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MIKE TODD GMP and unravelling of FRAUD and Org Crime. Lancs.  03 April 17

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  Please feel free to quote me: TREASON plays its part which is why I receive nothing. E-CRIME and Computer Misuse.This document sets out the use of pubs and gardeners by Lancashire Gestapo in their attempts to cover for ILLEGAL LAND SEIZURE, CORPORATE MANSLAUGHTER, SHIPMAN POLICY ON-GOING, CHILD ABUSE, FRAUD, DECEPTION, AND MUCH MORE; ORGANISED CRIME BY LANCASHIRE MASONIC ELEMENT TO BENEFIT MASONIC ELEMENT OF LANCASHIRE. Obviously the Masonic element explains the county wide harassment, thuggery, police corruption, court corruption and so on. This is a tiny nugget in all that which shows that I do deal with lunatics as I was told in Jan 2012. I was told that when I caught the garage out ILLEGALLY installing a GPS on MY ignition system when they had not expected me to call about my car. I had returned 2 hours earlier than expected. “You are dealing with lunatics” they told me. “I know” was my reply. They would be out of business if they had not done as they were told.

My case 2406569/01 Manchester Employment Tribunals, March 2003 against LCC Social Services. PERJURY, EXTORTION, CHILD ABUSE all exposed but ignored and PAYOLA then of chairmen involved which was ONE reason MIKE TODD GMP Chief Constable was murdered.

In 2006 Lancashire Police being investigated by the Investigatory Powers Tribunal told the IPT that they had never heard of me, that I did not live in Lancaster but was my sister in Shaw near Oldham. It was 2008, the week Mike Todd was murdered in fact when I found that out. The IPT believed the Gestapo yet no one ever asked how they knew I had a sister or where she lived if they had never heard of me. In that as “proof” I was not me, they added an 0161 code to a bogus phone number on my E-ON records as “proof”. But if I had BILLS GOING TO MY HOUSE an idiot could see I had to live there. My sister is not GMP 0161 code area: she is miles out of Manchester. That detail was also overlooked.

In my case I found that ALL LCC “witnesses” were perjurers, with drivel produced, and their yobbish screeching barrister and legal reps secretly meeting with MET staff, “How do we get out of this?” For this data I refer to JUDY DEERING “solicitor” for LCC and show how the lunatics develop FACT to create FICTION. Deering a perjurer caught out (all documents safe, no statute of limitation on  perjury) was also exposed as not exactly drunk in work but always smelling of alcohol and working as a manager of a night club in BOLTON. The Law Society could find no records of one with her name registered as a qualified solicitor. She was not the only one found to have bogus “qualifications”.

Feb. 2004 and DS ANDREW RIGBY was sent to ME in MY house in Lancaster from GMP to start investigating events from Manchester Employment Tribunals after I pursued the EXTORTION, DEMANDING OF MONEY WITH MENACES, WITNESS INTIMIDATION and the rest. By May 04 he was ANOTHER to have been bribed or was just corrupt for free. Thus the Gestapo have tried to establish a Manchester link to me to “explain” GMP involvement AND claim I am my sister. BUT in that they have claimed I am her 3 daughters with one used mostly, a former class A drug user, thief and so on JOANNE HALL and GMP have used HER in Oldham to PRETEND events in Lancaster are really hers in Oldham as she is really me! Joanne I have not seen for years but my sister kept me up to date.  Now I have no contact with her either and then the Gestapo can’t pester her with drivel to tell me when I ring/visit. The “Tell her this, tell her that” thuggery of harassment. Joanne is known to “enjoy” a drink but is not reliant at all. She has never had a job and is now about 42. She being me means of course that she gave birth to my children just before she was born which a jury will accept without fuss, I am sure.

Ignoring events in between, in 2012, I reported lowlife for stalking me and found he had various names, was a benefit fraudster used by the Gestapo as the type used to do their dirty work. I also found a seedy other male who was always where I was when in Lancaster; I had no idea who he was but ALWAYS where I was and he with his lap top and phone while I used JUICAFE public computer, ALWAYS. Dec. 2012 I found that I had been right about those 2; a DWP claim in FRAUD had been made by lowlife McTEAR claiming to be my partner needing extra monies as I was “ill”. The other seedy male stalker I found to be “Mark” pub landlord from ROBERT GILLOW pub Market St Lancaster, (his name is not over the door and no one call tell me his surname), he is slightly disabled. He was using his lap top PRETENDING to be meeting me as if he was a SOLICITOR with his drivel being produced by IAN YOUNG the insane legal rep of Lancashire Gestapo and County. Thus they had shaken the kaleidoscope and made a BAR MANAGER into a solicitor and male instead of female and thought they had rewritten JUDY DEERING’s perjury AND incorporated me. The DWP “tribunal” of 23 Nov 2012 was to be an employment tribunal with the employment tribunal being written from history. I leave that address of the caravan at 298 Oxcliffe Rd and find various claim to be me in flats on Penhale Gardens Heysham where I rented flat 3, briefly. (This is why the fraudsters CURWEN from 24 Fell View, claiming to be me NOW among at least 20 others were, “re-housed” in a council flat after a bogus RTA when I moved from the flat to 28 Fell View LA2 9RP. The Curwen fraudsters being “me” as well had to then have MY experiences and the council re-housed them in a flat while extensive work was done on 24 Fell View thus somehow that makes the lowlife without a job between them into “me” and suddenly I am one of a “3 some” – as well as being Joanne Hall and my sister from miles away PLUS the roughneck who posed as me on 23 Nov 2012 in a DWP tribunal. She I only know as “Evelyn” with links to 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe LA3 3EJ. And more.)

The events in the flat where at least 3 posed as MY DEAD MOTHER selling my house as “too disabled” to live in it and the Gestapo actually driving one about at least 4 times in N10 KWW unmarked black Audi to show to “the public”, “Look, she’s not dead” making me MY DEAD MOTHER. But all sleazy council sent to harass and pretend, all the rough old parasites who claimed to be me gaining in FRAUD, all on camera, I moved to 28 Fell View, Caton LA2 9RP as the Gestapo and council in their shipman policy had “arranged” for 28 to be “freed up” for me.                                                                                                        JUNE and KINGSLEY WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View became “me”, Mr and Mrs K/C Woods. MARY LAMB in 32 became my dead mother and AGNES JACKSON in 26 was “me” for when Williams were not. CURWEN were me as a “3 some” then “too disabled” to live in their house which was apparently why I was not living in MINE, Jarvis the deranged in 41 claimed I lived there being cared for and driven about by them, O’Conner in 39 claimed to be 2 people, identical twins and that one was me at a 2nd address, Jackson also decided she had an identical twin who was Carol Woods, both Williams found they had identical twins so were Williams and Woods AND ALL AT THE SAME TIME as at least 20 others PLUS using same numbered houses on adjoining streets.

Williams, Jackson, Curwen, Lamb, Suzanne Jarvis and the rest do not work and are the usual dullards and parasites used as they think it is exciting and fun and livens up their dull, useless lives. (That was how the Nazis recruited so easily – apparently – something new and “exciting” to do.)

March 2014, soon after I moved in, the usual frauds of me going out with old doxies hiding parked up near- by to pretend they met with me, Jackson I found, in her 70’s, told to go to the Masonic pub in Caton and “garden” the window box. I found this by chance. She was pretending to be me as qualified teacher of horticulture with experience of teaching to “A” level standard. She was to be SEEN at a window box on a main road as PROOF, meanwhile the council and Gestapo had decided to say I was someone they invented so that Jackson could be me. I then discover in the usual thuggery of “back-up plans” that WILLIAMS attends COURT as me, as does Jarvis EXACTLY as “Evelyn” had done. The “Mark” lowlife is STILL used incidentally to pretend he is me ringing for taxis as he is now, they have decided, ANOTHER MR CAROL WOODS. He does not drive. I took photos of all that in March 2014, and then the DWP frauds of CURWEN with borrowed crutches and “hopping” to be proof they were “disabled”.

Williams I found was a bankrupt, she had drunk the profits from a pub she ran so we have JUDY DEERING and the seedy MARK and a “me” and the icing on the cake for the Gestapo was the FACT that Williams were from Manchester. In 2014 I found they had provided her with ID as if she was me, a car IN MY NAME and so on. She was me and then I found that they pretended I was her sister. Thus the lunatics had “revised” their lie to the IPT of 2006.

Williams at least 8 times has met with bleached haired old doxies and even pretended one was their daughter, one almost as old as they are, to fool me. She was to claim they are me selling MY house as “too disabled” to live in it. They are not disabled. She was found voluntary work in HMYOI Lancaster Farms which I found out quickly and have on photos, she could not have a job as a teacher as she has no qualifications; the Gestapo had PLANNED to say I only imagined I had had the jobs I said I had had. One submitted document to tribunal 2402412/04 ANOTHER MIKE TODD was alerted to, was me against LCC Education Dept as I am a qualified, experienced social worker and a qualified experienced teacher. Obviously being the brutal degenerate parasites they are they forced me from every job I had after blowing the whistle on social services in 2001. Thus claim 2402412/04.

In that the bullying hysterical had trawled anyone I worked with for detrimental comments as they do for anyone who challenges them, this is what results EVERY SINGLE TIME IN PERJURY. Obviously they had nothing EXCEPT excellent comments which I heard about by chance. Why had they not submitted them? Why were they not on my personnel file when I made my Sec 7 Subject Access Request? The bench instructed LCC to submit one I had heard about, “Carol Woods was brilliant, just what we need”. Thus they wanted to make a rough old loud mouth, with drink problems into me by giving her voluntary work in HMYOI Lancaster Farms so they could “revise” that document and claim it was about HER years later! She resigned fast when they knew I had found that out.

The Gestapo continued to PRETEND that all the lowlife were me and then Jarvis was to cease pretending to drive me about and she was me. She was to stand on the front street and shout about school meetings as that was her as qualified teacher apparently. (Mind you, for Lancashire it probably is enough.) Thus PROOF she was me. They then found her a cleaning job at Lancaster University to then be my refs to Lancaster University. Found out, she resigned. She was to be me as “Evelyn” a supposed cleaner from 298 Oxcliffe RD. Since then they have found JOANNE HALL disguised as JOANNE  NOLAN and moved Nolan roughneck into 17 Fell View, LCC cleaner to pretend she drives me about so 17 Fell View is used often in acts of lunacy. Then WILLIAMS’ added fraud found out of Sept 2015 where they hired a RED car PE64 OUG as if they were me as mine is red so they had to have a red one, the Gestapo find ANOTHER rough cleaner with PE64 HMG BLACK VW and she is sent to park outside me in 28 BUT pretend she drives me as if I am Agnes Jackson in 26. Then they decide to send someone I was friendly with years ago, SHEILA I only know her as, to “bump into me” as she is used to be me, but she doesn’t drive so they revert to an old troll in 2 Quernmore Rd about ¼ mile from me in Fell View and she does take people out when they are learning o drive. On 1 April 2017, amid the rest of the lunacy and swapping cars etc, and false claims to be me and “disabled” the old woman in 2 Quernmore Rd had her car replaced by a RED ONE PF66 HGM thus PE64 OUG becomes PE64 HGM then becomes PF66 HGM and a jury will never follow that, is what the Gestapo think.

Over days to 1/4/17 when amazingly the Gestapo knew what was to be in the news of an asylum seeker being beaten up by thugs in London and they arranged for another they claim is me, a Big Issue seller from OLDHAM to be sent to Lancaster to be seen and “shopping” not selling the Big Issue. Williams and she aka maracas mouth was to step out of 30 anytime she saw me in my rear garden and shout about what he had forgotten pretending to be me “ill” with dementia”. HE was to wear RED instead of her and he was MR CAROL WOODS “ill”. He is not bankrupt: SHE is so the Gestapo have decided he is MR Carol Woods after all so he is me not bankrupt.

We have thus gone from JUDY DEERING LCC “solicitor” perjurer, ruining lives of families over YEARS working with PAT ALLEN former cleaner in a children’s home then suddenly manager of child care team, found out by me to have false qualifications and perjuring herself scores of times with DEERING acting together in courts. Pat ALLEN’s rapid rise was, as her own bragging told me and others, because of her sexual relations with senior managers including a DAVID MICHAEL FAIRCLOUGH then Head of HRU Social Services and now “secretary” to the Police Advisory Committee with Clive Grunshaw “elected” police commissioner and amazingly all named as parties to corporate manslaughter of Sheila Bridge which is one reason why anyone called SHEILA is used, “Look, she’s not dead”. And we end with a bullying, liar and much worse June Williams who thinks she is me as well as at least 20 others round Fell View. But Pat Allen is why cleaners are used. The lunatics decided years ago to claim that Pat Allen was me and I was her thus I was the perjurer. Pat Allen can scarcely write her name and address exactly the same as JACKSON, CURWEN, WILLIAMS and as Pat Allen is me and they all are me then it follows that I can scarcely write my name and address. Vols 1 – 3 of my book set it out as the frauds develop, unravel, are knitted up again, unravelled again and so on. YOU FUND ALL THIS.

The “gardener” and me as Mr Carol Woods has found one at 17 Fell View with a garden centre van to somehow make her linked to me, and more recently they have found one used at 20 Fell View where I apparently lived as aunt to K MILLS in 20 Fell View as she was apparently daughter to Williams in 30 when Williams claimed to be me leaving me to be her sister. That van was then used at 7 Leslie Ave, she there, also Mills being sister to thief in 20 Fell View and yet ANOTHER daughter, apparently, of Williams. I also moved into that council house and in that, the gardener’s van from 20 Fell View was used, a P. WILSON named, then that “disappeared”. Now I have a loud mouth who leaves his van by my car with others to drive round and claim they see the van CREATIVE GARDENS thus proof that idiot hiding by lying across his front seats, is linked to me. He with a thug over the rear of Fell View would shout and PRETEND to “garden” and as I heard that, it was PROOF the thug over the rear was MR CAROL WOODS. He is another total stranger.The Creative Gardens van used in that harassment was why it was then sent to be SEEN outside me as that is PROOF apparently that Fell View is Langdale, a street away from Fell View, after all. All have been reported formally for fraud, harassment, deception, forgery, ID THEFT, E-Crime, Computer Misuse and more.

Cars used in FRAUDS. LA2 9RP. TREASON ID THEFT  03 April 2017

to andy.cooke, hq1-profession., hq1-profession., policing.minis., lewisb, brendan.lewis.., me, privateoffice..,, info

Dear Sirs this below I sent Saturday, I have just registered (20 08hrs) to use this WiFi. This I add, the Hayes Garden Centre van used to harass but from 17 Fell View with stalker and harasser JOANNE NOLAN who YOU want to claim is JOANNE HALL my niece from miles away and Vol 2 of my book where I and a daughter go to the Lake District to visit a garden centre, I find your use of lowlife NOW to try and rewrite that FACT of 2008 as something of Gestapo imagination pathetic. It is also criminal aiding and abetting to harass and stalk. Joanne Nolan is less than nothing to do with me and the Joanne Hall she was supposed to be in lunacy was not my daughter either.

WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View and my ref below: I saw that PJ65 WLL their car registered as if she is me, was not parked at 30 Fell View again: they, Mr and Mrs K WILLIAMS via her loud mouth pretended to go out today when they stayed hiding in 30 until late afternoon. The MOTIVE again is to claim she is me, so that when I go out, that deranged old criminal claims it is she who is out. WHO  HAS THAT CAR OUT? ARE THEY INSURED OR ARE YOU RISKING MORE DRIVERS WITH HAVING SUCH SA TRAVIS DALTON DRIVE IT TO HIDE AS USUAL? HE DOES NOT EVEN HAVE A LICENCE LET ALONE INSURANCE. For those cc this, please note Mr K Williams is a bloated old lecher who has pestered me since I moved to 28 Fell View UNDER DURESS on 24/3/14. What I did not know was that SHE had been given ID as if she was me (see she’s an old drunk and bankrupt and bullied to death the former elderly tenant of 28 Fell View) and now the INTENTION is to continue to pretend she is me. She makes phone calls as if she is me. earlier this evening via the ILLEGAL devices in my loft which activate when she or such as Jackson in 26 makes calls as if they are me linked to MY bungalow I heard the loft noises and then a taxi called to COPY LANE which is way over the rear of Fell View LA2 9RP. At least 4 houses on there are used by fraudsters and I suggest that GIVEN MY EXPERIENCES of this that the calls were for a taxi to PRETEND to collect me as if I was in a house on Copy Lane.

In March 2014 – Feb 2015 I found that the council had deleted records of 28 Fell View as not being there at all!

About 7 20 a car pulled out outside me and the driver switched off his lights, engine etc and lay down PRETENDING he called on “someone”, parked by MY car and outside me in 28 he pretended he called on me. That is such a boring old fraud and as ever, I took photos. MY CAR TAX REMINDER LETTER IS STILL MISSING AND I GUESS THAT WILLIAMS IN 30 HAS IT AS SHE HAS DOZENS OF MY MAIL ITEMS. RIPA legislation applies to the devices in my loft.

On Saturday, 1 April 2017, 15:42, carol woods <> wrote:

Dear Sirs This informs you that I have formally reported to DVLA that my tax letter reminder is missing for 3rd year running adding that V23 MAJ blue Toyota Yaris and V24 MAJ silver Toyota Yaris from 39 Fell View  O’CONNER are nothing to do with me at any address. Oddly the DVLA site had no records of V23 MAJ at all. I also recorded that GN07 AHO at 41 Fell View was not used to drive about anyone disabled nor is JARVIS in 41 Fell View linked to me in any way at all. I will move on to the DF car used by thief at 20 today instead of FE02 VDK the white Vauxhall used in much fraud, later.

I report harassment of me by a male in CREATIVE GARDENS van leaving it by my car in the ANDREW HALLIDAY type fraud of being seen thus PROOF that loud mouth yob is linked to me. Halliday I have not been provided with rank and badge number of. For those CC this asap, Halliday claimed by parking his vehicle at MY house that it was PROOF he had bought my house May 2008. The yob racing round to claim he saw  SG54 XOK by my car this morning did see it: I also require the name rank and badge number of Gestapo on motor cycle in CATON behind S5 KSK a thief and fraudster dealing with WILLIAMS (drunkard and bankrupt in 30 Fell View posing as me) to say he saw that vehicle thus PROOF she had met/dealt with me.

I also require the name rank and badge number of the squad car driver along Morecambe prom about 7pm on 30/3/17 to confirm he saw a troll in RED. The INTENTION was to claim that the photos I have of the bogus “daughter” supplied to JARVIS in 41 Fell View to use as PROOF she was me with as Jarvis does not have the right number of children, so you provided one for her which one varied. The one on the prom was nothing like the troll supplied to 41 Fell View. Yours etc Carol Woods Ms.


03 April 2017 to jake.diamont,, john.lyon
 Dear Mr Diamont, my car tax reminder letter is still missing and I have every reason to think that thief and fraudster Mrs JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View has it AGAIN as she is claiming to be me with Gestapo help. This is the 3rd year running. I did get the one for 2014 eventually. My P60 has been missing for 4 years, I have not had one at all since moving to 28 Fell View.
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6] Carol Woods Social Worker Unlawfully Incarcerated In Psychiatric Gulag   – 16 April 2016 by  GeorgeGreekTrucker

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