From the U.S.:

If so, it is my pleasure to formally welcome you to join our new coalition.
The Coalition of Targeted Individuals ( is not just a support group. It is a support system and an advancing movement that was formed to not only fight back against these ass holes, but to inform the rest of the population of what is really going on by introducing all the facts and putting to an end, all of the lies and misconceptions. 
We intend to not only expose this crime against all of us, but to also expose the technologies being used, their obvious threats to the rest of humanity, and many other heinous crimes and obvious human rights violations being committed, worldwide.
Their deceptions can only last as long as people are unable to accept the truth. 
So I invite you to help discover this truth with all of us, targeted and nontargeted individuals alike; And share that truth with all who are able to listen. 
Our coalition website enables us to communicate and connect both on and off the internet in a safe and secure manner. 
It allows us to share our experiences and compare and contrast them to discover our differences and similarities.
It makes it easier for us to support one another and share helpful tips we can use to protect ourselves and stay in control.
There are also sections of the site that allow us to have fun and express ourselves creatively through therapeutic ranting, art and creative writing.
Please take the time to check out our new website; If not for you, than for the rest of us.
You can quickly create an account and a profile and share whatever you can in our forum..
Welcome and congratulations on joining and becoming an important part of The Coalition of Targeted Individuals! 
Thank You”



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