MAURICE KIRK: THE “LOST” POLICE INTERVIEW TAPE [what, again?] 13 May 17 + archive

Mr Justice Newry and ‘Lost’ Police Interview Tape

by mauricekirky 13 May 2017

Today I start drafting another futile appeal for the Royal Courts of Justice following my warnings to the Cardiff county court that if my ‘garrotte type instrument’ charge police interrogation tape was returned to the police it would be quickly destroyed or mysteriously go ‘missing’.

Well, yesterday, His Lordship was told just that but instigated no investigation.

Well not quite, for on this occasion police solicitors  and police had already had the adequate opportunity to listen to my ‘recently found’ taped May 1993 interrogation to know I was not first cautioned, contrary to Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) legislation, before I was accused for this alleged indictable offence.

With well over a quarter of a century, now,  of personal bitter experience of the day by day conduct of both South Wales Police and its so called courts of law this deliberate destruction of vital evidence was of no surprise to me and friends what so ever.

His Honour Judge Seys Llewelyn QC would of had the chance to hear the truth, as he seized it,  as I had warned him of the consequences with it in his possession, but, just like Barbara Wilding, Chief Constable, took early retirement some would say to also so avoid the proverbial hitting the fan on his or her ‘watch’. I couldn’t possibly comment.



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