The corruption and resultant coverup, ever constant, regarding the revelations Carol Woods has and still is detailing is truly staggering. 

For her whistleblowing Carol is stalked daily where she lives by a team which has in it numerous locals to where she is residing – neighbours and others – all  connected to this small, quiet, out of the way Northern English town where nothing is done about any of it by authorities notified – let alone the details she has revealed concerning child abuse as shown in the video presentations below. Could it be those very same authorities notified are the same  as being involved in the extremely serious details Carol reveals in those videos? It seems so.

Carol has been locked away illegally in closed hospital mental units at least 5 times, to silence her, but has always been released weeks later because the charges against her were lacking credibility, and she has also been falsely arrested numerous times since resigning her employment with the government in this very same county as a top Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection officer, which included training other social workers as part of her role. 

More than one highly questionable death has occurred along the way to it all, connected to what she has revealed. Add to that a dubious would-be land sale involving an ex-Prime Minister’s wife and there we have a perfect recipe for an ultimate in coverups as dark and sinful as it can get…

Please see below, under the video etc. links, the latest update from whistleblower and ex-UK Government Social Worker Level 3 and Child Protection Officer Ms. Carol Woods, received  17 Febuary2017 and before. A lot of the posts shown throughout, beginning in the archive from Febuary 2016 – when Carol was being forcibly and illegally detained in a Lancs. “mental facility” – are emails sent by Carol to very top level UK Government figures, including police, some posts with addresses removed to comply with current laws. Everything sent is ignored wholesale by these government figures and departments. Please believe me – many have tried!

While the more recent updates from Ms. Woods may concentrate on the more current ID frauds and similar relating to her at her present abode, it must be fully understood that the longstanding chronic stalking and serious I.D. frauds by locals and by parties known and unknown [most definitely connected to certain UK Government agencies, eg the police, Social Services etc.]  are seemingly being enacted as a direct result of Ms. Woods reporting, or attempting to report certain findings [serious crimes] whilst employed by a UK town council as a senior Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer, as described within the videos and radio broadcasts that follow these paragraphs entitled “IMPORTANT VIDEOS”.  The massive corruption that is described has so far gone unchecked and is ignored wholesale by whichever UK government agency it is reported to, which is clearly described within the videos – an absolute and utter public scandal!

More serious crimes and misdemenours committed against Ms. Woods, all completely ignored by whichever UK government agency one tries to take anything to, include: 

the theft of her home [as happened also to Patrick Cullinane R.I.P., Len Lawrence, Joseph Henry [multiple houses stolen], Tom Crawford, Barbara Hofschroer, and so many more],

at least 5 separate enforced incarcerations in mental hospital units for no earthly good reason – one excuse used  for such incarcerations being that Ms. Woods was mentally “deluded” in her findings of utter corruption within a Lancs. council – her latest incarceration being between November 2015 and Febuary 2016. Carol was also forced to take psychotropic drugs against her will during these hospital stays, and was threatened with re-arrest before her leaving the “Cygnet” unit, Lancs. in Febuary 2016.

fake IDs used [for example: for expensive commercial criminal frauds], 

chronic gangstalking and/or harrassment by government connected sources,

home burglaries,

the inflicting of tracking devices upon her motor vehicle, and also numerous attempted thefts of that vehicle, and the attempted destruction of her motor vehicle, 

enforced “bankruptcy” with no evidence whatsoever.

Many more seriously criminal activities exist, committed against this lone female, which have been reported accordingly to no avail, along with her discoveries as a Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer. All of what is described, especially within the videos and related data below is a public scandal, and equally as disgusting is that nothing is being done about any of it by any UK government department contacted, from the Prime Minister down, let alone the heads of police forces and MPs!



2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016

3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016 


 SriLankerC 24 April 2016

6] Carol Woods Social Worker Unlawfully Incarcerated In Psychiatric Gulag   – 16 April 2016 by  GeorgeGreekTrucker 

Google CAROL WOODS carolwoods..see the 2007 blog:

ID THEFT Lancs W’blower invites arrest again. 17 Feb. 17

———- Forwarded message ———-
 From: carol woods <>
 Date: 17 February 2017 at 15:40
 Subject: ID THEFT Lancs W’blower invites arrest again.
 To: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>
 Cc: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>

Dear Sirs,
 Lancashire Police Over YEARS I have had your deluded, deranged half wits, bullies, thieves, liars, fraudsters, forgers and WORSE (premeditated attempts to murder me number double figures now) hope to claim they are me to leave me to be someone YOU want to INVENT.

Thus we have had many but some are used and re-used such as JOANNE HALL of Oldham who YOU with GMP thugs have had pretend to be me for YEARS especially from 2010. For those who will find this too amazing for words I add that Hall is a niece of mine about 42 now and nothing like me. BUT she in the GMP thug area is used to account for their thuggery against me from May 2004 when DS ANDREW RIGBY Bootle St M’ter was bribed after trying to contact me to visit me AGAIN IN MY HOUSE, which Hall has never been to, in Lancaster, to pursue the matters for which MIKE TODD the Chief Constable was later murdered for pursuing.

I invited arrest at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP only recently AGAIN saying if I was Hall I impersonated myself and that was a crime so, you were invited to call but did not.

I also then, after the lowlife in 20 Fell View and 7 Leslie Ave off Fell View MILLS KARLEY and KIRSTY posed as MY nieces for GAIN and for them to be the CATON version of HALL (and her sister KERRY who was used briefly in 2011 but not since)*

I invited you to call if MY name was ANY “K” name when I use CAROL, it being my name so not surprising, thus, it follows if MY name is a “K” name (as well as being Joanne according to your deranged) then I only pose as me; that is a crime. You did not call to arrest me. I had to think I was not Hall or anyone with a K name. A jury will certainly need convincing I am not me.

BUT I am also apparently the serious roughneck, coarse and common old bullying thief and worse in 30 FELL VIEW (as well as at least 23 others which I omit from this, dealing with the Gestapo we have to keep things simple) JUNE WILLIAMS. The photos show that repulsive pair, bullying out of 28 the former elderly occupant because it was wanted for me so she could be “me” and assumed I’d not find out.

Williams is a BANKRUPT from Manchester: it was all PLANNED so she could be me mixed in with her repulsive old fool husband MR KINGSLEY WILLIAMS as he has the “K” name. Thus she from MANCHESTER you would want to be me to cover YOUR crimes using GMP when I have never lived in that area. I was born in Oldham: we left when I was small, that was all.

For those CC this the lunacy extends this far, when Williams is me, the old thief AGNES JACKSON in 26 is not as she is also apparently me. They have a rota; the Gestapo refer to it all as “back-up plans”. I use launderettes for my main washing unless the harassment is intense in which case I manage in 28. (What harassment can they indulge in, I hear you ask, yobs and lowlife males sent with all kinds of instruction, today to stand about and PRETEND to be MR CAROL WOODS at the launderette making, apparently, my washing theirs!! I told you I couldn’t make this up, I seem not to be there especially if I am someone else somewhere else.) They Gestapo knows I head to the launderette because the lowlife in Fell View tell them I have my laundry with me and the ILLEGAL GPS on my car tells them EXACTLY where and when I wash.

Some months ago JUNE WILLIAMS was to be ME again. I had been the launderette and hung out my washing in my rear garden as usual. My rear garden is larger than theirs and mine accommodates all my washing: theirs is tiny and does not accommodate their own let alone mine as well.

The Gestapo contacted her to tell her to LOUDLY (everything this disgusting creature is loud, for the first time in her miserable life she thinks she is “important”) go out in Peugeot PJ65 WLL (registered to ME as if they are MR and K/Carol Woods) shout about her washing out. She, deranged and deluded, had no washing out but off she went shouting about her washing out. I took photos, nothing in her yard, nothing in 26 or 32, anywhere except mine. The Gestapo then sent a helicopter to hover to CONFIRM they saw washing out and it was hers thus she was me in 28 and not herself in 30! I took 2 photos of that as well. YOU PAY FOR ALL THIS.

In 2013 the use of the helicopter increased as they tried to force me out of 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ where I rented caravan 1A but discovered serious organised crime. The Gestapo heavily involved, they assumed their use of the helicopter would scare me off. In 2008 the use had scared me (remember they stole wrecked and looted MY house in 08 after Mike Todd was murdered), now I take photos and they are scared.

In spring 2013 I bought a good quality toy helicopter and took it myself to the Bunker in Lancaster for liar and fraudster CS RICHARD BAYLY saying if he played with that each time he had the urge to use the REAL helicopter then we could as tax-payers save a great deal of money. I have seen no evidence he ever played with that instead of wasting all the tax-payers monies. I am not prepared to buy him a toy laundry set but I will develop photos of MY washing in MY rear garden if that is what they find so terribly “interesting” and then if WILLIAMS is me, she will have my photos. That stands up to scrutiny. (Bayly tries to make me WOOD not WOODS.)

Meanwhile I attach photos of that lowlife, she with her thin, short, white hair dyed YELLOW to try and look like mine for CCTV purposes (instructed to do that along with the ID they provided for her IN MY NAME which you all have been told about yet ignore). The car RED FORD FIESTA hired IN MY name as they “forgot” the detail that they had PK62 NXJ grey (they have had 5 FIVE cars as “me”) so they had to be seen in a “red car” as mine is red. Mine still is. PYE Motors moved this as soon as I went with photos.

Another favourite is to have seedy old men stalking me as that is PROOF I am seen with such thus must be WILLIAMS.

THIS IS MY INVITE THEN, YET AGAIN, IF I ONLY POSE AS ME AND AM REALLY THAT LOWLIFE I WILL BE IN ALL EVENING AND YOU CAN ARREST ME FOR POSING AS ME. Oddly when PERJURER and dullard PC ANDREW MASSINGHAM did arrest me on 7 Nov 2015, he arrested me as me. How odd is that? For those cc this he arrested me for a long list of crimes which included ‘following someone to a local airport’. No one named, no airport mentioned, no date; I told you I couldn’t make this up. He seemed to admit also that I had a car to do that yet neither HALL woman drives, Jackson who claims to be me does not drive and if I am Williams then HER CAR was seen, not mine. Mine was not seen: I was in Liverpool airport en-route to Barcelona.)

*I have seen neither Kerry nor Joanne for YEARS. Both have life long criminal records some crimes really nasty. I understand that now they are both over 40 that they just live to collect benefits and have ceased committing crimes. Kind Regards, Carol Woods WOODS not WOOD 28 Hell View Caton LA2 9RP and no, I am not living in 39 Fell View as the bleached old O’CONNER either. Sadly you will not see or hear a dog as I do not have one.


GSCC Corruption to protect the corrupt Lancashire County Council 17 Feb. 17

Dear Sirs, I send this email below retrieved from my records: this is ME writing to a Ms TINA PAZZANO who was a good friend of mine. I was writing formally as this was to GSCC who were told to “punish” Tina because she was a witness for me in 2 court cases, those which DIRECTLY led to the murder of MIKE TODD GMP. GSCC I found were nothing but liars and they were told to withhold Tina’s registration when she tried to gain another post after being forced out of her job with LCC BECAUSE SHE DARED BE A WITNESS. Tina was ONE to confirm that she saw LCC legal team meeting with the bench PETER RUSSELL, Mr BARNES and NICHOLS Manchester Employment Tribunals 2406569/01 claim and 2402412/04 NEITHER entered into the public register and neither legally heard. They met to discuss my knowledge of the PERJURY law 1911, I was not supposed to know that law or declare PERJURY from LCC. Tina did, after much help from T and G union, gain her registration and moved away then living and working in Scotland PATNA AYR. In late 09 TINA was “approached” and bribed. She would get one of her mortgages paid off if she betrayed me and claimed she had not been my friend but my social worker. (And that I was deluded thinking she was my friend.)That is what she tried. I knew as soon as she tried to change: we had been good friends for years, she either underestimated me or overestimated herself. She was also told to try and trap me into having £50 paid into a daughter’s bank account to involve my daughter. I never spoke to her again. GSCC in 2015 alerted to ANOTHER wrongful arrest and illegal detention of me involving sleazy social workers and MORE PERJURY, MELANIE FORREST, JASON BLEZARD, and others who manufactured psychiatrist’s letters claiming the psychiatrist had visited me and deemed me mentally ill. She confirmed AFTER I had been illegally detained for 4 months that she had never set eyes on me. BLEZARD and FORREST compiled the drivel said to be from the psychiatrist: I reported all involved and remain, to NOW, totally ignored.

On Thursday, 19 January 2006, 15:15, carol woods <> wrote:

Dear  Ms Pazzano

I have copied this to you but it firstly goes to a named person in GSCC. I feel sure that named person will pass this on.

Given GSCC’s treatment of you in attempts to prevent you from working by denying you your regsitration I think we should consider including the Rochdale workers now in the Judicial Review.

The judge was kind in that programme of scandalous corruption and gross unprofessionalism and simply, child abuse by social workers, (remember what the 16 year old said?) saying they were ‘over zealous’ when lying in court.

That is his corruption and protection of the corrupt. Under oath, lying in court is Perjury under the terms of the Perjury Act 1911.

Why are they still working?

Why were they given their registration numbers?

Why are those in LCC as perjurers, P Allen etc, the names we have mentioned before all still working as registered social workers.

Why were they given their registration numbers when it was known they were useless at their jobs?

Those interviews with the Rochdale children were a national scandal and for those arrogant, stupid workers to say that they didn’t think they needed training when it was clear to the averagre man in the street they were conducting the interviews in gross unprofessionalism.

The GSCC is not impartial, their treatment of you, not to mention the liar Fiona Woodward paid to send me a letter which she hadn’t written saying I wouldn’t get my registration, shows that LCC pull their strings and we will need to ask, very loudly, why? If you need assistance with the Notice for the JR please feel free to ask.

As an aside, I can say that as I had not wanted to register as a social worker I had to wonder why Fiona Woodward wrote saying I would be deprived of such.

That is interesting. Fiona Woodward did not write her letter to me as I can prove, Ian Yougn wrote that letter. He is a liar and abully ni the legal department of LCC, he paid F Woodward to send me that letter. I asked her why she thought I would want to be regsitered.

She hadn’t thought that at all.

LCC were listening to my domestic phone calls and listened in to our conversation which we set up to see if they were listening in. (It was that they were and have done for years now.) You will recall that we discussed the possiblity of my working for your agency, to see if LCC tried to spoil anyhting for me as they have for you.

That is why Ian Young wrote that letter for F Woodward, they really thought I was going to register to obtain work for an agency.

I wonder how they will talk their way out of that Interception of Communications under the 1985 Act, a criminal offence. I must thank them for their evidence.

Yours etc Carol Woods

1  DWP FRAUD Lancs org. crime and harassment  17 Feb. 17

This is in 2 parts to accommodate the photos. They show the pub landlord I only know as MARK he who posed as a solicitor representing me on 23 Nov 2012 when I had only seen him stalking me: I had no idea who he was so that is FORGERY. FRAUD and posing as a solicitor is also crime. He claimed he represented me in a DWP case for “extra monies” as if I was “ill” In that one who claimed to by my partner attended. He was ALAN McTEAR aka KEN WILLIAMS and others, another stranger reported for stalking. See how the seedy ‘MARK’ is STILL used to be covered for. Lookalikes of the murdering thug McTEAR are used to aid and abet him when it is necessary.Please feel free to quote me and ask any questions especially about the photos and E-CRIME, use of phones in fraud etc. Please ask if I fail to send you both copies.
 04-2203 001 The data below was sent during the working day 15/2/17 and now after I have seen the film DENIAL (David Irving and the Holocaust) I have to suggest that those in Lancashire would have all been fascists and collaborators EXACTLY as I have recorded for YEARS. Please note: 16/2/17 and ANOTHER SELF DRIVE HIRE van parks and PRETENDS: I have moved in AGAIN. This in 2 parts to accommodate the photos. JUNE WILLIAMS did on 16/2/17 hide in 32 Fell View hoping to claim she was me if I went out. She pretends that as she is not in 30 then it is “proof” she is out even though she just hides in 32. I did not go out: she is not me.

Leaving Morecambe library, as IRVING tried to account for the Holocaust and rewrite it all, I record this related to data below: the male dollop was to be one thug in HARROW library found stealing my data as I typed which the librarian reported to the Gestapo but they did nothing, why was that acted out again NOW? Lancashire GESTAPO want to say I was not in Harrow and living in LONDON: they want a different version to account for the Gestapo thuggery there and wrongful arrests and false imprisonments etc as if I was someone else. What was the female doing after him aside from trying to act out the fraudsters from Heysham library in 2012? She was to be ME as Diane Lennon roughneck, thief and worse from 2021 who tried to obtain work as if she was me DISABLED via REMPLOY. Lennon was “blonde” so I had many “blonde” doxies recruited to try and suggest they drove me about or, were me.

Why did this overweight troll sit stuffing her face with sweets as well? Because the Gestapo had a male in Lancaster University library doing just that MONTHS ago and he was caught posing as MR CAROL WOODS, thus they had a “revision history” idea. But he was on photos then and she is now so, no revision history. It is linked to claiming that I “lost” MY HOUSE as I am diabetic! (I told you, I couldn’t make this up.)

I ignored much else; we had one idiot in a charity shop drop and smash a pile of crockery WITH INTENT, why? Because that was done at least 4 times in TK MAXX and MORRISON’s 2012 to make me “FORGET” MY house windows and the wrecking of my house in Oct 2008. In 2013 they had the lowlife in flat 4 SHIRLEY RYCROFT who claimed to be me, Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA stand outside my flat no. 3 at least twice to deliberately smash glass items in the same thuggery. This seems now to be 2012 again except the film DENIAL was not made then, Rycroft was not me then and I also saw the film LION this week and that is a new release 2017 so we seem not to be in 2012 again. I have photos of the male waiting for me to leave the library to then post as I walked by: he posted I did not, I was busy taking photos.

 The use of old fraudsters continued, the 3 THREE sent in a space of minutes were replaced. I saw, prior to logging out earlier than I needed to (to stop the female dollop and her LCC job application meshing with MY use which in 2011 JANICE BOURNEN of 7 North Way Lewes had done as she was me then), that some of my emails were blocked from associates. Walking then back to my car the Gestapo had a BLONDE troll at the Town Hall (just after 5pm? They’d all be away well before then) on the promenade, she was to race off and PRETEND in her BLACK car with RED trimmings, one that has been used often round Fell View at no. 31 to PRETEND somehow it was linked to me.

I took a photo and ANOTHER waited, the same type of “blonde” waving papers about, Mrs Important I presumed, she with a blue Toyota Yaris; I took a photo, PG60 JZU. (The car PJ60 BYR from 2012 into 2013 at 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ is a major issue in FRAUD so anything with a similar plate is used to hope I see and “forget” or not see so that this seedy old doxy could pretend). Walking past the STRATHMORE Masonic hotel they had a couple to walk in MR and MRS Carol Woods while a local roughneck sat sending her texts to alert someone near my car that I was on my way back: I took her photo, it is my civic duty to record FRAUD and harassment, she the usual roughneck, coarse and common smoking used, a “me” as I was to be someone else not with my car. Another car waited, illegally parked PRETENDING he was about to have someone get in, AJ07 WXR, he was to drive off when he saw my car move: he didn’t, I was in no hurry. He gave up before I did and then I saw the old fraudster also hiding silver BMW L20, he gave up before I did so I got my photos. he was to be the David Irving version of LK07 AUA from May 2010 Harrow North London as I was there, as was that cobalt blue MINI, a yob, while Lancashire Gestapo pretended I was in Lancaster and not me in Harrow. They did that by forcing one of my daughters to shop in Lancaster using a BANK CARD IN MY NAME as PROOF I shopped in Lancaster and thus was not me in Harrow. My noting that detail and then starting to take more and more photos suggested I was there.

 I stopped off at ALDI and the usual trolls raced in but were too late: I needed hardly anything. I had developed my photos and one was of a can of pop left on the library steps to be the MILK left at Preston library; REVISION HISTORY (the photo was sent out to show what lowlife I “live” among when JARVIS the deranged in 41 took from their fridge and left on the front doorstep all the milk they had to make me see and PRETEND it was for me in their house when I do not have dairy products at all.) The usual type of thug in his white van with the usual RED taxi waited on RYELANDS estate for MY car to pass, then cut into the traffic and drive “with me” as apparently I have just moved from there again. (I move from there every time I drive past which makes it ON CAMERA now more than 230 times from 2012.) The white van thug so brave and clever tailgated me but I went to the cinema for an early film which seemed odd for someone just moving.

After the cinema I had the usual types on their phones sending their texts to the next along the line, I’d had YG57 XNL pretend to drop me off after I originally parked my car so I  moved my car to suggest no one dropped me off. Then at my car I had the usual lowlife collected to “drive me” and be me. PN14 OWG was one; SK06 VYU had waited by the closed NHS storage unit to PRETEND to be linked to scum floating from NHS collect me, and this, a taxi pulled up and the seedy old thief and fraudster, perjurer and forger “MARK” PUB LANDLORD ROBERT GILLOW pub Lancaster alighted and rushed into the GREGSON INSTITUE cafe bar which I used to frequent. He is an issue, I wondered why I had males with beards pestering; they were supposed to be that lowlife and “seen with me”. I also went in, first time in years; he went to a LABOUR PARTY MEETING: I was not surprised. The taxi dropping him off was PN60 ATY; he is ANOTHER MR CAROL WOODS and the photo attached here is what the DAVID IRVING type liars thought they were “rewriting”. This sleazy entering STARBUCKS Lancaster with a troll they selected to look like JOANNE HALL (except about 8” too short) and she was to carry knitting wool as PROOF she was me thus I was Joanne Hall. LOOTING MY HOUSE the Gestapo stole of course all my craft and art items: Hall has never done a stitch of anything in her life and she is not my daughter. She lives miles from me but is used as she is a thief and druggie so she as me is apparently why I “lost” MY HOUSE. She is a niece of mine giving credence to the adage that one cannot chose one’s family but one can chose one’s friends. L10 YBD pretended to also drive me back but then OEO6 APF lowlife from 37 raced into Lancaster which is an old FRAUD: they PRETEND I have phoned them for a lift as apparently I live in 37 Fell View as well with council scum floating. BUT YY54 BVZ a silver Renault I knew from 2014 was involved usually at 32 QUERNMORE RD to “marry up with the old fraudster LAMB in 32 Fell View” drove round twice as I sat and watched then took a photo; they with a DRIVE ME van used once to move me into 28 only a week ago and here we are being moved in AGAIN at almost 9pm. I saw the council sleazy PE56 NXB hiding at no. 5 as I also live there from time to time apparently with the FRAUD being that the deranged JARVIS in 41 are away and this is really end Dec 2014 into Jan. 2015 when they went away and that was revision history as they went away Oct into Nov 2014 BUT “forgot” to take their invisible lodger with them. The Gestapo sent them away and PRETENDED that council scum in PE08 ZRX cared for the INVISIBLE Mrs CAROL WOODS (me) in their absence to try and get right what they had got so wrong. On 14/2/17 Jarvis went to PRETEND to take the same invisible person to be “looked after” in their absence again. The sleazy with PE08 ZRX was always in PE56 NXB so there she was, hiding parked out of sight to PRETEND. I presume she had been driving “me” about as well as the rest on 15/2/17.

That was not all: the roughneck thief and worse from 8 BECK SIDE also thought she could drive round and PRETEND in DK51 HVL except I was still parked up watching the lunatics act their worst; she went to 2 Fell View and pretended that she drove her invisible person from 2 Fell View NOT 33 FOUND OUT to be an empty house used in FRAUD from March 2014, reported by me and obviously someone finally takes note. It was odd that roughneck stopping at no 2 as she from 2 Fell View WOODRUFF, who apparently is also me, is in 45 with her car parked outside DG51 WRL with DK51 trying to muddy those waters of FRAUD. Those in 45 are also “me” apparently, MARGARET DALTON and yob son E-CRIME fraudsters, buddies to bent cops.

 AND the loud mouth in 20 Fell View, K MILLS  was in on the FRAUD standing at the front of 20 and PRETENDING she drove me there and using a small boy as “cover” which is what Jarvis does; they pretend their loud drivel to the child is to me. It is an old FRAUD.

Then I moved in or out of 47 Copy Lane again end of Fell View as I have moved in and out of there about 5 times this year: a small white van aided that “move” PO14 YSN. I have also recorded ANOTHER red car mysteriously appearing as they are all me apparently, H781 FLX Peugeot I think. Why use that old thing?

Because a pair of fraudsters JOHN and LYNNE AUSTIN former friends, did from 2012 delete me from my family tree so that vain, vacuous silly woman could be me, their car a RED Citroen CV with a white stripe, H677 UFR and here the Gestapo think that a red car seen in Caton H reg is PROOF LYNNE AUSTIN is me, married to JOHN and “I” thus live in Blackpool or Caton is actually Blackpool!

Lynne is “blonde”. She bleached her hair for ever almost so she has none much; she adds to it via cheap scruffy hair pieces and thinks she fools all the people all of the time. Mine is strawberry blonde and not dyed. Oddly the malicious old thief in 26 Fell View is also me and her hair is white; she has no husband JOHN, and the old crone, thief and worse in 30 is also me and she has no JOHN to drive her about; she has a bloated white haired old lecher and she drives him. She in 30 dyes her thin, short white hair a yellow colour as she is me apparently; see how they all want to be me.

And then 2 other cars parked, one used previously to stalk and PRETEND to drive me PK65 ZRX and another not on my extensive records,  BJ56 HDN. PF08 WDJ is not parked; that is ONE used in FRAUD by Lamb in 32 Fell View and she uses that claiming she is my dead mother and I drive her about. It often “disappears” for days at a time. Thus it is busy along this country circle of 55 council houses; I expect to see swastikas at any time.


2 Lancs Org crime and harassment. part 2 of 2

Part 2. Please feel free to quote me. I am keen to testify. Yours etc Carol Woods Ms.  This is my most used email address.
I sent this below earlier, then left Morecambe library and returned after over an hour to find this: the loud mouth group of local old fools told to sit and PRETEND to “research” local history including many names not linked, simply names on the list of fraudsters linked to me such as DAVID MIDDLETON and HOLDEN’s solicitors (they were writing to me to arrive 11/8/12 which mail DIANNE LENNON stole from ME she then running away), the lunatics shouted about drains and were started again when I returned. They talk utter rubbish and not a pen or book in front of any of them. DRAINS? That is related to the attempted murder of me at 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ AFTER 3 attempts to blow up my caravan by causing a gas explosion. They then accessed the underneath of my caravan 1A rented there and tampered with my electrics, found out they claimed it was drains they looked for. They assumed I was as stupid as they were.The MR C Woods Asian is still sitting, Then the West Indian Mr Carol Woods was sent to rush in so I have  half wits all pretending. (July 2011 I find West Indian accessing THIS MY EMAIL address Brighton Internet café I used and 2011 late an Asian in Shaw library and I had a witness with me who saw that. That is why they are used.)
  I have a male far too interested in me and he is typing a word doc using all the equipment that would keep NASA going.

Why does he need a public library? He doesn’t, this is how lowlife send out in MY name and I have a photo of the male earlier waiting for me to walk by a post box where he posted so we have a MR CAROL WOODS INVENTION underway again. I got a photo of HIM posting: I had not.

They then sent among others I ignored GILLIAN EDMONDSON who is from my school days and has had mental illness from childhood. She is older than I am but always shipped in when she is to be me in Morecambe area. Thus I say “Hello” and that is all. She did in 2012 at least 4 times try entrapment with lowlife from 298 although she would not have known about that lowlife, all play their parts and they never see what other parts are dished out to make the farce.

Right after she was walking about where I was, she aimlessly I took a photo of a fraudster hiding in his BRONZE 4 wheel drive   SW 7175 he to PRETEND he had met with me as if I was GILLIAN EDMONDSON. That photo seen, (yes it is excellent) they had another 2 old duffers parked up with the usual woodentop to go by and confirm she saw them and me thus I met with those fraudsters. One was a black large VW PE59 EPL which photo is excellent but the other fraudster drove off at the same time. I can’t do it all myself but we have 2 from 3.

Then I head to the library again to send this and find that male scum typing word docs and this has been done before when they are sent out as if I typed them. How is that yob to print off?  I took a good photo; he was Mr Carol Woods version now almost 1m. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL I MEET THESE SEEDY OLD FRAUDSTERS. There is no compromise with evil. Kind Regards Carol Woods Ms.  Under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP.

Right on cue this is an old FRAUD: a female troll enters and sits at the computer the male lout typed his word doc. There are plenty others but she has to use that. She then accesses the data which amazingly is left for her to access and prints off and PRETENDS thus it is related to me. She is a female version of the male dollop. This was done many times in 2012. I will get a photo.

 On Wednesday, 15 February 2017, 14:45, carol woods <> wrote:

Dear Sirs

this just a few ROYAL MAIL corruption data with photos follows. I have just logged in in MORECAMBE library and as usual I find this: the usual ASIAN MR CAROL WOODS when a week ago he was WEST INDIAN. I went to MAX SPEILMAN’s to develop ONE photo of MY front door NO JUNK MAIL sign to be scanned and sent out when I have time. In that I watched the usual low life “Now I am MI5” dollop noting where I walked to alert via text a seedy, scruffy old trout who was to rush into Max Speilman’s with me.

She was to have PHOTOS SCANNED black and white old ones, she was to be me with photos LOOTED from MY HOUSE, That has been previously as PROOF MY PHOTOS WERE NOT LOOTED 19 Nov 08. The old trout paid by CARD £20, I paid by cash with MY discount loyalty card; she didn’t have one, I paid 44p. Her name? WOOD. My name is WOODS and that seedy old trout has never been seen before by me so was not at 298 Oxclife Rd LA3 3EJ scenes of attempted premeditated murder of me x 6 at least. She was not at Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA when I was, and she is not from CATON LA2 9RP. I took photos; she handed over a PHONE SIM card and old photos. She has to collect tomorrow and I have plans and will be nowhere near so there we have it!

Among that they a woman leave her expensive Holland and Barratt shopping just by the door ready for someone to steal. I told her and the assistant; you need to look after that; the Gestapo again thinking I am one of their trollops.

Then we’d have as many bloated white haired old fools to hope I saw and thought I was WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View and not me in 28: in 2012 it was NORMAN COPPINGER types as he was me or linked to me then. We’ve had the McTEAR types who had ONE alias among others KEN WILLIAMS so MR K WILLIAMS with the old lecher in 30 MR K WILLIAMS; poor Mrs Greenbank forced out when 28 was wanted for me because of that as ONE LINK to murderous lowlife from 298.

We have had the usual taxis, we have had sirens. We have had JUNK MAIL. In 2012 the item on the radio was of the SUMMERLAND Isle of Man disaster with the findings that the old boy’s network and useless fire service were to blame.

And thinking about X486 DDC blue Saxo car, I never once saw DIANNE LENNON driving that car left at 298. She being me and she with DVLA mail as if she was me learning to drive. That was why she ran away 11 9 12 as found out.

This is more thuggery, harassment and lunacy as all are found out. Yours etc for my records as much as anyone else’s. Carol Woods Ms.
TREASON IN LANCASHIRE ongoing from 2006 at least  16 Feb. 17

Please feel free to quote me. Dear Mr Diamont, I have received your response to butlincat reporting on my behalf the TREASON I have reported for YEARS. I appreciate that my one email to you was sent incorrectly but what about the scores I sent and have handed in from 2007?
No one has the evidence I have of stolen mail and today YOUR staff from Lancaster acted out a FRAUD again trying to suggest that the old thief and fraudster AGNES JACKSON in 26 Fell View LA2 9RP was ME but at 296 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ where I have never lived anyway. (They have not yet replied to my reasonable question as to how that old thief was delivered of MY car DVLA documents with the INTENT of allowing her son and her to steal my car. 25/9/2016.) After she had had them days she went to 30 Fell View another deluded harridan who claims she is also me as MRS CAROL WOODS (she gets much mail for me given she has had FIVE (5) cars in my name and yes I have all that proven as well. Jackson was anxious, she knew I was onto DVLA – I had driven to SWANSEA to hand deliver what I needed given your thieves in employment, she wanted to know what WILLIAMS in 30 advised. All she could advise was to sneak as early as possible in the morning and hope I was not up to see her push MY mail through MY letter box. I was up.

Your sleazy appear to act as they do assuming they are untouchable. They are only untouchable if no one will testify. I will.

Let me just repeat these incidents: 2006 into 7 a ROSA THORPE wrote to me AFTER GREGOR McGREGOR’s mail sent to me “disappeared”. She led me to believe she was the Chief Executive when I found her rather gormless, and challenged that deception. She wrote to me and told me she would get a man to write to me to chastise me, someone called TIM. How professional was that: she was not the C Exec she was a deluded liar aiding and abetting in the INTERCEPTION of my mail and TREASON.

 22 Aug 2015 and I see yet again the Gestapo helicopter above me in my car which is usual for those bullying harassers trying to scare me into submission. They knew my route and that it passed a post box in DALTON SQUARE Lancaster. They hovered which my excellent photo shows while a taxi driver (all thugs in my vast experience when I do not use taxis they just pretend I do) stood at the post box and in his taxi was a seedy old woman; “passenger” supposedly me. He then waved about an item of mail and posted it which would have been in MY name with the Gestapo to confirm they saw me at the post box thus PROOF I posted.

AT MY HOUSE YOUR THUGS WOULD STAND ABOUT AND TAKE MY PHOTO TO CONFIRM I WAS ME AND THEY POSED AS COURT OFFICIALS SERVING ME JUNK AS COURT DOCUMENTS. In that RYAN being one, with DAVE RIGGS and JOHN BUTLER involved, your sleazy would walk to MY gate, wave their junk in the air and then deliver to me. The point of that was there was an ILLEGAL CCTV camera opposite MY house and they were showing the camera I definitely had the junk. The Attorney General granted me consent to prosecute those named in 2009 after my private prosecutions started in the Magistrates courts with a District Judge advancing to the AG office. Someone will take note of that at some stage, there is nothing more certain.

Back to 22 Aug 2015. Only days later, I received a letter from DIANE LUSCOMBE in an office I had never heard of. She thanked me for my letter dated 22 Aug 2015. That troll was covering for the FRAUD I filmed. I was allowed that letter, it was not withheld from me, it was not stolen. I wrote to her and asked her for a copy of any letter I had written to her SEC 7 Data Protection Act 1998. She claimed she had written to Lancaster on my behalf. I asked for a copy of that also. I also went to Lancaster office Fenton St and asked for a copy of anything Diane Luscombe had sent naming ME as data subject. There was nothing: she was a liar. I never heard from her again either.

In 2013 YOUR ROYAL MAIL HQ wrote to me saying there was nothing they could do about the times, dates and PROOF I had of Special and RECORDED being handed to thieves and fraudsters on Penhale Gardens flats LA3 2QA and why could they do nothing? Because as their letter states in black and white LOCAL STAFF REFUSE TO CO-OPERATE. Thus if they don’t want to co-operate in an investigation into TREASON, FRAUD, FORGERY and more, they can just refuse to.

Banks and stores have all confirmed that accounts are run IN MY NAME and to MY address and there is nothing they can do unless the police acts or such as you. So, for the record: HSBC 2 accounts, LLoyds, Nat West, Santander 5 FIVE accounts all linked to me, ASDA, SAINSBURY’s, TESCO and anyone with on-line ordering and it goes to MAUREEN MCHARRAN in 43 Fell View, Dalton in 45, Jarvis in 41 who has forged my signature from March 2014 apparently I PAY HER to drive me about, Williams in 30, Jackson in 26, MILLS in 20, HUNTER in 22, ELY in 12, McGuire in 14, CLARKE child abuser in 23, and we have at least 3 bullied to death elderly lone persons with their assets looted and such as SHIRLEY RYCROFT flat 4 Penhale Gardens continuing to run the HALIFAX account of bullied to death Mrs Margaret Porter flat 3 prior to me.

E-ON and BT confirmed to me that 50 FIFTY items sent to them trying to return bills and alert them to what was taking place had not arrived FIFTY going “missing”?

In 2011 especially RECORDED DELIVERY gifts and letters sent to my family from East Sussex area were all signed for as having been received and NOT ONE WAS DELIVERED.  Public Interest I think. To amuse you, when I tried to alert HRH to mail theft TREASON my letters were intercepted.


The attached photo shows the ROYAL MAIL frauds, TREASON, aiding and abetting of serious organised criminals. This is one photo from many on the same theme of TREASON and aiding and abetting serious organised crime. More will be sent out a.s.a.p..

It is a Royal Mail card of the type used to deliver to persons out when they call. It tells the person there are parcels to collect from FENTON ST Sorting office. (I have just been joined by one sent to pester  a lout MR CAROL WOODS, and spoil my use so I will switch off after this and try later. I have already moved to stop the one lout and now have had to move again. The place Lancaster University library is almost empty and he passed scores of spaces yet crammed his loutish self as close to me as possible. He will be MR CAROL WOODS as well as the other educated idiot I guess.)

On 9/4/15 I was up early and saw Mr Sleazy Postman sneaking to 30 Fell View by the gardens NOT the gate, and he tapped lightly on the front door. WILLIAMS live in 30 Fell View and she likes to think she is me and he likes to think she is as well. They are serious thieves and fraudsters and worse bullying to death the former tenant of 28 without sanction. Their associate in 26 AGNES JACKSON is another and she is also “me” she AGAIN having just admitted herself into a mental hospital as if she is me! (They all know she is not but hope to rewrite history in pretending she is.) Mr Williams stuck out his hand (there was no word spoken so it was all ARRANGED) and took the card (he was up hours earlier than usual to do that as well). He then quietly opened their rear door and placed it on the ground wedging under a plant pot so it wouldn’t blow away. They then hid all day in 30 with the INTENTION of having me think they were out and steal the card and collect whatever was to be collected.

They judge me by their standards. Imagine the Gestapo and sleazy postman and the sorts of women they associate with; they must all be thieves and all are tarred with the same brush.

I had no intention of going out that day and every so often, Mr Williams would sneak out and place the card more prominently; he thought I hadn’t seen it so short of putting it in my hand they moved it about.

The postman then did his rounds HOURS later at his usual time. So, why deliver to the front if he had already been to the rear? Why would he go to the rear? He knows what lowlife is where and that the letter boxes are in front doors not rear doors. Williams showed themselves about 5pm. I ignore them.

Thus we have entrapment PLANNED PREMEDITATED ORGANISED and I will testify. Yours etc Carol Woods Ms PS 99% of my mail is stolen, it is handed to lowlife in 30 and 26, 41 and others. Hearing the arrangement to hand over recorded and special delivery to lowlife I was told I was hallucinating! My photos suggest the postman sneaking round by gable ends to meet with lowlife to make the arrangement suggest I was not. This is how my ID is used by thieves and fraudsters who claim I live in their houses with mail addressed to ME handed to them. This has happened at EVERY address I have had since MY house was stolen wrecked and looted in Oct and Nov 08.

Crimes Against Humanity lancs W’Blower ID THEFT  15 Feb. 17

023 from 05-40-26  and 002 from 23-07-44 Below is a random series of letters to Lancaster Sorting office, Fenton St. I have many such “series” over YEARS. On 14/2/17 amid much else outside along Fell View in the usual lunacy of thieves and fraudsters found out and acting to cover that up as best they can, the mail arrived for me, It was 8 days late. Posted 1st class 5/2/17 and delivered on 14th. Why was I “allowed” that anyway? Because they could see it was a circular from my Building Society and such unimportant mail is saved up in lieu of them going to local stores and business to take leaflets to deliver to me as junk mail. What is the MOTIVE in that? The thief and fraudster AGNES JACKSON was delivered of mail which was meant for me. The sleazy then pretend as they have been to deliver to me, that I get all when I do not. That is why they save up what is clearly unimportant mail or go round collecting “flyers” etc. ALWAYS so that they can deliver to 26 AS WELL and pretend it was all delivered to ONE address. It was not; I received out of date Building Society news; she will have had something to aid her FRAUDS. HOW DOES THE POSTMAN KNOW WHICH IS FOR JACKSON OR WILLIAMS OR WHOEVER IS TO RECEIVE MY MAIL? SEE THE ATTACHED. THIS WAS FOR ME BUT WENT TO SHIRLEY RYCROFT IN FLAT 4 PENHALE GARDENS LA3 3EJ WHEN I RENTED FLAT 3 BRIEFLY. SHE WAS A “ME” THEN; THIS LOWLIFE ROUND FELL VIEW WERE NOT. MY MAIL IS INSPECTED TO SEE WHAT I CAN AND CANNOT HAVE, MAIL FOR THIEVES TO BE USED AS PROOF THEY ARE ME AND TO AID AND ABET THEM IN THEIR FALSE CLAIMS IS WRITTEN ON WITH THE LARGE NUMBER TO SHOW WHERE MY MAIL IS TO GO TO. I HAVE ITEMS WITH FLAT 5 WRITTEN ON, MY SHELL CLUB CARD CIRCULARS AS APPARENTLY THE OLD PARASITE IN FLAT 5 WAS ALSO ME THEN, AND FLAT 2 AS SHE WAS ME AS MY DEAD MOTHER, NATIONAL WESTMINSTER  BANK.

Moving from flat 3 I found immediately and recorded it that I could see WILLIAMS were the Caton versions of RYCROFT, Jackson was the Caton version of the deranged from flat 5, and Mary Lamb the old fraudster in 32 Fell view was the Caton version of Westwell who posed as my dead mother she in flat 2 Penhale Gardens. If I moved tomorrow the Gestapo would find another malicious old trout to pose as my dead mother, a repulsive old lecher and his fish wife to be me “married” and a deranged old lone thief to replace Jackson. I will let the Sorting office know again. Consider this; they know the Chief Executive of Royal Mail AGAIN has been alerted to their TREASONABLE ACTS yet they carry on! How did I get my proof? High winds blowing about the recycle bins and catching the sleazy postie red-handed, “Oh, do you want your mail?” said he just about to push it in flat 5 letterbox with its large 5 written on to show him where MY mail was to go. What is the 2nd photo attached? Gestapo helicopter (all my FOI requests for costs in using that to harass and intimidate and manufacture “proof” of whatever they need to “prove” remain ignored) 22/8/15.

On 22/8/15 I was seen ILLEGALLY via the GPS on MY car to head towards an area I park in when attending the Duke’s Playhouse. On that day the route I had to take was past Lancaster Town Hall where there is a post box. The Gestapo hover overhead, I get this excellent shot as I have many of them over me in 28 Fell View for such as claiming they see MY washing out but in 30 not 28 rear garden to make the old thief WILLIAMS seen as me and YOU pay for that lunacy. Seeing the Gestapo I knew something was planned and found it: the usual taxi driver thug type waited by the post box with a seedy old troll as “passenger”. As soon as I slowed to get my photos, the taxi driver alighted, (parked illegally by the way) and waved an item of mail in the air “Look at me, mail posted for my passenger (me)” with the Gestapo confirming they saw that thus I use taxis as well so AM NOT ME WITH MY CAR taking this photo. I sent that out via email and literally by return of post another NOT stolen or withheld from a DIANE LUSCOMBE in ROYAL MAIL at an address I had no idea existed. That recruited old doxy thanked me for my letter posted 22/8/15 and she had referred the mail theft TREASON matters to Lancaster office. I wrote saying she was a liar, I posted nothing, and under Sec 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998 I required a copy of any letter she claimed to have received from me. Under the same Section of the same Act I required a copy of whatever she wrote to Lancaster office with me as data subject. She did not reply. I also wrote to Lancaster Sorting office and asked for a copy under the same Section of the same Act for anything Luscombe had written with me as data subject; he ignored that: LIARS top to bottom. LUSCOMBE had been found and recruited to be DIANE LENNON another mail thief found out from 11/8/12 running away from 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ with MY mail when I rented caravan 1A there. I left that address for the temporary flat on Penhale Gardens. Thus every detail in my letters below has its FULL version for any interested party. Notice those I name as being bullied to death with their assets looted and how I seem to then be moved in to their “freed up” accommodation.

By 1pm on 14/2/17 WILLIAMS had taken on the role as being ME. How? They have access to MY main electrical supply ready wired up for my move to 28 Fell View as 28 did apparently not exist. It took me almost a year to find all that out. Thus the half to 26 is wired to 26 and the half to 30 is wired to 30 so that is PROOF she in 26 is me and she in 30 is and I am not in 28 as it does not exist – apparently. Thus 14/2/17 at 1pm I switch off my mains power at source as I hear Williams in 30 at the wall sockets plugging in to be me using MY power. From early they were to pretend not to be indoors and this is ROUTINE. They rise and can use the toilet but not flush it or wash, MY bathroom/water use is to be theirs. But I know that now and hear them in 30 yet pretending not to be in 30, my power is switched off, I go into my rear garden and watch her from 30, having put on a coat and leaving by their front door then sneaking round  and in at the rear pretending what? She with her carpet slippers yet again was pretending that I switch off my power and go into 30 to sit with the old lecher MR WILLIAMS as apparently she is me living in 28 but then goes into 30 as me to become herself with him! That was how the council ran false records claiming I was somewhere else and that was 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ not apparently having left at all. There they run false records in a permutation of my name trying to link me to the murderous lowlife there. In among that, the deranged JARVIS is “out collecting Mrs Invisible” to move into 41 yet again; that is 12 such persons in 9 days. I apparently have also been living in 41 as well, “driven about and cared for” by those deranged idiots from 24/3/14. MAIL to 41 IN MY NAME has gone to 41.

The INTENTION had been to rewrite 14 Jan 2010 and the thuggery of that date. On Saturday, 11 Feb 2017 which the Gestapo tried to make be 11 Aug 2012 with the mail theft then (ref DIANE LENNON at 298 Oxcliffe RD LA3 3EJ). They had a seedy old trout hiding in the door of my Building Society and she was to then, as I walked by, rush to a stall I have made purchases from but which I guarantee the lowlife in 30 or 26 or the seedy old troll on Saturday have never bought from, the seedy old trout was to be WILLIAMS “seen” at my building society and then the stall and that was to be PROOF she was me. The mail for me which was WITHHELD gave the Gestapo that idea and needed to keep it for when JACKSON had mail in my name which they knew as she posted out on 10/2/17 so was to be responded to. That was why I was allowed MY mail 9 days late on 14 Feb 2017 so that Jackson could have hers IN MY NAME. The deranged WILLIAMS was then to pretend to be me by walking from the front of 30 to the rear as the malicious old parasite and worse thinks if she uses her rear door it is PROOF she is me. I have invited the Gestapo at least twice to call and arrest me in 28 fell View if I am here as myself when really she is me and I have stolen her ID. They do not call so I will invite again and cc to anyone I feel like sending to. Only 10 days ago they wanted to make me a JOANNE HALL from miles away, a known thief and so forth, and prior to that they had done the same on 11/1/17. I invited them to call and arrest me if I was Hall only posing as me; they did not call. 30 as usual have had their TV on for hours; I have no TV and the one they view is registered to ME via SKY which the Gestapo know and ignore. Only on 13/2/17 they pretended that lowlife on LANGDALE were driving me about as I also live on there as well; see related data. In the morning’s act of lunacy Mrs JUNE WILLIAMS was also somehow trying to suggest the filmed Royal Mail TREASON and aiding and abetting of them sent out with photo was not what a jury will see it as. And this, ALAN McTEAR serious fraudster, attempted to murder me at least 3 times at 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3E£J claiming in FRAUD that his fat, rough partner was ME. He had various names one was KEN WILLIAMS and what is the name of the lowlife in 30 Fell View? MR K WILLIAMS. And that was ANOTHER reason the elderly lone lady in 28 was bullied to death to get it free for me so that old lecher in 30 could take over from murderous lowlife McTEAR.. On 15/2/17 I was delivered of a BT invite to reconnect: and junk mail. The postman went nowhere else near me. That is the 2nd BT letter in 3 days EXACTLY the same so they are either desperate to recruit me or the one delivered on 12th is OLD MAIL saved up for me so that lowlife could have what I should have had. I have opened neither BT missives; they will be scanned. I thought junk mail went to ALL houses whether they had other mail or not? That is what firms pay for this in another to check out.

21/10/14 To the Post Manager Lancaster Sorting office. (Notice comment on letter below re TREASON of day after he got this from me which I handed in personally. Mrs Greenbank was murdered by the same lowlife who the postmen give MY mail to: 28 was wanted for me because of the scum around so they bullied her to death to get 28 free for me to move to. The manufacture junk and deliver to me to PRETEND I am not in 28. See my letter below sent late Dec 2015. They did EXACTLY the same when I rented flat 3 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA where Mrs Porter had been bullied to death. The motive is to PRETEND the murdered ladies are not dead.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
From: Ms Carol Woods 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP

As in flat 3 Penhale Gardens, as in 1A @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe as in MY HOUSE LA1 5ED, I find your usual staff corruption in giving my mail by prior arrangement with those trolls as heard by me, in 26 and 30 Fell View as I caught them red-handed giving MY MAIL to dross in flats 4 and 5 and my landlady at 298.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

 I add that they are given recorded delivery and special delivery to sign for as if they are me – as heard and seen by me. I also have PROOF. This then records that but I will not write reasons as I have for years and found all to be totally corrupt with all ignored. EXCEPT 1 item of drivel, a malicious communication written by lunatic of LCC for John Butler. Why did that lunatic write for Royal Mail? Do not deliver any more mail for Mrs Olive Greenbank or Mr. They are dead and have been for some time – it is all manufactured junk and harasses –please block it from being delivered to me and send it RTS. Signed by me and not in 26 or 30 Fell View.

9/6/15 To Lancaster Sorting Office Manager from: Ms Carol Woods 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP           

RE: Mail Theft, Aid and abet offenders, Treason, Conspiracy to Defraud.

I am missing again at least 2 notices/mail items sent to me Mrs Carol Woods at my address by the Duke’s Playhouse. 90% of my Duke’s mail has been delivered to the old roughneck, thief and fraudster in 30 Fell View Mrs JUNE WILLIAMS who your staff aid and abet in posing as me as Mrs. How then do they also deliver in my name to the sleazy old thief and fraudster in 26 Jackson – are you claiming they are all WOODS? The postman of Friday 5/6/15 was “new” to this round – the postman on 8/6/15 was yet another – is that so you can claim he does not know Williams is in 30 and Jackson in 26? I will note they both had mail on 8th – I had nothing. One woman did on 5/6/15 tell me that the postman told her he was afraid of delivering my mail to me – why? He likes delivering junk day after day – he’s a liar FOUND OUT. Signed by me.

(22/10/14 recorded delivery for ME but handed to and signed for by Jackson in 26)

23/9/15 Postmaster Lancaster Sorting Office. CC SFO and all banks involved. From: Ms Carol Woods 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP NO response to any of my letters. Bills withheld in organised ‘traps’ which failed. (The Gestapo had used a helicopter on 22/8/15 to claim they saw me with a taxi post an item in Dalton Square Lancaster as MY car drove by thus they claim it was PROOF I used taxis and was “disabled” and not me in my car. I took my photos as usual. The old doxy mentioned was to send me a letter NOT stolen to PRETEND I had written to her and that was what was posted. I asked her for any copy of any letter she had received off me and as she claims she wrote to Lancaster Sorting office on my behalf I asked for a copy of that as data subject. I also wrote to the sorting office and asked for a copy of what she had written to them as I was data subject. Obviously they could send me nothing just MORE LIARS in ROYAL MAIL.)

No response to my Subject Access Request Sec 7 Data Protection Act 1998 so I was right the doxy DIANE LUSCOMBE is a liar to cover for helicopter use by Gestapo in attempt to manufacture “evidence” I was “seen” posting. You have aided and abetted lowlife in 30 Fell View and 26 and 41 etc. to help that lowlife GAIN IN FRAUD POSING AS ME. This now reports this which you must know about – the squalid caravan front of lowlife in 20 Fell View unfit for human habitation – MILLS and BLEASDALE in 20 Fell View, I discover have been claiming that I rent that slum and you deliver mail there which she, in the house no 20 takes because it is obvious no one lives in the slum caravan. You must collude and that explains something Mills said to me a while ago about a chat with a postman. MILLS/BLEASDALE are nothing to do with me. Signed by me.

27/12/15 Head Postmaster Lancaster Fenton St LA1. From: Ms Carol Woods 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP. For the record:                                       

29/11/15 and seen by me 19/12/15 mail to me my Duke’s Playhouse mail to me – 2 items first in months usually go to Williams in 30 Fell View to be proof that coarse, common old thief and parasite is “me”. Mail for Mrs O Greenbank deceased – I asked over a year ago that you put a block of her mail to me in 28 – she deceased over 2 years now – you used that to allow the other common, coarse old thief in 26 to have mail in my name she is AGNES JACKSON. All Mrs Greenbank’s mail should be RTS. A card for Mrs LINDA JACKSON – why deliver that to me when you know the old thief in 26 is Jackson and uses different names to aid her as a thief, liar and fraudster – she one to bully Mrs Greenbank to death – where were your “helpful” posties when the trolls deluded and deranged thieves, fraudsters and more all aided and abetted in their false claims by your so “helpful” sleazy they in 26, 30, 41, 43, 45, 33, 37 at least – 12,14,20, 22, 15, 19, 31 all make false claims and must have mail in names not theirs and names as permutations of mine. The motive in that was for them to claim falsely and use, for example, blue badges to avoid parking charges – FRAUD.

I returned the Mrs Linda Jackson’s mail recalling the earlier Mrs Carol Jackson manufactured item. I notice those are never stolen from me. Signed by me CC interested parties1-crimesagainsthumanity-12-crimes-againsthumanity2
TREASON and harassment Lancs W’blower  15 Feb. 17

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: carol woods<>
Date: 15 February 2017 at 14:50
Subject: TREASON and harassment Lancs W’blower
To: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>

03-04-28 003 and 04-20-37 015   The above are the photos which were not attached to data sent out on 13/2/17. They show the JUNK MAIL SCREWFIX delivered only to me in 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP while Jackson in 26 was delivered of REAL MAIL. The KWIK FIT customer survey, was an “inconvenient fact” for the Gestapo dated 2015 after an MOT of MY car as I am supposedly someone who does not have a car. They SCREWFIX was found partly to “confuse” with Kwik Fit. This is an old act of TREASON whereby the Royal mail thieves collect items from stores for the sole purpose of delivering to me to PRETEND it is the REAL mail IN MY NAME to the old thief and worse in 26. BUT that has been done since 2007 at MY HOUSE. Using 26 Fell View is interspersed with others getting MY MAIL and the junk mail is only ever delivered to me. (My hearing the old thief sign for recorded and special delivery as if she was me was apparently proof I was mentally ill “hallucinating”. Seeing her and my taking photos was something else. A jury can decide.) Thus I describe Fell View as I appear now to be in ANOTHER house with more lowlife. Fell View is a sort of misshapen octopus with the offshoots all used by thieves and worse and many defraud in pretending I live there. Thus round Fell View as reported to COUNCIL TAX because surely, even invisible people pay council tax, houses 2, 12 14, 18, 20, 22 26, 30, 32 34, 36 38 and 42 have been used FOR OVER 2 YEARS all with cars bought and deliveries on the even side of the numbers. On the odd side, 17 has been used for over 2 years, as has 23, 29, 31, 33, 37, 39, 41, 43, 45, 49 at least. FOUND OUT and reported OFTEN but as they carry on as untouchables, others are used, ROMAN CRESCENT and at least 3 houses along that stretch of 10 more council houses, off Fell View all total strangers but if they have a RED car they are “me” and I apparently thus live there. A jury will hear that I lived EVERYWHERE all at the same time. MILESTONE PLACE an enclave of 4 scruffy council houses and I live in nos. 2 and 3 apparently. COPY LANE and there are various along there most notably no. 2, no. 20, 39 and 47. (All numbers of all houses already used are used again on other streets and I live in 24 addresses round Fell View alone as 23 malicious old parasites and worse in 23 Flats on Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA were ALL said to be ME when I briefly rented flat 3 among those trolls. Thus 23 is the “magic” number apparently using no. 23 and the 23 addresses on any named street or site.) *

GREENWAYS is used, at least 2 houses with old trouts as they have a red car and thus PROOF if they drive about behind me (instructed by the Gestapo via the ILLEGAL GPS on my car) it is PROOF they are me and that leaves me to be free to be lowlife Jackson in 26 Fell View for example. At the back of Fell View is a small area of privately owned properties, mostly bungalows and as MY car and its movements can be seen from there, much hiding takes place there when the fraudsters and worse park and PRETEND by then driving off when my car drives away and they behind me is apparently proof they are linked to me if not actually claiming to drive me. PS08 ZRX sleazy council gormless used often hiding round there. Most are council employees. YOU PAY FOR THAT.                                                                                                                                             

BROOKHOUSE RD is also used as I apparently live along there but aside from no. 20 I am not sure where exactly, and QUERNMORE RD I appear to live in 26, 28, 30, 32, and 34 as they “match” the main fraudsters along Fell View. And they ALL get mail intended for me and deliveries, bank statements and so forth.

Leaving Lancaster town centre on 13/2/17 the usual witch type parked and PRETENDED, PK63 car and she parked ILLEGALLY was to set off as I passed to my car as that was proof of something apparently. At the same time another half-wit sat parked in an alley which I can also take to my car; the Gestapo being Brains of Britain have each area covered as I have to pass one or the other. I passed both: I walked round twice and took photos. I then went to the cinema. The usual trolls sat and PRETENDED with their pathetic texting that they were “with me” when more photos show them rows in front (this is the deranged Jackson out with “carers” as she is me “ill and disabled” apparently). Leaving why would the usual type of dullard stand in the foyer of a film theatre and shout about insurance at that time of night? No one works after 8pm in any of those industries.

I was to hear and forget this: murderous lowlife KENNETH NICHOL at 298 Oxcliffe RD LA3 3EJ where the council PRETEND I still rent when I left 1/7/13 as they know but they PRETEND they know me as ANOTHER person such as Wood, or Carole or something similar to MY name but enough difference to fool a computer. That repulsive lowlife PRETENDED to be linked to me and gained much as many round Fell View gained much in “suddenly coming into money” when I moved to 28 Fell View or any of the other houses as I moved into them almost at the precise time I moved into 28.                                                     
NICHOL with his PREMEDITATED ATTEMPTS to murder me (x 3 at least) when I rented caravan 1A @ 298 and he rented caravan 2, I found had tried to obtain insurance for MY caravan contents as PROOF that murdering lowlife was linked to me. WHO WAS GOING TO PAY THE PREMIUMS? He an old drunk with a cash in hand job of pizza deliveries 2 or 3 nights a week until I found him drunk driving, reported, ignored with the Gestapo just telling him to drink only in his caravan. Unemployed officially, why would I even want to know such lowlife?

AT THE SAME TIME another who PRETENDED to live at 298 but did not, he used it as a mailing address for his various names which he used to claim as being different people, all unemployed of course. ALAN McTEAR major fraudster, and his PREMEDITATED ATTEMPTS TO MURDER ME by sneaking to 298 late at night, being given a key to my caravan by the landlady and he with another. STUART WILLIAM ROGERS aka STEVE aka DAVE trying to force their way in which they could not do as I learned to barricade my door at night. McTEAR serious DWP fraudster and perjurer went on to claim he “cared for me as I was ill” and he needed extra cash which he did not get. McTEAR I found had tried to obtain life insurance on me as PROOF he was “partner”, another to prove that evolution does work in reverse. Who was going to pay those premiums? Who was going to forge my signature again?

Meanwhile I find a company to insure caravan contents REID HAMILTON in Queen St Lancaster and pay for that. Leaving the caravan for flat 3 Penhale Gardens, I transferred the insurance making up the difference and saw they had added that I was insuring TWO people. I saw that in the fine print only overnight and went straight back the next day. Oh dear, their computer was at fault, well they would say that wouldn’t they. I thought someone had to type in how many the insurance covered, but no, the computer made it up all by itself. It suddenly found that I was not 1 but 2 people. As I was in there each time, I had to tolerate the usual rubbish of “tell her this, tell her that” MASONIC thugs so, when the time came to change moving to Fell View I let the policy lapse and did not renew the insurance at all. BUT someone did; lowlife in 30 FELL VIEW, June and Kingsley Williams, a bungalow version of Nichol, or McTear and his “lady friend”. WILLIAMS are aka Mr and Mrs Carol Woods and much mail addressed to ME is delivered there as well as 26, 20, 22, 41 etc. But Williams did not stop at that, they have had 5 cars in MY name and she was given ID by the Gestapo so she could work as a “volunteer” in HMYOI Lancaster farms to try and give that coarse old loud mouth MY teaching experience thus make her into me.  She had to be a “volunteer” as she has no qualifications at all. She “resigned” when she learned I had excellent photos and then asked how did she get CRB clearance posing as me? Who provided the references? The resident lunatic of LCC, the Gestapo legal rep, IAN YOUNG using MY references from MY files of when I was a teacher for LCC.  All my film/theatre flyers also go to Williams who wouldn’t know a Shakespeare from a Disney. They are the ones who spend time hiding in 30 to PRETEND when I am out that it is really they who are out. Thus the loud mouth Philistine in the foyer alerted me to something awaiting me after I left. Two cars, and so stupid they sat with their lights on as worked my way to mine, the INTENTION was to follow me if I went to Lancaster University to work as I sometimes do later at night. Thus one car was to follow me back to Caton and one went to the University to PRETEND it was ME after the cinema. The Gestapo have been caught using yobs to do that AFTER I shop at Sainsbury’s where they then hide behind the service area then race to Uni and register as if it is I registering. I found them out and took to calling at a far village store miles from the Uni to show I was not there. Thus they had someone waiting to do that on 13/2/17 after the cinema. I was not going to work in the library but, how then if someone was going as me, how could I be in Caton? Easy, have MORE LOWLIFE from LANGDALE an off shoot of the octopus and they drove behind me and PRETENDED they were driving me and to Landgdale. Thus I appear to live there as well now. My photos taken with the flash suggest they parked up on Langdale and I carried on round to 28 Fell View. The lout in the house in question is another loud mouth who thinks if he stands in their rear garden area and yells loud enough for me to hear then it is apparently proof I live there as well. I have no idea who lives in those 10 houses on Longdale but will check the electoral register: my name will not be included.

And among all that the roughneck WOODRUFF yet another unemployed sits with the deranged DALTON in 45 and they use Facebook and their nonsense as if one is me. The BT links to MY loft allow for that BUT I hear their connections and keep a record. My laptop has no link unless I have a WiFi link and how BT thugs have set that up is to go out with photos a.s.a.p. BT did EXACTLY the same using the lofts in places I have rented, 7 North Way Lewes, 58 Newton Rd Lewes at least. Incidentally when I moved back to MY home area in 2012 the council decided not to add my Lewes addresses, they said they would add whatever previous address they wanted (that was the usual sweaty overweight wannabe troll) and that is how they decided I can be 2 people at once; run 2 sets of records and make sure they are false. And continue to pay benefits as if I never left 298 Oxcliffe Rd. To whom are they paid? What a good question. A jury can ask me: I know.

*The large envelope scanned with the Kwik Fit Customer Survey document is from MY house prior to Nov 2007 when I changed its name from BEECHROYD to CHERRY TREES. The Gestapo claimed in 2006 that they had never heard of me and said I had never lived in MY house in Lancaster. That was stated to the Investigatory Powers Tribunal when they began a FULL INQUIRY in my case. Naturally, they believed the Gestapo. No one bothered to use common sense and, it was 2 years before I found out. I found out AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME MIKE TODD GMP WAS MURDERED. He was investigating my case and his INTENT to prosecute had gone to IAN RUSHTON CCP for CPS. He had to be silenced. So they did. And for what? So that unemployed life- long parasites could have deliveries from DPD etc in fraud and use facebook in their delusions they are someone else. I have many such items from YEARS ago. The Gestapo looting my house 19/11/08 did not take it all.
Mail Theft TREASON rife Lancs  13 Feb. 17

Sorry no photos; serious problems trying to send this PLEASE NOTE MOYA GREEN alerted some time ago.  The LOFT NOISES that tell me, Ms Carol Woods in 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP that lowlife access the Internet via phones and computers as if it is MY use from 28 do that via illegal BT devices in MY loft. The Sec 7 subject Access Request to the Gestapo for which I paid £10 found that they have breached RIPA LAW as they have not sought permission to install such nor been granted permission to use such.  The data below was typed to send out with photos; I was delayed in my sending but now know this: The loft noises I have kept records of since finding out what caused the sounds over 2 years ago. See how the thugs managed to set up 28 Fell View in INTENT, AID and ABET ORGANISED CRIME and PREMEDITATION TO DEFRAUD at least. TREASON is also linked. I have taken a photo of my lap top which I can access the Internet on via WiFi when in a cafe or such like. The old lap top used prior to this one had no Internet access at all and never had had. This was new to me Dec 2015. I have no access myself in 28, I have just taken photos of my screen, at first it says NOT CONNECTED (to the Internet) CONNECTIONS ARE AVAILABLE. I then take a photo of what connections are “available” and find a list of 8 availabilities, such as BTHub3-N5N7, BTWiF-with-FON, trying ALL, I need a password to access, or one has to type in a security key. Obviously I do not have those but I guarantee the scum in 31, 41, 43, 45, 30, 26, 24, 22 and 20 AT LEAST have them. And all that will be the noises I hear when they log on and use their connections wired to MY loft. BT are totally corrupt and have been caught out in other addresses such as 7 North Way, then they were allowed to access the loft area in the room I rented there 2011 in my absence leaving their filthy hand prints all over the white walls. They did the same in RINGMER 2011 and Newton Rd Lewes later 2011. Only a few months ago MY lap top told me that someone accessed MY lap top via BLUETOOTH links, all that was filmed as it showed on MY screen. The Gestapo have tried since then to manufacture PROOF I have a phone presumably so they can say it has the BLUETOOTH link.                                                                                                                                                                                                   
The photos of louts and yobs and those old enough to know better caught trying to be where I was and using their phone cameras to be me taking the photo of the immediate area have been sent out. I then find that the council insisting they had a mobile number for me when I have not have one for years and would not give it them if I had, and sleazy NHS adding a number as if I had given them the same number, it is a number I sent in an email to a daughter of mine in 2008 and my email gives that number, a loaned phone which we knew the Gestapo would ILLEGALLY see so the email from me to my daughter states that while I send that number as given, they will not get MY phone number (of that time). And they being so cleverly stupid add that number from 2008 as if I give it as a phone number NOW. I can’t even remember whose phone it was. On 9/2/17 after a day of failed plans for the lunatic recruits of the Gestapo who surround me in 28 Fell View, the loft noises were heard on and off all day and then evening until well after 11 pm. Often they go on to 1 am or later. 

They are most pronounced when I have had a day indoors. The Gestapo assume then that I will be out after a day indoors so have their lowlife use their Internet to order goods adding that they should be delivered to other addresses, not 28, as I will be out. DPD recently told me in writing that the deliveries I have on film have no records in Head Office so, are my photos imagined? DPD are used often as thugs who hide, wait for my car to drive away, obviously being told what my car is as they know EXACTLY what they take part in, and then deliver behind my back. But not always, sometimes I see them drive to park and hide where they wait for up to an hour, I set off, they slink out and start their deliveries to 20 Fell View, their cronies in 2 Milestone Place off Fell View, 7 Leslie Ave also off Fell View (sister to troll in 20), ELY in 12, McGUIRE in 14 and so on. In that PLANNING it is to be guaranteed I will be out, so it can all take place behind my back as if I really did place the orders. By 10 30am on 10/2/17 the lunacy was in full swing. A large silver car parked and PRETENDED but which was driven off fast after I took a photo, the driver being nowhere except hiding by lying across the front seats AGAIN and pretending to be indoors with “someone” (me).  And the scum in 30, WILLIAMS with a local half-wit sent to PRETEND to deliver to their rear door as if they were different people at the rear that those who open the front door. Let us consider that: my photos sent out received yesterday show the Royal Mail corruption in handing that scum a card trying to trap me into stealing the card which was then left on the ground at the rear of 30. They pretend to be out and judge me by their standards and expect me to steal the ROYAL MAIL card and collect whatever is to be collected. They “out” yet the card mysteriously moves about the whole day because I ignore it (except for photos) and they keep sneaking out to place it where they think I can’t miss it. Thus to aid and abet that lowlife in 30 the Gestapo sent a local idiot to deliver to the REAR of 30 after my email went out, and PRETEND that he at the door of 30 was not the same person as at the FRONT door taking the Royal Mail card in April 2015. A jury will ask why the postman HOURS earlier than usual would sneak through gardens, lightly tap in prearranged signal and actually hand a card and not the items to be collected. Why take a card and PRETEND it is for invisible people who also apparently live in 30? I will copy all into an email I will sent to COUNCIL TAX and tell them that WILLIAMS in 30 have each an identical twin living in 30 Fell View Caton who are Mr and Mrs Carol Woods and they should be paying council tax.

I have scores of such photos not just from this address with murdering lowlife (remember the elderly lone lady in 28 prior to me and how they made sure 28 was made available for me?) and attach 2 more here so let the Gestapo now rewrite these photos. These also show what sleazy, corrupt dullards the Royal Mail recruit. The first is of SCREWFIX a new company in Lancaster from this year. This was pushed through MY letterbox 2 weeks ago as junk mail. A sign on my door states NO JUNK MAIL. This is an old FRAUD where the sleazy deliver to me junk mail and PRETEND that MY mail then delivered to thieves in 30, 26, 41, 20 Fell View etc is what he has delivered to me when all I get is the junk mail. That is why I added the notice on my door; to cut down that FRAUD and TREASON. I watched the sleazy, he then delivered to 26, the old parasite and thief gets an inordinate amount of mail considering she does nothing unless she is out as me so she got the mail that day, I got this junk. They in 30 had some as well. But no one else got this junk. The postman then trots off and delivers to a few, NOT THIS JUNK. Only I get this which is not really the criterion for junk mail by definition.

I have checked, the firm has NOT paid the Royal Mail to deliver any junk mail; like other such junk delivered to me for the same purposes the sleazy ROYAL MAIL staff collect it from stores and that is also on photos caught red handed with the shop in question confirming that what was then delivered to me was OLD and that they NEVER paid Royal Mail to deliver anything. They go and collect from stores WITH THE INTENTION OF DELIVERING TO ME TO PRETEND THEY DELIVERED REAL MAIL. This has been done for YEARS using old newspapers even.

Why did the Gestapo chose this SCREWFIX? Because it was new and because JACKSON in 26 was to get mail addressed to me. But they had also \illegally seen me scan the second attachment KWIK FIT. It was a customer survey after I had had my car MOT’d in 2015. BUT if the lowlife is me then I would not have had my car MOT’d then and Jackson does not drive so they wanted to “brainwash” and hope that I would confuse KWIK FIT and MY car with SCREWFIX!  Meanwhile the deranged Mr JARVIS has been sent for to child mind as she the insane MRS is waiting to drive off and COLLECT someone invisible again, she thinks if I go out then she can drive about and PRETEND she collects me. Why? Because that insane dullard has claimed from March 2014 that she drives me about and “cares for” me in 41 Fell View. AGNES JACKSON in 26 Fell View just an older version of Jarvis, sent away to be me “ill but returning” so that JARVIS could start a new claim was sneaked back into 26 one week ago as I type this, 10/2/17. I was not to know the old crone was back in 26 and JARVIS since then has tried to link my going out with her being out collecting “someone” even having sleazy council aid and abet hiding in her house to PRETEND they drove me back when she has been tied in with young children. Jarvis has tried that on 10 journeys in one week from 3/2/17. Thus we have JARVIS at the ready; deliveries underway, Jackson has sneaked off the letterbox to post as a NEW CLAIM for “disabled living allowance” and it all depends on me going out.

Example of such from 31 Dec 2014. Jackson goes to the post box end Fell View and posts in my name. The 2 Gestapo who YOU PAY FOR, sit in a SQUAD van so heavier petrol consumption all the way from Lancaster. My car faces easterly almost which means I have to pass the post box when I drive off. How do they know which way my car faces? The GPS ILLEGALLY on MY car. My recent Sec 7 Subject Access Request shows they have NO PERMISSION to have that on MY car. They sit and wait and will confirm they saw my car going off that way thus I posted whatever the old crone posted earlier she then dressed in RED, as that wearing is the ALTERNATIVE FACT of her actually being me in my red car. They gave up after another hour or so and drove along Fell View pretending they had driven off hoping, like the card at 30 rear door, to trap me into thinking it was safe to go out. I did go out, I turned my car round and drove off westerly, they only knew I had started my engine and thought they’d be driving then behind me to confirm, I drove off passing the box, (this is what liars they are). They passed the post box: I went off the other way. In Morecambe no fewer than 5 Gestapo vehicles were used to race up and down and say they saw me walking so what? It was to be JACKSON not me. Jackson waddles and looks nothing like me thank goodness.  How thought did she get to Morecambe as she doesn’t walk anywhere except to the local shop and she does not drive? That is easy, just get the usual taxi thugs to park and PRETEND they drove me as her. And all that is on photos. AND YOU PAID FOR IT.

By 12 noon a delivery was in progress at 17 Fell View with the council sat at 23 after sitting there at least 2 hours as I also apparently live in 23 as well with a known CHILD ABUSER. Why is 17 used? It was used initially as a JUNE CARRADICE lived there and she was to be me to aid and abet the old thief JUNE WILLIAMS confusing ME with Williams via her name. Williams is ONE to pretend to be me. JUNE BLENKINSHIP was moved in 34 Fell View when CARRADICE was moved out. The troll in 34 also pretends to drive me  about with at least 3 RED cars bought for her associates in 34 QUERNMORE RD off Fell View to pretend that “a small red car is linked to both numbers 34” as if that proves anything! Are they my car? No. The use of 17 is more “suddenly come into money” and PRETEND it is linked to me, so we have 23, 24, 41, 47, 49, 31, 20, 22, 37, 39, 12, Fell View (26 and 30, 32 and such like merely get deliveries and nothing too visible) because the roughneck in 17 planted is JOANNE NOLAN a school cleaner who I found stalking me in PG03 WGU a blue Skoda and then found it at a school she seen in the evening cleaning. She claims to be my daughter!! Why? Because the Gestapo want my sister’s horrendous roughneck daughter JOANNE HALL to be my daughter and as HALL is nowhere near and has never had a job in her live, certainly does not drive they sent this dark haired roughneck they thought could be “confused with“ HALL and thus pretend she is linked to me as PROOF HALL is my daughter. It seems strange that my photo of the delivery to that lowlife in 17 was taken from me in 28 NOT Jackson in 30 NOT Williams in 30. The Gestapo told the Investigatory Powers Tribunal in 2006 that I did not exist and was really my sister living limes away and from then they try to show that roughnecks and lowlife are linked to me to be HALL making HALL my daughter and me into my sister. Meanwhile the council with KNOWN CHILD ABUSER (of course they know, who do you think provided the boys?) and Jackson hiding in 26 living behind closed blinds hoping I think she is not there but here as me!

Lancs police and RIPA breaches: Carol Woods Ms  13 Feb. 2017

 Prior to sending the data below out, a great deal took place so it was not sent out as planned. This took place on 9 Jan 2017 after the use of at least 5 yobs interfering with MY computer use in a public library and then the University library on 8/2/17. (Related email and scanned one document sent late on 8/2/17.) The LOFT NOISES were heard loud and frequent from about 12 15 to 1pm which indicate that lowlife round FELL VIEW LA2 9RP are using phones as if they are me via illegally installed devices in MY loft (data plus photos to go out). Thus the deranged WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View HIDE again and pretend to be out. They are also known in FRAUD as Mr and Mrs Carol Woods. On 6/2/17 he, the bloated old lecher was to wait until I had gone out then go out and “garden” as close to my garden as possible to PRETEND he was alone at 30 while she was ‘me’ out yet she is indoors. The deluded MR WILLIAMS PRETENDS I, out, am her! The YOBS sent to be ME as Mr Carol Woods apparently are proof that I am JUNE WILLIAMS from 30 Fell View and they are all me as well. The loft noises ceased about 1pm so I knew to watch; which lunatic was to act out a farce? JAMES STROUD 14 Fell View as I apparently moved in there yesterday AGAIN as well, was to walk the dog round as fast as possible; it only ever gets taken out when he PRETENDS to be linked to me BUT as if I am AGNES JACKSON from 26 Fell View. A jury will hear and see all the lowlife claiming to be me AT THE SAME TIME. Thus he apparently responds to a call and walks his own dog for 5 minutes, he in his BLACK and WHITE T shirt as that is proof he is me, anyone in black and white is me, anyone at all – apparently. He is unemployed by trade as they all are, and so “available” to jump through the hoops. Only 10 days ago he was to do EXACTLY the same but wear GREEN as proof he was me as Mr Carol Woods. But night of 8/2/17 I was stalked by a thug who lives near the M6 junctions on the edge of Caton; he was me returning from the University apparently. He was used after my references to MY car damage at that junction, (my car and 2 others) because of sloppy road works by Costain.) But the Gestapo want to pretend I was not here then so it did not happen to me!! In fact just before that new link was opened end Nov 2016 I was in Madeira. By 10 45pm on 9/2/17 the lowlife collected at 45 Fell View used the Internet as if it was my use: the LOFT NOISES told me a computer was used, not just a phone.

The insane JARVIS from 41 Fell View went out after the phone calls as well; this is the 10th time in 7 days she has been out in GN07 AHO PRETENDING she collects someone to move into 41, and ‘someone’ she will BE PAID to drive about. She will drive back with an invisible person who will be me. How? Because the malicious, sleazy old thief and liar at best in 26 Fell View, AGNES JACKSON has been AWAY AGAIN posing as me in a mental hospital which plans have all gone wrong. Thus she has to be “returned” to Fell View BUT as if she is me. She returned one week ago Friday 3 Feb 2017 and hid for 2 days while the lunatics in 41 tried to PRETEND that they drove “someone” to 41. Jackson couldn’t hide for longer, she sneaks out early to local shop and sneaks back into 26 so I have lunatics in 26 and 30 either side of me pretending to be out but hiding while STROUD as the dullard he is (it has to be said, they are all a few letters short of a keyboard in Caton) and JARVIS do EXACTLY what they have done many times previously and PRETEND to go and sort out Jackson who is also me. Yet I am in 28 Fell View typing this which suggests no one is out collecting me. The council has been caught out EXACTLY as I said: running false records and PRETENDING I was not in 28 at all but still lived at 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ and as someone else.

 Data I have sent out recorded the harassment of me again on 8 Jan 2017 to be 8 Dec 2016 to rewrite 8 Nov 08, a perjurer from Oct 2015 between 5th and 10th, the use of lowlife and KNOWN THIEVES and FRAUDSTERS to be “witnesses” in manufactured, INVENTED crime I am to be said to “commit”, I am Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP. This took place AFTER I sent out my record of 8 Dec 2016 and sent to Council Health Dept the dumped mattress in a local beauty spot which the Gestapo INTENDED to say I had dumped with local lowlife being “witnesses”. To my actual dumping? No, they were just to say they saw my car and we all know that in Lancashire 2 and 2 make 5. They see my car, a mattress is already in place and I pass it so that is proof apparently I dumped it. What mattress then do I use at night? The Gestapo never think that far ahead. Their recruits are even more stupid or else they would raise the question themselves.

I am not recording all the lunatic sent to harass to invent something farcical but will record this: I sent an email to an associate telling him that a lout was waiting for me to log on in Morecambe library as usual he with his phone all ready to link up to make it seem as if that lout sent MY emails as MR CAROL WOODS. I took a photo; he sat waiting for almost an hour, waiting to log on when I did: I didn’t. I spent my time searching local records and using a microfilm library. I recorded that to my associate so the Gestapo reading it, leapt into action: the lout had given up and had left the library without doing anything at all on the computers.  The library was open to 7pm, so the Gestapo could send in an old fool, of the type they try to make ME linked to such as murdering lowlife and deranged in 30 FELL VIEW who go about as MR and MRS CAROL/KAROL WOODS. He was to use the equipment I had used. How does the Gestapo know what I used? Because it is electronic and they monitor anything electrical in wasted police time. They just don’t know what I was looking for. What was he looking for? He had no idea; he was to be “me” having used the equipment an hour earlier. By then I was using my emails. The librarian was sent to tell me that ALL printing had to go via ONE link, thus anything I printed off could be said to be anybody’s using the computers and printer. That is done in Lancaster where the Gestapo have a regular who has to sit and wait and leap into action IF I go in.

He I knew about weeks ago but then watched him watching me as I sent documents to print. The screens are easy to see and printing is obvious to anyone seeing. Thus HIS printing is ALWAYS meshed in with mine. 2 weeks ago I was told the computers were to be switched off after 15 minutes of my logging on. Obviously I logged off but noticed that no one else seemed affected. After looking up items in local hard copy records, I saw that all was at usual so logged on again. It is obvious my printing is an issue. WHY? Because my printing is my printing and NOT MR CAROL WOODS. I printed off nothing in Morecambe library. Imagine the scene as I left to walk back to my car; fog rolling in from the bay, damp, cold for me a lovely evening, but the Gestapo do not want me to post a certain item.                                                                                                 

On my way into the town centre after parking my car I had to pass one or 2 post boxes and they have found that as they are NOT on CCTV on the promenade that items I have slipped in without the thugs seeing, have got to where they should go. Thus they have their thugs and trolls monitoring those now. Sleazy “private health care” loud mouth, offices on the prom stands by the post box to pretend to make calls. I am to be stupid enough not to smell his Masonic corruption and post something. Obviously the Gestapo would steal it as they have stolen FOR YEARS anything they have seen me post locally. On my return walk, it being late they had dullards sat in cars parked ILLEGALLY by any likely post box to see if I posted then: they think I am stupid. Others stalked me right along the prom to my car as we ran out of post boxes. What is it they do not want me to post? Photographed police crime and aiding and abetting of serious organised fraudsters.

I later went to the cinema ignoring the usual idiots sat outside parked up to then drive off and PRETEND they drove me, but back at 28 Fell View I knew this had been going on for over 2 years but saw AGAIN. WILLIAMS in 30 had not closed their blinds fully given the volume of lights in their bungalow window which will deplete the national grid. They sat looking at a TV screen without the sound. What was that for? BECAUSE THEIR POWER IS LINKED TO MINE and they pretend to be me watching TV and not me obviously OUT. Clearly a TV in 28 would not be heard in 30. The TV in their sitting room party wall to mine is used SKY in MY name. Thus they sit in their sitting room with that set and they are me and use the one in their bedroom when they are themselves.                                                                                                                                                        

Moving into Fell View I found within days that MY power was linked one side to 26 and one side to 30, I have sent all the data out a few times so do not repeat it again. Thus I pay for THEIR use. The TV they had installed in their sitting room was linked to SKY as if they were me and they pay by direct debit as if the account is mine. Their TV is in their bedroom; often they have both on with the sound from the bedroom TV used with the sound OFF in the sitting room but as the bungalows are tiny, it is easily heard from one room to another. In that they pretend they each have an identical twin and they all live in that tiny bungalow. That is how Mr and Mrs K Williams live there and Mr and Mrs C/K Woods. My mains power is off 23 hours a day usually. I make do and am out a lot so manage. I have no fridge or washer and a gas cooker so I can manage. But I walk into 28 on 8 Dec 2016 almost 11pm and switch on my power for an hour. They gradually turn up the TV sound in the sitting room and PRETEND they have just walked in to 30! I have no TV. Often they do that without me switching on my power; they take it for granted that I will switch on my mains. That then was the later part of 8 Dec 2016 after all the in-put from all those trolls and dullards who achieved nothing again. YOU PAID FOR THEIR TIME AND EXPENSES. I have asked the Gestapo to obtain copies of the utility bills of 26 and 30. This is what I was to send out.

This is the yob in Lancaster library caught red handed using MY email address on Friday 25/11/16 with the email HE sent in error coming through to me using the same system in Lancaster library. I was not supposed to see the junk he sent. And he attached a photo which was supposed to be me when I attach my photos. He is dressed in “black” as the first male I caught red-handed using MY email address in James St Internet cafe Brighton June/July 2011 was West African. This is classic Gestapo lunacy trying to replace one event with another. End 2011 and I with a witness used another public library miles from Brighton and found an Asian male sent in to use MY emails again. The number of Mr CAROL WOODS is now about 500.000. The INTENT is to claim there is a MR Carol Woods and I share me email address with him. That is to cover for yobs, thugs and worse who have been caught out using the Internet as if they are me, with the Gestapo then calling socially to manufacture “evidence” I allowed them use of MY email address. This is how thugs place orders and run bank accounts as if they are me or linked to me.

Photo 2 is an old laptop I use from time to time for word docs. It has never had Internet access; it has been used only as a glorified typewriter. I can always tell when the ILLEGAL devices where I “live” are acting to access my data so the Gestapo can at least read it or better still, pass to lowlife to pretend they typed it but my screen always tells me something is afoot that shouldn’t be.

This shows someone tried to access my access; I pulled out the battery and that put an end to that. Sometimes it tells me that “The USB device installed cannot be activated” when I have no USB installed. I have many photos showing what my screen tells me.

Lancs POLICE continue in org E CRIME  12  Feb. 17

Dear Sirs

I would like to draw your attention to the time I send this. 02 09 hrs on 12 2 17 after a day of organised thuggery in Lancaster and area as usual on 11th of any month. They hope to force me to move away after a FOUND OUT ACT of TREASON FRAUD ID THEFT and more from 11 Aug 2012 for which I have to be “punished” for finding out so the 11th or 12th of any month from after that date in Aug 2012 is more intense than usual. Not one of you has even responded to me about my reports of serious organised crime but including gang-stalking harassment and more. An associate tells me via email that 11 of my emails were in his in box all at once; where had they been? Why do I get nothing ever from anyone in any agency?
This though is why this is so late (or early depending on how you look at it.)

I went to work in Lancaster University library but not until late. I work on my book. I am unable to work from 28 Fell View LA2 9RP (which I rent under duress) as lowlife are all busy in adjoining houses using the Internet as if they are me. That now has suddenly got MORE FACTS for me and which detail is to be sent out next week with photos while people are at their desks.

The INTENTION is for Lancashire Gestapo to INVENT me as male MR CAROL WOODS so they had a pair of loud mouthed Polish males waiting for me at the Uni about 10 20pm when I arrived. (Apparently a Polish male is likely to be Mr Carol Woods.) It is open 24 hours a day in term time. I was a Research Fellow here and that was ANOTHER job the Gestapo forced me from (whistle-blowers are forced from all jobs.)

How did the Gestapo know I was going out in my car? The ILLEGAL GPS on my ignition wiring for which they have NO RIPA legislative permission. Thus they have their yobs ready. They then use their phones as photo sent out earlier of today’s yobs were to a few; I don’t like sending emails over a weekend as it gives the Gestapo too much time to do what they want.

Thus today we have had at least 8 MR CAROL WOODS again.

Leaving the Uni I had seen some of them off, it was late: but the Gestapo raced up. How did they know I had logged off? Because they monitor ILLEGALLY all I do. They had the taxis waiting for their remaining yobs to be driven to where they needed to be (they are not students, they are townies, lowlife) and they also had a car which the Gestapo was to claim was here to collect me.

Why? A) I apparently am not me and thus do not drive. B) I am a yob with a phone and rang for a lift. c) I am a seedy malicious old thief and worse AGNES JACKSON who does not drive so she would need to be collected. She lives in 26 Fell View and admitted HERSELF AGAIN as if she was me to a mental hospital which they all find hilarious. They know she is not me.

BUT Jackson has been caught for serious crime so the Gestapo simply pretend she is me so she has not committed ID THEFT, TREASON etc. Those I copy to often will know that round Fell View I apparently live in at least 24 houses with the unemployed lowlife all claiming to drive me about as I am also “disabled” apparently.

That is all the complex fraud and worse but to cut to the chase now, I let the Gestapo do all that for their lowlife, yobs, thieves and whatever else they are, let them all drive off and pretend whatever they wanted but I was not out of the way: it was to be behind my  back again but wasn’t. Thus I return to send this and find the lowlife seems to have disappeared. I am Carol Woods Ms. My email re BT links to this COMPUTER MISUSE WITH INTENT TO DEFRAUD and worse will go out next week when I can access a library or WiFi again. I have no access in 28 myself.
1 of 2: Lancs w’blower more travesties 12 Feb. 17  pt. 1 / 2

From: Data Analysis<>Date: 12 February 2017 at 00:19Subject: Part 1 of 2 W’blower Lancs and more travestiesTo: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>
There are photos with this data which includes events from Saturday 11 Feb 2017 and shows how Lancashire Gestapo and their recruited dullards cannot add their IQ’s to make it creep into double figures. The photos will go out with Part 1 of 2.

The morning was as usual for me Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP; an older Masonic type of fraudster hiding behind 31 Fell View LA2 9RP with his trollop and they were to be JAMES RICHARD DUCKWORTH (version 902) self appointed THIEF in my case with the usual old doxy type to be DAWN MORRIS his ‘whatever anyone suggests’. They were trying to make NOW be 2008 Sept 2008 MY HOUSE miles away. (Found hiding there as well, then.) They drove off about 1pm after hiding in the car to PRETEND whatever their delusions allow with the lowlife in 31 Fell View allowing them use of her yard as it is out of sight of me in 28 so used DAILY for the deranged to hide and pretend. The deranged JARVIS in 41 had been out again looking to collect an invisible person to be then said to live in 41 and be driven about by her (they all miss their free money claimed from March 2014 in FRAUD and found out).

Ignoring the FACT that the WILLIAMS thieves and worse in 30 Fell View HID yet again and pretended to be out, I set off well after 1 and found lowlife from 18 Fell View sitting in their large, van-like vehicle to set off with me and PRETEND he drove me from 18 as I also “live” there as well (which they claim for in FRAUD also). I lingered, drove round and found lowlife all racing down from BROOKHOUSE as I found a car used in FRAUD hidden up there, ML53 TWJ so now the Gestapo have their country bumpkins race round and PRETEND somehow that is PROOF I live in Brookhouse, a mile or so further along than Caton, as well. (To this point please note I am in 41, 30, 18 and various in Brookhouse.) We know I moved into at least 12 on 10th as one photo shows the sleazy council staff member AGAIN walking about waving a coloured folder as PROOF he has just sorted out a tenancy. The council pays all this lowlife to PRETEND I live with them and they have the Blue Badges to pretend they drive me and park for “disabled”. My photos are excellent yet I have not been asked for them. I have numerous photos of sleazy council walking about waving bit of paper, folders, files and all to pretend. They have walked behind me in Lancaster and PRETENDED the same and that is on photos as well. They hide their cars round Fell View and on off-shoot side streets, walk up and down and PRETEND.  I did not go out on 10th so they brought their lowlife to me.

I also then saw as I drove round so they all raced off for nothing, that lowlife in 2 COPY LANE an issue of thieves and fraudsters who had ML53 TWJ and thought it was well enough hidden when they were found out, now they have S77 VAT and a small white PO11 XTL so, small white cars were drawn in and ALL pretended to be linked to me right to late afternoon see below. A gormless troll sat parked after she assumed I’d driven off, MK63 DPE, Fiat and she on her phone with the texting to alert those further along the line; my photo is excellent but I limit the number I develop to send out. Thus in that short time frame more than 8 vehicles were used, the INTENTION is to recreate an event in MY book Vol. 2 of a cavalcade of cars stalking to harass and intimidate in 2008, Sept 5th to be exact. Now I know the drivers are just dullards with boring lives so they find racing round pointlessly at their own expense to be “exciting”. I then saw the lowlife from 2 COPY LANE they of the ML53 TWJ fraud found out now with 2 replacement cars when no one works so we can only wonder. The trolls include a CATHERINE ROWBOTTOM, fat, not to put too fine a point on it, rough, bleached blonde, coarse and common and she wore hairdresser overalls for almost 2 years pretending to be NHS driving me about but from 31 Fell View. Her partner is a male version of her. Thus on 11/2/17 which they assumed I would not see after the troll sent her texts that my car had driven off, a small white van crept from hiding and PRETENDED with that lowlife to drop me off at 2 Copy Lane which of course I sat watching from in my car and they so gormless they didn’t even notice. Now though, by 1 45pm I was in 41, 30, 18 Fell View and 2 Copy Lane at least PLUS various in BROOKHOUSE PLUS all those from 10th, including 12, 14, 17, 23, 29.

I drove right round Lancaster to Sainsbury’s for shopping and caught the Gestapo unaware as they always have male lowlife there at the end of the afternoon knowing I usually shop then; they are ALL MR CAROL WOODS – apparently. But there, for when I had finished my shopping with the GPS on my car ILLEGALLY allowing for much of this, the Gestapo then sent a pair of louts and a “removal van” which apparently collected me ready to move. Parking up then for town centre shopping, I had the usual dullards sent to pretend they dropped me off, and went to Lancaster library (this is the edited version) finding a PIZZA DELIVERY YOB who has stalked me for at least 4 weeks so I have not imagined it, he now has the time off work and I saw he was using the INTERNET as if he was MR CAROL WOODS making MY use impossible. How did he know to be at the library when I was? ANOTHER lowlife male was to watch and send his text; I asked him if he was MI5 and he ran off. However it proved another FRAUD and again, the lunatics think they are rewriting MY BOOK and history in general. First murderous scum KENNETH NICHOL caravan 2 @ 298 Oxcliife Rd LA3 3EJ and his PREMEDITATED ATTEMPTS TO MURDER ME x 3. He worked as pizza delivery when he claimed to be unemployed. He also claimed to be linked to me in FRAUD FORGERY and THEFT and more. BUT my book Vol 2 and an incident with the corrupt and bribed DAVID BARLOWE MoJ then in BOULTON HOUSE Manchester and a bike messenger service AND the IPCC. First the IPCC who claimed NOT to have received 2 files from me Lancashire Gestapo and Manchester so a friend paid for a bike messenger service to make sure they received them. When I made my Sec 7 Subject Access Request I found they had had the ORIGINAL 2 files after all and were just bribed liars which by then I knew anyway. Imagine if they had done their job MIKE TODD GMP would not have been murdered so we can thank EWAN McGREGOR IPC C for that mostly and DOUGLAS CLEAVER among others. The MoJ and David Barlowe bribed liar tried to set a trap for me using a stolen cheque which failed as I was not as stupid as he was. (CHRIS COX now in their new offices in the CIVIL JUSTICE CENTRE Manchester is just the same as BARLOWE.) And of course the yobs and thugs round Fell View and those sent to Lancaster Uni library to use the Internet as if it is MY use. One photo below is of the yob leaving the library after I had to log off: and then he was sent to stalk me round the town instead of doing what he was paid to do which just about shows his level of intelligence.

In the town the Gestapo had sent SAMMY HUSSEIN again. They have used him for about 3 years now and I have not taken his photo until today as he is vulnerable. My children knew him when he had a sports hall but misuse of body building drugs caused serious mental illness and that is how he is. But he is physically OK; the Gestapo have him cycling to CATON in all weathers to PRETEND he is MR CAROL WOODS in CATON, they have him walking to my car to stand about and pretend and on 11/2/17 they had him trying to look as if he bought USB’s when he cannot understand anything like that. They also told him what to wear; often he is dressed as if it is high summer. The photo I took as he was stalking me again: the white trainers are a detail from my book Vol 1 and without saying why, the old thief and worse AGNES JACKSON 26 Fell View, away from 5/12/16 to 3/2/17 as ME in a mental hospital “admitting myself” which she has done amid great hilarity at least twice already (ALL THAT REPORTED AND ABUSE OF NHS MONIES AND NOT A MURMUR FROM ANYONE), had to buy a pair in 2015 and “be seen” in them. Apparently that was PROOF she was me as CARL OWENS who murdered his wife, he a UNISON representative in Lancashire was the “white trainer” issue so he was Mr CARL/CAROL so as he is in prison had has been from 2002, then AGNES JACKSON was to be “me”. She really does believe she is me. Thus Mr Hussein was told to wear white trainers and a fur hat but why? Because the lunatic MR JARVIS from 41 Fell View was told to wear one summer 2015 with ear flaps and it had to be brown as those lunatics were pretending to be MR and Mrs Woods (me) but from the 1970’s when my husband had a good head of brown hair. Photos looted from MY house show that so they were to become me in MY photos! Mr Hussein bleaches his natural Asian hair “blonde” and as dozens of cheap “blondes” claim to be me then it follows he might be. The mental illness is to PRETEND my wrongful arrests and false imprisonments and illegal detentions are all something I have made up. Why is he “talking to” a thug stuffing his face with a pie?

That is also a scene from Vol 1 of MY book where a Masonic idiot pestering me was stuffing his face as well so if someone else has that experience it apparently means they are me after all. Thus I must live wherever Mr Hussein lives.  His sister is also used: she has used bank accounts, caught on camera as if she was me. She, I was friendly with for many years; now I only say “Hello”, and on 11/2/17 after I posted my HSBC letter I found she had been sent, stalking me to then be seen on CCTV and PRETEND she delivered my HSBC letter. I include her photo as well. I can’t see that she has strawberry blonde hair at all. Or him, come to that.

2 of 2: Lancs w’blower more travesties 12 Feb. 17  pt. 2 / 2

The usual Gestapo dullard was to stomp about the town and claim he saw something as to whatever he was told to claim he saw. Back at my car I saw the usual scum with his texting to alert the next in line; it was ANOTHER white van, and ANOTHER fat, bleached haired troll sat parked. The van driver apparently collected me and she aided him but in what scenario? Aside from the usual pair of dullards shouting their farewells as that apparently brainwashes me into thinking I have left from somewhere, I saw more Gestapo. They were talking to a troll, she with umbrella. Was it raining? No. Umbrellas feature because in MY book I record how I found the OFFICIAL THIEF IAN THOMSON hiding near my house to then step out and follow me and PRETEND he had met with me and in that I record how he carried an umbrella, obviously having had to wait indefinitely so came prepared. I drove off then back and took a photo of the Gestapo parked. Oddly there had been no sirens or flashing lights as would be usual for a suspected “burglary”. They were parked, amazingly near to where my car had been parked, at a school linked to the CATHOLIC church, scene of much harassment and thuggery using church officials and we all know why. The alarm seemed to flash but did not sound. I turned my car around and went back for another photo; the Gestapo sat in their car. What was the “plan”? The white van and fat dollop had been parked there as well; this was to be ME FOUND LIVING IN HIDING IN A SCHOOL to be me as a teacher! This has been done usually using Lancaster University library. It was also to be ME BURGLING MY OWN HOUSE! Yes I was arrested for burgling my own house in Nov 08 so the Gestapo want to cram that in NOW to be something else. We appeared to have me burgling and hiding in a school (it would be that one, wouldn’t it?) yet amazingly with the Gestapo trailing me about the town so it seems I am a Dr Who type here and there at the same time. The church is the scene of GREATER MANCHESTER POLICE THUGGERY AUG 08 and use of that church so they thought link that, MY teaching experience and qualification, the burgling of MY house, Ian Thomson via a troll waving about a brolly, the mentally ill Mr Hussein, the yobs on their phones and so on, and it was all about me moving somewhere. BUT, I had already moved into 12 houses on 10th Feb 2017, AGNES JACKSON we know is me in 26 and she was back there on 3/2/17 and we know WILLIAMS in 30 are me and they have never left, we know I moved into 2 Copy Lane and we know the troll from 2 Fell View WOODRUFF sent to drive about behind me and PRETEND my driving back was hers and we know thus I am in 2,12, 14, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 30, 34, 17, 23, 31, 37, 39, 41, 43, 45, 49 and 2 Copy Lane, 2 Milestone Place also off Fell View and as Mr Hussein I am wherever he lives and wherever his sister lives, and the council PRETEND I never left 298 Oxcliffe Rd on 1/7/13 so I also live there as well.

The other photo is Masonic thug walking about waving his file (who would work on a Saturday?) after I parked my car for town. That is also done as routine wherever I park my car. They just wave the files or bits of paper about; if I see them it apparently means something.                                                                                                                                                                               
By 7pm the lunatic in 41 had returned hoping to claim she had an invisible person to “care for and drive about”, she may well have, the person is certainly invisible and as I took a photo of their car not at 41 it suggests I was not being driven around in it. And they are only the edited highlights. The INTENTION is to hope to force me out of 28 Fell View and on any 12th because DIANE LENNON who claimed to be me in 2012 with her car X486 DDC, she a thief, fraudster and more and I guess Gestapo as she was the rough, coarse loud mouth they prefer, and with bleached blonde hair. She pretended to rent at 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ when she did not; she called when the landlady Mrs MARGARET MIDDLETON contacted her saying there was mail for ME so Lennon would call to collect it. Found out she ran away 12 Aug 2012 after calling and stealing at least 2 items for me. Thus the Gestapo and their lowlife yobs, thieves and worse try to force me out every 12th and have done from 12/8/12 every month and every year.  Imagine how this scum bullied to death the former tenant of 28 Fell View when they were told to get her out and so they did!

I drove to Lancaster Uni late, the Gestapo had waiting a pair of loud mouthed males POLISH I guess, MR CAROL WOODS. The receipt shows I was making a purchase in Ryman’s at 16 52 just when I was apparently burgling and living in the school.

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