Lancs Police use youngsters in entrapment 7 Mar 17

“———- Forwarded message ———-
From: carol woods <>
Date: 7 March 2017 at 16:31
Subject: Lancs Police use youngsters in entrapment
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Dear Sirs
I send this before anything else today: aside from the usual who STINKS to sit as close as he can to me (no he is not using a computer- he is just sent to harass) in Lancaster library, it will be seen from data to send out that the frauds round FELL VIEW CATON LA2 9RP are failing rapidly. Yesterday I sent emailed data and included the harassment of me by sleazy NHS caught HIDING in their cars to try to make NOW be a repeat of LEWES 2011 especially. The problem for Lancashire Gestapo is that they have falsified records to claim I am someone they invented thus any email I send out as data to show their lunacy they act it all out again using permutations of what is IN MY BOOKS BEING WRITTEN WITH Vols 1 and 2 ready.
These are examples: when I caught a West African male accessing this email of mine in 2011 Brighton James St Internet cafe red handed the Gestapo, to reproduce that when I continued to report E-CRIME and worse, had a bus loaded with black males sent into Lancaster spring 2012 as I was then renting at 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ and they were to be all over and PROOF apparently that one was me as MR CAROL WOODS. I watched all that in amazement at wasted resources and abuse of people who would not be told what they took part in.
Today and this happened exactly the same outside MY house, the Gestapo shipped in couples with babies in prams and small children to sit on shoulders of fathers. They were to walk up and down outside me in 28 Fell View (with comments heard by me which neighbours had spoken to me in 2008 “Who are they, where have they all come from?”) the INTENTION is to hope sleazy NHS can say to me, “No luvvie, they weren’t your children, you only saw some” with the MOTIVE of claiming the ILLEGAL DETENTIONS were not of me but of the INVENTED MRS CAROLE WOODS. It is farcically known as brainwashing and I think someone in Lancashire Gestapo has read too many John le Carre novels, they must have found one at least that can read more than weekly comics. 
Why is there always one child on the shoulders of the father?
Vol 2 MY BOOK and 6 Sept 2008 (notice today is 6th but March and not 2008) I refer to having my daughter on my shoulders to get over a wall at MY HOUSE when the Gestapo FIRST RAIDED it NO SEARCH WARRANTS, 5 Sept 08. On 6 Sept 2008 I went to MY house and via that wall regained MY house. MY middle daughter was hoisted by me and I climbed the 8ft wall myself. Thus apparently if I see enough small children on shoulders of their fathers, I will forget about MY daughter being hoisted by me!
In LEWES also which was relentless the lunatic thugs arranged for youngsters to be dropped of just where I was, or hiding to step out where I was seen heading and so on, those half wits thought they were in a James Bond movie but the INTENTION was for others (the “witnesses” the Gestapo love so much as PERJURERS) were to claim they saw me SPEAK to the youngsters and tried to KIDNAP them. There were weeks at least 5 of bogus local headlines staying that “someone tried to kidnap teenagers”, which person would clearly be insane.
In 2012 the thugs had bogus headlines for WEEKS when I was back in my home area that someone in a camper van lured children with sweets! (ME.)
The usual masonic inversion of child abusers accusing others!
How though did the Gestapo, after arranging their witness, a bleached haired old doxy with a BROWN bag and black coat, pretending to wait for a lift where cars can’t stop anyway then attempt to manufacture an event of ME seen talking to a young male? They had ONE DROPPED OFF BY MASONIC IDIOT prepared to use a young person in such a way.
Meanwhile the HIRE ME van now at 15 Fell View (data to follow) was pretending via another in the usual 4 wheel drive this time a SEAT PRETENDED that I was moving from a daughter’s house in Lancaster which house is a no. 5 so we are at 15 Fell View. This being the 7th the Gestapo wanted an “arrest” to be 7 Oct 2015 again with data sent out about how they blocked my son’s email to me as the records from sleazy NHS were held as if I was someone else. “



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