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Harassment as punishment for whistle-blowing: Lancashire.

I am Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP. This is my latest blog: I have not entered a blog for YEARS, my first is and is the outline of my whistle-blowing from 2001 which brings me to this point today. I have decided to record some of the perpetual harassment of me, organised, collective and much of a type which is known as “gaslighting” to make me sound as if I am going mad. It is such a huge  case now it is impossible to record all here but this I add trying not to repeat myself too much. This is organised by police who I refer to as Gestapo given if they were police they would act within the law and actually have REAL legal documents to support their actions. As it is they act without and only the Gestapo got away with that so, I refer to them as the Gestapo.                                                                           

ONE issue is the seizing, wrecking and looting of my once beautiful home in Lancaster now said to belong to whom? The police of course via a TRACEY KENNEDY and her partner ANNA JUDITH PERELES. The issue of MY house is huge so that will  not be detailed here but suffice to record that Lancashire Gestapo claim I “lost” MY house for at least 12 different reasons BUT MPs have asked, if I “lost” MY house via any legal means a) where is the paperwork and b) why was it wrecked with thugs knocking off the value of MY house £70.000.00 in 2 hours on 27 Oct 208 and looting it on 19 Nov 08? Obviously that cannot be answered so it remains ignored to the extent that I am said to have made up the FACT that MY house was wrecked and looted. Oddly the photos cannot be explained: my neighbours and their statements, their photos and the FACT of who admitted to having been recruited to seize and wreck it. He a PETER GARDNER of ORBIS St Helen’s admitted he acted on a phone call and saw no paperwork at all. He admitted he did the job as “back-hander”. ORBIS, being contacted by me, family, friends and neighbours also explained the COUNCIL had said it was a local authority house and I had not paid my rent! 

Gardner claims he was puzzled when he actually saw MY beautiful house and gardens thinking it was unlikely to be anything other than owner occupied.                                                                                                                                                                                            

When his MD’s got to hear of what had taken place, he was sent to MY house to remove anything that identified ORBIS, they removed their web site and pretended it was all make believe. The council moved in to add ANOTHER steel door on no legal jurisdiction whatsoever (by then my expensive double glazed windows had all been ripped out, my walls had been drilled internally and such as my coal bunker had been demolished: the thugs searched for documents in regard to my whistle-blowing which they did not find). The council lowlife were seen hiding my expensive gardening equipment LOOTED from my garage in CEDAR RD COUNCIL LOCK UP, they tipped off that they had been seen and followed they then moved it all again. I was just too late that morning having been found at one of my daughter’s and told what they were doing. That is one issue in my case.

The harassment started years ago and the INTENTION is to make me give up to be “left alone” or to make me sound mentally ill so that what I say is discredited. I can answer any questions anyone may ask if there are gaps they find making it difficult to follow what I type.

End December 2010 and a former friend of many years was sent to me with a message, if I “forgot” all about my house and my whistle-blowing then “they” MIGHT leave me alone. Otherwise I would continue to see “signs” they would use to harass, intimidate and threaten me with. I sent back GEOFFREY MARSLAND former city councillor MORECAMBE BAY INDEPENDENTS with a message that there was nothing wrong with my memory; I would forget nothing.

‘They’ being the DARK FORCES, FREEMASONS who did not get the Super Casino they expected because of my whistle-blowing.

It is too much to add all of relevance here but significant events are added to help show how and why the harassment takes the forms it does. The dates of my house wrecking and looting as above, and my employment tribunals (I had 3 given that the Gestapo force me from every job I had) which I discovered had not been registered at all and never entered into the public register so have never been legally heard. I won those tribunals but decisions changed (all in related blogs which I will list somewhere in this) and they were partly responsible for why MIKE TODD GMP CHIEF CONSTABLE was murdered in March 2008.

In that a MR CAROL WOODS is necessary because of certain crucial documents within that murder and it can be seen that black males are used to be me as MR as  below with the reason being this: in July 2011 I used an Internet cafe in James St Brighton and by chance one day found a black make accessing MY email address. He was picking up responses to MY emails sent out and responding as if he was me. That is still done. BUT in late 2011 I stayed with my sister in SHAW near Oldham and used her local library. While she was with me which she saw as did I, an Asian youth accessed my emails thus Asians are often used to harass and be “Mr Carol Woods”.

BUT others have been used prior to that and since. Basically anywhere I stay or try to “live” the Gestapo find males to be me as MR. That is seen in the data below only started late February 2017. In 2010 the Foreign and Commonwealth Office manager told me I was “up against the Dark Forces” so I may have to live abroad. No, I said, if you know who is behind all this, deal with them, why should I be punished for being right? In 2009 the Belgians offered me political asylum seeing a few items of junk that I was sent as “COURT DOCUMENTS” to make me believe something untrue. “They will kill you” they said. There have been at least 10 attempts to murder me, serious attempts. Mike Todd saw many of the false documents as well. He had been passed MY file after I appeared in a real court with a real judge in July 2007, Judge David Williams. Judge Williams was horrified at what he saw, passed the file to Mike Todd, awarded me a huge amount of money which I never saw but did pay tax on the monies, and it was MARCH 2008 when Mike Todd passed his file from his investigations to IAN RUSHTON Chief Crown Prosecutor and for which he was murdered.

The monies I found had gone to ONE person used to pose as me so this is common through out my data; persons used to be me, and harassment to try to make that seem factual when it is not. I am asked why I don’t move from bullying lowlife and thieves who are all recruited, unemployed and gain massively. The answer is that wherever I go, persons take over where others have left off which is why there are so many “MR CAROL WOODS” black, Asian and so forth, and why there are so many who claim to be me.  See below and the harassment even trying to have a few days away. 

Why did I not stay in Belgium? Why should I? I don’t want to and MY HOUSE is MY HOUSE and I will REGAIN it.

On 24 May 2010 Justice MacKay London High Court seeing ONE false court document in regard to my case was livid (all decent people are livid when they see the junk I have had to put up with for YEARS issued to me to make me believe something untrue), he instructed me to go home, forcibly remove anyone in MY house, prosecute them and sue them. The Gestapo learning of that, sent one of my daughters to London to tell me it was not safe for me to return home. (See below and my refs to living in rented accommodation in Harrow). My family have all acted under duress and had reprisals if they do not do as they told. I stay away from all of them and have done for years to protect them. Friends, good friends have either been bribed or threatened so I have no friends either. If anyone has read The Constant Gardener that is the same as my case and what takes place in that book is EXACTLY what takes place in my case.

Did I ever try to go home and regain my house? Yes Nov 2010 and I was arrested by at least 9 Gestapo and various squad vehicles after they messed me about for HOURS making me believe they would be helping me. What was I arrested for? They cut the locks on my cases and said I might be carrying bombs. “Oh, a door to door salesman of dynamite am I”. I was in Styal prison for 3 weeks held under 5 different names no court, no trial. no judge nothing. That is all in Vol 3 of my book so not for here.

That was only 1 arrest from at least 14: I ceased counting after 14. I have been arrested for “following someone to a local airport” and other such ludicrous “crimes”. I am not allowed a solicitor and the Gestapo always claim I am “too ill” to be interviewed and dump me in a mental hospital. The last time they seriously shot themselves in the foot BUT continue to try to rewrite all that as well. Obviously the last person they want with a jury is me. Throughout this, as long as the Gestapo do not ILLEGALLY remove this, it will all eventually be added as and when relevant. Now the Gestapo claim they had never heard of me. I have in writing from East Sussex force that they have never heard of me so who did they think they were hounding and arresting in 2011? The London Met being some of the worst as on ONE arrest from a number (always for “fail to attend” when there is no such thing) one officer found my driving licence, “But this is you” she said. “Yes, I’ve never pretended to be anyone else”. Lancashire had sent them MY photo but as if I was one they invented a MRS CAROLE WOODS. The Met. police had a duty to deal with that as the FRAUD, wrongful arrest and false imprisonment it was. What did they do on that occasion? As usual, drove me round so I had no idea where I was, leave me locked up a couple of days. then had no idea what to do with me so dumped me in a mental hospital where the sleazy spent 3 weeks trying to persuade me to admit myself. Why should I? Eventually I told them I would sue them and they told me to leave; not without something in writing, I wasn’t. I wasn’t falling for that one. After 7 hours of my insisting I would not leave without something in writing, I got what I wanted complete with no mental illness recorded and no medication required. Others now as I type this I guarantee are held illegally in mental hospitals as that is where all whistle-blowers end up to discredit what they say.

That is some background: I hope readers are not alienated because it is complex. I will try to say why events that I know are harassment happen and what the original event was that is re-enacted.

One significant matter was that Lancashire County Council claimed to have bankrupted me when I knew I owned no money and never had (my latest print out to show I never had any County Court judgments against me, no creditors, nothing is dated recently so the RECENT insertion on the web of a 2006 is COMPUTER MISUSE). MIKE TODD saw the FRAUD, EXTORTION, DEMANDING OF MONEY WITH MENACES and more in the file passed to him by Judge David Williams. In that a DAWN MORRIS old doxy would park outside MY house and PRETEND she seen there was PROOF she had been indoors with me. Her partner in crime is a JAMES RICHARD DUCKWORTH and various posed as him also sat outside MY house and PRETENDED to be indoors with me. When I challenged the corrupt in WREA GREEN LAND REGISTRY a CHERYL KAYE she told me that dead people could be appointed as Trustees so they just had to have others stand in for them! (I said I could not make this up.) Thus the “meetings” I mention below are old doxies and male fraudsters STILL PRETENDING to be those 2 meeting with me. They usually just park and PRETEND but sometimes stand in a near-by doorway and shout “Bye” or stand near MY  car and shout “Hello” and that is apparently PROOF they have met with me” As in this hotel now, they were admitted entry just to do their shouting.

The latest “version” used to “explain” why I “lost” MY HOUSE is to claim I am “too disabled” to live in it and thus old trolls and truly nasty people are recruited to pretend to be me, “seen” near where I am and this proof they are me and I am “disabled”.

When I add to this after I return to 28 Fell View aka Hell View LA2 9RP which bungalow I rent under duress, the story becomes more convoluted as MANY claim to be me and I apparently live in at least 23 houses round Fell View being cared for and driven about by people I would not wish to know existed; they claim to be me, my partner., my  brother, my nieces, my sister, my DEAD mother making me their daughter, mother in law, and so on. My photos show a great deal of what I claim; I cannot make up photos. When I scan and send out via email the Gestapo get annoyed and have dullards then trying to act out photographed events!

I hope this sets a scene to show what I record and how it fits into the picture. I liken it to a jig saw.

Let us suppose I give a reader all the blue pieces of a jig saw and they place them all together, they can see the sky in its completeness but they cannot see what part it takes in the whole picture. My problem is that I am the only one to have the whole picture.

I am adding this: on 24/2/17 the hotelier (I am having a brief holiday) allowed in a woman who was to stand about for 2 minutes then shout “Bye” as if she had met with someone – ME – in FRAUD. I, with another, watched the usual posting as I walk by a post box to PRETEND I have posted something amid much else. On 25/2/17 a couple were allowed into the hotel to PRETEND some more and when I went out 20 minutes later a troll with a blue NISSAN was hiding at a house number 33 along the same stretch of road. The car was HG11 BE and as the silver Audi YK07 had done EXACTLY the same only 3 days earlier also using a boarded up house, they PRETEND it is MY house and this in Oct 08 apparently hundreds of miles away. They are acting out events at MY house as if it is NOW! I rent 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP as is known, 33 Fell View is EMPTY but has been used to PRETEND I live there as “disabled”. The use of corrupt council staff using 33 to make that PRETENCE seem real is well documented and on camera from spring 2014 when I moved to rent 28. The car used on 24/2/17 S437 BHC a large red was to hope it made me forget SV08 HEU the large red Mercedes of serial stalker and fraudster, WILLIAM BLEASDALE perjurer and more of 2 Hall Drive off Fell View he of the travesty and follow on of 5 Oct 2015. (He also of events at 45 Fell View in e-crime and so forth.)

The above sent out with an email of BANK FRAUD DETAIL I add this only 2 and half hours later and SOME of what took place in that relatively short space of time. I do not record all. I found I was being stalked and “followed from the front” where the truly stupid think if they walk ahead of me but keep looking over their shoulders to see if I am behind them, they can suggest they are “with me”. They think I don‘t know that old deception. Thus I had the Lancaster face lift type, hair scraped up so hard it gives an instant face lift which is common in Lancaster area. CATHERINE ROWBOTTOM of 31 FELL VIEW was ONE used from March 2014 to present and she has that “hair style” pretending she is NHS and driving me about BUT not from 33 but 31 Fell View and 2 Copy Lane. 2 Copy Lane is “off” Fell  View as is 2 Hall Drive as per above so, as I sent that detail out the Gestapo arrange for a Rowbottom thief and fraudster type to “be seen with me following me from the front”!  I had other things to do which infuriated the Gestapo seeing ILLEGALY what photos I developed. Obviously the antics AFTER those photos were developed are not yet developed.

I developed the E-CRIME in place in the local library which photo is excellent. I developed the male sent to hide in the hotel and use his laptop via the WiFI when I did so he is MR CAROL WOODS except I saw him and have not used the WiFI since. I developed the photo of the woman posting after waiting for me to draw level and post as if I posted. Obviously I limit what I develop now as I have more than enough for any jury. I keep the rest on camera cards in case anyone should ask for specific photos.

Approaching the hotel I had the now usual trolls with their texting as to where I am so someone else can leap into action ahead of me and PRETEND something else. And there we had it: I took another photo of the deranged at the SAME HOUSE where the blue Nissan fraudster was hiding as I went out so now in Masonic inversion they have them hiding on my return and included, the usual large silver 4 wheel drive and doxy, we had BK65 TZH a large dark blue Lexus (?) with male and a RED car where the blue Nissan had been and all this takes place on a narrow street, one way, well parked up and with double yellow lines where the fraudsters and bullying lowlife wait to PRETEND, HN04 DZV a dark red Fiat seen parked illegally as was the Lexus, the old doxy also waiting drove off as I passed. A black male waited on his push bike, what was his role? I am apparently in the 33 house address and he is me MR CAROL WOODS trying to keep up with me as I walk. He is to be the BLACK male caught accessing MY email address in July 2011 in Brighton Internet cafe. His “job” is to ride slowly up and down outside the hotel and PRETEND his phone signal is really mine IN the hotel. Except I was not indoors. They being stupid assumed they were clever; all I did was to walk back the route I had taken and then start again so they all waste their time. The Gestapo then arrive BUT I SEE and take photos; his “job” is to confirm he saw a black male using his phone outside here so he is MR CAROL WOODS. Not on my photos he is not. I was not indoors: I was watching the lunacy unfold as usual. The Gestapo parked up and PRETENDED at another hotel along the street about no. 37 I think which is to be 37 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP empty house but used by council staff PAID to PRETEND that 3 THREE are needed 24 hours a day to care for an RTA victim said to be me! HF14 CKA the Gestapo large vehicle. I will keep adding to this.

By 16 40pm some of the above, earlier harassment had been “re-enacted” but not until I was alone again after being out with a companion. Outside a small supermarket the now usual old doxy type in large white 4 wheel drive CINDE pretended to either drop me off or collect me; she so dithery I was unsure what she pretended. But as I walked back to the hotel it seems she had not collected me. Another idiot in his black Audi KY58 FCG pretended, his photo I took and then a troll in a flat in a house I had to pass was stood hiding in a doorway with her RED sweater and black bag of rubbish as me or I am her just moving in or out: that has been done at least 230 times over months and they so silly as to hide when prompted and only to act when they see me walk by. Other local sillies I ignored BUT the black male from earlier (see above) and the Gestapo WASTING POLICE TIME, which is a criminal offence, then PRETENDING to call to be there to confirm he saw a black male near MY hotel using his phone so it was PROOF he was Mr Carol Woods had to be “re-enacted”. Thus a black male (a different one) was to use his phone, or pretend to, and hiding behind a large vehicle was to be at the “hotel” where the Gestapo were earlier with the usual “witness” to claim they saw a black male where I was, he on his phone then going to the large property involved earlier which was PROOF somehow I was the black male from earlier! My camera is a witness: I had not walked by that property but had doubled back and stood watching the lunacy unfold taking my photos. The troll so silly as to stand about with rubbish clearly short of something proper to do with her dreary existence, was at a house no. 13.

The male who arrived at the hotel I really do stay in, he to be MR CAROL WOODS when it was thought I was “out” on 24th but had not been so saw those events, is STILL in his room no. 14 DO NOT DISTURB which has not moved for now over 36 hours. He is to be one from “history”, MATIEC the one who hid in 52 Adderley Rd Harrow Weald in 2010 where I paid rent for a room in that house. MATIEC was a thief and lived hidden by the landlord, Z. SKIBA who told me I imagined another tenant in 52. But I would leave to go out, wait just out of sight and see the non-existent thief I only knew as MATIEC emerge AFTER me by about 5 minutes. I also had photos which suggest I was not imagining anything at all. The MOTIVE in MATIEC hiding as MR CAROL WOODS was that he used the Internet as if he was me; I had heard the keys tapping in the “empty but locked room” and really, it doesn’t need a high IQ to work the FRAUD E-CRIME and DECEPTION etc out; one only needs to add 2 and 2 to make 4. The male who arrived on 24/2/17 and has been in room 14 ever since is using his laptop via the hotel WiFi facility which I had used to that point. I made sure I was “de-connected” seeing that PLANNED FRAUD IN PROGRESS.

In 2012– mid 2013 I rented at 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe LA3 3EJ a caravan. No 1A. In No. 3, I was sure someone hid and used a lap top but was told by others I imagined things. Like Matiec, I would wait when leaving and many times caught the “non-existent person” in caravan 3 leaving behind me, he going out as MR CAROL WOODS; it is unusual, I would say, for an invisible or non-existent person to photograph as well as he did. Thus HIDING WITH INTENT TO DEFRAUD is not new. The room 14 chosen NOW is to be 14 Fell View as JAMES STROUD unemployed yob lives there and pretends he is linked to me and is MR CAROL WOODS while his partner NICHOLA McGUIRE claims to drive me about as “disabled” in RX02 TLU her blue MINI which YOU FUND via Blue Badge fraud and more. There was much more to the use of caravan 3 in serious fraud. There is much more with the Fell View fraudsters, STROUD is not the only Mr Carol Woods; there are at least 12 others who pretend to be that non-existent person all at the same time.

I will also add that TRACEY KENNEDY and her partner ANNA JUDITH PERELES who BOTH have claimed to be me for YEARS are lesbians and were selected by Lancashire Gestapo because they were lesbians in the usual Masonic lunacy of inversion. My 2 marriages and 4 children were “reversed” to make NO marriage and NO children thus lesbians as if they monopolise marriage-free states and childlessness. The ones sent to the hotel (from what I overheard they are locals sent in to be 2 lesbians where I am) thus somehow validating Kennedy and Pereles in MY house. AND they have a vicious breed dog with its muzzle. Kennedy and Pereles have a dog: the Gestapo have tried to INVENT me as having a dog and here we are, get a local pair of lesbians for a free 2 or 3 days in a local hotel with their dog and thus PROOF somehow I am linked to the thieves and fraudsters in MY HOUSE IN LANCASTER. They I caught trying to sneak out behind me to be seen as if “with me”. I had not left the hotel: I waited to see who was behind me which is such an old form of harassment and lunacy I can guarantee it is to be repeated, hour by hour, day by day. YOU WILL BE PAYING THEIR BILL.

Entering the hotel after being out and returning, taking photos of the lunacy along the road and the car trolls, I found the Lancaster face lift troll (above) was also “rewritten” via ANOTHER of the same type; she too is on camera.




Carol Woods, 23 Feb. 2017

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  1. Dianne says:

    Hi Carol, I’ve just ‘discovered’ your story. I tried to share it from YouTube to twitter but wasn’t allowed. I too have a theory on establishment cover ups etc. When will your book be outplease x


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