The Carol Woods Coverup – What’s behind the Lancs. Co. Council arrests? 30 May 17 + archive

UPDATE 9 June 17 – reply from P.M.’s office after the 30 May post below was sent to him:

Below is Carol Woods email dated 30 May 2017 explaining the LANCASHIRE COUNCL OFFICIALS ARRESTED – at least one, if not both of these characters is surely connected to the serious crimes committed against C Woods – reference MIKE TODD MURDER and more: 

Lancashire County Council investigation: four arrests (From …

3 days ago – … Connect and its sister organisation Liverpool Connect, and Ged Fitzgerald, the … “If one of those arrested is Geoff Driver I am even more shocked in particular … The police investigation into Lancashire County Council’s One …


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Arrested Tory Geoff Driver will still seek top job
Lancashire Telegraph · 1 day ago
Geoff Driver confirmed as council leader – just three days after arrest
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Arrested Tory Geoff Driver will still seek top job (From Lancashire …

2 days ago – A DEFIANT Geoff Driver will put himself forward as the new leader of … chief executive of the now defunct One Connect and Ged Fitzgerald, …

Four held in Lancashire County Council contract probe – BBC News

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5 days ago – One is believed to be top Tory councillor Geoff Driver, who is due to be … Ged Fitzgerald, the current chief executive of Liverpool City Council …

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5 days ago – It is understood they include Ged Fitzgerald, who was chief … Tory councillor Geoff Driver, due to be installed as leader of Lancashire County …

Lancashire County Council investigation: four arrests | Rotherham …

3 days ago – They are believed to be the authority’s leader designate Geoff Driver, … and Ged Fitzgerald, current Liverpool City Council and former LCC …

Geoff Driver confirmed as council leader – just three days after arrest …

2 days ago – Scandal-hit politician Geoff Driver has been confirmed as the new leader of … Liverpool Connect – and Ged Fitzgerald the current Liverpool City Council chief executive and former Lancashire County Council chief executive.

Council boss Ged Fitzgerald steps aside amid fraud probe – BBC News

4 days ago – Liverpool chief executive Ged Fitzgerald was among four held over alleged … stepped aside from his role after being arrested as part of a fraud probe. … of the Conservatives at Lancashire County Council Geoff Driver were …

Place North West | Police arrest senior council figures

4 days ago – The four men arrested yesterday were Ged Fitzgerald, chief … City Council and former chief of Lancashire County Council; Geoff Driver, former …

Received from Carol  30 May 2017 =

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: carol woods <>
Date: 30 May 2017 at 16:28
Subject: Lancs C Exec arrested; C Blair, Mike TODD GMP link and TREASON
To: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>

Please circulate and feel free to quote me and I think it should go to “placenorthwest”. I do not have their email address.
The news item that Ged Fitzgerald Chief Exec Lancashire County Council plus Geoff Driver Leader of the council have been arrested for land fraud charges although not charged with fraud but aiding and abetting. Let me tell you FACTS.
My whistle-blowing of 2001 when CHRIS TRINNICK was Chief Executive and my whistle-blowing was ILLEGAL LAND SEIZURE (134 ACRES), THE DIRECTLY RELATED MURDER OF SHEILA BRIDGE which was corporate manslaughter as I warned of such an event 21/4/01: she was murdered 30/6/01. My web entry outlines the basic of that but this was what led to the murder of MIKE TODD GMP. He saw all this and was prosecuting March 2008 which is why he had to be silenced.
CLIVE GIDDINGS was the whistle-blow line manager who told me when I first made contact that I was right. He then started to lie and then said I’d be disciplined for misconduct if I did not keep quiet.”Yes, you’re right, keep quiet or else” said to me by management and then May 2001 put in writing by TONY BRADSHAW area manager then GREENBANK ST PRESTON offices. (Obviously I have all files kept safe). Giddings was found out to have perjured himself on a crucial matter in March 2003 my claim 2406569/01 in Manchester Employment Tribunal which case was NEVER registered and heard thus ILLEGALLY. How much did that cost the electorate? LCC cannot be insured against employment claims because they are known to be dreadful employers.
I then had another large claim 2402412/04 and that led to even worse events and MIKE TODD seeing all that was why he was murdered. I was forced from every job I gained after blowing the whistle on LCC Social Services (child protection as there were other matters.) Remember I was arrested and falsely imprisoned for 4 MONTHS from Nov 2015 to end Feb 2016 as I apparently was deluded and only said I had had the jobs I had said I had. They tried to claim that I made up the tribunals!
The land was wanted linked to what they expected the SUPER CASINO.
They did not get that because of my case. Gordon Brown was a good man and he knew what had gone on.
In the seizing of the land, families were evicted from their homes, staff were sacked illegally and my matter with the LGO led to bribery and corruption of ROGER BARHAM and COLIN OXLEY when Barham LGO office York first said that he’d get LCC for maladministration if nothing else and then he got the bribe. Mike Todd saw all that as well. Barham led me to believe he was the LGO but I finally met with LGO, Mrs P Thomas in 2006 after she retired; she had known nothing at all of my case, known as the FYLDE MATTER PLUS the later altering of clients files and more including the altering of LCC Committee meeting minutes of relvance to hide the corporate manslaughter.
Trinnick was also aware of ALL that and the fact I was under duress when perjury was exposed in 2406569/01 and I was forced to call in the CPS myself being told it was my job as litigant in person. The duress I experienced meant my agreement to keep silent on that negated it. In among all that for 5 FIVE Years I supported a black colleague driven to 2 breakdowns via racism and bullying, she had no one else, and I did get a result for her eventually. And no, for those who judge me by their standards, I did not take payment, I did not even ask her to pay for one single stamp on items I sent out on her behalf, the council alerted EVERY single councillor at least 3 times and NOT ONE SINGLE RESPONSE.
Hazel Harding was the leader then, a simpering puppet.
Trinnick acknowledged 2 or 3 letters via acknowledgement of receipt that was all I got from him.
Time moved on, going to the Gestapo about perjury, murder and more they said in Lancaster, “We wouldn’t get involved in that”. It was late 2004 before I knew that the legal dept of the council represented the Gestapo. 
I tried private prosecutions, Stephen Sainsbury court manager Lancaster County Court (related cases I tried) for issuing false court documents, Patricia Allen social services manager for bogus qualifications and false CV, perjury and others.
It was my right to lay information in Lancaster Magistrates: I was prevented.
I had applied to the High Court for a judicial Review on the Flyde matter, and was denied access to swear my affidavit in the court as was my right. JOHN ROBINSON senior clerk then Rachel Gough totally corrupt denied me any rights and continued in related cases as my exposetheestablishment shows. What I did not know was that CHRIS TRINNICK was also on the executive of the court magistrates bench, he worked with Robinson and Gough and stopped me doing anything at all.
BUT this is the crux: in 2406569/01 claim it was obvious to LCC that I had truly damning COGENT evidence of corporate manslaughter and more. By July 2003 they were in a panic as I had won my case and they hired CHERIE BLAIR to represent them in the High Court on the Fylde matter claiming that 2003 was 2001 and they trying to rewrite history to show they had legal rights to seize the land thus Mrs S Bridge was not the victim of corporate manslaughter. THEY LOST THEIR CASE FOR THE SAME LEGAL POINTS AS I HAD WON MY RIGHT FOR A JUDICIAL REVIEW.
Why did I not pursue that after winning the right to continue the matter? Because LCC had hysterics when they found the court decision and rushed to the tribunal with their recruited chairman told to tell me that I had to drop the tribunal or the High Court case; I was told I could not have 2 cases at once and like a fool, I believed it as I was being told by a member of the judiciary. (I was naive but never stupid.) LCC then began to submit 2 pages of the High Court document sent to them as interested parties to show I lost my JR application when they LEFT OUT THE 3RD PAGE SHOWING I WAS GRANTED THE ORAL HEARING. I have the 3 full pages. I’ll bet they haven’t, that admitting false documents and suppression in the following tribunal case was a CRIMINAL OFFENCE. Mike Todd saw that as well.
Trinnick then resigns found out about all, his side kicks are ALL in post, CLIVE GRUNSHAW, DAVID FAIRCLOUGH IAN YOUNG et al. Ged Fitzgerald got Trinnick’s post. WHY ISN’T TRINNICK ARRESTED AND FAIRCLOUGH, YOUNG, GRUNSHAW ET AL.?
I went to deliver BY hand a letter for Mr Fitzgerald and had colour copied LCC headed paper to show the letter head through the window envelope hoping that it was less likely to be intercepted if the watchers thought it was internal.
IAN YOUNG POLICE LEGAL REP (SECRET – BUT NOT ANY MORE) AND COUNCIL LEGAL REP TOOK MY IDEA AND IN 2010 BRIBED A FORMER ASSOCIATE OF MINE TO HAND TO HIM THE ORIGINAL LETTER HRH PRINCE CHARLES HAD HAD SENT TO ME WHEN I WAS FORCED TO RESIGN FROM MY PRINCE’S TRUST WORK IN 2003. They knew I had that letter but had not seen it. The person who was bribed was JACKIE HUNTER of 34 Buckley St Shaw who went on to claim to be me. YOUNG then took my idea of colour copying and used MY HRH letter, scanned it, removed the body of the letter and added his own drivel and as usual all that lowlife does is to REVERSE anything to create his own parallel universe (masonic inversion). He then  either forged HRH signature or photocopied from my letter, he then sent out HIS TREASONABLE LETTER to agencies I was dealing with to discredit what I said. No one I heard of questioned YOUNG’s drivel even though I have lots of his similar junk to me to make me believe persons are writing to me when he has done the same to their headed paper. And that was another reason I needed to be locked up, apparently I only though persons of high positions knew of my case. Showing MY original letter which HUNTER had to return to me and I have to suggest HRH is quite high profile plus Baroness Young of Old Scone etc.
(Hunter went on to report me for burgling her house to GMP thugs who knew it was a set up and then later she claimed she did it as a joke.) Anyone bona fide can call to see any documents: if I am any of the deranged fraudsters and worse round Fell View LA2 9RP where I rent 28 under duress then they will be able to show them.
I apparently live in 12, 14, 20, 22, 24, 26, 30, 32, 34, 36, 42, 15, 17, 23, 29, 31, 33, 37, 39, 41, 43, 45, 47, 49, 55 PLUS surrounding streets, they are all me or related to me, all of them – apparently. My car X165 YUB RED TOYOTA if outside 28 then I am indoors. Unless of course I have been arrested again and imprisoned for being deluded! In which case my car will be at the mercy of the lowlife round Hell View. Carol Woods Ms. Any questions can be put to me.
Incidentally, when I asked DAVID THOW of Poulton planning (he who granted rights to the land without it going to Committee) how they had claimed it, he told me they (Masonic element) tried to find the owners. How? I asked. The tiniest piece in a local paper; why didn’t they ask me, I know and I know it isn’t them in the same way that MY HOUSE is MY HOUSE and was not sold to the Gestapo at all. It was stolen wrecked and looted.
Archive continues at:

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1 Response to The Carol Woods Coverup – What’s behind the Lancs. Co. Council arrests? 30 May 17 + archive

  1. Jim Wilson says:

    Good morning Carol 19-7-2017
    I have just discovered your blog.
    I am being persecuted for quite simply being from the island of Ireland.
    I am not a member of the “army” known as the I. A.ways who are quite simply cowardly Roman Catholic criminals who for years WERE PERMITTED to murder, maim and destroy at will as they were in receipt of tout money paid by our BRITISH GOVERNMENT!
    My father was a British Army officer who was shot in the back and murdered by the I. A.ways. He was only one of the many innocents murdered by those agents of our British Government.
    All I seek in this matter is a reversal of the CRIMINAL ACTIONS of the terrorist Bob Haworth who has for too many years been permitted to terrorise and intimidate the residents of this remote hillside.
    I have only just been advised he recently deliberately covered my friend’s lane in silage which resulted in them requiring a new drive shaft costing £200+ after they drove over it!
    I have been trying since 2010 to assist my friends but believed it was simply my connection to the island of Ireland which meant ALL agencies supported the terrorism of Haworth but in the short time I have spent on your blog I realise the rule of law does not apply throughout the entire United Kingdom.
    I enclose my letter to Geoff Driver of 18-7-2017.
    I noted his picture on t.v. earlier today and my research brought me to your blog.
    That anonymous letter you received from May’s office is similar to the one I received after writing twice and despite the fact Theresa sacked those two thugs involved I note she has replaced them with thugs who have even less regard for their fellow man and woman.
    You will note Jake Berry M.P. has been particularly useless in this matter which is probably down to the fact Haworth belongs to the evil and satanic Masonic Order.
    There is bound to be someone who has an interest in the suffering imposed on his/her fellow man/woman in ”government” if they could be discovered as it is apparent the obtaining of pecuniary advantages by deception are the main factor throughout Lancashire.
    Do you know anyone who would be inclined to assist their fellow man/woman?
    A camera on a mobile platform on top of the hill on land belonging to the terrorist illegally records events at this address 24/7. It was probably placed there by the corrupt “police”. Do you know anyone who can have it removed please?
    Yours sincerely
    James B. Wilson a.k.a. Jim Wilson

    I have just returned to Lancashire and note you are the subject of a “financial irregularities” investigation which may explain the fact you ignored my email to you of 8-5-2017.
    Once upon a time I believed criminal activity in politics was the preserve of the Labour Party but since my letters to Theresa May about the widespread criminal activity in Lancashire were ignored by those two thugs she sacked there is no doubt criminal activity is practised by most outfits in this Country, obviously in the interests of their personal pecuniary advantage.
    I have brought to your attention Sudhakar Yallanici obviously received such a pecuniary advantage from the terrorist in this matter namely Bob Haworth, Brex Farm, Bacup, Lancashire, OL138NN. What did you do about it or are you in any position to deal with that corrupt member of your staff who permitted the terrorist Haworth to increase his criminal activity using land he had stolen from my friends.
    This matter has exposed Clive Grunshaw the P.C.C. as obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception.
    The current Chief Constable of Manchester Ian Hopkins has been exposed as the greatest freeloader in the Country by virtue of his job.
    Ex Chief Constable Sir Jon Murphy was exposed as being corrupt to the extent he even had two chauffeurs!
    Solicitor Glenn Smyth abandoned me no doubt resulting in him obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception.
    My frustration with a multitude of part time women at the Local Government Ombudswoman’s office exposed problems at that office which resulted in one woman telling me most women had housework to do and corrupt council staff was at the bottom of a list of things to do.
    A multitude of staff at the I.P.C.C. using pen names have told me their job is NOT to ensure “police” investigate terrorist activity as in this case.
    Jake Berry M.P. has told a neighbour being terrorised that Rossendale Council is unfit for any purpose. A most nasty office boy called David Pierce who drives one of the expensive cars purportedly supplied courtesy of the extortionate council tax demands claimed not to have seen any of the hundreds of dead, dying or carcasses of sheep which used to lie on the hill but are now infill in the illegal culvert the terrorist Haworth has constructed by illegally culverting the headwaters of the Bridge Clough Water! Haworth claims Pierce is his personal friends and probably his brother in the evil and satanic Masonic Order.
    Staff at the Information Commissioner’s office who use pen names have proven to be quite useless and have failed to remove the untruthful garbage the corrupt Alex Downham placed on the “police” national computer about me. I HAVE COMMITTED NO CRIME. Their latest idiot uses the pen name Damian and provides the telephone number :- 12345677889! He recently told me he was reporting his ineptitude to a “manager” and changed the reference number of my justifiable complaint!
    This could well be your chance to divorce yourself from the “financial irregularities” you are being investigated about as all we require is the reversal of the criminal actions of the terrorist, Bob Haworth.
    Can you now assist us and stop acting the thug which seems to be par for those in the Conservative Party nowadays?
    Yours sincerely
    James B. Wilson
    I enclose my unanswered email of 8-5-2017.
    Dear Mr Driver 8-5-2017
    Congratulations to you and your Conservative party in removing the “labour party” which supports terrorists and criminals from power in Lancashire County Council.
    I would now like you to reverse the criminal acts of the part time ”farmer”/full time sewage worker Robert “Bob” Haworth, Brex Farm, Brex, Bacup, Lancashire, OL13 8NN who has for too many years terrorised/intimidated/defrauded most residents in the remote community on this hillside.
    I say “farmed” as at 7.58a.m. on 26-4-2017 I had to phone Haworth’s wife Mandy and request she have someone attend to the sheep on the land within my view as one had lambed with a dead lamb at foot being eaten by a crow, one was on its back and could not get up whilst another was attempting to lamb but required assistance. The sheep on its back was dead when assistance arrived! Most residents of this remote hillside have noted this type of event and worse in respect of Haworth’s neglect of the animals he “farms”!
    Haworth claims to control all agencies by virtue of the contents of his large pockets and this is why you must now act. It was on 12-8-2013 your employee Sudhakar Yallanici stated in the presence of others he would reverse the criminal acts of Haworth. Yallanici’s deceit was supported by the labour party who previously were in charge at Lancashire County Council
    When Yallanici visited Brex Farm on what has become known “as a date in October,2013” he changed his mind and not only agreed with the criminal activities of Haworth he gave him permission to enhance his criminal acts, “permission” which was not his to provide. He also sent Haworth a letter but did not send any to his victims my friends at Lower Brex Farm.
    My complaint to the labour controlled Lancashire “council” was responded to by a woman from Morecambe who had not a clue where we resided and cared even less about the terrorism/intimidation of Haworth now reinforced by the corrupt Yallanici!
    Yallanici suffered such a guilty conscience at taking a bribe from the criminal Haworth he did not communicate with my friends until August, 2014! On 14-8-2014 he looked embarrassed at a meeting at this address and refused to explain why he supported Haworth’s criminal activity. His evasive behaviour enhances the deduction he had obviously obtained a pecuniary advantage by deception!
    In 2010 Haworth deliberately fed 300+ sheep in the entrance to Middle Brex Farm (a Grade 2 listed dwelling). I approached him on their behalf and told him they were decent people and requested he feed his animals elsewhere. Haworth told me they would not pay him enough for a plot of ground and “the wee feet of his sheep would make shite and then they would pay him”! They did not pay him.
    Haworth illegally and deliberately fed his sheep in the entrance to Lower Brex Farm in the winters of 2013/14, 2014/15 and 2015/16. He did not feed his sheep here in 2016/17, probably due to the mild winter. His illegal intimidatory actions caused the entrance to this residence to be a quagmire of sheep shite! The corrupt “police” and all neighbours were aware of his criminal activities, the neighbours being very happy he was terrorising/intimidating my friends and leaving them alone!
    In 2012 as a result of exceptionally heavy rain which Haworth had deliberately diverted into Middle Brex Farm colossal damage was caused to the environs of Middle Brex Farm, their entire lengthy lane was wrecked and most of the common lane was wrecked. The rubble from that criminal act still lies in a field ¾ mile away as I write.
    It was on 1-7-2012 Haworth who was suffering from an excessive intake of intoxicating liquor/drugs or both verbally abused me at 4.30p.m. He had driven from the direction of the main road. I did not exchange unpleasantries with the creature but advised him to go home and have a sleep! He apologised for his behaviour on 2-7-2012 but when he noted I was photographing the colossal damage his criminal acts had caused he embarked on another tirade of verbal abuse to which I did not respond.
    Prior to 1-7-2012 and since it is common to note Haworth who is a most unstable personality loudly verbally abusing members of even his own family. He is prone to threaten to “put a bullet” in things he does not like. I can be specific and must advise you he did possess at least two illegal firearms but the corrupt local “police” support his terrorism and criminal activity!
    In May 2013 Haworth deliberately diverted flood surface water from his fields into the environs of Lower Brex Farm with the intention of causing criminal damage such as he had done at Middle Brex Farm in 2012! He has since diverted flood water from the hills above to run the same way but we have not as yet experienced the exceptional rainfall of 2012.
    However, damage has been caused to the lane to Lower Brex Farm as a result of his criminal actions. That has caused the Royal Mail van to be damaged but as Moya Greene is permitted to believe she “runs” the Royal Mail from her home in Canada nobody at Royal Mail cares about a criminally damaged mail van!
    Prior to installing the illegal flood surface water diversion Haworth had stolen land belonging to Lower Brex Farm and used it to illegally culvert the headwaters of the Bridge Clough Water. He used many dead animals and much rubbish as infill which has resulted in pollution of all private water catchment areas (we have no mains supply) on this hillside and beyond as the polluted water flows to the sea via Manchester where it kills the seagrass meadows.
    On 8-12-2013 Haworth sent the “police” to Lower Brex Farm. They believed I was alone and had a complaint from Haworth to the effect I had abused his children. Doctor Whittaker left them in no doubt she had been present throughout the day and no children had been abused.
    As always happens (even on t.v.) the “police” were looking for something to accuse me of and that resulted in the male Constable Hopkins making a fool of himself. He refused to provide his Christian name and that resulted in me searching for him on Google. That search revealed an Ian Hopkins the then Deputy Chief Constable of Manchester as being the greatest freeloader for himself and family in the Country by virtue of his job! Ian Hopkins is now the Chief Constable of Manchester which is run by gangs of criminals supported by the labour party!
    On 8-12-2013 Woman Constable Cara Shaw told Doctor Whittaker and me she had received an absolute catalogue of complaints by email from Julia at Middle Brex Farm regarding the criminal misbehaviour of Haworth.
    In February, 2014 Constable Downham arrived here and told me he was arresting me under the Barbed Wire Act for simply being from the island of Ireland! i.e. Paddy Bashing!
    I was publicly handcuffed and taken to Burnley barracks where I was dumped in a dirty cell for a number of hours until I was taken for “interview” which was a vain attempt by Downham and a totally corrupt “free solicitor” called Glen Smyth to provoke me into providing Downham with the knuckle sandwich he deserved.
    I was abandoned by the corrupt Smyth whilst Downham and a very stupid Sergeant taunted me for knuckle sandwiches. Eventually the stupid, incompetent Sergeant could see his stripes being removed and he “released” me on illegal bail to the home of the criminal Haworth their paymaster with a stipulation I did not go within 100 yards of Brex Farm for harassing the drunken/drugged Haworth on 1-7-2012!
    At this stage Downham had still totally refused to identify himself!
    After Downham was eventually identified I was conveyed to Lower Brex Farm where at a later date Downham arrived to tell me the very obvious that I had committed no criminal offence as I would not be provoked into giving him a knuckle sandwich! He requested I accept a document from him and I refused. He scribbled in a notebook, requested I sign it and I refused. He then asked Doctor Karen Whittaker did she have any problems.
    Doctor Karen told him Haworth appeared to have ceased production of cannabis as people from as far away as Burnley had ceased to visit Brex Farm! Downham did not wish to hear this and quickly changed the subject to the theft of land from Lower Brex Farm and the resultant illegal culverting of the headwaters of Bridge Clough Water. He requested to again view the illegal scene.
    I accompanied them to the crime scene and whilst they were there I told Downham Haworth claimed to have stolen the piping involved from a sewage contract at Lancaster Prison! Downham ignored me and started to return to the police car where a grey haired man with him stood with his head bowed in shame at being involved with such a criminal as Downham.
    I told Downham he was a most corrupt “policeman” and asked him how much he had been paid to assist Haworth in his terrorist/criminal activity. He refused to answer!
    I have since been told many deliberate lies by a multitude of “police” as to why they are not investigating Haworth’s criminal activities. The latest being from a Detective Sam Mackenzie who is obviously past his sell by date and suffering from a serious mental condition as he turned the Laws of Evidence upside down in a letter.
    The I.P.C.C. are simply having fun whilst supporting the corrupt “police” as various pen names advise they cannot force the “police” to do their job!
    Haworth has since illegally filled the badger setts to the East of Lower Brex Farm with soil. Contact with the Lancashire Badger Group reveals they have no confidence in “police” and their interpretation of the law!
    Jake Berry M.P. has been advised of ALL Haworth’s criminal acts and to date his only input has been to reiterate what everybody knew and that is Rossendale Council are unfit for any purpose.
    Rossendale Council have been exposed as being totally corrupt whilst rumours abound to the effect their staff attend their offices clad in most expensive clothing and drive cars paid for by the extortionate “council tax”.
    Haworth continues to drive vehicles at the man Jake Berry made his statement about Rossendale Council to as he walks his dogs and that has resulted in another neighbour keeping his two large dogs in a garage 24/7 which is simply indirect animal cruelty by Haworth.
    I appreciate it may take some time for you to reverse the criminal activity of Haworth which had been blatantly supported by the labour party in Lancashire Council but then it took some time to get rid of those labour criminals!
    I do have photographs of the illegal flood surface water diversion before it took place as it flowed like a river down Haworth’s fields in 2012. The land stolen by Haworth is very obvious on all ordnance survey maps!
    I look forward to you dealing with this criminal Haworth as the corrupt “police” and your employee Sudhakar Yallanici are not going to due to the obvious bribes they have accepted.
    Please note it is not only your Council that has failed in their duty but the Environment Agency who are notorious for taking home money for no input. They are so very corrupt they even denied receipt of emails and denied signing for a letter at their office. The very part time Local Government Ombudswoman’s office is a most particular waste of space.
    The Information Commissioner’s office failed in their duty when a corrupt woman who was or is employed by Merseyside “police” accessed the garbage Downham has illegally placed on the “police” national computer about me. Inter office emails inadvertently sent to me are supportive of the corrupt employee whilst this matter exposed the Chief Constable as a crook who had two chauffeurs and resigned!
    I have committed no crime unlike the “paymaster”/terrorist/criminal Haworth. My only crime is loyalty to my friends in exposing the corrupt “police”, the labour party criminals and Haworth.
    I can be more specific about this most distressful matter of corruption by your Council employee Sudhakar Yallanici and the totally corrupt “police” whose Paddy bashing techniques will not work here as I am 100% British and cannot understand this widespread corruption.
    Can you explain this corruption in Lancashire or is this the way victims of criminals are treated?
    An illegal camera on a mobile platform illegally placed on the hill above this residence several years ago must also be removed. Can you ensure its removal now that the labour louts who support crime are gone please?
    Yours sincerely
    James B. Wilson


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