The corruption and resultant coverup, ever constant, regarding the revelations Carol Woods has and still is detailing is truly staggering. 

For her whistleblowing Carol is stalked daily where she lives by a team which has in it numerous locals to where she is residing – neighbours and others – all  connected to this small, quiet, out of the way Northern English town where nothing is done about any of it by authorities notified – let alone the details she has revealed concerning child abuse as shown in the video presentations below. Could it be those very same authorities notified are the same  as being involved in the extremely serious details Carol reveals in those videos? It seems so.

Carol has been locked away illegally in closed hospital mental units at least 5 times, to silence her, but has always been released weeks later because the charges against her were lacking creditibilty, and she has also been falsely arrested numerous times since resigning her employment with the government in this very same county as a top Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection officer, which included training other social workers as part of her role. 

More than one highly questionable death has occurred along the way to it all, connected to what she has revealed. Add to that a dubious would-be land sale involving an ex-Prime Minister’s wife and there we have a perfect recipe for an ultimate in coverups as dark and sinful as it can get…

Please see below, under the video etc. links, the latest update from whistleblower and ex-UK Government Social Worker Level 3 and Child Protection Officer Ms. Carol Woods, received  19 December 2016, [and before]. A lot of the posts shown throughout, beginning in the archive from Febuary 2016 – when Carol was being forcibly and illegally detained in a Lancs. “mental facility” – are emails sent by Carol to very top level UK Government figures, including police, some posts with addresses removed to comply with current laws. Everything sent is ignored wholesale by these government figures and departments. Please believe me – many have tried!

While the more recent updates from Ms. Woods may concentrate on the more current ID frauds and similar relating to her at her present abode, it must be fully understood that the longstanding chronic stalking and serious I.D. frauds by locals and by parties known and unknown [most definitely connected to certain UK Government agencies, eg the police, Social Services etc.]  are seemingly being enacted as a direct result of Ms. Woods reporting, or attempting to report certain findings [serious crimes] whilst employed by a UK town council as a senior Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer, as described within the videos and radio broadcasts that follow these paragraphs entitled “IMPORTANT VIDEOS”.  The massive corruption that is described has so far gone unchecked and is ignored wholesale by whichever UK government agency it is reported to, which is clearly described within the videos – an absolute and utter public scandal!

More serious crimes and misdemenours committed against Ms. Woods, all completely ignored by whichever UK government agency one tries to take anything to, include: 

the theft of her home [as happened also to Patrick Cullinane R.I.P., Len Lawrence, Joseph Henry [multiple houses stolen], Tom Crawford, Barbara Hofschroer, and so many more],

at least 5 separate enforced incarcerations in mental hospital units for no earthly good reason – one excuse used  for such incarcerations being that Ms. Woods was mentally “deluded” in her findings of utter corruption within a Lancs. council – her latest incarceration being between November 2015 and Febuary 2016. Carol was also forced to take psychotropic drugs against her will during these hospital stays, and was threatened with re-arrest before her leaving the “Cygnet” unit, Lancs. in Febuary 2016.

fake IDs used [for example: for expensive commercial criminal frauds], 

chronic gangstalking and/or harrassment by government connected sources,

home burglaries,

the inflicting of tracking devices upon her motor vehicle, and also numerous attempted thefts of that vehicle, and the attempted destruction of her motor vehicle, 

enforced “bankruptcy” with no evidence whatsoever.

Many more seriously criminal activities exist, committed against this lone female, which have been reported accordingly to no avail, along with her discoveries as a Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer. All of what is described, especially within the videos and related data below is a public scandal, and equally as disgusting is that nothing is being done about any of it by any UK government department contacted, from the Prime Minister down, let alone the heads of police forces and MPs!



2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016

3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016 


 SriLankerC 24 April 2016

6] Carol Woods Social Worker Unlawfully Incarcerated In Psychiatric Gulag   – 16 April 2016 by  GeorgeGreekTrucker 

Google CAROL WOODS carolwoods..see the 2007 blog:

FRAUD involves HMRC Lancs. Org crime  10 Jan. 2017

Dear Sirs HMRC This is to formally report (and I will testify) serious organised crime which results in abuse of MY name and bank loans gained in fraud via forgery of my name with Internet banking and such like used. The matters are complex, they involve DWP crime, banks identified are SANTANDER (5 accounts in my name), Lloyds, (2), Barclays at least 2, I keep this brief and wait to see if your agency is intending to do what it is paid to do.

See who this is copied to: TRACEY KENNEDY who claims to be a police officer, running her own “alternative therapy” business from MY HOUSE which she claims she lives in as if she is me. Some media making enquires into how the deliveries are invoiced if in MY name when they do not come to me, find that they are sent using MY house address as well as others where I obviously do not get the mail. Kennedy as well as those 2 jobs claimed to be Housing Manager for Lancaster Homeless Unit and a Green Party Councillor. Check that with Jon Barry Green councillor. Thus she had 4 posts at once. The councillor “work” would have resulted in expenses.

Kennedy has appeared in courts as me 23 Oct 2008 Newcastle Magistrates for example. She lived in hiding in 29 Blades St Lancaster for at least 2 years hiding from real debts and court orders. Her partner ANNA JUDITH PERELES claimed to have almost as many “jobs” (I have documentary evidence of all I state.) Pereles ran a business from 29 Blades St and pretended she bought my house BUT by then an ANDREW HALLIDAY police also claimed he bought my house. None of that lowlife is on my title deeds.

The sudden entry on to the Insolvency web site claims I was bankrupt in 2006 when MY formal documents show there was no bankruptcy so, who added that AFTER 2012?

 I asked JOHN SHARPE and AIDEN CALLAN many times for an Order of Production which had to have existed at the time stated: there was no such thing.

298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe and persons there claimed to live there when they did not: they used permutations of their names and claimed in FRAUD to be my brother, partner and various others linked to me. Stuart William Rogers who did live in caravan 1 did not work; I found out he claimed in fraud monies saying he was my brother and “carer” and drove me about when he had no car! He changed his name to STEVE as I have a brother of that name, then in March 2013 ROGERS pretended to be DAVE and moved to the empty caravan 5 to pretend he was new to 298. I have many photos to show what I claim. AT THE SAME TIME a murderous repulsive old drunk KENNETH NICHOL also known as Malcolm and other named claimed he was my partner and suddenly “came into money” as long term unemployed (aside from like ROGERS part of the black economy) and bought a very nice Peugeot NL03 WKM . Much better than one I have. He used LLOYds and raised money in FRAUD as if he was linked to me. BUT a male called MARK A RIDING also started to call to 298 and pretended to live in caravan 3 when he did not. He then changed his name to MARK S RIDING the day my brother’s wallet was stolen from him while in work. RIDING works for the council and claimed he was my brother and “carer”. All this lowlife are total strangers. Martin Brankin pretended to live at caravan 5 at 298 but did not. I found he also had a Barclays account like RIDING in their false names, card accounts. Brankin was then S. RANKIN and he claimed in a car he bought a silver VW, PJ60 BYR that I drove him about in a slight variation of the other frauds. He claimed he was disabled when he was not. I left 298 but NICHOL and RIDING still stalk me when they can as that is to be PROOF that lowlife is linked to me.

Thus we go on; this is important; In Nov 2007 I won a great of money via a claim for INDUSTRIAL INJURY. I paid tax on the money but saw none of it. The money went to an old drunk, parasite and thief Mrs JACKIE HUNTER of 34 Buckley St SHAW OL2 5EX; she claimed to be me and dyed her hair trying to make it my colour: my strawberry blonde cannot be duplicated. Her link was via my sister who thought of HUNTER as a friend. The bank used for MY money was SHAW SANTANDER  Hunter spent it all.

But then HMRC inform me twice I should have received the money but never did. This is where more fraud enters, all the lowlife who claim to be have never worked so the money was said to be RTA, I have never had an RTA. CURWEN an old couple of thieves in 24 Fell View CATON LA2 9RP with his sister claim to be me “disabled” and they also “suddenly come into money” when I start to rent 28. BUT this is the lunacy WILLIAMS a seedy pair of old bankrupts claim to be me as MR and Mrs Carol Woods. They in 30 Fell View have at least one bank account in my name and have SKY TV with direct debits paid as if the TV is mine. They have had 5 cars and now have PJ65 WLL and they have all been in my name. Obviously I have photos and will make a formal statement. It does not stop there. I will cc you the DWP document I have drawn up to hand in the DWP HQ London. It shows the extent of the organisation. I have caught red handed DALTON in 45 Fell VIEW using MY email address and he claims to be MR CAROL WOODS. My records of all the cars used are good: they will identify many who are involved whose names I do not know. This is enough to go on with; Please let me know if you will enquiring about all this UNEARNED INCOME and forgery of my name to allow for much to be done in my name. Other questions will occur to you: believe me: this is SERIOUS ORGANISED POLICE LED and there is a motive. I am Carol Woods Ms this email address has never been shared. It has been mine from 2002.

Hate Crime Lancs W’blower  11 Jan. 17

Dear Sirs, Please feel free to quote me: This is the harassment today from Ms Carol Woods 28 Fell View CATON LA2 9RP amid much else all organised by the DARK FORCES as I was told in 2010. (By the FCO) Many know of the organised collective harassment of YEARS and today was no different; please see the letter below which goes to Lancashire Gestapo for names ranks and badge numbers which I will not get.

In 2011 Jan the council offered me a tatty scruffy bungalow at 166 KESWICK RD LANCASTER after sending, to give me a message, GEOFF MARSLAND city councillor former friend. The message was, If I FORGET about my house and whistle-blowing then THEY MIGHT leave me alone. To ram that message home they sent males with large vicious breeds of dogs unleashed to stalk me in the lonely places where that bungalow house, (witness intimidation) as far from my house on one of the most rough estates known on the back of Lancaster. The roof had slates missing, skirting boards were missing, bare wires were left in the bathroom; it was was dump; I declined that dump, saying I would not be forgetting anything. I then find EXACTLY as I have said FOR YEARS from then that the sleazy council has run a separate set of records to show I am MRS CAROLE WOODS and stayed in that bungalow. I also find that it was a set of 4 bungalows for MALES, their idea was that I was MRS with a MR who they are desperate to invent. Today then, amid the lowlife round Fell View all acting their lunatic roles I venture out and find ANCHOR FLOORING THUGS who have stalked and hounded me for at least 3 years. Why? They laid cheap hideous flooring in MY HOUSE for officer TRACEY KENNEDY who claims to be me. Thus they PRETEND that stalking me such as today where they parked in Caton for over 2 hours to then drive away with me and THEY GO TO 166 KESWICK RD and PRETEND I have just moved there and this is 2011 NOT 2017 as we all think. I have reported those thugs to their company and the Gestapo. WHO PAYS FOR THAT? YOU DO.

Not only that but the bullying sleazy of ROYAL MAIL were to push through my letter box junk mail despite the NO JUNK MAIL sign on the door. They do that and pretend they have delivered me REAL mail. No one else got the junk. What was it? EVEREST double glazing; the bullying thugs think I’d put that on a council bungalow already double glazed? No, the bullying thugs want to upset me about MY HOUSE and the windows ripped out 27 Oct 2008 expensive double glazing in the wrecking of my house. They knocked £70.000.00 off the value of my house that afternoon.

EVEREST will confirm they had not paid for any junk mail to be delivered: the bullying thugs collect these leaflets (have taken photos of that and can prove it) and save them just for me. This is my letter to the so very brave, important, deranged public servants:

This records harassment and thuggery orchestrated as HATE CRIME which HATE CRIME I reported to Sgt RIGBY YEARS ago which remained ignored. I have reported HATE CRIME to the council appointed staff member and remained ignored.

On 10 Jan 2017 the deranged in 41 JARVIS who claim in FRAUD to drive me about and all from March 2014 found out, did go through the WHOLE PROCESS again with the sleazy council fraudster, deluded old troll who was found stalking me down the M6 on August Bank Holiday pretending she drove me to a music festival as if I’d want to go anywhere with such lowlife. For those copied they will wonder where you get the lunatic ideas to act out; MY BOOK VOL 2 records how I went to music festivals after collecting a friend when we went together years ago. She TINA PAZZANO aka others who was BRIBED in late 2009 to “forget” what she knew about my cases and then claim that she, by then living in Scotland, was not my friend but a “social worker”. For those copied this Tina was bribed with the paym.ent of one of her mortgages: she had 4 not being the brightest light on the Xmas tree in business matters. Thus the sleazy NOW pretend somehow that a seedy old trout from LCC employ can call to thieves and worse JARVIS in 41 and AGAIN pretend they collect someone to drive about so they can claim MONEY in FRAUD. The sleazy used LT59 FGN again; it has been used by at least 4 other drivers and I wonder if they are all insured. She spent 3 hours in 41 wasting public money. Only last week Jarvis pretended they had lowlife male MR CAROL WOODS living in 41, another INVENTED person except he was not invisible as their usual “tenant” is. JARVIS, unemployed misses her FREE MONEY. Others linked to HER fraud are PE08 ZRX driver and PE56 NXB plus all the others I have filmed and recorded in data.

End 2014 – well into 2015 Mr ANDREW JARVIS was given months off the little work he does do to stay home so she could drive about behind me in my car and PRETEND she drove me in hers; he was at home to be indoors for their children when home from school. That leaves her free to drive about and pretend. Thus after the sleazy of 10 Jan 2017 setting up another likely fraud, Mr after only 1 day at work is back “on duty” to leave her free to drive about and PRETEND. The use of MR Jarvis with his small white van is again taken from MY book Vol 2 when I record 4 Sept 2008 when the thuggery was to drive me from MY house, and in that I met a man who had a small white van who gave me a lift when I had lost my way trying to get from A to B via an unknown route. Thus they now try to refer to that as if it was something to do with a pair of lowlife who were total strangers until I moved to Fell View end March 2014 and found out their delusions aided and abetted by sleazy council scum.

In that SUZANNE Jarvis is ALWAYS sent out of 41 to “witness” the lunatic actions of lowlife, thieves and fraudsters who scream they are victims of whatever they dream up going to the extent of using small children to try to provoke me so they can scream they are victims. She as a church goer is deemed “honest”; a liar, forger, thief, fraudster, harasser and stalker yet “honest”.

I now require the name, rank and badge number of the WPC driving round to harass and claim she saw something only a lunatic would claim. Place MOOR LANE again amid the usual harassment of lowlife collecting to shout about “ATOS ORIGIN” corrupt agency from 2006 and 2007 also in my book; I am to hear and be brainwashed that I only know it from big mouths sent from the council to waste time and harass YEARS later. The date 10 Jan 2017, mid afternoon and then your WPC (name and badge number required) sat in a squad car (to reverse the un marked car of the troll minutes earlier) outside your station and she to send her silly texts to scum waiting to step out and act out more lunatic actions to harass. WASTING POLICE TIME IS A CRIMINAL OFFENCE.

It is not my problem that YOU sent the fraudster JACKSON away from 26 to hope she could claim she was me with MY car while the lowlife in 30 and 32 could claim their cars IN MY NAME were really FACT. JACKSON’s name is not on my car documents nor is ROGERS from 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ who YOU claimed was my brother driving me about IN MY CAR and “caring” for me; another repulsive thug.MD02 HGO is JACKSON’s thug link as is KS53 VLF driver: they are NOT Mr Carol Woods.

Lancashire police intercept phone line of Daily Mirror G Brough  7 Jan. 17

See this from my emails of 2010. Graham Brough asked his editor if he could have a few days on my case and was told he could. Then I had all this to put up with. Jan 2010 and this from Gretna Green library as I then rented  a room in 7 – 9 Swan St Longtown about 9 miles out of Carlisle. I had gone there in a trap, the false friend of the time set it up saying I needed to be away from Lancaster which I agreed. I used to walk to Gretna Green, about 4 or 5 miles along the A7. It was freezing cold that winter. On 14 Jan 2010 the Gestapo had me in court for harassing myself! Tracey kennedy posing as me claimed I harassed her! The bench were excellent knew there were seriously bad things going on, the CPS and court clerk RACHEL GOUGH tried to force to bench to do what those 2 wanted but they would not. That was where the supposed TRIAL went from and when the bench told the CPS to give me the statements and the police tapes, I found the police tapes were not me of course BUT Kennedy. The statements etc had been sent to MY house as if I lived there, TRACEY KENNEDY got the file for the court and went to pose as me; she went with PC JIM EDMUNDS and they ran away when they saw I knew of the hearing and had turned up from Longtown. He arrested me outside when I walked out of court. That was yet another arrest for something they dreamed up.

The CPS were told to give me what they had as I had nothing; no, Kennedy had what I should have had; I was not expected to be there. And Kennedy as ME in MY house got those papers. SHE had been interviewed by police as if she was me when they all knew she was not. But her statement claims she is police (I was never to get hold of all that and the court was to find “me” guilty and from Longtown I was to disappear.) Kennedy was to appear as me and plead guilty. I know it is complicated but when you see the documents it is clear. The tapes of Kennedy claiming to be me in police interview are kept safe. I was forced out of Swan St by the end of January and forced to keep moving round and round. By then I only had my brother (harassed by Gestapo) and one daughter ditto. That is why I decided to stay away from them so the Gestapo have no reason to pester them. The “friends” by then had all been bribed such as TINA PAZZANO having one f her mortgages paid off to betray me. Anyway, this is enough to show what has been on-going. C

Part 1 of 2 Lancs Fraud follows W’blower  7 Jan. 17

This begins evening of 5 Jan 2017 after a day of the usual thuggery and harassment and aiding of serious offenders by Lancashire Gestapo. I am Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP. I used Morecambe library to send a few emails all on the same subject – serious organised crime and various deranged, deluded old parasites and thieves, fraudsters etc who all want to say they are me. FOR GAIN. The usual sleazy staff member was not in the library so the accessing of what I sent out was not as obvious as usual. That sleazy apparachnick has been used for years. I will record another 4 wheel drive also sent to park and PRETEND to be linked to me, L118 HOF to be Y211 AAO a retired bent cop who pretended for almost 2 years to drive me about.

One email recorded the bank loans on- line as if I have applied for them. The example given was one a daughter of mine was said to have applied for when she had not. The FRAUD was that her email address had been used. That company was very good when we contacted them; the Gestapo useless as usual. The fraud was spoiled because the mail related was delivered. NOW IT IS NOT OR AT LEAST TO ME. I have told you all about TREASON well recorded, proven and filmed of YEARS, naming names but it remains ignored. I will name 1 recent in Royal Mail HQ DIANE LUSCOMBE a recruited liar and harasser but I have the evidence so she wasn’t as clever as she thought she was.

I was in Aldi Morecambe store after I sent my emails; I usually go there for my soya milk. I saw by chance, dodging about the shelving, a fat, scruffy dollop type almost shouting into her phone about soya milk; she looked like she kept a whole dairy herd going for a year; no soya anything was in her trolley. What was that INTENDED to do? That troll was like MILLS the unemployed liar, thief, bullying fraudster and child abuser aiding and abetting a known child abuser. K MILLS lives in 20 FELL VIEW and has many of the DPD deliveries in FRAUD which the thugs driving the DPD have been filmed aiding and abetting her. (I reported all that to DPD via email on Tuesday this week.) I wonder what is in it for the DPD thugs who are never off her doorstep. Her sister, even larger, lives round the corner on LESLIE AVE: DPD hide there as well and then deliver when they think my car has driven off. I have more than enough photos for any jury. Thus the type in Morecambe was to be MILLS as if me. Well, we have at least 30 others round Fell View who claim to be me so why not that thief?

The Gestapo were of course were on hand to claim they saw something they did not see; it would be to confirm they saw a fat, scruffy, half- wit where I was thus PROOF MILLS is me or linked to me. I ignored all that, ignored the rest and, finally back at Fell View finding DPD thug sneaking off at 6 20pm he would be claiming I had ordered something to go to 20. The Gestapo call to 20 socially and use unmarked car PO60 JUW. Parking up at 28 the Gestapo had 3 young boys hanging about by my gate, 28, I park up and they wander to 20 then back to my car. That is the lunacy in pretending somehow it is proof I have MORE links to lowlife in 20. I have no idea who the boys were.  They all wandered off Fell View. Right on cue another roughneck thief raced to 31 Fell View as I also apparently live there as well. PL07 ZRR and she apparently drives me about and at the same time she is also me. That roughneck is one of a type used, like Mills but not as large, they all look as if they’ve been pirates in a past life. Every time I mention GARY and NAOMI FOXCROFT in any data the Gestapo send one of the previous pirates as NAOMI FOXCROFT is also of that type which somehow makes her me or linked to me. Stepping Stones Nigeria is the link; “charity” set up by Foxcroft 22/11/07 to launder money from the Super Casino (and another link in the MURDER OF MIKE TODD GMP). My related whistle-blowing stopped the Casino. I went out after I had unloaded my shopping and took a photo of PL07 ZRR at 31 Fell View; she does not live there; she lives on COPY LANE at ONE house that receives many goods in theft and fraud. She uses 31 to pretend she is me with 2 addresses. Copy Lane is used by many who use 31 as a sort of Fagin’s den.

The yard at 31 Fell View is large and out of sight of me in 28 so DPD and various use it for hiding purposes; they can see my car so can act when I drive off they taking advantage of their hidden area.

On 4 Jan 2017, a cold, sunny day and suddenly the sun shine disappeared, what was going on? The older Mills troll was stood outside me blocking the sun. She had borrowed 3 children and was standing about to provoke me so she could claim she was a “victim”. They ALL use children to “hide behind” – it would take more than 3 to hide her. I ignored her. On 5th JUNE WILLIAMS thief, murdering fraudster and more was to wait by her rear door, no. 30 Fell View and was to go out to her car PJ65 WLL when I went from my front door to my car. She rarely uses her front door; her car is parked near to her rear door, mine is nearer to my front door. She leaving when I do is apparently proof she is me. She has sometimes sat for up to an hour or more waiting for me to go out: I don’t so she gives up and re-enters 30. Her link is that she claimed to be me with the MILLS trolls posing as her daughters. In that the deranged pretended I was sister to WILLIAMS making me aunt to Mills who then claimed for 2 years benefits in fraud. They claimed I lived in BOTH their houses at the same time and thus the deliveries and related mail all went to those houses with the postman knowing full well what he aided.

Now that Williams is more than found out, the Gestapo decided to claim MILLS were my daughters thus WILLIAMS is my sister and their aunt; not their mother! (I told you I couldn’t make this up.) The lunatics have reversed their lunacy to create more lunacy. Thus any scruffy dollop seen near me, and shouting into her phone about “soya milk” is the PROOF. The Gestapo are not very bright, the phone that dollop used in Aldi on 5/1/17 would now have her other calls not from the lowlife round Fell View. I have asked the Gestapo to obtain phone records of all those involved in their organised frauds. But, when the Gestapo call socially to them it is not likely to happen. I will cc this to the Gestapo so we all know they are up to date with DPD, thieves and harassers etc. What I wanted to do for this is to focus on ONE earlier thief and fraudster. My case is complex for anyone not fully au fait with all events; Fell View fraudsters are relatively “new” to my case but the on-line bank fraud is “old”. I have decided that Vol 3 of my book will include individuals as named, and how they were used, why, when and what they gained to my detriment. I intend to keep it simple with the comment that no one acts alone; they are part of the rest in that the Gestapo rewrite events of earlier thieves and fraudsters and make newer recruits carry out the same frauds but obviously based where I have moved to. If I moved tomorrow the lunatics would have new recruits within days and such as MILLS and WILLIAMS, the motley collection at 31 would all have their replacements. Where I can I will name the replacements of lowlife already used from the “past”. I will note this: on 4 Jan 2017 amid the usual harassment such as thug parked at 45 Fell View in large white car E17 YTD pretending he had met with me in that tedious on-going fraud of pretending I meet with a Masonic thug to make NOW be events from MY book of 06 onwards. In that of 4th as an email sent out recorded, a removal van waited at 17 Fell View with the lunacy AGAIN pretending I was moving into 17 yet again. Why 17 is used is anybody’s guess. As I did not go out, I could hardly move in anywhere. (Photos to be sent out.) A scooter is used; apparently I am an L rider of a scooter. (Why? Because a murdering thug of 2012 claimed to be MR CAROL WOODS, he could not drive so the Gestapo bought him a scooter to PRTETEND he was me learning to drive. Thus I am apparently in 17 and have a half- wit call to be 2012 again!) The scooter first used was PO5 HMK and why so many cars PO are used, that then became PO62 HKF via a replacement idiot and now we have PL09 KNK. Cars PL0(9) are used often not least PL07 as above and PL06 ZWH at 43 Fell View MORE thieves and fraudsters who claim to be me.

Why were 3 children used on 4th and then 3 boys on 5th? JARVIS in 41 Fell View have claimed to be me as Mr and Mrs Carol Woods when they, insane, deluded and thieves are Mr and Mrs ANDREW JARVIS. They only have 3 children and were sent at least 5 different ones on and off to try and suggest they had 4 thus were me. BUT my sister was said to be me for years, 2006 to 2008 until I found all that out when she was “replaced”; she only has 3 children, all daughters now grown with their own families. But that is how the Gestapo try to make lowlife total strangers SEEM to be me and/ or linked to me. My sister has no sons incidentally.

This shows ONE person used. My sister’s ex husband NORMAN COPPINGER ex-army so would do as he was told; no rank and when he was ‘retired’ he took driving jobs. He had no trouble getting jobs, he had trouble keeping them. He has not worked since 2011. He had a drink problem which probably was why he was “made redundant” from all his jobs. When sober he was a different person as is usual with those who drink to excess. My sister grew increasingly miserable with his drinking and behaviour so when he ran away with a woman of his own sort, she was delighted. That was 2007. It took over 4 years to get a divorce as by then the Gestapo decided he was me. Yes, I was married to my sister. None of my sister’s children was his.

In 2008 mail arrived at my sister’s for Mr Coppinger, they were on amicable terms so he would drop by and collect mail. The mail was from a bank in relation to an £8.000.00 loan which he had originally raised AGAINST the matrimonial home saying it was for a new kitchen when it was for himself and his doxy to drink themselves to oblivion. The bank was BARCLAYS. My sister was horrified; she alerted the bank, he didn’t even live in the house, had not for over a year at that point and there was no new kitchen. The debt was passed to another bank BUT by then the Gestapo had seized MY house worth at least 4 times more than my sister’s tiny terraced house, wrecked and went on to loot it. Apparently they were acting on a debt from Barclays bank of £8.000.00. I do not bank with Barclays. One of my daughters had banked there but had closed her account years earlier. The daughter was the one who MY house title deeds named as holder for when I was going to New Zealand in 2003 which I had not done. Owning my house outright I could name anyone I wanted. My sister has a mortgage.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Mr Coppinger and his doxy were given a council flat as far as I know. They have all, always lived in the Shaw area, over 60 miles from me in Lancaster.

The Gestapo wanting to claim their wrecking and seizing of MY house was legal when they did that hoping I’d swap my documents for MY house, then decided, among at least 20 other “reasons I lost MY house” that it was MY daughter’s debt that caused £70.000.00 being knocked off MY house value in an afternoon (27 Oct 08) and the £250.000.00 property then seized. All for £8k debt of someone who didn’t live in my house and never had and, an idiot related only by former marriage. My daughter started to receive malicious communications, hate mail, harassment, threats and so on from BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SERVICES of NEWTON ABBOTT DEVON who said Barclays had sold them the debt so they were pestering her for the money. The paperwork was junk; I saw the county cretin, deranged, deluded, inept, IAN YOUNG police legal rep all over the paperwork: it was just his level of junk. Legally all we had to do was contact the firm to say she denied the debt which was done. They in lunacy claimed that contact PROVED she accepted the debt. She started to pay monthly instalments to stop them harassing her and her young son. Any query that held up payments even by hours and the thugs just added another £20 to her bill; often her monthly payments were negated by the new debts the fraudsters claimed in “added costs”. No one chased Coppinger for the £8.000.00 It was NEVER added to my sister’s mortgage. Barclays confirmed they knew of no debt in my daughter’s name, they claimed they would never recruit such as BMS, but declined to come and look at MY WRECKED HOUSE done in the name of Barclays. (Check the Insolvency web site, apparently I am bankrupt to LCC. Yet another RECENT addition yet dated 2006, a jury will have to see what documents I have to prove that entry is recent and not 2006 at all.)

The Gestapo put every obstacle in the way of my sister’s divorce to keep Coppinger in the family. It was late 2011 when the divorce was granted. By then my daughter was paying for the £8.000.00 Coppinger had swilled down his throat.

Coppinger out of work again, we were astounded when he was given work driving about school children. He would be over the limit every morning. How could he be safe? How could his history not be known? The Gestapo claimed he was me and gave him that job trying to make him MR CAROL WOODS with “school” experience as if that lunatic was me as a qualified experienced teacher. We reported our concerns; driving over the limit every working day and driving school children. By March 2012 I had rented a caravan at 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe LA3 3EJ. Late 2011 into Jan 2012 I had stayed at my sister’s which somehow added credence to COPPINGER being me.

My moving from the area (where I have never lived anyway) the Gestapo had to find someone else to be MR CAROL WOODS. The dullards they find, without exception, all gormless, power crazed deluded trolls, have no qualifications so the Gestapo thought driving school buses would be convincingly “me”. It was at 298 where I rented caravan 1A that the scooter was bought for ruffian in caravan 1 as he was apparently my brother. That is out of scope of this but that is a classic example of the Gestapo using what they think are “back up plans”. The landlady’s son, similar age to Coppinger, never had a PAYE job, a Neanderthal, DAVID MIDDLETON, he could however drive. Thus he replaced Coppinger and, after I had rented there for 3 weeks, he was MR CAROL WOODS school bus driver for BIBBY’s of Ingleton. I never saw David Middleton other than sober but Bibby’s gave him false ID in MY name and set him up as if it was proper when it was FRAUD. He being made into me as MR CAROL WOODS, the Gestapo set records to show I was not me; they invented me as CAROL WOOD.

part 2 of 2 how FRAUD follows Lancs W’blower  7 Jan 17

Part 2: split up to save on bulkiness. David Middleton found out, excellent photos and reported to HMRC ceased being “me”. Instead others took over not only the ruffian in caravan 1. In caravan 3 a Mr Carol Woods lived in “hiding” pretending he was not there; he was me. Others told me I imagined things saying there was no one in caravan 3. My photos show I imagined nothing. Another creep MARK A RIDING started to call to caravan 3; he was to pretend he was the only one there when he was not. The one in “hiding” was a lookalike of RIDING and thus 2 acted as 1.Riding called for mail and to help establish another MR CAROL WOODS. The one in hiding was to be RIDING as me always at 298. In April 2013 when my brother’s wallet was stolen from him in work, RIDING introduced STEPHEN to his name; he became MARK S RIDING and claimed he was my brother. In that, RIDING, council employee, set up a BARCLAYS CARD ACCOUNT which mail was sent to 298 Oxcliffe Rd which I saw when collecting the bits of mail I was allowed to have; the mail that was not stolen from me as 99% was. My brother is STEPHEN.

Riding and the invisible idiot continued until I left 298 on 1/7/13 both are still used. The Gestapo clearly read Le Carre books and have noted the “brainwashing” techniques. RIDING is sent to stalk to harass and I am to see him and think this is 2012 again and, believe that lout is my brother. He was last used on 3 Jan 2017. That is how MY daughter was replacing me and how my sister’s ex- husband replaced me, how a total stranger was then used to replace my former brother-in-law and how then that total stranger was replaced. And that was ONE reason as to how I “lost” MY house in October 2008. How my daughter was lumbered with an £8,000.00 debt that was nothing to do with her and why my brother’s wallet was stolen to order. And which ruffian along Fell View fills a “gap”? CLARKE in 23, child abuser where Riding takes over when Clarke is not stalking to harass and pretend. Each fraudster round Fell View is a replacement for one used in the “past”. And at any given time, there are at least 25 persons used and all take on ONE replacement role. They are deranged, deluded, unemployed dullards they think it is “exciting”; it fills their dreary lives. BUT they also gain. Coppinger had £8.000.00. MILLS have DPD, Yodel, ASDA and such deliveries and they don’t pay either. MILLS were used as each has a K name, KIRSTY and KARLEY, my sister has one daughter with a K name; it is not Kirsty or Karley and she lives miles away. Thus males and females are all used; all ages.

On 6th the scooter rider was sent to Fell View at 7 am to drive round and round and then away. It was to be another day of lunacy. JARVIS went out as the deranged she is trying to make me feel anxious she was going somewhere as if she was me; I left her to go where she wanted as anyone she wanted to be. 6 March 2014 and pair of murdering old parasites SHIRLEY RYCROFT flat 4 and her partner in crime, name unknown but known to be also a looter of the dead flat 5 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA were to appear in a COURT as if the looter flat 5 was me with Rycroft supposedly my sister. My photos show that pair of lowlife with a hideous bag the looter had with her which was distinctive in its awfulness. Thus the 6th was used then as a date for “something” organised by the Gestapo, and every 6th really from 6 Feb 2004. Thus 6th Jan 2017 and I expected nothing different. My mains power was on from 9 45 am to 10 50am and then switched off as that stops the lowlife in 30 using MY power which is linked to their bungalow. She in 30 is also apparently me. The postman went by at 11am and then an hour later drove to the rear of 31 which was odd as he had already delivered there. The other usual types of lowlife had started collecting in hiding behind 31 when Jarvis left 41. The loft noises started at 11 25 am: someone used a phone as if they were me and using it from 28 fell View when I have no phone. The “loft noises” are the illegal devices which pick up the signals of lowlife using phones as me with the illegal devices transferring the signals to MY loft to make it seem as if the call is from/to me in 28. The noises were heard at 11 36 and 11 42 am, they were from 30 Fell View and that deranged old thief WILLIAMS. The postman on his rounds incidentally was at least 2 hours earlier than usual. CURWEN who was to stay in 24 Fell View after being sent back and forth all over Xmas and New Year and pretend whatever his delusions allowed (which delusions are chosen by the Gestapo for him to act out) was allowed to return to the flat they also have as their 2nd home which, according to the council is what all those on benefits are entitled to have.

By 10pm on 6 Jan 2017 I had found out yet more: I was indoors all day working on Vol. 2 of my book. The lowlife that had gathered had all had their photos taken and car plates logged etc and had left empty handed. I went to the University for the evening. On my return taking it slowly round Fell View after checking over days, I find the FRAUDS have been “enhanced”. At the University I had the usual gormless to sit and pretend they had driven me both in “54” cars CW54 and KM54. The Gestapo are desperate to rewrite the lowlife in 22 who claimed to have collected “me” in YD54 VYR in 2014 after H had moved in to 28 and they HUNTER were one set of lowlife from 24 who claimed I lived there and they were me. CURWEN the seedy old thief and fraudster now has to PRETEND someone is in 24 when he is not. He is the flats YOU pay for and now the lunatics decided that there is “someone ill” in 24 that needs their “care” which someone is invisible and was left lone for months at a time. And all alone presumably confined to bed all Xmas. They have lights on timers to PRETEND someone is in when they are not as does no. 33, also empty, yet ANOTHER house where I apparently “lived” as MARGARET PECK to rewrite the murdered MARGARET PORTER who was to rewrite the MARGARET MIDDLETON and so on. Thus 24 and 33 have on lights in obviously empty houses. The poor invisible person in 24 does not even have water running. (I knew when thugs hid in 24 when I was supposed to think it was empty as I could hear the soil pipe and water running. Now they pretend someone is in when they are not and no water runs.) The sleazy, truly gormless troll in PE56 NXB who pretended I moved to 41 Fell View with those lunatics JARVIS on 24/4/14 after her colleague, similar scum in PE08 ZRX pretended I moved in on the 24th March making me 2 invisible persons in 41 as well as the lunatics themselves. PE56 driver, the archetypal dullard then pretended on and off taking JARVIS out and claiming Jarvis was me with the truly gormless Jarvis. They have done the same again today; PE56 NXB also drove about the malicious old trout LAMB in 32 who is also my dead mother being driven about by a “me” and what do I find after the obvious plans of the 6 Jan 2017? The sleazy gormless is at 1 Fell View, pretending “someone” moved into no. 1 a house not used to date. Thus 41 has become 1. I took a photo of the PE56 car at no. 1 at 9 55pm on 6/1/17 pretending “someone” who did not drive has moved into 1. Jarvis of course would have done the driving today just as I guessed (see above). The cheap troll roughneck in PG03 WGU who claimed she was my daughter and stalked me for months; she is in no. 17 it seems. That is where I moved in yet again only days ago (I scanned my photos of that earlier at the University). The deranged lowlife in 30 hid from about 5 30pm pretending to be out. I had had my power off most of the day; on my return at 10pm they could then have on their TV as I switched on my power and they are me so my power on, their TV on is proof apparently they are me. I heard them switch it on at 10 10pm when they heard me switch on my radio. Most of this is to cover for the deluded thief and worse Jackson who is still “away” as me and was told she could return when I was “seen off”. Which has not happened. So they are left with that horrendous old parasite and try to invent a version now to fit her back into the shaken kaleidoscope picture.

Typing my book I find ANOTHER reason MRS GREENBANK was murdered to get her out of 28 Fell View so I could move in. The old crone in 29 LENNON used from 24/3/14 as I also lived there while she drove me about as the thief, liar, fraudster, stalker and harasser she was, found out was told to change her name in a huge “all change” end 2015 which “all change” they try to repeat using others now. She was to change her name to SLATER which was possibly her maiden name. In 2008 a friend was cheated out of her tribunal claim in Manchester amid a trap to lure me to Manchester and then events would have unfurled to my detriment. She was given junk supposed to be court documents with her bent solicitor SADIQ VOHRA bribe to lie to her, his client. The chairman had apparently been an EMPLOYMENT JUDGE SLATER. There is no such thing as an Employment Judge as the MoJ confirmed in writing and no Slater anywhere in the judiciary. The events of 15 Aug 2008 were arranged round that junk; I did not walk into the trap, my friend had her case deliberately spoiled as all mine had been but the INTENTION to get me to Manchester and use her case as a lure was expected to “see me off” and that day the perverts in GMP claimed they found sex toys in Mike Todd’s office. Liars, they would have put them there; they’d have been their own. That was rich from Pete Fahey who was a cross dresser. The thugs planned to see me off and finish Mike Todd even after they had murdered him. Well, we’ll see about that.

LENNON was used as a name the Gestapo want to try to make me think of as her and not the earlier old doxy used. Slater must have been a back-up plan in case the Lennnon use of failed. Poor Mrs Greenbank, she didn’t stand a chance.

ID THEFT of Lancs W’blower FRAUD  7 Jan. 2017

01-31-20 004 FRAUD EXTORTION ID THEFT AND MUCH WORSE LANCASHIRE POLICE LED. Over YEARS I have alerted DWP and on-line banking, stores and such like about deranged, deluded, parasites, thieves and worse claiming to be me and “suddenly coming into money” as soon as I start to rent in their area. Only days ago I sent out to DPD the (FILMED) frauds from 2014 using many round FELL VIEW LA2 9RP especially MILLS unemployed lowlife in 20 Fell View who claim to be me, claim to be my nieces and claim I live with those bloated old roughnecks, then who suddenly decide they are my daughters. End 2014 and the Gestapo had an “all change” event where many such from Fell View and immediate area were to get new cars and such like, some to swap their names, some to cut their hair and dye it and all to try and confuse any investigation into what had gone on from the murdering of the old lady in 28 Fell View just so that it was free for me to move into among the ORGANISED lowlife. The claim was that I lived in 24 other houses round Fell View; ALL AT THE SAME TIME. The efforts in wrongful arrest and false imprisonments end 2015 saw a repeat of ALL THAT hoping that I’d be “confused” and think that end 2015 into 2016 were the only true events. After sending out data in relation to how lowlife take out BANK LOANS as if they are me which is why all the unemployed parasites suddenly all, yes ALL, get NEW cars, and the rest in deliveries from such as DPD whose thug drivers know EXACTLY what they engage in. On Thursday5/1/17 about 5 50pm I return to Fell View, ignore the lunatics gathering to claim they drive me and that I rent a holiday chalet at the near-by Masonic SCARTHWAITE HOTEL and thus have not yet moved to Fell View AGAIN, DPD thug had been hiding and raced off when he saw my car approach.

As at the end of 2014 when some shouted “all change”, then AGAIN end 2015, it was tried end 2016. How? To “rewrite” the wrongful arrest of me and “disappearance” in the false imprisonment, the Gestapo lunatic fringe have decided that AGNES JACKSON dullard, parasite, thief and worse in 26 Fell View could be me (yes at the same time the rest continue to raise bank loans and accept deliveries as if they are me in the other 24 houses I apparently live in). She thankfully is nothing like me; she is dumpy, almost white haired, looks like what she is, can’t walk much as she is pigeon toed and knock kneed so waddles. She is also malicious enough to bully to death with others a lone elderly lady who was “in the way” of Gestapo plans to have me move into the midst of cretins and worse so they could all be me, be drivers of me and have me in their scruffy council houses. It really saved them all getting a job; their false claims in benefits aided by sleazy council in such as PE56 NXB car, PE08 ZRX forging MY signature and opening bank accounts as if I was “ill” or “disabled” and lived with lowlife. How is the old crone Jackson to be me NOW? She is “away” as me with the Gestapo trying to give her MY EXPERIENCES of where I have rented to claim she is me! On 6 Jan 2017 the fraudsters had ANOTHER plan to have Jackson pose as me with what claim now? Oh I still “live” in all the other houses but, of course Jackson not being me (she has never worked) how can they claim she is me if she has no knowledge of anything I have ever done? The lunatics decide she has DEMENTIA and is me but the dementia explains why she can’t remember anything about MY case and life etc. Thus, she also needs carers. Except she does not, the lunatics expected me to go out on 6/1/17 with the usual scum already out to claim they drove me, with JACKSON taking the role as me so she could return 26 Fell View and “I” could then take up residence with the deranged YET AGAIN round Fell View. The press prostitutes had screaming headlines as they ALWAYS do when the Gestapo think they will “see me off” via a dullard who has no interests aside from TV. The alternative “problem” is Alzheimers. Apparently the lowlife they have poising as me who know nothing are me, they just can’t recall anything as they have Alzheimers.

The Gestapo had from 2006 INTENDED to take my files from me by foul means but failed. Thus they use old crones who say they are me and clearly have no idea what is in my files and couldn’t have produced one single document BUT according to the Gestapo, that is their “illness”.

I had not gone out on 6 Jan 2017 so all their plans laid using cars, vans and the Masonic thugs at the SCARTHWAITE again, the stalkers and harassers, all as usual, the usual thugs who park and hide near me and PRETEND they have met with me, all in related data to be sent out, the lunatics in 30 Fell View WILLIAMS who claim they are Mr and Mrs Carol Woods hid from about 5 30pm to PRETEND that the telephone calls they made were not them as they were not indoors. ALL THIS IS AIDED BY POSTMEN WHO KNOW MAIL IN MY NAME GOES TO LOWLIFE and the scum in 41, 43, 45, 20, 22 at least who use their Internet as if they are me; I went to Lancaster University. As usual, a local yob drives Williams’ car PJ65 WLL and hides it locally so it looks as if they are out when they are not. This is done often- they think I am as stupid as they are. Thus I decided to use the Uni library, open to 10pm for scanning photos and working on Vol 2 of my book (coming along very well). Williams I could see hiding in their bedroom; the bungalows 26/28/30/32 are tiny; there are no hiding places. At the Uni the Gestapo had the usual in place by the time I parked up: a KM54 red Peugeot to leave as they apparently dropped me off; as “back-up” which the Gestapo always have which is why this will be costing YOU greatly, a pair of gormless tarty pieces were to drive and park and bring along their “picnic” as they were to wait to drive me back. CW54 a silver Ford. The use of “54” is because lowlife HUNTER in 22 Fell View did, from soon after I moved into 28, pretend I lived in 22 and they drove me about in blue Hyundai YD54 VYR so many “54” cars are used and I am to “forget” YD54 VYR. Only on the 5th had a black Hyundai lout, PJ54 OGV pretended YET again that he dropped me off at self made slum CURWEN 24 who PRETEND that I live there hidden away as ”disabled” after an RTA apparently. From which they benefitted to the tune of about £50.000.00 in FRAUD and FORGERY. (Of course I can show all this and have reported many times but am ignored.) Walking towards the campus buildings the Gestapo had had their usual older male and doxy hiding to then walk off and PRETEND they had met with me so I was dropped off, someone was sent to collect me and I had met with a pair of half-wits all in the space of 5 minutes. And I had also parked my own car. There was more but on my return I found the sleazy gormless thief and forger in PE56 NXB hiding at 1 Fell View, a house not used thus far; the lunatics have swapped the thieves and worse in 41 now to being no. 1. This is part of the “dementia” farce, “No luvvie, you lived in no. 1 not no. 41”. Photos to go out show I  moved into 17 with a roughneck school cleaner only days earlier, PG03 WGU; she is apparently my daughter, “No luvvie, your daughter was school cleaner, you were not a teacher, you only think you were”. On 7th “I” was busy moving into 39 again as O’Conner is also me. Oddly as soon as I took a photo of the louts and thugs gathering, they drove off, as usual  it was just ‘park and pretend’.

It is no use moving as there will be others to be “me” anywhere. The GPS ILLEGALLY on MY car allows for the lunacy at such as the Uni. YOU pay those sleazy.

These are a few photos I scanned to send out. Photo 1 is me on Portobello Rd In Aug 2010. A tourist asked me to take the photo of her and her companion and then one took this. The companion stands behind me looking at items for sale. This is why the Gestapo also use checked shirts: apparently anyone in a check shirt is me. What I had not known was quite how insane they were. I scanned this photo in spring 2012 which they ILLEGALLY saw and immediately leapt into action using the TOURIST behind me as if she was with me, or me or, with me as a “carer”. Not from UK so not even English but, she was to be used. March 2012 I rented caravan 1A @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ and there the lunatics decided that I was not me but was CAROL WOOD and the landlady was me but given her age, she was me as my dead mother. They had that silly old woman walking about like this in the bitter winds as soon as they saw my photo: this is their interpretation of the tourist in my photo, she was my landlady and my landlady was her and thus with me in 2010 in London! (I told you I couldn’t make this up.) Other interpretations followed; this roughneck told to dye her hair RED, the yob with her (both those 2 had other pairs take their place and now one is in 2 Fell View, WOODRUFF troll and yob DALTON in 45 Fell View who both use the Internet as if they are me. They seen together are these 2 and somehow that is PROOF she is me and linked to a yob thief and fraudster.) SANTANDER found 5 accounts RUN IN MY NAME, referred to Gestapo who ignored them and carried on with LLOYDS, NAT WEST, HSBC and RBS AT LEAST.

But, I also apparently live in 33 Fell View, another empty house used by idiots who think they are clever and we are the stupid ones. MARGARET PECK lived in 33; MARGARET MIDDLETON was my landlady, MARGARET DALTON is another in 45 to be me and MARGARET PORTER of flat 3 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA was another elderly lady who died as a result of bullying who also had her assets looted. I found all that out myself thus the lunatics decided that I could be a “Margaret” and pretended that 33 Fell View was flat 3 and thus “I” lived there and had “carers” but only on and off. This sleazy with her dyed red hair was to make another “mother daughter scenario”. Council employee, one of a few used, PE08 WMV and that chosen to be PE08 ZRX also red car used at 41 Fell View in their forgery and fraud to pretend someone “me” lived in 41 being cared for and driven about by deranged half-wits. The Gestapo spend much time trawling for car plates they think will “make me forget” original fraudsters and hope it muddies waters of investigation. Link that to using old trouts claiming to be me with “dementia” and they really think they will not be uncovered.

I went to London in Sept. 2016 for a couple of days and again, via the GPS the Gestapo thugs had much arranged by my car as it was obvious I would be near my car after my days out. This troll was to walk about, she walked round and round, smirking to herself thinking how clever and important she was; she was supposed to make me think it was 2010 and she is the “re-enactment” of the tourist in August 2010 photo.1

Serious wrongdoings Lancs Police led  5 Jan. 17

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: carol woods <>
Date: 5 January 2017 at 15:22
Subject: Serious wrongdoings Lancs Police led
To: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>
Cc: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>

05-04-30 002, 003  This is MORE wasted public monies from Lancashire and INTENT to manufacture as fact something that is ludicrously fiction. Much of this involves fraudsters, thieves, lowlife and worse from round Fell View Caton LA2 9RP, who have gained massively posing as persons they are not in FRAUD, FORGERY and ID THEFT thus have a vested interest in maintaining their deranged “versions” of FRAUDULENT ACTS. They aid and abet each other and have the Gestapo call socially to see what can be “manufactured”. Leaving out what has already been manufactured, suffice to say that 39 Fell View, O’CONNER pair of deranged thieves who did only 2 weeks ago pretend, with sleazy council “professional” in Y547 OGW that I had been dropped off at 39 Fell View so Mr O’Conner could drive me to a 2nd address which Mrs O’Conner USES as if she is me to PRETEND I have a 2nd address as if I am someone with another name. His car used in that DG04 URX. I rent 28 Fell View under duress but according to the council sleazy and the Gestapo recruited fraudsters, I move in at least 4 times EVERY WEEK and also live in at least one address away from Caton and live in at least 23 houses round Fell View and off-shoot streets.  The cost using corrupt “removal” firms and so forth must be phenomenal now. Oh yes, I am also Mr Carol Woods, apparently or, any male lowlife used, almost 500.000 now are Mr Carol Woods. At least 6 live round Fell View as jury will hear of.

I also have apparently been living in hiding in 43 Fell View possibly “ill” with M.E. as the partner of PAUL HICKS who is either Gestapo or prison staff I think. She is Maureen McHarran and a very part time check out assistant at Sainsbury’s in Lancaster. In this ANY PLACE I refer to and the Gestapo immediately make someone else into me so they, at which ever place, “seen” can be “proof” the person is me. How did they get round my references to Lancaster University, aside from sending gormless old trolls by taxi to walk about and be seen to PRETEND, chosen as “lookalikes” of thieves and fraudsters used such as Agnes Jackson in 26 Fell View and a looter of the dead and worse in flat 5 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA both of whom have claimed to be me.  (Those photos with data sent out late night 1/12/16 into 2/12/16 Someone else who claims to be me (caught out in frauds linked to me, forgery and so on, they all, yes ALL, claim there is no fraud as they are really me) SUZANNE JARVIS deranged in 41 Fell View (I had to break off typing this on 2/12/16 while I took a photo of the Gestapo helicopter going over to claim they saw something to manufacture as being something they did not see. That would be another sleazy having hidden behind 31 Fell View parked and pretending- he drove off as they flew over; that will be “proof” that sleazy was linked to me somehow -13 29hrs), Jarvis then was given a “job” in Lancaster University sports centre a) she has no qualifications of any kind so could only be a cleaner or such like, b) I used the centre once or twice a week until the Gestapo thugs sent to harass finally ended in one assaulting me so I have not been since c) often the Gestapo lowlife would just sit at the sports’ centre and PRETEND they waited to drive me about, thus Jarvis then with a “job” there was proven to be me. My photos show she was there as was I with my camera; she was not me.                                                                                                                                                                         I shop in Sainsbury’s most Friday’s and McHARRAN was given her part time work for Fridays, that was proof she was me – apparently; they are both “me” at the same time.

Thus, Hicks on 2/12/16 waits in his car PL06 ZWH which is his 2nd car, the first “disappeared” when dozens more did end March 2015 when I found out as FACT the FRAUDS then taking place from March 2014. It took me almost a year to PROVE that I moving into 28 Fell View March 2014 was said by “authority” not to be in 28 Fell View at all, apparently, 28 did not exist. The council scum on their cess pit claimed 28 was part of 30 so that JUNE WILLIAMS could be me and, it was also part of 26 so that AGNES JACKSON could be all while O’Conner was parading about as me, Jarvis pretending in her delusions, McHarran claiming to be indoors except for Friday, Williams caught with “volunteer work” in HMYOI IN MY NAME. Like Jarvis she with no qualifications at all, and barely literate could only be a volunteer. I had worked there as qualified teacher years earlier. The Gestapo fixed up WILLIAMS with CRB clearance as if she was me and ID which I caught on camera by chance when she walked into a photo I was taking; my zoom lens showed me what was taking place. They even used old references from MY personnel file and translated them as if they were for a coarse old roughneck thief and much worse. Incidentally, my work as Research Fellow of Lancaster University is published and on the Internet. Add to that the Gestapo arresting me for daring to tell scum they harassed me and defrauded DWP, for the Gestapo invention of “crimes” with the “witness”, and their NHS contact who claimed I was mentally ill “deluded” in saying I had the jobs I had had. That FORMAL statement of NHS sleazy, it was confirmed in writing from the Chief Executive, had not worked for NHS or even Lancashire when he apparently spoke to me. I was told my mental illness was compounded as I could not remember speaking to him. I did not say I could not remember, I stated categorically that I had never met LES MARSHALL, never spoke to him, had never seen him and had never heard of him. Such scum as Marshall would be the one hiding behind 31 Fell View which car drove off just in time for the Gestapo to fly over and confirm they saw on 2/12/16 at 13 29.

End March 2015 all found out and many “revised versions” of earlier events, e.g. I also apparently lived in 22 Fell View with HUNTER as HIS mother but then as HER mother (she being another to then claim to be me in 2016), the Malaysian thief in 37 Fell View had claimed I was in 37 as HER mother so she was aided to “disappear” literally overnight when found out; she is STILL used and pretends she drives me from the address the deranged try to say is mine elsewhere. Her car PN54 XJD, she a single parent must be being paid, she will not be funding all that herself. Thus it is seen that I was in many all at once and the tenants all at once. There are more involved: these suffice to show the FRAUD on-going and why I am said to move 4 or 5 times a week.                                                                     

Hicks’ first car was MV03 CYX. On 2/12/16 ANOTHER half- wit used claims to be me as MR CAROL WOODS; he unemployed by trade has been bought a SMALL RED CAR Y191 SLF and that is what is proof he is me in my red car apparently. The car, Y191 was used originally by a Rosa Klebb type in 31 Fell View to drive Jackson in 26 about to have her seen in a red car thus proof she was me, then passed to the idiot who was moved to 31 Fell View who drives about AT TAX-PAYERS’ EXPENSE pretending he is me as MR CAROL WOODS. Many cars are swapped about like that such PL02 THK, OEO6 APF, R48 GMA and, R205 XRJ the most famous of all. I saw Y191 SLF drive all round Fell View, why all round, waste of petrol, he does not return to 31 but drives off again ahead of Hicks, who seemed to have been expecting him.

I suggest that the fool in Y191 is one to be seen at another address to be MR CAROL WOODS in a “small red car” along with O’CONNER in her TOYOTA YARIS bought at tax-payers’ expense, V24 MAJ trying to make NOW in LA2 9RP be 2012 in LA3 3EJ where I lived then and where murderous, repulsive seedy males pretended to be linked to me ONE especially in a small red Ford P801 CRN. Y191, P801 and my red car are all very different shades of “red”.  O’Conner is a type used, coarse, rough, unemployed, bleached hair, who pretend to be me; she will be playing the “part” of me and such as the parasite with Y191, as both are unemployed they have lots of time and as both have tax-payers to fund their delusions, they can afford it all. Thus we have Hicks now as “witness” for ‘a small red car’ ahead of him and PROOF of whatever lunacy they pretend. Link that to the scum hiding behind 31 to drive off later and we have ‘a small red car’ already away from Fell View with scum pretending to be linked to me as if I was in 31 Fell View, the Gestapo deranged have thrown all the details of recent events in FRAUD found out, into the melting pot and come up with that!

Photos with this: a photo of New Parkside Farm on the road between Caton and Lancaster and the base of FRAUDS using a driver KS53 VLF to be ANOTHER MR CAROL WOODS and use the empty 24 Fell View for purposes of using the Internet as if it is MY use. One example, he arrives to use 24 on Saturday 26 Nov 2016 when it is seen ILLEGALLY that I am indoors at 28. He clears off within minutes when he sees me out with my camera. He returns in the dark and hopes I will not notice but I do. I heard the loft noises which ALWAYS indicate someone accesses something as if it is MY use via the ILLEGAL devices in my loft. After over 2 years of that I can usually tell whether a phone is used or a computer and from which address. I went out given it was not from 30 or 26, and found KS53 VLF back at 24. He left after a short time, and on Sunday 27 Nov 2016 I was not surprised to find DPD hiding behind 31 Fell View waiting to deliver to someone in THEFT and FRAUD. He had been waiting about an hour and then drove off when it was obvious I was not going out so there would be nothing done behind my back. DPD thugs know exactly what they do and no one parks to hide and wait, they just deliver and leave: I have enough for any jury. My RED car is seen on the photo, 30/7/16 the same type of fraud when I use Lancaster University library; the Gestapo see where I head via the ILLEGAL GPS on my car and always have someone sent. This yob had never read a book in his life and used his own lap top and phone and various other bits which is why I was unable to use MY email address when I registered to use; my use was being intercepted and transferred. I have excellent photos of my screen and what it tells me. This is all the desperation to invent a MR CAROL WOODS. The fencing was done at great expense at 6 houses; more who “suddenly came into money” The large garden toys ditto and the persons in 34, 36 and 38 Fell view were all moved out end 2015 and “replaced” hoping I’d “forget” those original fraudsters and bullying harassers. The photo of the cloth capped male is an idiot sent to live at 31 Fell View with a red car Y191 SLF used in serious ISD THEFT and FRAUD transferred to him and he became MR CAROL WOODS. There is no such person which is why there are so many; basically any recruited male where I am is Mr Carol Woods.2-5jan17 3-5jan17

Online loans FRAUD found out Lancs. Police led  5 Jan. 2016

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: carol woods <>
Date: 5 January 2017 at 14:52
Subject: Online loans FRAUD found out Lancs. Police led
To: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>
Cc: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>
The data below is taken straight from Vol. 2 of my book “Altar of Corruption”. I am Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP. I have sent an email from my other oft used address, neither is shared. PLEASE NOTE THE MAIL THEFT OF THAT TIME.

 Proof reading and editing that Volume, it is line after line of events of what the deranged Gestapo thugs do NOW trying to rewrite MY events from 2001 onwards. (Vol 1 covers 2000 – end 2005.) In my book Vol 2 I also write about E-ON thugs with their borrowed jackets and vans sent to gain entry to my house to tell me that my meter readings were “High, very high” recording false readings and trying to generate a bill I could not pay to then claim that amount was why I bankrupted myself in 2006, or to create a “creditor” to validate the bogus bankruptcy as if ONE unpaid bill was going to make anyone bankrupt! In that DAVE RIGGS and JOHN BUTLER of the Royal Mail had stolen mail including bills to try and create the “debt”. One in Lancaster, DOMINIC GLEESON was decent, found literally piles of mail for me including RED reminders and recorded delivery that had not been returned to sender and gave it to me. (Dominic was to be rewritten by sleazy “Dominic” in Consulate’s office in Paris 2010 when I went for help – out of scope of this  -Yes Nigel Farage let’s clear out the whole of the FCO as he declared in the last few days). Thus it was all dealt with. My book jokingly records that my bills suggested that neighbours syphoned off my gas and electricity. And what do I find moving to 28 Fell View LA2 9RP among the lowlife parasites, murdering thieves and worse? That MY power had been linked via party walls 26 AGNES JACKSON (currently “away” pretending to be me) and WILLIAMS in 30 the other side of me. I was right: the lunatics had rewritten history and created their lunacy from MY book. How did the ruling lunatics know what my book recorded? Because they BRIBED “friends” PATRICIA JACKSON JANET WOODALL and DIANE GARNER to steal data via USB’s and claim they were ALL me as they had my data. But I have my back-up so, here we are and only now have I been able to work on my book and find detail by detail has been revised by the lunatics to rewrite history. PAT JACKSON is no relation to the deranged thief in 26 AGNES JACKSON, she is just used because of the name.

Among all that I have said for YEARS that lowlife had money as if they were me and see this taken from MY book. This is what has been done giving all the scum money for CARS and much else, holidays etc. The “loft noises” I was right about as I said from moving into 28 on 24/3/14. (See my email to be sent where the deranged pretended I moved into 17 yet again only yesterday. Obviously, they don’t want me to be in 28, they want to claim it is part of 26 and part of 30 and really does not exist. The photos of the “moving in” to 17 Hell View AGAIN are not scanned yet to be sent out.) This is how the scum in 20 MILLS get all their deliveries and pay for them, HUNTER in 22, DALTON in 45, McHARRAN in 43, JARVIS in 41, WILLIAMS in 30, JACKSON in 26, LAMB in 32 how CURWEN in 24 old parasites suddenly “came into money”, BARRON in 47, REID in 49, ELY in 12, McGUIRE in 14, LENNON in 29 and so on. This is why mail is stolen and handed to lowlife knowingly by sleazy in Royal Mail. There are not many like Dominic Gleeson. And this is why the Insolvency Service web site SUDDENLY includes MY name yet dates the libel as if from 2006.

The daughter whose name was included on my title deeds had received a form for her to sign in the name of her masculine counterpart. Her signature would give her a loan of £1000 into a bank account of her choice.                                                                                                                                                                                                         She’d not applied for any loan either in her name or anyone else’s.                                                                                                     I knew what this was.                                                                                                                                                                     They‘d applied in her name thinking that she’d be drawn into such fraud by the temptation of easy money.

The fact that they’d offered her masculine counterpart would have seen her charged with fraud had she been silly enough to think it was all proper. Her name, Ashley was one like Lesley, a name for both sexes. The lunatics were inventing another person now; via my daughter and making her a male.

We faxed the company saying she’d not applied for a loan; we faxed the Marsden saying they must not accept money into the joint account; we contacted by fax the local police of the company and then I rang the company to ask how they’d got her details. Someone had applied on- line from her email address. The company was very good and put the matter to their fraud department.

This is one example: I have hundreds if not thousands.

Harassment cont. 3 1 17 at public expense  5 Jan. 2017

I am Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP on 3 1 17 the harassment was intense. It went on into the evening and then into the 4th. The cars are all lowlife harassers and hell bent on pretending something is FACT when it is FICTION. The large white car thug to PRETEND on 4th was replaced by a large black Audi today when I stepped out. Number taken and for other documents. Who pays for all this? YOU do. The tax payer.

4/1/17: At 12 45 I went to my front garden to start working: a sleazy male was hiding in his large white car (to reverse the large black and that creep of the evening of 3 Jan 2017), as has been done more than 100 times, the creep parked hiding at 45 Fell View (they of the perjury of Nov 2015 onwards) then drove to turn around outside me in my garden: E17 YTD, He of course yet another to pretend to have been indoors with me to rewrite the sleazy JAMES RICHARD DUCKWORTH self appointed “trustee” FRAUDSTER as per my book Vol 2. This creep today was not the same as either sleazy used on 3/1/17 as data sent out. That then seems to be 3 sleazy posing as ONE person! In 2013 CHERYL KAYE WREA GREEN LAND REGISTRY told me as the bribed liar and fraudster she was told me that the sleazy DUCKWORTH had been different people every time he showed himself as Duckworth was dead so others were allowed to take his place. By 1 25 others in hiding drove off, and a red Honda parked at 39 which is also a favourite stopping place as apparently I also apparently live in 39 Fell View right opposite me. BK09 LWY to be ANDREW HALLIDAY’s. Licence plate of a white van! He who bought my house in May 08 apparently; he police apparently. The malicious seedy old trout LAMB was picked up as “needing a driver” as PF08 WDJ is still hidden, that seedy old trout was driven off by one equally seedy but younger so will be council employee:  PE62 LYX BLUE to be PE56 NXB the BLUE of sleazy, gormless thief and fraudster COUNCIL EMPLOYEE who did from 24/4/14 forge my signature to aid and abet lowlife Jarvis in 41 Fell View to claim that I lived there and they drove me about. The seedy old trout LAMB has been bought ANOTHER new coat; not the pink now, she has a GREEN thing which is more suitable for a 12 year old. That is what happened at 2 Penhale Gardens July 2013 to late Nov 2013 when the Gestapo BOUGHT FOR LAMB’s forerunner SYBIL WESTWELL a new, hooded black coat (to wear the hood up and hope on-lookers think the passenger who the Gestapo invent) to take her out in N10 KWW a black Audi Gestapo vehicle, driver her about and PRETEND she was my dead mother, “Look she’s not dead”. That car and my photos of all use of that at Penhale Gardens is why many black cars with equally seedy males are used and why WHITE is used when the black cars fail to succeed with their frauds; Masonic inversion. I have taken a photo of the small car park; PF08 WDJ is missing as is PJ65 WLL. The aircrafts have been over at least 5 times today, 4/1/17 and by 1 40 were over again to claim they see something they do not. In Jan 2015 LAMB was taken out also by the retired bent cop HUDDLESTON in Y211 AAO when he had, for over a year, pretended to drive me about: he was another to park at 45 Fell View and PRETEND he was for me and then he started to take out Lamb when she was seen to a thief and fraudster, posing as my dead mother with me driving her. BUT he decided that she was me as my dead mother and in 45 not 32. At that time, PF08 WDJ “disappeared” for a few days until they realised they were found out and they were all back to square one. Except Huddleston was helped to “disappear” lock, stock and barrel later.

By 2 30 a great deal of action had taken place using the usual lowlife 19, 45, 47, 20, 31, 17 added to those above. One van that hid behind 31 Fell View, 2 hours earlier gave up and left but stopped at 20 and pretended to pick up something to reverse the DPD delivery of 3/1/17; reported via email, Masonic inversion lunacy, get a half- wit to drop something off. He gave up waiting to do that as he had been told to go to 20 as I drove away (as in my DPD email of 3/1/17) which I did not. At 17, a removal van, one used many times pretended to move someone in or out, I could not say as all he did was to open and slam doors every so often. The deranged want to claim I have just moved in AGAIN as it is the 4th and I moved to 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ (see below thug and thief refs). Thus as usual it being the 4th again, the deranged want to claim I have just moved in and to 17 oddly; yet again. The invisible person “I” have moved in and out of there more than 20 times now, all on photos. In Oct 2014 I moved in and out 4 times in 1 week, twice in one day and all on photos. The ‘20 moves’ do not include all the times I moved into 30 as Williams, or 37 as a Malaysian troll, or 39 as O’Conner and various other addresses, 12, 14, 20, 22, 41, 23 34, 36, 38, 42, etc being “cared for and driven about” by lowlife; all total strangers. “I” moved every 1st, every 4th, every 24th, but also every 17th and 14th, 27th and 19th. Thus as I do not go out, with I guarantee, the sleazy UNITED UTILITIES hidden with at least 1 plumber to PRETEND they have dealt with me moving in to be the day when I did, 24/3/14. By 2 32 the aircraft went over yet again. The usual routine is that a “plumber” and usually united utilities, sometimes E-On or EMCOR, with various old doxies and gormless council employees park at Bull Beck and between Caton and that picnic site with lowlife from Fell View alerting them when they see me go to my car to drive off. The cavalcade then stalks to harass and PRETEND that they have all just been involved with me moving in. The Gestapo wanted to mesh 4/1/17 with the murderous old thief and fraudster Jackson from 26 “away” as me. I wouldn’t be surprised to find they have had her in a caravan to give her my experiences from 2012 into 2013.                                                                                                     

The malicious old trout from 32 LAMB was dropped off round the corner and she sneaked back to 32 via the rear within minutes: the INTENTION had been to make me feel she was going out to pose as me as my dead mother with the MOTIVE of luring me out so that I could be said to be moving back in. Williams with their slamming and shouting about going out at the same time were also trying to make me feel anxious and thus feeling I should go out. Jarvis the deranged in 41 was out in GN07 AHO again waiting to pretend to drive back to 41 someone invisible (me) to move in with them. My not going out spoiled all that so the Gestapo will wait now until either the 24th or wait until 1/2/17 then 4/2/17 and so on. The loft noises could be heard all evening as I worked on Vol 2 of my book, word document facility only but lowlife in the immediate area will be using their Internet as if it is my use. I have noticed that each time I switch off my lap top, the loft noise is heard; when I switch on it is heard. As I type, it is heard. The main motive is to try and now make the deranged thief Jackson in 26 into me to account for a report from 2006 for which Mike Todd GMP was murdered. The Gestapo thought they were so clever reversing the facts and making me someone I was not and now they have to find someone to try and fit what they recorded then and pretend that someone is me. They also try to make the fraud of 2006 – 2008 and a bogus IVA into an RTA to reverse the FACT they pretended I had paid £50.000.00 to scum to clear a debt I never had, and make it an RTA to give me £50.000.00. In that the “me” is CURWEN lowlife in 24 Fell View and of another address, who had that money in FRAUD.

 Dear Sirs I sent the email below after finding the usual lowlife using phones as if they were me in Lancaster library which accounts for the trouble I have and had sending my emails. I have found that the format of my emails has changed and when I send to drafts they “disappear” altogether. I returned to then send the one above that original one. I refer to thug and thief MARK A RIDING aka MARK S RIDING at “298” that was 298 Oxcliffe RD Morecambe LA3 3EJ the scene of major crime including the attempts to murder me. Thus I sent that email and that dealt with that INTENDED FRAUD using also the male in the phone box. After parking up again to deal with RIDING walking in to be “me” and the thug hiding in his car with the yob to alert him via text as to when I reached my car, I walked back to my car; that time there was gormless NHS troll hiding in the old post office doorway to step out when I passed with the Gestapo to sit in his car and claim he saw that troll and me thus it meant I was the old thief and murdering lowlife AGNES JACKSON from 26 Fell View currently “away” as me. All plans failed to get her back HOPING I WOULD NOT BE IN 28 SO SHE COULD CONTINUE TO BE ME. For those who don’t know, she is one main bully in the bullying to death of the former tenant of 28 Fell View, along with those I name routinely as thieves and worse. Jackson did admit herself as IF SHE WAS ME into a local mental hospital in July 2014 and how funny they all thought they were returning that dreary, old parasite in her 70’s who is mentally ill as she thinks she is me. The ATTEMPT to make HER involvement be mine they tried to drive me to illness as HER records are in MY name and the sleazy want to claim she is me and I am MRS CAROLE WOODS who they invent as well as MR CAROL WOODS of which there are at least 653,912 now. Jackson was to be “returned” to 26 as if she was me having been declared “too ill” to LIVE IN MY HOUSE! The efforts of all over 4 weeks failed to do that mainly because they are stupid and I am not. Thus the thug with his pretence I was meeting him ‘for a court’ earlier after being tipped off via text that MY car had just passed the right place for that to leap into action (I could smell him and got a photo), then the lowlife in the library with the thug hiding in his black car (they use black to rewrite the history of many thugs over years who use black as they think it intimidates me) and then Riding and so on to my leaving at 6  39pm (the library stays open to 7pm on Tuesday). The NHS sleazy right, where Mr Intimidation had parked illegally earlier, with the Gestapo was for the Gestapo to confirm he saw me and her thus 2 and 2 are 5 after all. I took his photo: he wasn’t that clever. Now I ask for his name rank and badge number.

The NHS sleazy is frightening as she will be forced on those who are ill and look to NHS for help. She was their usual type: scruffy, vacant who thought she was so clever hiding in a dark doorway with the Gestapo to aid and abet. She was one of theirs who looks as if they have fallen into a clothing bin and put on what they found in the dark; others are smarter, they look like they walked into a charity shop and someone shouted “catch”. HOW MUCH DID IT COST TO HAVE THAT TROLL WANDER ABOUT AND HIDE IN DOORWAYS TO PRETEND?

Part 1 of 2 harass at tax payers’ expense  3 Jan. 17

30/12/16 and Lancs Gestapo livid that all their plans from 5/12/16 involving the old thief and worse in 26 Fell View, AGNES JACKSON sent “away” to  be me “ill”, and after I sent out my data of scum in 45, 2, 30, and so on round Fell View LA2 9RP I printed off exactly as the data recorded I would and sent page 3 to the Gestapo as fax asking for names, ranks and badge numbers of bent cops sneaking about near me in 28 Fell View about 5 30pm on 29/12/16 slamming gates to pretend something. I could guarantee they’d be the 2 half- wits of months ago on film. The black AUDI arriving with an old trout to PRETEND to 41 Fell View (to be end 2014 but then using PE08 ZRX sleazy council employee) had gone, another car altogether arrived, more scum who were to walk out of the deranged’s in 41 and PRETEND they had driven me back. Their car plate was VE15 ZDC. At Sainsbury’s they had pair of old trollops in a BLACK MITSUBISHI to be the scum as per emailed data from 20 Fell View and 7 Leslie Ave in their vehicle YD06 VVR which was the same type of vehicle with the 2 trollops on 30/12/16 to be lowlife MILLS who apparently drove me about. The car trade name is BARBARIAN: there they are, advertising what they are. The usual gormless were to rush in a grab anything as I checked out, and the scum in LCC bus arrived to park and pretend, way after normal working hours. MY guess is that Jackson has spent the time from 5/12/16 being driven about in one of those buses. News item and a man in a camper van is sought after a site of historical interest was spoiled by pouring plaster into a dinosaur foot print or something like that: that will be me as MR CAROL WOODS not luring children with sweets but that which I guarantee is bogus. See also below for who else is MR CAR(O)L Woods.
 Unloading my car, I had the scum from 21 and 23 screeching pretending to have dropped someone off, imagine, aiding and abetting a child abuser but they all allow their children to be used  so that’s to be expected.  They then sneaked off to 39 and hid in the shrubs thinking they were invisible. The lowlife in 30 are hiding; apparently all their lights on and their blinds pulled right back to show no one indoors in the sitting room; the deranged old thieves and worse are hiding in their bedroom, they wait for me to add my power and lights and then they will sneak out and put on the TV that is registered to me as if that scum is me in 30. Why would anyone want to see into their scruffy tiny bungalow? I do not need my power on: they will have to hide even longer: I am using candles and my gas cooker.
 The tarty dullard at 2 was not parked in DG51 WRL, the RED PEUGEOT but when I went to collect MY RED car X165 YUB from its parking space the lunatics had a RED VAUXHALL parked to be “confused” with that of scum in 2 Fell View, DU51 WGC thus the Gestapo wasted much time finding that but couldn’t get a Peugeot so had the Vauxhall rather like swapping the Audi at 41 for something entirely different. Who was DU51 WGC to “confuse”? A gormless WPCSO who was to linger to see me get into my car and claim she saw the VAUXHALL and then say it had been a PEUGEOT. Just another liar INTENDING at public expense. DK51 HVL is still the issue and I found the address 8 BECK SIDE council houses alongside BROOKHOUSE RD so we have old troll PAT JACKSON 8 DeVITRE ST PAID to pose as me, we have my sister in a no. 8 PAID TO POSE AS ME, we have 8 Low Lane Torrisholme Morecambe and the old scum in PL02 THK, and we have 18 Fell View gormless tarty type who shops for herself but pretends it is for “someone” (me), we have me in 28 and the lowlife in 38 who were newcomers to hide the frauds of lowlife MILLS brother to old trolls in 20 Fell View and 7 Leslie Ave. The Gestapo even had a baby loaned to the dollop in 20 and she was to stand outside me in 28 and hope I took a photo so she could scream I took photos of children. I ignored the ugly, useless dollop, poor baby. Why did they do that? It took me a while to discover that a niece of mine in her early 40’s K name which is why the 2 fat trollops MILLS were used as they both have a K name (KIRSTY and KARLEY) had had a baby and she in 20 was posing as my niece so had to have a baby on loan. Then the Gestapo had a troll driving about in X59 car which apparently means I was not in my car but in all the others. I will go out later and see if they all want to do it again. Time now is 17 58; I will go out when they will least like being disturbed from their TV’s.
 I was right about the lunatics in 30: they I could hear crashing about in 30 trying to move about without being seen; by 6 20pm they gave up and switched on their TV closing their blinds: the deranged were pretending they had been out, as me. The car PJ65 WLL of course had not been moved for days.  I will add the dark blue VW at 39 where the loud mouths from 21 and 23 after their screeching went to hide to pretend they had then walked across to me in 28, BF03 AMK to be fraudster caught hiding in 24 after hiding PF03 GYV also dark blue but not a VW. AMK was a mixture of CURWEN from 24 and the old fool, retired bent cop GRAHAM WOODS from flat 18 Penhale Gardens note the use of 8/18 again. PF03 was sent back to 24; CURWEN the old thief who thinks he’s ANOTHER MR Carol Woods pretends he is me in 24. Apparently, he “alone”, leaving in their other address, the pair of old roughnecks Mrs Curwen and one I guess is his sister, and call alone to again pretend they do not exist so that he can claim he is linked to me. The 2 old trolls, seriously rough and coarse live in flats YOU pay for as they claim to be “disabled” but are not. Thus the old fool in 24 pretends that I am “disabled” and not really in 28 but where he hides when he can, in 24. The deranged are trying to pretend there are only 3 bungalows so that the dreary old thief and worse from 26 Agnes Jackson returns as she is also me and I am not in 28; apparently I am in 23 others including 44 GARNER liar and idiot because my book Vol 2 refers to Diana Garner; I have no idea who he is in 44 and have no wish to know: I know he was told to stop me as I walked by months ago and tell me nonsense as if I was more stupid than he is – Freemason moron. PF03 at 24 is only ONE car YOU bought the Curwen 3-some; they have at least 3 NOW all life- long parasites yet with lots of cars but have had at least 9 others which “disappear” when I get them on photos. PF03 has been driven by at least 6 and of differing ages and they are all ME – apparently. And they are all ONE CURWEN- I was not to notice they were all different old lowlife.
 By lunch time on 31/12/16 the Getapo STILL watching ILLEGALLY what I type for my book Vol 2 tried to use the scum round Fell View to act out events from 2007 at MY house! I just ignored them.
 The black Audi used at 41, then sent away to be one of the 3 usually used, was sent back to 41 and as usual, the deranged act out their farces using children as cover. The 31/12/16 was to be 31/12/14 with the Gestapo aiding and abetting lowlife Jackson, all recorded in detail elsewhere suffice to add here that then she was to go to the near-by post box (this was ANOTHER reason the elderly lone lady was bullied to death to get her out of 28 so I could move in, the near-by post box was to be the one I refer to in my book Vol 2 near MY house which is not a tatty council bungalow tenanted by scum as Jackson et al is) and dressed in RED to be me out in my car was to post as if she was me. The Gestapo that day used 6 SIX squad vehicles and at least 7 Gestapo to claim they saw me out in my car and thus the scum from 26 posing as me was me. A red taxi was also used in that. I didn’t go out 31/12/16: at 4pm I watched the usual old trollop type having hidden behind 31 Fell View in her red car drive off; she was to PRETEND she had been driving me had I gone out. The Gestapo thugs had driven by with sirens about 10 12am. The light aircraft went over to confirm the black Audi was seen.
 Also though as per my book Vol 2, I refer to going to Kendal quite often to use the library; in Kendal by 2013 they had found a huge female old dollop, a screecher “Notice me, notice me” and she clearly a few sandwiches short of a picnic. She, they decided could be me. They now have that silly old woman take the bus from Kendal and back and, while in Lancaster, use the library as a “visitor” to REVERSE in usual Masonic inversion lunacy. That deluded old woman thinks now she is Mata Hari and takes her role seriously. She is more and more deranged. The Gestapo right to Xmas week 2016 send her when they think they have a “plan” to see me off. That apparently makes that old fool from Kendal “me” as well as at least 23 round Fell View and all the ones who were “me” in Penhale Gardens flats. There they had in flat 14 a shrivelled, nasty old man, McNAMARA and aside from his flat number “convenient” to use and his forename JAMES (out of scope of this) a retired estate agent who would stand about outside my flat 3, which I rented briefly, and pretend he was working and dealing with MY HOUSE. He was to be the old Masonic repulsive, evil LIAM ASPDEN retired estate agent from EDEN BRECK opposite MY house who pretended he was involved with MY HOUSE then as a known thief and fraudster he was.
 On 1.1.17 the scum in 30 were up without washing and hid: I heard them testing the wall sockets when I switched on my lap top: I switched off my mains power; that lowlife is not using my power. The black Audi creep was to wait at 41, she was then to ask him to move his car so she could drive round the block as a reason for his moving his car, and of course he could only then leave it as if he is indoors at 28!  Why does he not put it on the small car park which is empty and means another 12 or steps to walk? Because then he could be indoors anywhere and the deranged want to claim a black Audi was seen at 28. It was, it is clearly seen on photos of my front garden of winter view and my car. The loft noises started about 10 50pm and went on to 1 30am. The usual lowlife were indoors with lights on. No one does anything round Fell View and they never have, my moving in was to give all the scum something to float about doing; that of course after the collective concerted effort to bully to death the former elderly lone tenant of 28.
 Not 5 minutes after typing the above about scum in 30, they start opening and slamming their doors, and then she puts on the TV: my power is off. I have kept a record of such “coincidences” and either the Gestapo are quick when they illegally see what I type and send the scum a text: or they have the old roughneck bullying thief and worse JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 reading this as I type. That was done using caravan 3 at 298 Oxcliffe Rd  when the Gestapo had there a male lout fixed up to steal MY data s I typed in caravan 1A and then use it to claim he was me as MR CAROL WOODS. Many months ago I typed up that their killer cat in 30 Fell View had had another bird and decimated it on my rear lawn; she was outside before I had logged off, looking to see the debris in my rear garden, She had her phone in her hand.
 Now all that is on record, I will also record more cars of dullards, stalkers, harassers and lowlife who really think they are MI5, all used and all this way out from anywhere, I suggest they are not paying their own travel expenses. There is also bus travel as well: I thought the old troll with her PINK suitcase and white hair, red scarf to alight from a bus at Denny Beck just prior to Xmas was more of same lunacy: anyone with something RED is the looter of the dead flat 5 Penhale Gardens, her scruffy grey hair covered with a red handkie to be my red hair revised by use of red scarf as she in flat 5 has a driving licence as if she is me who miraculously turned into 23 lowlife round Fell View, both sexes, all ages and who suddenly were all experienced drivers: The pink suitcase was as usual: empty. On-lookers to say they saw someone answering the description of a white old trout, with something red and a pink suitcase thus proof I had just stepped off a bus! I will confirm that my camera shows more than 50 all the same types of gormless, deluded old parasites and they are all one person are they? She using the bus obviously did not have a driving licence. Nor was she Jackson.
 PG03 WGU the blue Skoda used by roughneck school cleaner in conjunction with lowlife HUNTER in 22 Fell View (me) used more than I first thought: i have found that car on my records from months ago; is she paid within her cleaning wages for the extra expenses of stalking or, does she make a separate claim? Is it in fact all cash like Friends and families money used to be in social services? You will recall Katrina Pennington went from Greenbank St offices in Preston to East Lancs offices after the manager was suspended for having sex with a vulnerable client and paying her out of the office cash.
 YR07 YHM large, almost a van so heavier on petrol, light grey, almost silver old fool definitely Freemason hiding at 29 and 31 where all the scum floats, in hiding 10/8/16.
 EN08 PKU a black Ford 24/8/16 on what I refer to as the car park end of 32 Fell View, and that car parked a few days while PF08 WDJ was not parked.
 DN63 NXB black Vauxhall Astra 1/8/16 a cheap troll, parks near me in Lancaster and walks about after alighting to wave papers in the air. Must be LCC employee; all as thick as the proverbial brick. PE56 NXB already used from 24/4/14 at 41 Fell View in fraud and forgery and at 32 Fell View, PK62 NXJ we all know about with lowlife in 30 Fell View who are also me – apparently.

Part 2 harass w’blower at public expense  3 Jan. 17

PJ12 AXG a dark grey Citroen parks outside me via 39 (they in 39 are also apparently me) and leaves after I take a photo, 3/8/16 at 4 15pm.
 ST03 AML a red Ford 29/7/16 parked with lowlife in black VW PE64 HMG to mix cars in lunacy as if red becomes black and vice versa. That “mixing” to create the red Ford at 30 Fell View PE64 OUG.
 Later on 1/1/17 the usual gormless anybodys-for-a-few-quid brigade arrived and hid at 39 Fell View. One has to remember she in 39 is also “me”. The INTENTION is to have lowlife use phones (which I hear in my loft via the illegal devices set up to ready for my moving in) and claim to be me asking for someone to call. The deranged take that from MY book Vol 2 when I occasionally rang JANET WOODALL false friend but not found out to be what a psycho she was until late 2009. The Gestapo want to claim 2007 I was ringing Woodall as a “social worker” which she was but not quite what she claimed to me to be. I was ringing her having been conned into thinking she was a friend. Thus they have the sleazy, gormless NOW hide in other houses and PRETEND to be with me after I rang. Some of my family arrived unexpectedly on 1/1/17 and the scum floated away. That had been done immediately after Xmas as well.
 I have been proof reading Vol 2 of my book and note the lunatics rewriting MY book as their own delusions. There are too many to list here but this is one example of the Gestapo and county cretin thinking they are so clever in making their own history. End 2010 PAT JACKSON of 8 DeVitre ST Lancaster was bribed to steal USB’s and the data included then gave that deluded old fool the idea of claiming she was me as she had the data. Pat Jackson STILL thinks she is me. But the Gestapo had the elderly lone person in 28 Fell View bullied out so that I could move in and then another psycho AGNES JACKSON in 26 Fell View could be me meshing Pat Jackson and Agnes Jackson. Both never having ever worked; they at least had that in common. 5 Dec 2016 the psycho Agnes Jackson was sent “away” to be me from 2015 trying to give that old troll MY experiences of then. The use of the number 8 was because my sister A REAL ONE, not one sent by the Gestapo lunatics to pretend, lives in her house, a number 8, which is miles away. There is more to the number 8 and addresses of old trollops and parasites all used to be “me”. This I concentrate on one good example of what I refer to as shaking the kaleidoscope to show what raving lunatics I deal with.
 It was thought I would not have my data for my books: I have not considered Vol 2 for years. I was right about the scum in 30 Fell View and her REAL bankruptcy trying to be me as if I was bankrupt. I was right about scum and child abuser in 23 with altered NHS records to show 2007 was really the 1990’s and to suggest that scum in 23 Fell View was somehow linked to me from MY house of the 1990’s. In 2007 my work at Kemple View was to become me as a patient not a staff member. In the training courses for my work there, one certificate issued to me was wrongly named CARL not CAROL. I handed it back but never had it replaced. In my book I refer to being stalked and giving the cretin a long walk calling to a house of the friend of one of my daughters on RYELANDS estate Lancaster just to make them I had a contact there when I had not. The friend was out. The stalkers hoped to be able to relate to the Gestapo that they had seen me leaving files. My brother stitched up with a CAR CRIME, and sacking the bent solicitor from LEEDS was provided with what was laughingly referred to as a barrister, JOE MURRAY, a blonde tarty piece who related tales of getting people off in the High Courts for serious offences when she was a liar with delusions of grandeur. I knew she was not experienced and saw her nervousness in front of magistrates after persuading my brother that witness statements were often changed IN CRIMINAL CASES so he should not worry about the thugs setting him up and changing their statements after they heard what I had found among their drivel – PERJURY. JOE MURRAY in writing so we expected a man. I checked out that troll and found she was not qualified and only linked to animal rights matters: that was to be her chosen field.
 Link all that and we get local scum, ne-er-do-well CARL (surname unknown) known to the Gestapo  as he was involved in animal rights farces as it was easier than ever working: another life -long parasite at least 50 now who thinks it is “cool” to sit on the pavement and blow into a penny whistle which he can’t play after at least 25 years of trying. He lives on RYELANDS estate. So, he’s me and he trained at Kemple View so he got the CARL WOODS certificate except his name is not Woods; his surname name will come to me sooner or later. My children will confirm he is not their mother. The animal rights nonsense was to revise the tarty piece stitching up my brother, LEEDS has been mentioned as loudly as possible by loud mouth morons who are told to shout about LEEDS when I am near, and that is to make me think that is all I know about Leeds.  BUT, the yob Carl not living in Caton miles from Ryelands the Gestapo use TRAVIS DALTON one slightly higher up the evolutionary scale than Carl. Dalton in 45 Fell View is also me as is his mother, MARGARET.
 To try to “prove” a link between me and yob Dalton the Gestapo did send the same type of yob with the same type of “uniform” the cheap, scruffy grey track suit and he only days ago was to walk about  where I was expected to park my car while another shrivelled old half-wit was to “witness” my car, me and that yob thus “prove” DALTON was linked to me. The “witness” is one used a lot and on many photos: she thinks she is me as well when she’s told to. That day she was just a witness to seeing what she was told to see. I did not park my car in the usual place that day so she saw nothing. But the yob, older than Dalton in 45 had a Mohican hair style, thus the Gestapo all trotted off to find CARL again as he has that style. BUT CARL has also been told to dye his hair an orange/yellow because? Because all deranged, deluded bullying idiots think if they dye their hair that colour, they can be said to be me. Thus JUNE WILIAMS aka maracas mouth in 30 Fell View dyes her thin, short grey hair yellow and that makes her me – apparently, her forerunner of 2011 did the same as she was me then. Mrs M Dalton dyes hers now not the RED but more orange and so does JANE SLATER aka LENNON in 29 Fell View as she is also me.  Unfortunately, the weak link in all that is that my brother is not theirs. And not one could ever do any job I have ever had either: I will concede that they can complete benefit forms rather more skilfully than I ever could but that’s because they’ve life times of being parasites. That is a shake of the kaleidoscope. FACTS shaken, stirred to make a psycho’s FICTION.
 At 1pmI tried switching this on again and heard loft noises: loud, someone linked up to MY bungalow as if they were me typing or using a phone. It was too loud to be phone use. I switched off. Maracas mouth was in full flow in 30 as were yobs gathering on the small car park pretending something. Then I saw that 24 had another white van there which explained the loft noises. The noises went on for almost an hour. I went to do some work in my rear garden and the old lecher in 30 was as usual to step out and PRETEND he was me leaving 28. He stands about at their tiny shed door, not knowing what to do but to be me as I was outdoors. I returned indoors. He returned indoors,. After a space of time, I went out; he emerged (he watches from their kitchen window as the old pervert he is) and stood about gawping, again. I stopped what I had started and returned indoors. That old fool returned indoors to 30. I went out again after another few minutes: so did he: I returned indoors; so did he. It is bitterly cold, too cold to be outside doing nothing. I waited and tried again: he didn’t bother that time. The yobs drove away from behind 32 Fell View. I did what I wanted to do. This is the usual lowlife and their harassment.

Lancs Wblower and NHS imposter in FRAUD  3 Jan. 17

to safeguarding, phso.enquiries, huntj, me

 Dear Sirs Please see this; almost 1 year and still ignored. Russia is not the only to use mental health staff to discredit whistle-blowers and those who won’t “toe the line”, this is UK MO as well. Can I suggest that anyone sent this who knows of any one at all abused by the so called “health service” to silence and discredit them, to send the details to CQC, Mr Hunt, PHSO. Mr Hunt did try to help me: he does read the emails. PHSO say they can do nothing to help me deal with Lancashire harassers as apparently I was kidnapped by private individuals so that’s OK (when they tried to claim I was mentally ill), apparently. I may have to send my email in small blocks as I am having trouble with emails today.

 The BLEZARD named was a “professional” a “social worker” nothing but a professional liar as far as I could see.

 This was faxed to Lancaster city Council Housing along with the same detail for Gestapo; faxed from Ryman’s Lancaster. 01524 582260. 17/2/16. From Ms Carol Woods 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP, please see that the Chief Executive sees this.
 Dear Sirs Reported to Sgt Philip Spencer, report harassment of me as a tenant, deception, impersonate a psychiatrist.
 On 21/10/14 David Watamough and “Helene” from Housing involved in the 5/11/2014 violent harassment of me at 28 Fell View did, with a JO ATKINSON supposed NHS introduce an old, scruffy woman as Dr Linda Ashworth, psychiatrist. They had no ID although LCC employees did have. They aided and abetted a crime.
 I reported that at the time but was ignored; Misconduct in Public Office by Watamough at least. I was sure the scruffy old woman was an impostor.                                                                                                                 In Nov 2015 a JASON BLEZARD produced a manufactured document of libel and malicious content purporting to be of Dr Linda Ashworth when at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP. I could see it was a manufactured document; obviously I was ridiculed and insulted for declaring it as such.                                             On Monday, 15 Feb 2016 it was confirmed to me that the impostor of 21/10/15 was thus that aided in FRAUD, DECEPTION, HARASSMENT by council staff, Dr Linda Ashworth had not been to 28 fell view at all but was aware of the letter claiming she had been produced to libel me to others. This is clearly a police matter. As are others I have reported. Signed by me.

DPD involved in ID THEFT FRAUD and worse Lancs.  3 Jan. 17

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: carol woods <>
Date: 3 January 2017 at 17:10
Subject: DPD involved in ID THEFT FRAUD and worse Lancs.

Dear Sirs DPD, today a delivery was made to 20 Fell View LA2 9RP at 10 55 am.MILLS in that house poses as my niece and also claims to be me when she is to gain. She is an unemployed lowlife, nothing to do with me. She with others has a routine.
 DALTON in 45 Fell View, WOODRUFF in 2 Fell View, Mills’s sister in 7 Leslie Ave off Fell View, various thugs who use the empty 24 Fell View, Hunter in 22 Fell View, the empty 33 Fell View and various thugs who have been allowed to use 26 Fell View have all claimed to be me placing orders from DPD (and others). They place the orders and pose as me: they say I will be out so to deliver to one of their houses, that is how they get the goods but don’t pay for them. MILLS both of them claimed that I lived with them as their aunt. Yes, both at once in 2 different houses. All this lowlife is unemployed. YOUR drivers know EXACTLY what the routine is.
 They then receive the order, drive and hide either behind 29 or 31 Fell View or Roman Crescent, all out of sight of me. They wait for my car to drive away and then claim I am out so the goods go elsewhere. I have caught them red handed many times.
 On one occasion Mills was caught out: I let them think I was driving away but doubled back; in panic she sends DPD to her associates on a stretch of Quernmore Rd which is a road I do not travel much. I went to find that DPD van and took the photos of the delivery: I have no idea who lives along that stretch of road. I do know that houses along a separate stretch in 28, 30, 32 and 34 are all used to harass and in fraud. You do not need to know the motives unless you wish to.
 Prior to Xmas I caught the same FRAUD, Roman Crescent off Fell View was used for hiding; your driver again sat at least 40 minutes, I saw him by chance; I drove away after that 40 minutes, doubled back caught him out where he raced to 20 Brookhouse Rd and made the delivery there, also on camera. Brookhouse Rd is also off Fell View. I have no idea who lives there either.
 The routine is followed often. I have had a sign in my window long enough that states I have ordered nothing, will accept nothing and for any driver to leave the firm contact details if they think I have ordered but am out when they call. That sign being seen is why the lowlife say when placing the order that “I” will be out. That is why the drivers have to wait to make sure they see I do go out.
 How are the goods paid for? BANK FRAUD FORGERY and ID THEFT. Santander have found 5 accounts in my name and referred to police who sent round a PCSO PAUL SHEPHERD to tell me, he the PCSO was not prepared to conduct any bank fraud investigation! I told him he couldn’t conduct a bus.(I tell everyone, I just couldn’t make this up.) I have since found 2 in LLoyds bank, 2 in HSBC through my own efforts.
 The banks can do nothing until the police act which as they set it all up, they are unlikely to.
 Stores used have all confirmed to me that they are used and they also tell me the police MUST act which they in gross dereliction of duty do not do. ASDA, SAINSBURY, ARGOS, MONSOON, TESCO, (Yodel and Arrowfix are often used), COMET, CURRY’s APPLIANCE DIRECT and so on. I do all this myself.
 As a whistle-blower I am “punished” please see
 In Oct and Nov 2008 MY HOUSE was stolen wrecked and looted, Police officer (impostor) TRACEY KENNEDY lived there as if she is me. I know much related mail goes there.
 There is no such person as MR CAROL WOODS another person invented by Lancashire to try to “explain” events happening to ME.
 The events round Fell View are much worse than I have related here: but for the record DPD have NEVER EVER been used by me in any way at all and never likely to be. I have no internet myself and use public libraries miles away from Caton and Hell View. I will testify incidentally. CC to those who SHOULD be involved and public interest so cc wider. Yours etc (this email address is not shared and never has been – my other cherrytrees2007 also at yahoo has never been shared either.

Harass Defraud Lancs W’blower  3 Jan. 17

Please see this: intense harassment today and this data seen ILLEGALLY the Gestapo arrange much: one male sent texts by scum stalking me was to PRETEND he had seen me in my car thus was meeting me and off he went to the MAGISTRATES COURT to pretend something. I am in Lancaster library with the usual tidal wave of lowlife sent in with the phones and then link to computers. Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP.
 At 10 55am DPD delivered to MILLS in 20 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP house of known thieves and fraudsters from early 2014 and caught out often. The unemployed dollop in 20 K MILLS did with her unemployed dollop of an older sister, also K Mills, claim to be my nieces and claimed, with the council and Gestapo aiding, that I lived at 20 Fell View ALSO at 7 Leslie Ave the council house of the sister and in that they pretended that JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View was their mother to make that deranged old thief and worse, my sister. That was how the lunatics arranged to be FACT that MILLS were my nieces. I do have 1 niece with a K name; it is not KIRSTY or KARLEY as the parasites Mills are. My niece I have not seen for over 10 years; she lives nowhere me. Williams in 30 have a daughter CAROL who they do not see.
 DPD are known thugs and take part in FRAUDS and THEFT of deliveries especially for MILLS who often send the vans to other houses to drop off their loot. They do not pay for the goods: they run bogus bank accounts IN MY NAME. The banks involved have said that they can do nothing without police attention. I take photos of the deliveries to show they have been made and to show they are nothing to do with me. MILLS, lowlife, gormless, seedy, have made false allegations about me which is odd; because I apparently live with BOTH at the same time yet they make allegations about me while I rent 28 Fell View. Apparently, my name CAROL WOODS is so common that at least 24 other lowlife round Fell View with their DWP claims in FRAUD are also Carol Woods.  Some, like MR K WILLIAMS, old lecher and general inadequate who thinks life is so exciting now that the Gestapo instruct him as to what to do to harass me and PRETEND in his grandiose delusions that he is married to me as if I am the horrendous old fish wife he is married to.
 Lowlife gather and are sent to counterparts round Fell View (total strangers) who the deranged have in their houses to pretend whatever lunacy is underway. Thus 3 January 2017 and we have the DPD delivery to 20 Fell View and then a scruffy white van of the “self employed builder” type at 11 16am with more of those one would not wish to be associated with. The white vans are significant in this being one identified as driven by Gestapo ANDREW HALLIDAY thug, thief and worse who claimed he had bought MY house in 2008. Usually such persons are sent to claim the goods taken in by such as Mills when the goods have not been delivered elsewhere; HUNTER in 22 commit the same frauds and thefts. At 33 Fell View one of the usual red cars arrives to park at 33 and pretends to be “carer” for an invisible person said to live in 33 Fell View – amazingly ANOTHER Carol Woods. That council scum on the cess spit of course has not been to 33 for 2 weeks: they will not use their holiday time to act: they act at tax-payers’ expense so wait until they are at “work” again.
 Between DPD delivering and the white van Neanderthals dropping by, the Gestapo went over in their helicopter to confirm something they did not see but to claim they had. The red car at 33 will be the only red car they claim to have seen: MY red car parked at 28 of course they will not see. The old trollop Williams is hiding in 30; he is out pretending to “garden” (slashing a neighbours hedge to kill it like he does with anything that dares to grow) so visible: the car from 30 a dark grey Peugeot PJ65 WLL has been driven and hidden to look as if she in 30 is out when she hides indoors. That has been done over 600 times since I moved to rent 28 Fell View late March 2014. The car PJ65 WLL is registered to me as if that lowlife in 30 are me. That is the 5th FIFTH they have had registered as if they are MR and Mrs Carol Woods. I got photos of the Gestapo going over at approx. 11 06am. Thus we have the Gestapo organising their thugs, thieves, murdering lowlife and using 20, 30, 33 at least. 41 I have no doubt will be involved somewhere along the line as they apparently are not Mr and Mrs JARVIS but another Mr and Mrs Carol Woods.
 How are the deliveries ordered? By the lowlife using the Internet as if they are me placing orders: the Gestapo set them up with MY email address giving them my passwords so the scum can pose as me. I have no Internet access at 28, no phone but the loft noises I hear indicate when someone uses their equipment as if they are me. The Gestapo want to say the “signals” are from 28. They may well be with the sleazy BT and council sneaking into MY bungalow AFTER I moved in and writing their measurements on my newly painted walls to link up ILLEGAL equipment which emanates “signals” to whatever lowlife use phones etc. DALTON in 45 is one used often, a yob. McHARRAN in 43 who sits up all night to at least 3 am, another who knows little about work.  BUT CURWEN fraudsters using 24 empty also use that and allow thugs and yobs to use it so orders can be placed from there as CURWEN are also apparently me and, they came into loadsamoney soon after I moved to 28; they were me after an RTA which they did not have nor did I. The Gestapo in that aiding and abetting included PC PERJURER ANDREW MASSINGHAM. Curwen do not live in 24; they use their ill-gotten gains to drive about in decent cars (they have had at least 8 EIGHT new cars) and have at tax-payers’ expense a second “home” a flat to “confirm” they are “disabled after an RTA”.
Breaking off typing this at 11 44am, the Gestapo ILLEGALLY access all I type and alert the troll at 33 Fell View so she drives off: not before her car is on photos.
 This is what I have learned about use of the Internet. I am an ordinary individual who has basic knowledge of IT only. Anything I can learn, I do. I am a researcher by profession. This is what I believe is fact: IP addresses: the Gestapo can go to DPD or whichever company is used and find who accessed the web sites. They can trace the persons who did that via the log of IP addresses. That is a unique string of numbers assigned to YOUR computer every time you log on to the internet through your ISP. (Internet Service Provider.) Those IP addresses can be tracked down to an individual computer. The IP addresses are like fingerprints: the IP address acts as an individual map which will lead right to the usershome.
 Thus we have 24 Fell View, 20 Fell View, 22 Fell View, 43 and 45 with 41 all using their addresses and with 24, computer equipment installed for the thugs for example in KS53 VLF who was yes, you guess it, ANOTHER MR CAROL WOODS posing as “son” to yet another in 26 Fell View AGNES JACKSON who is also – yes, you guess it – me, Ms Carol Woods. 26 Fell View fully equipped for her real son, thug, yet another unemployed, Kenneth Jackson to call and use that as  if he was me but found out, the Gestapo remove the equipment in late August 2014 and my photos are excellent.
 On 5 October 2015 I went to Barcelona and sent a fax to the Gestapo saying that Jackson in 26 had better not be anyway posing as me while I was away. She was to be: leaving aside all the related events, the lowlife in 45 were then said to have been the ones going to Tenerife on 5/10/15 and claimed I followed them to Manchester airport. Another thug made a witness statement claiming he saw me on Fell View on dates when I was in Barcelona. Oddly, they in 45 can produce no travel documents: no holiday photos, no passports and as there were no flights to Tenerife that day we can only wonder. It is also wonderful that I have travel documents, passport and holiday photos of being in Barcelona. The thug Massingham arrested me on 7 Nov 2015 for following someone to a local airport; Manchester is not local. I went from Liverpool anyway. The INTENTION had been to say I was mentally ill and needed medication which they really thought would turn me into a zombie so that I would “forget”. Massingham was to say he called to arrest me 5 Nov 2015 but I was not in as the liar he is given I was in all day.
 How then are the deranged going to “revise” that and make the old lowlife Jackson into me with MY experiences? She has no passport and has never been anywhere; nor does she drive. They had her admit herself into a local mental hospital claiming to be me in 2014. Those involved knew of that FRAUD and ID THEFT, thus on 5 December 2016, it had to be the 5th, I made my Section 7 SAR to the Gestapo and informed the DWP what thieves and fraudsters were up to AGAIN on Fell View with emphasis that time on council tax payments: scum who say I live in their scruffy houses being “cared for” and driven about by them must then have council tax payments for that “extra person”.
Jackson was moved to be “away” from late afternoon on 5 Dec 2016 and is still away as me thus the Gestapo and their lowlife all act to a)pretend I am in 33 b) pretend they in 30 are me c) act with thieves so must be a criminal (they are not of course), d) and then Jackson returns to be me as I as someone else “disappears”. CURWEN is an old couple, and his sister is the 3rd person. The INTENTION is to claim that lowlife in 30 at the “old couple” and Jackson is the sister to create that “3 some”. One matter that led to the murder of Mike Todd GMP was a fraudster BRIAN DOYLE of Manchester Employment Tribunals posing as PETER BALL of Liverpool Tribunals and forging his signature. All that is in Volume 2 of my book, Doyle found out, my case went to a real Judge whose first words entering the court to the gormless dim-witted supposed legal rep for the “other side” “Who was the third person?” She said she didn’t know. Thus the deranged Gestapo want to INVENT a “3 some” so they can somehow link that to me being one of a “3 some”.

Fraud planned Lancs. More expected  30 Dec. 16

This I will print off when I have access to a printer and will be faxed to whoever I feel should see it.

From Ms Carol Woods under duress among unemployed by trade lowlife, thieves, lowlife, fraudsters who all took part in bullying out and ultimately to death, the elderly lone person in 28 Fell view LA2 9RP so that I could have it. There are many reasons why it was deemed “suitable” for me not least with the rough, coarse thieving fraudsters and much worse in 30 Fell View which deranged, deluded old parasites think they are me. JUNE and KINGSLEY WILLIAMS aka Mr and Mrs Carol Woods as they were bankrupted in the Manchester area and for whatever bizarre reason, the Gestapo thugs hope to make that PROOF she is me with HER links to Manchester somehow being mine. I have no links to Manchester aside from the FACT that GMP Mike Todd was murdered for prosecuting GMP thugs and Lancashire in my case along with LCC employees and more.

In that, in my book Vol 2 I refer to having a slight cough while employed as EDUCATION FACILITATOR for Kemple View Secure Hospital in 2007. That data seen illegally when unemployed deluded PAT JACKSON of 8 DeVITRE ST Lancaster did steal from me my USB containing my book data so she could pretend she was me and thus MY book data was stolen. The Gestapo and their lunatic in residence IAN YOUNG  then thought they could link all MY book details with manufactured events, re use of names and then found the murdering roughnecks in 30 Fell View fitted the bill with HER bankruptcy and her smoker’s cough which I hear every day.  How did the lunatics rewrite MY work as qualified Education Facilitator and from 2007? That old parasite can barely write her name: they gave her ID IN MY NAME and when I moved to 28 Fell View in March 2014, they had that scum pose as me as volunteer teacher in HMYOI Lancaster Farms; her car PK62 NXJ is on their CCTV film footage. It was registered to ME. The references that old lowlife supplied were from MY personnel file of years earlier when I supplied references for my then teaching post for LCC.

Williams has watched TV for about 16 hours every day but that was linked to MY supply as well with the TV and SKY in MY name with direct debit as if they were me in 30. The repulsive old lecher she is married to is so insane he thinks if he leers enough and pesters me then he can pretend he is married to me!

On 29/12/16 I went out when I was assumed I would be indoors the whole day and night and caught Gestapo thugs AGAIN slamming the gates to 26/28 and 30/32 (shared gates, 1 gate to 2 bungalows) with the squad car parked in hiding. The liars were to claim anything they made up such as that they had called: that was done months ago and filmed by me when they then were obliged to return to actually call after dreaming up a reason they might have called. They used the malicious old fraudster in 32 to PRETEND they called there as if she had just moved in and was being given “advice”. That malicious old parasite poses as MY dead mother and has been in 32 for many years, MARY LAMB and no, the lowlife in 30 is not her daughter as they tried to pretend to make Williams “me” with Lamb seen to be MY dead mother. The Gestapo have had all that reported to them but still call socially and not about any car frauds as at 24, 30 and 32.                                                                                                                                    On 29/12/16 I went out very early evening and caught them AGAIN slamming gates and wandering about. The thugs NEVER call when I report SERIOUS ORGANSIED CRIME but have time to drive all this way and PRETEND. On 5 and 6 Nov 2015 the perjurer, dullard and thug PC ANDREW MASSINGHAM claimed he had been calling to arrest me but I had not been indoors when I had been in all day on 5th, in and on 6th so he was a liar from the start. The Gestapo drove to Brookhouse after being found out on 29/12/16. I’ll guarantee they did not call to the roughneck thief, fraudster, bullying troll who I found myself as the BLUE BADGE FRAUDSTER, HARASSER, STALKER, FORGER and worse she is, she in DK51 HVL on Brookhouse Rd which I found by chance. No, they won’t have followed that up, they are so gormless they think if they drive round and pretend they are real police.

Now to scum in 45 Fell View who the Gestapo thugs aid and abet in serious crime with the yob DALTON (I think they have an “interest” in the old roughneck mother of his in 45, self made council slum). They have close links to scum in another self made slum 2 Fell View, and the car a red Peugeot DG51 WGL, WOODRUFF who is so deranged and deluded she thinks as her name is WOODRUFF it could be mistaken for mine, WOODS. She is a trollop and nothing to do with me. On 29/12/16 that lowlife was at 45 as they don’t work so have all day to commit serious E-CRIME where the Gestapo thugs in the early hours call socially to aid and abet. Also a yob in a red Audi DE61 DEO was parked as if visiting me: and the ILLEGAL devices in my loft were active much of the day which is INTERNET use by scum in 45 and 2 Fell View using phones/Video games/Internet as if they are me. The Gestapo I guarantee would claim they just happened to be on Fell View and saw the RED Audi thus the yob would be visiting me. On 28/12/16 I had been to an early film and found the Gestapo cruising about as I returned; they to confirm they had seen something they had not.                                     On my return from being out on 29/12/16 that trollop Woodruff, had parked outside 45 and set off as she assumed I would park up; she was again pretending she was me having just returned; I fear I went to see a film with black people and she racist wouldn’t like it. The dialogue had words of more than 1 syllable so no one from Fell View could have understood it anyway.

On 28/12/16 I found many emails had been sent AGAIN from my woodsresearch2002 email address on 24/12/16 when I was indoors all day with family. The scum in 45 with the trollop from 2 claim to be me using it. Williams in 30 waited until they knew I was indoors after the film and then put on their 2nd TV to pretend that it was they who had been out as me and had thus just returned as me. The 2nd SKY TV they watch is the one NOT registered to them. The one she can’t watch now 16 hours a day especially as my mains power is off for most of the time.

Driving into Lancaster, the GPS system on MY car ILLEGALLY showed the Gestapo where I headed so they had a yob with his RED scarf and headphones hide by DeVitre St which I had to pass near the cinema, he was to step out as my car passed, always slowly at that point, and he walk towards the cinema as his RED scarf was PROOF he was me in my RED car and his head phones were me and my car CD player! The Gestapo are lunatics and such dressing up is commonplace; a red something on anyone’s head is also apparently proof they are me with red hair.

Right next to the cinema car park (which I do not use often) is a pub and there they had another thug stood about to access his phone and send a text to scum in 45 so they could use their Internet as if it was me as I apparently was not in the cinema as me; they are me. The yob DALTON claims to be MR Carol Woods with the troll WOODRUFF somehow as proof. Earlier, I had found that related noises emanating from ILLEGAL devices in my loft which I hear all through the night sometimes, had been linked to 24 Fell View again. Supposedly empty, the Gestapo use it for lowlife to hide in and also use the Internet/phones as if it is my use. By chance, on 29/12/16 I saw one lowlife CURWEN was hiding in 24 and had been for at least 2 days. The car he uses was hidden so I would not know someone was using 24 again. CURWEN also claims to be a MR CAROL WOODS.

It is not my fault all the plans to use the malicious seedy old thief AGNES JACKSON from 26 Fell View, sent away on 5/12/16 to be “me away” and hope I’d be “seen out of 28” so that delude old troll could return and carry on being me as well!!

The use of DeVitre St is because the thief PAT JACKSON lives at no. 8 and thief she is, as above also claims to be me. She is no relation to lowlife from 26 Fell View but the Gestapo found Pat Jackson named in my book as a former friend which is how she was bribed and recruited to steal my USB’s. She was used to hide in DALTON Square Lancaster on 28/12/16 and then after I passed she was to walk as if to my car to pretend to be me. That is how deluded she is. Thus deranged males with RED scarves and head phones and somehow that makes Pat Jackson me in my car and thus the thief and worse Jackson in 26 really “me” and “away”.

I will also add that having the malicious old fraudster and thief in 32 Fell View wear a PINK jacket so she can be “confused” with the seedy old troll who is to stand about on Moor Lane when I park my car and she from the NHS storage unit there, then “seen” is apparently me having just parked thus the seedy old parasite posing as MY DEAD MOTHER is really me after all disguised by another flabby faced old trout who is not as old as LAMB in 32 Fell View by about 10 years. I’ll guarantee that lamb is about 80 as the Gestapo have used other such old trouts to claim they were me as my dead mother; SYBIL WESTWELL flat 2 Penhale Gardens, LA3 2QA , BETTY ROBINSON flat 7 Penhale Gardens and MARGARET MIDDLETON of 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ and in 2011 they used a Mrs BOURNEN of 7 North Way as I rented there at that time. All the usual old parasites have to dye their hair, what they have, a yellow/ blonde as that is to be my colour but as if I was my dead mother. My mother has long since had no hair being dead for almost 25 years. I add that JUNE WILLIAMS yet another cretin to think she could be me, dyes her thin, short grey hair a yellow to try and make it look like my colour for CCTV footage. AGNES JACKSON from 26 Fell View who is also apparently me who is “away” as me has almost white hair but the Network Rail face of the others. She is “away” as me trying to make the events from Nov 2015 seem to be NOW and HERS!

By lunch time on 30/12/16 the deranged in 41 JARVIS had an old woman dropped off who pretended to move in: this is to be end 2014 when they pretended then to have dropped off an invisible person to “move in” ME so that lowlife could continue to claim in FRAUD, FORGERY and more. The old thief Agnes Jackson is still being covered for and thus yet another old trout is used in acts of lunacy. In Dec 2014 the car PE08 ZRX played that role of dropping off Mrs Invisible; today it was a black Audi which Audi car with different plates obviously has been used from Aug 2013 when the Gestapo did in N10 KWW take out the old thief WESTWELL as above and pretended it was MY DEAD MOTHER in a “Look, she’s not dead” farce. Since then various black Audis have been used, often DE05 YCK at 7 Leslie Ave off Fell View and linked to 20 Fell View both MILLS as apparently I also live in both those houses as well. My guess is that ANOTHER FALSE DWP fraud will be arranged with mail sent out in forgery.

In Lancaster after I parked up the Gestapo seeing where I headed had local thug CARL waiting; he with the Mohican hair style which was the style of the yob used days ago to be TRAVIS DALTON seen near my car then parked up. This CARL lowlife has never had a job in his miserable life, and he is at least 50. He thinks it is “hip” to sit on the ground and play the penny whistle which he can’t play anyway. He was used again as I type up my data for Vol 2 of my book when an employer from 2007 recorded on ONE training certificate that I was CARL not CAROL so the Gestapo seeing MY book data think they are being clever finding this lowlife CARL who has been used on and off from 2012. He lives on the RYELANDS estate the scene of much harassment of me when I pass as the Gestapo want it to be said I live there. Later they had a roughneck with a big mouth shouting “TINA” to no one. TINA PAZZANO in my book Vol 2 of 2007, aka MARIA HASWELL was a friend but bribed in 2009 to claim she had not been. TINA must have to pay tax on her bribe, money for nothing. She now lives in Patna Aye. The loud mouth troll was to try and be me shouting to a friend who I have not have contact with after finding she had been bribed with a large amount. This is NOT 2007 is it?

Lancs Fraud E-CRIME found again  28 Dec. 2016

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: carol woods <>
Date: 28 December 2016 at 16:19
Subject: Lancs Fraud E-CRIME found again
To all copied this:

 This letter has gone to Sorting Office Manager Fenton St Lancaster 28/12/16.
 From Ms Carol Woods 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP.
 At 11 42am a postman delivered to me a mail shot from the Duke’s Playhouse – the other 35 plus have all been delivered to lowlife in 30 Fell View who you all collude with to aid and abet her FRAUD in posing as me.
 She is only one cretin to think she is me – as you know.
 The mail shot sent out to me in Nov 2016 – the event advertised has just about run its course, I suggest it was saved to deliver to me when WILLIAMS in 30 were to receive mail in my name.
 Your postman delivered to 30 PRIOR to delivering to me, the OLD mail shot. TREASON ignored Signed by me.

 I add now that a PATRICIA JACKSON of 8 DeVitre St Lancaster, another thief was told to hide in Dalton Square Lancaster which I had to pass after parking my car. She was then to walk as if towards my car and in her delusions PRETEND she was me. Why? AGNES JACKSON another old thief and fraudster from 26 Fell View is “away” as if she is me. one found out in TREASON so the Gestapo cover for her by pretending she away is me!! Thus that leaves me to be lowlife in 30 Fell View which deluded old MR has been pretending his garden shed where he pretends to saw bits of wood is MY ex husband in his workshop as the artist blacksmith he is. The deranged try to give the Mrs Williams in 30 the experience of being me with MY husband in his workshop which was never a garden shed outside a scruffy tiny council bungalow! Pat Jackson thief from 2010 is not related to Agnes Jackson; they are used because of the names hoping to muddy waters of investigation.
 Opening this after non doing from 23 Dec 2016 I see at least 8 emails NOT DELIVERED and dated 24 Dec 2016 when I was miles away in 28 Fell View with my son and grandchildren.
 This is the yob TRAVIS DALTON of 45 Fell View who is ANOTHER to claim he is MR CAROL WOODS with the deranged PAT JACKSON hiding in DALTON SQUARE ON INSTRUCTION in this freezing cold to somehow make the yob Dalton linked to me! I had not parked in my usual place because the Gestapo had the seedy old cleaner from the NHS storage depot who thinks if she stands about where I usually park my car then she can be said to be me as well. BUT I saw her also hiding and on her phone and right on cue a yob EXACTLY like TRAVIS DALTON was to walk to where I usually park as he claims to drive. The pretence is to be that MY car is not mine! WILLIAMS have a car PJ65 WLL, see data also to be sent after this. I saw the seedy old cleaner, she has never used a phone before, I saw the yob type Dalton, moved to elsewhere and found Pat Jackson sent to hide JUST IN CASE I PARKED IN THE 2nd favoured place. This to DWP as we have a fraud under way.

E-CRIME misuse public monies Lancs  23 Dec. 16

 From: carol woods <>
 > Subject: E-CRIME misuse public monies Lancs.
 > To:,,,
 > Cc:,,,,,
 > Date: Friday, 23 December, 2016, 15:22

 > Dear Sirs I was blocked from sending
 > what I wanted to from the WiFI in Sainsbury’s, looking round
 > I found the pasty faced dollop type using her phone and far
 > too interested in me, she was with 2 others, the PHONE USE
 > blocks what I try to do via WiFi. The Gestapo are not very
 > bright, they use scores of phones which all have different
 > numbers BUT they want to suggest it is MY phone so that this
 > month alone I appear to have at least 438 phones and carry
 > them all with me! I had to leave Sainsbury’s cafe and record
 > that when I wanted to register for WiFI the system said I
 > already was. That pasty faced dollop I guarantee thinks she
 > now works for MI6. She and her 2 horrendous companions are
 > not here in Morecambe library BUT one staff member I know to
 > be corrupt, was to rush in, not on duty and link this to
 > their private systems. This oleaginous creep has been used
 > on and off for YEARS and he was one main reason I ceased
 > using the library in 2012.
 > I ask the Gestapo now now, as they expected I would head to
 > Morrison’s to park up, but not use the WiFI HOW MUCH THIS
 > COST. They had a seedy old trout and their HUGE MACADAMS
 > police break down vehicle- the nearest depot is miles away;
 > how much did that cost trying to rewrite MY car K71 CEC Dec
 > 2008 stolen to them to add a GPS ON MY IGNITION which they
 > thought they’d rewrite Dec 2013 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA
 > moving YK02 VPF the car LOOTED from the murdered Mrs M
 > PORTER flat 3 prior to me. That then was supposed to make me
 > “forget” MY car which Macadams then went on to STEAL: and
 > WRECK Jan 2009. (To hide the GPS on my car illegally
 > placed.)I took a photo: the electric scooter loaded onto the
 > the huge truck must have cost a fortune to arrange. Right
 > next to it all was the thug in the red taxi used so often to
 > PRETEND he drives me about. Thus the Gestapo try to mesh all
 > that and now PRETEND the seedy old troll (another MI6
 > recruit apparently) was me needing a taxi after a disabled
 > scooter had broken down which was really MY car from Dec
 > 2008 a white POLO K71 CEC and which then became silver Clio
 > YK02 VPF. The INTENTION is to claim I am someone else CAR
 > LESS like the old thief and fraudster AGNES JACKSON from 26
 > Fell View they currently have away as if she is me.The
 > photos will be sent out after the holidays. YOU PAY FOR
 > Incidentally Jackson is not disabled at all and no house on
 > Fell View or the area is actually adapted for a wheelchair
 > of any kind whatsoever. This is the Gestapo trying to make
 > me seem to be one of the fraudsters who claim disabled
 > monies in FRAUD as if they are me. They are used to claim
 > using MY name as the Gestapo want to claim I “lost” MY HOUSE
 > because I was “too disabled” to live in it. Oddly Jackson’s
 > name is not on my title deeds nor are the names f any
 > lowlife used and certainly no MR anything. Yours etc Carol
 > Woods Ms I wait to testify and this to DWP also for obvious
 > reasons.

Continues at:




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