More outrageous and totally unacceptable treatment from the Welsh court employees – a burden on every other employee who has a conscience [there must be some – surely?]!!

 On 1 February 2017 at 15:03, Maurice Kirk wrote:

“How long is ‘an instance’ Madam,you lying little welshing b–ch somewhere towards the bottom of the sh– heap of shy–ers that make-up the Wales judiciary and South Wales Police force? Of course your court are in touch with RCJ ( see my last letter in your direction). I travelled by train twice, posted the lot once as you lot very well know, to the RCJ with my 2016/2017 appeal applications, after being made to wait 25 years to do it, prepared at great expense and time only to be refused at the counter each time as there was no ‘sealed order’ …..Wrong court, of course, in any event but no one told me …All of you thought it all a bit of fun to run a Litigant in Person  a song and dance for another 10 years. If any one needed turning up-side down and used as a money box, it was you. Your inherent deceit oozes from every one of your sweaty glands every time I see you…..Remember my shredded court ‘ vexatious litigant file’, remember my snatched files to Whitehall shredded, remember all my court destroyed court exhibits for the BS614159 25 year running case, but your pension is protected under HM and withdaft  Brexit your future in HM is well assured. Will you send me copy or to any of my family, when I am gone, of the BS614159 court management log? Of course you cannot , that was systematically shredded at the end of each day you thoroughly deceitful individuals.

Kindly get that spineless wonder HMC&TS area court manager, Strapinni to answer my simple questions and I will try and find a name for you. xx

On 1 February 2017 at 13:37, Cardiff County, Hearings <> wrote:

Dear Mr Kirk. 

Please can you provide me with a contact at the court of appeal. If you provide me with a name, I will in this instance only, send them a sealed copy of the judgment dated 26th October 2015. 

Many Thanks

T  D 

Delivery Manager

Cardiff Civil Justice Centre
Tel: 02920 3764XX

Do you need to print this mail? Oes angen ichi brintio’r neges hon?P Help us be green & save paper- do you need to print this email? Oes angen ichi brintio’r ebost hwn? Arbedwch bapur – a helpwch ni i fod yn wyrdd


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SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE POSTS FROM MAURICE KIRK + his 23+ year battle against the dishonest Welsh court + police sh-tstem!!

below:  Maurice Kirk back in the day with targeted common law lawyer Patrick Cullinane: “The Man Who Knew Too Much” – disappeared to who-knows-where on the weekend of 11-12 November 2016, never to be seen again…


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