MAURICE KIRK: Police confiscate yet another ‘breach’ of a Restraining Order Interview Tape 7 April 17 + archive

Police confiscate yet another ‘breach’ of a Restraining Order Interview Tape 07 April 17

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Application for Police Disclosure 

1. South Wales Police/CPS continue to refuse to disclose the Accused’s 1st March 2017 custody interview tape (4th breach of unlawful restraining order) by now saying it has been sent to a Swansea police station! 

 2. The Accused requires for court all the other eleven custody interview DVDs, denied him so far, in spurious arrests all purported to have been related to his civil claims and Dr Tegwyn Williams, Dr Janis Hillier and Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University falsehoods. 

3. Despite his asking for copy immediately after interview, twice in two courts, CPS said, each time, it had already been supplied. 

4. 2nd ‘breach of restraining order’ June 2012 arrest file, only obtained through Cardiff Crown Court, contains no witness statements by Dr Tegwn Williams identifying the fire bombing attempt so graphically described in an earlier court hearing to achieve the Accused’s further incarceration in Cardiff prison for more than three months.

 5. accused again requests release of CPS barrister Smyth’s cherry-picked  Cardiff magistrate’s court records following his having to go there himself to examine the deliberately corrupted files.

MAURICE KIRK: THE CHRONIC INJUSTICE CONTINUES: “Why was I refused a guilty plea?” 31 March 17

Why was I Refused a Guilty Plea?

by mauricekirky

Before Her Ladyship The Recorder of Cardiff, yesterday, I wished to plead guilty to all four indictments but was refused as my defence statement had gone in, inadvertently too soon,(someone is losing the plot around here!) and because the Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) had misled the court, yet again, in saying all relevant disclosure of records had been disclosed to me!

Each trial, since 22nd June 2009 (the date when armed police and police helicopter raid on our home to snatch our then 10 year old daughter, Genevieve) on the same Cardiff cabal nefarious conduct to having me shot reveals how vital evidence under the control of the South wales Police is always unlawfully withheld from the last five juries following my original arrest for  being in possession of a Lewis machine-gun.

Her Ladyship stated I would be allowed related Cardiff Crown Court transcripts, once paid for, for the pending trial by jury. Wow!

so far I have paid out well over £5000 for some of them but the particularly sensitive ones have been heavily redacted or altered.

Like the previous Recorder of Cardiff , His Honour Judge Nicholas Cooke QC, I am once again promised records that the police will make sure never come my way or the our already ‘well cooked’  25 year running civil damages claim for police bullying may change its complexion as it awaits in the queue in the Royal Courts of Justice for me to die.

MAURICE KIRK: 5 Year Prison Sentence Tomorrow possibly and Blackmailed to use a Lawyer 29 March 17

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“It beggars belief ….I am not even  allowed to register and pay a fee to have the police interview and custody records sent to me by  email in order to take advise prior to 10am hearing in Cardiff Crown Court when facing a compulsory plea!…. My tel 07708586202

Now the Crown Court refuses my registration to obtain the above data by email NOW. Tracy says it is for the Crown Prosecution Service to register me. So, ringing them they say oh no, it is not us! who then, no answer. So who is it? Some one is lying…not unusual  in Cardiff courts……All a game to blackmail and cause a deliberately costly adjournment for me by they know, to screw my proposed return next week for my already costly   flight back to Africa for onward flight to Cape Town in my WW2 D-day Piper Cub ….evil little sh…

Yesterday I had to travel from England to CPS (Wales) just get some of the stuff on paper but not the most relevant, of course.”

England’s Police also REFUSE to take my statement re Cardiff altering Court Records 14 March 17

Archive continues at

MAURICE KIRK: Cardiff’s refusals to disclose public and defendant court records 22 Feb. 17

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