The Shocking Carol Woods Coverup: GMP and a real suicide caused by them + archive 01 Feb. 2017

The corruption and resultant coverup, ever constant, regarding the revelations Carol Woods has and still is detailing is truly staggering. 

For her whistleblowing Carol is stalked daily where she lives by a team which has in it numerous locals to where she is residing – neighbours and others – all  connected to this small, quiet, out of the way Northern English town where nothing is done about any of it by authorities notified – let alone the details she has revealed concerning child abuse as shown in the video presentations below. Could it be those very same authorities notified are the same  as being involved in the extremely serious details Carol reveals in those videos? It seems so.

Carol has been locked away illegally in closed hospital mental units at least 5 times, to silence her, but has always been released weeks later because the charges against her were lacking creditibilty, and she has also been falsely arrested numerous times since resigning her employment with the government in this very same county as a top Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection officer, which included training other social workers as part of her role. 

More than one highly questionable death has occurred along the way to it all, connected to what she has revealed. Add to that a dubious would-be land sale involving an ex-Prime Minister’s wife and there we have a perfect recipe for an ultimate in coverups as dark and sinful as it can get…

Please see below, under the video etc. links, the latest update from whistleblower and ex-UK Government Social Worker Level 3 and Child Protection Officer Ms. Carol Woods, received  31 December 2016,and before. A lot of the posts shown throughout, beginning in the archive from Febuary 2016 – when Carol was being forcibly and illegally detained in a Lancs. “mental facility” – are emails sent by Carol to very top level UK Government figures, including police, some posts with addresses removed to comply with current laws. Everything sent is ignored wholesale by these government figures and departments. Please believe me – many have tried!

While the more recent updates from Ms. Woods may concentrate on the more current ID frauds and similar relating to her at her present abode, it must be fully understood that the longstanding chronic stalking and serious I.D. frauds by locals and by parties known and unknown [most definitely connected to certain UK Government agencies, eg the police, Social Services etc.]  are seemingly being enacted as a direct result of Ms. Woods reporting, or attempting to report certain findings [serious crimes] whilst employed by a UK town council as a senior Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer, as described within the videos and radio broadcasts that follow these paragraphs entitled “IMPORTANT VIDEOS”.  The massive corruption that is described has so far gone unchecked and is ignored wholesale by whichever UK government agency it is reported to, which is clearly described within the videos – an absolute and utter public scandal!

More serious crimes and misdemenours committed against Ms. Woods, all completely ignored by whichever UK government agency one tries to take anything to, include: 

the theft of her home [as happened also to Patrick Cullinane R.I.P., Len Lawrence, Joseph Henry [multiple houses stolen], Tom Crawford, Barbara Hofschroer, and so many more],

at least 5 separate enforced incarcerations in mental hospital units for no earthly good reason – one excuse used  for such incarcerations being that Ms. Woods was mentally “deluded” in her findings of utter corruption within a Lancs. council – her latest incarceration being between November 2015 and Febuary 2016. Carol was also forced to take psychotropic drugs against her will during these hospital stays, and was threatened with re-arrest before her leaving the “Cygnet” unit, Lancs. in Febuary 2016.

fake IDs used [for example: for expensive commercial criminal frauds], 

chronic gangstalking and/or harrassment by government connected sources,

home burglaries,

the inflicting of tracking devices upon her motor vehicle, and also numerous attempted thefts of that vehicle, and the attempted destruction of her motor vehicle, 

enforced “bankruptcy” with no evidence whatsoever.

Many more seriously criminal activities exist, committed against this lone female, which have been reported accordingly to no avail, along with her discoveries as a Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer. All of what is described, especially within the videos and related data below is a public scandal, and equally as disgusting is that nothing is being done about any of it by any UK government department contacted, from the Prime Minister down, let alone the heads of police forces and MPs!



2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016

3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016 


 SriLankerC 24 April 2016

6] Carol Woods Social Worker Unlawfully Incarcerated In Psychiatric Gulag   – 16 April 2016 by  GeorgeGreekTrucker 

Google CAROL WOODS carolwoods..see the 2007 blog:

GMP and a real suicide caused by them  26 Jan. 17

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Data Analysis <>
Date: 26 January 2017 at 21:29
Subject: GMP and a real suicide caused by them.
To: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>
Cc: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, Dispatches Channel 4 <>, “” <>, “” <>,

Dear Sirs,

I sent this faxed letter to MoJ etc as seen, I did not receive a response at all. Finding it in my files I would like you to notice the bit I had highlighted in RED, GMP and how they drove a young mother to suicide. The “warrants” I refer to are why the Gestapo try to invent a MR CAROL WOODS. That is why they use lowlife who are all thieves and worse, all offenders to stalk me and PRETEND they are linked to me and thus they are the MR CAROL WOODS. To date we have over 395,721 now. I often use my other email address Tonight I access the University library as a visitor. I left 298 Oxcliffe Rd on 1/7/13 and now am at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP. CQC and PHSO have ignored the ILLEGAL DETENTIONS OF ME and no, it is recorded no one could find anything “wrong” with me. Please feel free to quote me:

 From Ms Carol Woods Caravan 1A @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe LA3 3EJ – whistle-blower/ fax to: 020 3334 5518, at least, on 9/2/13 and 020 7219 4841 on 12/2/13. Pages 3 hand written now typed.

Dear Sirs, I still have had no responses at all to what I report – no emails, letters nothing. But, as my mail is routinely stolen I wouldn’t know, would I? And catching BT AGAIN red handed assisting to intercept my typed data and emails sent from Kendal library on 8/2/13 – it is not surprising I have nothing.

News Question Time: NHS (after Hillsborough) Why has no one asked me about my now vast experiences of NHS bribery, corruption and attempted murder, allowing police yobs to pose as medical staff including a psychiatrist and CQC staff can be named in that as well. News: lady called Francis and her suicide after a sex case: apparently told not to undertake counselling prior to trial even though attempted suicide previously. GMP involved – can we be clear about “social workers” and “psychiatrists” in my case (see above).

Pearson and my report to East Sussex police of her perjury in Brighton Magistrates Court, was, as the court document I have, a liar under oath. I had never met her, never heard of her, never seen her yet she went to court to say I failed to take care of myself and sent “odd” emails. (They are more emails that cannot be produced.) I was told that they could not be shown in court as emails were not permitted as “evidence” and they could not be shown to me as they did not exist.

I was ‘kidnapped’ and locked up AGAIN for 3 weeks because of her perjury. (That led to the experiences of FRAUD and attempted murder of me AGAIN by NHS staff all with cogent evidence and witnessed) – Aug 2011. On 28 Aug 2012, 2 PCSO’s tried to rewrite that by calling to my caravan and telling me that the police had never heard of me yet could call to see me and know who I was!                                                                                                                                                   
They told me that I had to have a social work assessment if I wanted to make a statement as a victim of crime. I knew that to be nonsense – I saw it was another “trap” to have another instructed liar say I was “too ill” to testify.

My Freedom of Information requests to Lancs police on that remain ignored.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
I also add GMP thugs in case of “Francis”. In July 04 DS ANDREW RIGBY Bootle Street Manchester, clearly having taken the brown envelope after his email to me 27 May 04 was intercepted tried to threaten me as did his colleague Sgt White who also physically assaulted me when I went to Bootle Street to see Rigby’s superior on 5/7/04. (I have 2 witnesses.) I later sent him 2 false warrants issued to me threatening me with immediate committal to Risley Prison (if I did not do as the thugs wanted me to) dated Feb 04 and March 04. (Mike Todd GMP was murdered because of those pages among others in my file handed to him by Judge David Williams on 22 Nov 2007) showing what I dealt with alone. They merely took the idea and issued their own version to a young mother in their area. She threw herself under a train in despair thinking they were true documents when they were not. Her young son watched her commit suicide although she did not know he had followed her.                                                                                                                                                       
I thought the junk issued to me was true but I made enquires after seeing various discrepancies – there had been no such named judge, there was no record of any court case at all and Risley prison had been closed to women in 1998 – it was all bogus to terrify me into submission.

That is why Lancs Police try to make me into MR Carol Woods finding volunteers among the thieving liars, DWP fraudsters and thugs I am obliged to live among at the caravan site. Why do I live there? Because MY HOUSE was stolen and wrecked on 27 Oct 2008 by state thugs and nobody’s doing anything about that one issue. 

You can’t all be corrupt. Waiting to testify – there is no such person as Mr Carol Woods or Mrs Carole Woods. I am Carol Woods Ms and have been replaced on my family tree after being removed by state thugs.

Harassment to defraud LA2 9RP 31 Jan. 17

Copied to HMRC please note relevance, DWP, Blue Badge, Police, National Audit office formerly District Auditor, and anyone else I feel like sending it to.Dear Sirs it is now 23 10 hrs and I have driven to find a WiFi to send this for the FORMAL record and for which someone will be held to account. I was working in Lancaster University library and found the usual taxi thug PRETENDING he drove me and then as I left at 10 20pm ish I saw one lowlife sent to use their phone and send a text: this is done often and it is someone’s “clever” idea as to how to have other lowlife race round in cars that the tax-payer funds and PRETEND I contact for a lift. Thus the deranged thieves in 41 JARVIS have done that from March 2014 and continue to try and claim such. I appreciate that they all miss their FREE MONEY that is money gained in FRAUD. maybe they should think about getting work?

Tonight which has been done before the dollop MILLS from 20 Fell View was sent to wait outside of Caton then to tailgate me all the way in and PRETEND she had been contacted by me for a lift. She stood in the dark in her doorway waiting then for me to park up and enter 28 and PRETENDED to see me into 20!

On my leaving to go out after lunch she did the same stood in the rain pretending she saw me off from 20! She is clearly deranged. She follows a course of conduct in repeating that when Jarvis et al are not doing such. They seem to have a rota for harassment.

Mills is also another thief, a liar and much worse. Under normal circumstance I would not know she, or the others, existed.

Her sister is no better and I found those dollops stalking me to PRESTON pretending to drive me there as well. No wonder they can have 2 LARGE vehicles each, all that FREE MONEY has to be pent on something. For those cc this they are both K MILLS. Karley and Kirsty.

The car they use with their partners in crime white Vauxhall FE02 VDK (who live on the Scale Hall Farm estate) and they as you know shop in FRAUD pretending they shop for someone at 20 who is unable to go out themselves, their INVISIBLE person, “aunt” of Mills, ME in fact.

As you know a squalid caravan was dumped in the tiny front of 20 where those thieves and fraudsters pretended “someone” rented that caravan and as I saw sleazy council there pretending they called on the invisible person and Gestapo unmarked car calling socially we can be sure it is PLANNED and ORGANISED. I have more on those roughnecks but photos for those who wish show MILLS arranging a delivery AGAIN which she orders in MY name and claims the mail going to ME addressed to 20 which is handed to her. She and her sister have had many goods usually DPD but ARGOS and in panic when found out a few times I have filmed them sending the goods to their criminal associates in 2 Milestone Place and an address in Quernmore Rd which number I am unsure of. 2 Hall Drive is also used off Fell View, he who seems to be the father of K MILLS in 20 Fell View. He also has close ties to 2 Milestone Place and 45 Fell View.

The troll WOODRUFF is deranged and driving about (yes another unemployed deluded fraudster who can drive about for free apparently) in 2 Fell View claims to be my daughter and with her close links to thieves, PERJURERS and those in 45 Fell View who the Gestapo visit in the early hours to socialise with, but 45 is also used for yobs and fraudsters to collect to use Internet and phones as if they are me. Caught red handed they then are aided to build a case against me which was the PERJURY and worse and will be dealt with.

I left the deranged and thieving Mills watching to see that I was indoors with WOODRUFF then waiting in her car to drive and PRETEND she somehow was involved. She had been parked hiding in her car at 45 Fell View. They hide as do council employees, many on excellent photos, by lying across the front seats of their cars to make the car seem to be empty. And then I felt obliged to drive all the way back to the University to see if they wanted to repeat their fraud. If they do not it suggests they are less than nothing to do with me.                                                                    

Meanwhile I also bought some petrol which suggests no one was driving me. Naturally I keep safe all my receipts.This will go to anyone I feel it should go and as organised crime and fraud are obvious and evidenced; as I am prepared to testify, they are not untouchable. It also goes to NAO as we have embezzlement as well i.e. misuse public money for private purposes, HMRC I did say would be informed of all this UNDECLARED INCOME is taxable as it is also UNEARNED and I did also state I would inform DWP. As some claim not to be available for work as they are “carers” when they are unfit to care for a dead budgie, it is FRAUD and we appear to have forgery of my name as bank accounts are clearly used.

About 2 weeks ago I left for LANCASTER CHIEF EXECUTIVE a letter for which I did get a receipt: it is clear he did not receive that letter; it would be ANOTHER INTERCEPTED which is actually a criminal offence.

MILLS commits criminal offences, forgery, fraud, harassment, theft stalking and conspiracy. And now this will have to go to the resident lunatic of LCC so he can make an ALTERNATIVE FACT and reverse that to claim I commit harassment, stalking, theft, forgery and so on.

The attempts to have me said to follow the lowlife with such as liar and deluded DALTON from 45 as “witness” was pathetic in the extreme. Kind Regards, Carol Woods Ms. PS to the Gestapo who will do nothing but now I have reported it.

Suspect Bank Fraud in my name. Lancs 31 Jan. 17

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: carol woods <>
Date: 31 January 2017 at 21:23
Subject: Suspect Bank Fraud in my name. Lancs.
To: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>
Cc: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>

Dear Sirs HSBC for those cc this.

This is complex; I will try to be brief. In 2010 after the London High Court ruled in my favour on a major matter, I had been granted fees remission for that hearing, so was obliged to offer up a.s.a.p. documents to prove that I was entitled to a fees remission hearing. Then I had no income and lived on savings helped out by a daughter and my brother. They had to write to the court and with utility bills of theirs, as proof of their ID, declare what I said was true. That was done. My daughter traveled to London and we took in what was needed. I had to apply for a second hearing on a related matter within days and claimed fees remission: my situation had not altered. The same woman dealing me at first was not at work, other staff dealt with my application. Giving me the form their attitude was not as it should have been. I heard one say as I left, and I was the only one, “She’s got money”. I thought they treated me as a fraudster.

I completed the forms and returned with the same surly treatment, what was wrong? I heard one refer to “bank” as I was to leave, and guessed they thought I had a bank account I was not declaring.

Someone had contacted them and told them FALSE INFORMATION saying I had a bank account undeclared as had my daughter thus we were fraudsters. The thugs ringing with that had a vested interest in my case not going any further at all.

The police are heavily involved (I am a whistle-blower so they hate me) and take to ringing up persons and passing false information with persons acting on phone calls!!

Given my vast experiences with the Gestapo, I walked down the Strand and called into the first bank I saw, there was nothing in my name. the 2nd bank was HSBC and there were 2 accounts  – one in my name and one for my daughter. Where had the money come from? It was nothing to do with me or her.                                                                                                 
 I was asked to speak to the manager and did so and then asked to write a statement which I did. They took the matter seriously. I was then able to tell the court staff.

Some few weeks later back in Lancaster, I went round every single bank and building society in case there were other accounts in FRAUD in my name. They all showed me their screens were blank EXCEPT for HSBC in Lancaster Market St and I was unhappy about the male who get rid of the lady dealing with me to secure the matter for himself. He would not show me the screen.

A few months ago I found an old parasite AGNES JACKSON in 26 Fell View LA2 9RP was only ONE person claiming to be “me” or linked to me in FRAUD. She of course has been set up to do that. She thankfully is nothing like me.                                      

I have heard and seen her signing Recorded Delivery and Special Delivery in MY name; when challenged they scream and laugh and say I hallucinate. But then after one occasion of catching that TREASON red handed, I receive a letter addressed to Ms CAROL JACKSON 28 Fell View. I sent it back after taking photos with my digital camera and scanning to a USB to save it.

It was a few weeks later that I thought of checking the return address on the rear of the envelope which I had also photographed. It was HSBC.

Now for the record in writing, no phone calls, I have no on-line banking, I have no phone to use but have heard that old thief on her phone as me as ONE who claims to be me. This is organised collective fraud and Santander told me I was right about 5 five ACCOUNTS linked to MY name there. passing to the Gestapo they sent PCSO PAUL SHEPHERD to tell me that he, the PCSO was not prepared to conduct any bank fraud inquiry! Now you with others have this in writing I HAVE NEVER BANKED WITH HSBC, MY DAUGHTER HAS NOT, I HAVE NEVER BEEN KNOWN AS JACKSON, I AM NOT CAROLE, OR WOOD AND MY NUMBER IS 28 FELL VIEW, NOT 26 OR 30 OR ANY OTHER. Jackson has no daughter incidentally. I am Ms Carol Woods. I will make a statement if this will go to the SFO as much money is involved by now, Lancashire police will send you a PCSO if referred to them. This to interested parties. I will print this off when I have access to a printer and hand it in when I see an HSBC on my trips out. Yours etc.

Lancs Collective harassment: MORE alternative facts 31 Jan. 17

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: carol woods <>
Date: 31 January 2017 at 17:17
Subject: Lancs Collective harassment: MORE alternative facts.
To: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>
Cc: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>

Dear Sirs, Yesterday I sent an email to BLUE BADGE dept in Lancaster council reporting the lowlife, bullying trolls and worse from FELL VIEW LA2 9RP and off shoot side streets for ALL (at least 23) claiming from spring 2014 that each one drove me about and that I lived in their council houses being “cared for”. Some pretended to be relatives, some pretended to be me, without detailing all that again, I will record the REPRISAL today. Yet again the lunatic in 41 Fell View JARVIS PRETENDED she had collected Mrs INVISIBLE to live in 41 Fell View so that is 4 invisible people in 4 days, BLEASDALE from 2 Hall Drive raced round and round in a “dropping off” another Mrs Invisible at 20 Fell View serious lowlife MILLS who claims to be my niece. Then it went on: without boring you all as you all think UK things are all good and torture etc does not take place here, the ORGANISED COLLECTIVE HARASSMENT when I set off to go out involved JARVIS from 41 rushing her front doorway as she is opposite me and can see when I set off from my front door 28 Fell View and the repulsive obese MILLS from 20, who is near me and spends all day watching my comings and goings as she has nothing else to do except count her monies gained in THEFT FRAUD and TREASON. (Obviously mail addressed to me as the invisible aunt goes there linked to BANK FRAUDS when the postman knows only Mills and “partner” live there.) BLEASDALE snr racing round and round is her partner’s father and apparently “collects” ME as Mrs Invisible to move in to 20 Fell View. He lives in 2 Hall Drive off Fell View. Only 2 days ago he “moved me from somewhere” after “collecting me” to 2 Milestone Place off Fell View, partners in crime with Mills*. Mills then, despite the poor weather stands outside and Jarvis does this; they use their young sons to stand and SHOUT at me to PRETEND I set off from their houses! How, if they drive me in their cars? This is ALTERNATIVE FACT, they of course know they will not provoke me; they have had almost 3 YEARS THREE YEARS trying. They use their small children so they can scream I shout at children, they will do anything to use and abuse their children.

Mills is a liar at best and as such is told what to report about me to the liars and corrupt on the council so they can pretend whatever they like. No wonder they can all have large cars to drive about, no jobs in sight, they get the free money.

Mills, as many know, was aided by Gestapo and council in having a squalid caravan dumped on the front of 20 Fell View and PRETENDED I rented it. They paid her “carers” monies and from this morning, I have just moved in again.

The collective harassment after I drove off involves the usual lowlife and it is hoped they provoke me so I respond and then they can all scream they are innocent and I harass them. This is the lunatic of LCC and Gestapo legal rep IAN YOUNG trying to make it FACT that his drivel recorded in PERJURY that I was charged with harassing the whole of Lancashire, was found guilty, appeared in court, was fined £500.000.00 and refused to pay so lost my house and assets because of that. PLEASE REMEMBER MICHAEL RYAN OF HUNGERFORD, THEY PUSHED HIM OVER THE EDGE KNOWING THEY COULD, HE WAS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SHOOTING THOSE ORGANISED HARASSERS.

My recent Sec 7 Subject Access Request to the Gestapo for which I paid £10 and waited FORTY 40 days found no, they had no idea as to when I was arrested, where I was arrested, which court heard the case, which officers were involved where the miles of CCTV footage showing me driving about harassing the whole of Lancashire were or are, names, ranks and badge numbers of “victims” and “witnesses”, which police station actually did the arrest, who my witnesses were and why the MoJ has no record of any such farce. In fact I had to show them in black and white what the lunatic YOUNG recorded in a document for a tribunal PERJURY as they found it hard to believe someone could be so stupid as to dream that up. Obviously that is kept safe so now they have to try and make that NOW to rewrite history as they think they can.

Another favourite of the thugs is to set off ELECTRONICALLY TAMPERING shop alarms as I leave and PRETEND I have walked out without paying as ANOTHER “reason” I “lost” my assets was that I was a shop lifter and so successful I bought MY house with it in 1998 and the Gestapo are so stupid they are still trying to find” evidence” yet thought they would STEAL WRECK and LOOT MY HOUSE in Oct 08 just in case they ever found PROOF I was a shop lifter. In fact the Gestapo have reverted to PRETENDING that by use of MILLS thieves and fraudsters (shopping earlier today in FD02 VDK a white Vauxhall with 20 Fell View being the usual Fagin’s den) she who claims to be MY niece when I have a niece who was a shop lifter, (I have not seen that niece for many years and was told she does not do that now) is PROOF I am my niece and am a shoplifter. How do they make MY niece, who I would not recognise now be me in Lancaster when she has never been? They have a local loser stand about as he apparently looks like a boyfriend my niece had about 10 years ago. Thus that idiot told to stand about and “be seen” in Lancaster will be PROOF I am my niece from the Oldham area. This is my GMP email of yesterday upsetting the lunatics: they seem to have run out of ideas to make me MR CAROL WOODS especially with my photos. I will add that May Bank Holiday Sunday 2016 and the Gestapo ESCORTED the lowlife in the white VAUXHALL to 20 Fell View and PRETENDED they drove me to move in there again. I took photos, CUMBRIA GESTAPO were used. Incidentally, the local Gestapo used an idiot male to be seen in Lancaster where I was in 2012 as that was proof then I was my niece. I have invited them to arrest me many times if I have stolen my ID and am really my niece; I have told my son and daughters that their “mother” is younger than they are by 2 or 3 years; they were most impressed. *How do they “collect and drop me off”? They park on the edge of CATON (the GPS on my car allows for this and no the Gestapo have no Home Office permission for that either) then drive behind me and PRETEND.

My email of yesterday also asked about records of my arrest as a terrorist when the niece in question was then in Styal prison for 2 days AGAIN: she attended a drug clinic as if she was me and the dentist. She was ‘bribed’ with not being charged with offences of electricity theft. That then became the “only 2 days” I was said to be there when I had been there WEEKS. The use of MILLS the repulsive is her name KARLEY sister KIRSTY and they were 2 names I was held under. Is my niece a “K” or “C” name? No. J in fact. I will send this to Gestapo HQ and invite arrest AGAIN if I have stolen my ID and am really 20 years younger and my niece.

Please remember that the seedy old thief and parasite AGNES JACKSON is currently posing as me in a mental hospital. She from 26 Fell View. Yours etc Carol Woods Ms.  Incidentally my niece’s name is not on my house title deeds.

Blue Badge Service PROOF THEY GOT MY REPORT  30 Jan. 17

Hi, I have just sent another email to Blue Badge dept re the frauds of lowlife all claiming to drive me about, the one I knew had, as I have excellent photos stalking me and pretending she drove me with the blue badge used for her FREE PARKING just carried on after I reported it. Then the news stated that over 1000 people had been charged with Blue Badge fraud. I sent an email staying dates and times from many, why one law for them and one for others? That horrendous troll ceased parking outside day after day to stalk to pretend. then it occurred to me, there are at least 23 pretending that so they must have free parking as well. Anyway, they can’t say I have not reported them all along with the vehicles used. hope you are both well, C

 On Monday, 30 January 2017, 18:58, Blue Badge Admin <> wrote:

Thank you for your email correspondence to the Blue Badge Service.

 Please accept this email as acknowledgement of any documentation submitted by email.

Blue Badge applications can take up to 28 days to be processed. If more than 28 days have passed since you completed an application and submitted the required supporting documentation, please feel free to contact us for an update

We aim to respond to all other queries within two working days. However, if your query is complex, it may take us longer to respond.

 Kind Regards,

Blue Badge Service

Tel: 0300 123 67 36

Blue Badge Service, PO Box 100, County Hall, Preston PR1 0LD

 All children have hopes and dreams for the future. Foster with us and help a local child achieve theirs.

Persons posing as probation officers Preston  26 Jan. 17

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Carol Woods <>
Date: 26 January 2017 at 22:33
Subject: Fw: Persons posing as probation officers Preston
To: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>

Dear Sirs This from my archives:the ROGER FRANKLAND as you know posed as a solicitor in the High Court London 13 Jan 2011 when he used police officer Tracey Kennedy to pose as me. Please note what that fraudster told me about a pile of letters he claimed had been sent by me. To whom? He could not say, he could say when they had been sent, he could no show me one. Then we have him posing as a solicitor to aid a police officer to pose as me (I have the paperwork, I guarantee all the rest has “disappeared”) BUT the letters were to suggest I sent them to harass people. So now we have invisible evidence and silly trolls CLERKS of Preston mags posing as probation officers. How do I know? I worked that court as probation officer years ago; I know what goes on and who is who. Carol Woods Ms – my email was ignored.

 On Thursday, 9 December 2010, 17:51, Carol Woods <> wrote:

Dear Sirs

I have seen Roger Frankland of Lancaster office and he told me he had a pile of letters sent by me but did not say to whom they had been sent. Neither could I see said letters. I told him that letters have been sent in my name by county lunatics but without seeing same then I am at a loss to know what they are. I ask that I am sent copies of all those letters as per my rights Sec 7 Data Protection Act 1998 amended 2000.

I also would like a signed and dated copy of the “report” said to be by Mr Frankland, the “report” said to be in existence by a medical “professional” and the dates that Mr Frankland spoke to my family members as stated he did in his report. They are all struggling to recall any such “meeting/s”. I was also told that he had made numerous phone calls regarding housing so I would like all those details as well, please to save duplication of effort.

I would also ask that the person impersonating a probation officer in Preston Magistrates Court on 6 May 2010 be identified, I recall she was called “Lynne”. Then we have the one from 1 July 2010 who was also a clerk but pretending to be a probation officer, and the last one on Wed1st Dec who said she had spoken to my brother and my daughter who both agreed I should go to their homes to stay. Neither my brother nor my daughter had been contacted at all. That woman was another liar and another impostor. John Robinson will know who those impostors were.

Fraud and corruption in Lancaster office  26 Jan. 2017

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Data Analysis <>
Date: 26 January 2017 at 21:44
Subject: Fw: Fraud and corruption in Lancaster office
To: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>,

Dear Sirs Please see this IGNORED from 2011 as it had been from 2010. Carol Woods Ms. I found out in Jan 2011 that a ROGER FRANKLAND probation officer of Lancaster had posed as a solicitor in the London High Court and presented police officer TRACEY KENNEDY as me and her partner ANNA JUDITH PERELES on a case that only I have paperwork for. I will not go into all that but anyone can ask me anything about that. I will just add that DAVID MORRIS MP was lied to in that. Yours etc Carol Woods Ms and Frankland the deranges is still used to stalk me from time to time. such as 3 weeks ago to harass.

 On Monday, 18 April 2011, 17:01, Data Analysis <> wrote:

Can this be passed on please? Thanks CW.

— On Mon, 18/4/11, Data Analysis <> wrote:

From: Data Analysis <>
Subject: Fraud and corruption in Lancaster office
Date: Monday, 18 April, 2011, 15:59

Dear Chief Executive
I never received the promised investigation into impersonation of probation officers in Preston Mags court, the male visiting my brother and daughter who said he was Roger Frankland when he was not, (R F knew about all that), the perjury of Roger Frankland and ‘his report’ of Nov 2010.

I also require the name of the woman in Lancaster Mags court on Friday15th April 2011.

The slander she offered will be paid for by her.

Possibly the probation service has the dates of suppose ‘trial’ (where apparently I was found guilty) (after 14 Jan 2010 but prior to 18 March 2010. The name of the judge and the name of the court. I also need to know which witnesses attended.

I have made my Sec 7 SAR (re Data protection Act 1998 Am 2000) now at least 5 times yet remain ignored.

I also require the names of the persons impersonating officers on 6 May 2010, 1 July 2010 and 1 Dec 2010. I can identify the male visiting persons in gross violations of privacy and saying he was RF.

The service is not what it was when I was an officer. Nobody I knew would have set someone to impersonate, allowed a known lunatic to write his drivel and present as a ‘report’ and then send a female to lie in court, offer the perjury and offer slander. many thanks for your attention to this Carol Woods
DWP FRAUD IN PROGRESS LA2 9RP again  26 Jan. 17

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: carol woods <>
Date: 26 January 2017 at 16:55
To: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>,  “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>

Dear Sirs this I start to type at 16 10 pm today 26/1/17. I have reason to believe that MORE FRAUD in false claims DWP and related take place. This has been done a number of times and I reported from finding out in late 2014 FELL VIEW CATON LA2 9RP. For those who do not know, I moved to 28 Fell View 24 3 14 and found that parasites, lowlife deluded thieves and much worse claimed to be me, claimed they drove me about as “disabled” and claimed in FRAUD. I found at least 23 houses round Fell View and off shoots (side streets) were involved in organised crime with the Gestapo leading the bullying, harassment, organised thuggery, manufacturing of “evidence” I commit crime and so forth; there is overwhelming cogent evidence.

Today then; a snap shot which is done EVERY SINGLE TIME I GET A UTILITY BILL.

JUNE and KINGSLEY WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View aka Mr and Mrs Carol Woods with ID provided by Gestapo (on film) arrange for local unemployed (all are unemployed and always will be) to hide the car PJ65 WLL registered to ME as if they are me, that then appears to “prove” they are out. They are not out: I hear them coughing, hear him sneezing and see her at the kitchen window when I go out to check winter damage to plants in my rear garden. They are not out. They have done this many times with the INTENTION of claiming they are out but with what MOTIVE?

The motive is MY BILLS: I go to pay my bills and they claim as they are out, MY bills are their bills paid. I am invisible apparently. Going to vote is always the same; the car is hidden, they hide in the dark and MY voting is apparently hers. They are too lazy to even bother. The Gestapo often “drop by” to claim they did not see PJ65 WLL parked thus MY being out MUST be proof she/ they is/are me.

The Gestapo drop by to a few ( 20 for example, 37, 45) to with the MOTIVE of “How do we get out of this?” when they know I find out other serious offences.

Without going into the use of others where “I” also “live” driven about by lowlife (the monies they receive are why they can all have at least 2 cars good ones, not X reg like mine and why they do not need to work, they declare they are “carers” and no one calls to check), I drive then to Lancaster with the GPS ILLEGALLY on my car, showing where I go to park; I have 2 or 3 regular places. Thus the Gestapo have arranged their lowlife in Lancaster to leap into action to harass and defraud to be seen where my car is, thus to be ME.

Today, ignoring much else, they had the usual type of dullard with the RED HOODED COAT as they buy all their CAROL WOODS such an item as that is apparently PROOF they are me in my red car! (Trump could really learn from the lunatics of Lancashire, alternative facts, a car is a coat!) This troll today heads right for the post office, scene of a great deal of fraud which is why I rarely use it. She waves about lots of items to post and I GUARANTEE they are BANK RELATED, DWP and so on.

They will be the NEW CLAIM whereby JACKSON returns to 26 Fell View and claims to be me making a new claim as “disabled” or “ill”. But she is seen in a post office – yes, they expect me to pay my utility bills which will be proof I was in a post office (anyone, as long as locally in Lancaster) thus HER posting dressed as if in MY Car is proof I posted! (I told you I couldn’t make this up.)
Do I have a red coat? No. June Williams was bought one to be seen driven about in a red car as proof she was me, as earlier versions of me had been (all on camera/photos), AGNES JACKSON from 26 Fell View among the main fraudsters and worse.

JACKSON is “away” as me. The Gestapo want to rewrite (as alternative fact) MY arrest of Nov 2015 into March 2016 and PRETEND that it did not happen and really, all I know is JACKSON being sent away as me NOW. My recent Sec 7 Subject Access Request to the Gestapo saw them so clever sending me a few copies of my old faxes to them; they destroy data as soon as they need a “new fact”.

Jackson has been claiming to be me disabled, she has been claiming with Gestapo assistance, TREASON witnessed by me aided by postal staff, FRAUD, FORGERY of my name, theft of MY car documents which is why I had to drive to SWANSEA in Sept 2016 to find out why I never received the annual reminder to tax my car and finding JACKSON had been delivered of MY car documents being forced to finally sneak them into my letter box on 24 Sept 2016.

That old troll has been in 26 Fell View almost 2 decades; the post office know who she is. They withhold my utility bills often so that I pay them when there is a “plan” underway which is that WILLIAMS hide so are me out paying my bills received 2 days late. (They were from 06 – 08 incl stolen to try and create a debt for me in the usual Masonic lunacy, Vol 2 my book) BUT I am to be JACKSON with the silly troll and red coat (photos will follow when I have a series ready scanned) because of course JACKSON has to return to FELL VIEW sooner or later: she can’t be away as me much longer. The troll used was too young to be Jackson and walked; she did not waddle as Jackson does. She, as others, have the hood UP to hide the fact they are nothing like me.
In Feb 2015 I found that the council had deleted records of 28 Fell View and claimed one half was part of 26 and the other half part of 30 so that those 3 horrendous parasites could claim to be me with a married sister. The “threesome” FRAUDS takes place at 24 with an old married couple and his sister, and in various others round Fell View. Those in 24 CURWEN  “suddenly came into money” when I moved to 28 Fell View, they were me apparently after an RTA which I have never had. The photos of those farces with GESTAPO input are cogent evidence.

The MOTIVE now for me is to alert those who should be interested and claim I will testify: and I will not be paying my bills so the Gestapo will have to do all that they have done today, again. The council were also involved; the usual gormless sleazy walking up and down waving papers with the PRETENCE someone “new” was moving in – again. Yours etc PS Please note, when this was done EXACTLY the same in 2015, the day after I received a letter for MS CAROL JACKSON 28 Fell View. I put it back in the box saying “Never heard of this person”. I took photos and weeks later thought to check the return address on the envelope: HSBC bank, I was not surprised; it is a bank used in FRAUD and 2 accounts were found in LONDON when I went to enquire May 2010 knowing something was amiss in among the business I dealt with then. I made a statement for the manager; one account was IN MY NAME and one in the name of one of my daughters. They were nothing to do with us. I have reason to think that HSBC is used more in the same forgery and fraud. Jackson has no daughter, Williams have 1 daughter who has nothing to do with them, I have 3 daughters. This to Gestapo who will ignore it. But we can all see it has been reported. MY car is RED X165 YUB and not PJ65 WLL.

Archive continues @CAROL WOODS: Major corruption in the LEGAL PROFESSION Mike Todd GMP 23 Jan. 17 + archive

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