The question has been asked: “why would the PTB target someone such as Carol Woods for so long [since 2006], involving so many perpetrators, committing so many crimes, some extremely serious?”. Carol Woods is a 63 years old former Lancashire County Council Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer [who used to train social workers] and a former Probation Officer, amongst many other attributes. Perhaps the appalling and chronic targeting she has no choice but to put up with is because she reported numerous seriously grave irregularities she discovered, including child abuse, when being employed by this county council, as described in the “IMPORTANT VIDEOS” at the foot of this post, and also because of what Carol has reported, especially here, from Feb. 2007 [a land grab for a supercasino, with dire consequences…]:  “York LGO Blog and Lancashire CC” More is described here:   “Harassment as punishment for whistle-blowing: Lancashire When one realises that the very controllers of the targeting and stalking Carol is forced to endure are, very probably, very closely connected to the same departments and personnel who are described in the “IMPORTANT VIDEOS” [below, which detail what was discovered when Carol worked as a Child Protection officer in Lancs.] then it should not be hard to understand this type of payback. Let me try and put it this way: the Welsh scientist, weapons expert and authority on biological warfare, employed by the British Ministry of Defence David Kelly was supposed to have leaked serious information to the detriment of the PTB at the time – look what happened to him. Now, Carol is no weapons expert, but one doesn’t have to be one to upset the proverbial apple cart bigtime. And anyway, we are told there have been assassination attempts upon her life too – quite a few in fact, including ramming her car at speed, on a main road, by perpetrators unknown….

And why is there an illegal tracking device installed in Ms. Woods car – put there, apparently – by Lancs. police? The Chief Constable of Lancashire has been written to so many times about so many serious matters its quite remarkable – with absolutely NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER!

More serious crimes and misdemeanours committed against Ms. Woods, all completely ignored by whichever UK government agency one tries to take anything to, include: the theft of her home [as happened also to Patrick Cullinane R.I.P., Len Lawrence, Joseph Henry [multiple houses stolen], Tom Crawford, Barbara Hofschroer, and so many more],

at least 5 separate enforced incarcerations in mental hospital units for no earthly good reason – one excuse used  for such incarcerations being that Ms. Woods was mentally “deluded” in her findings of utter corruption within a Lancs. council – her latest incarceration being between November 2015 and Febuary 2016. Carol was also forced to take psychotropic drugs against her will during these hospital stays, and was threatened with re-arrest before her leaving the “Cygnet” unit, Lancs. in Febuary 2016.

fake IDs used [for example: for expensive commercial criminal frauds], 

chronic gangstalking and/or harassment by government connected sources,

home burglaries,

Certain “authorities” responses are awaited regarding they’re being contacted. Please help if you can. What is going on is maybe unbelievable, and at times very complicated, but that is surely deliberate and part of this outrageous attempted destruction of a law-abiding citizen because she dared to expose what she found.

Updates from Feb. 2016  follow [via the links], beginning with a footnote relating to mail irregularities: a very great number of letters, some even sent via Recorded Delivery [signed for], are not delivered to Carol at her home address – they are deliberately misdelivered to criminal neighbours, and have been for some time, despite the CEO of Royal Mail being informed over and over, including his predecessor, and numerous authorities, all of whom do nothing. From the 6 April:

FOOTNOTE to Royal Mail Frauds [mail still being misdelivered despite numoerous messages to R. Mail CEO recently reporting these serious irregularities that have been going on years]  =

1]   06 April 17:
to, info, osenquiries, info, greend, look.north, me, freedomtalkrad.

 Dear Margot James and those sent this, I have just had an email from Mr Jake Diamont Chief Executive Royal Mail who says that his investigation is almost at an end. (TREASON, MAIL THEFT and MUCH WORSE of YEARS), Oddly over 2 weeks ago he sent me an email stating that he had had a THOROUGH investigation and despite not asking me one single question, not asking me for any proof of what I state at all, within less than 48 hours his investigation he states was “thorough” and he found nothing untoward. Presumably mail men lie across the front seats of the vans and PRETEND that not being seen they are not hiding in the van but delivering mail? Thank goodness for my photos and proof of TREASON of YEARS. I printed off the email which stated he had had a “thorough investigation” yet here we are today stating that he has nearly completed his investigation. There was no email to me when I asked how “thorough” his investigation had been, there was no email to me stating that he would “reconsider”. We have a classic REVISION HISTORY exercise which he will have been instructed in. Carol Woods Ms. Under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP.

2]  TREASON ON PHOTOS  Lancs Org crime  04 April 17

to jake.diamont,, info, info,, hammondp, policing.minis., privateoffice..,, ministers, coopery, contact, postalreview, burnhama, me, bae146

 Dear Mr Diamont this is today, I have sent the fuller events to Royal Mail email address, this is for you:today at approx 11 30 I saw a mail van park at my gate: the driver did not alight, I stood to watch, he lay across his seats to HIDE and pretend he was delivering: I took photos, He sat up and drove off. The corrupt was pretending that 28 Fell View was 298 Oxcliffe Rd about 9 miles from me. I rented there in 2012 and left early 2013 but it now suits the TREASON FOUND OUT to pretend I live at 298 and am not me!

I will not bore you with the antics of WILLIAMS in 30 fell View who are desperately trying to be me WITH MY MAIL but suffice to say I was always right. She has my car tax reminder letter and she will have had the 3 years missing ones: I would not be surprised to find your staff delivered MY P60’s either. When they last worked is anybody’s guess.

this has gone to DAVE MEADOWCROFT and this: 31/3/17 on hand done paper so the lunatic in Lancashire cannot rewrite letters which he does all the time, IAN YOUNG legal rep of the Gestapo. TREASON MAIL WITH HOLDING AID and ABET. From Carol Woods 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP.

31/12/14 Agnes Jackson in 26 Fell View posted as if she was me – so deranged she thinks if she wears red she is me in my red car. The Gestapo (2) sit in a police van for over 2 hours to say they saw me go past the post box end Copy Lane/ Leslie Ave in my car thus I posted whatever the old thief in 26 had posted earlier. Obviously all resultant frauds are aided and abetted by your staff.

31/3/17 Suzanne Jarvis in 41 Fell View drives to the post box a 2 minute walk away – she is me from time to time. She now pretends that GN07 AHO is linked to me. I have alerted DVLA as to TREASON, with holding mail and you aiding and abetting organised crime, fraud etc.

18/3/17 posted to me delivered only on 31/3/17 – where had it been all that time?

3 years of car tax reminders, running, you have had them delivered to lowlife in 30 and so on to PRETEND they, having my mail are then me as I re tax my car – 4 years and P60 missing, Holland and Barratt vouchers, BOOTS from my loyalty cards, (I did get my payslip 5 days late.) Signed by me.

You need to start letting them know YOU are in charge of this, not those corrupt bullying fraudsters.


April updates continue =

FRAUD [EXPLAINED] + ON PHOTOS Lancs.  04 April 17

 to contact, farront, fieldf, fieldm, info, graham.farrant, greend, policing.minis., privateoffice.., clarkek, ministers, me,, douglas, hammondp, haveyoursay,,, corbynj, coopery, privateoffice, johnsonb, look.north,, confidential

  Please feel free to quote me: Carol Woods Ms.The photos with this are a few from many; these photos show what bleached haired old doxies are used. The first one was DAWN MORRIS thief and fraudster of LYTHAM St ANNES in a bogus bankruptcy. She parked near MY house in her silver AUDI in Aug 2008 and PRETENDED that, as she saw me walking to my house after being out, it was PROOF I had met with her. The old doxy wanted to claim MY house. That was why Mrs Greenbank was bullied out of 28 Fell View LA2 9RP (and died in the process) so that I could move in AFTER YEARS OF THE GESTAPO TRYING TO REWRITE THE WRECKING LOOTING AND SEIZING OF MY HOUSE. It was chosen eventually because JUNE WILLIAMS, a bankrupt after drinking the profits of a pub she was in charge of in MANCHESTER was used in PLANNED, ORGANISED, CRIME police led. In 2006 Lancashire Gestapo told the Investigatory Powers Tribunal that I did not exist, did not live in Lancaster and was really my sister in Shaw area, near Oldham. Thus by 2013, all being found out AGAIN (they knew because of TREASON, stealing MY mail) they needed to find someone bankrupt and from Manchester so whoever they found could be MY sister and bankrupt thus ME. My sister is NOT bankrupt either. The roughneck JUNE WILLIAMS was one to bully out Mrs Greenbank because she was told to. Williams thinks she is important and clever, she is deranged and a drunkard with health related problems. In that Mr K WILLIAMS was to pester and harass me and PRETEND that by stalking to be where I was, was proof he was married to me thus I was his horrendous wife.                                                                                                                                               
They have CARS in my name, SKY TV, bank accounts and telephones. It is all reported and all ignored. In the week to 1/4/17 I found that loud mouth Mrs Williams was pretending to be me “ill” walking about pretending she kept “forgetting” things as that is me with dementia; I sold my house but forgot. The mortgagee repossessed my house and I just forgot about a mortgage. (I had never had a mortgage on my house.) I also forgot I was someone else from Manchester and have forgotten I am married to a repulsive old fool. Williams have never owned a house. Despite her pretence for a year AFTER I moved in to 28 Fell View on 24/3/14 that she was me and I was her sister, I found her out and since then she has continued to try to be me. But prior to my renting 28 Fell View I lived in other addresses (where that fraudster has not ever lived, then others were “me” and other old doxies pretended they met with me. Often they met with deranged old trolls who claimed to be me as if I was my dead mother. Thus that “explained” who I was given the Gestapo continued to pretend I did not exist.

30/7/13 and SYBIL WESTWELL of Flat 2 Penhale Gardens was me as my dead mother. Another deranged old trout used and ANOTHER old lady bullied out of her home so I could move in so such as WESTWELL could be used. I rented Flat 3 while a great deal went on behind my back. Found out in late November 2013, I had moved to Flat 3 on 1/7/13, this was involved amid much else. Bent copper arrives to take out Westwell to be someone dead, “Look, she’s not dead”. Look how she hangs on to him as if he’ll blow away. The unmarked Gestapo Audi N10 KWW was used all the time which is why black Audis are still used, in November 2013, amid plans to “see me off” because I had found out about the murdered Mrs Porter from Flat 3 and looting of her assets, Westwell was to be taken away for 4 days while RYCROFT her partner in crime, Flat 4, who also claimed to be me, manufactured a “crime” so I could be arrested and “disappear”. All that failed and is on photos but here we can see Westwell started to dye her white hair a yellow colour, my hair has never been dyed or bleached. It was all from the original old doxy Morris.

On 2/10/15 the day that PC MASSINGHAM sat in a squad car in Caton and pretended he saw Agnes Jackson from 26 Fell View as 2 people; Jackson claimed to be 2 people, one was her identical twin who was “me”, Carol Woods – again I apparently did not exist. On 30/9/15 plain clothes Gestapo had sat in unmarked car outside 26 Fell View to claim they saw 2 people leave from 26 thus Jackson did have an identical twin. I drove to Lancaster after taking a photo of Massingham aiding and abetting Jackson, then took the bus to Lancaster University to use the library. I found this old doxy stalking me; she took the bus back to Lancaster as well, she was either me or claiming to have met me.

Around that time ELY in 12 Fell View  MORE who claim I live in their council house and am driven about by them as total strangers; roughnecks, unemployed-by-trade yet they suddenly “come into money” and he gets this NISSAN new, personalised plate, L20 ELY and he claims he drives me about as “disabled” in this. After a year or so, I pointed out that a disabled person would never get in or out of this vehicle so the Gestapo bought him and his troll ANOTHER, a silver Ka, CV06 CVR and she then was to stalk me and PRETEND that trying to wear clothes that sounded to be what I wore that she was me!

This is a classic example of a shopping FRAUD which goes on ALMOST EVERY DAY in one or more houses round Fell View, on side streets Copy Lane, Leslie Ave, Milestone Place, Quernmore Rd, Hall Drive, Brookhouse Rd and so on. I have hundreds of photos showing EXACTLY what goes on, where, who is involved, which vehicles are involved and enough for any jury.  23/5/14 a white Mercedes  parks in front of my RED car: I go out wondering where the bleached haired old doxy has gone; often they lie across the front seats and PRETEND to be indoors with “someone” close by – me. I found the old doxy hiding in the doorway of 24 Fell View which has been empty from 9 May 2014; she would have been told it was safe to hide in the doorway as it was empty. She sees me with my camera and leaves. I did not go out that day until 5pm which is unusual for me. Parking up and taking a slightly different route to Lancaster town centre, by chance I saw the old doxy. She knew I had recognised her: she had changed her WHITE coat to BLACK and the 2 BLACK cars M16 CHM black Audi and OY55 JBZ large VW with male waiting with the white Mercedes “disappeared”. She was loaded up with bags from all the good shops/ stores and all for herself. She pretends she calls to “someone” too “ill” to shop for themselves and thus shops but it is all for herself. THEY ALL DO THIS. The “someone” was me in 24 as CURWEN had moved out after a BOGUS RTA which rendered them “too disabled” to live in the house but as if they were me. She using 24 to hide was pretending she was with me in 28 as if I was someone else. BANK FRAUD OBVIOUSLY.

4/2/14 and I was then in Flat 3 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA, I find this old doxy bleached haired, visiting an old fraudster EDITH CURWEN in flat 15 who claimed to be MY dead mother selling MY house as “too disabled” to live in it. Curwen a total stranger, yet another said to be my dead mother and used in FRAUD. She in Flat 15 was ANOTHER reason 28 Fell View was wanted for me so that the Gestapo could link me to more CURWEN in 24 Fell View. Not related to CURWEN in Flat 15: it is a common local name. SX03 SUE was then said to be me in 2016. She has stalked me from Feb. 2014 and she had a partner in T19 MAP which car has been used dozens of times in similar frauds.

Moving from the flat to 28 Fell View, the Gestapo have officer TRACEY KENNEDY ANOTHER who they claim is me, and as I have a red Toyota Yaris they bought her a red Toyota R205 XRJ to park outside MY house and pretend it was proof I lived in my house when she is there, posing as me. My photos of Kennedy at MY house with a car she could not drive are excellent so the Gestapo found a variety of old doxies to drive this parked right outside me. This is a Toyota and NEARLY R205 so was to make me “forget” R205 and think I remembered R208. The fact that it was dark green was apparently not a problem. The old roughneck who started to use this was “me” and she provided dogs for O’CONNER in 39 Fell View. Why? Because O’Conner a bleached haired old doxy is ANOTHER who claims to be me as her identical twin. Many who have been said to be me have dogs thus I had to be said to be seen with one. This bleached haired troll was used a few times with this vehicle to be “mistaken” for O’Conner’s identical twin – me. Thus R205 was really R208. 18/3/15 and the original driver of R208 bringing dogs. They would wait for me to park up and hide among the high hedging at 39; I would park up and they would wait for me to enter 28 and then walk to MY car, then walk off with dogs and PRETEND it was proof O’Conner had just parked my car! This day I went back out as I had found what they were doing.

7/5/15 was among a number of lunatic acts: Jarvis in 41 was taking part and swapping with O’Conner. This car was used often L7 DGG but always with different drivers. It has to be council staff. It was always involved in taking “shopping” those who had at least 2 cars of their own to pretend they were the identical twins who did not drive. This car was used dozens of times to stalk me and PRETEND they were driving me behind me in my car. I have taken photos of it parked with the driver lying across the front seats pretending not to be in the car but with “someone” near- by  – me. I wondered if it was NHS as well. They are so sleazy and as AGNES JACKSON had admitted herself into a mental hospital as if she was me – they all knew she was not – anything was possible.

30/9/15 and I go to Morecambe and park on Morrison’s as routine on a Sunday. I found this old doxy, not shopping, she just sat there gawping: her car was chosen because it was dark green, and PK07 is from PK07 EDX a Kia Picanto used in serious bank fraud from Santander Morecambe branch that car owned by another bleached haired old doxy, thief and forger ELIZABETH MASON, ANOTHER who claimed to be me. 19/9/16 and my car parked in an area I use often in Lancaster. It is the scene of much fraud, thuggery and harassment. This day the bleached haired old doxy from the council walked up and down waving about a piece of paper which they do almost every week and PRETEND it is something formal for me. They PRETEND that way to claim I have just moved again. Often they walk up and down outside me in 28 and PRETEND, they think nothing of hiding in 29, 31, 33, 37, 41 anywhere at all and PRETENDING to be “with me”.

3/10/16 Dalton Square Lancaster used often as I pass by when parked in Lancaster; bleached haired old doxy just sits and watches me walk by then she drives off and PRETENDS. A silver Audi again.   End March 2014 and I had been in 28 Fell View a week and learned what lowlife lived round me. This day WILLIAMS stood in MY front garden screeching to Jackson in 26: they were pretending they were me in 28 as part of the whole organised crime. Her hair grey to white, she dyes it yellow, orange trying to make it look as if it is mine. Mr K Williams is seen.  I do not need glasses incidentally. I had so much experience from Penhale Gardens where the deranged would stand by my front door and PRETEND they were me in my ground floor flat. As in the flat, I found that lowlife were given a key to 28 Fell View to enter in my absence and PRETEND it was PROOF they lived here and were me. I also found that MY power supply was linked to 26 on one party wall and to 30 on the other party wall. I found that the council had deleted my details from the electoral register by May 2014 and by March 2015 I found they were pretending 28 did not exist but half was part of 26 and the other half part of 30. Recently I have found the lowlife tampering with my rear door handle which is left in the locked position. They make it seem as if I have “forgotten” to lock my rear door, this is PROOF I am “too ill” to live in my house and have dementia. I informed I would put treacle on my door handle so I seem not to have “forgotten” to lock it since.

V24 MAJ Toyota Yaris bought as one for O’Conner now reported formally to DVLA that it is nothing to do with me whatever the deranged O’Conner claims. My car can just be seen. 20/7/14 and Agnes Jackson is found a bleached haired old troll to be an identical twin. Thus one is Carol Woods. These 2 twice hid by the gable end of 26 when they expected me to go out as I had a routine then of when I went out.  I leaving 28 they then leave 26; that is PROOF that one has left 28 and it is part of 26 and I of course am not there. Jackson is the grey haired.

My trips to the launderette: from 2012 have been subjected to thuggery. The Gestapo usually use lowlife males to be MR Carol Woods, for 2 years they ILLEGALLY spoiled my washing cycle as anything electronic and computerised they can mess with. Time and again they would cut off my washing cycle part way through to leave me with sopping wet load. It was ALWAYS the same when I reported that to the owners; they never had a problem at all and the machines I used never encountered anything the same after I used them. Often I manage without using a launderette but this time 28/3/17 I used one I stopped using for about 2 years: the GPS on my car tells the Gestapo where I head to use a launderette. There are not many to use now. This one near MY house Aldcliffe area Lancaster, near B&Q where I go to look round while the washing cycle completes. This bleached haired old doxy was tipped off by one at the launderette, hiding in her car, to send a text when I headed to B & Q. (They think I am blind and stupid.)  This one at B & Q then contacts the male so necessary, I take her photo and leave, the male is rushing to B&Q, both have parked their cars elsewhere so they can’t be identified. He is in RED and with his FOLDER. They were to pretend to have met with me in a DIY store! Lunatics. 13/3/17 and this one looked about 80 from the front. She had been hiding in a shop doorway, which shop has closed down. I park up and lowlife send their texts as I walk from my car to the town centre; there would be other such types on other routes in case I went those routes. She then peeps out, sees me and steps out right in front as that is PROOF she is “seen with”  me and thus I have met with her.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
On 20/4/14 WILLIAMS had a bleached haired old doxy in 30; to me they shouted to make me think she was their daughter when I saw she was nearly as old as they are.  She was there to PRETEND they were me and arranged to sell MY HOUSE. Her car a dark grey Mazda 2 seater MAZ 7675 is why dark grey 2 seaters are used as I apparently meet with at least 3 a week at least 6 of other colours. My car records are extensive and kept up to date.                          

House theft. No HIPS on CHERRY TREES LA1 5ED at any time.  06 April 17

From: carol woods <>
 Subject: House theft. No HIPS on CHERRY TREES LA1 5ED at any time.
 Date: Thursday, 20 May, 2010, 17:20

To Lancashire (THEY ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW) Police via LPA members.

Today 20 May 2010 I have sent a fax recording various harassment incidents intended to rewrite history and also recorded that I have felt it necessary to record digitally my movements this am at least given 20 May is a date for revision history. From 1.50 I have enough to confirm where I was and what I was doing.

The headlines have been noted that HIPS (re house sales) are to be scrapped.

This records that ANDREW HALLIDAY did not have a HIPS in place when he “owned” my house Cherry Trees LA1 5ED after presumably “buying” it.

DAVID CARTER did not have a HIPS in place when he bought it which he must have done as the sworn statement of ANNA JUDITH PERELES states she bought it from him in 2009. PERELES is also the person on the police interview tape surprisingly where she gives her name as Carol Woods (unclear whether Mrs Carole Woods or me Ms Carol Woods) in the company of thugs posing as police who knew who she was and it certainly wasn’t me.

PERELES buying my house apparently in May 2009 neither had a HIPS in place. Having PAUL WILCOCK of Portland Street as co-conspirator with ABIGAIL CAPSTICK also known as GAIL CAPSTICK thief of my title deeds trot round in winter 2009 to check the wiring did not constitute the HIPS. Naturally all that is witnessed and documented.

So another headline is wasted in your plans to revise history. My house was not for sale, has never been sold and I will not be selling it at any price.

Copied to others which will be intercepted so printed of and faxed as well so they can all see what is being intercepted.

Carol Woods Ms not the CAROLE WOODS MRS currently on Lancaster police data as being owner of my house without another HIPS in place after PERELES must have sold it to her. I have never met Mrs Carole Woods.

CARS USED IN FRAUD Part 1.  06 April 17

to chiefexecutive, smithc,, clive.grunshaw, ashley.roberts, andy.cooke, haveyoursay, northern_expos., lep.newsdesk

Part 1; other Parts to be sent when completed.
 I have sent to DVLA the details of cars that are nothing to do with me but are used IN MY NAME IN FRAUD: I have reported them already for YEARS: PJ60 BYR silver VW at 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ, Nl03 WKM a silver Peugeot bought in FRAUD by KENNETH NICHOL lowlife in caravan 2 there who claimed to be linked to me and bought that PEUGEOT even though an out of work drunk getting rid of his red Ford, P801 CRN which FRAUD was to be a detail from MY book Volume 1 where I bought a red Clio and the lady selling gave me the documents for her NEW car in error. I saw the error, pointed out to her she had sold me her NEW car, we laughed, and I drove off in the CLIO I had really bought. PK62 NXJ, PX14 LRJ, PE64 OUG, PX15 KHW, PJ65 WLL and PF08 WDJ. I have also added GN07 AHO, V23 MAJ and V24 MAJ. I intend to work my way through all lowlife claiming they use their cars t drive me about. The RED NISSAN that moved MARTIN BRANKIN fraudster from 298 Oxcliffe Rd when he never lived there anyway (ref PJ60 BYR) has been “revised” by the old troll in 2 Quernmore Rd who gives driving lessons, off the record.

I list here others that apparently drive me about and use the Blue Badge scheme in FRAUD, now this is MY record that these cars are less than nothing to do with me. Please note at any one house other cars arrive to PRETEND they meet with me WITH INTENT TO DEFRAUD and claim to be linked to me; SCORES of council sleazy have PRETENDED to “drop me off” or “sit indoors with me” as if I was in one of those other houses. I have excellent records of all car details, photos and so forth. Some call more than once, some call once only, some call to one house then another to pretend somehow that I am linked to bother addresses. All dates, photos and persons involved are available. These though are the ROUTINELY used cars; this document does not list all others used. These are all harassers and deluded enough to think I would want them to drive me about. In this the lunatics use cars leaving them here and there as proof one address is really another thus 2 Fell View is also 12, is also 22, is also 32, is also 42. And 34 Fell View is also 24 Fell View and 34 Quernmore Rd, see the vans bought for use at 24 and the van then bought for 34 and which cars are left at 34 Fell View then re-appear at 34 Quernmore Rd. 34 Quernmore Rd is ANOTHER address where the Gestapo call socially. Cars of “64” are used after the PE65 OUG fraud found out at 30 Fell View so for example PN64 MNJ another red car hides parked at the far end of Fell View on 18/3/17 at night with Gestapo cruising about; they expect me to go to Lancaster University and wait to stalk to PRETEND the PN64 drives me with Gestapo to confirm they saw that car in this area. That then is apparently PROOF PE64 OUG was hired by me and NOT Williams in 30 Fell View – apparently. Currently the Gestapo are socialising with a foul-mouthed, inarticulate troll who thinks 34 Quernmore Rd is 34 Fell View, they call to Quernmore Rd and hope I don’t see as I would if they used 34 Fell View. PF02 FSK a blue Ford is to be the roughnecks from PL02 THK used with at least 6 drivers, council staff obviously; the foul mouthed troll using PF02 is unemployed, they will say they know nothing and it is just “coincidence” that unemployed she can rent a huge privately owned bungalow and drive about for no reason except always behind me. As the cars are used and replaced such as at 33 with replacements every day using for example “59” to cover for LT59 FGN and at 22, FE11 OBN then YK11 on 22/3/17, this document is sent out as it is to date but will be kept up to date; there is enough here for any reasonable person to see the frauds and how unemployed can run at least 2 decent vehicles, most large.

2 Fell View, Woodruff DG51 WGL.                                                                                                                                                                                                          
6 or 8 Fell View DN54 LTU                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
10 Fell View DX05 GVM  this was a bronze Citroen end Dec used to be other bronze Citroens used in fraud with such as BK53 EWE used at 31 for MONTHS to drive about Agnes Jackson in 26 Fell View when she was out as “me”. Please ask if you need names of those driving that vehicle in FRAUD and ID THEFT etc. Right now we have 31 still in use and with the same type of car PLUS a deranged loud mouth from LANGDALE needs to be “covered for” as he pretends he is linked to me; such are his delusions. Langdale backs onto the rear of some on Fell View; it is a few council houses in a U shape. Why he is used is out of scope of this; suffice to say his bronze Citroen Zsara used in entrapment and stalking is ANOTHER reason he is used.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
12 Fell View, ELY 2 cars but the personalised plate was moved from one to the other, L20 ELY, with a silver Ka, CV05 CVR  more recently, she told to dress to sound like me going out and stalk me to Morecambe for example on 2 March 2017. LR02 KSX silver Ford “council” sleazy pretend they see me there.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
14 Fell View, James STROUD and Nichola McGUIRE claim to drive me about in RX02 TLU as well as pretend I live with them. They MORE total strangers told to get an alsation dog some months ago to PRETEND it was MY dog to aid and abet Jackson in 26 as her number plate has a picture of an alsation on it. The Gestapo instructing thought that was a good idea to have Stroud and McGuire get an alsation dog to make Jackson me and living with them.                                                                                                                                                                                                      
14/16 Fell View Marjorie Hodgson used as her Christian name is that of my sister. KS08 WZY found stalking me where she pretends to take me shopping, buys what she wants and keeps it for herself.            OEO4 LWR black pick-up Mitsubishi.                                                                                                                                                        
 18 Fell View confused with 16 as cars seem to move about: BN64 KUK black Audi, PO61 OSN, PK12 VMY.                                                                                                                                                                                                           
20 Fell View K. Mills claims to be my niece, total stranger. S30 GKS used to stalk me then swapped for a T reg van when he got a job, R68 TLM used also at 17 and 22 Fell View to PRETEND that is the “small red car” on Fell View when it is MY car that is the “small red car” on Fell View.  Like many fraudsters, stalkers and harassers R68 TLM was also used on Copy Lane which is home to many such lowlife. FE02 VDK a large white Vauxhall which appears when there is a shopping fraud underway with those thieves pretending they shop for me when apparently I live in 20 Fell View. NL04 JXG a small van type vehicle used at 20 then at 7 Leslie Ave (also a K Mills) for over 18 months then it disappeared. Y243 MAE used at 20, used at 7 Leslie Ave used to harass me. PL02 MKE which doubled up at 17 Fell View as R68 TLM had done as apparently I also live in 17 Fell View and that drives me about. PJ63 HCL the Mills troll who stalks me in this and drives almost as far as Lancaster University when told I have been working there, she then tailgates me in my car after waiting along the road and PRETENDS she drives me. SK02 VLL is a filthy Land Rover and always involved in a shopping fraud. DG05 YEC is the sister from 7 Leslie Ave.                                                                                                                          
22 Fell View Hunter who claimed from April 2014 to end March 2015 that I lived there as HIS mother, then decided I was HER mother for a year then they decided they were Mr and Mrs Carol Woods. YD54 VYR used to drive me about, apparently, R68 TLM see also 20 Fell View, KW54 XDO which was used to drive Mrs Invisible about from end 2015. V261 EHH, PN64 VJU, MF10 CYH which was used when YD54 VYR was not at 22 during 2014 into 2015. FE11 OBN always when a “plan” is underway to claim someone is driven to move into 22 yet again, me as Mrs Invisible. KU61 URT, LX02 OVZ council sleazy also used at 39 Fell View, DX53 KTO used by a) MR Carol Woods and then a troll who was me as if I was someone from the Oldham area. Complex but do ask. Also used at 24 Fell View when necessary. LC58 RTN also from early 2017 which is their 2nd car with KW54 XDO.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
24 Fell View, CURWEN more deranged fraudsters. Re-housed in flats near Booths Scotforth area and use 24 as and when they want to. YJ03 UNV, P108 OSF, KS53 VLF (This lout lives at New Parkside Farm and used 24 claiming to be MR CAROL WOODS) PO54 ZCV this roughneck would sit in 24 with Curwen but pretend to be called out to me as if I rang her in an “emergency” from spring 2014 into summer then she started to park at 12 and 14 and pretend the same. RX52 RYK yellow Mini doubles as an NHS ambulance to drive Mrs Curwen about as me “disabled”.  MW55 ZTT another used by the thug from New Parkside Farm but from 24, DX53 KTO see also 22 Fell View, SN55 DGO, SY61 YCK, SA55 XHD, MD51 HNR, also used by thug from New Parkside Farm from 24, SK05 LWN, PF03 GYV used often but has at least 6 drivers, at least 4 claim to be Mrs Curwen as if I am blind and stupid. N225 PB.C, MF10 CYH, BD51 SXZ which car was used when the drivers would arrive at 24 and swap with KS53 VLF. PG03 WGU a blue Skoda which I then found at 17 Fell View, hiding behind 31 and stalking me with texts from HUNTER tipping them off as to when I left 28 Fell View; that roughneck pretended to drive me about BUT as if at first I was in 24 Fell View then living in 17 with her: I found she was a school cleaner and a Joanne Nolan claiming to be yet another niece of mine when I have no one NOLAN at all. PE05 UCS.  FV06 LWD a black Mitsubishi pick up with rear cover on was used on 11/3/17 and 12/3/17 as I had apparently just moved in again to 28. This was found to be FV06 FDA at 21 and 2 Milestone Place and YD06 VVN the same black Mitsubishi used at 20 but belonging to the K MILLS of 7 Leslie Ave.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   26 Fell View an amazing array considering Jackson does not drive and never has. YM55 TGK, PK63 SFE, Y807 FHJ, Y313 YEC, NK06 KXX, MD02 HGO (a bogus “son” for Jackson, a thief and fraudster), PE03 DXS, P514 JBC, R881 OEO, YR51 WRE.   Imagine all the losses when changing cars so often, admin for insurances and so forth.                                                                                                                                                                                      
30 Fell View: Pk62 NXJ, PX14 LRJ, PE64 OUG, PX15 KHW, PJ65 WLL, MAZ 7675 a bogus daughter sent to have this pair of old fraudsters SELL MY HOUSE claiming to be me “too disabled to live in it”. MA15 XSZ white Kia sleazy NHS sneaked in at the rear pretending that the rear was for Mrs Carol Woods, Williams PRETEND that the front is for Williams and the rear is when they pose as me as Mr and Mrs Carol Woods.                                                                                                                                                       

32 Fell View: PF08 WDJ and OEO8 AHF sleazy council hides in 32 and PRETENDS as she also does the same at 39.                                                                                                                                                                                     
34 Fell View more who pretend to drive me about and move me from somewhere to live there: YH08 KDK and RO61 TVV. They linked to 34 Quernmore Rd, see that address and cars there. RED VAN added from 18/3/17  MF05 DFP   I also add these from 34 Quernmore Rd as the deranged think 34 Fell View can be “mistaken” for 34 Quernmore Rd if cars park at one then move to the other. R128 HBM a red Nissan the drivr a type like Nolan in 17 who is also used to pretend to be linked to me and she was a single parent to aid that. Found stalking me often she was then moved out and replaced by more of same in RJ03 YGE a red Renault, she was then replaced by those in blue Ford PF02 FSK. That is to replace PL02 THK.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
38 Fell View, all change end of 2015 as at 36 Fell View, SG05 HFP, V237 KBX, PF55 SRX                                                                                                           
40 Fell View don’t seem to be being used but as they undoubtedly will be, I will add then.                                                                                                  
42 Fell View This one was bought a VW camper van as the Gestapo claimed in 2012 that I lured  children with sweets and had bogus headlines weeks running as it was all false. This unemployed male has stalked me often: I found he was a GARY O’KEEFE, NA57 LZG, then a red VW was bought to be MY car, N415 NGN and then an old troll was found to join them as apparently I live there PJ08 WDT to be PF08 WDJ at 32 thus the old Lamb from 32 as “me” went to live at 42. 2, 12, 22, 32 and 42 apparently they are all one address.                                                                                                                                               

44 Fell View G4 ALP, PE14 TWN, HJ60 WLW cars vary but are always better than some. Their namesake is why they are used DIANE GARNER of 2 Leaper’s View Over Kellet, thief and impostor of me who was moved to DORSET to PRETEND that move was ME moving from MY house.

5 Fell View was PN06 XPY a bronze Citroen Zsara now is CK06 XRY black. I apparently lived there as a) my dead father and b) reprobate Mr Carol Woods all on photos.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
17 Fell View Joanne Nolan it was JUNE CARRADICE to confuse with JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 and both claim to be me with Nolan then pretending on 11 March 2017 again that “someone moved in or out of 17 once about 9 15am and again at noon) PG03 WGU a stalker claims to be my niece. A school cleaner and roughneck linked to 22 Fell View and 31 when there is a “plan” to be carried out. On 15/3/17 a bronze car waited at 15/17 until 2 45 INTENDING to drive off when I did and PRETEND: I did not go out; the car left. 15 and 17 are used as if it is one council house as 29 and 31 are so used. 19 Fell View Elaine and Cameron MacMillan he is used as he is a McTEAR type, the thief and worse from 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ who claimed to live at 298 when he did not, claimed to be linked to me when he was lowlife nothing to do with me. PO63 LUR is used from 19 on days when “needed to stalk to harass to pretend” (it is McTear seen driving behind me thus PROOF McTEAR is not a murdering thief and fraudster.)                                                                                                                                                                                                          
21 Fell View Michael Dane used often FV06 FDA which then went to 2 Milestone Place off Fell View as I apparently live there as well. This one used in 2014 to PRETEND ELY in 12 where being legally evicted and acted it all out in sheer lunacy and all on photos.                                                                        
23 Fell View Clarke claims to be my brother and carer as I apparently am disabled. SF62 LHJ then GK15 VMV, MF55 MGE is the constant small saloon there, SF64 HRU and Sf16 from Dec 2016 to Feb 2017 when SF62 LHJ was returned and used.                                                                                                          
25 Fell View used from time to time; she deluded and thinks if she drives behind me to stalk and harass in HER RED car PR07 JPJ then she thinks she can be me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
29 Fell View LENNON supposed to take over from the thief and worse who pretended to live at 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ but who “ran away” after calling on 11/8/12 to take MY mail as she was me then.  This seedy old trout was to hope I “forgot” DIANE LENNON where this one took over and pretended to drive me about as I also lived in 29 Fell View apparently. AF07 XLL always used but with CW55 AYM which was also used at 31, a deluded male who thought it was PROOF he was Mr Carol Woods. Lennon in 29 was advised the change her name in the “great all change” of late 2015 to Jane Slater, grow her hair a bit and dye it, she did, almost orange. PE06 EJL a small silver hider 2/8/16.   

Photos FRAUD IN PROGRESS LA2 9RP 06 April 17

to policing.minis., privateoffice.., enquiries, smithc,, farront, fieldf, fieldm, coopery, ministers, contact, chiefexecutive, me, freedomtalkrad., tom.winsor

 18/10/15 and I park up in Morecambe which was a routine I had for a Sunday at that time. I find JARVIS has not gone to church – horror of horrors, whatever next?  The deranged was then to set off walking “with me” as she was me having just parked my car. I left her way behind; she was not with me, she was not me she was not going to get a lift either. This was the PLAN. I had guessed she’d be up to no good for 19th as the 19th of EVERY month of EVERY year is used and I was certain she had gone out to a court as if she was me on 19/10/15. I have never been wrong about such lowlife posing as me in courts. To make sure there was no confusion I went to a garden centre miles away in the opposite direction and sat in the cafe for a while. Hot on my heels this clown enters. I had seen him drive into the car park and noted the large car and how he was dressed. He then walks round, looks at nothing, leaves, I watch him change his jacket in the car and drive off; that lunatic was pretending that a garden centre cafe was a court. I had been right about Jarvis and her “plans”. The rest of what was planned for me from 5 November 2015 is well documented elsewhere and out of scope of this. The plans failed: Jarvis continues in her lunacy: 24/6/16 a red Audi parks outside me but an old male goes to 41; he is a “trustee” and pretends to meet with the invisible person who happens to be in 41 and also happens to be me. The red Audis feature after Masonic thug in WG03 DMW was caught in perjury, stalking and harassment and more from 5 Oct 2015. Such white haired old fools supposed to be “professionals” are used at least 3 times every single week, they “meet” me in DIY stores, in the street, in shop doorways, cemeteries and so on. 12/6/16 and yet again I caught MR Deranged from 41 stalking to claim he drove me: I managed to get behind me and caught him up at road works so he is not driving me is he? YD09 LPP is a Citroen Zsara used by seedy male who calls to various addresses and stalks me and PRETENDS he drives me about. I guess he is council: he looks the type. He is used because it is a Citroen Zsara. Here he assumed he’d be behind me but I had parked up and saw him AGAIN trying to catch me up to PRETEND. This then is a thumbnail sketch of deluded parasites who cannot even tell a white lie. If I have not sent both parts to any one, please ask. Carol Woods Ms.

Serious FRAUD EXPOSED Lancs  06 APRIL 17

to policing.minis., privateoffice.., privateoffice, ministers, benefits, farront, fieldf, fieldm, info, secofstate, greend, mayt, smithc, haveyoursay, look.north, northern_expos., coopery, freedomtalkrad., me, contact, chiefexecutive

 Photos sent separately given the length of the data. Please feel free to quote me: The final few sentences of the data is with the photos. Today the Gestapo were busy trying to stage events to rewrite my photos! This data shows JARVIS from 41 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP and their frauds, deceptions, delusions and deranged antics trying to gain MY experiences and pretend to be me. I have formally informed DVLA that they are nothing to do with me and their FORD, GN07 AHO is nothing to do with me adding that they do NOT drive anyone about although they claim in FRAUD to do so. Please feel free to quote me. I rent 28 Fell View and am surrounded by deluded thieves and fraudsters and worse EXACTLY like Jarvis except that Jarvis the liar told me she could not even tell a white lie as she went to church. None of the others are such hypocrites; they are openly dishonest, unintelligent and bullying. The Gestapo leapt into action immediately seeing my photos ILLEGALLY when I scanned them and they tried to stage events to rewrite photos!

SUZANNE Jarvis was ANOTHER reason why 28 was wanted for me. A former friend SUZANNE HARGREAVES had been posing as “me” prior to my move to Caton where she, in Heysham, took taxis as if she was me.  The Gestapo thought they could use the name in new “ideas” and no one would know the difference. Mrs Jarvis does not work and has not for many years. Mr Jarvis does bits; they have high spending power nevertheless. He has a van V004 NVZ; they also have a large Ford GN07 AHO, both are used to drive me about – apparently.

Moving in to 28, I was unloading my car, last load of 24/3/14 and Mrs Jarvis is sent to tell me she was collecting her son from cubs amid the usual “list” of things to tell me when sent by the Gestapo. Given the “list” and not real conversation, I was sure she was a liar. I could see her walk off, turn and then walk back, no son, no cubs. I do my homework: there had been no cub pack in Caton for at least 20 years. She had been told to tell me that because of photos LOOTED from MY house 19 Nov 2008 where MY son is in his cub uniform: that thief in 41 was a new version of me. BUT she was only 1 of at least 23 others which I found out about. This is what the few photos show of Jarvis who still thinks she can be confused with me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                
25/3/14 – she with MR walks up and down outside me in 28; this I have VAST experience of; it is harassment to PRETEND they are linked to me. Then a sleazy council employee appears in PE08 ZRX; it was clear she had not been to 41 before but I, working in the garden and hearing knew they were up to no good after what I had experienced anywhere I had “lived” after MY house was seized, wrecked and looted Oct 08. I have many more photos than are here but these show enough. The sleazy was setting up JARVIS pretending “someone” had just moved into 41 and was being “cared for and driven about” by Jarvis with the sleazy validating the FRAUD using an invisible person said to be me.

On 24/4/14 I drove to another town for a day out and returned to find this sleazy stalking me. She went to 24 and returned on 25th and she also set up Jarvis as someone else had just moved in 41, me again, after I had had a day out. Since then I have moved into at least 30 houses in the area and I move in at least 4 times a week and sometimes in and out 5 times in one day. Meanwhile PE08 ZRX had been calling to 41 from 25/3/14 regularly. Those 2 were not the only ones: any time I went out I found sleazy stalking me who then would park at 41 and PRETEND they had been driving me about. PJ62 OGS ANOTHER sleazy from the council. There was much more then to the choice of that troll with the dark grey and licence plate which I was to discover over more time.                                                                                                                                           
This was also a classic: 8/6/14 and male stops outside me and pretends to mess with his roof box, in fact he was pretending to himself that he met with me about MY house as many such did, hiding in lanes, in doorways and so on and most on photos. The Gestapo see this photo and my related data and immediately buy for Jarvis a roof box for GN07 AHO so that this fraudster of 18/6/14 is “forgotten” in a revised version. On 13/8/14 JARVIS was delivered of a washing machine and the plumber spent 2 TWO full days plumbing it in leaving it stood on the pavement to make sure I saw. Why? Because it was the anniversary of a serious fraud and theft, forgery EXACTLY the same of a year earlier where I looted of the dead in flat 4 Penhale Gardens Heysham LA3 2QA posed as me in the purchase of a large fridge and freezer also all on camera. Thus Jarvis was repeating that as MORE “revision history” How much for a plumber to spend 2 FULL days? Nothing to Jarvis – YOU paid.

11/12/14 and a great deal found out so the “plan” is to make JARVIS a “victim” where she is the disabled in 41 needing to be driven about and taken shopping. Here we have PE08 ZRX validating that and the large white which had been hiding in the driveway of 39 which high shrubs offer cover and they can be just be seen. My car can also be seen. The “drawback” in all that is that Jarvis have 3 young children who obviously are not in on the FRAUD and DECEPTION and wonder why “mum” needs to be drive about. She doesn’t, the white car drives from hiding, parks at 41 and they all WALK to the local shop!

On 16/12/14 more who are me CURWEN at 24 Fell View “disabled after an RTA” which never happened and they arrive after being re-housed by the council as “too disabled” to live in 24 Fell View but not too disabled to then call every weekend to renovate the self made slum. The odd detail with CURWEN being that only he is the constant factor, the women change weekly; all the same roughnecks, seedy, shabby but all different. Curwen are a “3 some”, an old pair married with his sister. The Curwen fraud is documented with photos showing how they are also “me”. They are also me while I am in 41 as well. What is Jarvis doing here? As she is used for often: Curwen, 2, arrive and start to fill the skip with rubbish of decades they have: they then see I have noticed that for “disabled” they seem to be well enough able to load rubbish into a skip (this was the 3rd they had and there is still enough rubbish for at least another 3), the woman who might have been Mrs Curwen or the sister, they all look similar which is how the Gestapo have a supply to use, then picks up the crutches they swap about between them and Jarvis is the WITNESS to say she saw the crutches thus there is “disability”. Jarvis is used because as a church goer she cannot even tell a white lie! My photos presumably have all been shot using models.

These events take place EVERY SINGLE DAY using one set of lowlife or another. On 3/11/15 this car had been used a few times by the most amazingly sleazy council employees who would drive out to Caton with their dog and PRETEND their dog was being moved from someone unable to look after it and going into a home – me. All that from 29 and 31 Fell View. Those 2 horrendous trolls would walk up and down outside me with THEIR dog waving about an “important document” (a bit of paper) and pretending. Then they became really brave and parked outside me and did the same as did I with my camera. This car is now used by at least 3 others and ALWAYS when the sleazy council driver goes into 41 and spends HOURS with Jarvis pretending that Jarvis has an invisible person to care for and drive about; they probably spend most of those hours trying to find the invisible person: it is me. I have seen this car with one horrendous troll stalking me BANK HOLIDAY down the M6 pretending she drove me as if I’d want to go out with such!

But Jarvis on 27/1/15 to be 27 Oct 2008 when I was “evicted from MY house for rent arrears” so the thugs rewrite EVERY 27th as such. Jarvis is a council tenant, here she PRETENDS she has been to court and returns to serve notice on people she PRETENDS are living in 41 as 2 bullying thieves live in MY house despite being given notice to quit formally but as one is police officer TRACEY KENNEDY then the Gestapo with the NO LEGAL JURISDICTION AT ALL protect a pair of roughneck lesbians as one poses as police so they have to cover that up as well. She of course is me so I am actually still in MY house.  Jarvis waves about the usual bit of paper beloved of the deranged, deluded fraudsters and PRETENDS it is something. Surely MR should be in on this? No, he had other things to do mainly because I live alone and as Jarvis wants to be me with my experiences then she has to be alone. Here she “evicts” 2 people found to have claimed her COUNCIL house and living in it. The car is KH52 WZC a dark red Ford. Whenever that was used, and many used it in many different frauds, I knew they were up to no good. 2 trolls exit from 41 and PRETEND to be evicted. Where were council staff in this as it is THEIR house, not Jarvis’s? We can only assume the council wants to take a back-seat in such ventures. Imagine leaving it to tenants to evict squatters! See the bottom photo, 20/3/15, the trolls move back in – or pretend to. They were in and out like yoyos for a few weeks.

4/2/15 ANOTHER council sleazy parks at 41 and pretends, 5/2/15 and this one from the series of photos of council sleazy, yet another, and she drives to park at 41, removes her seat belt, lies across the front seats of her car and PRETENDS to be indoors with “someone” – me. She then sits up, reinstates her seat belt and drives off and I have that on photos from beginning to end. This photo shows her just reaching after sitting up to put on her seat belt. 28/2/15 and JARVIS as me has been driven out by a seedy man used often but in a car used by others, more often. The pretence was that JARVIS had been in “hospital” as “ill” and was being returned BUT only after I went out as she is me. I saw the car; going out to my car they assumed I was driving off but I wasn’t. Too late Jarvis alights and he drives off, she hides in the shrubs at 39. He then returns to see if all is OK, it is not; she is still hiding in the shrubs at 39. He lies across the front seats of the car L7 DGG and she sneaks round to 41. When she is indoors he sets off again. I go out, and he races back to pretend again. It is all on photos. The “carrier” bag was her belongings. This had been linked to AGNES JACKSON In 26 Fell View who had admitted herself as ME to a local mental hospital in July 2014; how funny and clever they all thought they were, sleazy NHS knew she was not me. On 26/12/14 Jackson with her thug son visiting for a hour and one thug “son” the Gestapo sent to PRETEND to be her son with his ginger hair as PROOF she was me with a son with that hair colour (my son has never had ginger or auburn hair), was to ring NHS mental health saying she was me “depressed”. The sleazy walked all along Fell View pretending to call and as I was at my car by then, I took some photos. How funny and clever Jackson and the thugs thought they were. Thus this is JARVIS being returned as me after being in “hospital” except she’d only gone out early that morning. The car used often I had to think was NHS. O’Conner repeated EXACTLY this not long after as O’Conner in 39 is also me apparently.

13/4/15 and late afternoon I had been to Morecambe and was returning to my car parked at the far end of the prom. A squad car drove by which ALWAYS means those liars are to confirm they see something which is anything they make up. I found it: JARVIS had been sent to park near to MY car and she lying across the front seats of her car with the Gestapo claiming he saw GN07 AHO and me then I must be Jarvis. Obviously he did not see my RED car. The Gestapo often did such with Jarvis: all on photos. 14/5/15 and a regular sleazy in PE08 ZRX, the usual shopping fraud, she, council employee pretends she shops for the invisible person in 41. She has validated the claim made by Jarvis with forgery and bank accounts set up in FRAUD, but I do not go out, they prefer to do all this behind my back; she has to leave sometime and leaves after they had split up the shopping between themselves which YOU paid for. She is one driver of PE08 ZRX and is still used as the thief, liar, stalker and harasser she is. Look at it: looks exactly like what she is. 24/5/15 and the Gestapo revert to NHS fraud again. By this time they have realised that Jarvis only has 3 children: I have four adult children with grand-children. They find her an “oldest” who happens to be ONE “evicted” for “rent arrears”. (I told you I couldn’t make this up.) Suddenly she is not a squatter, she is a daughter BUT a bogus one and at least 20 years older than Jarvis’s one daughter. Here she pretends she has called to 41 as NHS and in blue with her notebook has left after visiting the invisible person. Obviously she walks up and down outside me as I am the invisible person. By 19 6/16 she was dressed in RED with hair dyed red and she was me. My car seen, RED yet anyone in RED with hair dyed red is me – apparently. She walks to 41,that is me living in 41.
SERIOUS ORG CRIME contd. Lancs  04 APRIL 17

ashley.roberts, andy.cooke, contactus, policing.minis., privateoffice.., homeaffcom, me,, info, info, ministers, coopery, contact

 The data below was typed earlier; now I am in Lancaster library with local males harassing and stalking as they ALL want to be the thug I caught in Lancaster Uni library last night posing as me as MR Carol Woods where he accesses social media (he was sent to do that after the GPS ILLEGALLY on my car told the Gestapo where I headed) and then they have many to “cover for” in serious organised crime. Thus the below then ILLEGALLY seen and this takes place: the postman was hiding in his van and then drove off exactly as I recorded: he delivered no mail to anyone I could see. The deranged in 30 Mrs JUNE WILIAMS had to pretend to be out with PJ65 WLL registered to ME as if she is me, had been driven away to hide locally again. Mr was to walk up and down with 2 large plastic boxes, why? The Gestapo saw what I typed for Vol 2 of my book ILLEGALLY via devices in MY loft installed by BT ready for my move to 28 Fell View and that INCLUDED as FACT thugs demolishing MY coal bunker at MY house after false friend had told them I bought 2 plastic boxes to store files in and had hidden them in my coal bunker. I had removed them NOT telling her so they demolished my coal bunker for nothing. England 21st C thuggery alive and well. (No there was no legal jurisdiction at all to even be on my property.) Thus he in 30 MR WILLIAMS is clearly MR CAROL WOODS and to prove it he walks up and down with EMPTY plastic boxes. he is mid 70’s and not one I wish to even know. The MOTIVE is to PROVE that pair of old parasites and bankrupts have had a RIGHT to MY MAIL for 3 years with MY car tax reminder going to those deranged in 30 Fell View when the postman knows full well they have lived there for almost 2 decades and that they are not me.

To “accommodate” that TREASON WITH INTENT they try to PRETEND that I still live at 298 Oxcliffe Rd.

Leaving to go out, they sent round a HEALTH SUPPLY van as they sent them to 2 scruffy council houses in 2014 after I found they, 29 and 31 Fell View, were being used as if they were an NHS hospital and that I lived there! (Vol 3 of my book plus photos of the deranged taking part). No, the council had not applied for change of use! The van I took of photo of today and he drove on and off and YOU paid for that.

There were the usual dullards sat parked waiting to drive off as me and as usual, one RED car with a gormless pair (to be me as Williams) went north as apparently I live in Kendal as Mrs Williams while she in 30 Fell View is really me. Williams do not have  red car as I have so the Gestapo have pairs of dullards to sit about and PRETEND, then to drive off when they see me. if they do not see me, if I do not go out, they all leave about 3 – 4 pm.

I watched the thug in HIRE ME van who has stalked and hounded me for WEEKS pretending he moves me in and out of VARIOUS round Fell View, YOU pay him and today, as he was to move me to or had moved me from Manchester, he was then to drive south on M6 and YOU paid for that: SD15 VTW so we can all identify him. The photos are quite clear.

The Gestapo always have their silly back-up plans so aside from shipping in every dullard to be Mr Carol Woods “with me” this I found, an L Tutor car hiding where I headed to park as is usual for me; he of course was dressed in RED, the lunatics had a taxi stalking apparently he drove me from Caton all the way to where I parked up and then I had a driving lesson! I did not park there and left them to their games. I drove all round town and found ANOTHER taxi hiding in the spot used on Saturday and he was to pretend he collected or delivered me to the new flats WHEATFIELD ST Lancaster so I took a photo to show I was in my car, behind him trying to park to hide. (We are talking about grown men, all truly stupid and childish.) Then the influx of more half -wits and these are all to make me “forget” the thugs at 298 Oxcliffe RD oddly while I am supposed to think I still rent there!

AND YOU FUND ALL THIS. The lout of last evening SENT was to switch off his lap top before IO switched off mine as that lout was to PRETEND that he uses it and then I take over doing what I was doing on MINE. Apparently it is PROOF I shared my lap top with gangsters collecting in 45 Fell View and the Gestapo visiting them socially in the early hours of mornings I was sure gave those thugs MY email addresses. The driver of X341 YVB is ONE used at 45 Fell View and at 12 and 14 at least. I have no idea who he is.

A driver of X341 YVB reported formally for stalking me was used AGAIN today, unemployed long term YOU FUND HIM AS WELL. Another YOU FUND is JAMES STROUD of 14 Fell View and he has been told to grow facial hair to hope a jury is “confused” with the sleazy perjurer, forgerer, stalker, harasser and more from 2012 to NOW I only know as “Mark” pub landlord posing as solicitor. Stroud in 14 Fell View and his partner McGuire claim to drive me about in their blue Mini RX02 TLU as does the driver of X341 YBV which is why they don’t have to work or sign as “available” they TOO are “carers and drivers” (of me). This then to DWP and Royal Mail. Caton is LA2 9RP. I rent 28 Fell View under duress.

4 April 2017 the usual harassers were active: Bleasdale of 2 Hall Drive linked to lowlife MILLS in 20 Fell View as his son lived with that thief, Bleasdale now goes to 2 Milestone Place off Fell View as that is the “revised use of 20 Fell View”. At 20 Fell View, in 2014 a van with driver was found to be one to hide the van and then retrieve it to park up after I returned to 28 Fell View and PRETEND he had been out driving me about. He sometimes did that with Jarvis the deluded in 41 Fell view where BOTH pretended to drive me about. The van was later badly and amateurishly “sign written” P L WILSON “Windmill Gardens” and he was always then at 7 Leslie Ave also off Fell View. I found that the older sister of thief MILLS lived in 7 Leslie Ave, she was also Mills. The WILSON van disappeared end 2015 and was seen recently ONCE at 7 Leslie Ave now a bigger van and sign written properly. What his qualifications (if any) are, I do not know. The Gestapo are not appreciative of the thug found using 17 Fell View after a detail in MY book Vol 2 where I drive a daughter to the Lake District where we visit a garden centre. The lunatics had that garden centre, all those miles away, send a van for weeks, on and off, mostly late 2016 and he was to park at 17 Fell View and PRETEND somehow that MY trip of 2008 was linked to the lowlife stalker JOANNE NOLAN in 17 Fell View to pretend she was the daughter I referred to in my book. The Gestapo ILLEGALLY see what I type and think they are clever enough to rewrite history. Their problem is that some I hand write in note books which they cannot see but they have those they hope could be mistaken for anyone they want to say is me (I am at least 396,862 by now) sitting in libraries and pretending they are “writing a book” as they had JANICE BOURNEN of Lewes for example do in 2011 when she was me. (I rented from her then. Williams I guarantee have never heard of Lewes.) I am to see those “writing” and think they are ME with a book! I type some data but incorporate different years and thus different addresses, it makes them look even more stupid as they try to use what they ILLEGALLY see and make it all NOW such as using 17 Fell View with a total stranger who could never be anything to do with me. How much did it cost to send the garden centre van to Fell View in petrol alone?

They then replaced that with loud mouth also in a scruffy van as then they pretended this was the late 1960’s and an address in south LONDON, Langdale which street name is a few council houses now on the rear of Fell View; apparently I lived there with a pair of roughnecks and their shouts about their rear garden were PROOF. They had a CREATIVE GARDENS van sent to then be seen on Langdale and then parked by my car where the driver lies across his front seats and PRETENDS the van here is PROOF he is something to do with me and I only THINK I am a qualified, experienced  teacher of Rural Science and Horticulture. But I report him as a stalker and harasser so they revert to the WINDMILL GARDENS and send him with BLEASDALE from 2 Hall Drive, stalker, harasser, liar, and worse to be protected, on 4/4/17. (Bleasdale being a Freemason.)

Thus Bleasdale now is not seen with MILLS and his son from 20 Fell View (which son may or may not still live there), the kaleidoscope has been shaken and he now drives round Fell View with WINDMILL van as he is told not to go to work but act like an idiot instead. He goes to 7 Leslie Ave BUT Bleasdale does not; he goes to 2 Milestone Place where he has been found many times parked hiding to then drive off behind my car to pretend whatever his delusions allow. Bleasdale drives about thieves from Milestone Place and I also apparently live in at least 2 houses in that enclave attached to Fell View. BUT Bleasdale also drives about AGNES JACKSON from 26 Fell View when she claims to be me. She has attended DWP, GP’s as me and he has been only 1 to drive her, retired bent cop Huddleston of 39 Copy Lane drove her, various thugs (at least 3) found to PRETEND to be her sons so they could drive her BUT they were all MR CAROL WOODS apparently and that was PROOF she was me. None of that has gone unrecorded or being on camera. Thus as tomorrow is the 5th, (typing this 4th) then Bleasdale and Jackson are quite likely to be using 2 Milestone Place PLUS 7 Leslie Ave to recreate the frauds found out from March 2014 when I moved to 28 Fell View. And of course the events of 5 Oct 2015.

Not long after I moved to Fell View, the Gestapo had Jackson, in her 70’s, lazy, malicious amid much else aside from her posing as me, (which she boundless energy for) go to the Masonic run pub on the main road and be seen “gardening” the window box they had. That was more proof she was me, SEEN GARDENING in the lunacy that prevails. Anyone seeing her rear garden especially will see she’s far too lazy to do anything like garden.

I took a photo of Jackson “qualified professional gardener” at the window box. It then was so shabby they removed it.

The lunacy is that the Gestapo try to make Caton LA2 9RP into 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ about 9 or 10 miles away. In fact they had the local lowlife round Fell View bully out the tenant of 28 Fell View when they decided it could be 298 Oxcliffe Rd again and then moved me into 28. I was to think 28 Fell View was 298 Oxcliffe Rd which is a disused small scrap yard with a few shabby, old caravans let out to DWP fraudsters who need a 2nd address for their bogus names. I found all that out when I rented at 298 and then left on 1/7/13 which is why the Gestapo and their thugs try to pretend I move every 1st. YOU FUND ALL THE LUNACY with “removal vans, plumbers” and such like. I simply take the photos as PROOF.

Thus typing up for Vol 3 events of murdering lowlife at 298 the Gestapo yet again try to make 28 Fell View be 298. How? At 298 they had a scooter dumped by my caravan with L plates and pretended I was not me with my driving licence. The traps set for me all failed to be sprung so they just send idiots on scooters to PRETEND they are me riding from Caton. Midnight 3 April 2017 I drove back from the University where I had been working in the library to find the usual scum sent to PRETEND to be linked to ME using their “social media”.

Outside Caton, almost 2 miles out they had an idiot sat in the dark on a scooter waiting to set off to Morecambe AFTER I passed into Caton. The idiot was to sit and wait at gates to a country house as that really was to be the gates to a small disused scrap yard which is 298. Prior to that I had had the usual taxi thugs racing behind me to PRETEND they collected me from the University and drove me to Morecambe. I took a photo of the Shell garage on Caton Rd which suggested I was passing there and not in a taxi en-route anywhere else.

I found that Bleasdale and his neighbour on Hall Drive also off Fell View but privately owned, had strung some Xmas lights along the fencing, as from 3/4/17. Why? This is NOT Caton as we all think but is 298. In 2012, March I went to Kendal after then having moved to rent caravan 1A @ 298, and asked in a lighting shop for lights I wanted, he, I knew, would be contacted as the Gestapo bully boys always ring up “What did she say, what did she want?” and they then can arrange more lunacy on what they are told. Thus they thought they were so clever knowing I had asked for lights which the shop did not have. (The shop has since closed down lack of trade – good.) Back at 298 they strung some cheap outdoor Xmas lights round caravan 1 murdering lowlife STUART WILLIAM ROGERS aka STEVE aka DAVE and PRETENDED that lowlife was linked to me he then with LIGHTS to prove it. I had not asked for external lights: what I did not know for months was that murdering lowlife (3 attempts to murder me by stabbing and forcing entry to my caravan with more scum who pretended to live at 298) was also claiming to be MY BROTHER and driving me about IN MY CAR. That was why he never had to sign as “available for work” he claimed “carer’s monies” which were paid without so much as a question. The Fell View version is a child abuser CLARKE in 23 Fell View and he “took over” the role of ROGERS as he is a “lookalike” which was ANOTHER reason 28 was to be made “available” for me. On 3 April 2017 I formally reported that thug AGAIN for stalking me for 3 years and having nothing legally to do with me. Thus they have to cover for another and try to make 298 be NOW again. Thus the lights strung at Bleasdale’s and he driving about “someone” in his red car to be ROGERS about 20 years younger than Bleasdale and from 2 Milestone Place as if it is me. They use Milestone Place as there were only 5 caravans to rent out so the Gestapo prefer Milestone Place as it only has 4 houses and presumably a Jury will easily mistake them for old holiday caravans.

I will add that Jackson had walked along Fell View just prior to Bleasdale and Windmill gardening van driving along. Often her fraudsters have hidden along Fell View and collected her so that I would not see.

WILLIAMS the malicious, seriously nasty piece of work, thief, liar, fraudster, bankrupt and more in 30 Fell View are “up” with no running water to use as they PRETEND that MY use is theirs as they are me as well – apparently.

At 11 15 I watched a post office van park by my car at the gate, a small wooden gate, he did not alight; he lay across the front seats for about 3 minutes, sat up and drove off, why? The lunatic was PRETENDING this was 298 Oxcliffe Rd where the postmen/women did use a van given the miles of road it covered and long distances between caravan sites. He was PRETENDING he was at the FARM gate of 298 oddly, the cars then at 298 are not outside now, except  mine of course and that never belonged to WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View or 26 and so on. And then ANOTHER in the frauds using a bleached haired old doxy in 39 Fell View O’Conner who YOU BOUGHT 3 cars for, 2 of them TOYOTA YARIS’s V23 MAJ and V24 MAJ where she commutes between 2 addresses and PRETENDS she is me. MY TOYOT YARIS IS RED and “X” reg. As the postman acted like the idiot he clearly is, a silver (poss BMW) CU07 UUR arrived at 39, which was to be the “revision” of silver Ka CV06 UUR also used with O’Conner BUT from 12 Fell View as I also live there as well – apparently. Carol Woods Ms and there will be more, much more as it is only 15 27.

Part 1 of 2 more harassment of Lancs w’blower  03 April 17

to andy.cooke,

This data begins late on 30/3/17 after a day of lunacy with the Gestapo manically trying to rewrite events they ILLEGALLY see as I type up data from 2012 into 2013 for Vol 3 of my book AND any photos I copy they see illegally so have those to try to recreate as events NOW. Somehow repeat events invalidate the original frauds and worse. In this many loud phone calls seem to take place which are not taking place at all: it is the Gestapo and their recruits PRETENDING. This is a classic example: MORECAMBE library where I struggled for an hour to send one brief email as the Gestapo in E-CRIME and COMPUTER MISUSE tried to make MY use in Morecambe seem to be miles away as if I was somewhere else. I took photos inside the library of MORECAMBE LIBRARY items which suggested that is where I was. I left and waited for a while before returning. In that, one librarian was to pretend, on my return after that first hour, that she did not know me. One male was to PRETEND to chat on the phone about a HOLDALL that had been handed in YESTERDAY (Wednesday when I did not go out yet the 22nd when I had the Gestapo pretended I had not) full of books, some “borrowed” some stolen and all way out of date. The Gestapo tried to rewrite 2 library books taken off me by ALVIN LEE of Sussex Gestapo for him to hand in for me to LEWES library in Aug 2011 on an arrest of me which amazingly has no records now. A. Lee sent me an email when I had been to LEWES in Feb. 2012 asking if they had been given my books; they had not. I asked him why he had not handed them in; he said he had never heard of me. They had not handed in my books as the thugs wanted to claim that I ARRESTED was not me borrowing those library. Had he handed them in, it would have suggested I was me.

Thus the Lancashire lunatics think they can incorporate that in recorded events from Vol 3 of my book of 2012 – 2013. At the time I rented caravan 1A at 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ and many files of mine were at my sister’s about 60 miles away. Without going into detail of all events, I add that I drove to my sister’s in spring 2013 and collected a HOLDALL FULL OF FILES. The Gestapo were furious. I n 2006 they told the Investigatory Powers Tribunal that I did not exist and that I was my sister living in Shaw miles from Lancaster. My sister was “recruited”; she had to keep telling me not to go for my files as it was “too risky”. The INTENTION was for her to have MY files as PROOF she was me. Obviously when I collected that holdall of files it suggested they were mine and thus she was not me. The holdall was a gift to me from another family member and I still have it. Thus the library staff was to try and be clever and incorporate MY 2 library books missing (stolen by the Gestapo) from LEWES library and my holdall of FILES (the files that a jury will see and find why MIKE TODD GMP Chief Constable was murdered). And suggest that I was out on the Wednesday 29/3/17 and thus not me subjected to thuggery and harassment and on dozens of photos from INDOORS at 28 Fell View and thus likely to have stolen library books for years. Oddly after all the Gestapo thuggery where I have “lived” they have not mentioned that they saw piles of library books. And oddly, they are not on photos I have taken of indoors wherever I have “lived”.

Given the thuggery after I left the library the 2nd time, about 6pm to go shopping in Morrison’s I encountered this: pair of tarty pieces as usual, dark grey Mini PO66 YKE with a light blue Ford and the “54” plate to be all the lowlife round Fell View with the “54” plates of which there are over 3 dozen on my records. Both trolls were on phones, one to alert the other and a 3rd a RED CITROEN ZSARA driven by a lunatic racing round to be the sleazy LCC employee of 29th outside me in 28 Fell View. She was trying to rewrite her hundreds of visits to 41 Fell View and to hide by lying across her front seats and PRETENDING to be indoors with me. PE08 ZRX and on photos which I have just copied again to scan and send out so the Gestapo are driven into a frenzy to protect that thief, forger, fraudster and worse in conspiracy with JARVIS in 41 Fell View. I also saw a male in “black” with his “rucksack” and black hat hiding: he was to sneak round to a bus stop after I passed so he could take the bus and “be seen” and proof he had been me in the library. He was to be the lowlife hiding in caravan 3 @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd who hid and used his computer IN FRAUD and E-CRIME which was ILLEGALLY linked to mine in caravan 1A which took me a long time to find out. That scum was then to hide near where I was ILLEGALLY seen to park my car (the ILLEGAL GPS allows for this) and then to walk TO MY HOUSE AND PRETEND HE HAD BEEN ME PARKING MY CAR AND THUS OWNED MY HOUSE AND WAS MR CAROL WOODS. The male at the bus stop was too old to be that scum.

I returned to the library after collecting some shopping and asked for extra time having used up my allotted 2 hours. I asked the librarian if the books handed in, old books in the holdall of 29th would be for sale. Morecambe library sells books off which Lancashire libraries have taken off the shelf. I have bought a few over years now. She had no idea what I was talking about: no books had been handed in. I said nothing. I watched a troll from outside, hiding and using her phone; she did not see me enter the library; she was then to enter and sit with the staff and be the one they knew; she had been told what to wear and was apparently me. She was clearly a few letters short of a key board. She had though the PROOF she was me; RED BOOTS. In poor state but proof. Why RED BOOTS? All those who are me have to have RED BOOTS, a pair of expensive red boots had been LOOTED from MY house and in 2012 I found a pair not as good but in a sale, RED BOOTS. They were fairly similar to mine; I sent the Gestapo the bill for MY NEW RED BOOTS bought to replace MY looted boots. They then sent out Patricia Jackson of 8 deVitre St Lancaster to buy some RED BOOTS and that was PROOF she was me. On my photos, the ones she bought IN THEFT and FRAUD are not the red of mine and mine were not knee high; so P Jackson was not me in her RED BOOTS which she did not pay for. Thus anyone at all who is supposed to be me has to have red boots.

I did what I needed to and then MORE were used. Without recording all, this I do record. The Gestapo having ILLEGALLY seen the photos I colour copied to scan and send out in relation to the fraudsters in 41 Fell View JARVIS had leapt into action and arranged their lowlife; these are a few: a troll sat in a grey SEAT YX54 HSC (the favourite “54”) smoking and to be the old doxy in the dark grey Toyota of earlier doing the same to be me. She was to be “me” linked to the usual male in BLACK to repeat the one who wasted him time earlier. The Gestapo drove by; what was he to confirm? A troll in RED was to walk across to my side of the promenade and take a bus: he was to confirm he saw her IN RED. He did, she is on my photo as I took one of his squad car. The point was to rewrite the seedy troll used at 41 Fell View pretending that she was their “eldest” and thus it was PROOF Jarvis were me as Mr and Mrs Carol Woods which they claimed. I pointed out that my eldest was a boy not a girl so she pretended, by dressing in BLUE and holding a note book, walking up and down outside me in 28 that she was NHS. The photos of Jarvis and the use of that troll show she was used in other “events” always as someone different. As I drove back, the troll in RED had been joined by a youth in the uniform of grey trackies; they would be said to be WOODRUFF and DALTON and as WOODRUFF from 2 Fell View is said to be me, that was confirmed by the Gestapo and linking one fraudster and DALTON the perjurer from 45 Fell View.

Collecting my car and WITNESS INTIMIDATION after that is sent out as a separate document. Back at Fell View I waited and found a dark grey Mini Cooper hiding PK62 OEC (remember PK62 NXJ the dark grey Peugeot of thieves in 30 Fell View who claim to be me), I parked up finding her by chance. Earlier a black Audi with roughneck woman S999 SNJ texting others who I found hiding behind another car on a side street, pair of LCC employee sleazy PRETENDING waving their “file” about that somehow I was linked to them! That took place MILES away. The grey Mini Cooper (see the troll found earlier in ANOTHER grey Mini as I went to get some shopping) driver was texting: she had no idea I was parked up. It was INTENDED for something to take place behind my back when she was alerted that I had parked at 28 Fell View.  I found what the FRAUD was. Yet more photos of mine in relation to Jarvis in 41 were being acted out as if I was the subject and to hope it invalidated the PROOF of JARVIS being thieves and fraudsters. 14/5/15 and one sleazy LCC employee, driver of PE08 ZRX was caught red-handed in a shopping fraud. This is done often using ALL addresses where I apparently “live”, this is how lowlife get shopping for free. They PRETEND that “someone invisible” (me) is being “cared for” by Jarvis, (or one in the other 30 houses who pretend in fraud) and council employee goes for the shopping paying by COUNCIL CARD used for clients who cannot go and get their own shopping. Clearly invisible people do not need shopping so they just share it between themselves. On 11/12/14, JARVIS had been caught out with her forgery, theft and fraud from March 2014 and various aided her to PRETEND she was me and they all used 41 Fell View to show any on-looker that someone was there who needed to be taken shopping.  One car used with PE08 ZRX seen was a large white and who was the troll waiting for in hiding on 30/3/17 AFTER the Gestapo ILLEGALLY saw my photos? A large white BMW. Two were in that, they all alighted and had SHOPPING taking it to a house used previously as someone “invisible” also lives there – me. That was to be JARVIS fraud rewritten. After I watched that, noting that the car plates identify those involved, I parked at 28 and waited: HUNTER was also pretending to drive me to 22 and he was me as MR CAROL WOODS, not in black, but in the stripes to try to be KENNETH JACKSON unemployed- by- trade son of Agnes Jackson in 26 Fell View of Dec 2016. He in STRIPES as proof he was MR CAROL WOODS, was to call to 26 while she was away, he to use the phone and then sneak off and pretend as she was not there then the use must have been mine. I had sent out some of my document recording the Loft Noises, so that has to be “rewritten” as something else. HUNTER the thief was unloading shopping which I have never once seen him do since I moved to 28 Fell View on 24/3/14.  Why did he wait at the far end of Fell View and only then drive to 22 after he thought I was parked and indoors?

I was not indoors; they do all kinds of things when they see me park and go indoors and all pretend something in harassment and FRAUD. I waited a little longer: the fraudsters in 26 and 30 were clearly up to no good. PJ65 WLL was not parked when I went out about 2 40pm.The car driven by JUNE WILLIAMS 30 Fell View is registered to her as if she is me. She was not out earlier: a local yob had again moved the car to look as if she was out thus when I go out she claims it is proof she is out and thus is me. The car is hidden locally. It was out when I parked up; after HUNTER drove back so did PJ65 WLL, she was pretending that she had been me out: I was not indoors,  I drove off again to see who else wanted to be me returning and with shopping. Williams has done that often: the Gestapo alert her when I am almost back in Caton, the car has been returned to park up, she then has to drive it to the edge of Caton and wait until she receives a text saying I am parked up. Jackson does much of that texting or Lamb in 32, Jarvis in 41 Fell View, right opposite me in 28, or Dalton in 45 who, unemployed, is used to watch from his upper window for hours every day. I found a taxi thug waiting; for what? The text to say I was parked up and indoors so he could drive off as he was ANOTHER to have driven me back as AGNES JACKSON in 26 Fell View. I knew that old thief was up to no good; she has taken taxis as if she is me. Another issue with 26 and 30 is the electricity as MINE is linked to 26 and 30 and thus they wanted me to walk in to 28 and they can add their TV’s and PRETEND they are me just entering and adding the power. I did not add my power: my power is off at the mains at least 18 hours every day; they have been caught red-handed using MY power. My power was not added until 9pm. It will be off by 11pm and not on again for at least 10 hours. I manage without and have no TV so theirs registered to SKY – IN MY NAME – suggests they are not mine.

A white van was parked at my gate: I am supposed to be intimidated: another thug never seen previously and supposed to make me forget the thug in at least 4 vehicles who hid in 24 Fell View for over a year PRETENDING to be me and, in that to be “son” of Jackson in 26 so he was Mr Carol Woods making her me, Ms Carol Woods. The van of 30/3/17 was a large van ND52 ANV and to be JARVIS’s van, V004 MVZ especially of 12/9/16 stalking me to pretend he drove me as usual. I managed to get behind him and take the photo: he was in front of me; he was not driving me. BUT also, on photos to sent out is a van NU62 EHE at 41 Fell View in a FRAUD of 13/8/14 which was to be a repeat of a similar fraud EXACTLY a year earlier using SHIRLEY RYCROFT at 4 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA when she was used to be me for GAIN. That was not all: as I unloaded my car, a pair of dullards were to go slowly by and in KM04 XZP was to rewrite ANOTHER old fraudster of over a year earlier found hiding in the lay-by so often used for hiding by fraudsters, MT04 BXW was used in the same harassment to be the car the  ML02 with LCC employee and borrowed old troll hiding to then drive to Caton as I drove away and the deranged PRETENDED that the old woman was me just moving to Caton from a caravan on New Parkside Farm which was where the thug posing as JACKSON’s “son” lived.  That driving of an old woman is often done: they collect AT TAX-PAYERS’ EXPENSE, LCC employee and old woman to drive round Caton to be seen so on-lookers can say they have just seen an old woman being moved in. She is supposed to be either of the 2 TWO old ladies bullied out of 28 and 33.

31/3/17 By 9 50am the Gestapo had sent council sleazy to act out 30/9/15 and 2/10/15 again where Gestapo sat opposite 26 and 28 Fell View to say they saw AGNES JACKSON and she was 2 people. In that she was to walk out of the front of 26 in ONE jacket, walk round to the rear, sneak into 26 via the rear after sneaking through my garden then emerge from 26 again in ANOTHER jacket and that was PROOF she was 2 people; one of whom was me. On 2/10/15 they repeated that using PC MASSINGHAM perjurer and more who was to claim the same.   The Gestapo have lots of connections to 26 Fell View in the various thugs sent to pretend to be her sons and the ILLEGAL equipment installed in 26 ready for my move into 28 so that she could pretend she was me in 28. To rewrite 30/9/15 they had a pair of sleazy parked where they had been parked but the car used on 31/3/17 was SA05 YJB dark grey Vauxhall; they are MORE who use 37 Fell View as a Fagin’s Den. 31/3/17 is to be “confused with” 30/9/15 except the clowns on 30/9/15 did not alight from that car at all. The trolls in SA05 were last used on 7/7/16 in the evening.  How did they try to rewrite the squad car used 2/10/15? They had a cobalt blue car waiting on the far side of Fell View who was to drive round AFTER the grey Vauxhall drove off and at the same time that Jackson was to waddle back to 26 so the driver of the blue saloon could claim they saw her enter the gate for 26. They did. I couldn’t help but see given I am in 28.  

 More harassment Pt. 2  03 April 17

to andy.cooke, haveyoursay, chiefexecutive, clive.grunshaw, northern_expos.

Jarvis had been to the post box using GN07 AHO. Why drive those few yards? Because now the Gestapo want GN07 AHO to be MY car as the ones at 32, 30, 22, 24, 39, 37, 33 etc all are. The INTENTION is to for her to drive and post which will be the NEW CLAIM which now is the 800th NEW CLAIM made to suggest I have just moved in; it varies where I move into but now that she is me again, we have GN07 AHO “seen” at the post box thus PROOF I posted. My car faces to leave Fell View easterly direction which would see me passing NEAR the post box. That will be PROOF I was there hours earlier in GN07 AHO. Thus, I may not go out at all, if I do I will turn my car around and drive off the opposite direction so I don’t pass anywhere near the post box JARVIS used. This was done 31/12/14 with the Gestapo sat in a squad van for over an hour as Jackson was “me” that day in her red jacket which was really my red car as PROOF she was me. The Gestapo sat to then say my car facing that direction was “seen” passing the post box thus what Jackson posted must have been posted by me! I turned my car round and drove off in the opposite direction finding the Gestapo driving from hiding. They expected to be behind me to say they saw me POST me as the liars they are. Make no mistake; every single one is a potential perjurer: I have sworn signed statements of at least 5 bent coppers and all are proven PERJURY: WPCSO CHRIS GRIFFITHS, Sgt MARTIN, PC ANDREW MASSINGHAM, TRACEY KENNEDY, INSPEC. BROWNSMITH, all Lancaster. DC JANE WEBB Bamber Bridge.

31/3/17, I was delivered of a mail item: it was posted to me 18/3/17. Today it is the 31st. That means the postal thieves have stolen something from me I SHOULD have had. The Gestapo have them save mail they MIGHT allow me to have and then deliver to me OLD mail saved up for the purpose to then say they have delivered something: they have OLD MAIL thus MY Teacher’s pay slip is missing – again, my P60, my DVLA car tax reminder. P60 missing now for 4 years in a row and my car tax reminder missing for 3rd year running. The INTENTION is for me to re-tax MY car using my log book and whatever else the post office staff requires, BUT claim that such scum as in 30, or 41, or 32 etc WITH MY CAR TAX REMINDER are me re-taxing my car. The Gestapo use their lowlife fraudsters each time I pay my water rates, utility bills. They do that by having WILLIAMS for example to go out and stay out to about 5pm so that if I go to pay my bill that deranged thief and fraudster then pretends as she has been out then she was me paying my bill. How do they manage when I pay from another town? The Gestapo send persons they think could be “mistaken” for their lowlife and the “lookalikes” seen are thus proof they are where I am and thus PROOF they are paying my bill. I have photos of supposed lookalikes in SWANSEA when Jackson was to be “me” and “seen” there. The ROYAL MAIL then delivered to her MY DVLA documents generated after my personal visit Sept. 2016. I will report this to Royal Mail, the Gestapo and anyone else I can think of.

More of the FRAUD is found out; pieces of the puzzle now in place. Y547 OGW a small silver used at houses ALL where I apparently “live”. 41 Fell View, 5, 37, 34, and Milestone Place off Fell View, Leslie Ave off Fell View, 34 Quernmore Rd and others; the usual sleazy council who PRETENDS she drives an invisible person EXCEPT FROM NOW. That sleazy was pretending she drove “me” about in stalking and driving to and from Morecambe/ Heysham PRETENDING she drove me between 2 addresses. I now have her driving about the fraudster O’CONNER from 39 Fell View and suddenly O’CONNER wants to shop in Sainsbury’s so she is me as the bleached blonde old doxy I have referred to dozens of times. That is where the bleached haired old doxies all “dressed up” and walking about with “files” or “filofaxes” and PRETENDING that I meet with such. (That was to rewrite events at MY HOUSE in Aug 2008.) The INTENTION was to have sleazy NHS say to me in any trap that was “successful” in using NHS perjurers AGAIN, that I only remembered SAINSBURY store to meet an old fraudster and it was nothing to do with a thief and much worse STEPHEN SAINSBURY former court manager of Lancaster County Court so has acted as JUDGE for YEARS cheating hundreds in that court with his false court documents and “seals” with the KING’s CROWN not the Queen’s. I have scores of such junk issued to me to make me believe something untrue. Now the Gestapo lunatics have “revised” that FOUND OUT and filmed INTENDED FRAUD and have sent the old doxy O’CONNER, the same type of old, bleached haired doxy who thinks she is me. I reported O’CONNER AGAIN for posing as me and, given the same types of old doxies sent to harass and stalk me on 30/3/17 AGAIN all with their Toyota Yaris’s or anything grey that might be a Toyota, I recorded that ONE car she has  V24 MAJ a SILVER TOYOTA YARIS which she uses at a 2nd address and PRETENDS that the car there is PROOF she is 2 people; she hides in 39 mostly and sneaks about hiding in hedges or behind other parked cars when she wants to PRETEND she is me and has just parked my car.

Thus the NEW “idea” after my report yesterday saying NONE of her cars, V23 MAJ (Toyota Yaris), V24 MAJ (Toyota Yaris), R208 MKN a Toyota 4 wheel drive are anything to do with me; we have this: the sleazy council stalker in Y547 OGW is NOW driving about O’CONNER and dropping at 39 Fell View while O’Conner’s CARS – plural – are at her 2nd address. This is to be “me” needing a driver and to be seen as the bleached haired old doxy at Sainsbury’s to reverse the old doxies used to PRETEND IN FRAUD: it is still FRAUD, just a different one to aid and abet lowlife. O’CONNER has no children, does not work and her husband/partner hardly ever at 39 also has a large car he uses. I have him on camera stalking me when he sets off behind me and PRETENDS he drives me to the 2nd address I guess. Given she has no children, like Jackson and Williams in 30 and many others, the Gestapo sent O’Conner a lout to pose as her son: he called once, did the shouting to make me think he was her son as if I was an idiot, then never called again. O’Conner has links to 45 Fell View and was involved in making sure Mrs Greenbank in 28 was “forced out anyway they could”.  Given Mr O’Conner has been hiding in DG04 UXR and by chance I saw he had been waiting to stalk me, I had to pull in the retrieve something from my car floor, it was providential: he then took the M6 south as many do: that road leads to BLACKPOOL as well as PRESTON, MANCHESTER and so on. The Gestapo want me to be LYNNE AUSTIN in Blackpool, Mrs Carole Woods an invented person who keeps moving from Preston apparently but still seems to live there so she can be said to move and move again and always to where I happen to be, the Gestapo want me to be my sister in Shaw near Oldham, Jackie Hunter in Shaw near Oldham, Joanne Hall my sister’s youngest daughter living in Oldham, there are so many they want me to be and thus PAY such as the deranged O’CONNER to pretend to be 2 people, one an identical twin which is me, so, I am identical twin of Jackson in 26, identical twin of Williams in 30, identical twin of Jarvis in 41 and now, another life -long parasite and unemployed O’Conner (yes, despite having 3 cars of her own to drive about and she does an incredible amount of shopping) is me as my identical twin driven about by one not fit to be left in charge of a dead mouse. Who has paid that sleazy to drive about for over a YEAR and park at all those different addresses to PRETEND she was driving someone? Now they have decided she had better be seen driving someone so invent ANOTHER identical twin. O’Conner was driving V24 MAJ only 3 days ago and suddenly she needs a council employee to drive her about?

O’Conner is also linked to lowlife in 12 Fell View ELY where she pretends the troll in 12 is HER daughter as I also live in 12 Fell View apparently as “disabled”. YOU bought the troll in 12, unemployed for life, a car, silver Ka, CV06 CVR to pretend to drive about and be “seen” where I was in the usual FRAUD and STALKING while Mr ELY an old man (it is common round Fell View for unemployed old men to be with young unemployed trolls who may or may not be related but where they ALL live, I apparently do, 2, 12, 42 Fell View, 2 Milestone Place etc.) was bought a top of the rang NISSAN 4 wheel drive with personalised licence plate L20 ELY and he pretended I lived in 12 Fell View and was driven about in that. After a year I pointed out that a disabled person would not be able to climb in and out of that large vehicle. Thus the Gestapo USING TAX-PAYERS’ MONIES bought the troll the silver Ka. The Gestapo told her to stand about on the front of Fell View and pretend to use her phone; they drove past, confirmed they saw her using a phone and that was PROOF she was MY daughter and thus I used a phone! I took photos; I was not given the name, rank and badge number of the potential perjurer Gestapo.  CV06 as a licence plate was FOUND for that troll to be BV06 the plate of ANDREW HALLIDAY from May 2008 who claimed he had bought MY house, Gestapo.

By 2pm the Gestapo had sent thug in his BRONZE car to park at 17 Fell View; he is a stalker but why 17 and why BRONZE? 17 is a roughneck  they found and moved her into 17 Fell View to pretend she was the JOANNE HALL referred to above when she is nothing like Hall and Hall in Oldham we seem to a have something for a jury to think about. This I mention HALL above and OLHAM and PRESTON and Mrs Carole Woods and the Gestapo pretend that the bronze is MOVING ME again to be lowlife found in PRESTON MM53 JHX on 11/10/16 pretending they drove me from Preston where I had gone to look round the shops and see how a court case progressed after being asked if I would. The lunatics pretended that the court case was linked to me and somehow I was then moved by a pair of dullards who drove behind my car from Preston. I got behind them after a few miles, and they drove off seeing they were found out. Thus the Gestapo have linked all that and NOW have thug in a BRONZE car waiting at 17 fell View; he has been used once before. MM53 JHX was used to be a BRONZE CITROEN Zsara used in serious FRAUD in Aug 2013 all on film. Then though SHIRLEY RYCROFT was “me” miles away in Higher Heysham Flat 4 Penhale Gardens; she a looter of the dead in the SHIPMAN POLICY of Lancashire.

1/4/17 and Williams in 30 were up to no good as she has a big mouth so I always hear. He was dressed in RED to reverse HER in red to be me. HE is not bankrupt: HER name is the bankrupt so now he pretends to be ME as MR CAROL WOODS “ill”. That went out to report FRAUD so will be fwd a.s.a.p. But going out after the most recent thug recruited to harass; CREATIVE GARDENS and apparently if he parks outside me in 28 and lies across his seats to HIDE with another racing round to CONFIRM he saw that thug’s van thus PROOF he is linked to me. The usual bleached haired, old overweight doxy was reported with Gestapo riding by to aid and abet, S5 KSK red 4 wheel drive and good photo. THIRFT van Hire, new one here, apparently I have just moved in or out again. JUNE WILLIAMS (photos to be sent out showing the sorts of old doxies always relied on and their dyed/bleached hair the “trademark”) had been using her phone as if she was me talking to the doxy in hiding. Parking up, I saw that WHEATFIELD STREET with its few new homes developed is now being used for hiding and pretending to account for the liar, perjurer and worse MARGARET DALTON aka Mrs WHEATFIELD (so she says) which a jury will become confused with, apparently. Not from my photos they won’t. The usual lowlife males flooded into the library when I went in, I was unable to open emails, sent one recording the use of WILLIAMS in FRAUD and left. So did they.

Without recording all the harassment as is usual, this I took photos of. YEARS ago I declared that a BIG ISSUE seller in Lancaster was said to be me. I have no idea what nationality she is but she claimed to travel from OLDHAM every day. My questions were, the bus from Oldham to Manchester is an hour: there is now the tram system but there was not for YEARS so, visiting my sister in the Oldham area, I know how long the bus journey took. After the bus from Oldham she had a long walk across Manchester to Piccadilly station for Lancaster: from Lancaster station it is across the town to her pitch. I never once saw anyone buy a Big Issue off her; I bought one and chatted every weekend. Then the nonsense started to be told; the Gestapo told her what to say to me which was lunacy: I ceased buying from her and she ceased being in Lancaster. I wondered how much her weekly fares would be, and she would have had to have been out of wherever she lived for 15 hours AT LEAST every day. The Big issue sellers of YEARS in Lancaster used to travel to Manchester to buy their magazines to sell but lived in Lancaster.    They always complained about the fare that ONE trip. On 1/4/17 she from Oldham was in Lancaster sent SHOPPING to be ME and she was with the PINK BAG of the Gestapo lunatics, which means she is ME – apparently. I took a photo; she is not me. After her they sent a woman stall holder from the street market: they have used her a few times on and off, she was dressed in “black” and was to rush to MY car after closing her stall as that was PROOF she was me and I have a market stall. THAT IS TO BE LYNNE AUSTIN (former stall holder of collectors’ market Lancaster) THIEF AND FRAUDSTER WHO IS ALSO ME FROM BLACKPOOL. Photos were sent out a week ago showing how much YOU paid for to fund that lunacy of making CATON be BLACKPOOL to aid and abet not just AUSTIN but the PERJURERS, DALTON 45 Fell View and bent coppers such as PC MASSINGHAM and sleazy NHS all involved. The Gestapo have for months sent a light aircraft over often; I thought it was instead of the Gestapo helicopter and now I think it was to make me think we had a “local airport” given I was arrested for “following someone to a local airport”. (Unnamed person, no date, no airport and we don’t have one so the lunatics tried to PRETEND we had.) Thus the Big Issue is ME and from OLDHAM has a local airport BUT she does not drive my car so was not arrested with MY car plates on CCTV apparently, as being at Manchester airport on 5 Oct 2015. The lunacy did not stop there: as I walked to my car parked near the train station they had a glut of roughnecks dressed in RED as they were all me and one hurried to take the train so the market stall trader was me rushing for MY car while “I” was on my way to take a train! I took one photo of one idiot in RED.

Then to Sainsbury’s, oddly all those who were me in town and in the library were not there. No one from Fell View or Caton was there; I had to think thus I was me. In the town earlier I had seen a roughneck trying to “shop with me” where one shop stocking a wide variety of goods; she was to grab a basket full of sweets and tried to be served “with me”. That has been done from 2006 where the deranged think their shopping could then be PROVEN to be mine thus I am not me with what I buy! The assistant closed her till after me: the roughneck failed. In Sainsbury’s they did the same; aside from at least 6 in cars being “me”, one roughneck who clearly had never been previously, dressed in tatty clothes as she was told to wear “stripes” as that is PROOF the wearer is me; she clearly had to dig about for something “striped”. She did not have time to wash it. I will send out a series of photos to show the use of striped items and why. That roughneck glared at me just like the roughneck thief and fraudster in DK51 HVL had done when I she found I reported her for BANK FRAUD, BLUE BADGE FRAUD and more pretending she had driven me about for over 2 years. She was to “menace” me and with her dark, filthy hair and looking every inch what she was: she was to use the same check out after I used it as that was PROOF I bought what she did thus my shopping was not mine!  This is done often: the other self check outs are not in use, they don’t want those, they have to use the one I use. The shop assistant told her she was holding up a queue and told her to use any other: the roughneck was most annoyed. What was she buying? Cheap white bread, dairy CHEESE, and what I would not eat, only a few items. She looked like what she ate. I cannot have dairy products so the INTENTION was to suggest I had bought some cow’s milk cheese so was not me. We have had a day of deluded idiots but also an increase in those roughnecks with dark hair tied up, scraped up and all to be lowlife ELY in 12 Fell View and their CARS PLURAL bought to PRETEND to drive me about. Yes, they as well as 23 others drive me about – apparently.

I formally informed DVLA that MY car tax reminder is missing AGAIN and that cars PLURAL used by O’CONNER in 39 Fell View V23 MAJ and V24 MAJ both Toyota Yaris’s as she is also me – apparently with DVLS confirming that V23 MAJ was not known to be a legal plate at all. I ran out of time before I could check V24 MAJ. But both are reported and with report to Gestapo along with fraudsters in 41 JARVIS and GN07 AHO used to pretend they drive me about. The Gestapo had even found a pair to replace Jarvis and the pair to sit outside the pub on the main road in Caton so that Jarvis in 41 could claim they were Mr and Mrs Carol Woods in 41 with JARVIS seen at the pub! The pair at the pub were nothing like Jarvis; they look as deranged as they are. Williams I heard trying the wall socket as I entered 28: I had no power switched on so they had to view their TV and pay for themselves.

HATE CRIME IN NEWS; A GANG OF YOBS ATTACK AN ASYLUM SEEKER, CATON IS FULL OF SUCH YOBS WHO HUNT IN PACKS AND THEIR PACKS INCLUDE MALICIOUS OLD TROUTS, SEEDY OLD MEN, AND THE LOWLIFE ALL USE THEIR CHILDREN WHEN NECEESSARY. I HAVE REPORTED HATE CRIME FOR YEARS WITHOUT A RESPONSE. In 2010 when I said that illegal immigrants have more right s than I have, I was told that I was not illegal thus that explained that! Who told me that? Another recruited bullying liar and half-wit in the Consulate’s office in PARIS; DOMINIC. A representative of the British “establishment”. I pursued a formal complaint for a year or longer and got nowhere.

Cars used at Sainsbury’s, RED mini Cooper R18 ORC as they were driving me to Morecambe area – apparently. Old doxy AGAIN in silver Mercedes VDJ 4 – had I not got second sight, imagine what these old doxies could get away with; HOW MANY HAVE THE DEFRAUDED IN THEIR BOGUS MEETINGS? She was chosen and may have had to drive miles AT YOUR EXPENSE to be “confused” with O’Conner thief from 39 Fell View and V23 MAJ and V24 MAJ. There is a seedy old woman in 2 QUERNMORE RD which is about ¼ mile from me but I also live in at least 8 houses along there apparently, she gives driving lessons and has stalked me for over 2 years and did for a time pretend she was my sister; I have no idea who she is nor do I want to know, but from yesterday she has had her BLACK VW changed for a much newer car RED PF66 HGM AFTER I report roughnecks and thieves in PE64 OUG RED FORD FIESTA and PE64 HMG BLACK VW to hope it made me forget PE64 OUG hired by Williams in 30 Fell View as if they were me. The kaleidoscope has been shaken. R945 YEC the blue stalker using 31 Fell View for months then “disappeared” was brought in again and now he has BLUE CHECKED SHIRT so that is PROOF he is me as Mr Carol Woods as at least 4 other males there are.

The others to be “covered for” who are rough, coarse, scruffy and common like some used on 1/4/17 are CURWENs in 24 Fell View who have claimed to be me from May 2014 at least and in that claim to have had an RTA AS ME which is why the Gestapo constantly try to manufacture as FACT that I have been involved in an RTA. In reverse Masonic lunacy they want to claim I caused an RTA so that parasites, unemployed lowlife CURWEN a “3 some” can escape charges and continue to PRETEND to be me in massive GAIN. The car they use on 1/4/17 a white (notice the INTENTION to protect other fraudsters with WHITE cars) is SY61 YCK. CURWEN have had at least 10 TEN NEW CARS since I moved to 28 Fell View, each one better than the one before and YOU BOUGHT ALL THOSE FOR THEM. No wonder they don’t need to work. The driver of PG03 WGU a blue Skoda, JOANNE NOLAN in 17 Fell View “sent” to live in 17 so she could also claim to drive me about as apparently she is a daughter of mine, dark haired, rough, coarse, hard faced, AND the driver of PE64 HMG, EXACTLY the same, and SHE also drives me about but as if I am Agnes Jackson. That was why there were so many of that type – sent. The supposedly ‘dangerous alley’ seems not to be “dangerous” any longer. Curwen were told again to leave their Saturday visit to 24 Fell View and go out after I had gone out: that apparently is PROOF they are me hence all the roughnecks doubling as CURWEN or NOLAN or those used of that type. Curwen were then sent back to 24 AFTER I returned as that “me” returning. I took a photo of the white car in use this weekend NOT at 24 and then, at least an hour later were told to return to 24. They are housed not too far away in the Scotforth area of Lancaster BY THE COUNCIL as being “too disabled” after a non-existed RTA as me, to live in 24. 24 is a self made slum neglected for decades with the junk that would shame Steptoe and Son. It was a council house which they bought under the right to buy scheme which is odd: if they are me then they haven’t lived in a council house at all, ever and not long enough to establish a right to buy. A jury will think that is PROOF they are not me.  YOU as tax payers paid for the Gestapo to PRETEND in the “RTA”, so that CURWEN could then be “re-housed” as “too disabled” and it was all to try and make MY events seem to be theirs! Thus CURWEN can “improve” the self made slum using the HUGE AMOUNT of monies gained in FRAUD which was not from an RTA at all, but was MY AWARD MONIES for INDUSTRIAL INJURIES which the GESTAPO thugs being the subjects in inflicting those injuries decided to give to others who they want to be me. The lowlife they chose has never worked so they invented an RTA. That is AS WELL AS A BOGUS BANKRUPTCY. It follows then, if CURWEN are me, if Williams is me and I am bankrupt then why have CURWEN so much money to throw about. How convenient is that? Other people have to rent a caravan, rent accommodation, live with relatives or live among building works when their PRIVATELY owned properties are being renovated and NOT because they made them a slum, and here we are, slum dwellers by choice and YOU get to fund them in a decent flat AND fund them to improve their self made slum. That is democracy – apparently. It is also FRAUD, THEFT, FORGERY, DECEPTION. In relation to the lunacy of having persons wear “striped” garments as “proof” they are me I have one of “disabled” CURWEN using HIRED equipment to work the garden of 24 which was hired IN MY NAME from HARTLEY HIRE and she wears stripes as PROOF she was me hiring that equipment. My photos suggest they were not disabled at all. Hartley Hire alerted, then as Masonic thugs just sent and still send their vehicles to harass and apparently I will think I did hire from them if I see enough of their vehicles.            

The sirens went by at   2.50 and then 2 52pm with loft noises starting at 3 05 and continuing. The Gestapo had plans for me going out which I did not do. My guess is that it being the 2nd as I end this data, after seeing lowlife dropped off to sneak into 39 to be “me” the Gestapo were going to use 2nd to be 2 Oct 2015 when they sat in Caton to confirm AGNES JACKSON was 2 people. They INTENDED to use that again to lead to some drivel and thuggery for 5 April 2017 to be 5 Oct 2015 which they got so horribly wrong. They get everything wrong, they are corrupt, stupid beyond belief, inept, disorganised, amateurish and childish.   

 House seized illegally LA1 5ED   03 April 17

      From: carol woods <>
Date: 3 April 2017 at 21:52
Subject: Fw: House seized illegally LA1 5ED
To: “” <>
Cc: “” <>

This was not addressed. Carol Woods Ms and JUNE WILLIAMS was in 30 Fell View then, I was nowhere near, Check the electoral register like I have.

 On Thursday, 28 October 2010, 17:47, carol woods <> wrote:

27 October 2010 anniversary of the illegal seizure of my house Cherry Trees Sunnyside Lane Lancaster LA1 5ED along with the systematic wrecking of same. The date was subject of revision history on 27 Nov 2009 when ANNA JUDITH PERELES impersonated me in either Newcastle or Lancaster Magistrates Court after impersonating me on 23 Oct 08 in Liverpool Magistrates Court. 
I have never discovered what the cases involved. Pereles was given my identity by Lancashire police via officer TRACEY KENNEDY(Rank and badge number detail refused) aka JANET WOODALL false friend from  2005. CPS ignore the3 obvious related corrupt practices.
On 27 Oct 08 there was no legal jurisdiction for Lancashire police to be in attendance at my house Cherry Trees. (Cherry Trees formerly called Beechroyd.) The attempt to rewrite that detail took place on 27 Dec 09 in an entrapment exercise when I was at the home of a daughter in Lancaster. Another attempt was today 27 Oct 2010 while I was at my sister’s home in Shaw when a CSO called in the pretence to be conducting a “survey”. In June 06 Lancashire police told the Investigatory Powers Tribunal that I was not Carol Woods but my older sister, MRS M COPPINGER and that I lived in Shaw not ever having lived in Lancaster. Since that time Lancashire police have also tried to say I was my daughter as well as myself.
My sister is married to Mr Coppinger and has been for 24 years. She was married to Mr C while I was married to Mr W. Had I been her as well bigamy would be apparent. I did invite arrest for bigamy but my offer remained ignored. Mr and Mrs C are going through a divorce. That has been on going for 14 months now although both parties want the divorce. My sister Mrs C.employs a Phil Davies of Oldham firm Cuttle and Co. I have never visited her solicitor with her. In Oct 05 to Jan 06 I employed a Leeds firm, Blacks and dealt with a Richard Coulthard later Martin Jobbings Complaints Manager. The lies, theft and corruption seen I sacked the firm Jan 06. The Law Society upheld my complaint. Coulthard had been dealing with Lancashire County Council (LCC) respondents in my claim. In Jan 2006 Mrs C accompanied me to Blacks in Leeds to collect my files when ending the employment of them by me.
In Sept and Oct 2008 LCC pretended that I had reached and signed a Compromise Agreement with a Wigan solicitor using a former client’s mother in that fraud and obvious forgery of my signature. The former client’s mother was unwittingly involved. The solicitor was never named but knew he had not been approached by me at all. I never visited that solicitor with my former client. LCC wrecked my house on 27 Oct 08 as punishment when I sent a fax to the Chief Executive saying I had not signed any Compromise Agreement. Lancashire police ignored that reported forgery and fraud also.
On 26 Oct 2010 a retired Masonic Judge impersonated a city council staff member in Morecambe Town Hall Strategic Housing. I had called in to see about being housed after this 2 years of being homeless despite having owned my house outright. Staff said I was not entitled to assistance. They declined to say whether I was entitled to claim benefits of any kind. I have never claimed benefits aside from the brief period for incapacity benefits. He was to pretend that I was in a “hearing” in Chambers. The fraud knows no bounds. That fraud being seen I reported matters stating that I had not been anywhere near a court. On 26 Sept 06 BRIAN DOYLE, Regional Chairman of Manchester Employment Tribunals impersonated Peter Ball of Liverpool Tribunals in an Industrial Injury claim taken by me against LCC. Mike Todd Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable was investigating much of that related fraud and corruption and was why he was murdered.  
On 27 Oct 2010 while staying a few days with Mrs C plans to rewrite 27 Oct 08 having failed we had the re-enactment with a GM CSO at my sister’s house, and then her solicitor rang. “Right, we’re going to court” he said. I have sent various faxes and emails to LCC and Lancashire police stating that my case against LCC WOULD NOT be meshed with my sister’s divorce. The delays have always coincidentally been at the same time that LCC and Lancashire police have been trying to “sort me out” such as via bogus “court hearings” impersonations of me and general thuggery in the manner of Nazism.
I have experinced at least 7 wrongful arrests and false imprisonments including one 3 week incarceration in a mental hospital in London after kidnapping but subsequent discharge as being perfectly normal. There have been attempts to drive me to suicide.
Mrs C’s solicitor has now said she needs to complete and sign an Application form. I will not be accompanying her to Mr Davies’, I will not be in Shaw, or near, when she visits. Mrs C will be an unwitting party to any corruption and fraud as my former client was.
There is nothing to go to court for in my case aside from suing for wrongful arrest and false imprisonment x 8, gross invasion of privacy etc and prosecutions for serious organised crime including attempted murder x 3 and that of my daughter and her young son by causing a gas explosion at their house when it was thought by the Nazis that I lived there after being forced from my house on 27 Oct 08. 
It has been said by LCC, Lancaster police and Lancaster Revenues that my house was seized as a repossession by the mortgagee when there has never been a mortage on my house. Police thug Andrew Halliday was said to be regsitered as owner of my house on their data base in Nov 08. Then it was said that it was seized as I was bankrupt. My assets being seen to be in excess of £350,000.00 questions were asked. I have never been legally bankrupt having never owed any monies.The story changed to my having abandoned my house when I did not. It was then said that I was dead. At no time was it explained why my family was not involved.The Trustee appointed in bankruptcy was changed to one being appointed in my death. IAN YOUNG legal rep for LCC and Lancashire police played the role of that Trustee and many many others in this. 
I was reinvented by LCC as a Mrs Carole Woods to try and suggest that I did not have the family I did have. I as Carol Woods Ms was still being said to be either Mrs C or my daughter or any one of 6 or 7 others.  In other words, I Carol Woods did not exist. All that has been outlined in earlier emails predicted as to my disappearance as Mrs Carole Woods with an imaginary family so no one asks and as Ms Carol Woods is “already dead” then there is no one to ask about her either. Questions would point to Mrs C as being me when we are nothing alike. My work records have been destroyed, and documents have been stolen from those who keep them for me. On 5 Nov 08 I was enticed to the Lancashire Evening Post offices in Preston as Stephanie Hall crime reporter was to interview me about the wrecking of my house. Ms Hall was impersonated by a Lancashire police officer; I found that out when Ms Hall emailed me saying she knew nothing of the matter at all. That was to rewrite 5 May 06 in Holbeck police station when a police yob from  Lancashire impersonated a Leeds PC, Claudine Binns. The IPCC upheld my complaint about all that but Chris Weigh Professional Standards stuck the proverbial two fingers up to the IPCC. Nothing was resolved. I had complained to Leeds police about the fraud and theft committed by Blacks. It was never dealt with.
There is nothing to go to court over: GAIL CAPSTICK friend of 35 years was blackmailed by Woodall and Lancashire police to hand over my title deeds after end Jan 2010. Capstick had her own little fraudulent practice to keep hidden. Capstick had held my title deeds for me for safety after GMP had illegally raided my house in Lancaster. Capstick was said to have bought my house in 2005 when she could never afford what I have. Capstick associate of DAVID CARTER of CUMBRIA PROPERTIES of Church St Lancaster seem to have done a deal which has led to City Revenues recording that Carter bought my house in 2005 and again in 2009.
LCC had Capstick impersonate a social worker to rewrite my working time as such and in that use her 5 year old grandson, JC. Capstick was at that time being said to be me, Carol Woods while, when I visited and watched the bizarre stage show, was said to be Mrs Carole Woods former client of Capstick’s. My daughter in law CLAIRE WOODS working as a librarian in a school library is said to be from where I took the idea of having been a teacher. Her address title being Mrs or Ms C Woods is apparently “evidence” of that.
Mrs C’s matrimonial home is 8 Chancery Lane Shaw. It is worth about one third of what mine is worth.
I EMPLOY NO SOLICITOR. I HAVE NO APPLICATION TO SIGN. I WIL NOT BE APPEARING IN OLDHAM COUNTY COURT. Mrs C’s divorce is to be finalised there. It will not be finalised until LCC secure my demise or abandonment of the UK. Predict something planned for 5 Nov 2010 to revise history. Carol Woods Ms.



2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016

3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016 


 SriLankerC 24 April 2016

6] Carol Woods Social Worker Unlawfully Incarcerated In Psychiatric Gulag   – 16 April 2016 by  GeorgeGreekTrucker

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