ALLAN DRANSFIELD on THE INFORMATION COMMISSIONER [I.C.O.] – FreedomtalkradioScotland 31 March 17

[I had no choice but to go to the ICO after the General Medical Council completely ignored my reporting professional negligence by my local GPthe entire process took months to get nowhere with the GMC, and a further 12 months and more was wasted getting nowhere when matters progressed to the ICO. I cannot publish the person’s name at the ICO for legal reasons but, for instance, when I tried to call him direct [when he wasn’t on one of his very regular fortnightly “holidays” and away] I was told on his Ansaphone when my call couldn’t be taken to “leave a message if you can’t speak direct and I’ll get back to you directly” which I did numerous times only to be ignored each and every time I left my contact details. A complete farce. My interaction with this character cost a small fortune too – I learnt after my 1st lot of documents “didn’t arrive” after sending them by normal post that I had to send everything via Recorded Delivery, which I did for over a year, sending some docs more than once as they simply were ignored – others never getting any proper response either. A complete waste of time – the result of this costly time-wasting exercise being the ICO taking the GP’s and the GMC’s side, which was: “no case to answer”, yet I had overwhelming concrete evidence for my case, where, eg. my GP nearly killed me on at least 5 occasions as the result of collapsing at the end of nearly 3 years of being prescribed a drug which wasn’t checked or monitored even once during the entire near 3 years of it being prescribed, which has also had a devastating effect on my life and health. The ICO is, in my opinion [like the GMC and the GP I had to unfortunately engage with] not fit for purpose and a complete waste of taxpayers money – an utter and disgraceful scam!!]


The Information Commissioner – Socialist Activist Alan Dransfield + Pete Danby on Criminal Records [RADIO INTERVIEWS] – 03 March 17

The Information Commissioner   Socialist Activist Alan Dransfield…begins at 30 mins in

Pete Danby on Criminal Records irregularities etc.  begins at  1 hr. 49 mins. in

By Freedom Talk Radio Scotland

March 03, 2017 – 09:00:00 AM
120 Minutes

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