It is completely unjust and unfair that I am refused reporting – by 3 separate police forces – serious crimes, as correspondence, or rather ignored correspondence to these 3 police forces, show. If one complains to higher authorities about this completely unacceptable situation, it is more than likely the targeting I am experiencing almost on a daily basis would escalate to an unacceptable level, causing me to fear for my very own life. Fact. Updates from Carol Woods are not appearing and diminishing in number here because of this very reason. It is a great shame Carol does not get support from other so-called “activists” – or whatever one wants to call them. Trees are known by their fruit, is that not so?

The question has been asked: “why would the “Powers That Be” target someone such as Carol Woods for so long [since 2006], involving so many perpetrators, committing so many extremely serious crimes, funded by the public and local council taxpayers?”. Carol Woods is a 63 years old former Lancashire County Council Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer [who used to train social workers] and a former Probation Officer, amongst many other attributes. Perhaps the appalling and chronic targeting she has no choice but to put up with is because she reported numerous seriously grave irregularities she discovered, including child abuse, when being employed by this county council, as described in the “IMPORTANT VIDEOS” at the foot of this post, and also because of what Carol has reported, especially here, from Feb. 2007:   “York LGO Blog and Lancashire CC” More is described here:   “Harassment as punishment for whistle-blowing: Lancashire

When one realises that the very controllers of the targeting and stalking Carol is forced to endure are, very probably, very closely connected to the same departments and personnel who are described in the links above and the “IMPORTANT VIDEOS” shown below, which detail what was discovered when Carol worked as a Child Protection officer in Lancashire, then it should not be hard to understand these hostilities enacted against her. Put it this way: the Welsh scientist, weapons expert and authority on biological warfare, employed by the British Ministry of Defence David Kelly was supposed to have leaked serious information to the detriment of the PTB at the time – look what happened to him. Now, Carol is no weapons expert, but one doesn’t have to be one to upset the proverbial apple cart bigtime. And anyway, we are told there have been assassination attempts upon her life too – quite a few in fact, including ramming her car at speed, on a main road, by perpetrators unknown….

And why is there an illegal tracking device installed in Ms. Woods car – put there, apparently – by Lancs. police? The Chief Constable of Lancashire has been written to so many times about so many serious matters with no response it’s quite remarkable. Another 2 chief constables have been written to asking can serious crime be reported to them also with no response whatsoever, and I have tried on more than one occasion to notify my local police about serious crime to be totally ignored also. It’s a public scandal!

Many more serious crimes and misdemeanours committed against Ms. Woods are all completely ignored by whichever UK government agency one tries to take anything to, including: 

impersonation and ID frauds,

person[s] impersonating police officers in official Government hearings, [or hearing[s]  purporting to be official on Government premises],

many murder attempts,

impersonation, ID frauds,

person[s] impersonating police officers in official government hearings, [or hearing[s]  purporting to be official],

Royal Mail frauds,

monetary frauds involving: dubious bank accounts at numerous high street banks, the DWP, town council[s] and other agencies,

illegal tracking of motor vehicle via GPS device [or similar],

a high number of motor vehicle “Blue Badge” [UK HM Government concession] frauds,

regular physical harassment / mental torture upon a person [aka “gangstalking”],

telephone / Internet Broadband fraud,

wrongful arrest,

wrongful kidnapping[s] / incarceration[s] in UK HM Government units, police station[s], HM Prison[s] etc.,

home burglaries, 

– many other instances of serious crime and illegal activity exist, and many acts contravening not only the Data Protection Act 1998, but also the contravention of articles pertaining to the European Commission of Human Rights [particularly Article 8].

What is going on is maybe unbelievable, and at times complicated, but that is surely deliberate and part of this outrageous targeting of a law-abiding citizen  – a lone female – who dared to report serious irregularities she found during her employment as a Level 3 social worker and Child Protection Officer. As a result, apart from the crimes committed against her as described, her house and contents with a value of £400,000+ was stolen from her, and her employment tribunal award of £50,000 found its way to someone who conspired against her who fraudulently took Carol Wood’s ID. Other serious crimes exist and continue to  this very day…



2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016

3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016 


 SriLankerC 24 April 2016

6] Carol Woods Social Worker Unlawfully Incarcerated In Psychiatric Gulag   – 16 April 2016 by  GeorgeGreekTrucker


Harassment of w’blower continues.  12 May 2017

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: carol woods <>
Date: 12 May 2017 at 00:58
Subject: Harassment of w’blower continues.
To: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>

Dear Sirs I would like you to see the time I send this. I, Ms Carol Woods was working in Lancaster University library and arrived just prior to 9pm as per my email sent out already. I left about 10 minutes past midnight to find this ORGANISED and PLANNED in harassment: these are NOT students but local morons recruited by the Gestapo to do their dirty work. Instead of policing in Lancaster and area they have lowlife to “sort out problems” and use the same types to harass me – YOU PAY THEM.

I have a longer walk to my car and only days ago they had 2 seedy old males loitering and PRETENDING to use a mobile phone: they were supposedly the would be murderers from 2012 “seen” here so apparently it was 2012 again and somehow they were “proven” to be linked to me. The 2 males were not like those from 2012 aside from being Neanderthals and looking like they needed a good wash. That is usual, tonight then I had a recruit pretend to be “me” leaving with a suitcase as apparently I have been found yet again living in Lancaster Uni library. Another was to walk about with a box as part of that; he did not know what to do when he saw what I did. What did I do? I moved my car, re-parked and returned to the library and left him wandering about with a box wondering what to do next. Last time I came, aside from the pair of males pretending to talk on a phone and try to be others from 2012, they had the usual roughneck female who had a SILVER X REG who was to fly up and down the almost empty car park and screech about to show how clever and threatening she was.  I did not have that tonight: I had ANOTHER silver car, male cretin who was to hide and race towards me as if going to run me down: how brave was that of him? With him was the usual taxi thug and YOU would have paid for that taxi to sit outside and WAIT as the Gestapo could not possibly know what time I would leave. He too raced off, minus a passenger but to pretend.

Then I saw sneaking off, the usual type of “back up” a local yob on his cycle with his grey trackies who also thought he was so clever in then racing off along the walkway and not using the roadway, he replaced the usual thugs sent as I took photos and identified their car; the Gestapo sent the thugs to Fell View after to see if I recognised them, I did, they were to park up to intimidate, I took their photo and reported them formally giving their car details to identify them; they have not been used since. Now they think they are clever and have one with his main beam, driving at least 50mph on a car park area and with a taxi (possibly his daddy to hold his hand) and then the back up who was so clever I watched him cycle off down the walkway all alone and I returned to the library and he was left having wasted all that time.

And you all know and all do nothing.

Other harassment is from a recruited council woman who tries to extract information from me AGAIN and she pretending MY council tax records are in PRESTON so they can manufacture me as being someone else.

Her name is JULIE KENNEDY and she is at why she could deal with a question from me escapes me and, the fact that it has been ignored for months with the reminders ignored, tells me the corruption continues. And when I leave again the Gestapo will all sorts waiting but possible nearer to Caton to pretend they collected me and then drove me to Caton.

How will they know when I approach Caton to arrange them?

The ILLEGAL GPS on my car.
Imagine what sick people we have as upholders of the law! Imagine! Yours etc Carol Woods Ms. (These are reprisals because 11th failed and because of the data I sent out.)

Org fraud and harassment Lancs. Police led.  11 May 17

Dear Sirs: below is part of an email I sent out 9/5/17. After I sent this the usual reprisals followed; the photos of Cumbria Gestapo and the fraudster sat in Kendal library waiting to send out 5 or 6 letters IN MY NAME if I printed off anything at all, to pretend that I printed off what that fraudster had PRE-PREPARED aided and abetted by Gestapo. Morecambe Gestapo sent in later to MORECAMBE library where I tried to use my own lap top linked to WiFi which they blocked after the first few minutes, a scruffy woman with “long dark hair” (the bleached blondes of the last few days have had a change, we are back to darker hair again) and told what to wear as RED in the lunacy of “same old same old” I knew the Gestapo were rewriting KENDAL again. I used the library systems to print off and then waited to see if they would have anyone waiting to post and amazingly in the lunacy of “expecting a different result from the same old fraud”, I saw an old couple waiting by post boxes not far away BUT I was not expected to return to my car that way so was not to see them BUT there was also a younger couple and they all rushed to post when the phones of the younger couple rang: they were told from someone from the library that I had left and had printed off so they could post as if it was what I printed off. I stood taking photos and then sent the info after returning to the library AGAIN and having exactly 5 minutes allowed to send that information to Chief Exec. of Royal Mail and 3 other agencies. Without the TREASON and corrupt Royal Mail this would not be possible. Mail apparently from me would have a response to ME not handed to thieves and worse round Fell View. I went back to the boxes later and waited: there was not one single person anywhere in sight which would be normal for that time of the evening. See the council tax troll and then more of Gestapo thuggery as I went to my car. The italics are what my email recorded.

I also find that the council staff member, Julia KENNEDY has sent me an email to reply to one I sent Revenues MONTHS ago and then resent and remained ignored. Today being the 9th the corrupt think this is what they rewrite:                                                                                                                                               9 Jan 2010 and after TRACEY KENNEDY had posed as me in Newcastle magistrates court in Nov 2009 the Gestapo getting that so horribly wrong (I found out basically) they tried again and using KENNEDY’s taped INTERVIEW of the “crime” arrested me and presented that tape to Lancaster Magistrates for 10 Jan 2014. In that I appeared which was NOT what they wanted: I found KENNEDY escorted by PC JIM EDMUNDS/EDMONDS to the court AS IF SHE WAS ME. They ran away seeing me there with witnesses. The court staff genuinely did not know what was going, CPS did as did RACHEL GOUGH and both almost had hysterics when things went to wrong for them all.                                    Cutting to the chase, they did not get what they expected BUT I get the tapes of Kennedy being interviewed in Lancaster police station AS IF SHE WAS ME WHEN THEY ALL KNEW SHE WAS NOT. Obviously as her SWORN SIGNED WITNESS STATEMENT claims she is police officer, they must have known who she was. There is more. But for today, in that on 9th Jan 2010 MY BROTHER who the Gestapo did nothing but threaten, hound and intimidate which is why I do not see him and then the thugs leave him alone, received a council tax bill for me. Why? I have never lived there; I was living miles away in LONGTOWN. The INTENTION had been to force the court to force me to live at my brother’s so the Gestapo could claim I “lost” my house and went to live with my brother instead of saying the FACTS, sending thugs to MY door saying, “Get out, it’s ours” on 27 Oct 2008.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Who gave the council my brother’s name and address? This is what they do hand out MY details to any old lowlife to stalk to harass and pester etc. Thus I sent them an email months ago and ask them to check their records about why they sent me a council tax bill to MY brother’s house. They ignored me. I tried again and I remained ignored.                                                                                                                                                                       But today this is how they think they are clever, they find a JULIA KENNEDY and she sends me an email dated today 9th May 2017 thinking how clever to try and rewrite 9 Jan 2010 READY for 10 Jan 2010. They find a Ms Kennedy to be TRACEY KENNEDY of 10 Jan 2010 (this is brainwashing for idiots) and Ms Kennedy asks me for my brother’s address. Well she would, wouldn’t she?                                                                       My reply thanks her for her email but asks her to look at MY records which will show his details. Except I never gave them. They also thought they’d cover their tracks and say I gave them his address. They will compensate him and all my family. I will not give my brother’s details to help them to rewrite their gross violations of privacy and the lunacy is in the PRETENCE that I am 2 people and I guarantee the council runs 2 sets of records as if they are BOTH me.

I also saw that JULIA KENNEDY tells me she only works Mon – Thurs incl which was my working week so I am to only think I worked Mon – Thurs each week as she has brainwashed me and it is really her! Given that they ignored my email for MONTHS, why would I care what days she worked? Given the delay I was surprised she worked 4 days a week and not 4 days a year. But as the Gestapo and council trawled to find the RIGHT NAMED PERSON to be TRACEY KENNEDY in their lunacy of “revision historians” i.e. lunatics I also see she has a PRESTON email address,, what has PRESTON council got to do with me? Nothing; the bullying liars try to say I am not me and am someone of their invention from Preston. So, as they are so intent in cramming that in, let me state the facts.

PRESTON is where I worked in the time of my whistle-blowing GREENBANK ST which the Gestapo went on to say by 2010 that I actually lived there and was not me but someone they made up. One who brings the house down when her card is pulled is PATRICIA ALLEN who has always lived in PRESTON and, as a perjurer with a false CV and NO qualifications being semi literate, she was manager of child protection and gained her rapid rise up the ladder from CLEANER because she had sex with managers including, by her own bragging, DAVID MICHAEL FAIRCLOUGH then Head of HRU Social Services and now? He sits on the police advisory committee! Fairclough is a senior Freemason. In this council harassment in 2014 IAN YOUNG the Gestapo and COUNCIL legal rep wrote a malicious communication and had a DAVID WATAMOUGH sign to send to me. It was instantly recognisable as YOUNG type drivel. I was to be so intimidated I’d agree to anything and then forget Fairclough and think only of Watamough. Watamough was ONE to bring to me a seedy old woman about 80 and one slightly younger and introduced them as a psychiatrist and NHS trying to con me into thinking they were sane and normal and I was not! That reported it was ignored. The psychiatrist impersonated learned of that and denied having any connections which was FACT but she did nothing to find out and have charged those seedy old trolls and the corrupt council for harassment, deception and sending me a malicious communication.                                                       

Anytime the council or Gestapo have their recruited bullying liars to send me malicious communications trying to be clever I always relate the ORIGINAL which will NOT be revised as anything else. They would have had to gone to Preston because they wanted a name to use, obviously there was no one in Lancaster to use. The last woman to be in touch with me was not this apparatchik and that woman was efficient and speedy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    My working week so I  record, as they seem to think it is relevant, PAT ALLEN and other inept, unqualified, unintelligent and corrupt staff would wait for FRIDAYS as I only worked Mon – Thurs incl (thanks, Julia Kennedy, this can now be sent out widely) and act behind my back like those posting as they thought behind my back as above, and in doing that they seriously ruined lives such as child MB who ended up almost dead, because they thought they knew better than me when they knew nothing about anything. The mother of children SP and SP left for dead and as in the case of child MB MY intervention on my Monday return and finding out saved both lives. Then the illegally convened case conference to terrify a family and try to discredit my work with admin staff saying to me on the Monday, “Carol, can we have a copy of your report?” “What report?” “The case conference”. “What case conference” “It says here, Carol’s report”, I told them to remove my name as I knew nothing about any of that travesty. I found that the semi-literate PAT ALLEN had produced a report in my name and convened a case conference without following the LEGAL procedures to hasten it along knowing I would not be in work on the Friday they planned. Other professionals arriving for what they thought was just a meeting left saying they knew I did not work like that and they would not take part. LCC did that because I had blown the whistle and they wanted to discredit my work so used vulnerable people to do that which is Lancashire MO.                                                                             

All that is in MY statement for claim 2406569/01 and the case is one reason MIKE TODD GMP was murdered as he saw all that and the resultant perjury, demanding of money with menaces, extortion, witness intimidation and who did he see involved and was prosecuting? Fairclough, Young, Allen and such like. And of course there was the murder, corporate manslaughter, which was something else I warned them would happen if they carried on doing what they were doing in such unprofessionalism, ignorance, plain stupidity and arrogance. So, thanks JULIA, you have made it relevant for me to send that out in being “clever”.

Back to 2017 and 9/5/17: leaving the library finally I found the usual type of local troll stood to use her phone to alert someone to act ahead of me and pretend to be me having left the library. There was no one else in sight. I took a photo of her as I’d taken one of the troll sent to act out Kendal again, and then walked round to see who was acting in FRAUD. I found him; a specimen with his BLACK hoodie, trackies and dog making a call from a call box to the loud mouth near the library; apparently one of them was me! I took a photo of him in the call box and then out of it as the dog was a stage prop and one the Gestapo are desperate to “rewrite” from 2010 and murderer ALAN McTEAR at 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ. I was to see that with the lout and suddenly it was 2012 and miles away! McTEAR as named was at least 30 years older than the male with the dog on 9/5/17. THE EMPHASIS ON 298 OXCLIFFE ROAD LA3 3EJ is because the council continued paying rent for me as if I never left there and they pay it in the name the Gestapo tried to invent me as in 2010. EMBEZZLEMENT OF PUBLIC FUNDS, FRAUD, Public Bodies Corrupt Practices Act is relevant.

I ignored much else but the usual “white vans” 2, harassed, I took photos but the events were so ludicrous I am not recording them here. The Gestapo are still trying to make me forget officer ANDREW HALLIDAY of MAY 2008 at MY HOUSE and claiming he had bought it. I noticed more couples of youngish pairs, as the pair posting with the old couple. They were all different pairs but noticeably recruited. This always happens when I park on Morecambe prom, the Gestapo send cars to PRETEND they collect me, but on 9th they had Gestapo driving along cruising wasting police time, I have to look about and see what they INTEND to claim in lies or perjury if it comes to that. A gardener’s van was parked, after all the ones used, this one is new to my photo collection, the louts they send in the “gardening” vans to park outside me, apparently are all MR CAROL WOODS so the Gestapo would be confirming they saw the van and saw me BUT as if I was MR Carol Woods. My photos show the Gestapo, the van and my car parked. A couple pulled up and waited, EF55 SZU a black Ford, they were far too interested in watching what I was doing, one of the white vans used was then sent, then another pair PE55 DFA a silver Seat Leon. The Gestapo always do the same, we have days of “54” plates, “65” etc and today it was “55”. The 2 recorded serve to illustrate my point.

Outside the library had been an old man in a brown jacket, he leapt into action as soon as I walked by.  Why is a brown jacket now such an Issue? Because a photo I have of Mr Williams he with the weed killer from 30 Fell View, on a day they hid in 30 all day, as they have done s cores of times, then spill out about 5pm and then re-enter and PRETEND they have been out all day and have just returned. I pointed out, after 2 years of that lunacy, that they always had on carpet slippers so had not been out at all and, no jackets, so the Gestapo alerted them to the FACTS and they had to add coats/jackets as they spilled out and I was to think they had been out after all. The photo shows Mr Williams trying to get on his brown jacket as fast as possible on stepping out and then stepping back in. The photo was gained by sheer chance.

On 8th May 2017 the old stalker of the same type as WILLIAMS, another reported formally for stalking and harassing, forgery of my signature and bank fraud and clearly deluded thinking he is linked to me, DAVID JACKSON with X339 FEN blue Toyota, was drawn in again, he thought he was acting behind my back when their “plan” had failed so I got his photo again; he wants me to be his (mentally ill) wife! In the photo he wears a light brown jacket to be MR WILLIAMS and linked to me. The old fool on 9th was to be those 2 but as yet another “replica”. Williams and D Jackson use phones as if they are linked to me, the point of Williams hiding is for them to use phones and pretend they are out so the use MUST be mine in 28. David Jackson living in 28 Regent St Lancaster apparently somehow makes all that FACT. He is not related to any other Jackson used in this, aside from his wife of course. Back at Fell View I had the usual car sent to wait for me, then race out ahead of me and claim I followed them which is a serious criminal offence apparently. Except when I report it. I pulled in so there was no mistake. Because I pulled in, all the rest they arranged for my return to Caton was wasted and I sat and watched, 2 small white vans, a PRACTICAL VAN HIRE removal van as I have just moved again (my photos show I moved 3 times into 3 houses all at the same time on 2/5/17), YOU PAY FOR THIS.

Back at 28 Fell View, JARVIS was out collecting Mrs Invisible to move in again, Williams pretend they have just moved in again (they move in sometimes 3 times a week, while I move in 3 times a day at least), the gardener’s van not seen for months was sent to 17 Fell View where I moved in on 2/5/17 AND again on 8th May, HAYES GARDEN CENTRE Freemasons, and YOU PAY FOR ALL THAT TRAVEL as they drive down from the higher lakes in the Lake District. The roughneck Nolan in 17 is apparently my daughter and she cares for and drives me about, apparently. One of 23 who do the same.                                                                                                                                                                                                             About 8 20pm 2 sleazy council had been hiding behind 31 Fell View and they will pretend I have just moved in there as well. A small red and a large black, both vehicles needing to be “rewritten” and they will have been paid to pretend they have been rewritten.

By noon on 10/5/17 “Someone” had “moved into” 17 again, 39, 41, and Williams have just moved into 30 again, MM15 DRO silver/bronze shade of large Mercedes is outside NOW as I type this as a fraudster pretending he is “dealing with someone just moved in” again. The foul mouthed driver who the Gestapo moved into 34 Quernmore Road off Fell View who spends all her unemployed time at 34 or 36 Fell View depending on whose children she can pretend are hers. She with the PX02 FSK BLUE car is to the “alternative fact” of driver P112 KEC silver Peugeot in fraud of 2012 into 2013 AND PX07 EDX the RED Kia Picanto arranging those frauds via Santander Morecambe branch, she being Elizabeth Mason, staff member. All details for any serious enquiry.

By 3pm on 11th May 2017 the INTENTION had been to make it 11 Aug 2012 when a DIANE LENNON who was rough and common, possibly police, did pretend to leave 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe LA3 3EJ where she never lived but pretended to IN FRAUD posing as me and claiming to be disabled. On 11 Aug 2012 she was sent to pretend to leave because within the mail the Gestapo had ILLEGALLY seen at least 2 items for me which were to be delivered to 298 as I rented there. She was to take them with her as she ‘left’ as she had been taking much of my mail from March 2014.She only ever appeared at 298 when she was sent and it always included mail: caught red handed NOTHING was done. TREASON. Thus the 11th of any month is to be then again; I apparently move and apparently from 298 Oxcliffe Rd as I only THINK I left there on 1/7/13 and really am only just moving from there NOW 11 May 2017. Jarvis from 41 was to be the “Lennon” and went out in GN07 AHO to PRETEND that she was LENNON from Aug 2012 and moving “someone” invisible from 298 to then live in 41 Fell View with the INTENTION of  trying to revise the TREASON and FRAUD of LENNON and explain it this way NOW almost 5 years later.                                                                                                          
Jarvis has claimed from March 2014 that she has someone to care for and drive about and that someone is “me”. The COUNCIL has paid for all that in all that time knowing it is FRAUD, FORGERY and DECEPTION. (Yes as well as the other 23 houses who clam the same and all at the same time.) The INTENTION of Jarvis seen was spoiled as I did not go out when it was thought I would: I cannot move out of anywhere if I do not go out. I took a photo of a car at the EMPTY 33 Fell View which car was also pretending they moved someone “disabled” into 33 Fell View to hide the FACT of the missing elderly lady Mrs M PECK who I have reported as “missing in suspicious circumstances”. The COUNCIL have paid persons to PRETEND at 33 Fell View for 3 YEARS that they tend to someone there when it has been empty all that time. The car at 33 pretending left after I took a photo. What then?

See the above and the council corrupt recruited with a PRESTON email address as they could not find one with a name they wanted to use in Lancaster. Notice how she asks for my brother’s address after my enquiry relatively recently as to how they had his address then, in Jan 2010 and how I decline to give it. (Preston would not have it as I have never lived there nor has he.) If the council had it then, they will have it now but the PRESTON link? By 3pm the Gestapo had another idea: the thug with a CLARKE of PRESTON van parked at 23 Fell View which thug has hounded and pestered me from March 2014. It is a wheelchair repair firm. I found out that the unemployed ruffian in 23 Fell View also called CLARKE claimed to be MY BROTHER and that I lived there with that lowlife as “disabled”. YOU bought him his 4 FOUR large expensive vehicles and paid for the rest of the lunacy there. I pointed out that 23 Fell View was not adapted for wheelchair use nor were any of his large, expensive vehicles no matter how often he stalked me to pretend he behind me in my car was him driving me. CLARKE was moved out recently because in that I found he used and abused 2 young boys, vulnerable to PRETEND he had someone “disabled” in 23 and he had BORROWED those boys to aid and abet; imagine what sort of parents they had to send vulnerable boys to such lowlife to use and abuse. The CLARKE’s van was to be PROOF he had a wheelchair user living there and the thug driver stalking to harass me in that van was to make me think I must be disabled and used a wheelchair. NOTICE THE PRESTON LINK and see my comment above. The child abuse was NOT dealt with and Clarke was moved out relatively recently to escape punishment. Jarvis in 41, O’Conner in 39, MILLS in 20 Fell View and 7 Leslie Ave (all houses where I also lived at the same time as being in  23 etc) aided and abetted him to make ME believe those boys were his sons while he used them as “cover” to be the invisible disabled person – me. That ruffian CLARKE claimed he was my brother. The council knew he was a total stranger but paid him anyway.    

The PRESTON corrupt was to have me send MY brothers’ address and then record that I gave them 23 Fell View. This is normal practice for them. In 2010 I did not know such lowlife as round Caton, 5 miles east of Lancaster existed in such numbers. The ruffian and worse, CLARKE would not be known to exist by me had I not been given 28 Fell View with the PLANNED ORGANISED use of all the unemployed lowlife ready to claim I had moved in with them. I did not move in with them all on the same day as I moved into 28: a few delayed me moving in with them such as Mills, I only moved in there in June 2014, Hunter in 22, I moved in there May 2014, 17 I move in and out of regularly and on 2/5/17 moved in at 10 am (on camera) and then again on 5 May 2017 along with various other moves. And they all think they are so clever. One who thinks she is above the law and clever is a rough older troll from 8 BECKSIDE off Fell View. She was PAID BY YOU to sit outside 33 Fell View empty from Ma4rch 2014 and PRETEND she drove about the invisible occupant – me. On days I did not go out for her to stalk and pretend I saw her sit for up to 3 hours outside 33 Fell View waiting to drive off behind me. She is unemployed yet can drive about in DK51 HVL. Amid the plans for “moving” on 11 May 2017, she was used again and dives to 2 FELL VIEW as I also live there as well as the unemployed troll there WOODRUFF claims to be me. Thus she in DK51 is driving about Woodruff who has DG51 WRL. They are partners in crime. I have on camera the roughneck with DK51 HVL stalking me and then PRETENDING she parks up after driving me and she uses a BLUE BADGE for free parking when she has no one with her at all; all on excellent photos, the council ignored that. I also caught her stalking me when I parked well away from her as she wanted to use a cash point when I passed to PRETEND the use was linked to me. She looks to be about 50, dark, rough, coarse common but as yet I do not have her name. She is a female version of CLARKE but not as old, and she is an older version of Nolan in 17.

Lancs org crime TREASON plays a part. ID THEFT.  11 May 17

11 May 2017 and I, Ms Carol Woods go to Lancaster University to work in the library. It is almost 9pm when I park up because I had parked up along the route in a spot that I have used previously. There I can type data which the fraudsters, who the Gestapo have set up in E-CRIME and COMPUTER MISUSE as usual have MY data somehow transferred to them to use as proof they are me. In my car away from the illegal devices in 28 Fell View, they don’t get my data. I have sat in my car for YEARS on and off where no other car can park with me and I type so that whatever the fraudsters have they have huge blocks of nothing. In caravan 3 at 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe LA3 3EJ I found after almost a year of renting caravan 1A that a male lived in hiding in caravan 3; all claimed he was not there but my photos suggest he was. That male STILL is used to be me as MR CAROL WOODS but by now, so are many others, such as TRAVIS DALTON of 45 Fell View, ANDREW JARVIS of 41 Fell View and those using the empty 24 Fell View who I only know via their car plates such as KS53 VLF.
As always the Gestapo bullying thugs send their squad car AT YOUR EXPENSE to harass and claim they see something of their imaginations which YOU pay them to “see”. The bullies just can’t stop themselves and as today was a total failure in their lunacy of trying to make it 11 Aug 2012 again, they need something else. In that of course MASSIVE funds have been poured into recruits to act out events and it was all for nothing – again. At approx. 8 54pm I had parked up on campus after seeing a local troll hiding by the sports centre she clearly not a user and with a WHITE hooded jacket with fur round the edging was to watch for MY car* and then slowly walk up to campus and look dejected all the way. Why? Because in my book, Vol 3 ILLEGALLY SEEN the Gestapo see I record a silly event of 2012 where they again via ILLEGAL monitoring of me, had a recruit walk along and “look dejected” where I was walking with the Gestapo then to claim they saw someone dejected walking along, so what? So they want to claim it is me, but, what if I look dejected? That is a SERIOUS MENTAL HEALTH MATTER (according to them) and warrants IMMEDIATE ARREST and incarceration as a “danger to themselves” bearing in mind the recruit is supposed to be me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      On 11th I parked up further away from where I usually park, having seen the silly troll I knew EXACTLY what the intention was: but they got their timing wrong, she was long gone by the time they cruised up to see “someone dejected” and I was stood with my camera. I took a photo, had a good look at the 2 TWO in the squad car and am safe in saying that their driving round campus is the closest they will ever get to a university. I saw the silly woman acting not 10 minutes later: she was bragging about how clever and funny she had been. The usual male halfwit sent to walk from hiding and be behind me as he apparently parked my car, I ignored; he was to be the yob from Morecambe of 9th May 2017 sent to make a phone call as if talking to me and he with a dog with the Gestapo wasting all that time and YOUR MONEY to find just the right yob with the right dog. That on photos, the halfwit walking round campus had no dog. One they hoped to protect from 11 Aug 2012 was DIANE LENNON and the driver of the squad car reminded me very much of LENNON thief, fraudster and who stole MY mail claiming to be me with her car blue Saxo X486 DDC.* The Gestapo are trying to say that the GPS ILLEGALLY on my car is because of a DLA claim and DWP monies received. IT IS NOT but let us say it is: do they stalk and monitor EVERY SINGLE DWP car with a tracker?

The photos with this show SOME of what was intended for 11 May 2017. This I recorded as taking place when I moved to rent 28 fell View LA2 9RP in March 2014. I saw within days that earlier fraudsters, bullies, thieves and more were all to be “replicated” by similar types round Fell View. Thus I move into 28 Fell View and know within days that Williams in 30 Fell View are to be RYCROFT from flat 4 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA, Shirley and Derek who claimed to be Mr and Mrs C Woods as do Williams. I knew that Agnes Jackson in 26, Williams’ obvious partner in crime was to be Rycroft’s partner from flat 5 Penhale Gardens, name I am unsure of. I rented flat 3 for a few months. Both sets of “3” were instructed to bully out whoever was in the way, Mrs M. Porter in flat 3 when they wanted it for me and that to be CARAVAN 3 and the scene of that E-CRIME to cover that E-CRIME and pretend that Flat 3 had been caravan 3, and Mrs O Greenbank from 28 Fell View. Both elderly lone ladies ended up dead. From the flats Mrs Porter’s assets were looted with her car YK02 VPF going to the looter in flat 5, a favourite babe of CS RICHARD BAYLY, Lancashire police. The 3rd photo of page 2 is my front garden which I started to work on as soon as I moved in: I include it show how long the front gardens of the bungalows are, all 4 are the same. There are 4 bungalows only round Fell View, 2- 24 incl then 34 – 44 incl are houses as are 1 – 59 incl. only the bungalows have the front gardens like this. Notice that 26, 28, 30 and 32 are in a string.

I refer to this being a shake of the kaleidoscope. Rycroft in pink with looter of the dead in navy but then with the red handkie on her head wanting to be me with red hair. Derek Rycroft is at a small greenhouse at the rear of the block of flats 1 – 4 inclusive, the subject is police corruption, out of scope of this but anyone can ask. The photo of the Gestapo parked was another few days of entrapment and manufacturing of evidence of “crime” I had apparently committed (with RYCROFT on film committing the very crimes I was being accused of but the law is apparently not for her), I include this to show how the flats were set out, all ground floor had front and rear entrances/exits with the 1st floor flats all even numbers with just their one entry/exit doors. The flats in view are from 11 right to the top of Penhale Gardens which was no. 24. They were only 24 flats. The grounds were patches of lawned areas bits of flower beds and flagged walkways. No one had a truly private section. The photo of Aug 2014 is what I achieved with my smaller rear garden, rear of my flat where I could hang washing was a bit of grass and the greenhouse as seen. The photo after my rear garden shows the rear of 30 Fell View, smaller than my rear garden and 26 is larger than mine as they round the corner to the lower, even numbers. I added the photo of what I saw from my flat window, front room, bits of lawned areas, flagged walkways, and the rough ground with trees was where dogs were walked. My car red Toyota can just be seen. Mrs Porter’s car is also seen, the silver Clio parked at the end of the walkway to flat 5.  Fell View taken from my car parked at 28, it is a street, there is no similarity with Penhale Gardens, the large grassy area is in the centre of Fell View it is not a small rough piece of land with a few trees, boulders and much undergrowth.

The photos of patches of ground dug over are outside MY flat by February 2014 when the hysteria mounted as I had not been bullied out or bullied to death or been found guilty of any crimes. The top patch was a lovely rhododendron and azalea ripped up and discarded. The 2nd photo was where Rycroft had sawn down a lovely little acer tree (all on film) with the sole intention of causing maximum distress. Anything they could they ripped up (it is all on camera), it was wanton vandalism. The INTENTION was like this evening and the silly woman told to walk about and look dejected; I was to be driven to such distress I rushed to admit myself to a mental hospital! Remember that Agnes Jackson admitted herself in July 2014 as ME when they all knew she was not and they found that highly amusing as well. Jackson is not laughing quite as much these days. The bottom photo is what I see are bungalows, 28, (me) 30 and 32. Williams are in 30 Fell View and my dead mother apparently is in 32. I am sure these are bungalows but anyone can correct me if I am “deluded” and only think they are.

The INTENTION over days now all to be 11 Aug 2012 when Diane Lennon arrived at 298 Oxcliffe Rd and ran off with MY mail after calling from time to time to collect that posing as me. The landlady knew, it was all a fraud on me. Thus on the 11th of everything, the Gestapo try to arrange things so that I “move” and thus LENNON was really me! And 2017 May is really 2012 and August. WIILIAMS and Jackson and the rest, at least 40 have all played their parts: Mrs Greenbank never stood a chance when they decided she had to go. Without going into all, the recruits have tried to act out events from 2012 at 298 without them knowing what they do it for. Williams are me now and have moved to FLAT 3 Penhale Garden, only I THINK they are on 30 Fell View a BUNGALOW.

To do that they have had Mr Williams dig out patches of their shabby lawn and make it like those patches outside my flat, apparently that is proof they are me in flat 3 miles from Fell View. He has to then add flags and make it a tiny walkway of 2 flags to make the front of their BUNGALOW seem to be the front of the flat with flagged walkway. They have pretended to just move in – again. They have been there almost 2 decades but pretend to move in every so often with “OOOH yes, this will do” etc as if they have never seen it before. The motive is what?

WILLIAMS in 30 and JACKSON in 26 had their bungalows along my party walls wired up USING MY POWER from when I moved in. I have said this DOZENS of times and no one has done anything at all. A month after I moved in, I found that Jackson had installed via MY loft a huge TV set which she with her 2 horrendous sons (who do not live there) both in their 50’s, ran without sound so I would not hear and so I would be charged with viewing without a licence. You all know that as well and I have sent out photographic proof and with cars used but no one has done anything at all. I caught them red handed and was left to deal with those thugs myself but caught all on camera with the Gestapo legal rep claiming they were not running away with a huge TV but bringing it; that lunatic had not seen the whole series of photos and he was another “clever while patently stupid”. By August 2014 I had filmed the Gestapo at 26 Fell View decommissioning ILLEGAL equipment set up in 26 in E-CRIME and to aid and abet. It was later added in the empty no. 24. From then I have had off my power at least 18 hours every day. Some days I keep it off totally and make do with going out or using my gas.

Then I found WILLIAMS in 30 had a SKY TV installed as if they were me, ANOTHER car PE64 OUG, a bank direct debit to pay for the SKY which is the 2nd in the tiny bungalow and they have that on silent with their bedroom TV on for sound and watch the sitting room set but pretend it is I who is viewing that one. I hear them test the sockets for MY power and hear them AFTER they have pretended to go out but are indoors hiding as if I am stupid. When I am out at night, she waits for 5 minutes after hearing me enter 28, she puts on the TV in the sitting room and pretends it is MY viewing. I have no TV and have not had since MINE in MY HOUSE was LOOTED on 19 Nov 08. Which you all know about and do nothing about.

Thus Williams has had 5 FIVE cars as ME, SKY TV, bank for direct debit, TREASONABLE OFFENCES as they pretend to be me when the mail is addressed to ME but goes to them courtesy thieves and worse ROYAL MAIL.  And much more. Thus they PRETEND that they are me at Flat 3 now and PRETEND they have just moved there to be me. But I moved there on 1 July 2013 not 11 May anything. The Gestapo try to link it to LENNON from 298 and her “leaving”.                                                                          Williams does not cut his grass; he has the council do it for free. The grass at Penhale Gardens was obviously cut by the council, they being “communal” (gardens was a misnomer) thus that is PROOF Williams are in flat 3 and not bungalow 30 miles away, apparently. The 2nd fact that they are me and in flat 3 is this: I reported the murdering lowlife at 298 for having TV’s but no licences. The Gestapo stealing MY mail immediately leapt into action to protect those fraudsters and they erected a bogus “ariel” outside my caravan to pretend I had a TV. When I left 298 and went to Flat 3, the council site manager MARGARET told me if I bought a postal order for a certain amount, I could add it to the communal TV licence, apparently the whole site paid a collective amount. I declined that as I had no TV and no wish to have one. They PRETENDED and set up a male with a ladder to PRETEND he connected MY flat and then sent a troll from the council to go to the post office on MIDDLETON RD Heysham LA3 2QA and buy a postal order IN MY NAME to submit to PRETEND I did have a TV and had had in the caravan. I filmed ALL of that, so the seedy council fraudster can also be identified.                      Thus I then move to 28 Fell View and the bullying Gestapo continue that fraud. I have invited the TV licence authorities to call and wait yet again for their visit. Meanwhile I have the photos of SKY the 2nd set going into 30, the cars obviously, HER ID IN MY NAME provided by the Gestapo, and the BT fraud being installed in 26 Fell View to aid and abet Jackson.

But that is not all: Flat 5 and Bayly’s favourite babe was provided with a provisional licence IN MY NAME hence her “red hair” and the subsequent serious fraud of her with the LOOTED car and Mrs Porter’s money to have driving lessons. She from flat 5 did not drive. How then can Jackson claim to be me when I move? Simple, the Gestapo claimed I was not there, my bungalow does not exist and I lived with 23 lowlife round Fell View claiming they cared for me and drove me about. But Jackson does not drive. She pretended MY car was hers. And she would hide in 26 when I went out and pretend she was me “out” with the Gestapo providing old trolls where I was that they thought could be said to be Jackson thus she did drive my car. Jackson and Williams are apparently all me with Jackson his sister so they are all C Woods. In 2015, the Gestapo having hysterics thought if they arrested me in their perjury etc they could then make sure I could not drive my car and thus PROVE Jackson was me after all. The looter of the dead never learned to drive as far as I understand. But all that of 2015 into 2016 failed, all attempts to manufacture “crime” committed by me have failed so Jackson now hides in 26 and WILLIAMS have to be me ALONE as she in 30 does drive. Thus they decide she is me in flat 3 which is really a bungalow no.30 miles away. The data to be sent after this has related information.

Lancs POLICE PERJURY ignored. Entrapment attempts  09 May 17

On 9 May 2017 at 15:11, carol woods <> wrote:

Dear Sirs this is for the records AGAIN given you all know and nothing.

Data to be sent out will explain this thuggery of last night and today PLANNED.

This is a reprisal: last night after leaving the University and approaching Lancaster town centre to drive through I saw a BLUE MINI and woman driver, a RED AUDI and woman driver and a male with a push bike all waiting at a very buys interchange. Who were they waiting for? Me.

The BLUE MINI troll was to tailgate me and hope to make me drive faster with the RED AUDI troll to be “witness” and the cyclist staying middle of the road and ignoring the cycle lanes making sure he cut in front of me all to hope I caused an accident. The red AUDI ‘witness’ was to be BLEASDALE Freemason stalker and worse from 2015 found out, he of 2 HALL DRIVE CATON LA2 and now to be covered for (see today’s events) and events from 2007 MY BOOK where a MINI tailgated me and I was nervous so drove faster; now I don’t, now I know them for what they are; bullying halfwits who think they are MI6. The cyclist was to be thugs from 2012 posing as me as MR CAROL WOODS so, the kaleidoscope of “history” was shaken but brought no result.

Today, leaving out much else (in related data) the thief, fraudster and unemployed for life ELY in 12 Fell View where I apparently live (which is why he does not work claiming he drives me about from his self made slum) was PROVIDED BY YOU again with a caravan with the INTENTION in lunacy of trying to make NOW in Caton LA2 9RP be 2012 miles away and 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ scrap yard and small caravan site den of iniquity in major crime.

Leaving 28 Fell View, in my car I saw the thief and stalker reported in X341 YBV sent to 45 Fell View DALTON subject of “reprisal” after my CSA report, that yob UNEMPLOYED with the VW has been reported for stalking me for almost 2 years. He is not a friend of Dalton (also unemployed) but they use 45 for serious E-CRIME although he has not been for a while. Why today? The Gestapo call socially in the early hours to 45 and all use the computer.

 Between 5 and 10 Oct 2015 one claimed he saw me on Fell View while I was in Barcelona PERJURY, I bet that was him in X341 YBV. (The Gestapo refuse me the copy as per my Sec 7 Subject Access Request.)

BLEASDALE and DALTON liars, perjurers from that time all involved and PERJURY of ISP BROWNSMITH and PC A MASSINGHAM and more needs covering for. BLEASDALE’s involvement in serious fraud and more was with a RED AUDI, so the Gestapo send as many red Audi as they can to hope to brainwash me into thinking any old Audi is him!? continues?

The lunacy of “following” was STAGED AGAIN today, we had a troll walk by in RED with her bleached hair and she went to Bleasdale’s. The dark green VW arrives at 45 (this is ALL planned), and they wait, I go out and an old couple have been sitting in a car hidden and they have to set off when they are tipped off by the lowlife in 45. Those in a BRONZE KIA have to be in front of me with the bleached haired woman right on cue leaving Bleasdale’s to confirm she SAW me behind them. And the yob in 45 was to be the “witness” to seeing me on Fell View today and then try to make it OCTOBER 2015!

The old couple had not been used before, all I had to do was take another road and did leaving them BEHIND ME. A red Audi waited; thus the kaleidoscope and we have the PERJURER from Oct 2015, we have BLEASDALE covered for and we have the bleached blonde troll trying to be others of the same type who want to be me or my daughter etc.

How long had that old couple been sat in the BRONZE KIA waiting for me to leave so they could pull out ahead of me and  scream I was following them?

How many times has this been done using the lowlife in 45 etc? Now on film at least 4 with all their PLANNED WITH INTENT dullards and I can only think them for having only dullards to use: if they had brains, they would be dangerous.

THOSE IN AUTHORITY KNOW OF THE PERJURY FROM 2015 AND DO NOTHING. Carol Woods Ms cc as widely as possible as this also INTENDS to bring in corrupt perjurers NHS AGAIN.

Kia Picanto used at 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ in serious bank fraud SANTANDER ELIZABETH MASON bank clerk set up.

Bronze fraudsters in such as PJ11 PPX, BK53 EWE etc and thus the kaleidoscope of BRONZE and KIAs they thought they could mesh together with events from Oct 2015!

Lancs COUNCIL and Police corruption  09 May 17

Please feel free to quote me. For those who think I make things up I say do not judge me by your own standards and, what lunatic thinks I can manufacture police tapes of an interview? I am Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP.
Dear Sirs I send this when I thought I had sent enough for today but as I continue to experience serious organised harassment then I record it and one day someone will do something. My earlier emails were sent from Morecambe library and as I left I had the usual to rewrite events sent out for the record. Apparently, when I am in Morecambe I am not me as the me when in Lancaster or at the University. TWO examples here: in my data I record of Saturday last where Gestapo were to cruise by me and my car and confirm they saw something of their fantasies. I had parked near MY house in Lancaster and they then send various who they claim are me, it might be males, it might be females, as my data records last Saturday they sent a shaved headed male with a check shirt, blue and black as they think that is PROOF of whatever they want to make up. The shaved headed male is one of scores used to suggest that TRAVIS DALTON unemployed lout of 45 Fell View LA2 9RP found using MY email address, this one in fact, in FRAUD, is really linked to me. Thus any shaved headed male is used where I am and they are apparently all proof a shaved headed male is “with me” and thus MR CAROL WOODS. In Morecambe I left the library to walk back to my car and found the Gestapo cruising what for I wondered, and looked about. A shaved headed male was stalking and he following me round a store where he was to leap in front of me to be served. He bought a great many of the cards that are gambling:  he was in “blue” and to be “with me”. The Gestapo would confirm they saw me and then him thus proof somehow he was with me yet he wasn’t the one they used Saturday last. He wasn’t with me. I left my place in the queue, waited and then checked out. Later returning to the library using MY laptop to send that information, ANOTHER shaved headed male was to rush to MY car parked and then PRETEND he walked from MY car, he was in “blue”. The INTENTION now is not that I had a derelict house which was why “I lost it” as it was earlier today, it was not that I was “too disabled” to live in it, but now, and I have no idea how they fit this in but it is to do with a lottery win. I do not buy those cards or buy lottery tickets at all.

The only link I know of is that IAN and Claire ECCLES of Mayfield Drive Bare Morecambe, friends of my brother in 2006 and into 2007 worked for Lancaster DWP and then suddenly they had a lottery win, were able to walk away from their house until they sold it meanwhile buy a much more expensive one in a better area. They then, without qualifications at all, both left their jobs and worked for LCC. In all that MY DWP file for MY COMMISSIONER’s case was interfered with to great extent. False records appeared IN MY NAME such as claiming I said I had no children. The Eccles have never had children. My daughter in law is ‘Claire’ and I would hope that the Gestapo are not still using my daughter in law linked to C Eccles and claiming somehow that I won the lottery so GAVE AWAY MY HOUSE! Full details for any serious enquiry. Returning then to record the shaved headed and gambling, I find that it is impossible for me to use woodsresearch2002 e mail address so have to use this. I also find that the council staff member, Julia KENNEDY has sent me an email to reply to one I sent Revenues MONTHS ago and then resent and remained ignored. Today being the 9th the corrupt think this is what they rewrite:

9 Jan 2010 and after TRACEY KENNEDY had posed as me in Newcastle magistrates court in Nov 2009 the Gestapo getting that so horribly wrong (I found out basically) they tried again and using KENNEDY’s taped INTERVIEW of the “crime” arrested me and presented that tape to Lancaster Magistrates for 10 Jan 2014. In that I appeared which was NOT what they wanted: I found KENNEDY escorted by PC JIM EDMUNDS/EDMONDS to the court AS IF SHE WAS ME. They ran away seeing me there with witnesses. The court staff genuinely did not know what was going, CPS did as did RACHEL GOUGH and both almost had hysterics when things went to wrong for them all.

Cutting to the chase, they did not get what they expected BUT I get the tapes of Kennedy being interviewed in Lancaster police station AS IF SHE WAS ME WHEN THEY ALL KNEW SHE WAS NOT. Obviously as her SWORN SIGNED WITNESS STATEMENT claims she is police officer, they must have known who she was. There is more. But for today, in that on 9th Jan 2010 MY BROTHER who the Gestapo did nothing but threaten, hound and intimidate which is why I do not see him and then the thugs leave him alone, received a council tax bill for me. Why? I have never lived there; I was living miles away in LONGTOWN. The INTENTION had been to force the court to force me to live at my brother’s so the Gestapo could claim I “lost” my house and went to live with my brother instead of saying the FACTS, sending thugs to MY door saying, “Get out, it’s ours” on 27 Oct 2008.

Who gave the council my brother’s name and address? This is what they do hand out MY details to any old lowlife to stalk to harass and pester etc. Thus I sent them an email months ago and ask them to check their records about why they sent me a council tax bill to MY brother’s house. They ignored me. I tried again and I remained ignored.

But today this is how they think they are clever, they find a JULIA KENNEDY and she sends me an email dated today 9th May 2017 thinking how clever to try and rewrite 9 Jan 2010 READY for 10 Jan 2010. They find a Ms Kennedy to be TRACEY KENNEDY of 10 Jan 2010 (this is brainwashing for idiots) and Ms Kennedy asks me for my brother’s address. Well she would, wouldn’t she?

My reply thanks her for her email but asks her to look at MY records which will show his details. Except I never gave them. They also thought they’d cover their tracks and say I gave them his address. They will compensate him and all my family. I will not give my brother’s details to help them to rewrite their gross violations of privacy and the lunacy is in the PRETENCE that I am 2 people and I guarantee the council runs 2 sets of records as if they are BOTH me.

Archive continues:


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