Lancaster; the Gestapo has half-wits park and then drive off and PRETEND they dropped me off, sometimes it is a dreary old couple to be said to be “Williams” in 30 Fell View dropping me off thus I am linked to those repulsive thieves, sometimes it is sleazy NHS, sometimes “professionals” or just brain dead council employees all wanting to enrich their dull, worthless lives and they ENJOY it. ML03 can here be seen racing off after I park up and she was parked pretending to then collect me and drive me to the University again: that was another day I did not go. Who paid her to waste work time and pay travel expenses? YOU DID, the tax–payer. This is all to aid and abet the looter of the dead in flat 5 who they hope to say really is me.

When I am the University (where I did my post grad. with not one of the sleazy I am hounded by even with a GCSE most likely) how can she from flat 5 be me? Thankfully, I am nothing like her. The Gestapo find those they THINK could be said to be her and send them in taxis to walk about, make sure they are seen, usually by shouting for “directions” so that others can claim she from flat 5 was seen there, thus must be me. They are nothing like her but one has been used a few times: a local to Lancaster, well known for her deranged actions, malicious and peevish.

In among all that, when I moved to 28 Fell View the INTENTION was for the deranged in 26 to take over and be the looter of the dead as me. Jackson was to claim to be “disabled” so unable to drive which accounted for the fact she does not and never has driven. While Jackson cavorted about with her “Look, I am now MI6 after a lifetime of being a parasite”, there were also all the others taking their roles and playing their parts so day after day is intense harassment. My next book Is “A Day In the Life Of” hand written as hand writing is good enough for Alan Bennett and was for Charles Dickens so it is for me. The Gestapo access all I type so, it won’t be typed by me. Jackson goes through the same processes as the looter in using RED as my car is red and my hair (strawberry blonde) it is more of “same old same old”.

Jackson has a roughneck found to call 3 times; they hide round by 26 to set off after I have gone to my car; they set off to PRETEND to be me out as Jackson’s twin with the 2 of them seen as PROOF. How can Jackson be me when I am miles away? The Gestapo find old trolls they think could be seen as Jackson where I am thus proof she is me. I have a few examples: none is anything like Jackson mainly because Jackson waddles; she does not walk as she is pigeon toed. What about the car driving?

This is where OLD FRAUD enters the harassment set up; Jackson has claimed to be me a number of times as “disabled” thus unable to drive. In that she has been sent thugs, 3 at least, to pose as her sons when they claim to be MR CAROL WOODS while she claims to be me. KS53 VLF driver, MD02 HGO driver and one did not drive so he took the bus while she was driven by one of the many bullying lowlife who live round Fell View, all these have also driven her in FRAUD, BK53 EWE, GN07 AHO, FV06 FDA, PJ65 WLL, Y191 SLF,YP06 UEH, SV08 HEU, WG03 DMW. In Madeira Funchal they had a Jackson type I saw following me: she was the 2nd one to be Jackson in Madeira. She followed me a fair distance and went into a shop next door to me as I went into a tourist shop; she bought lottery tickets in Portuguese which I guarantee Jackson has no grasp of. The buying of lottery tickets where it is to be said is linked to me as if I am someone else has its history in serious, organised fraud. Suffice to say here, I don’t buy lottery tickets. BUT as I am also the looter of the dead she has to be “seen” where I am also: this one at the newspaper stand had followed me about twice; here she wears trousers when previously she wore one of the skirts favoured by Chief Superintendent Bayly’s favourite Babe. She was to be highly visible and NOT leaving when I waited for the airport bus for my return journey 7 Nov 2016. I could only guess from that use of this PORTUGUESE troll (this photo flatters her, her hair was much greyer earlier, she had dyed it to try and be mine, she was to be more like me) that the Gestapo and their Masonic forces had “plans” for me; they had, at the airport which plans were so transparently pathetic they failed as usual. I returned to UK, I was not a looter of the dead still away nor Jackson. Actually none of this lowlife has a passport which suggests they went nowhere.

Serious org crime Lancs photos part 2  2 Dec. 2016

Part 2 which is really just the photos. Carol Woods Ms 28 Fell View LA2 9RP please note I have heard nothing from anyone at all. Sorry, It is late, I may have missed someone, but less chance of having yobs harass me, I have driven to Lancaster Uni library (24 hour service in term time) so if I have forgotten to cc anyone either part, please ask.
Photos to be sent as Part 2: The deranged from flat 5 out as “me” with “red hair”. A classic of “hiding”, others do this NOW, the routine is that a thief hides and pretends to be out. They use their phones AS IF THEY ARE ME and claim it was MY use as they were out so the “signal” was from me. This old fool, another who would be so excited at being used by the Gestapo after a lifetime of nothing, was to go and bang on her door, and look through the window and shout that the looter was out. I was to believe it. She hid all that day; the poor dog must have been desperate. Photo 3 of that page, Road Craft Tuition and she told to wear hooded jackets to have her lessons as it occurred to someone that she with her flabby face and grey hair could not be mistaken for me “learning to drive” and thus if she covered up someone seeing an L car would think I learned to drive! The logic of lunatics. He knew what he was involved in.

YK02 VPF, the dollop LCC employee gets in and drives the car from its parking space as the looter cannot even do that: but she then takes it on the road; I took photos. She driving is clearly seen as is the FACT that there were no L Plates. My car is seen parked next to YK02 VPF. The car of the aider and abettor, MW54 EVL. That rewritten by gormless troll LCC employee parked in hiding (all dates and times for any inquiry) Caton PRETENDING to meet with me (this was done again 1/12/16 using another dullard who hid behind a parked car and walked off when I drove by; I took her photo) ML03 parks to then also pretend to drive me, here she is racing up towards the University route. She thinks she’s following me. Two old trolls used at Uni to walk about, make sure they are seen and that is proof apparently the looter of the dead is me at the University. BUT given the FRAUD using 298 Oxcliffe Rd, just prior to my move from flat 3 Penhale Gardens I was aware she from flat 5 had only other L drive cars at the flats and found she had been going to 298 and taking MORE lessons from Road Craft Tuition, caught red handed, and on photos. This is very close to 298 Oxcliffe Rd. They were heading back to 298 where she was dropped off to then make her way to the flats and hope I didn’t know.

BUT I am ALSO Agnes Jackson or, she is me but she has an identical twin now and that twin is apparently me. The local roughneck found seen here, out with Jackson and the pair of them would hide round by the end of 26 and walk out when I walked from 28 to my car: like a pair of particularly dull children they thought they could be me with Jackson, apparently I am invisible. This roughneck with her dyed hair only called 3 times; photo of one in Lancaster trying to follow me so seen on CCTV as proof Jackson was in Lancaster thus she is me. Another of the type hiding behind shelves Morecambe library, she to step out and be seen as I went to use the photocopier. Thus Jackson was doing the copying – apparently. I was in Harrogate in Dec 2015 and found this troll following me about: I lingered to see what she would do: she was to be seen (the “witness” is the male in the photo) looking in an estate agents’ window; she was “me” thinking of selling MY house. Jackson has never owned a house. MINE WAS STOLEN WRECKED AND LOOTED OCT AND NOV 2008.Th [to be continued]1-jpg22-jpg2


For those sent this, I am Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP. Lancs w’blower from 2001 and still hounded; my case meets all criteria for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. Mail theft rife TREASON – reported and ignored. CC DWP minister and related agencies. Please feel free to quote me.

Dear Sirs I have just seen the fraudster I only know as MARK pub landlord of ROBERT GILLOW Pub Lancaster. This sleazy individual, as you know was paid to stalk to harass me from 2012 and did on 23 Nov 2012 attend a DWP TRIBUNAL posing as a solicitor for me with a partner, a repulsive thug ALAN McTEAR aka others. McTEAR claimed I was his partner and he needed extra money to “care for me”. he a total stranger but involved with STUART WILLIAM ROGERS aka STEVE aka DAVE from 298 Oxcliffe RD LA3 3EJ in attempts 3 times to force entry to the caravan I rented at 298 WITH PREMEDITATED ATTEMPS TO MURDER ME. McTEAR I found had been trying to get life insurance on me. Thus 23 Nov 2012 FOUND out in DEC 2012 but on 25 Nov 2015 I had reported McTEAR to Morecambe police Inspector Edmunds as it was obvious he stalked me. (I have many photos such as that thug stood next to my parked car pretending for on-lookers that he was waiting for me thus “with me”. MY REPORT WAS IGNORED. POLICE GROSS DERELICTION OF DUTY TO AID AND ABET.

I think that thug lived in the SUNDERLAND RD area off Oxcliffe Rd.

What I want to know, I have not asked previously, YOUR lunatic legal rep. IAN YOUNG providing all the paperwork WAS ‘MARK’ PAID AT SOLICITOR RATE for perjury, FRAUD, forgery and so forth? Was he dealing with YOUNG while YOUNG was paid at tax-payers’ expense while in work? This was clearly embezzlement: and as YOUNG will tell others that “MARK” was just helping McTEAR and not committing a crime in posing as a solicitor, we still have to ask if that excuses FRAUD, FORGERY and worse. Incidentally “Mark” was NOT acting as friend to McTEAR he was posing as solicitor. How did I find all that out? The mail that was sent to my caravan with no name, just addressed to the caravan slipped past the landlady who had stolen all other related mail to aid and abet.

McTEAR for those sent this, did not live at 298. Yours etc, Carol Woods Ms.

part 1 reduced data 29 Nov. 16

Surely a FRAUD dept will see more than the average DWP staff. Gaslighting. This is the technique to make events sound so bizarre that no one believes me, they will believe my bank doc. And from that it all flows. I rented at 298 from 4/3/12 to 1/7/13, flat 3 from 1/7/13 to 24/3/14 and 28 from 24/3/14 to now.

Agnes Jackson 26 Fell View has claimed a great deal in fraud even attending a GP as she poses as my twin. The GP was 9/9/14 and I have to guess the one surgery in Caton. I am not registered with any GP anywhere and have not been for years to combat the frauds of those who claim and use me as if I am “disabled” or “ill”.

Jackson claims to be MY twin so she can attend anywhere as if she is me. In that the driver of KS53 VLF has aided and abetted her in driving her about and going on shopping trips as if he is her son BUT he claims to be MR CAROL WOODS using Jackson as if she is Mrs Carol Woods his mother.    Jackson’s REAL son refers to his long-term benefits as “holiday pay”. I have never known him to work and I have rented 28 Fell View from March 2014.

The driver of KS53 VLF seems to live at NEW PARKSIDE FARM which is about 1.5 miles from Fell View and my guess is that he is the son/relative of the farm owners. There are some caravans to rent for holiday use at that farm and I am sure that ONE is used as repeat of 298 Oxcliffe RD Morecambe LA3 3EJ which was not a farm but an old disused scrap yard which had a few old caravans for rent as “homes”, they were not proper static caravans but old holiday caravans. That, I think, is what is being done again. I have insisted that the police should obtain his phone and computer records and the phone records of Jackson in 26. That sets the scene and something similar in harassment and fraud takes place hour by hour, day by day and has done for YEARS now.

FRAUD and THEFT take place often; one example: on 27 Oct 2014 with JACKSON involved and a former bogus son in MD02 HGO a silver VW Bora with the firm used COMET linked to JARVIS in 41 expecting to claim the goods. I had not gone out that day knowing the bullying fraudsters were up to no good and was right. All the monies/items gained are UNDECLARED INCOME so HMRC should be involved. It is UNEARNED INCOME of a higher tax band as they do not work for their money which they claim is because of them driving me about and “caring” for me.This does not include those who claim to actually be me as either Mr Carol Woods or any permutation of my name. One of the most complex is a coarse, rough, nasty piece of work called JUNE FRANCIS WILLIAMS of 30 Fell View (see below) who did at 9 50pm on 27 Nov 2016 stand out in the rear of 30 and shout into her mobile phone making a call as if she was me. She does that often as she thinks she is me, she thinks she is my sister, she is another to have bogus “family” trying to be me. I have asked the police to obtain her phone records.

All firms confirm deliveries IN MY NAME and, a bogus bank card for a MR CAROL WOODS is in existence and confirm all I say is FACT but they can do nothing without the police acting. ALL banks confirm EXACTLY the same.

Santander confirmed 5 accounts in my name/linked to my name, funds going in DWP. April 2013.                                                                 HSBC found 2 accounts in my name June 2010 and again they had been resurrected somehow much later and still continue.                                                                                                                                                                            Barclays Bank used, Lloyds, Nat West.                                                                                                                                                                  
May 2010 on to mid Aug 2010, 52 Adderley Rd Harrow Weald, AGNIESA RACKSFALSKA, her partner ZbigniewSkiba and they told me they owned Adderley Rd house when I found out Aug 2010 they did not and let to me, a small room, in breach of their tenancy. They insisted on cash only, no receipts for payments I made, no rent book. I could not understand how they claimed each to be self -employed but were never at work. I knew nothing about benefits never having claimed so things went on behind my back which I found out just before I left: I found odd events with the postman which took place as routine as they were never at work, YEARS later the DWP confirmed to me that they writing to me, had had all my mail returned with “Not known here” on the envelope; they had been pretending I was Mrs Carole Woods and mother to Racksfalszka.  Obviously mail to me had to “disappear” as I was not to be there. When I asked her outright if she claimed to be my daughter, I knew I was right. She also claimed money for a son about 3 which she did not have. I left among other events where I was charged with stealing my own ID.

March 2012 I rent caravan 1A @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ these bullying thugs did on Xmas day 2012 send away my visitors saying I did not live there. I found I was on records as someone else, WOOD.         STUART WILLIAM ROGERS in caravan 1; he had been at 298 just a few weeks prior to my moving there. He did ‘sign on’ at the time but also worked in the “black economy” and his driver who called to collect him did the same using 298 as a DWP mailing address as if he lived there when he did not. THEY WERE NOT USING 298 AS A SAFE MAILING ADDRESS. IT WAS FRAUD. Into April 2012 Rogers stopped signing on and did not sign on again until March 2013. He changed his name to STEVE; when I mentioned that his name was STUART, the thugs would gang up on me and shout at me that it had always been STEVE. My brother is Steve.  Rogers did nothing but harass and often tried to stalk me; cutting to the chase he was pretending he was my brother caring for me and he pretended that he drove MY car. In April 2013, in among the harassment of me trying to force me out, someone clearly asked questions, but Rogers was moved to caravan 5 which was empty and became “Dave”.

Caravan 3 male who all pretended was not there, photos show he was, he claimed to be MR CAROL WOODS with a council employee who called MARK A RIDING, one who looked similar to the one in hiding who NEVER signed on but clearly lived on something. Mark Riding became Mark S RIDING the day my brother’s wallet was stolen to order from his jacket in work. Riding pretended he was my brother caring for MR Carol Woods. Barclay’s bank did have a NEW account in the name of MARK S RIDING.

Caravan 5 MARTIN BRANKIN who claimed I was his sister and drove him about; a car in that was left at 298 and NEVER moved, a new silver POLO PJ60 BYR, he pretended to live in caravan 5 but did not live at 298 at all. When my brother’s wallet was stolen he became N RANKIN (Norman) and he also opened a Barclays Bank card account. Brankin claimed to be disabled but he was not. That was why ROGERS was later moved to caravan 5 to try and muddy waters of investigation.                                       
Caravan 3A had various persons claiming they lived there, mostly all at once, no one lived there. Diane Lennon claimed to be me “disabled” when she would call to298 for related mail tipped off by the landlady. Alan McTear and his partner, Evelyn also pretended to live in 3A but did not. McTEAR aka at least 2 others claimed to be my partner in an amazing FRAUD but not related to me so not included in this. Vicky McQUAID and her partner STEVE WILLIAMS appeared early 2013, both in their early 20’s and they claimed to live in 3A but did not. I found out later they lived on Albert RD Morecambe. NONE of these people worked and all were working age. McQUAID claimed to be my daughter.

Others were involved but were not claiming I was a relative but pretended to either be me or my partner. All photos can be supplied and a fuller statement of dates and times etc.

I left there July 2013 and rented flat 3 Penhale Gardens but I was among old parasites who mostly had never worked. Those gaining in serious FRAUD were claiming to be me and MY DEAD MOTHER. The landlady at 298 Margaret Middleton claimed to be my dead mother and applied for “carers” and “cleaners” which she got, (claim 28 June 2012 confirmed when I went to Mitre House to check).

Part 2 reduced data  29 Nov. 16

Then I move to Fell View LA2 9RP and find 23 TWENTY THREE tenants in their council houses claim I live there. There is a reason they are all used; for any full inquiry they can be explained, suffice here to name and say what they pretend. All are total strangers. It took me a while to work out much and I know end March 2015, questions were being asked, I had been to DWP HQ Dec 2014 and left photos and a statement for the Minister Duncan Smith. That was why persons started to change their minds as to who I was (see 22 Fell View for example) and end 2015 amid plans to ruin me which failed there were huge changes with persons moved out, cars swapped and so on. All photos of frauds underway can be supplied with a full statement.

The gains for fraudsters have been huge. Some for example No. 5 Fell View have pretended I lived there for a few gains such as TESCO delivery which store is subject of FRAUDS which they have confirmed as being used from 2011 in Lewes when I rented there. Fell View is like the body of an octopus with the tentacles being off shoots streets of small numbers of council houses.

2 Fell View WOODRUFF claimed to be my daughter taking over from V McQuaid, both the same type and similar age. Woodruuf was to be used with TRAVIS DALTON often and they were to be the repeat of McQuaid with her partner S Williams.

2 Milestone Place off Fell View is also used by persons who claim to drive me about and who receive deliveries as if I have ordered but asked that they go there. I do not even know their name. A car used often is PL02 THK and used at 2 Fell View, 2 Hall Drive, 2 Milestone Place and at 8 Low Lane Torrisholme Morecambe in a HOUSE THEFT matter. The car apparently drives me about as “disabled” when they pretend to collect me from any of those addresses. 2 Copy Lane off Fell View is also used by persons who claim to drive me about, NONE of these people work. ALL have links to each other.

From March 2014 to end March 2015 3 people from 2 Copy Lane claimed I lived in 29 and 31 Fell View being “cared for and driven about” one I know to be CATHERINE ROWBOTTOM who claimed somehow to be linked to me. In March 2015 3 large cars from 31 Fell View were swapped for others and those at 2 Copy Lane were also replaced.

29 Fell View LENNON (notice the same name as the thief and fraudster from 298) who was advised to change her name to Slater (Jane) end 2015. She claimed I was her mother living in 29 being cared for and driven about by her.

31 Fell View works closely with 29, at least 3 or 4 live in 31 at any one time and they all change over. Cars used from Copy Lane are also used at 31 Fell View pretending they drive me from one house to another. Persons with all these cars have driven about Agnes Jackson from 26 when she has needed to be somewhere to be me as her identical twin. None works.

33 Fell View a missing elderly lone lady who is said to be ME. The house has been empty from March 2014 but a car driver DK51 HVL has claimed DAILY to collect me from there as she claims to be a daughter. She has had a Blue Badge in FRAUD which I have reported but she claimed in harassment for over 2 years despite photographic proof she was a harasser, stalker, fraudster.  Her usual routine was to park and wait until lunch time then drive off for an hour if I had not gone out (she was one of a number to follow me in my car while they in theirs pretended they drove me which is why I could have at least 5 cars all following me to PRETEND, se 12, 14, 22, 37, 29, 23, 20 etc). She would return and wait for me to go out; if I did not go out she would drive off after 2 or 3 hours, I found she lived near-by on Brookhouse Rd.

37 Fell View was used until March 2015 in the first “clear out” when I found out she claimed I lived there as her mother and she drove me about and “cared for me”.  She had many deliveries in FRAUD; she is Malaysian which is surely more ludicrous than most. Name unknown. She is STILL used and I guess was moved not very far away. BUT lately, there is a pretence that I still live there abandoned by the Malaysian troll and various roughnecks work in “shifts” and PRETEND I live there as RTA victim needing full time care. Some cars used which cars are linked to other houses around PE64 HMG, PN54 XJD, Y547 OGW (this also used at 34 Quernmore Rd, 39 Fell View, 17 Leslie Ave etc), OEO6 APF, ST04 FWK, GF59 PRV, GN55 JNK ALL links to 41 Fell View caught stalking me over years now.

39 Fell View O’Conner another truly bizarre affair with she claiming to be my sister “living” in 2 addresses. She has had 2 cars at once Toyota Yaris, V23 MAJ and V24 MAJ. A male involved who may be Mr O’Conner also pretends to drive me about when sleazy “professional” for example in Y547 OGW stalks me back to 28, as I park up, she pretends I alight from her car, she drives off and he waiting in DG04 UXR pretends to drive me to a 2nd address. Y547 OGW is used in the same way at 37 Fell View and on Leslie Ave off Fell View and recently at 34 Quernmore Rd also near Fell View. (See 34 Fell View also.) Mrs O’Conner is yet another who does not work. Mr O’Conner seems to be at their 2nd address mostly.

41 Fell View serious fraudsters aided by “professionals” who set up the bank accounts to validate SUZANNE JARVIS as carer and driver of me. She claimed I lived in 41: I appear to be her mother; Mrs S. JARVIS is almost as old as I am.

43 Maureen McHarran I include as she claimed to be me hiding in 43 with M.E. and “too ill” to go out.

45 Fell View Margaret Dalton and son Travis she claims to be me and he claims to be my son, Mr Carol Woods. Serious crime here using various yobs at 45 for E-Crime found out. She then claimed she had changed her name to WHEATFIELD. Neither worked until fully found out, he was recently found a job as shelf filler in the local Co-Op: I don’t know if she works even now. He seemed to be at home as “carer” for her when she claimed to be me. Bleasdale 2 Hall Drive did much driving about as did another from 39 Copy Lane, end Fell View HUDDLESTON who pretended when driving her about that he was driving me about. He would drive her out, she with her grey dyed red hair as proof she was me, drop her off and then park outside me in 28 and pretend that is where she was indoors as me.

49 Fell View REID and they claimed I was a mother to one of them and lived there being cared for and driven about by them. Things changed mid 2016 when things changed yet again for more found out. 

12 Fell View ELY daughter and father with me the “disabled” mother “cared for and driven about” by them as MORE TOTAL STRANGERS.Tesco use.Large Nissan L20 ELY used, not bad for pair of unemployed, note personalised plate. They more to “suddenly come into money” when I move to Fell View and each time I apparently arrive again they get extra.

14 Fell View McGuire I also live there as her mother and TESCO used there as well. Mini RX02 TLU used to drive about behind me and pretend to drop me off in Lancaster when I park up and they just drive all the way back to Caton and PRETEND.

20 Fell View Ms K MILLS with partner Bleasdale son of William Bleasdale much in use from 2 Hall Drive. June 2014 they had a squalid small caravan dropped off on their front yard and pretended I lived there. She claimed to by my niece “caring for me and driving me about” and was used in that right to my going on Holiday end Oct 2016. She pretends to “collect me from somewhere” as does Hunter in 22 and Jarvis in 41. They have gained hugely in ARGOS deliveries and ASDA etc, Close links to 2 Hall Drive obviously, 2 Milestone Place and 30 Fell View as she in 30 JUNE FRANCIS WILLIAMS is apparently my sister, mother to those trolls MILLS (see also 7 Leslie Ave off Fell View) making them my nieces. Various vehicles used some which “disappeared” in the great clear out end 2015 S30 GKS used to drive me about – apparently, R68 TLM which was also used at 22 for months driving “me” about. And at 17 Fell View as I apparently lived there as well as JUNE CARRADICE to muddy waters of investigation with JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 see also 34 Fell View.  The caravan was only removed late summer 2016 when Mills pretended to collect me from somewhere on a number of occasions.Links to ANOTHER house along Quernmore Rd not far from Fell View.

22 Fell View Hunter from my moving to Fell View they claimed I was HIS mother being cared for and driven about, found out in the March 2015 “clear out” they then claimed I was HER mother and carried on. New cars appeared, YD54 VYR involved in “moving me to 22” at first disappeared with a VW also disappearing. MY CAR RECORDS of all those involved over years ARE EXTENSIVE AND COMPLETE FOR ANY FULL INQUIRY, COMPLETE WITH PHOTOS. R568 TLM used for months and often in conjunction with 17 and then passed to Mills in 20 to fill the gap on the tiny front yard after the caravan was removed. DX53 KTO is NOW used (in the past 2 weeks) in a related fraud. The driver of DX53 KTO is NOT the original driver, the driver now is FEMALE. She pretends to be caring and cleaning for Hunter in 22 to cover for their found out frauds. In effect Mrs Hunter in 22 has now become another “me”.

24 Fell View Curwen, an old couple with his sister major fraudsters claimed to be me after an RTA thus “too disabled” to live in 24 which is why is it empty and used as a doss house (from May 2014). They have had no RTA and in fact the council have them in another address. They “suddenly came into money” in May 2014 which was MY supposed award from an RTA which I have never had. End Aug 2016 when KS53 VLF was too visible in the fraud, he had to call to 24 with YELLOW refuse sacks of MEDICAL WASTE and dump them on the front to PRETEND he had been caring for someone “ill” in 24. I took photos: ordinary household waste.

26 Fell View Agnes Jackson and there are apparently 2 of her in 26 and one is me, her identical twin. A malicious seedy old parasite with much to report about events using her in 26.

30 Fell View JUNE and KINGLSEY WILLIAMS associates of Jackson and they each have an identical twin married to each other and all 4 live in the tiny- one-bedroomed bungalow – apparently. They have had 5 cars IN MY NAME in a DWP fraud of “disabled” as PJ60 BYR was used at 298 Oxcliffe Rd.  They hired a red car PE64 OUG IN MY NAME because my car is red and they had to be seen in a red car if they were to be me. She was ANOTHER who thought if she dyed her thin grey short hair a yellow colour she could be mistaken for my hair colour on CCTV thus mistaken for me. The hire car was removed when I went to the garage with photos and my REAL ID. In the great clear out of end 2015 they then had PJ65 WLL.

32 Fell View Mary Lamb another to claim to be MY dead mother and me driving her about in a car used in FRAUD there PF08 WDJ. Others drove the car, O’Conner in 39 Fell View, Williams has gone out with Lamb claiming to be me as Lamb’s daughter and so on BUT Lamb I found by chance drives the car herself; she is NOT disabled. Links to 28 Quernmore Rd where mail went as if she in 28 Quernmore Rd was me as daughter to Lamb in 32 Fell View, car related.

34 Fell View A couple moved in end 2015 JUNE and IAN Blenkinship where she pretended to drive me from somewhere to live there in YH08 KDK, she a “daughter” being chosen because of her name JUNE to muddy waters with Carradice 17 Fell View and Williams in 30. When KS53 lout was dumping yellow sacks at 24 he also dropped of 2 for 34 to dump to prove they had someone “ill” being cared for in 34. I took photos of those as well.

36 Fell View was JACKSON no relation to Jackson in 26 but he used as ONE of her bogus sons when she went to claim extra monies as me and he posed as MR CAROL WOODS. He had to shave his head as he was dark and it is obvious I would not have a dark haired son. He also had close links to 37 and the Malaysian troll. He “disappeared” end summer 2015 when photographic evidence of his harassment and fraud was seen. Don’t know about those moved in.

38 Fell View used often, moved out end 2015 with a DAVID and REBECCA WOOD being moved in, apparently they’re related to me as well. Prior to these moved in with the most “convenient” surname” MILLS lived there, brother of MILLS in 20 Fell View and 7 Leslie Ave; he was STEPHEN and claimed to be MY brother.

42 Fell View is Gary O’Keefe and he stalks me in his VW camper van: I am not 100% certain why he is used.

23 Fell View CLARKE claimed I was in 23 being cared for and driven about as if confined to a wheelchair from my moving to 28. Like all those FOUND OUT and reported, he then has trolls with dyed orange hair pretend to move in to be me moving in again. Jarvis does that often as they all like their “free money for no work”.

Late Oct 2015 I delivered letters to 29, 31, 33 driver, 37, 41, 45, 22, 12, 14 informing them they harassed me and as I was left to deal with that alone I was warning them as my obligation under the Protection From Harassment Act 1997. I informed them my letters were going to DWP, HMRC etc and I was arrested for harassing them. How did one letter constitute a course of conduct? It didn’t. If the act said to be “harassment” is to prevent a greater crime there is no harassment. Someone looked at my letters given the massive clear out, swapping of vehicles and so forth but I was still arrested.  I did not get round to others.

7 Leslie Ave Ms K MILLS (one Karley, one Kirsty) both have dyed their hair RED to be “seen as linked to me”. All vehicles used at 7 Leslie Ave “disappeared!” end 2015 and they pretended to be moving which I thought they had, then I find different cars harassing and stalking see it is Mills from 7 Leslie Ave; she had not moved at all. YD06 VVN was swapped for black Audi YDO5 YEC for example.

This is how I am in at least 23 houses all at once and how anything up to 6 cars a time drive off when I do as they are all driving me to Lancaster apparently; add to that the lowlife calling taxis saying I need a taxi and a whole cavalcade is seen EVERY SINGLE TIME I GO OUT.  ELIZABETH MASON is one corrupt bank assistant in Santander Morecambe branch. I have said FOR YEARS that persons charged with benefit fraud are being treated differently that all the lowlife I name above.

NHS/Police threaten lancs w’blower AGAIN PART 2  24 Nov. 16

This will also be in any court: 21 Oct 2014 and 2 sleazy council, HELENE KENNEDY and DAVID WATAMOUGH called early with 2 others apparently NHS, one sleazy JO ATKINSON who did not work for the NHS although she had in years past and an old, scruffy woman said to be psychiatrist LINDA ASHWORTH. She had no ID either and I was sure she was nothing except a scruffy old woman. BUT the council sleazy CONSPIRING to make me believe something untrue were harassing me and from that Dr Ashworth was said to have produced a report which was waved in front of me later in Nov 2015 but which I was not to see. AND a GP report which was also waved in front of me which I saw much later although was denied a look fully at the time it was waved in front of me. The GP was one I had not ever been registered with yet the claim was that I had been prescribed many drugs for what I do not know. Later when I insisted on seeing what was written about me, Dr Ashworth’s letter disappeared and only the GP letter was seen. Then that “disappeared” and Dr Ashworth’s letter re-appeared BUT neither had MY name on: I found 2 sets of records being run, one I could see with my name which is why there was nothing to see and the one I had inadvertently seen which was NOT my name but supposed to be me. Obviously I involved the ICO. I was denied copies obviously of the documents I asked for Sec 7 Data Protection Act 1998 but in Feb 2016 Dr Linda Ashworth confirmed she had never been to Fell View, she had never met me and she had written nothing at all; a sleazy dullard employed JASON BLEZARD had compiled the drivel ON INSTRUCTION from the resident lunatic of LCC IAN YOUNG the police legal rep. PERJURY.

Prior to Watamough and Kennedy using a pair of seedy scruffy old trouts, they had had TONY FOX Housing Manager, colleague of Watamough, Kennedy, Lockley, Harland et al, hiding in his car outside me and he PRETENDING to be indoors with me WITH the sleazy J Atkinson hiding parked out of sight in her car PRETENDING she was indoors with Fox and me! I went out wondering what the cars were in aid of seeing no one in or out and found them hiding. My photos are excellent. When Fox had gone as fast as possible, leaving Atkinson confronted, all she could say was, “You can’t prove the council put a steel door on YOUR house”  and “You can’t prove Sheila Bridge was going to be murdered” (MY whistle-blowing CORPORATE MANSLAUGHTER 2001 but my letter of 21 April 2001 suggests I predicted something of that nature. That old liar and deranged then produced her seedy old self with the shrivelled old woman posing as a psychiatrist with 2 HOUSING MANAGERS knowing they were just a pair of seedy old parasites. [This is part 2 – part 1 follows].

NHS/Police threaten Lancs W’blower AGAIN pt. 1 24 Nov. 16

Dear Sirs I am in Lancaster University library at this time of night having driven the miles from CATON LA2 9RP to send my email. It is in 2 parts and shows what took place today because today was the 24th and “events” from “history” were to be “revised” by Lancashire Gestapo, NHS and council and PRETEND that 2015 Nov on to March 2016 NEVER TOOK PLACE. I have driven away from Fell View because lowlife in 24 has been using the Internet as if it is MY use thus if I am not in 28 which I rent then he can be seen to be committing E-CRIME as usual from 24 pretending to be me in 28 as I am not there. The Gestapo arrange all this, please see data now sent in 2 parts. CC to IOCCO given the E-CRIME
24 Nov 2016 ”another moving date from Lancashire Council and recruits”. On 24 March 2014 I Ms Carol Woods moved to 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP and every 24th since then the Gestapo with sleazy NHS and council employees AT YOUR EXPENSE (tax-payers) have pretended that I have moved many other 24ths all to cover the events at MY house 27 Oct 08 and 19 Nov 08 where they now want to rewrite the history of MY house being stolen, wrecked and looted and say I was “too disabled” to live there. SEE ALSO FRAUD etc of 23 Nov 2012 as part of that. OF RELEVANCE HERE: Protection From Eviction 1977: unlawful eviction and harassment. 3(a)(b), 4(a)(b)(c) Plus Housing Act 1988. For Lancashire Chief Executive cc this who has vicarious liability in law for employees (law and case law on request as they won’t know that law either) I add that I have my complete files of all I have reported from 2008 including huge waste of tax-payers monies in harassment and to cover murdered elderly with their assets looted along with much else. Not ONCE responded to but, that is your problem, not mine.  ON 24 MAY 2010 A HIGH COURT JUDGE NOT CORRUPT WAS LIVID SEEING THE DRIVEL  FORCED ON ME TO MAKE ME THINK I WAS BANKRUPT AND WOULD HAVE MY HOUSE SEIZED, HE INSTRUCTED ME TO GO HOME AND FORCIBLY REMOVE ANYONE IN MY HOUSE, SUE THEM AND PROSECUTE THEM. OBVIOUSLY I WAS ARRESTED WHEN I WENT TO GESTAPO TO ASK FOR HELP AND WAS LOCKED UP AS A LIKELY TERRORIST! THUS ANYONE WHO IS “ME” AS MR CAROL WOODS HAS TO “RECLAIM THEIR PROPERTY” ON ANY 24TH WHICH IS WHY SCUM IN KS53 VLF HAS ARRIVED AT 24 FELL VIEW AND WHY SLEAZY NHS WERE SENT TO SAY THE GESTPO WERE “WORRIED” ABOUT ME AND THREATEN ME YET AGAIN WITH LIKELY EVICTION TO REVERSE BEING TOLD TO RECLAIM MY HOUSE. See below. Please feel free to copy any of this and quote me.

Examples: on 20 April 2014 the lowlife in 30 Fell View WILLIAMS did pose as me and tried to SELL MY HOUSE which the “police were not worried about”. On 4 Feb 2014 2 old doxies did call to another lowlife in flat 15 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA a total stranger and pretended she was me “disabled” and tried to arrange to have MY HOUSE sold as my being “too disabled” to live in it. the Gestapo did not “worry about that” and in fact still use the pair of old doxies T19 MAP car and SX03 SUE car to PRETEND they meet me. End Aug 2013 with council managers IAN LOCKLEY and a “Margaret” did try to keep me indoors so that murderous lowlife in flat 4 Penhale Gardens SHIRLEY RYCROFT could pose as me and SELL MY HOUSE as “too disabled” to live in it. And they really think this is all going to swept under the carpet. MY carpet is a flying carpet and hides nothing thus underneath. On 30 June 2014 AT LEAST 4 from Fell View 12 Ely, McGUIRE in 14, Lamb in 32 (who is apparently my dead mother) and use of the EMPTY HOUSE 33 in PRETENCE I lived there as a MRS MARGARET PECK (ANOTHER reported by me as “missing elderly lady which the Gestapo are not “worried” about) and in ALL those council houses with scum on the cess pit ALL pretended I had lived there as various and was moving because on 1/7/13 I moved to flat 3 so they PRETENDED that was moving for 1 July 2014 from the COUNCIL HOUSES as long term parasites, thieves and lowlife who all claim in FRAUD to drive me about as apparently I “live” in ALL those houses as a “relative”. There is obviously much more, with e.g. 5 Nov 2014 and they sent a local roughneck to kick my door, bang on my windows and scream and threaten who then ran away before I could get my Dictaphone, the bin men arrived, that scum did not want any impartial witnesses, she waited then returned which suggest she is insane. She was sent to scream and threaten to smash windows, kick in my door and basically to hope I forgot MY house being wrecked and LOOTED on 27 Oct 08 and 129 Nov 08. Another seedy old man in 44 Fell View GARNER was to try and repeat some of that in 2016 as I walked past his house showing him to be a liar at best. 9 April 2015 and Dalton with at least 8 other thugs and 4 vehicles all converged on me when I tried to work in my front garden about 7 30pm shouting, screaming, threatening and taking photos on their mobile phones and that was what the Gestapo thugs and NHS sleazy, council scum all thought they’d rewrite and claim I took photos.                                                

The tarty piece with the screeching of 5/11/14 is a school cleaner LCC NOT NHS as she told me and still as coarse and common in PG03 WGU used right to 23 Nov 2016 when supposedly “cleaning” but PAID to stalk me and PRETEND to drive me about as that lowlife claims to be a “daughter” of mine.

In 2010 they tried the sleazy NHS routine which went so wrong for them all involved; in 2011 they using an inarticulate yob posing as a psychiatrist which psychiatrist was real but on holiday GILLIAN HARRISON, when all the inarticulate scruffy yob could do was to say MY emails caused concern for my mental health. I asked her to show me emails that “caused concern”. She showed me one from my drafts folder. The addressee had not been correct so I had to wait to send it out; how had she got it? Gestapo. In that a MALAYSIAN “doctor” struck off after murdering a patient in 2008 (Xmas) then tried to force herself on me via others WHO KNEW SHE HAD BEEN STRUCK OFF, her INTENT was to force me to have an injection which of course was the way she had murdered the lady in 2008. All that reported REMAINS ignored with Parliamentary Health Ombudsman claiming that PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS kidnapped me (those are their words) so it was nothing they could deal with! The use of NHS AFTER that admitted kidnapping seems not to be of concern to anyone. In that BABARA MALLIEL and CRAIG JENNINGS of CQC Nottingham BRIBED to stop my complaint after FRANCIS PARKER had retired and I have nothing from CQC who appear to be 100% corrupt.

Thus we move on to 2015 when PC PERJURER ANDREW MASSINGHAM claimed he had tried to find me 5 Nov 2015 and 6th but had not known where I was. Liar THE GPS on MY CAR ILLEGALLY and those thugs know where I am at all times. I was indoors on 5th until late evening going then to a Macbeth production and about on 6th. He found to be a liar BUT on formal documents presented to malign me was PERJURY which has also been ignored. Inspector BROWNSMITH liar and the PROVEN altering of police custody records and his perjury, that also of NHS MELANIE FORREST, LES MARSHALL and others remains ignored.

Apparently I was mentally ill as I said that Les Marshall had not spent 2 hours talking to me and that “confirmation” from my family, when they confirmed to me that they had spoken to no one at all, despite pages of drivel said to have been what they said, but NHS then confirm they had not employed Les Marshall for YEARS so there we have it in black and white: I am mentally ill as I have no recollection of spending 2 hours talking to Les Marshall and there I have it black and white that he was not employed by NHS at the time and had not been for YEARS. AND pages of drivel produced by lunatic YOUNG proven to be so, so, who is mentally ill?

Why did bullying scruffy liar perjurer Massingham call to arrest me eventually on 7 Nov 2015? Apparently I had “followed someone to a local airport” so was mentally ill. Apparently I was taking photos of children. Apparently someone thought I might write to her so had gone to court for an injunction against me IN CASE I, A TOTAL STRANGER wrote to her and, as I told her in late Oct 2015 that she was a thief, fraudster, stalker and harasser of ME, forging MY name in BANK accounts in gain BUT I was in breach of that INJUNCTION ORDER and no, I cannot have a copy as it does not exist. MORE PERJURY. Apparently my letters to HARASSERS and STALKERS recruited in the lunacy of “common purpose” telling them that they were being warned by me as MY legal obligation (given the Gestapo do nothing) and that their gravy trains of “free money” had run out. In that 23 houses round Fell View all claim to be linked to me and claim to drive me about. There were 3 people said to be NHS to “section me” 7/8/ Nov 2015 but then the persons named confirm they knew nothing at all of those events and the Gestapo then recorded that they did not know who those 3 in the police station had been! Thus anyone can walk into any police station, wander about, go to cells and section people, no questions asked and they don’t even need to identify themselves to Gestapo! That was not all: apparently I “shout”, I surrounded by murderous lowlife who screech and yell to harass such as Aug 2015 when the IPCC wrote to me which letter was STOLEN and scum, thief, fraudster and more, HUNTER in 22, to shout out NEIL JASPER as if she knew anything at all about my files from 06. The loud mouth JUNE FRANCIS WILLIAMS in 30 is ONE to screech into a mobile phone at the rear of 30 and PRETEND she is me, the scum in 26 AGNES JACKSON who is given MY mail for MY car as if that deluded old troll is me shouts at the front of 26 anything she is told to shout to bogus “relatives” sent to PRETEND she is me with all MY family when she has a thug son who, unemployed, is sent from time to time to also stand at the front and shout such as pretending he is not unemployed- by- profession and claims his benefits are “holiday pay”. Jarvis in 41 screeches from the front of 41 and thinks if she shouts about school meetings she can be me as a teacher. They all want to be me! Then we have CLARKE in 23 and MILLS in 20 who “work together” in child abuse and DWP fraud and screech to make me THINK somehow it is linked to me! Mills of course recently was told to shout to me and then she was to claim I shouted “four letter words” in reply when that scum deludes herself, I don’t even acknowledge anything she screeches about. Thus we had the old doxy RACHEL HARLAND council writing to threaten me about using “abusive language” (No, all the lowlife have not taped anything) was to lure me to a “meeting” BUT say that I was the INVENTED PERSON there from the 2ND ADDRESS they use and pay monies to as if I rent in Morecambe.

The screaming at 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ address is all on tapes recorded by me which they all claimed NOT to have screamed day after day but I prove everything I say when the scum rely on bent cops, sleazy council and PERJURY bringing in their Quislings and sleazy NHS when desperate.

The “local airport” – we do not have one. The INTENT was to claim I was someone else somewhere nearer to ANOTHER airport and on 24/11/16 the NEWLY red haired sleazy (sent to be the 3 from end AUG and she to be M Dalton 45 Fell View of end Aug 2016 with her dyed orange hair and the student to be the “pregnant girlfriend” but who was the 3rd person supposed to be “revised history” of? See below. )   I went from Liverpool airport on 5 Oct 2015 for Barcelona. So, who had I “followed”? Who from Fell View had business at an airport and thus saw me following? Where was the airport CCTV film footage? Do I just sit in my car with a tank full of petrol and think I will pick someone at random to follow and hope my tank has enough petrol to get me to where they are going? In Aug 2016 the Gestapo sent to me DALTON from 45 Fell View with his mother MARGARET with her dyed orange hair and girlfriend 6 months pregnant. She, I knew was not his girlfriend but was happy to talk to them after he had finished ranting and raving. Apparently the stress caused to the girlfriend of my letter to Dalton late Oct 2015 (after my holiday) was a problem. But she was 6 months pregnant end Aug 2016, is that the longest pregnancy in history? And again, she was not his girlfriend.  Apparently I had followed them to MANCHESTER airport on 5 Oct 2015 when they were going to Tenerife. BUT they were all in bed when I drove away from Fell View. And I was at Liverpool airport not Manchester. How could I be in two places at once?

The Gestapo found one of the yobs who calls to 45 to claim he dropped by 45 to feed the dog, NOT TAKE IT OUT, poor thing never gets taken out, one yob I had reported after catching DALTON and the entourage using MY email address for FRAUD and E-CRIME, reported which is when the Gestapo went to 45 in the early hours and cobbled their “version” of 5 Oct 2015 together. He made a SIGNED statement claiming he saw me on Fell View between 5 and 10 Oct 2015 thus I had followed Dalton to an airport and was not in Barcelona. I asked to see their holiday photos – they had none. I asked to see any travel documents as proof they were travelling that day, they had none. I asked to see any proof they had been anywhere, ever. They had nothing. No, they didn’t even have passports. Thus we have PERJURY as all sworn statements and produced to discredit me and we also have PARTICIPATION CRIME and CONSPIRACY. Dalton has never been anywhere.

BUT the Gestapo then produce a photo of MY car said to be at Manchester airport on 5 10 15 with DALTON in the frame. They manufactured that after I had been to Venice in June/July 2016 then from Manchester airport. I am unable to get a copy of that photo despite my requests Sec 7 Subject Access 1998 Act and offering my £10. Since then, when they learned what I had learned about Dalton and no passports etc and I have all my travel documents from anywhere I have been over YEARS, they have tried to manufacture events where they claim MY car was “seen following” or committing an offence which warranted MY car plate on a photo BUT will DALTON be on whatever else they manufacture? No. Thus they have the local garage see me get petrol, and they tell the attendant to walk away from the shop area and make it seem empty, hope I drive off without paying (these are the sorts of trolls they mix with so think all are the same) thus claim they had a legitimate reason for taking my car plate. I asked for a receipt when I did WAIT TO PAY. Then they had MARGARET DALTON with her dyed orange hair walk across to confirm she saw me to leaving 28 Fell View on a Sunday as I was doing every Sunday as my routine going out. In that they had lowlife from 2 Copy Lane driving round and round (obviously I can only follow someone from Fell View as I am unable to see through buildings or see round corners to pick a “victim”) so they have to drive round and round and wait for me to set off as INSTRUCTED and they claim I followed them with Dalton being the witness thus 5 Oct 2015 was “rewritten”. But I know all their acts of thuggery thus the INTENDED PARTICIPATION CRIME failed.

In Nov 2016 I was at Manchester airport again to go away again so the Gestapo thought they’d make it Oct 2015 again and sent NHS round to harass me and say the “police are worried about you”. I said if the Gestapo did what they were paid to do instead of spending time biting their nails and fretting about my welfare, using their helicopter to harass and confirm what they make up in FRAUD, then maybe they’d save a great deal of time. BUT now they can’t say I was sending letters, they were trying to rewrite an email I had sent in Nov 2013 which was a repeat of one from 2012 which remains ignored. (Yes, they can sneak to 45 Fell View gangsters in the early hours and spend time manufacturing evidence of “crime” said to be committed by me but no, they can’t actually do their job. For example see what efforts they put into “arresting me” Nov 2015 when letters I have stuck on my car windscreen and sent to me which offer threats and worse are ignored.)

The THREAT was that I was in danger of losing my tenancy; WHY HAVE I GOT THE NEED FOR A TENACY WHEN I OWN MY OWN HOUSE? Because the sleazy council run 2 sets of records and show I am not here but someone of their invention is. AND officer TRACEY KENNEDY claims she is me IN MY HOUSE. PC PERJURER MASSINGHAM claims I was given her rank and badge number when he is a liar mainly as she is not police and never has been BUT I have her sworn signed witness statement produced for a COURT 27 NOV 2009 where she appeared as me and claimed I harassed her thus I was harassing myself! That of course is what the Gestapo and sleazy NHS think they’ll rewrite this Nov EXCEPT 27 Nov 2016 is SUNDAY so that is not possible. That PERJURY along with ALL NHS perjury and police PERJURY will be produced in any court where they council applies to EVICT me.

Lancs Police invent a person to be ME  24 Nov. 16

I am Carol Woods Ms.  NOT Mrs. NOT Miss, NOT Mr. I use for emails as well. MY email addresses are NOT shared and never have been. One reason they want to make me MR is because of certain documents which led to the murder of MIKE TODD GMP but also after the LONDON High Court instructed me to return to MY house on 24 May 2010 and forcibly remove anyone living there (Gestapo Tracey Kennedy) trying to get police help I was arrested as a likely terrorist and locked up No trial, no paperwork, no judge, no solicitor and now the MoJ data section say there are no records, well they would say that, wouldn’t they? We will have to rely on MY records and they are not with any of the deluded “Mr Carol Woods” here.

These photos show on what Lancashire Gestapo base SOME of their versions of MR CAROL WOODS who number now at least 500.000, all races, ages, creeds. I attach the photos of 4 old dollops again who all try to claim they are linked to me. The image of the “bloated white haired old lecher” is used but only since I was moved to 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP in March 2014. In that the elderly, lone tenant already in 28 was bullied to death to get 28 “free” for me to move into. The PREMEDITATION, PLANNING and MALICE AFORETHOUGHT found out with the FACT that 23 lowlife round Fell view all claimed that I lived in their squalid council houses with them being “cared for and driven about” by them for which they all GAINED in FRAUD, THEFT, FORGERY and so on and ALL involved in the bullying of the elderly lone tenant of 28. The 4 old lechers seen are all supposed to be 1 person; MR CAROL WOODS. 3 live very close to me, one in 30 Fell View, one at 47 Fell View and one at 2 Hall Drive off Fell View while one lives in 28 Regent St Lancaster which is why he is used as 28 Regent St is apparently “interchangeable” as 28 Fell View and, as he is similar to the old fool in 30 Mr K WILLIAMS then that is PROOF any of that type is Mr Carol Woods.

Meanwhile, as I have a RED car X165 YUB Toyota Yaris, only 1 of that 4 has a red car. That red car is NOT small, it is not 1; “it” is actually a large Audi AND a large Mercedes. The main old lecher in 30 Fell View, Mr K WILLIAMS does not drive so he just pretends by walking in and out of 30 when I park up and his pretence is apparently PROOF he has just returned with me; his grandiose delusions beggar belief. I find them all repulsive but he the most repulsive.

Those 4 are used daily along with others of varying ages; many are used once only but right now another “idea” is to use a bloated old younger version of the 4 horrors attached and he has to sit in Lancaster library with a rucksack packed to capacity as he is me “found living in a library”. One used daily also is in 31 Fell View, not near 28 or 30 given the lay-out of Fell View, is in the photo below the photo of me. This unemployed-by-trade parasite was bought a RED car Y191 SLF to be “confused” with my “small red car” by on-lookers. He had been moved to 31 Fell View after Y191 SLF had been used to drive about AGNES JACKSON by an unemployed-by-trade old doxy in 31 to be proof Jackson “seen in a small red car” was me as she claims to be me as well. Jackson does not drive so has been provided with a number of small red cars to drive her about to be “seen” but each car is different with a different driver which dilutes her FRAUD of ID THEFT as a jury will see. Thus that found out and on camera as FACT, this idiot was moved to 31 Fell View and he was passed the car so he had been Mr Carol Woods driving about Mrs Carol Woods apparently, Agnes Jackson. He is busy driving about an invisible person and stalking me to be seen where I am thus proof he is Mr Carol Woods. His PROOF is his cloth cap. He is one of scores to be told when fantasising that if they wear a cloth cap they really are “me”. He is used to today and on Sunday 20 Nov 2016 for example, he was aided and abetted by the Gestapo going over Fell View TWICE in the helicopter YOU PAY FOR each time they thought I was setting off to go out; he was to drive off behind me and they would confirm they saw HIM leave in his small red car thus PROOF he was me in mine! I didn’t go out; I only went to my car. This harasser is used often at night; it is complex and out of scope of this: suffice to show here, he is less than nothing to do with me whatever the “arrangement” is said to be. I have cogent evidence the council and NHS, police all run false records of NON-EXISTENT people so anything is possible.

The photo of what I generally wear in winter shows me in my John Lennon cap which I have worn for years; apparently that is proof I am MR not MS and with old lechers in 30, 47, 2 Hall Drive, 28 Regent St claiming that their “other halves” are me. He in 2 Hall Drive has no “other half” and drives about a liar, thief, perjurer and dullard in 45 Fell View MARGARET DALTON as she thinks if she dyes her grey hair orange she will be seen to be me. He in 47 has no “other half” so PRETENDS he drives me as well. He can find no one so he has gone out with the old fishwife in 30 Mrs J F WILLIAMS leaving Mr K Williams at 30 in the lunacy that Mrs Williams out with a lookalike of Mr Williams is proof they are the WILLIAMS couple while the he left behind at 30 is really Mr Carol Woods (spelled with a K in his lunacy to make KINGSLEY be KAROL). The poor old lady in 28 never stood a chance.

The 3rd person on 24 Nov 2016 I guess was to be HILDE OLIVER from Jan. 2016 liar on paper which complaint was received and I was informed it would be addressed but it was not. Oliver chosen as she was a professional liar but I was to “confuse” her name with Pauline OLIVER Director Social Services at relevant time who ran away to protect her pension like CHRIS TRINICK Chief Executive did and many others. In Jan 2016 Oliver claimed she met me and I could talk of nothing but a report and was thus “obsessed”. The report she referred to had not been produced at that time and an idiot could see I could not refer to something that had not been given to me. Her lies seen she had the nerve to say she would call on me at 28 Fell View; I made it clear she was a liar and I have enough of those to deal with; my complaint ignored and the 3rd person on 24/11/16 was a name of a foreigner as Hilde was short for a German name.

What brought the NHS as sent with the Gestapo “concerned” and they with their “Pol Pot is a role model” philosophy? My email resent from 2012 and 2013 on 23/11/16 when PCSO PAUL SHEPHERD called to see me 28 Aug 2012 with PCSO ANGELA HALL when I rented caravan 1A AT 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ which the council STILL PAYS RENT FOR TO PRETEND I AS SOMEONE ELSE LIVES THERE when I left 1 July 2013. Apparently the Gestapo had never heard of me, that is what they were sent to tell me. Really, so they knew where I rented, and who I was when I opened the door so they were clairvoyant. I showed them 3 lever arch files to show they were lied to in order to lie to me; later Shepherd was to claim he did not have time to read my files. This is usual, they look at nothing and then claim I had nothing to show as the collective liars they are. I was not showing him the content to read; that is my evidence, I was showing him he had been lied to.

In that visit they were told to tell me that anyone reporting a crime had to undergo a mental health assessment first. MY email resent asked for FOI details as to social work hours spent with police and their hours interviewing victims of crime to see if they are fit to report a crime! Obviously, as a qualified experienced social worker I knew that I was lied to; there are no records of such. BUT they decided to send the NHS to try to rewrite that, rewrite 27 Nov 2009, rewrite AFTER my holiday in Oct 2015, rewrite the sleazy here 21/10/14 but what was said to be the REAL MENTAL ILLNESS?

(I will say that a real psychiatrist speaking to me asked me if I could not move from the lowlife I am obliged to “live among” and that is all in writing with confirmation that I imagine nothing and have no illness at all.) First, aside from following someone to a local airport and then informing lowlife they harass me and now they have had their warning so the next stage is prosecute them, and taking photos of children which photos cannot be produced and as it is all lowlife thieves, bullying murdering fraudsters and more who claim to have seen me (no they have no proof which is odd as I take photos to show what I maintain as FACT yet that scum can just make it up but then we have sleazy on the council with their lunatics posing as psychiatrists and anyone else such as police and attending DWP as if they are me – see below but that does not warrant police time either – apparently), apparently I am deluded and claim to have jobs I have not had.

But that is working with false CV surely? After NOT speaking to a NON EXISTENT NHS LES MARSHALL, I was deemed mentally ill because I was deluded about jobs. Why is that a problem? I have scum WILLIAMS in 30 FELL VIEW who claims to be me not only with CARS bought for her AND registered as if she is me but with volunteer work in HMYOI Lancaster Farms as if she was me to make HER into me, she a coarse old parasite roughneck who bullied to death the former tenant of 28 Fell View when the sleazy decided it was “ideal for me”. She apparently is not mentally ill and deluded. 
 But I collected my work files and I also have work published on the Internet which was seen by those claiming I had made it all up. (So what, I hear persons ask, what if I wanted to say I had had jobs I had not, how did that harm anyone? Had I gained in FRAUD? No. HERE I STATE NOW THAT I THINK I AM THE QUEEN OF SHEBA SO WE HAVE SOMETHING REAL ON WHICH TO BASE A MENTAL ILLNESS OF DELUSION.) Did the bullying sleazy decide they were “wrong”? No, they changed the delusion. To what? Apparently I only thought persons of high position were interested in my case. So what? Were any such high placed officials harmed in any way? NO, I showed my letters from PRINCE CHARLES, BARONESS YOUNG OF OLD SCONE and various MP’s etc and suggested they were quite highly placed. Did the sleazy bullying liars decide they were “wrong”? No, they changed the delusion again; the photos of children LOOTED FROM MY HOUSE 19 Nov 08 being MY PHOTOS of MY CHILDREN (some visiting me on 23 Nov 2016 who are obviously now adults) apparently I am not me with my children and ONLY THINK I HAVE CHILDREN thus I take photos of other people’s children as I THINK they are mine! The Gestapo did not loot all my photos of MY children from MY house. But imagine the perverts pouring over MY photos of MY children when babies and small.

23 Nov 2012 and they had murderous scum AKLAN McTEAR another stranger aka others pose as MY partner for a DWP tribunal claiming I was “ill” and he needed extra money to “care for me”, he using an old dollop of the type so “preferred” by Gestapo she posing as me. In that the deranged IAN YOUNG “worried police” legal rep had done all the paperwork for that TRIBUNAL PERJURY, FRAUD, DECEPTION, FORGERY, ID THEFT and more and had a seedy pub landlord I only found out was “Mark” of ROBERT GILLOW pub Lancaster pose as a solicitor. Corrupt DWP “Mark” foisted on me when I went to report that after finding out in Dec 2012, was told to tell me that McTear would have just have the pub landlord present as a friend. How could he be a friend of one he had never met previously?  Did DWP make enquiries? NO, instructed with what to tell me as usual. The tarty loud mouth on 5 Nov 2014 had a list of things she had to scream at me, the telling of people what to say to me is always given in lists and she actually kept breaking off her tirade to look at the list she had written down!  In July I met with a friend of years and listened to over 3 hours of what she had been told to tell me; I had ANOTHER Quisling on my hands. Only 3 days I ago I had another Quisling send me an email trying to rewrite the one from 2011 as above from MY drafts box. They think they are clever but we have to ask WHAT IS IN IT FOR THEM? The sleazy postman took his part on 24 Nov 2016, how? They had withheld from me (99% of my mail is stolen and delivered to scum in 26, 30, 20, 41 and so on, a little is merely withheld, eventually delivered to me when MAIL FOR ME is delivered to JACKSON in 26 and the postman claiming he did deliver “something” to me which he did, he just does not say what. I am “allowed” the rest) a DWP letter; thus that was to be the RESULT of 23 Nov 2012 NOW 24 Nov 2016!

Thus the Gestapo thinking they were so clever pouring all that into a melting pot got it wrong: and thus send sleazy NHS who KNEW exactly what went on in 2015 although they did seem surprised about the Dr Ashworth deception, fraud and harassment of me confirming that DR Ashworth had never met me.  There is more of the lunacy of NHS April 2016 into May with fine photos and sleazy acting out such a farce as only photos can prove it took place, One, ROBERT SANGSTER was taking part at public expense. At least 5 old doxies were used then as well sneaking into the REAR of 30 on various dates and pretending the rear of the tiny bungalow 30 Fell View was really me in 28.

This will go to Police HQ where I took a RICHARD SPEDDING complaint as told to by HMIC re that thug from 2010 (which they also try to rewrite now) and ask AGAIN offering my £10 Data Protection Act 1998 Sec 7 Subject Access Request, I want to know how my FORMAL COMPLAINF of Massingham and Spedding et al progresses. YOU have not kept me up to date. I want to know what was done about the transferring of MY perjury matter from North Yorks Police to Lancs, I want to know what was done about the INTENDED harassment, FRAUD, ID THEFT reported to GMP in June 2016 with lowlife AGNES JACKSON aided and abetted in their area to PRETEND to be me which matter was passed to you. I want the photo of MY car at Manchester airport on 5 Oct 2015 TRAVIS DALTON of 45 Fell View was specific, THEY are on that photo. I expect then to see the girlfriend pregnant in Oct 2015 and still 6 months pregnant end Aug 2016. I expect the statement made by yob who claims I was on Fell View between 5 and 10 Oct 2015. I want any travel documents of Dalton‘s proof they were travelling. I require the Injunction which I was “in breach of”, I require PROOF I took photos of children which is not an offence anyway unless a tripod and camera installed is set up and YOUR scum sent to PRETEND to steal a tripod after I had to tell you of the law was pathetic. It was also filmed.
 I require under Freedom of Information costs of helicopter use of 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and as far as possible into 2016.

I require the rank and badge number of TRACEY KENNEDY as MASSINGHAM on 7/11/15 told me that I had been given that information when he is a liar which we know and thus I have not been given the details.

I require the medical qualifications of any Gestapo who claimed they were “worried about me” to then contact their sleazy ALREADY used to no avail to harass and pester, AND THREATEN me. As per THE LAW which I know is hated by Lancs Gestapo who invent their own but for the rest of us, Data Protection Act 1998 and any person making a claim that a person has an “illness” HAS to be medically qualified. Thus I require PROOF the Gestapo conspiring with sleazy NHS AGAIN MUST be qualified so I look forward to receiving proof they are. (The legal rep of Lancashire police may have to be consulted; he may the law I refer to although my vast experience of that deranged inept ineffective idiot my educated guess is that he will be totally ignorant of that as well.) Ends Carol Woods Ms NB Please note the old lecher MR K WILLIAMS in 30 deluded, deranged claims to be married to me; he is repulsive so I suggest you “worry about him”.

This is an addition from later on 24 Nov 2016. The deranged in 30 MRS J F WILLIAMS hid all day and pretended to be out; I apparently am not me in 28, she is me in 30. The thug in KS53 VLF was sent back to 24 Fell View self- made slum of 3 old fraudsters CURWEN, who claimed to be ME after an RTA, an old couple of lowlife with I guess his sister who HIRED equipment IN MY NAME from HARTLEY HIRE in Lancaster which the Gestapo know about but are not “worried” about ID THEFT from CURWEN and FRAUD, FORGERY the obvious use of a bank account and false insurance RTA claim, no, they are not “worried” about any of that. As 24 was left empty from May 2014 as they, as me, “were too disabled to live in their house” and RE HOUSED at tax payers’ expense trying to make them me moving temporarily to flat 3 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA on 1/7/13 with 24 left empty, the thug in KS53 VLF was found, he who lives near-by at NEWPARKSIDE FARM and he used 24 for a year, for a few hours at night usually but not always, pretending he was MY son and taking out the old thief Jackson from 26 as is she was me; she posed as ME Ms Carol Woods while he posed as MR CAROL WOODS.  He used the Internet in FRAUD as if he was my son and uses it this evening as I type this which lap top has no Internet connection at all. How do I know? I hear the ILLEGAL devices installed IN MY LOFT linked via BT corrupt to give scum access as if the access is in 28 Fell View. The Gestapo are “worried” as I have one of those devices kept safe, the only one I could reach and someone will see THE FACT, E-CRIME, COMPUTER MISUSE, FRAUD, DECEPTION, FORGERY, BANK FRAUD, and more and how it is all run. See my email re banks and stores confirming that a MR Carol Woods uses a bank card reported to Gestapo who see nothing to “worry” about. In Nov 2015 amid their PERJURY they claimed that they were “worried” about my driving with my delusions! Those seen  not to exist.

The thug I then found was calling to 24 behind my back when he thought I was safely out from 28 and HE uses the Internet as if me when I do not have regular access and rely on public facilities hence the scum of 3rd harassing me in CARNFORTH library as he was to be the scum with KS53 VLF using the INTERNET “with me” which scum had it all linked to his phone as well. Thus he sent and the use started about 4 26pm and is on-going as I type this at 5 05pm. I reported his use of 24 to council tax and he was “moved out” which moving comprised of taking a computer and fixings as I managed to get on camera in a “plan” to “see me off” then which did not see me off. That scum leaving 24 was to be said to be me “leaving 28”. He called twice more and on one occasion was told to shave his head which he so stupid did so and tried to PRETEND to be someone else with KS53 VLF. All those sent my photos of thugs harassing me on holiday will see they have shaved heads that is because DALTON (a Mr Carol Woods) and others all have shaved heads and my photos being excellent the Gestapo “worried” that they will be prosecuted need to INVENT more with shaved heads to be ONE person, MR CAROL WOODS. On the 2 occasions, aside from shaving his head the thug was to bring YELLOW SACKS usually used for medical waste and PRETEND he had used 24 with an “ill” person and they were the “proof”. But the house was empty week after week, who looked after the “ill” person and as he NEVER once arrived with shopping we can think they faded away after starving to death.  The sacks also on photos show they are merely household waste. AT THE SAME TIME as that lunacy, more shipped in to 34 Fell view after the old fraudster there was moved out as found out, JUNE BLENKINSHIP and husband FOUND to move in to be JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 with husband and they in 34 more total strangers also claimed to have me in 34 and as “proof” they had someone “ill” to care for and drive about they too were provided with yellow sacks and told to leave at the front where all could see as “proof” they did ‘care for and drive about’ an “ill” person. All that on photos and merely household waste.

HOUSE and ID THEFT Lancs. Org crime  24 Nov. 16

Dear Graham Farrant of Land Registry, I have sent you emails in regard to the THEFT of MY HOUSE in Lancaster, the documented corruption of YOUR staff in Wrea Green offices especially CAROL McATEER and CHERYL KAYE. Kaye told me a “trustee” had been appointed to sell MY house one that was dead to explain all the seedy old males posing as him. I have in in writing from solicitors named on documents that they represented that “dead person” in Lancaster County Court that they have never heard of him, have known nothing at all about MY case and thus we have MORE FRAUD PROVEN and PERJURY. That is not 1 solicitor but at least 2.

YOUR staff JOHN POWNALL Weymouth actively stopped me from seeing Tony Ash when I travelled all that way, Tony Ash told me in writing in 2009 that MY house seemed subject of FRAUD. I tried Julie Grant in Peterborough making all the proper arrangements with an Roas Klebb type doxy NICHOL EVERARD activaly stopped me from entering the building.  I wish to come to meet with you or yours in London a.s.a. p and show you how MY house title has changed 5 times since the police apparently bought it as each time I find out more FRAUD they just say MY house has JUST been sold AGAIN and AGAIN! the Insolvency web site shows me as bankrupt, I expect to meet their offices also to show I have never owned any money and that the entry could only have been added AFTER 2010.Yours etc sometimes I email from NB there is no such person as MR CAROL WOODS.

Fw: failure notice  18 Nov. 16

Here we see how the Pol Federation doesn’t want to know. Tomorrow 19 Nov 2016 is anniversary of MY house looted 19 Nov 08 so you can all imagine what the thugs are doing now trying to so…

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