LEN LAWRENCE: “Solicitors Susan Andrews and Graeme Fraser. The Spiders Web and the Court of Protection” 27 May 17


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: len lawrence <bae146@hotmail.co.uk>
Date: 27 May 2017 at 00:54
Subject: Solicitors Susan Andrews and Graeme Fraser. The Spiders Web and the Court of Protection
To: “gsf@hunters-solicitors.co.uk” <gsf@hunters-solicitors.co.uk>, “sue.andrews@bpcollins.co.uk” <sue.andrews@bpcollins.co.uk>
Cc: “the.president@judiciary.gsi.gov.uk” <the.president@judiciary.gsi.gov.uk>, “mrsjustice.pauffley@judiciary.gsi.gov.uk” <mrsjustice.pauffley@judiciary.gsi.gov.uk>, “pmarshallqc@1kbw.co.uk” <pmarshallqc@1kbw.co.uk>, “ranelay@1kbw.co.uk” <ranelay@1kbw.co.uk>

To:  Solicitor Graeme Fraser.  9 New Square, Lincoln’s Inn, London WC2A 3QN     gsf@hunters-solicitors.co.uk

        Solicitor Susan Andrews.  Collins House 32-38 Station Road, SL9 8EL                  sue.andrews@bpcollins.co.uk

       Graeme and Susan you appear to be blocking my emails ?  I need some assistance here.

Graeme, the next time you report me to the Metropolitan Police Service you  need to inform the Police Constable that you failed

to disclose Dr Royds Medical Report, dated the 23 November 2004, that you held,  to the Court of Protection.  Secondly Graeme, you

never included the Court of Protection Certificates CP3 in the Trail Bundle at Slough County Court, why ?   


Susan,  Mr Mole recovered an email from  my ex wife Nicola, to BP Collins Solicitors, asking advice on how not to disclose on Form E

her Discretionary Trust  Fund to the court.  Susan, you have already admitted to the court  that BP Collins Solicitors received my

financial accounts from my ex wife Nicola.  Susan why did you deny having these accounts ?   Susan, it would have been helpful had

you, Graeme, and BP Collins Solicitors returned these accounts to me in 2004, rather  than assist barrister Dominic Brazil, 1 Kings Bench

Walk Chambers, place a £50,000 adverse  inference upon me.   Susan, you need to return my private medical reports to me.  I suggest

you send them to Mrs Justice Pauffley or Alex Clark, Presidents Office, Royal Courts of Justice.   


The BP Collins Solicitors Spider’s Web: Part 1

Once upon a time a spider set out to spin a new web.  It began by anchoring a long strand of webbing to a nearby tree limb. It then added strands here and there until the web grew to be large, intricate, and quite beautiful.

Each day the spider added and perfected it’s home. One day as it was making it’s rounds tending to the web, it came upon a single strand that disappeared far up into the unknown. It had forgotten the origin and reason for the strand, so it cut it. Nothing happened! The spider continued about it’s  business of catching moths and tending to it’s web. Then a few days later it thought it detected a faint sagging in the web. It shook it’s spider head and thought, “Everything seems fine. It must be my imagination.” However, as weeks passed by the web continued to sink and sag a little bit each day. Then one day as it was napping, it felt a giant sagging, and the web tumbled to the ground.

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